The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on August 30, 1987 · Page 36
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 36

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 30, 1987
Page 36
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I III-: SU.MM V .SIIOri'KIt Sunday, August M, IM7 II-AA WEDNESDAY CONT 1030O TENNIS • !, It OOtQ MOVIt I it kl<- Mi- A '•• (—. t •!••( Jj..> M,^i,,„•-,- !'»(,', 1t 30O IKACK AND IIHD M.|i.'..i»!i ' IMSffl MOVIt 'Sleuth" A i.,vr<-"'." *•• >.J< .111 i.i'.i't .l.:| .'.it l,.t| .I"-. I .|'.lt>l.lV...I' •I-IM'.". I l.|!<"'.- <• fl'-v."t M-i ll.H'i ,'.«... !9/i I? 10O MOVIt Hc.hlx;.-, uf th« S.icrt-d Mournrtin' A '.ro.-.p J'^n.;'> jOuf^.j^^r 17:3018 MOVIE BiKjham Young" U»- 1 HlflUi Ml -I" .,'1 !.•;!<!.•! icjlil tui [KMI| t.i J «••:•. lit"! Tylfin..- P..A-I S."' I 30 tD MOVIi Inve Anmiig (he Riim% An ,1'j.iii) it, <»--i!, b'-'iiK) iunl !->> J Y'_:".,f»| ii"|'.ii«i .', vji-'t-rul'-il {j>- ^"'' *<* ( "J .nj!) IU-IM r.,i-.<< H«|jtiuin Sii I -i.;r «i.-.t! (».>..« "'.ukr, !3/-i Q) ?J MOVIE 'Kidnap Syndicate V !i onr iKiy i'. '••!!(-.!!)• i .t,,-." llw. wiMUhy I.|!(.'-1 of till- ntt:.-t ill., truvi Hj f.i.-g^tulif vv,!t-, t»ii* i !.t!*.i|i{it-f •! J tn;f s Nl.i'.i.n'-n !,•'.) <;.it!i",i. t'I/(i 2 00 QJ MOVIf IncideiH in San FI.III CISCO' A •_ ri/s.|.V/ii| yifuflij Ei<r,', sp.lf":' 2:4Sffl MOVIC Fill City' An ,., t,,-,..-i f.+ 'l;>', n V .-'"I ^.i'lit-fl.i •)-•! il.lfl'M-l >n Th.r iv.nM St n y Jf'! fjri.i.-|<-. •::.„> i-, !:!.K v uj;; 1 3:30 f:) MOVIF "Ihn S.iv.iye Bees. A • A![.,.. in !,{],.( [>..i_..j, , in',. ".!>•! H--P ;f, NCI.V OfN-'JH-j (Jut."') M:IKi. i'u,!-, lii-n Ji/lti^vii MI..M.H-I I'aits Mii'^r Bu.:iit.(.'.' TJAi 3:54© MOVIC 'Biy Black Pill" vVh.-n j Jtnv HI* »",'• 1C''^> U.i (•'•'[> J '.VIMIijn iinil /irf f//Li!f.' •' J''^ <;'•(', i/;vi>U (- J >'» .1 Hlijf 'li.-i ,.,,-.,,• It ..... II 6!jti. JoB.'IM Wiilijin-. THURSDAY MORNING 9:05 €D MOVIE 'The Scarlet Angel* A s,ti cmn qir! who i', i • ujt'(>!itv ul puf t.uos ;i soy utp -nio »OLk Hudson AFTERNOON I2:05ffl MOVIE '71 \ Ocean Drive' An in IJIMHOHS ttiiV ''!«'t'f t-nipluys many tiif.kb to outwit ih^ titij gsn^l>''n<j sy^^H'atM Cdinont! O B'M-R Joanm* Diu, Donald PoMur 19W) 12:30® 23 MOVIE- 'Flatbed Annie and Swcutiepie: Lady Tfuckeis' Two woiiwn join frtrct^H u> bavi; a truckuuj r«) fforn U'i- f<;|>nssns5Of *.*nd to kj^;p ti oul ol tl>** clutt:h(?s uf hijacU.Ms AnnM* Polls Km) D.«l>y Many Oi;an Sunlun 1979 3:00© MOVIE: 'The Violent Men' An *?> Civil tiffuri-T fujhts ,1 ruthless land baton v\hn is Hyirnj 10 ijV.o ovt:i lln> VtiJJ^V Ciicnn foid". B^fhtKa St<»n\(T^. t(iw.»i(i G Roltmsot> 1955 5:00© MOV»C The Fighting Prince of Donegal' A youn<) pnncn m 16th ccMi'uiy If^lnntl sin(jli'h;»iiitHlly iocV. s ,*n ompirt- A ' Wf*ndi*rfiil Wot id of PIS n<ry pf'S'Hvi.jtion Pi-ter Ms'J niny, Susan Mrunp'.lutc Tom Adams 19GG P.iit ? o! ? THURSDAY EVENING j 5:00 ! 5:30 j (5:00 i <i:3G O !''••<"• ;••'-*-- ••-'• h-*" ;i^ '^r [3} jv- /--.•—. ka-t^iv js M -.».^ fij i !>„•• ..-, v- ,.y •:,-•-• : \>^,- '»•;, M !S B^'-O 7:00 ^ r7"-'V-'," 7:30 8:00 Act t! i Cr«- s 'MtfEfl !wy 3 Sons Mc>*" 5-jr 1 . V3^y S^renaOr 8:30 1 9:00 Nighl Coyr! Susie 9:30 LA law Car S4 Monkees lt:M News !