The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on July 2, 1956 · Page 18
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 18

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 2, 1956
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

PflQO 1A '•.', vr Fouth Of July Tradition- ^ ^ Yanks Vs. Braves In SerL H\ Mil 1<)\ KU'HMAN tuiicd I'r<--.s >|><.rH Writer If ;r,- iv'i F<v.;:-,h or .!".;;.• nvd-- t.'-.n holds •;;•>. The Y.-i!-,','^> will ;y,<-r! -.he in the -..-ord .=<':- \r-f i'aii. h::; dnr.'t try t.'i ?';>-:•' .-.M c!v M--'-' ;o ihe onrush.n.c r>(«£c! = .-''.'.I Indinns I* 1 ;;- two ./.lib' :>•> f-. 1 ?' ,'i.Kce or, the ii-.ornir.c of .!:ily •">. so il-.e U'fi- end cor? n'-e Ot-FtTrd in tm-e each other in the world series. Wodnesd.-n. the Indians knocking sin of victory in Oh: veland's opon- '.V'juld Iv ;he Yankees, who over the Tigers twice. 6-1 and 3-1. ing victory although Score, needed lead the American Ixv.inie V>y ."': and the Dodgers Viking a pair relief from Cal v.hen thi- u-.imes today, and Die Braves, atop from ihe Giants. 1.V2 and 6-1. Tigers rallied for three runs in the Tho Indians, with a five-game last of tho ninth. Smith also drove winning sire; 1 ,!;, have won M of in a pair of runs in the nightcap how- 'heir latft Hi games and now are. as Kaily \Vynn hurled a foiir-hit- IviU in only -1 : .- games out of first nlace. ter for his ninth victory. The two The Dodgers have copped eight of defeats MI etched p.'nroii's homo iheir l.'ist 11 g,'tT'.i'.\s ar.ii at'i- only losing streak to 1} games, a half-game removed from the TI IC Yar.kees split wiili the Red lead. Sox. losing the up^ncr. ~-H. when Al Smith's two-run triple in the Jinl pi lM . s ;,|i singU-d homo the win- ninth inning of the opener provid- nitli , nln ofi - Tom sti;nliv:mt in the ed young Kerb Score with his mar- llth j nnjnf: ;lm | winning the nightcap, fi-i, with a M-hit ha.rrage (hut -.lie National Ix-asrue by only five Cleveland and Brooklyn, how- ihi''ir respective ieax'ies. As n nifit- Un of tact, Vs-.ey were the or.!y to swoon doub',ehcaders Harper Wins OAKLAND, ('alif. —mi— Mini- rice -Harper, who had heon !ry- iny to crash luiNiiiK''* hii; lime for tlie past i-iirht years, fi.ifi-rod today (hut his victory over Joi' Miceli finally hail him xtnrlcil linvurd din weltem'eisht title. E. Chambers Llffle League Back In Race Thi'rsday, July o, j.t»oo Drop Two To Oilers ... Twin Blows Rock Buffs l!y t'MTKl) PKKSS three triples and I.I doubles f>';i- 5. Tlie loser was Hisel Patrick. Second place Houston wa.s set lured the two slugfests. The second of three Dallas Jv,u-lere. back in a July Fourth double- Eagles look (he opener 13 to '1 ' Donald Demote-.- drove in six header by the Tulsa Oilers, drop- as manager Connie Ryan of Aus- runs in the twin hill at Fort Worth ping the Buffs another full game tin. short of pitchers, let Phil -Mis- on four hits, including his 21st and behind the Texas League leading ley go all seven innings. He gave 22nd homers. Dallas Eagles. up M hits. At Oklflviina City, the last place Tulsa won tho seven - inning In the nighle.ap. Chico Olivo Indians dropjvd two more to go opener r. to . then came hack to pitched a nine-hitter to win 11 to deeper in Ihe cellar. win tho second frame