The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 28, 1924 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 28, 1924
Page 3
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FRIDAY NOVEMBER 28, 1924 THE HUTCH IN SON NEWS. PAGE THRFE. SPORJT W NEWS^t AND s <a, VIEWS HIGHS TROUNCE STARL'S ELEVEN GoU and Blue Out P«t» wic Outplay Manhattan, Score, 13 to 0. Ifiilchlason displayed a brllllnn open stylo gamo yesterday nfto noon on the athletic field whlc swept tho Manhattan warriors o their feet and curried tho Gold an I'ltte to a 13 to 0 victory. The victory wns gwcot for th lltitc.lilntfori team for it was plain evident that Conch McCnrrolI floltl and Illwi machine hail trim mod the Manhattan eleven at I 1 own game —n forward passing a tuck. Doth Mtitchlnson touchdown were tho result of well executed and clearly unlooked for forwnr passos. Early In the first quarto Hutchlnnnn unloosed Its passtn attack and together with a eerie of smashing line plays and fak ploys, tho ball was brought to th Manhattan 19 yard lino. It wa then that the Gold and Blue exocu od one of the prettiest passes o the game and one that caught th Manhattan eleven Hotfooted. Kell hurled a 17 yard pass to Chapma who dashed 2 yards across the lln Tor the touchdown. After playing two scoreless per f ods Hutchlnson turned loose an other passing attach. Keller hurlei a 26 yard pass to Chapman wh smashed 19 yards through a broke field before he wng tackled. Th Ball was on the Manhattan 6 yard line. Hutchlnson and Manhatta both -were penalized and with th ball on the V! yard Una Brlggs Hutcblnson right half, smashe through center for tho touchdown Dean Chapman's kicks average almost 10 yards more per kick tha those of C. Cochrane of Manhattan Every Hutchnlson player deserves fine mention for the splen i]ii) exhibition of football exhibit* by tho Gold and Blue players. Per Imps the outstanding players wer Chapman. Briggs, Mann and Kolle in the backfleld while Dice, Cramm Loughton, Bright and Brltton war tho shining lights of the MeCarro' forward wall. Hutchlnson endL which Included Keller. Sherwood Hlrdler, Schooley und Hawaii prov ed their work In handling the win positions so capably. Th« work of Noyes, Wooddel Captain Haskard and "Rusty" Has Icarrf, all of whom played goo games In tha Una and backfleld also deserve* special mention. For Manhattan, R. Cochrane *n<. Walker were the best In the back field while Pearson, center and cap. tain, played « nice game. Flret Quarter Rutohlnaon received, defending th north (Ml. R. Cochrnno klcXed t. vardi over the goal line, n wa Hutchlneon'e ball on the SW-yard line Chapman hit left tackle for 3 yard* Mann plowed center for t more Chapman punted 68 yarde. it wa Manhattan^ bill on lla own I8-yaW line. R. Cochrane hit the line for yard*. Barger could not gain. n. coch rane circled right end for 23 yards A Manhattan paaa wa« (rounded Walker no (fain. Walker pwried «. yard to R. Cochrnne. Manhattan tooK time out. R. Cochrane punted 9 yardi out of bound*. Itutchlnson'a ball 01 tho 43-yard line. Chapman ttepped ' uround the Manhattan loft ond for < yards. Hutchtnaon wa« penalised 1 yard* for uainy hand* on offensu Mann amaihed center for I yarda Brlega romped around the Manhattan li'ft end for It yarda on a fake play Chapman punted 97 yarda to H Cochran* who returned 11 yard*. He fumbled the ball and a Hutchlnaon player recovered. A Hutohlnion pans waa Incomplete, Manhattan wai pen.