The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 30, 1932 · Page 7
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 7

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, May 30, 1932
Page 7
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THE DAILY NEWS. FREDERICK, MD, MONDAY MAY 30. 1932. SEVEV FOR THE LAST PROM . mfln HI) BY AMABEL McELLIOTT Kidnapping Negotiator Quizzed 6Y BEGIX UEHE TODAY »CSA CAKE1. Merei!? tm lewe ·rltk BOB U L N B A B kat rmx*fr* to EKXKST HEATH, a m*rh older mam. ··Menlr tad* kervelf tree. Ueatk rele*«ra ker eklrsl. r»o*Jv. rexlixtats ker ke«rc !· BOI hi*. Ske fella B«fc Ike «r«« aad ke «nE** *· early atarrUce. Uu»- kar*a Zatker. a prowl Aaaarlrr. !·- lerCere*. He «ell» SIUM «M* a ·tmrrtace will rai* Bob'» life. He waaf* aim a«a to njtrry OEXISE ACKKOVO. Mxrlet? *irt- aerplexed. uka RAT FL.AN'XKKl'- · friend, for advice. Ray !«·»· ker to follow ike dtetatea of ker keart. \0\V CO OX WITH THE STOR* CHAPTER MVII I DOB'S lather lelt Sasaa'a borne; confident of: triumph. The girl j ; ro.. .S;OL Lucky it was t' . he j "1 tad niy secretary call bis c!ut ! ruciUK'.ced 13 bis pocket for sotte ; !-:i(l fouE-' · a w oi:t tbe affair :n I today. He's r-.-gis'-ore'' th-^re." i silver xstl gave a !ast Ceeiins lock tiS5« to spike a hasty marriage { "i-rear' thlEg." breathed len'.»e. ; about the ro^o! as though to be rer- i There wcu" .- no cews;'.ipcr ta!k. ' "After B.-r cors- ·-« buck," r-ursue-i r a i n !·? !:aJ f.rgo?*ea ci'lbicr,. Then l!jirt'. : ,-:r;s business of annul- the fat "i !h : ;:!s we'J aiest. Al! this was zust a Surry. Most young icea tte same tSicg. liule s-.'tt!? m a t t e r s Lvtv.ccr. T went for ;:· -j. s-.-J cu At tte station Dacbar disoisseJ a s:aa:! i::.- o w n chauffeur v.'.;. \v--s waiilTt; "Miss Ackroyi! is dr'vicg c ; tte silver gray ros-jsier parked : little ahead of the Uusbar !5n? South Aj=?ri:-3? had seemed Qtiit* calJeabSe. ble la fact. H« rubbed bis hacds tosetter, smiling softly at tee mem-; orr of his own eloquence. He bad \ taken exactly the right tone, fce felt. Calling the affair "puppy lore" had been precise, and yet It hid also the shadow cJ the jocose. EN'ISE * ?!come! the captain ot Eaaace gaily aati charniSng'y. I She lookeJ exotic In her fitted black cloth suit with a. swirl of silver Jos. The -Er.". approved of her. Froa the tips of he- slender shoes to the crown of her Paris hat she was ei act"y what he wculJ have chosen iri?w u;- Evat'y ! better ;J him nonsense *ias 'u -·';. How about' :sJ th*B a trip The h*?y'» be?rj ,1 t'.;o drive and -, fore the door, o to dr.:;) him a !=::- sskcd sweet- s'« nvcJ ',bc :aa to tiu; \V' ·y The n:an · --j?: ioroJ tfc'.s. ~Nv. 1 tb;r.a j-er!:ar* you'd better c, ! t.TM i;« said. "lie's stubborn as nmly s *uictit" 1 . $ and we'ji have to go stseut fully. la a we proproslcu. "IV'b have forgot;.-:; i t very care- lin:e.'' h« for a caught*r-!2-!aw. He stepped Q'~ e - The phrase had indicated that he. man of the world, smiled understanding!? at these exhibitions while deploring them. . "You clever thin.c," sighed 'he girl. "I'll do just as you say." She i hummed softly (o herself as she I droro away. How sic:; 1 !