•:$• Tonight Show I Spy Movie The Ex-Mrs Brafllord C5j jiv--:-.: .;. :A-- r .,r,, JSPH-OWH*. j >eL P-ewaior FOO,^ r *•"• : ••- i . : , :• r T ( b j : =--a *'•*< i if'-.-jL'-' i U - ufv H-fif On-""'--"'' !''^> U^'.- l,>^V*,rv^ ^7^j : i=i-'» ^ vf ! ^V>;:it< ,-,. \ Our Grc^p s B.vwss Rpt JHISD SokJieri- History ol Mer. Mystery Kay 0 Br»>n O H : «.-.-- i •- ->j •:=<•• : ! s^^. (10) j '•'-.••- '-.»?* BrJ", ',':,.? ii i '.^*. O?.va!^. | Orxisaj", ^P | ?;*•(.•- i CU ; , Nvft^ i '.?« ! Vi'-^el Fortiirte 0.2J j^A'-Aai-:;; ; i"o ft &..- ! M^.-,;,- | Cr-,.s 5 f,<« ©JL-.^T-,- UBC^, ;'.r« Q3 i '.<.y. 4 M.r,:, ! iv*.t.:;'*i j L,:W « ^ -* p. 3 .,. 8-?5: ol Wa:t Dis n»y Presents Mov* Terror,' S«n Movie A Breefl A.pan Movie Over the Moon Vietnam War Animals/ActKXi Sci"Kr;^* anfl Mrs K,ng Mone Lovesick 3 ! S^dQ^ 1 M3"'TT Ha/.a^ Fivft-0 Comings Larry King Live Our work) CNN News 20/20 Movie I tie Fly" Mar co Polo (21) | !. >*•••, Eer^i jr.snrvj jPernar,! | Hoc..e» «l JM,-.r /, P^^B!^ fQ\^" 'Cj'". G."V!! JArvJ, G'*!h j Sa-.'c-i! & S^ GIOA-H Ups © i J .-.,. t .^.,:v; !': ,...;! (V-"..?j.V j ?•>;, C-CSf j 3"S Compaq j NBAS ,__-. ! r ..^ ,_ ! , i .. .._ .^ ! c . 0) !! i G'lMtei- t."»-..-;v Mv. ; SjrJo'r; i Scr, | B BiAX!!.>b Mov.e The Dri Man Houston •onloiyo Greats Fridays SunVtfey SportsCentef Bestoittie Alive from C* OfiW Or Rutfi Sho»- " The Gods Must Be Cr«y" Ozjie News Moneyline News Headroom Bob Newhsn RoundtaWe Movie "9»t)y Twits Sports Tonight Nightline Nile in Hetven Miuoe FootMli Spd. Movie Legal Eagles" Curreni Aftair Movie Murders in the Rue Morgue v»r News INN News Movie; 'Brother John" Late Show Tates-Darkside Trapper Jodn Movie The Boat THURSDAY LATE EVENING 11:00 11:30 12:00 O .|Ion«r.Ui-,* jl.aria-..:^ (T) &,<•:,• R.?-.; I M sfe, u «,(., 3 Sons (3D © CD O Sun Yj'Vj 5i".T3jr C.yit. J Mo>« Ir.e E»- Spc"slo:-> S;-jr!s Australian Rules Best o! the Cjge of ',-g», ! Cage ol Night !><3LV'ii i'-. H ff'r ^et.V*~i.t (T} 1 Reg.s Pr ,1'j.n Si o.-. OH ® ID (ID CD OE © (21) 91 ® © f?7) {Q n In*. Goos '.'ust Be Dazy Bat;» Seuet .;,l Los! legend,-OS 12:30 N'f-AS 1:00 I 1:30 Lo-.-e Co":»--c ! Sign-Off Sus* i Car 54 Mrs BradlcM Fooitwl! Sea'cfl lor Sp^M'.Veek Search for Won> ees 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:30 4:0t 4:M (Spy Movie The Big Trees' Movie Oliver Twist Sign-Ofl SportsCenier Horse Mag PGA Seniors Golf Movie Was. ProuO Hundred Years Mr. Merlin Aerobics PGMS«ie ln\estmenl Advisory Movie The Stuff Movie Lots ol Mev'* ii'" NeAsrt<jh! Crossfire Movie Hi:*f L'y fJig'M A Night -r. Hi>aven Coritd BiueWocuf-rs A itiicr^ocK Oilers Cowboys Spci Luck Ne*snighl Updf le Ne« s Movie Touch and Go Look ai Me &gn-0!1 Movie Va^hunier Mone tuother John Com a Tan Benson Movie The Vindicator Move: Over the Moon 'iews Sports Movie Critic s Investment Advisory Movie: "Re-Animator " Bridge 10 Terabthia Information A Breed Apirt WaH Disney Preserrts Nighiwatch News Overnight Larry King Overnight Crossfire Showbiz Choice Movie: "The Story of Mankind" Movie Confessions ol a Window Cleaner Movie Sue? Pete Townshend Voyage to Bottom of Sea Sign-OH Movie: lethal" Movie Ruthless People Movie Top Secret Odd Couple Irappei Join- Mf.