The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 4, 1948 · Page 2
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 2

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 4, 1948
Page 2
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THE DAILY REGISTER, IIABR1SBUKG, ILL.. WKDNKSPAY.FElU«MnY -I..1M8 The Daily Register (Erttblijbed 18C9 ** SaUne ^County, BegUrtcr.) "Mode Any Impression Yet, Mister? Published evenings except Sundays and holidays at 35 South Vine Street Harrlsburg, Illinois, by REGISTER PUBLISHING CO. of Harrisburg, MBS. ROY L. SER1GOT, President. CURTIS G. SMALL, Editor and Manager. Entered as second class matter ,t the post office at Harrisburg, Illinois, under act of March 6, is«». Subscription Rates: By Carrier, 20 cents per, week. - By mail in Saline «£.. 'Adjoining Counties, $500 per year m advance; S1.50 for three months, .Outside Saline and adjoining counties, $700 per , year; $2.00 for. three -months; 75 , cents ^per montfa.'' ' ' . · ' The Daily Register Is a private business institution. The management reserves the right to be sole iudge as to "acceptance or rejection of any statement for use either as a news item or a paid advertisement. JNIONi i . ~ · i t- f\LL--*** I Poutilus. l ^' llia Co/ail. Alta \v,|. Install Rcbckah Officers l i a n w alu , Ul . ss | e \^ ( \ vv W l l l 0{ Of New Burnside Lodge naate^the .beautiful c^. ·\ public installation of olficcrs IS extended by the lodge nKMiiheij,. o t ' N e w lUirnsido Kebi-kali Lodge. No. 121. will bo held, in the loilK". Drew 1'earson Says: Agyinil- tuie Department tlospitalit St Ui'«s Toward Russian. Agn- i-ultuiT Missions; I'SA s .oiliest ¥i"n lunis Down Black Market i Oil. as 1 AY \SH1N«TOX--Kor ' the \ui icisUure Department . 'beer m.mi to crack the "iron c u i t . m 1 ' and inspect a Russian Si oct that might teach us new s m how to conquer the fuel oil on the black market lea ing of the town 1 * anti-.nflat.o i lo . titudc. 1'res.idcnl Truman, hinibtll. lias promised to send an y cy cargo to the rescue-- at pVices-. ' International Falls almost strad- dies the Canadian border. Latest | cold spell pushed the mercury out i. i The famed Boston scrod is a nail. ·""·;;""·', f/ V pride of Ar-i mythical fish. Actually tin- n; niu , rai" S K?b"kah S lodt!c°. which consists is applied to young cod ami l.. 1( |. ol Mesdrm" Madge Johnson. Na-| t «ock which Weigh from 1', to 2'. omi Rces. Volnia Spraguc. Ni-IU · pounds- ' co spe s the bottom of the thcrmometci. Simultaneously, certain unscr upi s m u a n e o u s , tous oil dealers brought in fush - n*^ 111 I l V / » » ll/ v v * * * ! " * - o*.4| Mniost'.s great "dust bowl." But C s . ' ' " v . ^ i . r ,, l»nL-.clM ' I H U S 0" u u a i v i . - " . v " ^ - - - - . supplies, ami jacked up then put- u o . . s . ed appeals for a look-see bei-n turned down by the Rus- As. a result, the Agricul. Rather than pay prices, many citizens closed then S. 1 :"" AV"a"resuTt; the Agricul. {;»-- ^"doubled up «ilh rcla- tur" ni'oartment will now stiffen Uvcs antl ncig hbors. One angrs its o«n hospitality toward Russiaivi p lhrcatc ncd to overturn an agriculture missions. I incoming truck, and the nervous Th»- Kussian project is a scien- t i f i c -shelter belt." planted with fees to save the soil from erosion. Ropoitedlv it was started more than 50 vears ago. but American UIvUi »' ·* . , . , _ . . . i ,,,, n f I* n r . incoming nut*. «»·» ·.·-. ··-- dealer started arming Ins trucKs. Other citizens wrote to their Congressman. oung ex-paratrooper John Blatnfc. who in turn went to e« the president. Mr. NEURITIS? For an effective and reliable treatment for Neuritis, try Dr. Hart's Neuritis Tablets. Also good for many other rhcu- malic conditions. Shipped by Parcel I'ost in $1.00 packages or more. Postage prepaid. HART'S DRUG STORE Carrier Mills, Illinois ~,0 vears aao. oui nnienv.»i sc c me prcMuym. ..... ..\reits. didn't learn of it un-1 promised immediate action, after the war. By viMtiniMt.i Xotc _ T he oil indust.y til alter niu « u i . ".· · -- - - - thev hoped to learn new methods for"controlling the restless topsoil i\jL v v » i ' * * . ' * » * * * e » in our own southwest. Despite Soviet secrecy, however, the Agriculture Department so :ar l i l t - » s ? » _ i l . « _ ntmnl- nml ^Q^_- 1 JUJ U l l i i i v . » . * - * - - . - - - -iv sent ten tank cars to another Minnesota town..St. Cloud which BIBLE THOUGHT FOR TODAY Barbarians treat strangers as en-1 eniies, but we are not barbarians. -Exodus 22:21: "A stranger shalt \ thou not wrong, neither snalt thou oppress him." BIBLE READ1NG~FOR TODAY Feb. 4. Another Kingdom.