The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 10, 1970 · Page 12
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May 10, 1970

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 12

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 10, 1970
Page 12
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Hitiirte^ Sunday Register M*HO,J*70 Ideal Section-" By Ofden Otright .Music lovers have the ch6ice toiiay in Des Moines of three afterftoon programs; If they were to attend all of them, the outing would last from 2 p.m. to perhaps 5:30, but missing part of two finales. , At 2 p.f» t in the Art Center's Levitt Auditorium, the F-raftcesco Trio (pronounced F.ran-chess-k ; o), resident ensemble at GrinneU College, will play its first Des Moines recital. Ensemble members are violinist David Abel, cellist Bonnie Hampton and pianist Nathan Schwarte — each a —noted soloist, the program: Haydn's E-ma- "A B C" j6r Trio, Charles Ives' 1904 Trio af ii d Beethoven's sublime "-Archduke" Trio No. 7. Art Center members will be admit- tre d f r e e ; n o fi-m ember •admission is $1.50. The auditorium has about 240 permanent seats. : At 3 p.m. in the Wcstside Public Library at Fiftieth and Franklin, a Drake University student woodwind quintet, assisted by faculty pianist Beverly Henkel, will play a free recital consisting of Clifton Williams' Concert Suite; the largo movement from Mozart's E-flat Quintet for Piatio and Winds; the "Chickens in their Shells" episode from Mussorgsky's ' Exhibition": "Pictun it. Is it possible the Jackson Five have been around such a short time? The family gtoup rocketed to fame with their first, MotoW single, "I Want You'Sack.*' The group consists of five Of the nine children df Joe and Katherine Jackson, Tlie family comes from Gary, Ind., and; not long ago they bought a 10-r<x>m~hTrase-iTr-tfre~ Holly- Wood Hills above Los Angeles. Joe w&s a crane operator in Gary b,ut spent his spare time at home^playing_the-guitar and writing songs. Katherine sang country-western songs with a touch of blues. As the boys came along the Jackson home glee club started. Not long ago the Jacksons knew they were famous—their unlisted telephone number was -ene~of—the-top star-numbers- offered for sale to fans. ;P>, Spades, Inc. Words and Music, by "The Corporation" Tempo - With o Beat ,. -- Buh,- buh, buh, buh, Tuh, . boo buh, buh, buh, buh, buh, buh, You w£nUo Bchool to girt, Things you nev- er, nev- er knew be - fore Like »i» be - fore "E" ex- cept ° «f- ter "C" And why two plus two makes four Now, now now, 6 I'm gon - na teach you all a - bout, love dear Sit your - aelf down take a seat All you got - ta do is re - pent af - ter me 'Ann mo l' G C moj7 . G C G r ABCeas.-yas 123 As sim - pie as Do, Re, Mi A B C 1 2 3 ba- by, You and • a • , 9 n .-, Cm °i 7 ,, G Cmoj? G C G me girl ABC Eas - y as 1 2 3 As aim - pie as Do Re Mi A B C 1 2 3 ba- by, .You and me girl Come on, let me love you just a ° lit - tie bit I ? m gon - na tench you how to " C r '7 ' r sing it out Com - a, com - 9, come on let me show you what it's 'all a- bout Read - ing and writ - ing 'rith - me - tic A •• • C • - c G Key of C mejer By Nick Baldwin (Register Staff Writer) . IOWA GITY, IA. -An exhibition of coDages and paintings by Roben Motherwell, an artist who reduces abstract forms to minimal statements, will no doubt Cause some raised eyebrows. / Ceitainly, the Mptherwell works now being exhibited at the Museum of Art at the Uni* versity of Iowa at Iowa City will cause bfiWildermenLJin those who come to them unprepared. Exen_dfting.your_Jlomewotk,J however, may not help unless Oenlson opens Wednesday and eefttlnuto through June 1 at me Dtnl»6n.Arfi. Association Gallery. ,-,-•' JMWOftr- -r ; .MJ*WWM «L*«rN you are willing to acccpt-trc~ significant a form of art that has been stripped bare. That's what happens with the "open" series drawings, a collection of works where a simple line becomes the artistic statement. 