* it alt H e i was. Then her sc;i:» v a n i ' h o J ar.J No ; a little sharp 15c» r.ppvared .-ircun it the suspicion bes^a to grow -. j one else woul( j tave darc(3 to call; ^ e , ri '°J KC " ,f.' .^ er .°;, 0 " !hh ,' ' i i i l N d:n::er was over D.u'te dcrcd frotn window to w'n- Jc'.v. re;::v«s as a Jag'ji'" She waa l;er^e'.{ :?. l:er slinky frock of l-ut- tor?'-; yel'ow f i l i a . It caught th« i i g h t a::d Its 2aid :ucvem*nt followed thi- -;oucb of fcer ioTciy body. Sh« !!t oc» c!?taret after another ociy t ^ cru«b tbca o-t agsln. Now ;ir:d t!:en she wc-i'd lift the teary our!:i:::s lo veer out ir.'.o the night. It w^s raining stcadi'y la an unre- !»no-.». '.:r.!'ro':er: save Jcr '.:;o S3ap of :::i iurcii:i; loss c'l tL* ho.irth ari'l :5:» r-i'atii:;: of raindrops sftaiTist the window ; .::c. appeared U inoreasv h'r R"rvor.sco?s. At last ?h* Ci:::g ht-rsc:f !n!o a i j w ..... t s -- ^ sailed at her benignly. rh?.!r h/ th si T::i v. of :' 9 desk and Although be refused to recognlre ; !:ked her smooth impudence. behavior. Mr. think himself things. But at coble : liked above "It's settled," he told her with i was replaced by a look c-f stony Dcnise pretended not 'determination. '.Vouldn't sho make u: to understand. Bob this lator! It --.', J :-.i». 1);;::!-.:: - t.i^.-'r ;;:··· ::?:· ca::: crac^'ius over th» wire. "Yoi! i r . i n i :-.-. :.::::. : v:i7" »e- ri!?e I'urrr:!. "I don't k::ow why but I've t'eoa a l i t t l e nervous. I bcj;an to t h i n k !-o m i ^ h t leave the club hrf«rc we ro.".i-!:cj him. TUat's fine!" rriA KOMIC:'. :o:nu: ' ?on:,w. i:u:;" :-r C.·:. C::a::«.s A. L:::dixrgh in ccsU directed -.award :zr : · · · - . » · : · .-: ·;·..- :lvcr'.i i:u:.a;;.".x: r~m. is shown iu. oe::ter t«stify:::g aelorv ·--.- Br ::x Cou:::y. N. Y . Grand Jury had died down he be- .. Wha , , ,.. ,^ w " Cl1 - "' -" e " t ° pay fo i be f u n . 5he tboaght. her ilps W hc:i she i - t !owp. U;e instrument gan'to remember the palior ot the i "-" "; ^ ""T^r '" """·· i c u r i i n g in anUcipatlon. to tee b!m : slje woro a Ux: , of fe! , EO S3 . israc . -I'i's face and the look in her eves, i "Everything we talked about last ; jump when she cracfco! the w h i p . ; :ion He : -rasge- impatiently. It was; c:;bt," j Denies drove hko a decst-n and. nonsense even think ot U for a j Denise widened her eyes with '· her s!aile was c *' i' I -'-=-' a3 t to s ^«- i moment. Who was she? \ mi; j nattering amazement. "Who did it?" ·i-.boi- ?-. :s his son's future fc3j He preened himself, must c ider. no: -ho teelinss o f j y o a Etl pp Ose 7" an unknown strl. In this mood oCce. His se; "Who do ' T- 1 " a narrow room fi:rn!si:ed agreo- j ab:y with old English oak a !· I She took one slim gloved band | youns man was P 3ck!n K a traveling ^".l 5 , stop ^ '" !ca s!iR sv ^ he returned to ms ; from the wheel to lay it caressingly ;". ,,. . . A - cial u n t i l the music soundei eci'tary 1 Ion his arm. -Marr-Ious:" she mur i baS ' H!S "P r « s!o3 *s E ' ern - "^ ; lower key and returned to tfa Dvniso r.r", ;.:;.: · . : - : . · ' . 03 n rsdiij. c u n n i n g l y »;crrted '.a an e i g h t e e n t h c e n t u r y cabinet la one corner. To t!