Southend Reporter from Chicago, Illinois on March 24, 1977 · Page 40
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Southend Reporter from Chicago, Illinois · Page 40

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1977
Page 40
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WGtA WtDMKri 1977 KQNQM1S ,, " ' , ' · WORLD WAR U CAMPS -1 predict that seven former World War II detention camps will be reactivated; sooner than you think. Over 50,000 people are in this country illegally and some have formed a crime syndicate which is costing the American public money and also lives . . . I predict that Mexico will become the next worry for America as the trouble starts in the Panama Canal and Castro moves his forces north of the · border . . . I predict that the new student rule set ·up .in colleges and universities will fail and the public will demand that all colleges and schools be placed on a complete military system. SUNDAY ELECTIONS -, I predict that the next national election will be held on a Sunday with the polls open for . only four hours . . . I predict that asylums as we know them today will vanish within one year. Trie advanced use of drugs, therapy and hypnosis-will soon empty our mental hospitals which will be turned into homes for senior citizens. Any person who becomes-mentally disturbed will be picked up at once and taken to a free " clinic where treatment will be given instantly. Persons will be detained for only three'hours and then released. Long or costly procedures will no longer be required. .Patients will be placed on mental probation for three months and must,appear at a designated clinic while living at home . . . I predict that black history will be taught in all pur schools, colleges and universities, but will be included in the regular history course. WASHINGTON HUSH-HUSH --1 predict that pandemonium will reign in Washington, B.C., with a wave of suicides of top government officials due to their proven treason when they sold out the human race for red gold . . . I predict that in five years, all politicians running for office will be required to list every donation they receive and the amount in a daily newspaper so the voter will know who is backing him and .why. This new question of campaign funds will be front-page news in six weeks . NEWEST RAGE COMING -1 predict that .the newest rage will be femology -- the complete rebuilding of women. The French scientists have developed a quick way of making the body over producing a new hairline, reshaping breasts and even making vaginal improve- ' ments. This new super health spa will be in the reach of everyone . . . I predict a new wave of suicides among our youth will prove what a mess many have made out of their lives. They will soon know they cannot fight the Establishment, as they are a'part of it . . I predict a new insurance requirement against theft and damage will be^for all stores and homes to have iron gratings across their front windows and doors as protection against looting, rioting and theft. These gratings will have to meet the new standards set up by ·fire and police departments. MEMO TO OUR STATE DEPARTMENT ~ You can expect bonfire wars in Africa and in South America due to the propaganda of Castro of Cuba. America will be forced to take action . . . I predict that Congress will face an international crisis where Suez, Panama and Gibraltar are concerned. Tempers will flare. Sides will bchosen.- Congress will be termed'a "do-nothing Congress" by many who feel like the late President Truman" did. This is strongly in our future! . .'