The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 28, 1924 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 28, 1924
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

PAr.R TWO, THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. •FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 28, VJZ* i • gM | T u>;PW SHALLOW ny\ WATER ON SOIL Turkeys or Geese DRESSIID FRIES FOR SUNDAY A few left—Young and tender -ALSO- A, BEEF TENDERLOIN PORK TENDERLOIN FRESH OYSTERS FISH | SWIFT'S PREMIUM HAMS, 28c LB. ' 10 LBS. AVERAGE VEGETABLES— GREEN BEANS CELERY HEARTS SPINACH TOMATOES CUCUMBERS PARSLEY FRUITS- FANCY APPLES GRAPEFRUIT ORANGES FRUIT CAKES AND FRESH HOME BAKED CAKES Phone 1500 7 South Main "The Quality Store Irrigation in Arkansas Valley Will Make Valley Blossom. To Train the Scoutmasters A training school fnr Vnutmast- era nnd assistant scoutmasters will be held during the month nt Do- cembcr nt Hoy Scout headquartero In Convi'ntlon hall. The course will bo open nlso to nil Scout committeemen, ooitncllmen nnd troop committeemen nnd any ot tho boy Kcnuts who are 17 years of ago and over who arc cxprt' to take UP scout work. Tho training commltton will re- AND IT'S CHEAP This Could be One of Richest Valleys in World, Declares Maj. W. L. Brown. SOAKS RIGHT IN AND LIMBERS UP STIFF JOINTS Pharmacists call it "Joint- Ease" because it's for SwoU ien, Sore, Painful Creaky Joints Only. It lock it good many yours to got !<)<;<•; her u ro:ilb)!!.'ll;olj nl |.nin suit- (linns will m.-llin:; reducing agents ilw:,iir"<l iii I"' lhe nw remedy tton aluxv.t tnsmmly penetrates tlirmivli skin and tosh nnd aunt? liiilu in in make sun'.en, Inflamed, creaky, pain nuked joints as good .11 new. They enll this new am! wonder- till pieparalion ".lo.nt-KliM!" tie- cau.-'o lie: iiicdieal tiutn who tiirnetl the trick, worked for j-i -arit I" Perl'-'i-i ^i.111.• low prut il remedy that would M '.lily l.i11 . f il tllo mil lous Ot p --ci ;<k' who halt- cue or more joints iliat in-i .-d lo'lpl'iil :iti.-mion. So ' •Ji'lnl-lla-e ii, prepared only for peep;,, who ha\o a swol.en, painful, cr":iky. (listen--d or stilt joint, iile. thcr it he in l -.tieo, elbow, -.'licu'tlcr, alike . uet'k or tinker, ami win: her it i« caus'-d by rheiima- li-on nr sient'tliina, eis... u:' course, it can't In-lp but u.uick- ly put an end to Mich superficial al'nifiii^ a* liimlm'o, neuralgia. ii"U iti = . ,-i'hin^ mu.-clcs. »tltcb In tbe "el-.', crick In the neek or sore l.'.-l li.-' an-1- nr Its penetrating ae- noil, bnt ehat il Is it-ally t'oeom- nit 'iKlei! itir K joint ailments of any nature v.bai'-vei A-ii on- a tiih- of ".loint-Kaso.'' You ean n?e it several t lines In one ivt-nine for pub K remits, because i' iti .if 'I 'iit tbronuli the skin with on y n t.'-.v seconds nilibin-'. It surely \- a M '.iti pciifiiator and when j.' M'|S nniP-i Die j-kJJJ. p. Claris ' : lit in to i-i"»n up all joint trouble. A. * A. Pius Co. dispense It daily [or ,-ibout r,n cents a tube, as ibt iii] m-.^ rla -is dnigt-ist w In-re. A • iv.;y,^ remember, w-ht-n .Joint- Pave i:,-ts in joint, aunny ^ets out — qilifk. .Mail orders, filled, cash or C. (i. 1)., l'ope Laboratories, Hallowell, Maine. The Arkansas Valley will he one! of the richest valleys In the world, ; when the people of this territory ; wake up to Ihe possibililies of lr- ! fixation, aeeorditiK to Major W. 1*- i Ilrown, who Is one of the pioneers j In Irrigation In this slate, havinjt ; ('.one his first work along that Hue 1 In 1SS1 on his farm in tho sonlh-' em part ot Heno