-i!lied S yarda. Maian went tbrouin rlffht tackle Jor 1 y»rda. Chapman snmshed the line (or alx mor« urlgga shot through center for two more. Mann waa held. A Hutchlnwu liasn wan Incomplete. Chapman parsed to Mann for 13 yards. chamnan circled right end for 3 yards. Kcllnr nurlea a U-yard paaa to Chapman who raced 9 y»rd« over the sroal lln* 2>rthe flret Rutchlnion touchdown «»Il«r Melted goal. Chapman kicked off 5» yard* acroae the Manhattan goal Una, It waa Manhattan's b»n on lt» owa It-yard Une. Barker hit o«it« for I yards. Crocker was held. •» Manhattan pa»» waa grounded. It Oochrane punted 30 yard» to Keller who returned 4. Chapman ftlned I around right end. Mann added 1 thrown center. A Butohlngon pwa WM Incomplete. Chapman punted Sb y»™ to R, Cochrane who returned 6 ; Walker nlned 5 yarda around right end. Barter hit center for I. garcar ww held. B. Coehrant puntea J» yarda to Wooddeli who rotnmed I {Jit the ban wu brought back ana Manhatta* penalised 6 yarda 1C Ojehrana kicked !7 yard, to Keller who relumed 7. It waa Hutchlnion'a .L 0 . 1 ! tbe *'-y»ra Hn«. Hutcmnson took time out as the quarter ended. Score. Hutchlnaon 7; Manhattan u. Second Quarter On the first play Keller pawed to Brlgg» for 17 yards. A llutclilnann pa«« \v»« Intercepted. A .Manhattan P»» waa irroundnd. Hutchinson pen- alised 6 yards. Bartrer hit ctnter for 7 yards. Sherwood Intrrccptud a Man- nattan pass for 1 yard. Mann HMHIBH- ud 4 yarda through center. Chapman .iprlnted around right for S more Mann lilt center for a. Chamnan nunt- ed 28 yards to 11. Cochrane who re. irnsd 4. ]:•. Cochrano gitlnud 7 yards tlirough tho line. Crocker was hold. V alkc-r passed P. Cochrano for a yunls. A Manlmttan pass wa» ground, 3 Valk , 1>r l«is»"d to R. Cochrano l"r C yanls. Manhattan took tlma out imrgcr was helil. K. Cochrnriu hit cen- It'r 3 yards. Croc.ker pawaed to U. Uichrano for •> yanls. Mart-er was n"ld. .Mnnhallnn look tlmo out. A Alanhattan pane waa Krounded. Another one was incomplete. it waa itutelllnson's Imll on the 37-yard line. Chapman snaked through center for a yard. Sherwood was thrown for a five yard loss on an attempted end vim. Chapman hurliid a 9 yard pass to Mann but tho hnli W a» called bacK and Hutchlnimn was penalized 5 yards for ofT-sldo. Chamnun punted 39 yards out of bounds. Burger gained 5 yards around right end. Maim Intercepted a Manhattan Corwunl puss for 2 yards Chapman skirted right for 5 yards. Drlgga smashed the heart of the Manhattan line for 7 yards. Brlggs was held. Hutchlnson fumbled and *\ Cochrano recovered. A Manhattan pass wa» grounded. Walker went around right end for B yards. Burger waa held, llrlght recovered a Manhattan fumble. Mann plowed the Alan- nattan line for li yards. Chapman ao> tied 1 more. Brit-fa shot through center a* the half ended. Scora, Hutchlnsoi, 7; Manhattan 0. Third Qusrtir On two plays Manhattan made 8 yardi. K. Cochran punted 81 fard> out of boundit. The ball was brought back and Hutohlnson penalized IB yards. Walker went around end for 8 yards. Earger wo« held, tiarnr mad« 3 yards around left end. Walker was thrown for a 2 yard loss. A Manhattan pass wan Incomplete. R. i.ocnrane sprinted around the left wing for 4 yardi. II. Coohntne kicked S3 yardi out of bounds and It was Hutchlnson's decisive victor) over the Manhattan eleven bormtK Coach MeOarroll'g football team considerably In Kansas high schoo grid circles and puts tho (fold nm Kino