Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on March 20, 1942 · Page 7
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 7

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 20, 1942
Page 7
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-^ i; : - AVALANCHE Lubbock, Toxos, FriJoy, Morcfr 20,'1942 4343 For Th* Avatanch«-JournaI Offices • 4343TTJE_RESULT NUMBER" To Buy, Sell, Trade Or Rent ' 11 '* ^ ^^^^^^^^^^"****^*^ J *'*^"'"'^*' Ba '^ ' Kate*, bole* »ad Classified AdvertiflDf Of the • . Rfttta. £iuie* au<j Requirement* of Classified Advertising Of Tho Lubbock Evening Journal Lubbock Morning Avalanche Sunday Avalanche-Journal both Lfce Morninj and Afternoon papers, bolb pipers counting oce Insertion. All classified advertising it printed in the L'jliboc-i Morning Ar&lanchr lir:t *no tb« Daily Journal 0* the sam» dale, no ptper. fyassifi^j for £>u£day~fi j^ue ffili Appear In the ATlUnebe-Journal counties cue insertion as de paper Is sent to &U subscribers of botb ths afternoon also forcing papers. EPT2C5TVE JANDAP.Y 1J, 1910 AVALAh'CHE-JODE-VAi Combined Hates 10 Word Minimus I d*y, per word 1 days, per rord 3 days, per word I days, P» "Cf(i 7 days, per vrord These rates for consecutive Insertion oaly. ill out-of-town ads received by mall must be cash wjtii ordtr. Ko exception. "JJO REFUND" on \d stopped astir rt haj appeared to paper. DIAL *M3 Oar apeneqccd &d tafcer win nurre four ad and help 701 to vord it then oui collector will call t&$ foiJowJ&g day. fHESE ACCOUNTS ARE "ACCOMMODATION ACCOT7NTS" .FOB OTO PATRONS AND FOR ONE DAY ONLY. So advertisements accepted on an "untU forbid" order. A specified number of In- ssrtlons must be given. <Va reserve the right to place an »d»er- slsesent nnder the proper classifies- Hen. and reject nne!ean or objectionable eopy. Obituaries ana cards ol is aim »t regular classified advertisicg r»tea. Tb« publishers are not responsible for copy omission;, typographical errors or anv urUntectloc&I error that may occur fur:her than to correct it ntrt Issue fcfwr it Is brought to their attention. All ad- Tfirtiain? orders are accepted on thU basis only. Pha Avalanche-Journal can not be responsible, for more than one incorrect Insertion of a classified ad. Advertisers zhou!d checkrihelr ads on first day o£ publication and hnmedUttly notl'y tho C!as;i- .fied Department M any mistakes occur. Classified Advartlsinf accepted until «:00 p. ra. on week days tad Saturdays. ?or elassllled display advertlstae information— DIAL 43U TO DISCONTtNTIE AK AD SotVse to Discontinue an Ad most be giren *ft«- o a. m. and befora * p m to lome member of the Classified Advertist- raent Department. We cannot be responsible for notice given before or after these hotirs. and to members of come other department. Notice To The Pcblic Th» AvaUnche-Jaumal Is a member »f tha Assoeiation of Newspaper Classified Advertising Manager*, -which Inoludes lead- Ing Newspapers throughout the country ja« ha» as Ita aim th« elimination oi rrftVOBlent afid v&ble&dicc Classified Ac- Announcements 1—Lodges and Societies Lodge tto. Ml A. P. and A. M. Stated communications the Plr«t Friday night e«cb month. JOHN S_ PORTWOOD. W. U. HUGH, ,. McCLEIiAU Setretuj. 