county. "Willi Ihe cheap electrical power which can he secured from tho power plant at Hutchinson or t by using other forms of power for ] pumping tho shallow underflow onto tho land, this valley can be made as fertile as the historic Valley ot tho Nile In Egypt," declared Major Drown. Abundant Underflow "The most pitiful thing to bo seen In this section of the country. Is a crop dying for the lack of moisture, when water In abundance Her, just a few feet below tho surface," ho explained. "One Irrigation of corn often makes the! difference between success nnd failure. One year I Irrigated one acre of corn In a -10 acre field. That one ncre produced 70 bushels of corn of excellent quality whllo the other 39 acres only averaged eight bushels of Interior corn. The cost of -Irrigating the one acre was only six dollars. Irrigating Alfalfa "Irrigation makes a wonderful difference In the yield of alfalfa In ibis district. I once Irrigated one acre of a 35 acre 11 old of thai crop. The alfalfa on the plot not Irrigated yield three and'a half tons while the Irrigated tract yielded five nnd n half tons. The cost of the irrigations was $20 per Hire that year and the alfalfa sold for ?20 per ton." Small Tracts Profitable j "My personal experience has | shown rue that 1 could make more actual prorlt from a Ihree acre lr-! rlgaled tract In Farniinglon than ! I could with a ISO farm stocked with hogs and dairy cattle In the southern part of this county." ^i Select Your Gifts While our Stock is Complete—We show a complete line of Practical Gifts for Young and Old— PRICES THE LOWEST Our Motto; Quality First, then Price—and the Price is Blghtl HOSKINS 6c YOUNG HARDWARE—TIN SHOP (Home of FRONT RANK FURNACE) Phone 3752 22 West First Colds Pain Headache Neuralgia Toothache Lumbago Neuritis Rheumatism ^»»» Accept only "Bayer" package f^^^ which contains proven directions. every- Chinese Boy's What terror won't those unspeakable llollshles start? The daughter of M. Kras.ain, soviet minister to France, displays her ears! Just look how she is showing off one of them. Tho other was equally us much In view only the camera didn't catch It. And Just look at Ihe way she combs her hair, all knotted up In the back. Head News-Herald Wantads NEW LAMP BURNS 94% AIR Seats Electric or Gas A new oil lamp that gives ati amazingly brilliant, soft, whlti- light, even better than gas or electricity, has been tested by tbe Li S. Government and 3B lending uni rorslties and found to ho superior to 10 ordinary lamps. It burns without odor, smoite or noise—no [iinnpini: up. in simple, clean, safe. Burns o-l ",j air nnd 6% common keirisene (coul oil). The inventor, D. IV. John?on, BU'J \X. Lake St.. Chicago, ill., la otter • an to send a lamp on 10 day 's I'IIKB trial, or even to EWo one Fit EE to the first UBcr in each lo i-aliiy who will help him introduce <t. U' IIK. him today for full [jarticu- :ii&. Abu a.*H Mm to t.'itjilaln how i"ii full net the agenev, nnd without "Mif t W'nce or money make l-iiO to 1600 Courtesy, Promptness, Quality, Price. >^BK?i Call SNYDER'S PLANING MILL FOR Lumber, Monarch Paint, Kyanize Varnish Stain Phone 184 THE SNYDER COMPANY Lumber Yard Planing Mill, Office and Paint Store 8-10-12 West A. 23-25-27 West Sherman. Lumbermen and Manufacturers. th il Chin- V -iay oa Hi- Ann' ll I ill Coo Qti Wah, won ti: ; ,i eonl- poling Willi many ihon.-anU» oi Hludeulti In all tli.