In the Championship class. Mnnlmttuti hud already beat tennm HkP Tnpeka, Ltiwrencp, Kan HUB City, Kun., and Atilk-no. Hutch Inson clearly demonstrated Us su perlorlty in every department of tho game yesterday; In tho passing game which Is said to be Coach Stark's specialty Hutchinson dazzled the visitors !H the execution of nomn of the forward pass formations, Both Hutchlnaon touchdowns were results of passes and the Manhattan team seemed utterly unable to frame a defense to check the Gold and 'Blue overHead attack. —-x— Chapman, Hutchinson left half probably Is one of the beat half backs In the stato playing on a high school eleven. He far outclasses any one back field man playing on teams opposing the Gold and Blue this year. Chapman Is one of the few triple threat high school men. He can pass accurately, snag a pass from any position at any angle and Is probably the greatest broken field runner of the class ID the state. Besides passing and running, Chapman can kick equally well. In yesterday's game Chapman's kicks averaged 35 yards per boot. Ho isn't the kind to be harried either and none of his punts have been blocked by opponents this year. Chapman win bo one of the men around which Coach McCarroll hopes to build his 1925 machine. —x— Speaking of blocked punts, 'the Hutchlnson line comes In for Its share of the glory there. Dice, a host in himself on the defense and probably equally as good In making holes for the backs, has been one of the mainstays of the McCarroll line all season. —x— Dice wound op his Hutchlnson high school grid career in a manner very fitting yesterday. Piny after play, the hui-ky guard spilled plays, dropped runners In the'r tracks or ripped open the Manhattan line so the backs could charge through. Along with Dice has been the fine work , of Bright at center, Loughton at guard and tackle and Cramm. at tackle. All four of those men were the few regulars Coach McCarroll had left over from his 1923 squad and who formed the nucleus of the present line. All have played remarkably good and steady games all season. They will b« missed severely next year. Thera are a number of other linemen who have, shown promise of developing into real forwards. They nro Brltton, James, Orlssom Elder, Carter and Lymnii. Mnnn, at full, although ho Ims been bothered part of the season with injuries, has been showing his stuff anil yesterday played a grail game nt that position, lirlggs, who was used last season In the line .wus switched to the backfleld th! year, and has developed Into n powerful back. He is a hard hit- ler i and cult catch pusses creditably. —x— Don Wooddeli, quarter, ami Noyes, full, who has been alternating with Mnnn nt that position, both handle their positions In nice shitpe and Noyes should bh a big help when McCnrrolI plans lila 1935 team. Wooddeli graduates next spring and his loss will be keenly felt. "Rusty" Haskard Is another back who lias been going good who will bo gone next year. McCarroll will have two good otitis for next year. Sherwood and Schnoley, both regular wing men this year, will bo back. Both Shor wood and Schooley started almost new nt the game this year and have developed Into fust and aggressive men. —x— A coach who can turn out teams who lose only three games In that *hiany seasons cannot be praised too highly. And much of his success has come from his abilities to build a team from practically new material each year. Facing a hard