-- | John 18:33-40; Sunday Schools Gaining OKLAHOMA CITY/U-R)--Recent figures show there is an increase; in children's attendance in Sunday ; school, Mrs. Mable Wagner of Chicago, director of children's work for the International Council, said during a visit here. Nevertheless,, she added, "the records still show Jhe rcnia i ns O f some 300 clux, that only-about a half of our young ^ believed to have been, people are gettmg religious tram-, a . » ^^ ^ ^ ^ u(;0 , ing." ' -- - - jumnesuui iu»u.. "·· ~---.-had less need than shivering International Falls. The reason: St. .Vn-i-ulture Department so :ar cloud is in the distort of powerful un-ne the other cheek and w a vs and Means Cr^irnftnHaiold h , s Sown Russian experts all as- K nutson. who writes the taxes. pect* : ' ot American agriculture. -even though the Russians always R gviv{|LServ|CCS earned cameras and asked e.xhaus- ^ 5 d|ydticn Army \ two weeks revival service began last night at the Salvation Lniy building at 510 West.Locust street Commandant Sam \\ iggms of Kokomo: IncL. known as the live questions. . . For example, a Russian mission inspecting the forest product laboratories at Madison, Wis, wanted i t o know the cubic measurements of each building, how many people each would hold and intricate de- The Daily Register, 20c a week, by carrier boy. A D are in the Walnut Canyon j "national monument ^in nortnern, Arizona. ' . ' In BASKET The Daily Register, 20c a week. David Xiven is consoled by lovely Kim Hunter aroident in this scene from the Technicolor triumph Stai. .. Heaven!'' showing atjhe_0rpheum Wednesday and Tnursaay. fe-TM«i^*KHi :SCa \h,o'thc Soviet embassy always I post invites the public to attend '?pnt more peoole than stipulated. these service's, 'such as- a recent mission to Oregon i State college. Arrangements were requested for two. but five showed : up and.stayed ojri^until they wore rrou. ..»« ·»·· - - hospitality, I ' if at all. will be frigid. | THE MERRY MORTICIAN ! : en3 U r Kenneth \Vherry. Nebraska's "merry mortician,' cant ! resist a snicker when Indian names s are read on the floor of the Sen( Three years ago^ it was he^ w-ho j an Indian woman who had _. -before Congress. Senator Harlan Bushfield of South Dakota replied --without developing the tnought --that he thought there were some with funnier names in the Senate than most of the Indian names Last v.eek Wherry again jumped up when the reading clerk maae · BEAR ecu ; pment . an error in reading the bill b y - - Montana's Senator Zalcs r ^ o n t o Unbalanced wheels, bent axles, misalined frames · spell "welcome" to unwelcome "STEERING ·WOBBUES". Once in your car, ' they cause excessive wear OR tires and steering parts--result in blow-outs, bad steering, ACCIDENT! Get mote SAFE tire mileage by getting a safety check-up and correction on, our industry-approved a e Petty On Top." I "immediately Wherry was on his j lersors 'rsoygh for Wife to Thank Your Repair Man For "The Accident That Didn't Happen" ^Vri _· -- ·«·--- --·--- ~ · By BARMAN W. NICHOLS · ent "homestead" is a farm in New United Press Staff Correspondent Mexico. W--\SHINGTON. Feb. 4.--U.P.)-- The secretary acts like a farmer Clint Anderson probably is the around the department, too. He smartest gardener in the world.' wears biue shirts most of the time. He never plans a back yard plot even though most of his help sport that's too big for his wife to handle, \vhite collars. Don't misunderstand the Secre- ---" -=- * tary of Agriculture. It isn't that that?" h'e snickered. ··V/haVwas that name?" i ...,. I-B None of his colleagues seemed , IWijrfifl JBJ'g interested. Wherry subsided as I Jf IJUU 211^ the "clerk corrected his rcaaing 10:1 -Mabel Townser.d Pretty On Top. | 114 x. Vine COLDEST TOWN IN u - ? -^' Intcf _ j CHAS. IT. McCLENDON, Prop. ,1 Fails. Minn.--coldest city , C . C C T V u c i n n i i f i O T C P C U.S.A.--would rather buck; S A F E T Y H t A D u U A K l t h b v; Temperatures than buy t __ " -~~"---. Phone 459W LECTRIC ANGES FAMOUS MAKE WHITE PORCELAIN © We have your electric range in stock! ® The best looking Electric Range on the market! ® Choose the burner arrangement that suits you! 9 The largest oven! ® The biggest storage compartment! See Them Now! D ELECTRIC Well. sir. the Secretary of V-'n-' iciiv ui .~v 5 .... -- -- culture meets the acid tert this he "doesn't get a boot out of plant- vcar _ ou t in New Mer.ico. He ha« in« hoeing, reaping and just plain , pi anle a 50 acres of melons. And watching things grow. Or swelling - QV harvest time he sas he will uo as big as the next one \ith k - no . %v whal ^ in d O f a farmer lie is. pride in telling the boys at tne The avera ge rainfall in Nov.