The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 4, 1948 · Page 1
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 1

Harrisburg, Illinois
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Wednesday, February 4, 1948
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Register Classifieds Get Results » STER Since 1915 THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL., WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 1948 NEW SERIES, VOLUME 33, NO. 184 , TRIM BUDGET About Town And Country By TTMOTHEUS T. Timotheus Urges Full Support For Boy Scouts H F I P HELP!: One of the girls it the office here lost an important bit of under apparel Monday evening. It was in a paper bag. She was carrying it down thc t along with other packages v she missed it. It was gone. H anvbodv found an unmenuon- i ",, a "bag they can quietly it to The Daily Register ofnce and it will be quietly acj c pted bv a lady who will be full * ?*" Former Principal of HTHS Was Critically Hi Since Jan. 23 1 was dead today. and Death came to the 77-year-old retired educator at 10:10 o'clock last night at the Lightner hospital, of gratitude. And while we're on the subject! Harry Taylor, called -'the first f w i m m i n here's an incident that: citizen of Harnsburg" by many, happened the other afternoon. It was 3:15 or 3:30 p. m. lady answered the- telephone , .1.0 'office where she works. , MOV ...,, Thp voice on the other end said where he was taken, critically ill, it was a coffee quiz radio program, on Jan. 23. He had been uncon- just answer the question they' scious the past week, and bedfast ·vere "o'ing to ask, the voice said ; j since Jan. 19. and s°he would win the pot of; 1Iis f unera i w ill be held at 2 p. money. I m. Friday at the First Methodist The question was: "In what year] church, of which he was a member. ,-ai ihe War of 1812 fought?" j Dr. C. C. Hall of Carbondale, for- IP little ladv cave the correct! mer pastor of the church, will ·er 18P * i conduct the service, assisted by You're correct, lady." the voice theJvcV N. C. Henderson, present , - -.T said "You've just won $10o. It will be sent to you through tne told all of her co-workers the good news She was going to take tnem all out and buy them steaks, she pastor: Mr. Taylor was a member of the ail ·· ; Masonic order and the lodge also The ladv jumped from the tele-j will take part in thc church service, phone in" joy, in ecstasy. She; Burial will be in Sunset Hill almost danced a jig right then- cemetery. and there she was so happy. She ·; Request No Flowers "- ' The body was taken to the Harrisburg funeral home following his death last night and will lie in sam. state there until noon Friday. It * Soon the joy ended abruptly. w ju \\ e j n state at the church from She remembered that the pro-j noon un tii the hour of the funeral gram was carried in the morning. : serv j cc Then the casket will be She still would like to learn; c i oscc j anc j w ill not be reopened. the identity.of the \voice. j M r . Taylor had requested that * * * , ,, no flowers be sent following his BOY SCOUT WEEK: The Boyj d e a t h and k \s f am ily desires that Scouts of America will be 38 years, ^ s w j sn b e complied with, old Feb. 8. The boys, their par-j ' Harry. Taylor-Avas,the,only prin-{ ents and leaders'^-will- celebrate; c j Da Ktbe Harrisburg-high .school' Bov Scout Week Feb. 6 to' 16. I * L. - - No Chance for Passage of Truman's icon Drive to Win House Supported by ·Year Political Trend By LYLE C. WILSON United Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, · Feb. 4--«IR-- The Republican drive to win the ! While House and keep control of I Congress nexl November is supported by a 10-year political trend. The Republican low was reached !·_ ,i-_ :.)