2—Floral and Nursery TYLER BOSES You can now pick from tie largest Tar- iety of Roses in West Teias. See our selections before you buy. The prices are right. Nandeaa,- -Fyracantha, Pauses in fact c complete-llne-of nursery siocft 5vl!l make you wonder hoar we tell so cheap. Hub Nursery 3215-J9th St. BAKER BROS, NURSERY Complete stock Ask us for complete PLANT1HGGUIDE 2 mi on Slaton Highway Dial 4521 Larga Stock of-Smooth. Straight CHINESE ELMS end other shade trees. RED BUD- Bloom- Ing size 50o to'51.60 smaller sizes 15e and up. Zvergreeri*. Flowerine Shrubs, BaJbs, Strawberries. KE8SHNER NURSERY >* *&- *• o* ATC. H on 61«ton VIGORO ™ - r-f.ffrt.fff ~*.)..— , .•-_../ JertUfae your yard HOT with Vigors for the best results. No weed aeeds no foul ' odors— easy to apply. COMFARS-OUB' PRICES AND QBALUT •;V- : TOB CAVI BEAT THEM NIce-Nandenl»s . f-f\ TTP from /•_ 50C Pfitssr Junipers from. Wax.Lear from. • ' Fruit'Trtei. SOs each or Strawberry Plants, Best Everbeartnj.. iw far .'$5.00 DOZ $2.50 Many other Items en sale not listed. TEXAS FLORAL CO. Lubbock's Leading Florist "and Nurserymen 2107 21st St. Dial 8561 SviuKBEAEIMS strawberries 6237. Don't Phone until after 3 p. ra. L, W. WH1TB1DE NURSERY", Se« u« tor select snrstry stock including shade and fruit trees, thrubs, eTergreeus ar<3 30 varieties of roses. FEEE tAXTJSCAPE A.VD DETITEEX SERVICE MSB North ot Tech colleji on UtUef!tl<s Highway. .3—Lost and Found LOST: Two »ork honeJ. black: acd bay. tortll " i ' ! - ^""e Byars. I/3ST: Blag of keys. Regard. Dial FOTOD: One saall-pig, « tnilci corth-ast Lubbock, Teraon Leaioa. 4—Personal Notices MADAME (ORLENE READEB Consult me today *bo« your lore. ''marriage or bcslness problems. Palzn readings »nd pfirenology analysis. Near business district RtactJags ECe arjtj up. JCi Are. z. Dial Z-3S03 MADAM.BETH, READER , s£t!on methort. consult me on nil »J7airs. Honrs I p, ra. to 10 p. m^ d.iijy aU <Jay Saturday end Sunday. 2322-IStn MADAM tEAAOA hsre ?or If* dayn. 39IZ- 1t 16th. Di*J POLITICAL ANNOUNCEMENTS The Avaiancbe-Journal Publishing Company has been authorized to present the names of the following citizens as Candidates for office subject to the action of the Democratic Voters at their Primary Election on Saturday, July 25. 1942 TOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE, 119th District Hop Halsey FOR CHIEF JUSTICE, Court of Civil Aypeals (7th Dist AmariUo) E C- Nelson of Potter County FOR DISTRICT ATTORNEY 72nd Judicial District Burton S Burks, Re-Election) FOR DISTRICT COURTS CLERK Royal Furgeson.s(Re-Election) FOR SHERIFF Tom Abel. (Re-Election) J. W. (Woodson) Boyd FOR TAX. ASSESSOR-COLLECTOR H. B, Bryan, (Re-Election) FOR COUNTY ATTORNEY Ralph Brock (re-election 2nd term) FOR COUNTY SCHOOL SUPT. Roy Boyd Claude L. Hale, (Re-Election 2nd Term) FOR COUNTY CLERK Ed D Alien. (Re-Election) R. L. Hooten FOR COUNTY JUDGE G V. Pardue, (Re-Election)' FOR COUN'TY TREASURER Winnie Roberts Coleman (Reelection, 2nd term) FOR COUNTY COMMISSIONER PRECINCT 1 G K. Horton, (Re-Election 2nd Term) Barrett Penney PRECINCT 2 Ben Mansker. (Re-Election) C Z. Fine PRECINCT 3 Edgar E. Gray. fRe-Election 2nd Term) T L Holt Ottis Isom PRECINCT 4 Newton Stokes. <r ^'-x- 2nd Term) V. J Farris M. ,J. Barton FOR JUSTICE OF P£c •;• 'PRECINCT 1. PLACET " Walter Davies PRECINCT 1, PLACE 2 D. W Robertson J T. Inmon, (re-election) FOR CONSTABLE PRECINCT NO. 1 T. E. (ChieO May OFF THE RECORD >,•'!.'»'