The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on July 2, 1956 · Page 21
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 21

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 2, 1956
Page 21
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Page 21 article text (OCR)

r-. Thursday. July 5, 31 !{.S. Df.VKS DAKKVI-K \\AVDr 1s( LT. \V. S. DINKS A'.ASKA ami Hark—The Dunks family of Crosby is endini; their vacation this weekend and is heading back for another tu'o years at !he t . S. Air l"orc« hnsc nt Ant'horaite. J ° A I * 7 9 f* I J T [** S S f i>V> j/cy i lum . , Industries Clash Contracts WASHINGTON if]M— The oil lO !(iel; Jlprrr-i O'i'er the Piil'h"-' I'C'd- era'-state roaij-binldir,:; plum in history. Each v.'.'tnis lite li-an'.-' sluire of the S'M '•' hillitm highway program just approval! hy Congress. Both uiiiniai"iy will reap Millions hut fit's t thov I'liiist "sell' 1 (he 'IS slides (.n usiny their rival products-— asphalt and concrete. Til..- asphalt insiitule. - ,v!m-!i r-r,- visions sale oi IDii juiiiion ions of asphalt pavim;' in She tuxl five years, nlremiy has ;;one inUi ae- iion. It is ^eitiiii; up new regional offices and oxpaudiiiLr its enu'i- nporint; staff to establish closer contact with slate officials who will award tiie highway contracts. 'Tile Portland Cement Association already has offices in tile -IS states. Its job will he to convince, officials that emu'rete is more durable than cheaper asphalt and consequently less costly in the lone: run. An institute ;'.V)Ok"sm;m said asphalt sales will'depend upon how UK- states SJJOIK! liie millions al- loled them by the government as lh" vast "pay-a-j-yoti-drivv" pro- srram hits i's stride, "in hiiilding int"rslate superhighways each pi-Me will have io put up only SI. j'e- -.a, h nine federal dollars. "''li'--." the spokesman said, ' : i • <!> 1h'> yo-er.!!ei.' poor 5'alos v.-il; iri'.'e mure l',i;'i';'.vay inillii".'is Ihan they e\vr dr/.'im.'d off, T!v ci'i.'stidn I'M' i! is vh''lh:T they '.'.'ill liuiid con'!''te hiph'.v.'Y-' <"•'!' :-a\"e inonev \viih a/nh-dl. A'V)!lief question i> wlietliev the sl-.ies: will !ia\-e any i:'.n:ir'y lefi tor pr ! rni'vy ;w! .",-, oi;d;:ry rf>'uV~ '.vliivh are j'livlonijiiantly a .phall." }!(> .-;':-o :-aid the |Vo;r'Ti!ii could liv-an the cud of rie\v lot] road-;. 00 per eon! of which are ,',:-ph::!!. ]!,• y:dd loll roads will lo-e t'•.-'•!r | 1IM .,.|, ; . ., H,., ,t:ii,. s !'(!•• !'!e first time will h,:ve ;>inple fcdorrd mon- ey to build non-toll highways. Meantime the cement ''The entire program puses a lion can point lo oi^ht real chailenue lo the oil industrv." sla!"s-- Illinois, Iowa. J' lie added. "UV- are u'oin". ahead nia. New York. T-'Xas. \ with a hi;,' head of .steam." Missouri and Michigan Aulhorit.Viivo soui'ces estimate have .shown a preference I hat 12 million tons of asphalt pav- erote. infr were pl.icr-d last year. If as- These slates have all phait, wins its share under the new of the condole mileage program I hey estimate at least t'nited Slates and stand t< 100 million tons will bo required niorc Ihan 30 per cent of for all highway in the federal allotments'-on a neM five years —iyo(i to lilijO in- lion basis-—under the new elusive. stale program. per cen! in the i receive ihp Intal popula- federal- War On City Slums Is "Spotty 1 In Progress 8 m *^ in mm HflCSTON 'I'i'i Oi! ('o. today aMHOUMI'.M c<»iir ;> c .schoiar.