The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 20, 1948 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 20, 1948
Page 3
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Top Level Discussion Of Russia ;, July 19 '^--Ttiom- _,as E. D*vvey"s foreig" affairs ad- *£visar and the British Ambassador were called ks by the administration today Lc * round of high-level conferences on the Russian blockade of Berlin. There was some speculation that the move might mean the nest counter-measure has been decided on. The German crisis, with its underlying threat to world peace. was "high on the list" of discus- isions between President Truman ,and top diplomatic and military officials at the White Hoi_se. Later John Foster Dulles, advisor to Gov. iJeivey, Republican Presidential nominee, a n d S i r "Oliver Franks, the British Ambassador, were consulted at the State Department- Conferred 45 Minutes Dulles had his first face-to-face meeting in weeks with Secretary of State Marshall. Th?y conferred ^about 45 rainutes. Franks talked for an hour later in the day with Undersecretary Lovett. He told reporters that the Berlin situation was discussed. Asked whether the President's midday meeting with Marshall and military leaders meant a decision had been reached on the Western powers' next move to« counter the Russian blockade in the German capital, Franks said: "I can't speculate about that." Sir." Trunan got a fresh report in person from Undersecretary of the Army William H. Praper. Draper has just returned from the Berlin area, where a Russian clampdown on food and fuel shipments from the West has brought about the possibility of a clash between Russian and Western arms. Grimly, Draper refused to tell reporters what went on behind the White House doors. Others, including Secretary of State Marshall. Secretary of Defense Forrestal, and Secretary of the Army Royall were equally silent. Give Truman Details But Press Officer Lincoln White, speaking for the State Department, said: "You can be sure Berlin was high on the list of subjects discussed." Ehen Avers, assistant press secretary for the White House, said the military leaders "gave the President a fill-in on the Berlin situation. The President is being kept constantly informed of developments. These d e p a r t m e n t s are e . i p e c t e d to shape up rapidly this week. The United States, Britain and France may agree within a matter of days on a course of forceful a c t i o n planned'. to. counter the Russian blockade. Also, onrthftrspot developments could coine swiftly. The Russians have annouBc«d plans for aerial training . '!· ' th« «lr corridors to Berlin. I', l* i!vnf these lanes that -IT. S. and Brltirt planes are carry- ing the food and fuel to supply some 2.000,000 people in the Western sector of Berlin, from which. the Russians want to oust the Western powers. Cannot Back Down A high U. S. authority, who would not be quoted by name, said: "If we were to back down at Berlin, we would not be safe in our rights in Vienna, Trieste. Western Germany or anywhere else where our interests are in direct contact with those of the Russians. ,We have no choice except Jo stand absolutely firm here.'' More vigorous actions suggested in one quarter or another include: Closing of the Panama and Suez canals to Russian ships. A ban on trade between Western powers and Russia. "Freezing" of Russian . ships in Western harbors;. Such action could be explained as cue to "technical difficulties." This was the reason the Russians gave for closing down the railroad linking Berlin :o the Western areas of Germany occupied by Britain. France and the L*. S. A final last-ditch effort might be the arming of convoys through the blockade. If things go tha! far. ofiicia's agree, the "cold war" might become a "shooting war." Carros Family Is Brought Together By Coincidence CLOSE CALL Long Beach. Calif., July 19 'jp?-- Thir:ee!i-vear-o!d George McKenna , of Tyler. Tex., was :ired and sleepy ; when he pitched his lent !as: night. George, here on a summer tour. . fell asleep as soon as* he hit .the sack. He was still asleep at 6:50 . a. m.. Pacific Daylight Time. : That was the moment a Pacific ; Electric train came whizzing down i the irack en route to Newport i Beach. When George awoke he had : a gash in his head. But otherwise ; he was -.11 right. ' It was then he discovered that, in the darkness, he had tied one end ; of the tent on the electric's right ' of way. Pikes Peak in Colorado is 14,110 feet high. RUSSIANS Hear what's happened to F1F! D'OfiSAT j | TONIGHT AT 9:00 | I J ON "WE, THH PEOPLE" j ! f Station WFMD S?