>•"!;•'•.'> CITY ANNOUNCEMENTS Subject to the action of the City of Lubbock Voters in the Election on April 7. 1942. FOR LIAYOR Carl E. Slaton, Re-Election FOR COMMISSIONER Place 1 W. B. (Bill) Price, Re-Electioe Place 3 Hub Jones, Re-Election ' — Announcements 4—Personal Notices PATROVIA Astrologist and Psychologist Eipert adrlco on bnslnesi, love, marrlaje Special Readings 50c 16 * *' "• to 3 "• m Ave. J, Apartment S , _ Business Service 4-B—Building Supplies and Contractors LUMBER Pay Cash and Pay 2x4, 2x8 F.H.A. quality No 3, per 100 ft. $3»50 per roll 15 Ib. Felt per roll 30 Ib. Felt per roll Atlas White per sack Cement, Fresh, per sack 10x12 eight It. wds, each 8x10 eight It. wds., each Y* Sheet Rock per 100 fi. ______ Wall rife paper per roll ___ 2x4, 2x6 B-airpVn" Special, per 100 ft. ____ $2.11 $1.79 $2.11 6?c $1.58 $1.33 $245 We mustn t spread rumors nowadays, Son, especially like the one you started about my being able to lick Tommy Jones' father." Business Service 4-B—Building Supplies and Contractors BOWMAN LUMBER COMPANY S19 I3fh DIAL 5718 ____ Aviager Lumber Co. '.28 East Broadway Lubbock. Texas STEEL Ornanieatw iron ol «n Mn< ^. Porch „„ »nd ,.n> recce* ^^ BOIk cha!n » IUBBOCK SK-El WORKS «- O 0:»1 8781 IUBBOCK IRON & METAl CO, NEW- STT.EL -OSED ~ ' "say^ ^^^ies Beams WAIL PAPER SALE Room lot SI up. SO new 1942 patterns to select Jrom. Good ffalJpaper canvas. 1270 weight. _ _ , per yard _____ ; O O-HC WALLR1TE BUILDING PAPER 1 j-/\ I .50 rft DUC New beautiful patterns, 500 It. rollj _____ .__ Ren: our Johnson DeLuxe floor polisher, per day _______ Rent our new Big Chief ~Hilco floor aander. per clay . __ . Reflnlsh your floors at low cost. GOOD Per gallon Red Barn paint, ga]. Lowe Bros, house paint, Llnseco: oil. pure, gal. _ 26"-«-U'.i. rolls, each 32"-6-UVi. rolls, each 32"-lJ-12'.i. CHEAP HOUSE PAIHT $1.49 $1.25 high standard - et^> *»c gal. ; ?;t..£3 $1.25 HOG WIRE poultry and rabl >it fence. 10 each _ ___ _ __ ______ _ 23-60-e-nti poultry and rabbit fence, 10 rod roll, each ____ BUll PEN win ,t"T/ "; do , g hous "> Painted white. Will deliver in city tf-o or limits for. each -?O.Vi3 3 odd clze new $••, nn doors, each __»_______ *P • • ^r v Ten 100 Ib. spools. S-ply~"twisted etO rn cable wire, per roll ; -S-3--J" Lumber, all kinds. Pick it out 2x4 to 616. per hundred 40.000 ft.. >,i yellow pine shiplap. CO 1C per hundred I . -r>J./J CEMEKT PER SACK, . , . 69( Vi-Inch fir wall board, £ACf\ per 100 sq. ft. .-..._.. «?