-hiji riWard.-; to 11 iii^h School ii'radu.'ies in imee s'.ales Mini (."an.ul'.i. Winner.-- of ti'.e lidil Conoro Scholarships are Audrey (_',. Arnold, For I Sior.;t'ia. T'.'X.; Ma'ii!- da Howell, Foil U'orlh. Tex.: Carolyn Miiilm.;.!i. Tex.: Kdh- ert I,. Ch(!cii, Odessa. Tex.: Klaino 11, Carey. Fort Podj^o. !owa: Jean Fry, Canary. Alberla; Ketuieth P.. Carter and Pale Coilinson, l-oih o! Oklahoma City, and Frank S. Frit:!-:, Jeviy .\'|. ]:n::,-rs and Nancy Srofieid. all o! i'orca C'ty, (Jkla. Tile recipiciius of til" awards art.* sons and dauiiht-'rs o: ('o!in< (j emploves '.vho won in i.-oni|)"liiioti with applicants from la states and Canada. The sehol.-ii sliips have a vahi" of S.'illfl per college ye; 1 .:' and are renewable |o ( over four yeirs of (^ollr^e u" sa 1 isiacU'rry grades are iiiaiiitaine.d. Too Much Trust Said Dangerous rnrcAco :'p The hoss who "jioes overiioaid" '.« Mho 1 , 1 .' liis rn'iployos iio"; ntn, h il' trust.'-: tin in rn;iy he (iou:,^ them a. disservice, n.'coriiin^ to , : ii-i insnra.nce com- pnny ':xei.utivc. Th" employe -A ho ha.'- heen faithful and';. for years may suddenly eo v,'i'0:;j; for a variety of real or :m,minary reasons, he said, fiad !'i:,'jular ciio.'U-np.s aioii;; with occasional surpiine audils are a favor to the workers us well as s-'H'e);,lards fur their riiiployers. I'iiiil I'.ruv.'n. iu-.iiini!t-r of Kriu- J>er Insiiraiici' n.'oup'.s l-'.o:id and Hur'.jlary depati nx at. niath- hi.s I'ecommendaiions at a reei-nt in- fiiiYir.ce seminar sponsored hv Illinois Wesleya;: Ur,ivo!'«ii.y ,'ind til" renlrn! Jllinnis Inpura.nirc Man- apers Association. Ky liOKKKT J . .MOKISOX WASHINGTON. — I'l' — The fiy'nt by the federal government and the nation's cities and towns against .slums is "spotly." In 1'uerlo Kieo. progress since lil.'il) has Ijeoii remarkable, but on tlii; mainland, what limited attacks have been made are "tren- erally modest when measured against the need." This at least is the conclusion of the editor of the national housing conference's "Unnsinj; Yearbook — ]fl. r iG" Alexander L, Crosby. I'rban de\'elopment is Ihe bip feature in Ihe slum fijjhl. Il was included in Ihe housing' act of 19-1!' to help cities obtain biiuhled areas, clear them of the worn out buildings and use the land for a variety of purpose? —• commercial or industrial buildings, or new hoM,sillL r . Later refinements of federal law also include other anlj-slimi we-ipons suc.'i as building ami v.o'i- it-,e' code-; and various programs for rcbuildi;;;,' eond"iimed areas. Since the prop-am tot underway in liTil). itr.]-.' II projects have been finally au'horized in the nation's .Ml cities of more Ihan 2.~>.1)1)11 population, (he author claim?. This is where the need is greatest, Th's contrasts sharply with T'uerti! Tlieri where all six o! it~ major eiiics have projects under way. More surprising is tiie lii^h number of low-is from fi.OOil to L'.Yniut which also ha\-e project-: approved and under construction. In II'.'