-.? barbaric strain of jnz; music sho executed a few dar.e- chcd tbe ded In a the te'.p- what had happened to put him i n j c -- - - d . jeyes Intent. Ho laid out shirts and · phone. She called a city cumber sach an i r - ' ible humor. It must j He pretended to growl at her.! handkerchiefs w i t h methodical; and pat drumtnint; lightly on the P E A R R E ' S Modern Pharmacy DRUG PRESCRIPTION SERVICE TELEPHONE 208 - afiairs should be so helpless i:; i he j "That's true." he admitted. "You about the place indicated departure, the other end consulted someone, maaateaic-- -f his own son. I do everything well." They smiled \ The telephone rang and the youag ; "' !e ' 3 registered thrre." cried De- Dunbar -napped and growled at j at each other understandingly. Each \ man answered. He frowned, p u t ; =!se Scipatieatly. "His f a t h e r only everyone NoU/ag suited him. Late i admired the other's rutblessaess. i ting his band over the mouthpiece '·· - ust -Tcko to him." A male voice in the afternoon he roare-1 at the j the ability to take what was wanted i instinctively as if wishing to gain ; cam ' 7 t)ack regretfully, quiet, emeient creatuiD who had j with a quick, casual hand. Dealsa'time. i "Sorry, raadans. but hc en:::..-! endured his nagging for 15 years \ increased the roadster's speed. Ho said very qakily. "Yes. o f : 0 " f - I!t said." and here there was witho-- cor laint. ordering her to i "Well, that's that." she said w i t h : course. Any time you say. At one i Bother brier wait as though tha get Miss Ackroyd oa the wire. This her tinkling laugh. "Where do we : :hen." ' 1 speaker were referring to ^.tne done, his . d lightened and the thanks. He bustled whirlwind, flinging (Frcrr. 3;rgdorf Goodmaj:. Xetr York.) BY JOAN* SAVOT. XEA Service Writer. The last "prom" or the year U ·.:-.: most important one! You shouiu look as irrasistib;e as you possibly can. Tills year ;: can be a fragiie, cfeinty kind o* irresistibUiiy I Could anything be more appealing tc- a anale, and young male? There sre lots of sheer fabrics thai everybodr :ady steppin? irid acvenrure. a young; "ortc to seei romance ! office staff -about like a orc'^rs r'rl'.t and left, announcing on the threshold that he was tearing for t'.c day. T : '.s bey --ou!(l conic round U right, the- f-iber reflected as he go from here?" Dunbar knitted his brows. | The voung trjan'a fnco ~a' »·*'··' m e m a r a n d u m before him. "I:-, said 11 expressionless as bo hung Ur.~ the j J-° tcl1 aa - vot »o who called lie was thought we'd give him a few hours, i receiver, but tho message must have j '·- maybe a day. to cool off." he said, i been a pleasant ono because after j I^niso tor "Then I'll call him up and tell him ; a minute or two he began whistling, i -·' A ~ t inl ° Et " i r.g to be so tore her chiiT -:i ;. -..'.:. cr- tri P s - her eyes blazing. he'd better corce home." j His task finished, he called the- " I!is father's an old fool!" she "Do you knew where he is?" , uSicc ot the club and asked the por- ; "--ttcrc-d. "He's got away from us!" "Of; course," the man shrugged. { ter to coce up for his bags. Bob | (To Be Concluded) It has the covered shoulders that are l-y smart th^s year, only fe does i the trick trickilv. These little tiered) sleeves rr.scc of three raffles of thej chiffon, clip onto tbe neckline of the · evenicg bodice ana can be removed so! von cin have s. slee;:. sophisticated : rc-vrn if vcu ".