by the same ~—~~ one-nm margin, t! l<> f>. The Ragles, meanwhile, split a holiday t-.vir.hill with Austin, winning the opener 13 to 2 and dropping the second game 11 lo 5, In other holiday twin hills. Fori Worth took two from San Antonio. I Stop Blowing Hot Air Around (it can't really cool anything, even though it's moving fast) why buy an old- fashioned fan when 9 to 0 and 9 to 1. and Shroveport downed Oklahoma City twice, 2 to KOVAR will deliver and install a modern, powerful 1956 FEDDERS 1 AIR CONDITIONER Murray 'U'imui'-Slowell, Hampshire and included homers by winning pitch- FanneU Utlie Leaguers will open L nmi ;; ,„ 3. er Don Larson and Bill Skowron. tho second half of their season to- At Tulsa, John Goal's infield Ted Williams and Billy Martin day, following a two day rest from single with two out in Ihe ninth each homered in the first game, the first half. anil bases full scored Vie Maras- K'ontimied From l':iee ?S> credit,-d to relieve]- l.o» Kiely. The first hail of Ihe program co to give Ihe Oilers a 6 to ri win- laily he in a class by them- Mickey .Man;!,-, pulled a ligameni: ended Tuesday eveninsr with !he ning margin over the Buffs in the es. They h.-iu evoryhody wjiilo in iljs r ^ hl knee'while, making a i-ianiushin; Lion.-; Club'fodgcrs in second gpmc. others eliminate ca,.'h other. ;hrow to the i>la;e in th,- first the league lead.. Th,. Do.isers w:-i-«: Manager Al Widmar beat Hous- the National. Kroidilyn could g:nn ,, of thc \. ; ',nipaisni in the runners-tip in last year's i-ontest, ton o to '1 in tho o|xmer for the j nighu-Tp. which was won \>v the Yankees. first Oiler win over the Buffs o( i Soutliwiw Billv Pierce ;acke> The Little League is b^ oo-.r.g the s^r.-.i 1 - il il I-OUM i.-onie up with reputable pitching staff ar-.d a soiid left-::.-RUT. ala Sandy his ^.j, vi^toi-v and"lus""isth of of Vix trim's fronrFanne'V'Hamp- ln thc Dallas-Austin doublcheacl- | Amoro-s. before tile uttk- Cnoan lhe s ,; ason whon !v piMwA the slvre ^\-u^nie and Slowoll. J. e7 '- a totnl of five homc runs - j : : '" : .!Tl" 1;i D:U ' !l l ' ;l '' iy in Spnng ""i' 1 -' s <« l" n »•-' ii-iumph over pick-ns Kirker is president. ira.aii.g. ^ jj,., ,\ii. t ,t!cs in ii;e first game but Ck'VflaJva is a poor learn out- Kansas City capitalized on two er- MesulU of the first half's play side of a gooj pit.h-ig s-.a;:. Ue- ru ,. s .„ sooro ;) llvt . ni ., s o ,-f (; 0 n-y are: .-•pitv' wluit you hear, pitenmg isn'^i j; t :liey in tlie first inning of tii'e Te.-im ail there is to v.iitning' oascbi-.H .,ja) u ' ( . a p ; ,, K | Eo on ;,-, '.,,.•;,,. ;$.•_>. DodaeM sanu-s. thuiigh il undismilably is A ]^ x Keliner scored his sixth vie- Cubs ... LIU- principal tiictor. toiy atJioiigh needing relief from Yankees Chicago? Who r.-aUy thinks ihu Ar : oiimar and Roiiby Sliantz. Giants .. \Vhit*' Sox. aimosl compiet-.-iy Washington defeated Baltimore. Rod SDK . 10-S. in the ojvner. only to drop White Sox :<. 