--«:«.i election year of WASHINGTON, Feb. 4-- HJ.E) -- !l936 when the GOP almost dis- 1 The Democratic high command ! appeared as a major party on the | ! today confidently whistled itself; basis of electoral voles and con- ; iout of a fearful" nightmare that jgressional seats. The come-back ! southerners would secede from the! began in 1938. Big Republican i nartv because President Truman , gains came consistently m the oil- proposed civil rights legislation i year elections thereafter when the 'to outlaw racial discrimination. ilate Franklin D. Roosevelt was not ' A H , TMie nTM -n.-nrn fhit the '.himself a candidate.- In the presi- , TMe nTM - . have less GOP congressional uena. , igress by Mr. Truman have less [ than a faint glimmer of life ex- [Trend to GOP , . pectancy. Any one of them prob- 1 But the overall political trend able could be passed by the House. ! after 1936 was definitely Repubh- But determined southern senators C an. Here is the record of Re- would filibuster them to extinc- .publican congressional seats and lion . i governorships beginning with Mr. ! The realistic political judgment Roosevelt's first presidential elec- on Mr. Truman's civil rights mes-^tion in 1932: «a"e to Congress is that it can!t | cost him anything in the party- 1932 bound South and it probably will 1934 make votes for him and other 1936 Democratic candidates elsewhere ( 1938 next November. __ 1940 South Loses Importance ;^|| The South lost its veto on the 194Q White House way back in 1936 . The 1946 e i ec ti 0 ns gave the Re- when the late Franklin D. Roose- p , lb ii cans a majority of both velt insisted that Democratic na- houscs O f congress and a majority tional convention rules be chang- of g overnors . The congressional Rites Friday for Pvt. H. B. Coseboon, World War II Dead Two and Half *' · -· · , ' illionCut Is Sen. 36 25 17, 23 28 38 38 51 House 117 ; 103 89 169 162 209 190 246 Gov. 9 9 8 18 20 24 23 25 . ed. Theretofore a two-thirds ma- po jjti ca i alignment today is as fol- jority vote of delegates was i»ec- ; f ows . Harry Taylor ·essary to nominate a person for President on the Democratic tick- ows . Senate: Republicans 51; Demo- Drusiuuui "" i"t i/\-i»iu»,..~«v- r-ratc 4=5- nn vacancies et. The South usually could rnus-jCra^^o, gp^gg 8 ^. Dem(V ter the votes necessary to \eio _a , Amm-iean Labor 1: va- 'crals 185; American Labor 1; va- ^ _ _ © Southern Record of 50 Years in HTHS Seldom Eqisailed in U. S., Exerted influence For Gtiod- ©n Nearly 5,000 Students Harrv Taylor was the deaP/of.'-^'tbern Illinois 'educators. -··* ^ciriocralie governors ·*!· His- soiia %-TMse^ nas oeen^oui He had a ·'record "of 50 years'service in one scnool, a record ; South lead a political rebellion 80th undress lit «au a i\,\.u»« -». «v j-~ . . . ... _ m ~« ·.^mJnJefT-'j- · D..J- riii-txr rhcfvnll presidential nomination. But in i 1936 the nomination hurdle was , _ · _ . . _ , ^ lowered to a simple majority. i Senate Vote Close ; ; Democratic presidents no longer House Republicans have a bulge : need Suit the deep feelings'of 27 seals above a bare majority inf'lhe Soufh in recommending of 218 of "the full membership o South .legislation af feeling . racial «la- fte a work a Pvt Howard B. Cosebopn southern members oi Con- ported by ling majority, which often is sup- The body · of; Pyt.'-' -Howard B. Coseboon who died"..on,-·'Aug. ,2, 1944, from wounds received in combat in France, will."arrive home by -train"-"in .the '. morning. Upon arrival the'··',body will be. taken to -the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest- -Coseboon, 426 West Lincoln : street. [ ' ;\~ . The American Legipn' will conduct full military rites;at the fune- rai services which will be ·· held on Friday at 2 pi-'m. at the Church Senate to Keep Tax Bid on Ice Until Budget Action By DAYTON.MOORE United Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Feb. 4.