.O, the total eosls of su.'h projects was put at .iboul S.'M million. I,as i year it is estimated 1ho-'o und"rwav represented out- lavs of soil'" f-'lO." iriiiliov,. Despite this Ion-fold increase. Crosby says, the pi-o^rar.i is not moving ahead as rapidlv as needed Me blames led tarv in \\'.'!.'-h- IliK'toii and "not enouph action and inilntlve at Die stale and local ie'.-els," Marine AM Books Are Now Available NK\V ORLKANS The i;i:)i; edition of th,. "I.i.'.;t >,f and Other Marine Aids In .Vavicnl ion on, ;!-.;• Atlantic an : C5ulf Oasts" is iw,<- av.-iiiahle. Kichth Ce.?sl CJu'ird Ilistrici H("ir*(piarter N i :1 Now Or- Tiie re-w edition. pui>lis!icd in seven volumes, moy be purchased Sepa r:~'l ely or in one c<Wip!e!c bool; Listed in the IH'irt edition are !i.i;h!.'-', hiio\-.s. fog signals radio- hi\'ico:i'i and da\ beacons On the AllMiilic and i'Julf C'c>asls. '."•''pie.-: of \"o!uir,e \'. I'"ii;h; r ;i '''east '.Hi.'ird District, covering H jd.^ from Aji:'i',:ii'hico!a l;ivcr. Kla., t,o trie Rio (Jrande is price.i at .^l."»o. ("AHi.'S of the ne,\- 11M5 mav bo purchased from Hie Superintrr.u- i-nt of nori;:i'.-Tits. \Vn<ihins:.ion 2.">, I\ C.; (.'otnmander. Kis;ht!i ("onst Ouard Oistrii''.. Custom, New Oilcans. La.: or anv of the l'o!low:n}r salis agents in the KiRhili (,'oa.-,t (tiianl Oistnct in Texas. Outnumbered! BtdiLINGTON, Vt, ip A Vermont nsricuitnr.T, economist, ro- poris :liat. i\f of -Tan. 1. ih" sr.ntr had 4-13,000 cauls and o77.747 persons. The law requires that provision be made for persons whose dwellings are torn down to live somewhere The supply of housing they can afford is limited and the majority of those to be relocated are Negroes. "There is resistant 1 !'! in the north as well as in the south to the idea of lettiny non-whites live wherever Ihey eau pay 7-ent." Crosby reports. "Having no place- to relocate the non-whites of the middle income group and not wislunp to open up white neighborhoods to non-whites, ninny redevelopment agencies arc stymied." Vets 1 Corner Quesficns And Answers Q T am a World Wnr If veteran and T have a permanent (";i ins-ur- n:iC(> policy. I am |i!Hiir.inj; to ;.'e! a loan on my policy. Ani 1. supposed to repay i; in amounts that are multintcs of s. r ," A Not necessarily. V(di niav* repay it in amounts of ay size, so iio.ig IKS they arc- not less than }-"i per pay me.-!!. Q I live in a Slate !hat. p H yv, n bonus to Korea veterans. Do ! apply for this hctiii.s at the VA " A No. \'A does no;. aiimin^'H-r Slate bonuses. Tiiey are en!ii.'i.!-d a:i,i adminix|i-!'«.,i without auv ui.i wlKii.socvi-r from the Federal <iov- eniinenl. Aj'plicyii .•>:; should bo made with your State. Q I entered 1 service for : , IX months under tin 1 I'.i.'i'i deserve !'''iri'es Ai:i. HO'.V lO'liJ OOeS lile tree indemnity coverage las!, after r leave military service'.' J heard i|. lasts for on!v ::n davs A The free indonia:;v cre,'c!','».ee (•oaiiniie.'i for ]",i days after yen leave wrvici'. Previously, i; r-on- ti.'iued for only ?.<\ days cfter ser\:cc. 'out the ponod was e:-;ii-n:ed to 12u days und-r a recent law Q 1. v. as a ;•( ;i | e,,; : i;,. sale.-,man before "1 wa-> eAllcif to a.-tivi; (i'.:ty. Now liiai I have been discharged, 1 wonder if r coidd tnl;e a "refresher" course in leal t-.