-o Parnc m Needle PaiK Neis s PI L Glut BiJj'ip Anqie | Delvecchio Big Family Laveme Movie Kid Colter Movie "Saboteur Move Brainstorm Laveme INN News Movie: "The Spicier Woman" Movie ' A Foreign Affair" Movie Crime and Passion Combat 1 It's a Living THt OLD FARMER'S ALMANAC AUG. 31-SEPT. 6. 1987 Summer's slipping, but hold (in! ! : ust quarter ul the moon Atij; 11 Kmrna Null became first woman telephone operator, in Hc-stnn, Sept. I. IS7K linlam adopted tlie Gi'nrj;iiiii Gj/rmiu 1 'Sepl. 2, 1/^2 . . Los Anp-'i.'s Hnlhday celebration Sent. A . . Genr^e Gilbert, who claimed to have lived for .in entile vearim three cents a May, died Sept •!. IS'.'C Average iength ol davs [in (lie week 1J limits. -1 minutes . Hist Continental Congress heki Sept, 5, 1774:,'shorn Sept i, 1S-17 . fruiting Jmi fight ;ar? hf*t fffnai .iji*i'iin?f. Ask the Ohl Farmer: U'outJ y<ni please Jell me the proper inj;redieiils lot m.ikini; whitewash' ' i: C., Wai- wick, K l' MIMIII- Hints: IIM Y.i-i .1 l-.ithi-. in 1 .cull pl.i, i- :t in .1 |i!,istu ~^^ n l! ( r I Ii- h.ll- ln>ht!\ .lll.i ift It -.11 MltsuK' K'l .1 uMlpIr Of lit Mils OL!) I : ARMI-R 5 WHAT] II-R ! : OKUCAST \"ew l : n);l.\iu! Be;;iniiini-,ol week showery and mild, midweek I'le.n and seasonable: end ol week sl-,o\\eiy .iiui -.eason.ible CriMler New Voik-Now Jersey: Sunny and mild at hei;r\nm>; ol week, midweek i loiuly wilh iii'ilil temperatures; end ol week sunny, quite with sprinkles Middle Atlantic Coastal: lk'i;iniiinf; ol \veek and mild; midweek liglit rain with mild lemperaUnes: enii ol week sunny and warm t'icdniunl & Southeast Coastal: \Veek l>ei;ins with cool teinperalures: midweek cool lemperatmes mnlitun*. showers central and \s'; end ot week sunny IMorida: Week begins with showers, heax y north, midweek i loudy and mild, chance of showers, end ul week hot with .showers continuing Upstate New York-Toronto & Montreal: Week begins sunny and warm; midweek seasonable east, heavy showers west; end of w'eek sunny and warm. Greater Ohio Valley: Week begins wilh thundershowers; midweek heavy rain wilh cool temperatures; end of week sunny and warm. Deep South: Beginning of week showers; midweek heavy rain with mild tempera- lures; end ol week svinny Chicago & Southern Great Lakes: Beginning of week cloudy with very coo) temperatures; "midweek moderately heavy rain with mild temperatures; end of week neavy rain, very warm. Northern Great Plains-Great Lakes: Bocinnmpof week cool, rain central; midweek cool and showery; end of week rainy .incl warm. Central Great Plains: Beginning of week scattered showers with cool temperatures; midweek heavy rain and warm: end of week clear and warm. Tevas-Oklahoma: Beginning of week cool and rainy; midweek heavy rain, unseasonably cool: end of week clear and hot. Kockv Mountain: Week begins with showers and cool temperatures; midweek sunny and warm; end of week cloudy, rain north. Southwest Desert: Beginning through midweek clear and very hot; end of week seasonable temperatures. Pacific Northwest: Week begins sunny and very warm; midweek clear and hot; end of week light rain with mild lemperalurrs.

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