-ant It. to ^ear "nitli a.: Sis®r. I give you the qualilv- of catnttness you -ittle velvet ·srsp. | jv.-c.r;:. ChirTon a!~2vs '.'."ss arnonT the- Th?se rttfSes over the shoulder are! I frothiest. When i: cozes ir. a cltiflori'. -racuateti. so that th-cv mase the top j In a soft silvery green of moonlight, on en; .-tick out to give a v.-ide shouldered j summer water you scarcely can. beat it. This chiffon dance dress has z lo; c? things to recommend :r. ITS ts'oric riri:r in the front, up ar.d do'sm, and is ] is chiffon acd its cok?r is the green de- . t'.ec in t'ts MCK. -.vith wo !orig ends ! icrfoed. · nar.gin; like a. ciminuiive train. You j Then it has tbe long, sltiek lines cctil- Cemetery Of Confederate War Dead Is Transferred To Control Of Government KiTCH ·;-TMect. The bodice nse'f has a sweet shir- . . . . . ,. i 01 course. Ue tnem m i o a bo».j o r BRIDGE aftfie SHORT CCTS FOB COOKIE MAKERS BY SISXES MART NEA Service Writer ~ou keep y«ir cookie jar filled --^ ^ ^ yu ^^^ affo . d ,- i the necessary time? It coes take much jack of spsdes. East easily refusing to j precious time to roll and cut oat win either trick. ! cookies, but there are shorter methods Aiter receiving this strong defense, j that lake from one-half to one-fifth Mr. Schsnken decided to play the I the time ana mean no sacrifice ol for -a 600 sei and try to set a club trici. so he ne:c; led his five of dummy forced . _- r'.abs. Tne e-gnt irora cu / I 1 East's SK. East returned \ \ diamonds. Mr. Schenken quality. Oa* short-cut method is to shape the dough into 3. roll chiii a shor- BF VTO. E. McKEXNET Secretary, American Bridge League Ho~ard Scheni:?n--:he player --no. the iira c-f J ougciy and slice it with s. sharp knife. "Tinning the i An even shorter method is to drop the ·rick irith the ace. Mr. Schenken then j mixture in. the form of a. very still : returned the six of clubs which Wes; . v-cn xrit-li the queen. West's nest, play -rzs the queen of diamonds. Mr. Schenken refused to his partner, holds the National; _ r __ the tr;c: pi a ;.-ing the seven of clia- ilasters* Gold Trophy, esi'deasatic ;l~e country's most covets gire his op- batter from a teaspocn on to the baking sheets. Of course, the cookies made by these fro methods wiil not be uniform in shape, but much time vrJ\ have been savec. Mothers trill be Trise to keep the i ?oneats an opportunity to make a mis- ; cookie jar subject v rules and regula- --the National Masters* PaL. Cha^.-. t ,i. ;e £nt ; novr. i^ifortunately for West, i tions for the small members of the pioriship. This contest is ixlrcnie'.y difficult :o in as it is open only to players ~ho have ·R'on a national chamtrlcnship. TVest becarce vx greedy--he vranted to ;:. his -ria-no-d suit- snd regain the iins o: clubs for a re-entry. th9 iacic of diamonds. In acditica, Mr. Sc'ncnSen ;s a : 7;h = c - n ~ : . s ' - r ,^ ruination-- the ten of clues ~"25 c::scarued from cuainjy and ; J: __ sclicnken -03 the trick with the : king of ciamonds. He then kd his ~-~~ , :ive of .