proposition at the start of this season with the loss of nearly all of his powerful eleven of 1923, Coach McCarroll has developed an eleven which probably approaches the state high school championship as any team In the state. —x— There Is another player on Coach McCnrroll's team who deserves probably more praise than the men who have so well demonstrated their abilities on the gridiron. Although that Individual has not played the majority of the periods, he has always given hla best when called upon and very willingly gave up hla position on the team to another player whom he thought was better, Just for the sake of the team and Hiitchlnson high school. He thought more of a winning team, teamwork as a whole and the good of the school than the fact that he was not being In a regular position for every game. He -was nt practice every night, working hard and faithfully, always urging his teammates to do their best and never fretting because he did sot play as much as he should have liked. That man Is Captain " Tlge" Haskard and a great deal of credit and honor goes to Captain Haskard for tho success of the present Gold and Blue eleven. Too much credit cannot ba given Coach Ralph McCarroil for the success of the Gold and Blue teams and the reputation of Hutchlnson high school on high, school grid- Irons of Kansas. a moral victory for I.a K»I- Ivllt 1 . \.ff Warm Underwear Is Essential of Haskell Indiana ncnnat. .. Xov. ^.-iJoorisii l.evl \viis plnctotl captain of th,. |;i2;, Hasknl| Indians at. a tlmnksulvlm; It's about tlmo the wild bulls of South America got together and Hush Heavier Knit led munis in nil-wool. half-wool cotton, coll on or lisle- in hcavv or litfhl wei^hls -t|imV Ur sleeve 1 and I hive 1 qtiarle or long' sleeve and l Our Superior I'nionsuils ar guaranteed salisl'aelorv. last night. Tho new caplnin IH a brother of John Lovi fnmoiix fullback, who graduates this yeiir. ultimatum, demanding nn apology. Wild West $L 50 to $6.50 Flutehln.on'e ball on Its own IT yard ino. Brings squirmed through center or a yard. Mann added another Chapman punted 17 yard, to R Cochrane who returned 4. Almgren lilt ?RS *' '. or ?.r y , ard - Hutchlnaon called time out. Walker hit the line for S yards. Hunter added another through center, Alnigren nude 1 through the Mime place. Walker lost a .yard Walker was held. A Manhattan pus incomplete. R. Cochrano rumb- and Alnwen recovered. It was jfanhattan'a ball on the Hutchlnson yard line. Almgren circled left — 3 'jr « yarda. Dice crashed through and threw Barger for a yard loss talker made 3 yarda oft right tackle ion's ball on Its 'own 12 yard "line" ;iiaimnn smashed around right eni or s yardi. Mann crashed through cel «" 'or 7 yams. Brlggs added < yards through tho name hole. Charman waa tackled out of bound* ami It *:«* Hu(clil»i«oir» ball on Its own 0 X* ri5 ™ nl!l Mann hit center for 2 £r!fcl Ch £l' raan Punted H yards to Walker who was thrown In hl» tracks. Manhattan too* time out. II uinattAn'a ball on her own SI '?' Brl t*« threw Barter for «. ?"*" ., Cochrane passed (o „ y,,' or \ l yar*>. «. Ckichrana msfed It yards to Caughron. A Man- hattanJIM. wa. grounded. R. Coch" "i. S yard, around left end. wrcepled . Manhattan pass hVhW,%f C «aVh t a e t'Sn <> ^° UfS o 1 r U8&? 7%arh'a°?,an?r- •""'• Fourth Ox.rltr ." *J». Hutchlnjon'e ban am the 1 J>»™ »ne. Chapman circled right nd tor 9 yards. Noyea hit center S« *i..i Bt l BBi . 