^^ ! l--~Juml Oscar Bradley's Ordi. Dwight Weitf, M.C The goddess of Chance, or who- ; ever it is thai directs coincidence, i certainly pointed towards James \ Carros. genial proprietor of the, Norlh End cafe on Norlh Market . street, between Sixth and Seventh streets, the last few days. With one exception. "Jimmy"' Carros, his wife and four daugh- \ ters found themselves unexpected · hosts to other members of the family brought together by sheer coincidence from various points of the compass several thousands of miles apart. The visiting relatives included two brothers, two cousins and sundry members of their respective families. First to arrive was a brother. Harry Carros, who with a daugh- . ter. Anthonula. and two sons. Demosthenes and Panagiotis. arrived :n this country from Greece last Wednesday. I On Thursday, a cousin. Gust Xixon and three nieces, arrived from Greenville. S. C. Next to arrive unexpectedly was another brother. George Carros. his wife, two daughters, a son and a brother-in-i3w from Athens. Ohio. They came in last Friday. The group was made complete on Saturday with the arrival o f . still another cousin. A. B. Kythas. his wife, and sons. Bi!!. Jim and George from Fort Worth. Texas. Only One Was Expected Of the entire group, the only ones expected were Harry Carros and his family from Greece. Harry, who had at one time been in Frederick during the earSy days of the Ca_ros regime here, had been back in Greece since 1918 when he returned to his homeland : for reasons of health. During that entire period of 30 years, however, · he did not relinquish his American citizenship. George "Carros. who has been in the Ohio city for a number of years, is likewise a former Fred- ericktosran. having been associated with the Carros restaurant enterprises here. Jimmy Carros hasn't been back in this country any too long, himself, sfter hax'ing been marooned during the war years in his native Greece to which he returned prior to the outbreak of World War II. He served during that period in the Greek army and rendered distinguished service in the Greek underground against the Axis powers. Jimmy's wife and four daughters can:e to Frederick from Greece la.t January. Jimmy Carros found quarters for his influx of relatives and "my wife and daughters have really been doing some cooking." he added. On Sunday, Jimmy was host 3t an outdoor picnic at Yellow Springs, a feature of which was a group photograph. Se -era! of the visitors, a couple each from Ohio and Carolina. ih«:-. departed for their respective homes, the others to leave later. Most injuries to trees result from frosts late in spring after growth has started--or early in fall before tissues are hardened. Child Suffocates In Absence Of Parents t The three and a-half-month-old i sou of a Baltimore family who'' formerly resided at Brunswick and Knoxville. died of suilocation . iu his crib while under the care of a baby-sitter. Sunday night. Funeral and interment will be conducted a! Brunswick, Wednesday afternoon. When Kuyycll and Ruby McDonald Fauble. the child's parents, residing for about a year at 1408 West. Pratt street. Baltimore, re- turr^ed horr.e from an evening out. Sunday, they allegedly found their infant sen. Harvey, \vx««ed between the rail and the mattress of his crib. Attempts to awaken the child, were u-avaihiig Police rushed the infant to Franklin Square hospital where it was pronounced dead of si::locatkn. on arrival. Apparently :he child .slipped between the two pans of the cub. after bei!«s given his boUie by the "sitter." about y p. m. Exact "time of death was :;·_·: given by Baltimore police. Surviving besides the parents are a brother as-.d sister. Kussei!. Jr.. and Barbara Ann Faubie, The child's boay rests at the funeral home in Brunswick, where funeral services will be conducted. Wednesday, nt 2 p. ni. Rev. Leonard D. Carrnack. will oStciale. Interment wiil be in Brunswick's I'ark Heights cemetery. C. H. Feete arid Brother, funeral directors. Liability Rates On .Vutos May Be Increased Baltimore. July l» .-V--Claude 1 A. llanley. State insurance com- j jnissioiier. disclosed today that I there is a ^tron;: possibility that in- i creases in l i a b i l i t y rates on passenger automobiles may be authorized in '.he near future. He said that relk'f for insurers is due because of The "treusesidously increaed cost of repairs growing out of accidents." and "the larst-r verdicts b','i:': given generally by juries in cases :rivilvi»s persona! injuries or deaths " The State :...-ii;-a!ice Department of New York authori.-ed automobile liability rate increases yesterday for i j j ^ u r a ' i r e companies op- era'.i:ss \vi:h:n that state. La^t May. premium rales for collision and comprehensive fire and theft insurance c-n au!o:nubile$ The News. Frederick. Md., Tuesday. July 20. 1948 were revised upward in Maryland »!*d 33 other states. In June. 1947. automobile liability Insurance rates for new passenger cars were hiked almost 8 per cent for bodily injury coverage and 30 per cent for property damage protection. 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