'Either charcoal on paper or acrylic on paper, these drawings are of unfinished squares against blue, orange or white backgrounds. Each drawing shows one unfinished square and its presence in relation to the plain or painted paper is the work of art. The subject remains the same throughout the series, with the background color and "Open," Study No. 8 by Robert Motherwell On Display at Museum of Art at University of Iowa there is a deliberate attempt to keep things off center and crude in a way as to avoid any suggestion of prettiness. ' __They are, alter all, the prooV ucfof a man who has said that look "made" like an automobile or a loaf of bread in waxed paper" and who then goes on to explain that "precision belongs to the world of machinery which has-its own forms of the beautiful." . Carter Exhibition A small exhibition of works by Clarence Carter, a visiting artist this semester at the University of Iowa at Iowa 'City, opens today and continues through June 14 at the Museum of Art. Consisting of nine paintings, a drawing and five prints, they are abstract compositions of symbolic intent and surrealist by Robert Bauer of Wllllamsbura continues,until June 13 .at_thejyiemorlal union Gallery on the Iowa Tftate University campus In Ames. Webster city — .the annual.Ri Meur Art Show In Webster City. 5uiieV?Pa1l. ** jii! leglonal ,. opens rfdav at - Denlien - An exhibition of work* bv artists working within a TOtt-mlle radlui of wn . 3Wrttf J iowa t . Orlftnell ,,- "Neto AeauiiiffbnV' * . jiectwn - «f ; Works - f rotft tlw wrmanen} collection, of Grinneil ca|iew,. continues threuwi May 31 at th» Muieurn at Art. of Grinneu college. • • > indllnol* -. "Relief," a small exhibition of relief, prints assembled 1 ' bv Richard Black of the Drake University art* department and circulated' under the auspices of the Iowa Arts Council continues through May U In the Mathew simp- son Room of the Dunn Library at Simpson college. Muscatlne - Muscatlne - An exhibition of -watef- colors, drawings and cartoons bv .Frank Miner, Pull tier prize-winning cartoonist of the Des Mqlnes Register, opened sat- An exhibition and cartoons prize-winning a Register, opene urday and continues until about mld .jJ_th(O.aur«_Musser : --Art-Giilerv E S xhlbltlna at the Lauri it- ano- relics days. from . Musser dur|t|a . . olTne. in., gn Mississippi River PlcTyres .an>_ iteamboM L-J na ' Today is Mothers Take her to Dinner at the Fort. The Boulevard Cafe 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Sleak Ranch Noon to 5 p.m. Adults $2.95 Children under 8 $1.50 •M i 1 h a u d' s "La cheminee" Suite, and the allegro movement from Rimsky-Korsakov's B-flat "piano-winds quintet. •"The ensemble players are Elizabeth~Stlles, -flutey John •Stansberry, oboe; Janet Lee, clarinet; CaroLButzbach, horn, and Mickey Rosenau,- bassoon. At 4 p.m. in University Christian Church, the Drake University Singers, Chamber Chorale, Drake Choir and Drake Strings .will present a., spring concert '(free). Organist Carl Staplin *arid faculty soloists Margaret Hauptmann, Carolyn Stanford, Vern Miller and Marion Hall will participate; student soloists are Jane Thorngren, Kathleen Karnes, Alan Woodman, Linda Grofeland, Mara Tenenbaum, .Philip Atkinson and Alan Woodman. Hall, Allan Lehl and Willis Page will conduct the program, -which consists' ot two works by Benjamin Britten, Brahms' .J'Liebeslieder" Waltzes and a Magnificat by