The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio on December 19, 1955 · Page 22
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The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio · Page 22

Sandusky, Ohio
Issue Date:
Monday, December 19, 1955
Page 22
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Page 22 article text (OCR)

rm SANDUSKY REGISTER-STAB-HEWS Monday, llecMn»i«>r IS, iS55 Otto John Still Mystery; Wasbed-Up In Germany THE THREE WISHES A Christmas Story BY WALT SCOTT By JOHN H. MARTIN INS PoreiRfi Director Or, Otlo John, former West German security chief, seems to be a washed-up man, no matter what verdict is given in his flights eastward and westward. What value he had as a security agent has been destroyed be- terms, not free elections. The Soviet terms were and are: Bolshevizatio of Germany eventually and a prelude of "neutrality." or cutting of ties with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Return Timely For Adenauer and those who' accept his thinlting the return flCKfift AMD AT TOO/ m OS(D 10 0C RSAC GOOD AMD MO«/ NO ONE SCCMS TO 6(VC A TOOT POR— cause it piobably never will he clear in many official minds just of .iohn was timely, what his political convictions are' The East German Red govern- •nd whether those convictions ment is embarl<ed on a major are subject to quick change. , campaign of presenting itself as' On July 20. 1954. .lohn disap-i fully sovereign. Some West peared in East Rerlin. lie hndj German socialists In the opposi- attended a memorial service for tion to Adenauer's coalition gov- the anti-Hitler plotters of 194'4 .j ernmcnt have been tempted to TWAT B066LeS 6AVC M6? 1 MAP ^,W06-/|M' .IT WAS IM My VEST POCKETf OH, IT--) those who were caught and executed when the plot fniled. Ills brother, Hans, was among those hanged by the Nazis. Gives Conference The effect of the memorial experiment with increased West German contacts. •Tohn's redefection to the West apparently means that he is thoroughly disillusioned with M'hat he found behind the iron cur-1 Pike Workers Union Out By Law, Group Says could lain. aervice in West Berlin have been severe, yet showed up publicly at a Communist -sponsored news conference and gave several reasons for defecting. He said he was disgusted with what he described as a Na/i IT- vival in West Germany. He did. rot like American foreign policy, which he said was itifhieiic-i Ing Chancellor Konrad Afie- nauer in a harmful way. thought he could do more effective work In re-establish Ger-j man tinity by going over to tlip; Communist East German camp. ! Now John has fled once more; to the West, and in stealth and; temporary silence. He says he was drugged and kidnaped in the eriginal venture. The true story on the Lighter Side Of The News COLUMBUS, Dec. 1» (INS) —The Ohio turnpike commission and the AFL-CIO were reported aureed today that commission employes are "precluded by law" from being unionized. performance of their official duties . . ." Dunbar said the two union representatives, Antonino Fiorellor of Philadelphia, Pa., and Jacob dayman, attorney and secretary- treasurer of the Ohio CIO Council, agreed with him on ilhis point. • * • "While the commission cannot recognize a union foi- purposes of bargaining," Dunbar continued, "as its e.vecutjve director, i will; arrange for a member of niy staffi and the pi'oject nuuiager ;nid counsel of the comniissif)n (n be available foi- conference in the. Executive Turnpike Commis-immcdiale future at the office ofi sion Director Frank C. Dunbar;the commission at Bcrea with agreed, however, to set up a spe-any of it.s emploves who ma.v wisli cial committee to hear commis-ito present any griexance or re- sion employes grievances and re-;quest to the commission and such quests. He said: irepresentations may in any case, "Public employes of the stafe;he made by the employe in per-; of Ohio are by law denied the;son, or bv anv attorney, or o'.herj By HARMAN W. NICHOLS privilege of striking. . . One of agent of his choosing." i fiP- United Press Staff Correspondent the reasons that public employes! Dunbar added that it would ^^•^ • * • .j^^y strike