. t 'regret to predict a very shocking new sex scandal out of Washington, D.C. This will reach-into Embassy-Row · and will bring a new shame to America . . -. I predict that one of our most liberal-colleges in the Midwest will be "closed by authorities because of deaths by overdosing of narcotics, rampant sex and a frightful series of student murders. r-SPORTS-1 I from the _^~_^,-^-^^L m Aj V m.. I pvnpDOK i By RED LAKE LAND-J HOTLINE ON SPORTS While his daughter. Chris, basks in the rich world tennis spotlight, 53-year-old Jimmy Evert still retains his middle American style. Although a friend says room additions to the Evert home make it the only 1125.000 house in a J35.000 neighborhood. 'Jimmy's life is encompassed ; in a six- block' area'. He lives three blocks from the courts and six blocks ' from church. His car. for weeks at a time, might not.go out of the six-block area. "I like to consider us a typical American family," Evert told me. "We have our problems like everybody else. I love my family. I don't like them to be put on a. pedestal." VIEWS IN SPORTS It was 17 years ago that a czar was born. Pete Rozelle became commissioner of : the . National ·Football League. He finds it less fun than he used to. Having nothing better to do, or nothing he can do better, he'll try for 27 years. The club owners, - by a vote of 27 to 1, decided to give him a new contract. The old one, which by press estimates paid him from $200,000 to $250,000 annually, had three years to run. :The * new one is for 10 years and calls fora raise. This suggests the owners think their 50-year-old chief executive is doing satisfactory work. ((cU977 McNaught Synd.) HOW MAHV RRE 50,000.000 OR MORE SPEAKERS ? i THIRTEEN!:, CHINE«E IMAM MM OTHER nrotMuf ENGLISH RAMKS SECOND^... HIMOUSTW4l,THKO.:.1 "" TIPS FOR TRAVELERS Whether on a short vacation or a long one, whether traveling in this country or abroad, you should be 'prepared for illness or accident. Even minor troubles can be annoying -- anything from foot blisters to sunburn, from an upset stomach to a sprained ankle -- and your friendly family doctor, won't be there to take care of you. So plan ahead, and take precautions. Are you carrying health. and hospital identification card or medal? Are you carrying your . prescription drugs in their original containers, with labels bearing the date. aerial' number, and the druggist's address? Better yet is to carry an authenticated copy of .the prescription. Take akmg a copy of your eyeglass prescription. , Are you taking' proper care 'of your medication and protecting it from excessive heat and sunlight? And this means you don't put your pill bottles- iff a suitcase which goes · on top of the car or in the trunk? If you're going abroad, are you absolutely sure yon have the Draper im- shots for the * CROSSWORD PUZZLE * ACROSS I.Taxi 4 Military helper 8. Spring 12. Unit 13. Message in rhyme 14. Otherwise 15. German preposition 16. Machine lor raising water 17. So be it 18. Btitow 20, Roman road 22-Lout 24. Resident of U.S. 28. Something to solve 32. Former Russian rulers 33. PJay by Capek 34. Negative 36. Man's name 37. Corputem 46. Anchovy sauce 48. Thick 52. Spar 55. Time slot 57. Nocturnal bird 58. Peel 59. Affirm 60. Salt (Ptarm.) 61. Inquires 62. Allows 63. Compass . direction (Abor.) DOWN 1. Tool lor dressing hair 2. Indigo dye 3. Greek tetter 4. Legal verb 5. Promise to pay (Abbr.) 6. Hatt JPreU 7. Vacant 8. Acquires 43. Method 45. Lyric poem 9. Starty Iree 10, Enzyme SatU 11. Writing instrument 19. Steal from 21. Consume -23..Marsh 25. Spanish commander * 26. Epochal 27. Anglo-Saxon slave 28. Nonamateurs 29. Gem stone 30. Raw minerals 31. Witty remarK 35. More than one 38. Looks fafidry 39. SrateSte fish 41. Vipers 42. English river 44. A decoration 47. Hollow place 49. Organ ol smeB 50, Large water bW 51.Sne(Fr.) 52. Mineral