Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 23, 1953 · Page 21
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 21

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 23, 1953
Page 21
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Page 21 article text (OCR)

V. PAOS TWBNTf .TWO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH THURSDAY, APRIL g* 1WI DEMOLAY-RAINBOW 1953 SWEETHEART QUEEN will be picked from one of the above can dictates who are the Misses Peggy Trogdon, fhzabcth Smith, Betty Calame,'Kathleen Thompson, anc Monica Todd. The coronation will take plocc during a,\ldnce Saturday, May 2, at Frankl.n Masonic . Temple.—Photo by Orv Brown. Cancer Drive Workers Listed At Carrollton four year term and Powrll for a \\ ar|Tn Ypakel to Leave six year term. , This three man hoard is re- On 6-Week Trip to Europe sponsihle for the education of all; Warrpn Yeakel, who resides at high school students included in (hg Ariolpn Millt>r residence, 1014 the non-high school territory in K) . mvn «., , s , 0 ]ofue Friflay noon Hillvievv Community Consolidated. on thc streamer United Stales fora School District No. Ill which is | six . weeks trip to Europe. He will Members of j the City Council met In regular session Tuesday night nt the city hall and transacted the usual routine business. In addition to the routine work, the countlt discussed the proposal fo Install 8 polire rftdlo system. The preposition has been under consideration by the round! for several months. Definite decision was not reached, and final discussions will be had at the next meeting on May 5. The fiscal year tot tfw city begins the first of May and at that time various special licenses become due, such as city truck and automobile licenses, dog licenses, etc. Patient In Hospital JERSEYV1LL-E.—Mrs. Evangeline Faulkner was taken to Alton Memorial Hospital Tuesday eve- nlng In the Jacohy ambulance for treatment. THE ECCO KIDS CARROLLTON — William G. Vogt, chairman of the Green County Chapter of the American Cancer Society announced Wednesday the list of workers in the fund campaign which Is underway in the county this week. The workers in Carrollton are Mrs. Herbert Harr, Mrs. F. L. Imus, George Andrews, Miss Harriett Bowie, Mrs. P., G. McCadden, Mrs, Thomas Brannen, Mrs. Alan Roads, Mrs. Clarence Horn, Mrs. Ivan Beebe, Mrs. Howard Carter, Miss Helen Duncan, Mrs. Fred Ashlock, Miss Ada Camerer, Mrs. Pauline Moore, Mrs. Sam Greaves, Mrs. Donald Greaves, Joe F, Alfcld, Mrs. Harlis Clough, Mrs. Martha Slur- i.SS Ketchup.... man, Mrs. Everett Mehl, Mrs. Everett Mehl, Mrs. Evelyn Hartman. Mrs. Mary Louise Hanson, Miss Marcella Hansen, Miss Marie Witt. Mrs. Roy Edwards, Charles Sullivan, Mrs. William Pinkerton, and Mrs. Roy Garrison will work in the Carrollton area. Mrs. Bessie Schnelten and Miss Margaret Eldred are the solicitors in the Centerville district; Mrs. Roy Short in the Woodville district; Mrs. Charlotte Wood, Kane; Mrs. Louis Langer, Eldred; Mrs 1 . Lela Hubhard. Walkerville; Miss Margaret Barker, Hillvievv; Miss Olive Colter, Mrs. Olin Kesinger, Wrights, Mrs. Marvin L. Carter and Walter Stevens in other rural areas surrounding Carrollton. Three Elected | n To School Posts JH In Greene County ;f| CARROLLTON—W. W. Spangenberg, Fred Powell and Everett Hazelwood all of Hillview, «were elected to serve on the non-high school board according lo a canvass of the votes held Saturday in Ihc office of G. \V, Lowe, county superintendent of schools. The canvass showed that Spangenborg received 123 votos; Powell. 121. Haxelwood. 