>**.OU $1.90 competent carpenters and Gold band oriental stucco, per loo Ib. sack _. . CiU m for painters. BOWMAN LUMBER CO. Tour Friendly Lumber Dealer Caprock Lumber Co. I91h St. and Av». Q Dial 5553 50 i'eet 3-ply garden liosa _ Heavy garden raScs Lfcht •wheelbarrows . Spsdlcg rorkj DEPABTMENT SprlaHen _ qt. Pyrei double boiler* _ pans Pyrei «tllleu 98c $4.98 $1.20 $1-45 $2.95 $2.25 90c 5 —Business Services PROFIT FROM EXPERIENCE! Did this year's Income t« period catch you -without complete records? We offer you simplified bookkeeplr.f; system* and monthly fervlce at a small cost It will pay you dividends to investigate. MAUEY-HENRY £X>. G. H. Cr»lj, Asioclatc Room 222, Lubbock Nationa! Bulld!nr Dial 2-H52 Public Stenogrophcr EXPERIEKCED Typinf, DicSitlon, Mlmeojrspbln^, Xotary PubHo «* "Ji if * B!d ?- Dial 56B2 Lubbock. T«. Rej . 85O Business Service 4-B—Building Supplies and Contractors GEO. W. GRAY LUMBER CO. CASH & CARRY No Charge Sales No Deliveries ^ oors • 6*> AA 5-panel, any size y3*UU Red Fence (4-ft.) >« „?* 50-foot roll $5»75 35-lb. Roll Oft Roofing tyv 45-!b. Roll _>«<*» Roofing $1.1U 55-Ib Roll ' £- «_, Roofing .__ _ SJU'V* 90-Jb. Roll " A. ft A Roofing, slate surfaced y&Mv 100-lb. Sack A- p ft Asphalt yiOw Asphalt Felt A- «-.. Per Roll J 9l«/5 V4-in. Gypsum Board %-in Gypsum Board VS-in Gypsum Board : V_-in Liner Board $3.00 Above prices subject to stock now on hand and subject to change without notice GEO. W, GRAY IUMBER COMPANY 4th & College Texas & 23rd 6—Beauty Parlors HAtRERT'S BEADTT SHOP « 8 'S and *"• U Dlnl 2 - 3252 . Sander? ol) si 03 W.OO permanent ~ ' S5.00 nennanent . . . _. Plain shampoo and set 8—Business For Sale MODERN drire-m fo , Mle or trade f "' B03C 1352> ^""and FOB SALE STEAM LAOXDRT r— U! ' nC ' S ' P " 1 C " h - iome trade : See JETIIBO RUSH Levelland. Texas Tea» V <3 ° odjbuslt ":s5. good location. Bos 723> 10—^Tailors, Hatters, Laundries See Us For Cleaning Of Your Rugs and Upholstering Lubbock Laundry Dial 6651 1Q01 Whitworth Cleaners 1315 Texas Ave.. Dj a All Work, Guaranteed Announces as New Services MORRIS PICKUP STATION 1303 College Ave. Finest Quality Cleaning SUITS or PLAIN DRESSES • PANTS IOC 6—Beauty Parlors BOH TOH BEAUTY SHOP IMS-Mth PcrrcAr.ents with latest style leather ni!r shapicg. * 0 Cft DAIL 8021 rj SPRING PKRMAXEXT SPECIALS iS.50 !-..» 10C9-UH, SHOP " NESTLE BEAUTY SHOP 6 OPERATORS FREE PARKING 908 ISth St. Dial 4542 Caih and Carry STINSOK'S 1708-10 Bdwy 13—Help Wanted, Male EXPERIENCED bookkeeper, drstt txempt. Appjy 1001-Ave. H. J. K. l&wre. WANTED EXPERIENCED SHIPPING AND RECEIVING CLERK BY NATIONALLY KNOWN RETAIL ORGANIZATION. STATE AGE, EXPERIENCE AND SALARY EXPECTED ALSO DRAFT STATUS. WRITE BOX 59 AVALANCHE-JOURNAL 13-A—Help Wanted, Female WANTED: Experienced Secretary-stenographer, age 25 to 35. Must b e competent Salary (100.03 per month. Do not apply unless interested In permanent connection. State quallticatlons. nge and references in full. Write Box 43, Avalancfce- EXPERIENCED boarding house cook or helper. References. 2101-Uth. 8485. FEMALE experienced silk finisher. If em- Co r> 3 d ° D0t apply " Lubboct Tailoring WANTED: Experienced white woman Housekeeping work, mornings. Apply 509- EXPERIENCED waitress wanted. No phone calls. Waffle Shop. 5107 Ave. K. WANTED; Housekeeper, couple or widow- quarters and salary. Dial 2-3839. UNENCUMBERED Christian person live in home, cars for two children. Room, board, salary. Write P. O. Box 1440; Lubboci. WANTED: An experiesced housekeeper. 