Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 25, 1962 · Page 11
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 11

Lake Charles, Louisiana
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Saturday, August 25, 1962
Page 11
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Deputies Accused Aiding Pickets HAlwkY, La. (AP) - The headvota strike-bound steel drum irtng plant here has that Jefferson Parish deputies are backing up union pickets. The 11-day-old strike at the Evafla .Cooperage Co. Inc., saw a truck" overturned Friday. Two men wet* slightly hurt when they tried to drive into the plant. The incident prompted company officials to seek a district court injunction to insure peaceful picklting by the striking United Steel Workers of America. AfteV^l.8 witnesses were heard Friday*, tudge Robert G. Hughes continued the case until Monday. RobeA Evans, company president, said the company had already been granted a temporary restraining order against the pickets Aug. 17. "Thig had a quieting effect on the pickets at first," he said, "but they gradually began to ignore it more and more. And the Jefferson Parish police are taking sides with ;them." Evans said police have refused to stop pickets from barring company people from the plant, and, "in some case, they (the police) have encouraged them to do so." Capt. George Gillespie of the parish sheriff's office said the department has never received a copy of the restraining order. But, he said, officers have been patrolling the plant to see there is no violence. Evans, however, claimed that Gillespie has received the order and "told me Thursday morning he had been served." Injured slightly after the truck was overturned were Charles A. Griffin, 48, of Donaldsonville, and Perry Friedly, 38. also of Donald- \^ sonville. They said their truck was blocked by pickets at the plant entrance and the pickets overturned it. Company officials said it was the latest of several incidents since about 100 of the plant's 120 employes went out on strike Aug. 14. The company and union are disputing wages and fringe benefits. Af/ene Dohl Will Serve Dual Role ,., People In The Newi By tHE ASSOCIATED PRESS "**» .' Actress Arlene Dahl is scheduled to play a dual role at the Miss America pageant in Atlantic City. ; NJ., this year. She will be grand 1 marshal of the parade and a member of the panel of 10 judges.'The parade will be held the night of Sept. 4, and Miss America will be selected Sept. 8. Actress Bette Davis and her 15- Rider Leaves After Brief Stay North year old daughter, Barbara Mer rill, were shaken up in an aulo collision north of Malibu, Calif The actress continued on to work at her movie location. The California Highway Patrol said Miss Davis was pulling onto Pacific Coast highway near Zuma Beach when her car collided with a station wagon driven by Mrs. Carroll Ryan Arndt of Malibu. Mrs. Arndt suffered cuts and bruises. Dan Dailey's wife has divorced him on grounds that he snubbed her friends and stayed away from home without explanation. The 45- year-old actor was not in Superior Court in Los Angeles to contest his 35-year-old wife's suit. Mrs. Dailey formerly was married to actor-dancer Donald O'Connor. CONCORD, N. H. (AP) - The Maggie Griffiths, pretty 23-year stay 'in Concord of a "reverse old red-haired Welsh girl has Freeddm Rider" and her seven walked out as a model for the children has lasted exactly six '< house of Dior She told reporters noi "' s '' ' in London (hat she found working Mrs. Jna Perry, a Negro from, for the top French fashion house Birmhigham, Ala., arrived Friday' tiring and nol particularly well from 'Birmingham and left the' paying. same day after saying she thought; "Fran^y, it al , got lo b bR there'd be more Negroes in Con- j of a bore V she * ays ^.