114, Lloyd Berline, 'J3, Leslie Sorrels, 19; and Glenn Dunphy, 16. Following the election an organ- isation meeting of the Board was hfld Saturday in (j. \V. I.imo's of- lice. SpangPiilxM'g \vns i MoM'ti as presidont of the Board and liis term on the Board fixed nt Iwo years. Ilawlwood will serve for a the only non-high territory in the county. Organ Recital at Ham Party CARROLLTON — Austin Wiley, well known organist will give an electric organ recital at the Ham party which will be held at 8 p. m. Sunday evening at the Robin Hood Inn. The Ham party is sponsored by the local Jaycees organization and the money will be used to aid in paying for the recently pur- accompany a St. Louis friend, Ed Hess, whorls a buyer for Lammert's furniture store. Yeakel is manager of the hook- keeping department at the F i r s I National Bank. He will have three weeks' vacation and three weeks' leave-of-absence. At his residence "The Shutter Shop", he rebuilds and cuts to size shutters tor windows, door and ornamental screens. _ anttntutot Opinion i* Our dairy pfdAictl chased metal street markers for I the Carrollton City streets. Store Hours 8 to 6. Fri. to 9 IT'S BETTER MILK Peter Pan I'canut Butter Frankfurters With Choex Whii Frankfurter bun* Kraft t'lieex Whlx Hot frank- fuHern fluffed Olive* l»l«>kle* Leaf leMui'd Split U.S. Choice Roasts frankfurter ..... the in- •nch bun with the C h e e i Whiz. Place a frankfurter In each bun. Serve the landwlchea on a p I a 11 or garnUhed with stuffed ollvei and pickles. == 8 oz. 33c 59c Reef Roast In Here Order Now 4 liuck or Arm Bon«t Standing Rib Roan* Rolled Rib Roast Sirloin Ronet Kir loin Tip Roaat Heel of Hound Hoait Hump Roant BoiieleM* Chuck Roa»t |*ike'» Peak Roaat til 1'hoiff Quality u««t "••Tll^ 3forr«Jf'« ".lllrKu" Hacon f* tlomadf m it W > Wrlnil I/. _ ork Sausage «««*W»%*»%*»»*»»»»»»»»»»»»*» ^-^ .»»»»» l>y ROVACC Now Kind of Pudding Vfeu Pont Uovtt to Cook! ^r*4 * iiomid. n.T0 ~m ~ijfm \ tt u m u ft Croumd Beef COOKS&^fi& m iWMuewrrHWUc/ \ ^ a = A / V ^^J ^^^E »»%»»«A»»»%»»»%»*A»%*A%»»»»»»*A»»»»*»**A»»»»»WV%%%%»A»«jM Short Ribs of Reel Kuyle Stamps i Reef Short Steaks Choice MIRACLE SOAP 19 Nlnilivi Sil A f A )>•'• i OALOON btttent Ridding 35 Ib. LAROE BOLOGNA or Piece STANDING RIB Choice Quttlity ROAST 59 BONELESS BEEF STEW Cut up In •null p»» pound'. Heluv Uve».H«b»d 4li -J*riiHlill%! T. Vlmilal* I nt «*Mli|S\ Illi \\* ' Uigbliiud Hli%i tt U«iv«*« !•• VVUVTtlUJt 41 MK <*•. I TMHI » »•*• ...... ' ...... If* ..... ,,,,., .U..U l • • i * • • > i « 9 !•*• in i iiiiiMiiiinii 11 •«>«m^_B^H l *H V BiHi V ^B Vn pii n j >i ( B B MHM p^ BHHIHHI p -^—^— --———- —v —r-m -— — — -.— w-v —^TOILET TISSUE So**? 8 With fht inipflwi of pto*i»lo «* eftofHoi, iff ffttti ttot tote tin mwf fHfwo of Jmnelffi pretfuen mjiclitf tJn Smwfcif Cwifwy—Sm«kw (i ow ef fw ww M* rt who tin iwh dlfitf control of IN prenet from tut nwtortil ittft through tho toihhod fw», f w*» ]"• .fiw itigfit fht picking is dem under tho mwt rigid jfiftdtftfj ef Mnltiflon fitd elctnllMsi. Thlf teeovnti for fho witaeollod 0wllty, ftow «nd whotaemtnoii, Stnowor pmtrrti fro cooked according to tho Pood ind Drag Adminffrritiott ifind- trdi on tho tatt of OM cup sugar re • eop of frtrft imf eookod until fht oxcm moisture is cooked iwff to mart I dnirible consistency. It lure to get fht btit—you gtf tht Nit when you gtt Smaektr's, 12-Oz, JARS PEACH PRESERVES 4 ;: M °° GRAPE JAM .... 3 v: M 00 GRAPE JELLY... 