is the assurancekake a legislative act and a pos- they have from the state that theyisible constitutional change to al- will be dealt wilh fairly in the;low public employes '.0 be rcjjre- —— isented by SKETCHES -By BEN BURROUGHS "ITS THE PEOPLE" It's been said that lifes a headache . . . joyful days are very few . . . and at times I'm prone to reason . . . what thev say is, oh, so true . . all are not at fault . . wilh some vei-y bitter heai'tache . . . by the the folks around us . . one time or another . . we . then again, f?ftmehow I wonder, if . sprinkling the wounds of sorrow , . . salt . . . most of us promote much things we do and say . . . bringing to . untold worry and dismay . . . yts. at . we have all been guilty of . . . spreading grief instead of gladness . . . placing hate before true lo\e . . . thei-e's no use in blaming hea\eu . . . for the troubles of this life , . . it's trie people living in it . . . who instigate the strife. WA.SHINGTON. Dec. 19 — AH you have to do is look at Santa's mail and you Itnow < that the Itids not only have faith, but they are readinx I "except a carriage and a two-i the Christmas ads in the | for-the-money thing and a nurse newspapers. < kit and a baby my daddy can't l.ike a letter I saw in the dead afford to buy. Please answer! letter office in the postoffice j-jgiit g^^ay." Susan, age 7, wrote in that she request to''^^^ ^"^ S. Claus, North Pole,! ^'"""^ ^^'^ SO into, and: i.'^ a good guess that he M'orld," and said: 1 •'"'"^e people and some other! soon learned that the threat ofi "I would like a bride doll and People and my little brother who; Nazism in Bamr-was pallid com-*a-man doll and^some of those'his; can't write would like a burp pared with the thick Communist and hers' pajamas for my dolls.! gun." Intrigues he met at the East Ber-'I 'ove you J\Ir. Claus and also a utuoii. Your Real Estate deal will close faster and you will receive greater co-operation at LOUISVILLE TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY Title Insurance — Escrows — Title Guarantees 411 Western Security Bank Bide, Phone 8063 We Present Rudolf)h Ring-wall's "IVIEiMORABLE MUSIC Tuesdays and Thursdays — 7:30 P. M. — WLEC CRISP NEW CURRENCY^» Christmas Giving! THE CITIZENS BANKING CO. MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT CORPORATION MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Read the Classified Pages heie. It was from an 8-year-old i . , , ^f;'"'"""- girl named Juanita. •tances of his original flight to; she addre.s.sed her the East may never be known. "MJ- But it jMrs. Claus." Some of the spelling from the ; Reading Santa's mail Is sneaky I J^^J^^ VT '' r""' 1 business. But there vou will find I f^^"^^^'^., ^^"""'^ ''^ ^'^^i ' the milk of human kindness and! ^^^e"' or up a notch^ 'just plain old " send me," ^'^^^ '"'ss namrid Hn Red capital of Pankow. Pan To Fire John probably rii.scovered quickl.v that he had only jumped «ut of a small fi-jing pan into ' One woman" wrote a note,i started her letter out • very big fire. Iwhich she knew would wind up "^ear old boy: How are you?! He also had th^ opportunity;iii Uie dead letter office, for her I am fine. I want a recon playeri of studying closely Soviet For-jtwo sons. Bill, S'i and Jim, 2ll2 .iand a double purpos doll bed *ign Minister V. M. Mololov'sjThey wanted the usual. But she with two matreases. And don't behavior and speeches at the nn -iPUl a P.S. to the poslma.s*er: "Wei think I don't love you." gucce.s.sful Big Four foreign min-jare sending you a lot of toys wei^,„lg Comet Via Airmail Isters conference in Geneva. ;iiever play with See that some, <„ii„., .ho Molotov in fact did not trv ^'^'^^ t'^" have .some fun." ! The very young follow the u . . , • . , • :Send Toys To Charities 1 times. Davy Crockett and char- much to di.sguise his tactics, postoffice is not in the:acters who populate the TV •er.v at Geneva. mi t .TiMiev«. His pattern was , . - ^ , . r- \ ".' , ' t. ' -1-,, „ ,-^„v,;ri ^iLy «r T.,hn '= of playing Santa, but t screen get a call. Coonskin hats.; elear no reunification of ,ionn s, , ^ . iu u 4.1 » 1 u • , , 1. rfi„;Hr,^ „on^., o,.