Pergolesi. '» • • . ) Beethoven ' The Francesco Trio's inclusion of Beethoven's "Arch- 'duke" opus in its recital is but one of several tributes marking the 200th anniversary of the "year of his birth. The Hope (Mich.) College Trio will play Beethoven's Op. }21a "Kakadu" Trio in a guest recital (free) at 8:15 • p.m Tuesday in Drake University auditorium. The faculty ensemble - violinist Harrison Ryker, cellist Robert -Retseny* .and pianist Anthony Kooiker — also will play Faure's Op. 120 Trio and Dvorak's Op. 90 "Dumk"-Trio. (Tho ensemble will play the same program at 8:15 p.m. Monday in the Cox- Snow recital hall at Central College in Pella.) Finally, lowans can hear twoperformances of Beethoven's mighty Ninth ("Choral") Symphony within the next few days, At 8 p.m. Wednesday in Iowa City, -the University of Iowa Symphopy Orchestra, James Dixon conducting, with the University Choir" and Oratorio Chorus (directed by Daniel Moe) and faculty soloists will perform foip of Mozart's concert .arias plus the Ninth. Soloists will be Kathryn Harvey, 'Carolyne James,_Rob> ert Eckert, Albert Gammon, John Simms and Eldon Obrechl Admission is by free ticket; the concert will be in i Memorial Union. At 8 p.m. next Sunday in KENT Theater in Des Moines, Beethoven's Ninth will be performed by the Des Moines Symphony Orchestra, Willis 'Page conducting, with Margaret Hauptmann, Carolyn how 4ho Igain • iua lmn With 6Ut Uni roots of a love ev - 'ry day girl Your ed.- u - ca - tion ain't com - plete. TeSch - er's gon -na fho°w you Gmo|7 CO C G r to get «_"A» Spell me "you" Add the two Lis - ten to me ba - by, thats all you 0 C G . A9_ 8 i m _....pia_as Do, Re, Mi - ABC 1-23 ba - by, You and me girl A B C """"' Eas - y a 3 'l 2 3 Cm ° i7 As sim - pie as Do ReMi ° A G C B C 1 2 3 ba - by, You 'and me girl Yah sit down K irl I think I love you No get up girl show m^v*at you can do Shake it, 8 hake it ba - by come'on now shake it,'shake it ba - by Oo " Shake it, shake it ba - by hey A B C ^'Vas - y a. 1 2 3 ^ A, sim - pi, as £, RP, Mi C cind Fod» ABC the positioning of the square providing some variety. Deliverately Uneven .As opposed to hard edge in style. One series, which he has named "transections," is the Des Moines Litfns Club and the public schools' department, will music be the 'Rakoczy" March by Ber- ioz, Schubert's "Unfinished" Symphony, "Finlandia" by Sibelius and Anderson's 'Bugler's Holiday." At 7:30 p.m. in Roosevelt High School auditorium, the school's band arid orchestra, Al De Gooyer conducting, will play their annual spring concert. Tickets are $1 and 50 cents. Music Events Indlanola — The Simpson ' ' 'III., perform the :15 o.m. Frld.av Man of LaiMancha/' a] and Saturday In the Little Theater on .... Tickets are $2.50 for adults and College «rama leal, „ Jday theater on the non-Simpson students. Another "Camek>t,"-was-3ta<ied-over the May 1 weekend by the college music- de partment. ' Ames — The Iowa State University Symphony and Concert Bands, Acting Ost- llng, r., and Joseph Messenger dlrectli ..... -i_.. _ - oncer f at B p>mi Ffitiay | n __ auditorium. On the proaram are comppslttons by .Mueller. Jaser, Husa 'Music for Prague 1968"). Hoist, Coplanc t Pony Suite"), VelKa, Beyer a n < Iowa'! .