- lulled Suites. Now Ceo Qu Willi, who I HM the shortest name mining tho nnd pupils in Houslon I Tex.) schools. brightest. Ho now uncle. We Are Convinced that '.'r.j 33 years that \vc have been serv ing the people oi this community among' the greatest oi our possessions. For a funeral director is judged, and rightly, by the reputation he has earned i'or himself. The distinctively superior type of service rendered by this organization has won for us a ivi-ulanou iliat we are indeed proud of. are H 'VJiio of the lives in lloiimnn with hi? Tape's Cold Compound" Breaks a Cold Right Up Johnson&Sons Established IMS .134 E. Sherman , Hutchinson Kans. \Vhone 6 jr. port at the meeting of the Scoutmasters' association Tuesday evening at Scout headquarters. The'men who will give the various courses are: Ilnv. A, J. Bell, Scout organization; C. M. Lockman, boy nature; Roy Frost, Scout activities; Father M. I,. Kaln, Scout advancement. LodfeNews There was session. no lodge or business had i wo ui .nuioa .es The first, degree was conferred last night on two candidates at the meeting of the Reno lodge No. 40 In tho Masonic temple last night. Paul' Snyder, Chisf Patriarch ' The Odd Fellows lodge etocted officers for tho ensuing year last night at the regular meeting. Paul Snyder was chosen chief patriarch, J. It. Torrence, Benlor wnrden, Q. 9. Raymond Junior warden, Walter Meado, high priest. Copper refineries In the United States are making 2,700,000,000 pounds a year, and the output will soon bo materially Increased. This is nearly 500,000,000 pounds above the record made In 1923. SAY "BAYER ASPIRIN" — ^07iuine Unless you see the "Bayer Cross" on tablets you are not getting the genuine Bayer Aspirin proved safe by millions and prescribed by physicians 24 years for Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets. Also bottles of 24 and 100 —Druggists. Afplrla ta the trade touk of Bijcr Muaftctiuv or UoeMOMicacJdeiter of EUllcyucsciS HUTCHINSON. KANSAS. Plan Now For a Real Christmas!— We'll help you if you'll let us. Don't spoil half the pleasure of giving by not being ready when the "Glad Day" arrives. Holiday Opening *0* Christmas Sale Commences Tomorrow Saturday The Curtis Store will radiate with Christmas Cheer—Good Will and Bounteous Stocks of Acceptable Christmas Gifts, for Family, Relatives and Friends- Come—Let's make this a joyous occasion—for everyone—make your selections from a complete showing of Thousands of "Gift Things," which fairly sparkle with low price* and real Christmas expression—Enjoy a Greater Happiness this year in your Gift Making—by shopping at the Curti* Store. Buy Dolly Now! In Time to Prepare Her Christmas Trosseau Fine Imported Kidlyne Body Dolls Looks just like real kid—Made in dermany—with Beautiful Faces, Curly Hair and Sleeping Eyes, Shoes and Stockings. These are wonder values—for the Holiday Trade. Specially Priced for Pay Cash Customers. 12-inch Doll 75c 14-inch Doll $1.00 15-inch Doll SI.50 20-inch Doll $1.95 25-inch Doll $2.50 28-inch Doll S5.00 Toy OC r Broom* sVsJV Bed* for (1 CA the Dolly sDlisW Pianos . $1 .00 China Doll Dishes, 50 C Bissel'* Toy Carpet OC|% Sweeper v HVV Complete Toy £1 Af" Wash Set* •Pl.a'd Toy Doll *| AC Sulkeys Baby Buggies made QP of Reed «P*-.»7J Toy telephone*, CA*» with bells ..OUC Drums— . OC« 8-inch size £«/C Architectural Blocks— p A _ Set 5UC Ten Pin Bowling Sets DUC Foot Ball of Good *t AC Leather *J >l.»Ju Humpty Dumpty (ftl «1C Circu* elli.sCJ American Flyer, Min- (Pi AA ature R. R *Pl.UU Tricycle*, Rubber AC Tire* tPO.JJu Ja n g s r e " nd $1.00 L o d yau,iM50c v $1 .00 Petite Baby Dolls Of distinctive design, ot highest grade workmanship. Every Doll is equipped with a guaranteed Mama Voice 13-inch size Crepe dress, Painted eyes, and hair, boys £ 1 AA and girls «pl.UU 14-inch fancy voile dress, wig and painted, £| PA eyes and hair *y **«HJ 19-inch size Rosebud Batiste dress sleeping eye* AC and wig '. «P*>.