-'tate !:nder the Korea:; 1.51 B;l>. so thai .' could brush up on the sub]ecr. A A "refr'-shcr" course ivould ii"t. he permitti.-d under the Kor-'An OI Kill, 'ri-,, |; iu - prcvcnis -.-(.(crauw from vraining 1'or o'i>)ec;;ves for v.'hieh they nlrea'iy are qualified by reason of prior training or experience. Vic Vct>0yi VETERANS IN RURAL AREAS WHERE GI HOM& LOANS NOT AVAILABLE FROM PRIVATE LENDERS CAN CONTACT VATO DE INE WHETHER THEIR AREAS j HAVE- ftfEN DECLARED ELIGIBLE j FOB DIRECT VA LOANS UNDER } Mt. Everest's Exact Height Is In Dispute LONDON - . .-IPi. U'hilc climbers are bcg'inlliut: to scale Mount Kv- orost like nionkoy.s up :1 ! ' r '' ladder the scientists still can't ajirer on exactly how hUh thai mountain i.S usul now there's a fuss. Any eeoaietry student addled by :i;i i/mnsc angle mijjht 'Hind comfort ill tin- controversy boiween J. lie (Sraaf-Hiinter :ni,l !• I •• (Udatee. probably '.he world's t'orenios: Everest nxvi.'iutvi's. They both hmiw a lot o:' n;:itli. l,oss of temper is a very rare thiny around the Moyal Oeo-vrap;:- icul Society in wiiosi 1 scholarly joiirnn! Ciiiatee ami Hunter stale their i';ir>"s with laymar.-liUe ire. Ciuiatoc calls fails i; -H.bLS feel. Hunter makes 1; L'v'i.W'i. Sir Andrew \\';n'.;;i! vciUured •j;i lit):; back ii> I'M"). Sir Sidney Burrard's f.Hii measurements sweetened it to L".!.'.'!.' 1 .:.' am! Cuy Bomlord £fit it up i«i '.!'.'.Ci5il le>s tliaji a quart- 1 !' of a conr.iry a;;".' 'I'liis indicates t.hey have II pretty well pegged, nil! i>rocis:o!i is expected of sek'U'isUs aad li) 1 ' result.-Of GuialCO'.S 1JI;..| *;>!'VOY til,I m>l gel [last Hunter unnoted. Humer hail expecti d ej-eat tiiuiKS of '"ulateo because a crusty in i- haraja had barred ai! earlier .-•''- outi.sts. includin;,' Hauler, jrom entering: Nepal ami they had io jdsoot bearings from !i»-odd miles away ami 1'ijiure the ant;!'. 1 ':-' a! Jong range. But Oulatec wa,< able In so! rifrh! up next lo H'<" niou'itMia in Nepal with his slide nilc ami triaiiKula- tion charts. Bui that still didn't ilo it. Hunt or am-yed in the March IftS") issue of iiii' (iooj; r-aphical Journal. He commented: 1. "One "lay re ;j !.•'•' 'hat (Culn- toe's i luii^'itirdos Vvei, nor observed with .in impartial instruou'iu, 1'. ''Mr. Guiaioe's paper is beaded 'Outline of The New Method.' . . . There is. however, nothing new in Hie method. •'!. ".Mr. (lulalee adopts th.- role of criiic uf some (if hi.-, prcdeci :s'"'^ ... If is indeed ntifiirlun.ite thai in presenting tile res:!l'-; of important work, he ha.-; M^nailY failed to aeknou'lerl.ue hoy.- very essentially h,. has deju-nded on earlier woi'Ucrs. •t. "Ho ha.s also been ffuii'y Of plusiariwiii." This -,v:i.s heady sltiff fur siieh nil aut;i|Si. journal. It's readr-rs had lo v/ait H year for 'lulatee's rebut- lai in the .Vlai'eh, j:ir,i;. issue He wrole: I. "Or. Hunter gives ;l hijjbly provoealivo re\'ie-.v of my reeelit leelini('al paper . . . Tins revie;v is clothed in :ti; aiiihurilaiive style, and yet., licsidr-f; inti'mjierato eorn- nic-nts due to confused think-jng. it contain.,- a number O f serious niisstalenients. -• "Hunier lias always claimed that h,; discovere,;! the' basic formula for the eoefficiont O f refraction ... In far I. the formula w.' disi.'ovorcd by Helniert in ]87<i. .