— . im group of about 30 Baroque music specialists will p|ay gallery programs-and a forma ' ' at ?:» p.m. today In tht.... At 8 p.m. today In Macbr! the U of I's Center for N -.. . Red Hovhaness. ^Towa City - The University^ of Collegium Muslcum group of about e music specialists will play g programs- and a forma recital bealnnlna p.m. today In the Museum of Art. :b.rlde auditorium lew. Music wll play., a program (free) "featurlni iftlqns by two graduaii proaram fs, Olivier Messiaen's "Quatuor Pour la fin du temps." On Friday and Saturday the U of I Is sponsoring Its sixth annual sacred music conference. Events Include an organ recital bv Everett Hilly, a University of Denver (Colo.) professor and head of Its organ department; music sessions, lectures NEBRASKA Seek Opinion on Indians'? Claim to River Island By Otto Knauth (Register Staff .Writer) SIOUX CITY, IA. - Claims by the Winnebago Indians that they own an island in the proposed Winnebago-Snyder Bend Missouri River recreation complex will be referred to the Iowa attorney general Monday. Jerry Jauron of Earling, Missouri River co-ordinator for the Iowa Conservation Commission, discounted the claims made by a group of about,35 Winnebago men, women and children who took over the island Friday afternoon and posted signs claiming possession. Jauron said the island, 800- acre Flowers Island, was' formed in the 1952 flood, the last ,big flood along that stretch Of the Missouri. Signs claiming the island for the State of Iowa have been posted on the island since 1965, Jauron said. The Indians Friday put up sighs saying, "Winnebago Indian Land by Virtue of Official Treaty of Mar. 8, 1865. No Trespassing." The action was precipitated painting, _ these uncompleted rectangles are drawn in a deliberately uneven manner as though, hastily tossed off as they, may well have been. An artist whose early training was in art history, criticism and philosophy, Motherwell is largely self-trained as a painter and began to paint in 1938. His "open" series, or unfinished squares if you want to be less formal about it, will strike some viewers as minimal to the point of absurdity. Motherwell's answer would THWSTON COUNTY. and discussions.. Pella — the 55-member Centri Chapel Choir will sing Its spring (free) at 8;15 p.m. Friday in ... auditorium. Also participating In events connected with the formal Inauguration r Central College >rogram louwstra p Dt Friday of 6r:"Kennefh"'3?Mi tral Collpne president will" be t *r Concert Band, the A Cappel _ _.._ College-Community Orchestra, presenting Arthur Honegger's oratorio, "King David," at 8:15 p.m. Thursday In the chapel. . Sioux City — The Sioux City Choral Union andthe Mprnlngslde College choirs and chamber orchestra Plan a concert at 8 p.m. tpdav In EppTey auditorium. The pro- sram will consfst of Btoch's "Avodath Hakodesh" and Handel's "Israel In Egypt" oratorio. Tickets are SI and 75 cents. «iV!n^a!BWi.f^jiin»Ti» rence Graham at .8 p.m; Tuesday. . Clarinda — A lolnt outdoor concert by the Iowa Western Community " Baiid and the .bands of Starr J condemnation proceedings filed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Federal District Court in Sioux City earlier this month for land needed for the development of the 2,700-acre recreation complex. The corps' plans call for two large lakes, picnic and camping grounds and boating facilities in 0 the^ar*a—The yent, )C ,len. iltv Concert •Inda Jiinjor i.m.Thu7sd"av""on'Thy'cofiege'cempys r at ilxth and Main Streeti, Directing will be •om Wlthorow, R. char? Mowerv an3' H& Senior Tom [rector. Cedar. F.alls — A 3frmei University c. - . r-'lVfy School will slno Randa Thompson's "Mass of The .Holy SplrlF- at p.m. today-In the school auditorium. son E. Crow, college Instrumental-choral 8lreclor._ ' ff hteh schoc lorthern low .. Fay .