«7v 19-inch size—Fine organdie dress Sleeping eye* and J J QQ What to Give Him There are certain gifts that a man smiles, at and drops in his dresser drawer to forget about. Those are not the kind to give! There are others that he appreciates and uses, because they are practical and useable. These are the Beit Gift* at this store. If you don't know the sort of thing* that men really like to get at Christman, visit our Holiday Display of Men'* Furnishings. Dainty Silk Underwear Are Welcome Gifts for Women We are making a special display of Silk Underwear that i* especially desirable for Christmas giving—These are intimate gift*, and when chosen carefully carry a real feeling of friend- chip—useful, too, and therefore fine gift* to give this Christmas. Gloves, Hosiery and Handkerchiefs make useful Christmas Presents and nowhere can you find larger assortments of these than we can show you right now at the smallest possible price*. All Set. ! MiidK>': "I'm dread ully atiuut nl" j tire, and when I i;o to lied I lake ; everv precaution." . .Maijocle: "fin do I, ilcnrle. I al-! vays wear silk ones."—American j Legion Weekly. | When You Foul a Cold Coming. On Talio Laxative DltOMtl Ql'lN'lN'S Tablets In work off I be causes and lo fortify (lie system a«alnst an litlaek of flrlp or Influenza. A Hale and Proven lloniody. The box j hears tsiyiiature of K. W. Grove. 1 Blankets Are Ideal Present For Christmas We have them at a wide range -of prices—Nice soft wooly blanket* that keep the chill without and the warmth within. Don* t Forget Baby Make the little one'* Christmas a happy one by sensible gift*—Such as Jacques, Booties, Coats, Sweaters, mittens, etc. We have a bi? department devoted to BABYS' NEEDS and everything is made with the care and patience that the most exacting mother could wish for. )Come—and make your selections for Baby's Christmas. We Have Bought a Lot of Toilet Sets, Manicure Sets, Shaving Sets, Manufacturer's Samples And are offering them at ONE THIRD LESS than you would have to pay regularly. Below we list these for your information. TOILET SETS—A good assortment, pretty toilet sotB. There aro travelers samples and priced about % less than regular. The prices range from*1.00 to $25.00. No two alike. MANICURE SETS—A fine assortment of travelers samples which we offer at at about % less than you will pay elsewhere. The price range is from $1.00 to $3.39 SERVING TRAY8—Many shapes and sizes. Oak Mahogany and Walnut finish. The Prices are from $1.00 to $2.50 WORK BOXES—Many kinds and prices. Travelers samples prices at much less than usual. ' Price from 49c to $2.50 each MILITARY SETS—From low priced sets lo the very finest. You will save 1-3 on these samples. Prices from 69c to $3 .95 SHAVING SETS—Always a useful gift for a man and have a tine selection for your inspection at 1 -3 less than usual prices. Prices from $1.00 to $3,95 Taku twe tablets every Ihree hours until thro, do.-iei aro taken Tho first dos always gives re lltf. Tho tucona „nd third doses c.oimlctoly break up tho c o 1 il Ploasaut nnd uaf* to take. Contain.- no quinine oi opiates. Millions uso "Pape's Co... Price, thirty-live cents guarante > it. < The Curtis Store Co.* Sell Quicker With a News-Herald Want Ad

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