'mashed through th* M2« h<> !f 'gr f more. Chapman furo- Jed and Keller recovered. BrlKK made 8 yards oft right tackle. Hutch nson lost the ball on downs and It •on Manhattan's |,au on t | la 43 yar(1 ne. n. Cochrane nrnde 8 yards ™"»« "}« right wins. Almgren nrndn more off loft tackle. Karger skirted ho llutchlnann luft und for 4 more, iftnltattan fumbled and recovered, A Manhattan jiass wa« grounded, n. Cochrane'a punt waa blocked and Uitchlnson recovered. Chapman passel to Brian for no gain. Keller tos»- d a 2t> yard heave to Chapman who mashed his way 18 yards before tte- " g . t ^' :k ,'. c<) 't lt wa » Hutchlnsono'. ball n the Manhattan 5 yard line. Wan- fittnn took time out. Noyes broke nrough center for 2 yards. Hutchln- on wa» penallied 6 yards" BrlBM .pped through center for t yards hapman skirted the Manhattan left 11 i,'. more ' Manhattan took time ut. Manhattan was penalized half he dlatanca to tho goal line and It tif Ilutuhlnson'n ball on the Manat an 3 yard line. Hrlgg. shot over ienter for 3 yards and a touchdown, i I ^ I "'"«<1 the goal. Chapman loked off 49 yards to Almgren who i !?,£? P- *• Manhattan pass was nocked down. Chapman Intercepted P."" 'or 6 yards. It was Hutchln- on« ball on the Manhattan 30 yard V s ' lr * 1 . Hut e | <ln*on pa» was ground- a. XoIIor was thrown for a 7 yard oss. Two Mutchlnson pauses were •rounded. Manhattan took the ball n her own J7 yard line. Three Man- attan passes wero knocked down, arser punted 18 yards out ot bounds. Sherwood Wooddeli Chapman R. K. Q/B. 1 4 . u. F It Walker M ', Crocker ALuiin v TJ BiLrtrep Substitutions: Hutciitnson-Schooley for blierwood; Ifoivell for Wooddoll- (.rlSHoin for Loughton; Woodrtell for Howellj Sherwood for Schooley; Ifow- ?<r '?? .f'herwooil: Noyes for Mann; Woodile I for Howeli; Howell for Wooddeli; James for Grlsaom; Hlrdler for Howell; It. Haskard for Noyes; T. Haskard for Schooley; Lyman for James; Carter for Brltton; Martin for Urlgg«; Elder for Bright. Manhattan — Almgren for Crocker; Lamb for Walker;' M. Marshall for Pearson. Score by periods; Hutchlnson ............. 7 o o 8—13 Manhattan ............. o fl o 0— o Summary: First Downs— Tlutchinson 1» earned. 1 from penalty. Manhattan 9 earned, I from pt-nnltv. Yunls from snrlmmage, flxclnrllnjr forward nussra — Hutclitnaan mj Manhattan 116. 1'assen— Itutchlnsnn c (or SO yards 10 Incomplete; Manhattan— 7 for 82 ynras, II Incomplete. Passes inter- Sf p iJ d 7; Hut ? h ' n ' on 5 for 16 y & ras; Manhattan 1 for S yardj Punt«t— 1 Hutchlnson ^ for !« yarti, ivera« S5 yards; jr«nhftttsn S for JS9 yarifs average 26 yards. Penalties— Hutch- is'y'aras * yard " : Manh *»»n 3 for Offlclais: Keforee— Oalisgher, Kanau Aggies; Umpire- -Mahler, McPherson College; Head Linesman— Arm- Strong, Baker: VIM Judge— Dice; Y. M, C. A. Time o^perlods— 16 mlnutei. «;.."..'.'/"• -•-'utchlnson puss waa In- onujlete. Chapnnn gained 3 yards round the llanhattin loft wins. [Rnh »t'»n waa penalised B yards. A. iitchlnaon pnas was grounded. R. askard lost 2 yards. Keller passed yards to Chapman. Chapman punt- J 30 ynrda to Lamb who stopped In s tracks. Two Manhattan passeH ere Incomplete. R. Cochrane passed l Lama for 19 yards. Dlca Inter- Pted a pass for 3 yards. Two Hutchion passe, were Incomplete, jcimp- th * y "*'* *-° ™ art ' I> '•Ututlc. of the Htohlman (13) PM. Manhattan (0 Atfo r n <0> fc? : c «^r» r «'"" J c a - lc) rJM ae R- G. • llaldei-Hon •amm R. T. Elliott FOOTBAU RESULTS MISSOURI VALLEY Missouri, 14; Kansas, 0. Kansas Aggies, 7; Oklahoma, 7. Nebraska. J4; Oregon, fl. Florida U., 10; Drake. 