--UE--. House and senate budget makers' agreed today on a $2,500,000,000 cut in President Truman's budget. That would leave a potential surplus of $10,100,000,000 for tax and debt reduction. Because of the .admittedly tentative nature of their estimates, hpwever, the congressional spokes^man shied away from concluding: that their budget would leave room- for the full $6,500,000,000 tax reduction voted by the house. · . ' The senate intends to keep the tax reduction bill, on ice until- it gets a better line on whether, the budget cut will stick. ! Agree at Meeting i . A n agreement on the proposed budget cut was reached at a meet-'; ing of the 20-man subcommittee : of the house-senate budget group" i Its recommendations will be sub- j milled to the full 102-member. I committee Friday. .Chairman Styles Bridges reported that the sub-group agreed on an estimate that government receipts, under present taxes would total_ $47,300,000,000 in the fiscal year beginning July 1. That figure v P o s e d thatRepublican party discipline in the moL .te*3» s o l i d » « ; h» been .good through the had until he retired at the! se ldom equalled in the entire United States. v« · * · » · « · " * ' T T l « * 5 ' - ' » . _ _ » . . . n ' v« · * · » · « · " * ' T T l « * 5 ' ^\ill we? - ! enc i O f the 1946 .term. He, had i . : He was a strong If. as so many of us do, we take comp i ete( j 55 years .as. a teacher the betterment of n toy Scouts for granted, they u ! n d 50 years '-as the. high school (graduated from the - 'against the Truman administra- 1 But party discipline is not so Boy Scouts for granted, tney u i '^"'50 vear s -^ s the .high school graduated nark the occasion by themselves, ^^j- Approximately ;5/""* |S enure uzu^-u uu.c«. . character and exerted an immense force for tion . Shortly thereafter Sen. J. j good m the Senate where the " tudents who attended or were : Howard McGrath of Rhode Island, would lose_eyen n ominal control. if was nearly P3,000,000,000 over Mr.; Truman's revenue estimate. % ' Bridges also disclosed that the subcommittee had agreed that government spending should total no more than $37,200,000,000 compared with Mr. Truman's estimate Ol $39,663,000,000. New Aid Proposal In reaching that figure, however, , he said" tbat Ihe committee Born in Carrier Mills on Aug. f ' j j, serv i ce retirements and *. * f*r*n ·»·* - 1 f^ __ _*L A. _.. **44-f*nfls\n A'rf* *»* · ** ' · * * ? ; . . _ -. ,· ·' I ' J 13, 1923, Pvt.' Coseboon attended the Carrier. "Mills grade school, m; For nearlv four decades- we ,,,, ., . '000 {priricipalship. attended - classes, under Mr ; Tav i or was a sc , a-en the scouts quietly perform- j durin the half -century span; 353 £ thcm graduating ir.g worthwhile service. Have w e j really appreciated what they have t done? ^ h h Certainly, the boys themselves Born Near Big Ridge . i- fnr n« Qnopifip rppo2nition-- He was born Sept. o, isu, r.e ask for no specific recognition their daily good turns have al- near Bl a Ridge community in Saline _ for 56 years, but he did his attention to school alone. He was an active member of his community outside the i school. Oh October 18. 1944, his parents George 0. who has S navu u- iJis iiiv. 0 v. -- -- ---. ueorgu v. Jjavuujjuii, wnu uaz wavs been without any reimburse-; county, the son ot tne laie .ui. been - a mem ber of the Harnsburg mcnt. Nevertheless, do they nolland Mrs. Pleasant Taylor, we· D e -j ToW n Sh jp hjgh school board f o r , merit more than a friendly. dis-;gan his teaching career m ^37 vearS- 35 O f t h 0 m while. Mr. i tznt approval-or a casual accept-! at Ingram Hill school. In 189o . . . . . . . - . siice of their efforts to be better I he was named -citizens? i Harrisburg high Their theme this year is: "Thc Scout Citizen at work: In His| Hcme. His Community, His Na-J ! tion. and His World." i U A --»$ Let's focus our thoughts on them j g|£Q| | now--give them our whole-hearted press conference ! Southern Reaction i "Whether it gets full support or j 'not' ? said McGrath, "it does not- ihalt the Denwcralic parly from) i playing ils traditional role as the | ,, ; champion of human rights." I iss ss-^isissfc ^^^r^i^iMirporf Lam , ij^mirs^^i :g high school, when it j^^S^ tf^ ^risburg-Raleigh Airport ^^^^hff SSiSi.