^p;d?s. playing a small spade fr:~ currirriT and Ssst ^25 forced io -·in 'he trick xritii the ace. All tna: Sa^t could co i; to return t/^C "oor?"j "i^"^l^cri ^OlCS *IlC T^slt^'CTi?-1 ionship. He is a piayer cith z quiet, e; oine personality. If there i? one i3n bridge, hov-'ev^r. i*- is ntorc crtcgc. Ke 5275 thai ·'·:: iy'^~.~-~ r_jr.a Tived ct;:^ interest:- - KJ= th;re -"a. rjne durins the play tr.f-t r.-t- TVS.T L-linz to take s 600 -=et. sf.ixe to tat? ad'~nta?e of ?- mistake by his cppori^nts and t;t-"reby n'.-;--t-;- he family. No raids -a the jar between rnspA^ and p^Lrticul^riy just before j meals! Otherwise, a well filled cookie! jar makes i; possible to put up a lunch ' for mid-moming in a few minu- J es. Prom ttro-thirds to one cupfu: of shortening is used ··nth three cups of flour. deT3endiag on the richness desired. ; good" Rolled Oata Cookies. Rolled oats cookies are verv A K-1 0-7-5-3 VJ-9-4 made of a thin batter and are spread small one. in the pan and cut in squares afttr cr.D~.-:n t^iii '.rin it. in the cum-| baking. r.-.v --;:li tie ;-2ck. v.-hile if he returns j Use one rap brc'^ra sugar. 2 ec».; ·.,-- kir.s. Mr. :liEr.ken ·sriii go cp j 3-4 cap shortening. 1-2 cup sour rnilk. ; -.:;;-. the c.ce £nd iesd a small j 2 cups rolled oat?. 2 cups flour. I cup · :··* diirr.rny'.i : : jck. The king and j seeded and chopped raisins. 1 teaspoon '.:r: c-f 5~ac-t" in d'jmtr.y are both gocxi. j sods, i teaspoon cinnamon. 1-2 te?.- Ar.d ?o Mr. Schcr.ken. --ho at one! spoon vanilla. I teasry»n salt. i:rn» curing tr.o -lay of the hand,! Cream, shortenin? ar.d suear. Acd -iDu'.d have been almost -ruling to set-!eggs --ell beaten. Mix --el! ana ac5 ' tie '. ?r a set of 600. by giving his op- · rolled oats. Mix and sift flOiT. -sal',; t"r.t-n'j; an opporr^nity to make a mis-*ana cinnarr»n and combine ~~I'h ' T. J. r.IcGrath f loft. of Csmp Perrr. O.. represestir.; the Unite-n tgssggg^^ IN MEMORIAM TO THEM WE OWE THE LIBERTY WE ENJOY; TO THEM WE OWE THE PRESERVATION OF OUR INSTITUTIONS; AND SHALL WE NOT HOLD THEM IN GRATEFUL REMEMBRANCE? -- General Jc-bn J. Legan Commercial Bank of Maryland fcd-:ratx; cemetery from Miss Ivy ?.-ir-=. Ky.. treasurr-r of the C:r.c;r.- nati chap-ttr. Robert Patton Post,. TTr.itc-d D.: - .;rhte" of :hc Cor.fccora'y. n·".'.-- ·:·: rr.arkir.; the craves of 04 Confcccrat-? rfflccrs cr. a~ :.=·,,-:r.r! '.·ff Sancusky. O.. arc p-irtured ab^y-'c. At the right is seen the nv-'r.iirr.'r.t rr?rted by Unit-e-d Daughters of the Confcdcr.'.cy. ^iiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiini!'" 1 "^ I FLOORWALKERS- | IN-PRINT, | ;= SUAVE . . . courteous . . . inviting you to "Step this way, = jEE please." the advertisements in this paper are floorwalkers- = 1= in-print. They show you the way to merchandise that EE By NEA Service Cir.cinr.3;:, O.. May C3.--Tho -9-3 '7-2 * Q-J-35-2 iAK-Q-4- AA-3-4 Iionlcr SOUTH i 8-6-3 * 10-6-3 1 *A-3 i AQ-J-5 4A-K-7 AJ-7-6-5 Tht Brddinc. i:h a ·.'.-· ;run:;:. V.V.;- .-;-. s sr.d E. ; .:'-t- r.. ··:."--. .'.:·.- ",:'::c- J. ' The Flay. s::? op.:n.r.; ;..": v...s hcirtc. ;h» t;p -f r'ayed ;h? 10 and Mr. "it--. T:-? f-::cc£3?:ui in rnakir.5 his con- j raisins. Add soda to : '"": ···: -hree TV tnanp doubled. As]until dissolves. adcLne at. c-r.c? to first. his .