The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio on December 19, 1955 · Page 21
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The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio · Page 21

Sandusky, Ohio
Issue Date:
Monday, December 19, 1955
Page 21
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Page 21 article text (OCR)

THE SANDUSKY ftEGISTCR-STAR-HCWS Tonighf's Radio Pro(r«mx «iib.i«ct to cnanite by stations wltnsut notice All times listed are Eastern Standard WTAM—1100 CLEVELAND 6:00 Maning 6:15 News 6:30 Mayer & Co. • :45 3-Star Extra "? :00 Mayer & Co. 7:15 Mayer & Co. 7:30 World News 7:45 Man's Famil.y 8:00 Henry Taylor R:l.') Inaugural R:30 Lone Ranger 8:45 Best Have Tr.lR—7«0 DETROIT News Dinner Date Sports Lowell Thomas WSPD—137« TOLEDO Edw. C. Kutz Reporter Mantovani .3-Star-Extra WLEC—14,%» SANDUSKY News Sport Parade Pinky's Party Singing America Guest House Guest House Serenade Edw. R. Murow Lone Ranger Lone Ranger News of World 1 Man's Family Fulton Lewis, Jr. What's New? Gabriel Heatter Les Paul, Bulletin Bing Cro.sby Henry J. Taylor Bob and Ray .Johnny Dollar Facts Forum Bob and Ray Talent Scouts Mem. Music Bob and Ray Talent Scouts Mem. Music Les Paul; Brown »:00 Telephone Hr. 9:15 Telephone Hr. 0:30 Band America !):45 Band Americ^ News, Carson Jack Carson Amos-Andy Amos-Andy Telephone Hr. Telephone Hr. Band America Band America Let's Dance Let's Dance Let's Dance Let's Dance 10:00 Fib. McGee 10:15 NBC News 10:30 Karl Bates 10:45 Karl Bates Beenath Snow Beenath Snow Tenn. Ernie Tenn. Ernie 1370 Club 1370 Club Town Meet Town Meet News, Dance Let's Dance True Detective True Detective 11 :00 News ,11 :15 Karl Bates 11 :30 Karl Bates 11:45 Karl Bates 12:00 News Hainline Sports Final Midnite Music Midnite Music News Edw. C. Kutz Evans, Sports Turn-in Time Turn-in Time News News Passport Dreams Passport Dreams Passport, News Prayer, Signoff Tuesday's Radio Our Boarding House . . . Major Hoople WTA.'M—1100 Cleveland 7:45 Reporter 8:00 Andrews 8:15 Ohio Story 8:30 Andrews 8:45 Andrews w.m—7fio Detroit Music WSPD—1370 Toledo Alarm Clock WLEC— 1450 Sandusky News Jack White Bud Guest Music Hall Music Hall Uebelhart Alarm Clock Alarm Clock Alarm Clock Trading Post Syncopated Clock Ohio Story, Weath Syncopated Clock 9:00 Easy Does 9:15 Jerome Kern 9:30 Jerome Kern 9:45 Jerome Kern News Kitchen Club Mrs. Page Lazy Ranch Kitchen Club Homemakers Homemakers Homemakers Hobt. Hurleigh Especially for You Glenn Miller Betty Newton 10:00 McBride 10:15 Weekday • 10:30 Weekday 10:45 Weekday Godfrey Godfrey Godfrey Godfrey McBrlde Weekday Weekday Weekday News Norwalk Norwalk Show Port Clinton Hymns We Love 11:00 Weekday 11:15 Weekday 11:30 Weekday J 1:45 Fib McGee 12:00 News; Autos 12:15 Livestcok 12:30 Mil., Gloria 3 2:45 Mil., Gloria 1:00 Bill Mayer 1:15 Bill Mayer 1:30 Bill Mayer 1:45 Bill Mayer Godfrey Godfrey