- Mcxi- office how tender his string beans co is on j y f o u r inches a year. Or sitting down to a nice. Vf - e -ji be waiting foi a report on how your garden grows. Mr. Sec- YOUR FRiEMDS AMD NEIGHBORS S gSfa m are aru. vi oitv.»" 0 v~---- -- i leafy dinner right out of the gar den" He certainly does enjoy crelary . 1 all those things. - i ' Eat the simple facts are these: Lincoln-Grant Message wife is a belter gardener c .~ - , Why Hot Consider the Advantages "Caterpillar" Job Qffets You? · w , Brings $440 at So/e ^!. ·'^·' PHILLIPS 66 IS T9 6SVE YOU QUICK STARTS AUO EASY WARSI-UP.! Passing or shooting-top-notch ball handling 'depends on control! Producing a fine wmtei-time gasoline takes control, too! / 'And that's just what we do with Phillips 66 Gasoline-cor^ it by selectively blending the fcgh-quality components that go into it to meet 6 your driving needs all yeai 'round! Pull up to the orange-and- black "66" shield ar.d get a tankful . . . you'll see what we mean! 70 GIVE YOU ffiST STARTS! HALSIE'S 66 SERVICE Halsie Moore, McKinlcy Poplar to plan "freedom gardens. Twenty , million of "em. So that v.c can, walk around with a tummyiul ot · vegetables--as one of his lieutenants puts it--and help feed Europe at the same time. Pretty Pictures Mr. Anderson v.-enl into the mat- i ter thoroughly yesterday when he spoke before the National Garden ' Institute here. It was a nice cold . d-v for it And it Rave a man , thk w arm feeling to dream about a»ain "eUinu nis finger;, into the "ood earth and planting a bed of red radishes and yellow turnips. , The colorful seed catalogues' have been out for some lime. VTctty pictures that make the mouth water. Yellow bantam corn. ;rc--n cucumbers. Criaht rc'l tomatoes, beets, cauliflower and po- latot. TIio secretary' and his hirers told the garden people ho-.v thc can have their parsnips ar.d feed Europe at the same lime. There v i l l be. he predicted, a shortage ol meat come the first of May. The more vegetables we hr.c on ihc table, the less meat uc 11 want. Some of the loins and sW* 01 l^con. of course, go to Europe. \Ko the more we grow, the more we'll have to cat and the more %%o can spare to feed the hungry lof the world. Also the hoc and rake institute says that the a\cragc homo garden--even a liMle one. ,f hoed right--can *a\c a famiK he t\\tvn S50 and SlOO a year. Farmer at Heart And it's fun, too. Mr. Anderson sn\s it gives his w»~c a heap of pleasure to commune v.ith nature out there as she ghcs the \\ecd* and potato bugs the very old dickens He even comes out of the shade to give her a hand or.ce in a while, he said, when he the time. And Mrs. A^ permi^ion Secretary Xnccrson, by the w.'.y, vants folks to know that he is a farmer at heart. He was born in South Dakota, where men are men, and mostly farmers. He still ha a place up thorc, although his prcs-, t... Jlysscs S. Grant 84 was sold for S440 curing .n of books, manusciipt.s and letters at the Parke-Bcrncl Galleries. Inc. Mary A. bought the telegram, in \\hich Lincoln told -You \\ill succeed. God b'.c.-s YOU all." , 20c a \\cck WATCH ! EN L Many men from your community have accepted employment at "Caterpillar" in recent weeks because of the advantages and advancement opportunities that exist there. "Caterpillar" jobs provide long term stability of employment plus good pay. Beginning factory rates for jobs which require no experience range from SI.03 to SI.23 per hour, depending upon type of job and shift. Skilled jobs pay proportionately more. You can get complete details by applying at the S^ate Employment Service Office in your community or by calling at the "C»terpi»iar" employment office in East Peoria, Illinois, any week day. As a "Caterpillar" employee you'll enjoy. · Opportunity to Learn and Advance · Long Term Stability of Employment · Good Pay · Employees' Retirement Plan · Vacations with Pay ·Voluntary Groa? Insurance and HospstaHiation Benefits for self and family ·Complete Medical Program ·Hot Lynches at Low Cost ia Cleir. Hcicrn Cafeterias r'j balanced feed I-.:!!- iwp.jn.'snt in c:c proc!«t :ior.. O(.Cll)tNT Ujr. S '!ih is a fcid lhas %upp!ir'. an .-.Ixn- d^ncc of Snc ^iSJT.ins. r:irj- craK ar-3 j-roiuns ihs: J:«H i Jajcrs need. K c-c P O C C J- ' -, r.vri.-.jif ? M^!i /"-^y jhe feeder ^i i'.l / ^\ / imes, r.nd witch /·.^'/ producuoa - ..""-- , " . soar! Hollands Feed Hill Dorrisvilie Phcnc 220R PEORIA, ILLINOIS

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