^ ™\t ' *r • i . j L from 10 '" tnc morning until 10 at Welfare oicmls quoted her as: night; the samc do f h . ^ say, ng ..,he seemed out of place i same shows d after d A d here"- with her children ranging J earned less in a week there than I in age from 2 to 14 years C an in one day in London." She- said the Jefferson County ; „,, . ,. White,Citizens Council had paid [ m J nh , erfe wa « °° ^mediate com- her expenses to Concord. ™ ent from the house of Dlor The state of New Hampshire, paid for bus tickets to get Mrs. i Actl 'css Patrice Wymore is in PerVjT and her children back to I ? L John ' s Hospital at Santa Mon- Birmingham. She said she might ! lca> Callf " for a routine physical stop'ftfpn Philadelphia. i examination, a spokesman for the tolfare < Welfare officials said Mrs. Perry was given the choice of staying In'New Hampshire or returning to' her home and she chose to return South. Earlier, Maurice Dixon, chairman of the Jefferson County White Citizens Council, reported Mrs. Perry 1 ' was on welfare in the South and he had paid her rent the last,week she was there. hospital said. She entered the hospital Friday and is expected to be released in a few days after completion of tests. Firemen Called To Put Out Fire At Paint Shop The Lake Charles fire department answered a call to the Bill Torres Paint, and Body Shop Friday night at 9:22 "prepared for the worst." The fire was confined to a car within the building, however. The I building is located at 1426 Broad LAKE PROVIDENCE. L«. <AP> ! street ' -A Negro involved in a civil' Department authorities said Negro Says Shot Fired Auto rights controversy claims someone fired a shot into his car and fedei'ah and state police have pooled: tbeir efforts to find out who did it. Rev, John there was extensive damage to the car, but minor damage to the building. Fireman Joe Shreve, secretary to Chief Richard Sarvaunt, said Henry Scott says that "any lime a building is re< someone drove alongside his car ported on fire it is bad, but a Wednesday and shot into it. Scott paint shop is one of the worst." Aft C u r u ut T S not hlt J' Companies 4 and 5 answered Scott said the shooting occurred lne call and returned to the it* because ^of his efforts to get Ne greed'bit the parish voting rolls. Scott testified at a civil rights hear(hg, in New Orleans some time ago about alleged discrimination against Negroes in the parish. ',.. He WHS one of the East Carroll Negroes who petitioned federal court to approve him as a voter. He was one of 25 Negroes tlon at 10:17 p.m. Only 19 Absentee Ballots Cast In Beauregard DERJDDER 'Spl.i - Absentee volin n Beaurcgard parish fori to voli for the first time in at'^.W™]^ >• f cond '" 1/0 " years in the parish. ! PIatic Drimarv has l ^ n ft * The FBI, detectives from the cratic primary has been extreme* ly light. There will be only one race on the Beauregard ballot, that of justice of the Supreme Court, in which incumbent Chief Justice John B. Fournet is opposed by Judge James N. Lee. Shortly before the close of absentee balloting Friday afternoon, Parish Clerk of Court Robert B. Nichols reported that only one re. t for HbaUot by mal f ;§| H. Ciwp <rf Arab was sho to|^ ejved am} g total of }8 death tt I gun battle Friday night i balloU had been cast ln and parish deputies are working on the case. Arqbi Man Dies In Gun Battle at Nearo Residence i V* . and poMie started a search for his -Mlant, believed to be a Negfe'-. - Qfljittf t§id Camp was inside a rfegro residence here and ap- par«^tly r got into an argument. He reportedly left and went lo bis ipt'foj- a guo. ard gara England * 4... lO LONDON ( AP)~The Home Of. ifturnw, • volley o/ shots ice has granted political asylum Bullet holes were to Polish fisherman PawelPaU'- building's wooden galek, who crossed the North Sea •UpT An wnnty plstoTbolslfr was alone in a 30-foot fishing bflit to i« Camp'i car. England earlier this month. P09BPTA W66TA...A JOE PALOCKA They'll think of a hundred reasons why we shouldn't take Walt and Phyllis may not like our picking up the t^ins a week eariy, GASOLINE ALLEY ??-THAT'SAGOOD DOQ.f-HE'S MALLV WDRTH YOUR WHILE.? 