^. "1'r. Hunter ;« very hurl that I have not I'efonx'd to' liis fi or to his paper - . . This is j or ]<;.s.s a replica of his lecture before llii« Indian .Science Congress in inL'L.' and eonlains liie same errors and fallacies. •I. "N;it;ir,. does ,,,,( admit of su.-h spurious simplicity .-,.« some of the 'swoepinjr .statiMiieiits' made hy Hunter -.•.-j(l 1 immense self- as'-iirance.' • r >.."Hunter's hej K ht. f or K\-,. r e,-;| )* a confesed heiKlit oht,-iiiied f mconipli't,. data.- r >- "These proble.m ,jo not p,-r- mit of surii ini| ii:! nd 11 a -. ~- "Or. Hunter's unbalanced i;:- niH.'jiilocs in a journal of hu:h repute ; ir c, ;,, iS; ,y n,,. i,,.,,., nn ,| ]( , nificd." So tiiMv. ol'ler all (Ii.'.'io -,-ear,! sits the issue, at leas! until IK March's edition ( ,f -h,. journal. Ancient House !n Massachusetts V laiffffnm.Fim F,?g* 77 A(;AWA.\r. Mass. . !j> |;i r i,- nrd \V. V,.,,i Iteii.sen i,e],eves I!! pilllilli; bacii lilin;;s the wav thev v.iTi- built original'. v. If'-'-.-i relilodeii:;;;. for pi <, I e|'i ; y . Olle of Ihe oid-'Si ho-l'if-S Of {)/••,• , -lohn I'or:,er i n 1771 alll| ,-,. ,,,;,,,,, ,\ in !MisseS.s:oii of his family until Van lli'iiseii hdii^lu il Van liease;,. ..,;, inter. or o'.-eor- aior by |]'.-i!lc. vai.'f he iias do^- out seven fiivpla.'-es thai i <!iir.eci<>rl to a contr.'i: I'himncy. Bui perliapo his greatest find \v ; is uncovcrt-d in the ol.l diirn;.; room wiiicii ims a buill-in e(ir;ier ciipboai'ri -,',-i:;i h'j!- terfly shelves and U a.nde of ,,,,]:d cherry -.Vdixi. In l.Sl:i. til" (,w:n rs ijec.di'd to !*''! 1!v- hd'i.M'. i,... ;;,,-,-, ;•>•,".;. ,-., takers. They <•:•••; ine.r a ;:• '.v. 1 -. paper adver: j^emeat of li-ri.-ij; "a liojTiv and a •;•;, .,vli." The Ian. •:• \\-as an aii'iii'nlie di.siilliTv locaii'- just ncnw.'i the street from the hni:M\ Alongside -...-, ,,-,. -,;,,. ( {l .\ ; s to pi'oduc,-. the yrain for trie ;::;:. \'nn Ili-uwn \v.:i eonc'U'.r rate on the and will no', aitrmp! a recons; ruction o;' the -ii.^t ilier\ . Chilled Soups Help Beat Summer's Hea Vr.TEKANS ADMrNlSTRATION XKU" YOI:K • ;'[• ''hi! soup for a hot day a :.•!:<• -.,, ; iv io perk tip appel.iti'i- v.-hich I, !; ,| ;,, laj; in the .-iii>;nie.-. Mak-" < f,.i'r!iiiu the soups easy hy ;,.-epr, rinf- them in the cool of the nioniinj,- ar.d letting 'here, cjiir, iiali! .scr'.'ii;;,^ urre'. !!• re's (.):K. i no! eombinFituc-; aspavrtyns and i i!--.;mber. Yoi: wiil need 1 can ' No. ,",r,iii of C'a'i:!'(i> M.'i while aspiira^iis; '2 cup-i cjioppc-i ' Uiaiiiloer: ', i.up fia.-iy cho[/i,e osiioti: i le...,i,o,'/i! of f-ai;; 1 < .,,p of li;iHi: ,'iu.r i iiip Kjiiir (•:••,,in C\lllllj!:le tile |li;.ir,tilled <„•.,-;;,] .1- f:,is. I'lie'.unV'r. (i:,|,'):i :u:d sal:. Cook ove r low iifvi! I'-'i n;,nu;e^ jm; through a «ir. V o or food iv,•.';'.. Arid milk and crratr, and .-'v,;: thnv- o ; ;ehly Garnish witn p.irslrv v.ii•:•;'. I't'a<il' 10 . ; e!'Vf\ SPECIALS FORTHURS., FRI. & SAT. We Reserve The Right To Limit Quanities ALCOA ALUMINUM SAVE BLACK GOLD STAMP FOB VALUABLE PREMIUMS Uncle Wilikmi's I4b. Pkg. ALL AMERICAN SWIFT'S PREMIUM BEEF SALE Central American RATH'S BLACK HAWK California Golden Bantam Home Grown Fresh DIAL 5079 1601 S, FRUETT

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