-., - ette— . The Big Blue Band of Fav- •He ColeM will plav an openrelr "Ja_ on the Lawn" concert at 2 p.m. today In front of Garbee Hall. Stanford, J. J. Jennings and Charles Nelson as soloists. The Beethoven masterwork will be preceded by Bruckner's TeDeum. Tickets for toe program, the finale of the orchestra's thirty- second season, are $2.50 and $1.25 (student), and block tickets are available at special Hewitt Photos (The Register's Iowa News Service) IOWA CITY, IA. - An exhibition of about 100 color photos by Mrs. William A. Hewitt of Rock Island, HI., opens today at the Museum of Art on the •i University of Iowa campus. It runs .through June 14. Mrs HoyiH, whn ha ? exhibited in galleries hi Tokyo, Japan, and Houston, Tex., is a photographer who shuns trick effects and all optical gunickry. rates. All are*oa KRNT Theater sale box at the office. Regular season ticket holders will be admitted by membership card. DM. Student s Willis Page also will conduct an wcae^ra .of about 100 selected high school musicians from Des Moines and West Des Moines aj. 7:30 p.m. Monday at Hoover High School in a free program climaxing the fifth AJi-City Orchestra Ranging in from African subject matter wild life to a seascape with fishing boats taken in the Caribbean or scenes of mist-shrouded Fujiyama, her photographic record covers five continents. '• to condemn 88 acres of Winnebago land in Nebraska for which it has deposited $7,307. As for Flowers island, Jauron said, there' is nothing in any treaty that would uphold the Indian claim to it. be that it doesn't cause what counts matter be- in abstract dominated by egg shapes the artist uses — sometimes singly and more often-row-on-row— as symbols of human life. A second series, named "Mandalas," alternates egg-like shapes and spheres that expand and-explore—color values ~"as they move outward from the tiny central core. j Carter, who is on leave this j semester from Lafayette \ College, at Easton, Pa., where he is artist-in-residence, is represented in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York and many other public and private collections. MEXICAN SOUVENIRS (The Register's Iowa News Service) WATERLOO, IA. - Imported Mexican souvenirs were sold by the Latin Club of Waterloo at the recent convention here of the Iowa Credit Union beague. A part of these sales were donated to the Mexican Credit j Union movement. art is that the artist follows his inner feelings. He writes that the abstract artists are the men "who know how to respect and follow their inner feelings, no matter how irrational or absurd they may first appear." While the "open" series may come as a tribute to Motherwell's integrity and unwillingness to compromise, it is a form of art stripped so bare and reduced to such a minimal statement that it verges on non-art. Other Displays Included in this exhibition also are about. 30 collages, a medium with which Motherwell became preoccupied in the 1950s and into which he incorporates postcards, wrapping paper, envelopes, cigarette wrappings and other common objects. He takes, for instance, an orange envelope addressed to him from Switzerland and mounts it off center against a blue background or, in another instance, a wrapping from a package of French cigarettes, and this becomes the focal point of another collage. In_many of these collages Exhibitions Dei Moines — The Twenty-second nnual Iowa Artists Exhibition continues irough May 24 at the Dei Moines Art :enter. In tht» show, are. 135 works Fy T<H nuts, tnev were picked by 435 artists. Ames — The, Arts of munltv, .»n exhibition .of «WJ««?WML u)"'wtai of*" steel" and" 'cl'dth "itorn" t' through May 24 at the Iowa sity Library. An ..exhjbltlon. of "soft sculpture" Imo Com- carvings of Don*, lan Arctic i, continues itate Unlver- continues at ttv Onlvi Peslj bv Prlscllla Sage, Iowa State es at the Design Center n the Iowa State University irnpus through May 27. . rhe exhibition Is Sponsored by the Iowa through ffiffi sday. University Design Center. Mrs. Sage In residence »l the gallery Monda mles—by. lents cor igon Art C , Rpthman Jttht UnH 'a q tv. An exh!b|tjgn_ 1 of_c«ramlc Rothman and his studen it the Octagon n Ames, Rpthm.. irtment at the University — — ,..._ his students throyoh June 3 it the Octagon 232'A Malp St., In Ames, ~ the ceramic by. Jerry continues Art Center, Rpthman Is In of Iowa at Ic... _..,. An exhibition of paintings and drawings ..._,_ . .