9 TME NEXT MORNING- FEW PALTRV 50- THOUSANDERS. A POOR SELECTION ,•;' -*. HERE AT TME POST OFFICE TODAY, WALTER/.' THANK YOU, COL. CANYON / ROA&TED BOA CONSTRICTOR. RARE,MEDIUM OR WELL MAJOETATE,! AM TRULY (3I2AT£FUL fOf. YOUK. INVITATION TO VISIT THE ARMY CARIBBEAN SCHOOL.' -MY RESPECTS TO COLONEL EDOAR.' fORCE OPERATION I'LL BE OVER TO SEE STEVE CANYON WHAT'* 00* CHOW? WHAT W646 YOU CAT* FI6U8IN6 P0« PiNNtRf yvi fcAf ANV&OPV WHAT 65CAP&P MY/--NOTHING COULD WAKE HIM UP I THINK HE'D SLEEP RIGHT THRU HYDROGEN-BOMB EXPLOSION DO i SMELL POT ROAST —< AND NOODLES LET ME EXAMINE THAT THAR EVIDENCE, GARNER O'SHEft 8?°-° YOUR HONORI AIM TO PROVE THAT J.K. EILUM TOOK THIS JUG OF CORN-SQUEEilN'6 OUT OF SNUFFV'S HOLLER TREE SNUFFY SMITH HKeiWAS'&Cflt&.WH&i HUHKOFMAH 3AILEP IHTO OUR MlPST.. WAHT70 7SILME never: $0 , HUMIUATB>! IRENDA STARR «ANKJ OF JEEW mix MO XtfTLY THKOU6H THl HURRtlS ATtMIO LMf!" nor caw me tea, IHWW 5IUNT FIUOW 6UKT tOPPENtY MOVtO 10 RtCITt ItV DICKINJON'J t| TV TIME PREVIEWS (TV tltne critics preview coming eelevisioa by attending rehearsals, watching screenings, and tna> lyalng scripts in New York and Hollywood. These art their previews for today): ilST BET ?:30-8:3Q P.M. CfcS. TUB Dt-jand Inga Sweiison are fcatrrfed fenders^'The Locked Room." (re-' as the three people actually in- si-ar.S'iSS'ii'K'"!-' » *• j— »—— courtroom format. The crime is! cnme murder, committed not once, but Fans of Dody Goodman will en« three times, as three jurors re- j joy seeing her is of» Of the jur* enact the scene in their own ima- \ ors, along with Marian Winters gination. i and Williain Dafliels. B. Q. Mar- Zachar^ Scott, Viveca Lindfors | shall and Robert Reed. OTHER HIGHLIGHTS «:$(».?:» P.M. CBS. PERHY Mason. '"Hie Case of the Prudent Prosecutor." (rerun). D. A. Burger doesn't lose this case to Perry. In fact, he hires Perry to take the case, after he disqualifies him«lf s "I • , ,, , , I series of good TV movies is , .iis It concerns a close friend of St0 ry of a metallurgist trying to Burger who is charged with mur- pr0 ve that a series of plane crl a- dermg a man against whom he es has beer, due to "mental fa- after too iNlght at the Movies. "No Highway in the Sky." starring J a m c s Stewart, Marlefte Dietrich, Jack Hawkins and Glynis Johns. <r«* run) One of the lesser lights in this personal Pat O'Malley is featured as the 'service defendant with Dennis Patrick' stepping in to prosecute. Raymond Burr stars with William Tallman and Barbara Hale. 6:30-7:30 P.M. NBC. WELLS Fargo. "Who Lives By the Gun." 1 The story then introduces a beautiful movie star on a flying trip to Labrador, thrown together with the scientist and his theory, and the probability of a crash. 8:30-9 P.M. CBS. HAVE GUM Travel, (rerun). This is the that lacks being top-notch TV only! IV P* of show paladin fans wil1 eat by a weakness in the dialogue.' U P- It>s about a Bostonian *,«» (color) (rerun) A powerful drama ,.., with excellent characterizations' WU1 Judith Evelyn is featured as a vengeful mother out to break Jim Hardie after Jim wounds her son during a robbery attempt. The fact that the son is hardly buys a ranch to make a new life, but makes the mistake of buying the property wanted by a tough cattleman. newcomer gets After the more than a boy, and he carried' roughed up and told to leave. Palan unloaded gun, helps mama en- adin comes to dispute the issue list the sympathies of the towns- with the vicious, gun-toting antag- people. Bert Patton portrays the onists. spoiled youngster with star Dale 9-10 P.M. CBS. GUNSMOKE. Robertson. Sherry Jackson, who once romped 7:30-8:00 P.M. NBC. T A L L '. about the TV screen as the ado- Man. "The F r a m e." (rerun). A lescent daughter of Danny Thorn- trite plot that is lifted only slightly as, gives a moving portrayal as a by good acting. It involves a hus- girl who confesses to the murder band's twisted jealousy leading him to frame his wife on a murder charge when he suspects of her father. Although grief stricken, she tells Matt she committed the hank y-panky between her and | crime