^d | lors resignation as principal wa.s laulhority has ma ~ dc arrangc ments £ C n Ta"meY 0 Ea^tland. D.. Miss.! made: 'to pxtend Ihe options on thc 180 t na ' t '( Rc South' should withhold its: Thc council of Proud of HTHS " acres O f land between Harrisburg n!ectora i votes from Mr. Truman risburg yesterday (Continued on Page Three) 1C l support-- and help them succeed; r _ a « J |_ GU||?r | in their character-building mission g Q|Q| IU rlli* I the vear 'round. Boy Scout Program it Kiwanis Club Anna Pemberton, 82 Council Again iys Aclion OPS Contract veterans benefits recently-/passed by house or senate.' ;The allowance for such items means ; that the Truman programs would'have lo be cut DV more than' -§2,500,- 000,000. ' : ' ' · ' .;:' Bridges also disclosed thar Sen. Walter F. George, D., .Ga., a Foreign Relations committee member, had reported that an appropriation request for an additional $1,000,0000,000 for foreign aid would 1« sent to congress soon. · That amount would include new aid for China--and presumably Onorp and Turkev It would be luunig siaicia aim ~m^*. ··""" wreete d.iu. iuiRcj. * onnnnnnnn Fay Cullum, Mrs. Rosalee May- in addition to the S6,800,OOU,Ouu berry Mrs. Lola Dooley, all of j h; appropriations already requestea _ _ * . ' . *. T - i i - - -o~rr«*t . V - j :_:,.»«nt;nn fnr tho Kiirft- received word of his death in France. The Purple Heart was awarded to him posthumously. In addition to his parents, Pvt. Coseboon is survived by the fol- sisters and brothers: Mrs. of of action "Mr Taylor has done a mar-!and Ra!ei,«h ucon which it is pro-j next November if the.parly lead- on a new per: veious job" here, and after saying :posed to'build an airport. ! C rship persists in racial legisla- street ligntinf all the good things you can say j The original oplions expire in;t,- 0 ri. ,Central niinoi a§out hfm. you could devote an- a R ionth but the authority has sc-j other fall page to- his accomplish- · cured agreements lo cxlcnd Ihem j mcnls. I think he's done more for; for six months. ! the community in the way of build-1 s D y;j sc a i rca dy had secur- i . . ing character than any man or; ed extension agreements from Hu-i loose So Proe 182 Miss Richard Anna-Pcmberton,) group O f mcn j n Harnsburg." | bert Elder and the Minner heirs, ,^J. of 218 West Lincoln street, j Thc H arr j s burg Township high; a n d ]ast n j s j, t an agr ecment was i : died at 5 o'clock this morning in j sc h O ol grew under Mr. Taylor from rcac h c d v.ith W. B. W r clch and i i Jefferson Memorial hospital at Mt:j t j, c ^j^o j; e bccnmc principal back Law .,. cncc Jones, the other two; at'Vcrnon. Seriously ill for the last! j n jsgg. u c v .-as proud o£ the .j an ,j owners. 3 ordinance contracl Illinois The ordinance, giving the CIPS the right to operate and 'maintain its property here over a : 25-year period, and the street ! lighting contract, for a ten-year ; period were presented by William J. Hopkins, superintendent 'of the local office, at the meeting ia week ago. Action was scheduled ;for yesterday. r.p_J \vhcn the mailer was Harrisburg; Mrs. Lillie Reffelt, lia; and Raymond, Wayne, ., Claude, and Richard Coseboon, all of whom live in Harrisburg. Mrs. J. L Rowan, 78, Dies at Home Of Daughter Here bv the administration for the European recovery program. Badges said the additional amount was lak'en inlo consideration in reaching the budget agreement. · Fritz