Make Up Mind Miller Show Weekday Weekday .Weekday Top Tunes News, Waltz Waltz Festival Bing Crosby Tune Town News Farm Music Tinie Music Time Road of Life Ma Perkins Dr. Malone Guiding Light Uebelhart Interviews Party Line Party Line Noon News Grain Report Local News Guy Lombardo Party Line Party Line Party Line Party Line News Pinky Pinky, Girl Friend Story Time Story Time 2:00 News, Mayer 2:15 Bill Mayer 2:30 Bill Mayer 2:45 Bill Mayer 2nd Mrs. Burton Nora Drake Brighter Day Perry Mason Party Line Party Line Party Line Party Line News, 1450 Club 1450 Club 1450 Club 1450. Hollywood .1:00 Weekday 3:15 Weekday 3:30 Pet Hotel 3:45 Dr.'sWife News Backstage Wife Helen Trent Gal Sunday Party Line Party Line Pet Hotel Woman House News, 1450 1450 Club 1450 Club 1450, Weather 4:00 Happiness 4 :15 Stella Dallas 4:30 Wid. Brown 4 :45 Pep Young House Party House Party Music Hall Music Hall Rt. Happiness Stella Dallas Widow Brown Pepper Young News 1450 Club 1450 Club Santa Claus 6:00 Wom. House 8:15 Mayer & Co. 5:30 News, Story 5:45 Mayer & Co. News Music Hall Music Hall Music Hall Top Five Top Five Top Five Top Five 1450 Club 1450 Club 1450 Club 1450 Club WELL, MOOPLE, A6ME6 AMD I,, HAVE gcHM VvJOMD£RlM(3 .F VOU AND SAlMS OP CATCALLERS ARE SOlMS TO Al^OTHER CHRISTMAS AMD TMPOVO ALL THOSE PRETTV CAROLGr FOe A Ei3AD, BAXTER.' TD vJl6M VOO A MAPPV yOLETIDcygOT I'D ,5., MATE TO 6Ee VOL) TA14E TME C ) PAir ^S OF CRACK1M6 THOSE- GRAMITE FEATURES VOITM 11:00 Home 11:15 Home 11:30 Home 11:45 Home 12:00 Tenn. Ernie 12:15 Tenn. Ernie 12:30 Your Nest 12:45 Your Nest 1:00 Playhouse 1:15 Playhouse 1:30 Playhouse 1:45 Playhouse Tonight's Television Procrams subject to change by stations without notice All times liited are laitern Standard ( HANNKI. 3 WNBK Cleveland 6:00 Rumar 6:15 Raniar (i:30 Watch Birdie 6:45 News rilANNEL S CHANNEL • WSPD Toledo KEWS ClevelandWXEL CieveUnd CHANNEL 13 'I'txas J im Texas Jim News Hilites Weather 7:f>0 Cowboy 7:15 Cowboy 7 :30 Tony Martin 7:45 Caravan 8:00 Sirt Catsar H:15 Sid Caesar 8:30 Sid Caesar 8:4;") Sid Caesar Cartoons Cartoons Ohio Story Doug Edwards Deadline Deadline Thaxton Show Doug Edwards Schools John Daly Topper Topper Paris Paris Robinhood Robinhood Father Knows Father Knows Robinhood Robinhood TV Digest TV Digest Music Music Burns-Allen Burns-Allen Talent Scouts Talent Scouts Burns-Allen Burns-Allen Talent Scouts Talent Scouts icno Medii- I): I.") .Mtdic 9:30 Montgomery 9:4.5 Montgomery 10:00 Montgomery 10:15 Montgomery lil;3(l Valor 10:4r) Valor '1 1 no News I 1 ;].') 