because her father refused Sheriff Pat Garrett. i to approve her marriage to a Harry Townes and Lori March | young farmhand. James Arness are featured with star Barry Sul- i stars with Amanda Blake, Dennis livan. i Weaver and Milburn Stone. Jere- 8-10 P.M. NBC. SATURDAY; my Slate is featured. NBC Starts New Courtroom Story HOLLYWOOD (AP) - "You can't win a law suit in a courtroom by trickery—except in nov- Ehrlich said the same idea had occurred to others but that ha wanted any series with which he els," declared Jake Ehrlich fer-iwas connected to consist of hour vently. "And I don't think anyone, | shows. ever, jumped up in the rear of the , Originally the show was called courtroom and confessed to mur-^333 Montgomery." which is Ehr|der." i lien's offic eaddress. There were Ehrlich, a slight, jaunty man, | numerous reasons for not using is a qualified commentator on the i Ehrlich's name- courtroom scene. He is a famous i ., In the first plaC6i the Amefi . San Francisco trial lawyer who has appeared for the defense in can Bar Association is fussy about things like that," the lawyer said. 100 capital cases (and never lost,,,,^- unethical to bandy around one in the state prisons "green the name of fl ]awyer Secondlyt roo , m- . „.,.„„• t nere were problems of legal ac- A new series, called "Sarr.Ben- j u b ^ , who th ht ed,ct" (that's the Ehrlich-type | were ^^heir stories." lawyer), has been shrewdly msert-i _. „ * . L , , . , ed at the head of NBC's Satur- ?™^> *«* *** eternal day night lineup of shows for j necessity of taking license in tell- autumn. That means that ojd | mg a story in dramatic form, friends of "Perry Mason"! Ehrlich has a financial interest (knocked over to Thursday nights!in the show, and makes frequent to make room for Jackie Glea-! trips to Hollywood to check over son's variety hour) may still get!scrips with Newman. Despite the their full week-end ration of law-! marked physical differences be- yer-adventures. tweeu heavy-set Edmond O'Brien, The series has been a long time who plays Sam, and Ehrlich, tha arriving. Jack Newman, the pro- peppery councilor says he couldn't ducer, became interested in using be happier with the choice. Ehrlich as aprototype many sea- "He gets right at the meat of sons back when he was in San the thing," Ehrlich said. "He por« Francisco making a police series, trays a good, solid trial man in "The Line-Up." that every time he moves, it "Of course I knew about Ehr- means something." lich, but then 1 started hearing The ingredients in being a sue- police officers talk about him," cessful courtroom lawyer, he add- Newman said. "Then I read a ed, are 99 per cent preparation, couple of his books on law and a 1100 percent presentation and 1 per book about him. ! cent luck. TV TONIGHT (Presented as a public service by the Lake Charles American Press which is not responsible for unannounced changes by stations or similar program inaccuracies.) Channels - WBR2-TV Baton Rouge 2, KPAC-TV Port Arthur 4, KALB-TV Alexandria 5, KFDM- TV Beaumont 6, KPLC-TV Lake Charles 7. KLFY-TV Lafayette 10, and KBMT-TV Beaumont. 12. Today's evening programs are listed below. SATURDAY EVENING 6:00-Sports, 3 NBC News, 4 Yancey Derringer, 5 Sports, 6 Beany and Cecil, U «:10~Weather, % 6:l&-Esso Reporter, % Weekend News, 4 Church Service. 7 News, 10 6:30-Wells Fargo, 2, 4, 7 John Fournet, S Perry Mason, 6, 10 Calvin and the Colonel, 1) 7:00—Life at Us Best, 5 3; Room For One More, 11 7:30-Tall Man. 2. 4. 7 Peter Gunn, 5 Defenders, 6, 10 Leave It to Beaver, U 8:00-Movie. 2, 4, 5, 7 Lawrence Wefc, 12 8:30-Hav» Gun, 6, 10 9:00—Gunsmoke, 6, 10 Boxing, 12 9:45—Sports, n 10:00-Night Desk, 2 News, 4, 6, 7, U Dateline '63, S Route 66, 10 10:10— Untouchables, 7 10:15-Movie, 2, 4, 5. 6, U 11:00—Movie, 10 ll.'lo-Movie, 7 I2:l&-Newf-Priyer, $ C*U For Prompt. Pepeadible, Gi)»r»at«N Radio, Television & Plwnojr*** fwrvlce *»mk«r K T«Hvl»i« |lMlr«al« Strvict AMUfHiHi at if MARY WORTH

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