0. Washington U., 12; Mllsslsainpi A. and M, 3. < MISCELLANEOUS John Hopkins, 9; Maryland U.. 0. West Virginia, 40; W. & J.. 7. Brown, 20; Colgate, 6. Penn. U., 20; Caruell, 0, Columbia, 6; Syracuse, 9. Carroll U., 28; U. of North Dak, 0. U. of Detroit, 30; Toronto U 18 Mississippi A. & M., 3; Washington & U., 12. Washington and Lee, 34; North Carolina State, o. Florida, 10; Drake, 0. Woaleyan, 14; Bethany 0. Friends. 0; Fairroount, «. Grove City, 13; Thiel, 0. Marquette, 61; Vermont, 7. Ottawa, 0; Plttsburs Touchers, 0. Washburn, 0; Baker, 13. Sewanee, IS; Vanderbilt, 0 Tulane, 13; L. s. A., 0. Bailor, 17; Rico, 9. Centenuary, 13; St. Louis U. 14. Haskelt, 47; St. Xavier, 6. Cincinnati, 8; Miami, 7, DBS Moines U., 14; Nebraska Wesleyan, 0. South Dakota Stato, 10; Crelghton. 7. Wittenberg, 1; Ohio Northern 0. Colorado College, 14; Colorado School of Mines, 0. Mercer, 7; Mississippi College, 7 Bucknell, 7;, Marshall, 16; U. of Louisville, «. Springfield Teachers, 13; Rolla Miners, 10. Mr. O'Goofty is ono of those skeptical gents who think the Spanish revolution is belnB planned merely as publicity for tho native onion. California IB open for lioxlup again and naturally the nioney-niBd PURS will mako a stampede for the golden "gate." James Corbett's modern admissions I- "The Hoar of the Crowd" seem to nettle bcyornl, all doubt who the greatest fighter of all time was. It seems logical enough that tho Yale plnyers should be fed sugar. . . . That's what they've got the bowl for. It's not bard to get a steady girl these days, but keeping her steady Is something else, If you know wha't we mean. Jim Thorpe has been playing football for 16 years. . . . Pretty soon he'll b« experienced enough to play with the Army or the Navy. An Indoor horse polo league 1ms been formed, but an yet no arrangements have beeti made to hold the exercises of the Atlantic fleet In,one of the state armories. With all his prosperity, It can never be truthfully written that the bony Mr. Mack waxed fat on the national pastime. 'Mary Garden's daring swim In the Mediterranean Is further proof the gals In the old country have nothing on her. John D. Jr., wa» knocked looser than a $3 porcelain tootb In a srjtiaeh championship the other day. . We suppose this may bo con- James Martin suspected his neighbor of stealing hi» cattle, so he went out and shot him, authorities say. When the sheriff came to arrest Martin he found him calmly feeding his chickens. Now Martin is on trial for his life In Sacramento, Calif. "I did only what they used to do to all cattle rustlers la the old days," says Martin. There's no, doubt about it—the Shop-o-Scope Is he time end money saver ot this busy season. (f.' Golf In 1864 Golf Clubs and balls used in Scotland in 1864, as weil as all kinds of Golf Equipment, can be seen in our South Window at 408-410 N. Main. THE HUTCHINSON OFFICE SUPPLY AND PRINTING COMPANY Use tbo Sbop-0-Seopo—use your joad, not your Jeet and make this the merriest Xnias ever, tt Get this ifference Tobacco trong In all our experience we have found nothing that equals AGEING IN WOOD to ripen and sweeten tobacco for smoking —the aged in wood tobacco DEMONS IN THE BLOOD "Casting Out Devils" (Poisons) Is Done In Modern Days By the Specialist. F. E. Wolfe Saya Dr. Hunter ! & Associates Were Successful In Ridding Hi» System of Poisons and Pain. In I he oldoti day* tin- ".