'I'healer 11:30 Toniglit 1 1 :4r) Toniglii 12:00 Tonight Dottie Mack Dottie Mack Medic Horizons Medic Horizons Hox'ing Boxing Boxing Ringside Bowling Bowling Bowling Bowline News, Signotf I Love Lucy I Love Lucy Dec. Bride Dec. Bride I Love Lucy I Love Lucy Dec. Bride Dec. Bride Studio One Studio One Studio One Studio One Studio One Studio One Studio One Studio One News, Sports Weather, Show Night Owl Night Owl Night Owl News Movie Time Mirror Mirror Hilites News Tuesday's Television 2:00 Playhouse 2:15 Playhouse 2:30 Little Margie 2:45 Little Margie 3:00 Matinee 3:15 Matinee 3:30 Matinee -3:45 Mattrree 4:00 Life Date 4:15 Fir.s-t Love 4:30 Mr. Sweeney 4:45 Romance 5:00 Pinky Lee 5:15 Pinky Lee 5:30 How'Doody 5:45 How'Doody Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse Sugar Consumpl-ion Quota Set For 1956 WASHINGTON (INS)- The Agvi culture department ha.s established j a U.S. .sugar consumption quota ol ii,350,000 short tons lor 1956. Amounts to be supplied by the domestic beet and cane producers are the same as those established tor this year — l,i!0O,000 tons and 500,000 tons respectively. The current Sugar act under which quotas are established expires next Dec. 31. Earlier this year, an attempt to revise and extend it came to naught in Congress .«o ,-1 fresh attempt will have to be made when the new session convenes in January. Straw for livestock feeding should be taken from the field as as possible after combining. (H .^NNtL 1 WNBK Cleveland 8:00 Today 8:15 Today 8:30 Today 8:45 Today ( HA .N.NKL 5 CHANNEL « CH.4NNEL 13 WtWS Cleveland WXEL Cleveland WSPD Toledo Capt Kangaroo Capt Kangaroo Capt Kangaroo Capt Kangaroo Capt Kangaroo Capt Kangaroo Capt Kangaroo Capt Kangaroo 9:00 Early Bird 9:15 Early Bird 9-30 Early Bird 9:43 Early Bud Fun Farm Eun Earm Eun [•arm t-"uti l-'arni 10 00 Uiiig Dont: \',iial> EJU !0:15 Ding DouH V arut;. Eair 10 30 Ernie E.os ai. .-5 Vanil> Fair iO-id £faieKo\<ics Canity Fair Romper Room Romper Room Romper Room Romper Rooin tJarry Moore Garry Moore Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey TV Newsreel House Party Love Story Love Story Garry Moore Garr.. Moore Valiant Lady Love of Life Keep plenty of Wrigley's Spearmint on hand for the Holidays You'll hear lots of "Thaiik You's" when you pass this pure, tasty treac around to friends—serve it after party meals— give it to the cMIdren. Eiery- body appreciates deliciouis Wrigley'sSpearmint CJ iini —and it costs so liUle. (jet a supply tudajy-. UOOT Ol .M.I. i:\ll." Cl .KVEL.\M), Dcr. l!l i 1. l'> - ! Clevelaiul police lotki.\ iiui '>.lioiik:fl five bov.s aboul llic llicii ol ?i ;u,OUO to $30.()()() woi-tii ol 111:1- soonlteriaLs irom 1. stories auci construction jobs. The U'lMi-aJc bo>s said tlu'\ .spt-iul ilif UIOIRJ on "girls and ;4asi,)liiif." The luml)er iiulii.-trx' iLiiiiiN to be the oldest in AiiicrJL'a. sinci' Capt.-iia .John Siiiiili iiiduuiii ••ei,L;hl Poles ami DLiuiinifii ior the purpose ol tTcclu, >;r\\ im!I.s" to Jaine.sloun t'oions m Hin;-! I Fcrtili/iT iiilro.^cn i.^ now . M),J i ill three loriii.->- L::I- , !n|iii>l A\\^ I siilid. .Ml art' t'(|ii.iil> ol I I'li i>. c i in pruduciug imp > n Id i c .sponges. AJI It

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