^„r,( «r,„iof ^ ""-'^ thought, auvhow. bclts that hold cap pistols, boot.s divided nation except on soviet , , ,. . i -lu u , j n 1. , .u * j I hing to do, according to the. with heels—even doll heels that; O. is to send usable toys to wear boots. children's hospitals or to the The world of tomorrow comesl Salvation Army, or any other; into the picture of wanted thing.s' reliable charity, | in Santa's mail sack. A ".lohnnyj A little boy named Ulysses:.)•• said he wanted nothing elsej printed a little note address to'for Christmas but a "comet" and. "Santa, wherever you are," He; by golly ,he wanted it to come by! said that he had all he wanted,j airmail. One tike named Billy put in an order for a milk truck for Christmas. This young man made it clear in easy to read hand-print that he lived in Silver Spring.; Md.. but wanted the man with the I fat belly and whiskers to Imow^ that he would be through the, ; woods and over the hills to granddaddy's house in Ohio come Christmas. | Another boy, name of Homer,] apparently had looked at somej "wish books." Every toy he! picked out had two brand names.' One wa.s marked wilh an "X" the other with a "V.'* "Bring only; the 'X' marks," he said, "or you'll get the whole bunch back —collect, And 1 meen it." This 8-year-old didn't sign his name. But Mr. Claus knows. 55 YEARS of Uninterrupted Service to th» Community. Th« Mack Iron Works Company Sandusky, Ohio A PIANO DID YOU SAY? BOY! We Have Just Received A Selection of Beautiful WURLITZER Pianos . . . Mahoganies — Blonds — Salem Maples — Walnuts and many, many styles. YOU MUST SEE THEM NO DOWN PAYMENT NO PAYMENT TILL FEB. 1ST.— IMAGINE—PRICES from $495 WILLIAMS MUSIC CENTER 428 W. MARKET ST. PHONE 1650 FOR A FIND IN TODAYS TELEVISION MARKET ^1 •••4 II ... SEC THI COURIBR CHRISTMAS SPECIAL '169 95 •Si 90 DAYS FREE SERVICE Xl-incti •litminized tub* for big, txtn ^t«^ «alra sharp pichire . . . front mounted speaker, tor liear, nahtrul tone . . . tilted glare-free safety glass . . . illuminaled station selector, for quicker, easier tuning ... •iiper-power chassis for extra sensitive reception . . . (mart, compact cabinet ui hand.sam« Ple .xtone. (SlightK higher u) genuine mahogany, maple, bleached niahogaoy or walnut wixtd veite «is.) COME IN—SEE THE NEW MODELS AT "7 f OHIO ELECTRIC APPLIANCE 729 Perry St. A. J. Ehrhardl Phone 1524 Day or Night Complete DLsjilay— Low Overhead—Service Maa Owned and Operated NEW and USED TV SOLD and SERVICED A. n DAIS FKEC SKKViCE From all owr \\w .stafo, the reports arc foniinf; in! Motorists who used to add one or I wo (luarts of i'on\en- lional winter oil between ehan^'es say they now add little or none with Sohio P RK.MKX ! Tests show this revolutionary new motor oil can cut your winter oil consuinption as inucli (IS -It)'c! With new Treniex, you also get quiek starts and instant lubrication on eM'ii the coldest winter morn- iui^^, liecause Prcmex combines the easy .starting of a number 10 oil and the low con.sumption of a number 30, No matter what make or age of car you drive, you can find out with a single oil change what Premex can do for you. HERE'S WHAT PREMEX USERS SAY: OWNER OF 1952 BUICK WITH 22,000 MILES "/ luu! /'(•(•/; u.sini; tiro iiuarts hfiui\'n clid/i ^tn. Wilh I'lvnicx, I add no od!" • OWNER OF 1950 FORD WITH 70,000 MILES •7 had been usin^ three (luarts of oil betiveen ehani^es. With Premex, cunsumptiun has dropped to one quart!" OWNER OF 1953 PLYMOUTH WITH 46,000 MILES •-•7 usi'd to add around tun quarts oj oil i'l'iuei-n i hani^cs. With Prenitw. the oil has hft'n douii less tfia/i a iiuort at the time oi the last tieo ehanues.'" OWNER OF 1949 CHRYSLER WITH 46,000 MILES "Pri'nux has n'dneed in y oil eon su ni nt nm frotn tuo i/;a ;r/s /«•/• 1000 /niles to one pint per 1000 miles!" OWNER OF 1955 CHEVROLET WITH 25,000 MILES —"I am a salesman and drire a lot. My oil usi'd to be doien a (juart at ehunging tunc. With Premex, it is still full!" OWNER OF 1954 OLOSMOBILE WITH 22,000 MILES -"I am on my third oil change leith Premex and am getting no eonsumption! I ust'd to ;/sv (leo quarts betieeen changes." PREME I"

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