-id-? ~is "Jlr.'jrable. it '^as inched · -- ixturs. J.t ilicl-.tiy ana add var.i/.a .-. f r r i f i - j-.-in? cr. -_ne hand. j an-5 d~«iienv-. M;- TOTOKKO V: It5. Dorothy S'ms.'sheet -srhich h.-? "»:n oiled ar.d flour- v:-c-T)rr«:(3cnt of ihe associate members ;. 33ki! fll;-:rn -- in .'. rr.;- rf the An.cricars Bridse Lcasnc and the cerace oven. C'^t in squarof ~\--:n rr.'.J capioin of the FOOT Horsemen. \ cool. -:" ^-C5rr:t her favorite hand. Brcp Gins**" Cookies. · : One cup b~rrs sugir. 1 .^5, 1-2 rup FI--!*crs For Snn. i shortening. 1-2 cu.-. rr.::k. :-2 ctt? -o- F"i-:---;-rs iui^ble for sunny iscatiocis! Basses. I teaspc-sr. ^ir.rer. : ;.;a.-pocn ;;-; ?.r--rstv.~:. '"-:-r, callopsis. caien-'sal-. 3 cups flour. c';''. :;T~~TJ--.-. four-o'clock, v-rcnic-s. Cream . r r."rt-tr.;r.; ar.i r.;~^r ^.r.d ;-rl;i «-d-_~. r:'.-.;-- cr-n-.rr.c-ndi. alysstan, : ~olass«:. A" ·'·n? r,;p of fl.tur sr.a -:;--'f:lir.-rr.t.jfs. " i flotir ^rh salt r-n?-r. Add ccr « · --ell beaten to first mixture. M:x sr.-i j adi cry in^rsG.ont.^. Adci rr.ilk ~ . t h teaspoon r.r.u an oiiec! ar.d no'.:r- , _ , - . ,·' Prison Camp .-as given one group -j*. r-s Con.eaf-ra.e _.__ ^....^ _ ^ . i= .,.,.,^ : t ' f .-..^., ur.ccr '.i-.* of Mr^. Albert' = serves your needs, and saves your money. :;r."v ?-~:rt!-r. Lr.k'-7.-»:Kj. O.. president · ^^ D-ipartrr.^nt the ] = Do you read these advertisements EVERY DAY? = ans ,-::r -jar deac. buriec in p«y. into ih? k";alr.; or the :-;-·:·--j. f -.h* -.rAr^.-:-:-- 7.-her. M^s Iva. McCar,-v, ?;.r:.= . XV., :rciJ--.:r-r ;.' t:t? C.:.- rv.c a c-'v t: ·,,:·- ccr.-.c'.'rTy ;·- Csp'.iin T. J. rrcGr-'.h, C.^rr.-/ O. r»:-pr-:^-rr."_:r.c '.r.c icc:rs. £".'-?r:.: j ;TM t;-.e r.-.s:r.;sn-2 2: Sir.d:_ : :y. O.. I-Iand Formed '·. ^T tr.e p'.v. would : ^z ::. r^rrs. Porter , = C-r.:--dors:y. Bampcr 3rd. Th- roller shoves ; '- r - ? - n-.ocr-rat- .; f.-.'.i :r. front --f the : D "»p Xat Cookies. · Drop r.ut ccc;k;«; are cell:: -- . i do not kwp as ~rf". as the ro- Volcanoes And Weather j squares. Thpy should b" -sod stir.-. ·-·; volcar.oes in southern I ciay ?Jrer basin;. A:r.-r;ca result in a cold j TTse fro tablespoons, butter. \--ti in ·:-..'.-. 7?cicn. if ospericr.-es !sugar. - «:?'. 1 c-:r. !loi:r. I ·r ;-.-3l.t:es after voican-.c action rnr-lt:re ri-T 1 '"r. 1-2 t-M.-p^n sola;^ :r. the fact tl'.a; "rGrath. '·-·. -s a io-u-^vrr-er D-v=:^r;:2n: of C -r.f ·:·.-:- in A"-u-:a. G.v Mv.s. M;;:c W.- 1 ':!. Mr5. S. A".c-r. C-ifTir.: ar.d Mr?. CJ^-r:---- F; = /.?-r. o:::y e-.;.-vivi:-.^ .-upp..-:-·: st ".·;·.-? fr-r brcak- r.tout the Gr-??.' Lakes re- Mrnsi. and Make it a regular habit. Do cot skip a day or an ^ advertisement, lest some priceless opportunity be lost. = Bead even the smallest advertisements and the smallest = print. Gems of rare worth are often buried where you == have to dig for them! Size alone is not an infallible j= guide to value. S Read the advertisements every dav, with pencil and =· paper at hand, to list those things you wish to look up ^ when you start to the stores. It is trite but true, that = this method saves tima and saves money. = Read the AJ-ca-ntcmcnte. Rend them and liccd them iiliiii^

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