__:__ MENU Chilled Cranberry Juice Iced Vegemato Juic* Stuffed Deviled Egg, a la Russe Golden Glow Juice . Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail (95$ additional) - - _F«Hh Fruit &_MeIorj CuptlLopLcana Hotlomato-^ •ouillon, Belle Vue MotnVs Old Fashioned Chicken Noodle Soup *"-:* * ROAST SIRLOIN OF CHOICE BEEF, Fresh Mushroom Sauce OR BAKED HICKORY SMOKED IOWA HAM, ' 'Spicy Raisin Sauce OR COUNTRY FRIED HALF SPRING CHICKEN, , Mother's Fashion OR ROAST YOUNG TOM TURKEY, Sage Dressing, Giblet Gravy, Cranberry Sauce *' /* * CHOICE OF FRESH GARDEN VEGETABLES, POTATOES & SALAD * * * CHOICE OF DESSERTS Dutch Apple Pie Fresh-Rhubarb Pie* Fresh Strawberry Cream Pie Angel Food Cake. Fruit Jello, Whipped Cream Peppermint Stick, Butterbrickle, Chocolate, Vanilla Icecream Red Raspberry lea Our Own Freshly Baked Rolls and Breads Coffee Tea Milk Buttermilk For Reservations', Call Catering Office 243^1161 ' Head for the Fort! Hotel Fort Des Moines 10th and Walnut • Des Moines, Iowa lakes were formed when the corps straightened the river channel after the 1952 flood. When the land has been acquired, the area will be -turned over to the Iowa Conservation Commission for operation as a park. The Corps of Engineers claims the Winnebagos-cwn 53 acres in the Iowa part of the area, for which the corps has deposited $20,070 with the court. In addmon, me corps is seeking GET, HOYER PATIENT LIFTER lite program, sponsored by SPEAKS IN IRAN (The R«9tst«r'» low* N«yv» Service) • DU3UQUK, IA. - A profes- i spr of theology at the Univer- '• sity of Dubuque. pr. Samuel, Qaliap, wfao/is oa a y^r's sab- \ batical le^ve, was* the featured i speaks duripg the May Week of CSiristian Unity in Tehran,! Iran. : i Lets you ittt pattent put ot bed, carry to other rooms, tower Into chair with the j leverage of a gentle giant! Let us demon straw one for you. SALES AND HOCKENBERG HOSPITAL sum* co. CenUr fa TIMES TMAtl» Fomoiu Univoreit/ raports __.. ££Use of tiiracle-Gro increased the general vigor of rpse plants considerably, with aany more stronger, longer snoots end branches, much more and greener foliage, as veil as double to triple the number of pore beautiful blooms*9.5 m University test proves 30-*et«n«|' : ' "instant «Krt9n"|ii5-ff<r<»*e bush he* 8oz.$1.QQ r/ilfas.$2.49 5lbs.$5.00 NDWATlEADLNfllQCAlfTORE* BUSINESS IS BOOMING! AT U. S. HOMES Yes, we've heard about TIGHT MONEY! We've heard about HIGH INTEREST! Our customers knew all about HIGH PRICES! (And prices will probably 99 even higher — but so does the value of your U.S. HOME!) U. S. HOMES customers ttill want to build according to their I ii la* i.i.i .' own plan, style and design, and that's why "BUSINESS fS BOOMING" at U. 5. HOMES! FREE ESTIMATES ANY PLAN, STYLE, DESIGN SEND THE COUPON FOR FREE OWNER'S UST AND (Collection " OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 1-5 J DISPLAY CENTRE OPEN U. S. HOMES, INC, 5390 Second Aventie De* Moinei, Iowa 5031 i We« f wnd'FREE Owner* Ut. Dulgn Collection «nd Post Lift. NAME ADDRESS ..V..7.,T.Tt7... CITY D Own « lot. ...STATE ZIP D PUn to buy 4 lot. ftMM» 0* VISIT OR CAU YOUR LOCAL U, S. HOMES BUILDER-DEALER W rtgBHB C(pH^ ATLANTIC OM C*JMM MflOS-WWACiTr HANCOCK * WATRRLOO - Ulf *el»nw

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