7-4 decision to the Orioles in lhe nightcap which was called after six innings because of rain. AvioioW* in Vz, 3 A, 1 and T/2 ton units KOVAR APPLIANCES 22 i r. Te«s W12 3ayway Drive We REALLY Service What V/ e Sell Ph. 5004 or 7438 Phone 7383 without bench strength, can knock off taien: wealthy New York" Th» Yankees can summon a team from '-'~s high minor farms ftnci win the pennant by three games. V.'ha" happened to Boston? Same problem thevo as in .Brooklyn ... no pitching! Thei-es a good adage in the American sports realm . . . "don't bot- your money against, the New York Yankees or Noire Dame football toH.T!." and 1 tiiis isn't anytime to switch horses in rniddlo of summer. M;rl;cy Ma:-.tli''s July Kourth injury eouiri hurt the Yanks but ••inrj't be too sure. Grorp;e 'A'ciss hasr.'i coraied a one-mar, tpalri. cit-.'pitp the Miek's obvious slurnphftint: hom<'-run taler.'.s Ru', Nf-w York h?.s v.-pa. ana hist, without Mantle and probably will continue. Wh:u auou; the Texas l A 'H£r\K'? \\'lio kJKi-iVs about a minor \fttg\ii- aityrr,cii'tr? A toiim. say Sun Ar.:on.o, couid take its July 5 standing, trailing by IB games, get neip from the paifnt team and make the playoffs. Then a pair of series victories couid give thr Pa:!n?s rule of the Texas loop kingdom. Somehow thai isn't al all appetizing to the fan whose watched the teams play since April. Or is it? La Porte Defeats Brown Bombers The Bay-town Brown Bombers wound up the first half of their Sheriff League action Wednesday night by dropping a 10-7 heartbreaker to I-a Porte. rhi« WHS the Bombers second loss: against three wins and •'"'' tip. Yernon MeMan'.is took 'die- loss while Bubba Beau?arrl was crpdi'.en with the I,a Porte win. Z-'ke Fanesteii. with two for two. and Billy Peacock, with I'-vo for three, v.-cre Bay'own's leHrfinx hitters. Both boys hi! a triple and The's'-cond round of the SherifT IxuKiie season wili begin Tue.-id-iy. J-.i'v 10. with the Brown Bornbeis pitted again.-.' Bay land Homes at BavlHnd." \V L I'ei. 111 Try Sun Classified Ads—Dial R302 ie season. 'Ham' On Spot \\ IMKLKOOX, KIIK- —(IP- limn Kichurilsun. ft determined, voting Yunlv nl Oxford, set mil todiiy to sl'>p tup-seeded I.eiv Iloiul from turning the. men'** sinjflcH finiil of the Wimbledon ! icnnis clmmpiotisliips into ac. ull-Austnilian affair. if You're Looking for a REAL INSURANCE BARGAIN Overlook •on throuKh u company known for rvice! Whefher its insurance for your car, home, family or business . . . YOU'LL ALWAYS DO WELL WITH INSURANCE AGENCf HO I I'mctl BUUr. I'hntie 2000 You Can Own a New WIZARD For as Little as 10% Down! LIBERAL TRADE-IN For Your Old Outboard! WIZARD Super Powet 25 Her*: * AfnVjie * "-n.'y -;-r>'itr,dt'r 2 ^ h.p. outboard „ . . p?.t ked «• ith JiKhtning ac(eieration and ru^xtd depend* iibiiify! '. atic.'n.-irt-firtnK c> lindtri mr^n rancr Mar [ing 1 . !t-ss vibration, jmoothe.' iti';nK. »j4<.iO . , . ....... 433"" WIZARD PowVrmaHc 12 The OniboarJ to outj>trforrn *,-vcr>~ orhtr moror in its 4 las*! i *' % r:.;. in. piiron diiplatemtnt, full Kearihif:. t* :*(-jcup ilir«>c:]r, ;a(^ nor.-prei- *i i,-; i r d f t rn o f <• (-;'-! i > s (c n rcir.c.ic tank, iitij? >c a I. 304" WIZARD Super 10 n. »:^. J, f,i -v, , • JV.ft tu. if., WIZARD Super 5 p' •'*' hf, com par*, 169 hfMOTC CONTfeCLS ; Ytx «'i !:;nt j ihi <'if' ..... , r< < ; iimefe tonriol ^»,:.; "Vo ( .r:. ; -.t (c.r lour r jn<ii\ Kiu;i i r.fc-fi* , Western Mo 623 W. TEXAS Tht F«m!ly Open Thursday Night Until 8 P.M. HILLSDALE SLICED PINEAPPLE A HO PW CE! 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