-isting out of d«vlls" mount dlrvlng from the systi'iij the poison? utiil 'Us- abilities o£ iltsoasn, perhitpn by E«- pernntiiral iiowars In thoso tinv-*. Certainly the methotU used by Christ were supernatural But. lit thoso days wo are not, clothed with powers, anil so t-r.teuci! had to atmly hard for ncos to discover earthly means of accomplishing tlm wmie onils. Ami In a wonderful oxtent Ihls earthly wl- «nco has heon Hij'.'c»iH^f.tiI. Tho :,'ii- ile.nt and tha laboratory ha^'o y|o|,). erf wonderful results. " Klrjt moili- clnos, then scrums, then elnolrlcliy, hnvo given up their secrets and their powers to lica! the body. Tills SUCCCSH 1ms bt'i'n flvcmpil- fleil In Ihoiisnnds of I-IIRPR that Jirtvp fallon Into tho hands of «cli;ntli'l<- anil progrowivo siiociaysts. A ro- c"iit oxumplc id the <--nsi' of .Mr. Wolft:, who had aufi'oreil for yiMir« bp.ftire ha found thn tnmlcrn tuethoils of healiiiR: Ochelafti, Oklu.. Swpt. !!-lili. "My CURB was wt>ll-knuwn all ov.n my pnrt of the country. I had linen crippled, for years mid A constant sufferer from sciatica and other tils nljIliUos. I consulted iloctora tut anil near and also hail triad nil tin reiuofllw! I could lw?ar of, •drngli'sti healers' of all norto, and all f«l)c(i me. Thoti a ^reaf. day cumn a'huii I found my cure l>y i.ho r»Dibln<ul sonini und liliictrlii uiutliuds iisuil liy Dr. IlunU'r & Associates whom I finally consulted by tho «<lvlc« of frlonds. I am now a sound and well mau with, never an aelia ur pain, working every day and p» joying Ufa. My advloo to othor sufferers Is to quit foollni? with common remedliM and atran^t treatments, but get Into the hatuU of a real spedullat and take hl.- treatment faithfully. Th« chances are a hundred to one that yon will then find yourself on th« right roaa at last, ng I did. I tell you there, 13 nothing In the world like health and tho funny part !a w» don't «P- preclata It ittitll wo have lost It and found It afralti. F. K. WOI,FK. H in st'Idom ludcud thai aity dta- oas« can wlthstaiui thu t«m)int forces broviicUt. aRuinst. it in tim of- fl^ii ot a apedalisl ut. modorii isaJii'- iiiont. Only canes whii'h !»'-V" b-.i-n dnlayt-il past all cnu'ilily hopo will not reKiiond, null siu-h" I;»HW will- be refused by tho honest speciullHt. Serums, thu liuravnnuui- treat- nients, bactarlns, phylai'cogoni, glflnil products, thu variinih forms of Hsln. liPiit, ami clpi-irtHlierapy, Jill cuniulnL'd tflth .n-operly prs- .-vfrlhed mcdlclnvs and 11 Imlldere •--* are the ivi.'apon* v.'hich i'iai- discus.- I! anything lu th« w<i«Jd will. TlL'-Mi are tin mean* which the nK'ilical scientist ni>w to "cast out dfiiKitis" ' uni l!i» t'lood and bodily organ*-'. Dr. Hiinler & ApmH-iatrs, wlxnf office 1 ntul trentiiKMit riinni.< r.r; '•» cutfd at 14 So. Main sLroet. Utttrh- liisnii, Kansas, limit ilu-ir Hum aud work entirely to ;hi- -i-i.-atini'lll of chruHlc und fivtiil illst-n-.o liv tiiin- lcal i..cthods. A visit ui Uielr dlaKiiosls unil treatment roolnk will convince unj-onp that they are most completely iiri.-paivd and wjiiippei! In carry DU thi.-lr m-orli wlrh siici-ciw. That their work IS succPsH/ul is proved by UnmUviIs of '-:tl«fic(l patlenth living all o r this jiart <»f tho west. They Kl.'Jilly ailvisn ,mj ,-\aiiune any sufferer frne <>r charge. just [Doos Not Crumble/] it fl Try

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