1649 13-D—Help Wanted Provisional The Aero-Crafts Institute .1400-1402 Ave. J WE ABE OPEN For regular Day and Nighl Classes Train In Lubbock Now Men 18 to 55 Women 18 to 40 MODERN EQUIPMENT . . . AMPLE FLOOH SPACE Individual Instruction. Individual attention, tools, uniforms and textbooks lurn- ished. Surprisingly low cost, part tuition ?i°rc;art a f aa c"r r ? Qly "" r ""P 10 ™"" «» The Aero-Crofts Institute As efficient in its field as any training course now offered la the public. pur Instruction staff Includes factory- mechanics 11 government - ll « n «d. aircraft rns time required Is from 4 to 6 weeks ^ n h,'? S , UP ° n the abl)it y of the 'ndivi- iual but In no case will be be allowed to in ?«t o y " Pab!C Ot h ° !dinB a l0 ^ BOB BURNS, CHIEF HEGISTRAR Dial 2-9173 Open Week Days 'and Sunday Until 9 P. M. WE ENCOURAGE THE FULLEST INVESTIGATION Aero-Crafts Institute 1400-02 Ave. J Lubbock, Texas rAssociated with Hon,ton Aeron^tlca] Traffe School, Houston, Tei, «nd Bailc Fljmr Service. Austin. Tei.) Employment 13-D—Help Wanted Provisional FRYE AIRCRAFT SCHOOLS Offers the only all inclusive 524 hour course in aircraft training. We now offer transportation to the school from any point in Texas, room and board, uniforms, tools, all books, these are all included in our low tuition and very low down payment. Ask Any FRYE Student JACK N. McCRARY MGR. LUB80CK OFFICE 1620 Broadway Phone 8301 14—Situations Wanted FOR PRAT1CAL, nursing, care for children. D.'a! Nurjcs 1 Ciub. 9818. HEH? children by day, night or week. References. Dial 2-2768. Acouple want tarm or dairy work. Paul Subens Service, Tabokft Highway. Financial 16 —City and Farm Loans CITY, FARM OR RANCH LOANS Aa financial correspondent foi cho Con- neticut mutual life Insurance company i aci nrepareo to mako vou a loan tt K n'e* (ow Interest rate. I? IT IS A GOOD LOAN I CAN MAKE (7 CLAUDE B. HURLBUT Cltizenj Nan Ban« Bids Ola] 692! Per Your Own Defense DRAFT CLASSIFIED OR NOT UNCLE SAM NEEDS YOU Mea-13 to SO -who qualify can prepare In as little as eight weeis for vital war work building bombers, pursuit stlps snd military planes of all kinds, repairing or reconstructing damaged planes in Army, -Vavy and Coast Guard Air Depots, or training for "pj-efs.-sr.t.'al m.'ng- In our armed forces. Write or call 3. T. Clintoc. 1916 Are. O, for complete information. I SKILLED sorters in greatest demaad to?,• " r,? E V? ERS ror «'«raft and ship rds and other national delenso plants sr5e , m , ?" ""wre roa in » few' ial S1S5 st night or see me at MAST WELDING SCHOOL. 10-B—Professional Service DR. J. W. PHILLIPS Lnbboct Ka.t'L S LUBBOCK Dial 3-3SC-. Employment 13—Help Wanted, Male WAN-TED; Parniiy to put \i or more o: 640 acres, 1 years free. Also watit man "' 1817 Are. R instructions by c.P.A.'s. See or call "Bill Barfclcy" «t K.Iton Hotel this Wck or W e booklcl r - A - s - ISO ° P "^G°. 4j| AmarUIo. Texas. 14 —Situations Wanted . mifldlcaB^ Udy desires i.ou«eyor!;. Must May night;. Dt.l 2-3403. MARRIED man Trants Jon on farm esperl- encrn. Box A-J ts. Avalanche. SCHOOL GIRL \Var.t ? place to TrorV Sn- board ar.d room. nut, ,v,if. EXPERIENCED farm hand wants ste&dy Job. References. JSi7-Ave. F. carpenter vrorfc. -painting, and P ? pef banging. Small or large Jcbf. D^l YOtT.NTf girl ^a work nights for room, boa:,-, wni!e euer.dir,? school. Call Aero- cratt Ir.5.::ti:tc. 2-9173. TARD -5-art, t;radinK. tr IZ.T.