Kuhn Escapes ·From Dachau r Camp in Germany- Mrs. J. ] Khvanians. meeting' last night MUNICH, Feb Kuhn, deported leader of therGer: man-American Bund in the United Mr= i i Rowan 78 wi'e o !Stales, escaped from Ihe Dachau TM« «« the United States. Kuhn was deported to Germany September, 1945, nr , or followed an illness of several weeks. Commissioner Glenn Armis-j ^ Rowajj was ^ formcr i Laura E. Melvin of Ridgway icrivcd by boys who take PW in thc activit'y. The Prcsby- IJcnt until her tenan group has been active since Her cousin, 3 IMO. ton. HTHS faculty Six members of the troop were 'whom she made P;t«nt and gave a demonstration with her through W for£ aid. tying bandages, treat- her illness. =»?» for shock and signalling. Belter known *«» Hags and with clcctrfc signal '«o her many friends. «'- The hoys who gave thc dcm- ton was boni in ^-" csslratinn were Valccne Gibbons. March 10. 1855. Jraniy and Dick Armislcad. John two daughters b Soicourt. .limmv WTJIliams and -Sarah Pcmbcrton Uland I'nsdl. " for her father "' -rucc 3'olk was prosram chair- months before h 2?a. for ;hc evening for the Ki- tcr. Miss Hillic a «"Wi club. guardian of Miss Bess *$ty Price was inducted into died several years ago. *w«m club last night Guests Miss Hillics death, the Present as follows: F. W. tors were the p: for thc General millinery and dressmaking s |Hwjtric Corp.. of St. Louis, sucst Galalia "for 25 years S?V^ 3 J- Fr ^.icr, Jr.; John Cape Funeral services will Husband Gets p r c O n rriSOn ^ ', · * * ^ r * .» v -· ^ m - « . . . - -- , - _ the fsrm machiscry makers ar.a In Jurcs Hand Chico Marx Awarded ! Uj*u;u'5. i(jviuu««9 »"^- "^-- - - ' -....__l-_i ! feet of any farm machinery ship-;onsonment "ihcr fostcr^daughler, Mrs. Italcnc j - four foster grandchildren iday evening. the" proposition suited, him Long Beach, cam.: K. .M. uowan., t a qvart . _ . . motion passed allowing him I'alo Alto, Calif.; f:ve grandchii-j A $poke sman for the v assistance he need- drcn. and two greatgrandchildren. dec]incd comment on the reason ««=^. ir Rowan wi u arnvc ncrc Thurs- for thc reduction. A buyers strike. 'called !y thc Consumers' Federa- ion last \vcek. "fuHcdjn an increase of "«· turned rcilk of about four times the normal amount _ A St Louis dair- spokcsinan said his firm probably would lower its prices a similar amount. Hyers Funeral Sentenced to Death Thursday 2 p. HI. MINES sen-ing a life Jcrm today for the .atg-so a . m. Tuesday at his home murder of a Burbank. Cai., vaca-. ntar Rudyngn^ w ill be held at lionist last July. i 2 p. m. Thursday at thc Spring Hardy was sentenced lo life inv Valley church. The Rev. Carl f Art M anv :arn nscniiwi ^ *....|.- ~.isonment yesterday, even though Downey will conduct the service ££«?TMr ifflST^rancc Euro- his wife, LLois, 22, has been sen- -, nd buri al wiU be in Sunset Hill, incms under me lo^o 1 "'**- ^» iv ; ~7_ . ., ,._ v or -..-t , n / » T- ,._vi.«. r^^j* «r \TT- Uvore will Dies at Ridgway , for hjr ^ in | Noighbor fricnds o{ Mr . H,vcrs will ithe murder of J. W. McClain. serve as pall bearers and members ' ·_·· * -1 _ i a o**.wA/4 f Vi^t \T^c I ^t *i-^ n. ---BAvf M^V« T Aft«A.«« n't 11 rv» ^ works. ? »Jrd works ""8 works. iGrav, Arthur Rice, Carl ^Come ' BiTly Render, Joel Lee Render,] land Roy Adams. program; ^v"^:-^ ^^:g^g||»|^s«^«i^^^ Tcnporalare , The'state had charged that Mrs. j o f" the "American Legion will be Thc Weather Southern Illinois: Cloudy tonight and Thursday with occasional snow except mostly rain close to the Ohio river. Low tonight IS to 24 except 32 the Ohio river; high Thursday 28 to 34. (Continued on Page Five) i honkytonks." at her .home. McClain's car and mono. '~ until th« hour of the funeral. f j|i I ·m I II! ; .j-'-i.' I 1 ·«·-; IT 'IT It- · ·$$? 1 '#»; 1

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