spring 53. Oance step 54. Large boat 56. lunar New Year m Vietnam SPAPER Letters lo DKBORAII W I I I T H . DEAR DEBBIE: A few months back the young couple next door to us separated. We were friendly with them even though we are much older and when she told us her husband left we spent a lot of time consoling her in our home. My husband could not: understand how any man could walk out on such a beauty. I never told my husband' I- heard rumors that she .was caught fooling around because I knew he felt sorry for her. Last week he came home late twice and he had been consoling the "poor kid" next door. Debbie, if you ever laid eyes on this "poor kid" and her figure, I am the one you would feel sorry for. Idori't know for sure that anything is going on, but she makes me nervous. Should I let my husband know how I feel? FIDGETY WIFE DEAR FIDGETY: Without: a moment's hesitation. Tell your husband that there are professionals/, with 'far better advice to offer this young wife than/he /could offer her. Explain that the sooner the ''poor kid" stands on her own two feet, the better off she will be. If he insists on seeing her, tell your husband he might soon be in need of consoling himself. * . * · # DEAR DEBBIE: .My girlfriend just called off her'marriage and is miserable. She says she feels guilty about hurting the guy, but is certain the marriage never would have worked. She also feels guilty about the gifts she received and her engagement ring. What 'should she do? AMY country you're visiting? Consult your family · physician. Have you taken the trouble to End out 'all you can about your destination. *uch as tempera- .tun*. altitude,, average humidity, sun intensity and prevalent diseases? DEAR AMY: There's nothing she could do except break it off if she -didn't feel in her heart it could work. But iri my opinion she is :, ethically and morally bound to return the ring and all the presents. She should include a short note with them explaining that by mutual agreement the wedding will not take place. *-'* * DEAR DEBBIE: I talked my mother into letting me go to college in another state. I met a girl'there, and a year later she gave .birth to our baby. We have been living together " almost since I came out here and when I found out she' was pregnant I tried to i talk her into doing something about it, but she refused.. My mother thinks the girl tricked me into getting her pregnant so.that I would have - to marry her. But my girl doesn't want to get married. How can I get my mother to understand that I love my girl and baby - and that nobody tricked me into anything? DEAR DON: °° N The most important person in this whole affair is the baby and its future happiness/Many societies in other countries take the position that- there are no--, illegitimate children, only illegitimate fathers. I think your mother' is angry because she feels left alone i and alienated. Invite her to" come and see you and meet her new grandchild. Make every effort to keep your relationship with your girlfriend-happy and stable-that "s more important .-Tac- cording to analysts) than a ceremony: by H. BOSWELL YORK. R. PH. MEDICIHE CHEST Please tell me what you know about the drug motrin. I take it four times daily. -- G.F. Motrin, like aspirin, helps to relieve the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Usually it is two weeks for the medicine to take effect. It is not recommended for use during pregnancy or for children under 15 years of age. Motrin is also not recommended, for people who have had a history of the following symptoms at the same time: nasal" polyps (growths), hives and asthmatic-like reactions to aspirin. Your 'doctor should review the dosage with you periodically and change