%. Expert pruning. Rock or. 5558. Build * Horn* Ws Will Flrrjica Iniur* II Read 8z Bondnran! Complete Insurance and Loan S*rvle« 1210 Are. J DIAL 74S6 P.H^. loans to improve your farm and refinance o!el loans 20 years to oar 4'i oer cent Interest. • ... LOW rate insurance company loan' 20 and 25 years to Day. Briley & Jay nooot 204. Conley Bide. P. O. Box 221. Dial 5411 Financial 16-B-—Money To Loan L 0 A N S UP to m DIAL 4971 IF YOU NEED A LOAN RIGHT NOW! MONEY FOR TAXES - TAGS - BILLS Or Any other worthwhile • need will be advanced within ten minutes after application is taken Peoples co 407 MYRICK BLDG. SMALL SECURED LOANS $10.00 to $75.00 WESTER "Banker to the Multitude" Room 2 Upstairs, 1009VS Texas Money To Loan Diamonds, watches, euus. radios, typewrit er* Or anything ot value. tJCEKSED AND BOOT3EU PAWNBROKERS GEM LOAN & JEWELRY 1208 Broadway Dla , 8761 Miscellaneous 17—Instruction Classes MEN STENOGRAPHERS needed In mili- -«ry. defense. New condensed secretarial ft™" 0 prepar " 1"icfely- Draugfaon's Co! 18—Furniture For Sale CUT RATE PRICES ON NEW FURNITURE Bed £_ Springs ?3 Throw Rugs x<» 18" x 27" _ 69C • ** J .*• Rockers '. $5*75 ^ P*% Dinette ; 3 PC. Bed Room Suite . 2 PC. Living Room Suite Coffee Tables A Assorted b5.99 9x12 Thermtex * ~ A«X «C Ru gs $10.95 Furniture Dept. Upstairs W. D. WILKINS & CO. 2209 Ave. H 'Cheapest Prices on South Plains' Spikes-Sellers FURNITURE NO. .2 Billy Spikes. Mgr. I WE WANT TO BUT OR TRADE TOUR | USED FORNITURE i ^' £0 * complete stocfc new furniture. 12;« ; Ave. H. Dial 6<B2 LOANS We are prepared to mate your larro .and ranch loan at a low rate of Interest It ?n, ?n V°S t0 5ee us ' Wc - can """*» rou an P. H. A loan for new bulldinz and can also refinance jxiur preterit loan at a lower rate o! Interest. GREEN BEOS, t-obbock Hotel Bids. Dial 7223 16-B—Money To Loan LOANS $5 to $75 Your Signature Only For Easter & Auto License $10 Loan $1.00 weekly $15 Loan $1.25 weekly $20 Loan $1.40 weekly $30 Loan $1.75 weekly $40 Loan $2.40 weekly $50 Loan $2.95 weekly $10 Also $100 Furniture and Auio Loans Quick, Confidential Service PLAINS FINANCE AND INVESTMENT CO. 1105 Ave. L Dial 8342 QUICK CASH < LOANS FOR ALL, PURPOSES FAIR FINANCE CO. 2'>» leader Bld^ ! 104 ,'Bdwy. ' OVER J' C PENNEVS , \VE WANT To Buy Tour Used Furniture EAST SIDE FURNITURE Dial 2-3362 "° 5 ' AVe HIGHEST cash blade™ o n used furniture Harold Griffith 1217-ntn Dili 7-3421 Highest Cash Prices PAID FOR USED FURNITURE PLAINS FURNITURE CO. Phone 4571 . John. Spikes Eddie Sellers Spikes-Sellers FURNITURE Complete stoc* furniture, stoves, carpets. We trcde for and buy your used furniture 12i:-13tb, Dial 2-2121. N ?°°V prinBS - S10TB "Airing since Jack Crumc. Bain Furniture. Dial oal<1 for Dsed fnrnitur tire, lS17-19th Dial J-1651 Livestock 19—Livestock For SaJe WANTED: Weli finished top hoz< will pay tocal mar kei prices A i e " HcDor.ald Packlns Co. HAMPSHIRE BOARS: Only .-~_ • --«-«Jy for service. Also smaller . . „ H. B. DAVIS '. O. Box 1530 Dial 2 . 