6 r J 1 00 If you heat packaged dinner rolls 15 in a double boiler (actively boiling water below) there Is no need to light oven on a warm day. Try running cold water over a box of Ice crenm before Inserting Into the ice cube compartment. The water Instantly forma a film of ice to help prevent softening. Use your metal measuring spoons for making attractive scoops of ice cream, melon or potato balls and removing the cores from soft fruits such as pears. Cover the center.of buttons with a coat of clear nail polish before washing new garments. This seals the threads so they won't unravel. Coarsely crushed pretzels make a different and deli- clous topping for casserole dishes, or a good substitute for bread crumbs in a meatloaf. Before molding individual frozen desserts and salads, put two crossed strips of folded wax paper in the molds. A slight pull at the free ends and your dessert comes out easily and unbroken. To clean combs, soak them in a solution of one tablespoon of household ammonia to one gallon of warm water. After soaking for 20 minutes, you'll find your combs clean and shining. Force the handle of a paint brush through half of a hollow rubber ball to prevent the paint from dripping down onto your hands. U. S. GRADED CHOICE VEAL SHOULDER STEAKS 49 RUMP & LEG ROASTS . . . 49 RIB CHOPS 69 LOIN CHOPS 73 Lean, Meaty Fresh Galas 6-8 IBs Ib. American Real Sweet SS Bacon i Ib. 59c Sunrise Large Bologna, By the Piece Ib. 45c Krey's Braunschweiger, By the Piece Ib. 45c Hunter V Ib. cello skinless Wieners Ib. 49c Premium Thuringer, By the Piece Ib. 55c White Lily Cheese Spread 2 Ib. box Ib. 69<i Fancy Wisconsin Rindless Munster Ib. 59c Fancy Wisconsin Longhorn Cheese Ib. 59c Fresher Brand Cod Fillets... .Ib. 35c Fancy Ocean Perch Fillets Ib. 39c Tom Boy Margarine Ib. 27c KILLS MOTHS AS YOU HOUSE CLEAN REAL-KILL BUG KILLER 12-oz. $447 Pint £Qc Bomb I Bottle O5J For these and request to: TOM-BOY CONSUMER 4353 CLAYTON—ST, copies of past recipes address your SERVICE DEPT. LOUIS 10, MO, Bite Size—Ideal for Salads I WHITE STAR TUNA 38 No. \i Can New 4-in-l Pack — Flavorkist SALTINES Lb. pkg. FREE SOILAX! I Boj Honiehold Slit 1 Ib. 2 ei. , • SOILAX. A Send word "New" from box tep •*• to 80ILAX, Box 888, New Terk 46, N. Y. •J Tour purchase prlee, ploi poit- <*e «ji>, will be reloaded. One ie * family. HURRY WHILE OFFER LASTS!! HOUSEHOLD SIZE (1 Ib. 2 oz.) Pkg. 23 It's Flavor Plus—Fnsh Ground Whin You Buy It CARAMEL COATED MARSH MALLOWS K Ib. Kraft Caramels 16 marshmallows (38 caramels) 1 cup finely chopped nuts 3 tablespoons water Place the caramels and water in the top of a double boiler. Pleat, stirring frequently until the caramels are melted and the sauce is smooth. Stick a skewer in each marshmallow. Dip into the hot caramel sauce, turning until well covered. Immediately roll each dipped marshmallow in chopped nuts, 16 marshmallows. KRAFT—Dellrloui .CARAMELS 45 CAMPFIRE—FlBffj- white Marshmallows 1U> Box TOM-BOY COFFEE 83 33 Pound Bag JOYFUL, th« economy blend—-Mb. bag 81e You will like the rich distinctive flavor of Tom- Boy Coffee. FRESH, CRISP ICEBERG LETTUCE 25 2 LARGE HEADS Firm, Riot, Roidy to Eat TOMATOES 4-in. Cirton 21c Sunktit NAVEL ORANGES-27c 4 tltoe* teet*. «•«•• trlnmed t »»«••»• «»a 4«v||*d bea I !»•••. M( lr«ifo M»»r»(vt •»*ui. CMktd; M 1 Ib- Ireifc «<ptr»(it«, ca«ked; ar i He. •) «M *i»»re|IM. heeled. 4 Kr.M Oelute Slice* P»»Uir. U*a Pr Ckttie For each swing spread » »ilc» o( to«st with 4*vU*4 h*m. Top with hot asparagus spears, then a slice of cheese. I Place in a moderately hot oven, 400 °, until the cheese | melts. 4 servings. j MUTT DtLUXI tUCU , . |k|.a»c NwHtarkil latai lab Markil L B. MiMr Mtrkt 1 nil Stale Kt., Markil •it WiHtrt Itokil l«Mi Marbl w^ Vs^niTVnP ^r ^^^PVsMr wBWe^W ^•"IWPeWBsl^WsW ^»HslW»1iW ^R^^j^f

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