it .if necessary. Does the federal government spend a lot of money for drug research? -- T.P. " Federal funds account for about 1 per cent of all the funds spent on drug research. Are aspirin, cough medicine, month wash and deodorants tax deductible medical expenses? -- M.C. The first two are^ the second two are not. That's' why you need itemized medical receipts to substantiate your purchases in a pharmacy. That's what the "Medical ·Expense Record Book" is all about. For a copy send SI. plus two first class stamps with your name and address to me, in care of this newspaper. In 1837 one of the first-known -women's editors entered this field. It was rare then for a woman to achieve such status in the publishing world. She was the editor of "Godey's Lady's Book." In it she wrote, "Ail that is truly good and beautiful in society we owe to women . - - 'Endowed with superior beauty of pUSLvu, did a corresponding deBcacy of nood, her soul was to help maa ·where be was deficient, namely, in Iris spiritual nature." Who was that lady? Sarah Josephs Hate. HFJS ODES HSBB RHH sraan BBSS rana noossa BSBSEiad BRBGJS EK3E1 E3SO DQO E0SBB BBO0EIBS BBBBBCI 0sa QWBB BHCJ03 B0QQ BODS SDO EDBB EJB80 SOB OBC0 BBCS SE3 DIETING IS THE ONLY WAY TO BREAK THE POUND BARRIER . My qualifications? Wefl. I've kept parents together for ten yean!" It's a perfect ape* for infinity, isn't it?" MACE WANT APS UNTIL 5:00 P.M. HUDAY FOR SUNDAY AND 5:00 P.M. TUESDAY FOR MIDWEEK- -" ' " "' ----. -- -- --I.-.----J..I - __ I Martin G. MooliSr.. Cloved husband f elflht; Schneider. Thursday, 11 o.m 12'xM; MOBILE. Home L Shcd._FollV Cmttwiet-Uiri i GRAVE-cemetery lot. Chapoel Hill Garden. South. Very reasonable. Ml- Lott* Found 2 Free Dec! Pillows Ea. Order Draperies it a panel. Slipcover chair I S 3 4 . 9 5 . Clolh or p l p s t l c Ireupholsterlng, carpeting, bedspreads, woven woods. Free home estimate or bring your window sizes to our showroom. Credit, .terms. Prices plus fabric. Since 1945. ,,, HOLLYWOOD MAYER INTERIORS 10034 S. WESTERN · ,:. 238-7575 .-',,'·;*, ' Use the Economist Classified Pages... With .The BIG Readership Ads'u'nder lost Found Are Charged At Only .$1.00 Per line Per Issue* LOST: Man's wht.i flofd wedding band, w/3 diamonds, vlt Oochrun western, HI. isl. Reword 386-9611 LOST diamond cocktail ring. Vic. Odk Lawn, 3-16;77., Rew. 499-1520 Ptb Lett and Fovnd J50 REWARD-for lost puppy,. 5 Prtitmakinfl ·JA DRESSMAKING, Hems alterations r j Tlnley ?k. Exper. Reosn. 532-M87 '.-.Jh: Drywoll InitaHotion TAPING-HANGING-STUCCO REMODELING OR NEW W.Q.R.r REE ESTIMATES 758 -It DRYWALL hanging, toping, ' tex- .', r ' · , luring vinyl' paper hanging. Free . ESl. Coll Tom '· . . . 687J846 '·- ELECTRICAL WORK DONE REASONABLE 657-1008 alter 8 P.M.. m Lora body, short legs; chain collar. Last seen vie. On. of Peace HI Sen. 3/9/77. Call 6360572 Ads under Pets Lost Found Are Run Free of Charge , , '"''"'For One Issue . FOUND 3-20 beau, long nair white cat w/blk. piume foil, same bjk. on face Young male, vie. 95th Hoyne. 238-3012. LOST. Mini Schnauzer, salt pepper, fern., appro*. 8 yrs. old. "Heidi", Sat. 3-19.. Chicago Ridge. Reward. 424-3419 READ Economist CLASSIFIED ADS to Find A New Career USE Economist CLASSIFIED ADS to Solve Employment Problems LOST: Fe. Brittany spaniel Reddish brn./wht. March 16, vie. 122th -- Brandy." Reward. 928- LOST sml. dog mole, mxed. Rust w/whlte paws tummev. "Tiny". Rewd. 594^879 ' Electrkcl Service ELECTRICAL WORK WANTED ; 656-8141 ESTIMATE ' ANYTIME : ANYTHING ' - ' . - ANYWHERE j i -ii! ·jr . AIRPORT ELECTRIC CO. .'.' 