1S54 . Lubbocfc, Texas BRED SO^VS and gilts for sale. Dial Z- ADI*. 'KEETON PACKING CO Free removal of dend horses, cattle and hogs. Dial 6671 collect See Us For Keeton's Western Brand Tankage We pay highest prices f >r hogs. HIE BKST DAT to jcremsr is. tf.e di-, you want > 0 »rii someihine pjiore 13 today to scl) what you Want 10 «;i ths uexl day. Highest Prices Paid For Cattle— Horse Hides, Sheep Pelts. Wool. Tallow. HORIEX HIDE AHD PRODUCE CO. Dial 4442 Fax 18th ang Sant» t» rt.cti Livestock 19—Livectock For Sale COW with heifer calf for tele. 2*08 Tjle? Ave. BRED gilts for sale. Dial 8151. 19.A—Poultry & Supplies MURPHREY'S SUPERIOR CHICKS With j«ars oJ Breeding experience oenlcd them. From carefully culled end blood- tested flocks. Straight tun and ee«d chicks. Hatching days each Tuesday and Friday. MURPHREY'S HATCHERY 1984 Are. B Dial 6021 1M IGOR itaiity Let Swift's premium quality baby chicks lead you to victory with greater poultry profits in 1942. Swift's Chicks a Are Healthy Chicks Swifl Hatchery/ 506 Ave. H Lubbock. Texas FOR TOUR TOP MARKET PRICES ON POULTRY, EGGS & CREAM INDEPENDENT PRODUCE & COLD STORAGE 2427 Ar« H Dial 4307 POULTRY WANTED ' See us tor prices Before vou sell yolii poultry. , 13TI1 ST. POULTRY 1609 19 "> Dial 2-2051 THE LUBBOCK HATCHEBV Is hatching lots of chicks and have lots w. f Star f te ^ , chil:ks - C°™e and get them. East ol Fairgrounds. H. W. SIMS BABY CHICKS From my TRAPNEST STRAIN OP ENGLISH LEGHORNS AND AUSTRA WHITES will mate you more. STARTED and DAY- 2o?ro ?J? rn ancj ^stra. .White COCKERELS, oil. gas and electric brooders MRS. VANCE'S HATCHERY AND LEGHORN FARM Shallowater. Texas POULTRY WANTED No I Fryers, in to.Hi IDS. ' All No. I Hens __~ Roosters over 5 Ibs. No.' I Tom Turkeys ; No. 1 Hen Turkeys : ~' '~ W. M. HALL Dial 2-9311 or 5441 Ific 1805 Ave. H WANTED Cream—Poultry—-Eggs • 1 See us for Baby chix, seeds and feed. ; RALPH ROBERTSON'S INDEPENDENT DEALER 2707-Ave. H QUALITY HATCHERY 341 ftvenue H mor * n,r «. our nt f ed fr« range COX HATCHERY Remember. Cox Chicks Don't Co-t. They Pay 1111 Avenue P LUBBOCK. TEXAS See us for « breeds of the finest chicke bet S ter P " -' 0 Pay morc for " AGAIN HICK'S CHICKS LEAD THE WAY TO GREATER POULTRY PROFITS FOR 'YOB 00R PRICES ARE K) LINE Don't delay your chics buying any 10 n E er. =° P»"-<:has C HICKS' DEPElvDABLE ch:cks that arc hatched o, = m,i " ltt °"^ J°« shouia have t m/ rt,nl. "rt" . m ° re '" addi t'°nal =<=st to 8 ej ?onr m, a «' e Chicks - they wln "turn to your many tlmc s over in extra ezirs extra ?h« T TTle * mM a "'»o na "nr 5 t cost and the long run show 5-0:1 a greater orofiu ££.*««= T K5GS . BIGGER EGGS BIGGER BIRDS Offer you an OUUt oportunity for bigger" ^srVot t thc« HICKS' HATCHERIES 1829 Avenue H Dial J012 FKOH START TO FINISH 19-B—Rabbits and Pets f'A^'CV r-i?cor.s for sa'r ill Tiritiex to choo;e from. 13)1 Ave. o! "•'"« to Miscellaneous 20—Musical Instruments WM. KHABE, hkp ncx. f.75.00 als Piano i uning & Repairinr^ im "7?h _. _ *" v c. B. ti\-Ei,r Lubboct. Texas Dial 4«: k—Radios C ' A - c<lrai; ina"f>n rf.dio snd victroln, modfl. 2U1 Main. Apt. B.

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