6342 S. CENTRAL AVE. Since 1946 " Wiring for light power. Violations corrected. Union-licensed Bonded, RE 5-5757 · OR . -PO 7-3248 COMPLETE ELECTRICAL WORK Free est. Low prices! Compare ... then call John 839-1033 or 423-9262. - ^ ELECTRICIAN-Anv type "of work llcensed-Bonded-lnsured. -597-9311 AS ;--i£ / ELECTRICAL work done' '· ReosonoDle 687-1008 offer 6 p.m. LICENSED ELECTRICIAN DOES OWN WORK. REAS. 445/5357 LOST: 3/19, female Afghan dog, ton w/blk. face. "Candy". Last seen 57th Lowe.-Reword. 536-4973 FOUND: Ger. short-hair male 009-no togs-Brn. studded leather collar - 7797750 . - · . - " · - - . ' ' : LOST-. - Doberrhan. Vic. Cicero - Armitoge, 3-20. 1 vr. 014 fern., red, "Brandy". Reward S25.745-8701 FOUND Small white male short haired dog-w/brown . ears, 59th Kosfner · - · . . 28441413 LOST: Blk., wht., some brown, Terrier Beagle mx., vie. 55th Wesler.1-436-2944- FOUND M. Shep. mostjy tan, missing rear left foot. Vic. 82nd Albany.Coll424-3892 - .FOUND female dog-new leather collar. Musi identify. S.W. areaJ82- 8856 ' FOUND Spaniel mix.rblk. white. Vic. 107th Western, 238-1236 FOUND mixed Husky!?} vie. 60th Nagle. Young dog.' - 582-5978 Exterminating, Pest Control Fencing CHICAGO RIDGE FENCE CO.- Father Son Fencing 22 yrs.--, 11328 S. HARLEM · ; . WORTH' FREE ESTIMATES'- 448^6060 CHICAGO RIDGE FENCE CCv - ' · Father Sons Fencing 22 vrs. · 11328 S. HARLEM ' WORTH FREE ESTIMATES 448-6060 CONNECTING LINK FENCE'. · Chain, Link Wood. 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Tom Madden Tax Serv. 687-1526 -_ TAX SERVICE CALL 881-1254 FROMS4- landscaping, Mantcnarx .BLACK DIRT CARPENTER kicking lor weekend remodeling 4344)751 Carpdt, Rug Otaning ATTENTION: LANDSCAPERS 4 HOMEOWNERS WE ARE NOW PULVERIZING TOP SOIL OF THE FINEST QUALITY. PICK UP OR PROMPT DELIVERY. Smith Bros. Landscape SuPDlv 532-7920 Corprt laying FREE EST. CALL 389-5493 CakhlaMis.Stwcn DOM8KOWSKJ HOLMES PLUMBING* SEWAGE Electric RcoaTno.0! *ll Lines CATCH BASIN CLEANED Free Estlmoles J4 hr. service PR 8-1400 PO7-232Q Reach MORE Local Readers thru the Classified Pages of the Economisf CORLEYS SEWAGE e CM.L 585-3336 CONTINENTAL LANDSCAPING , ; :Complete Iandsc«;n9-sp«io1izin9 in ~ new lawns » unigue designs. Rototilling. dirt, stone sod " cwivcrecl. FREE ESTIMATES GUAR. WORKS J23^770_OH 36K107 Ray's Landscaping Mcrrion Slue Sod Block din. Evergreens stirtibs. Roto lilting., ; trimmed stapei oil Fre!_«». ins. 4MT665 E S. R LA14DSCAPING -5 COMMERCIAL MAINTENANCE We specialize hi new towns. _ 735-7453 8, S8S-1S71 ,OUALUY Bio* OTrt otlivtrred bv [butfiel^vnnj, or load. Chicooo tret * V 582-7770 -.", RIVERJSOCK Jor lonflKophig 551an · " "** ~**" " flood sc, Todio 3isooi- AU. nrres SEWERAGE JOBS Crtdi Bcaiins, oTba. Free tfl. Afl Sewer Pr*1ems.£iecJric RoftJins LEASO« LANDSCAPING ^Moirtcmjnct. Blk. »iCM IPULVEWZEO FARM "TOP SOIL as vot STB, 30 vds. sa, somt ROOTS, sJeoi, fPFOirtfl «*.«. :«, _ _. *tc.36vrs^««D. Reos. orice HAW35CaW»G. SttiWO Mmmina ________ . _ LAWN MASUTEMAWCE- Solo imwi fr« tSHmole 3B9-7TO9 OROES wwj SCKScfl SW. We rroalr StfpewpTkv ^or£rtc, CWmrievs, 'Owl- $jH» toanfldnanv dc. JM-1M6 *DL TYPES «l central, brtek «hlm. im work, txflcMng, oWtt-rtno a Soeta»Wtln5,Cdll 'CONW£T£ WORK. Sinai. »dlkt t drtvcs. no Mb loo small. Moving A Depressing * ions wrv. . Till, irotis, ,MCC1 ________ ,, JIEED'WORK MCWN_MHJST fiEAS. RATES TRJUWOBOfi PJAWO ISSOWIi. WtUcwrw · " · · ·*·*--- I»Jl CEMENT WORK. ?4 »ir. l«irt: ofllto, driveways.. W ^our »iomc. Plane, OtiHor, OroanT Ac«rlloti, Orfrnt W8-JSM WOJfOBTOOSMAUL CHIWKEY T«w1r, llropls,, ttes Slk. I * -on., ; OTIWWEY topolr, »lr«fls,, flo» 3tk. j «wt **aX lucwwimmp WdtkhntrutJion Ordrcdrca Ptmitmg, Oetorotins PAI»I71'W6: Avfrat* rrrt, fin H.1 eioss *«}-,.O4wrJO-SMI s! mm s*L£'! £«wrt wall wnthmv S. vsftn- Ulna. Will *«1 «ttvwU«. 3W.1UB SPAPESJ f ,

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