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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 1

Hutchinson, Kansas
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Thursday, September 19, 1918
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-mm l tHI NfiWt HA • * MEM6ER OF TMt * '. * AB80CIATB0 MfeM * * WHICH II THE mr • mm sws. •*•»•»*» ••«*«»-w% tMi NEW* MAI tM* • • LARGEST emeuLATioN * » OF THE PAPERS IN • • CENTRAL KAN8AS • ttUTCHlNSON, KANSAS, TITOE^DAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1918, NO. 29. ALLIES ATTACKING ON British and FrenchSloWi*^ hing the Germans' Back From , St. Quentin to North of Cambrai. ALUES MAKE GOOD GAINS IN MACEDONIA Been "Defeated Completely." )• • • • • • • • • • • The Bulgarians Declared to Have, * ALLIES WHIP SERBIANS. * • * * * • • Londari, Sept 19.— The Bulgsr. «r« In flight In Macedonia and are burning rtore*. and villages, according to a Serbian official statement raoalved here. French and Serbians Have Advanced 12 Miles, and doing Day and Night. (By The Associated Pros.) iirltleh troops In detparate fighting are plunging further Into the Hindenburg line north of St. Quentin, while weit of 'Cambrai they have withstood vicious counter attacks. The ^nemy.Js making every-effort to retain his positions on the thirty mile front and to. check the new Allied move which'threatens both St. Quentin and Camurai. In Macedonia the Bulgarians are In flight northward before the Oerblana-and French. Hurled from Important heights the enemy now has been forced back twelve miles and the pursuit continues. ' How serious was the menace to the security ut tho Hindenburg line by the British thrust north ot St- Quentlu Is shown by the strong counterattacks the Germans have'thrown ugalnat the British lines from Gouzeaucourt to the Arras-Oambral road, thus extending tie battle Jino nearly twelve miles to The Allied troopB now have advanced morn than 12 miles and their progress Is so rapid that they buve not been able to count tho piinoncra and •w4> material taken. New regiments thrown In by tho Bulgarians havo been forced to retreat with others. The Bulgarians hare been .defeated completely and tho Serbian troops are pursuing them day and night. The Serbian and French troops have taken the townB bt ; Topolets, Potshlshlft. Bcshihla, MelynUsa, Vlt- oli.ihtA' and ilasimboy. They have also taken the height Of Kucbkov Ka- inem. L THE WAR SITUATION THIS MORNING (By the Associated Press.)"" " French, Serbian and Oreek forcSs have continued tholr,advance on the Macedonian front and.have taken a number of strongly'.fortified points In the mountainous region cast of Mon- astlr. The front Is now nearly 20 length, and the advance has reached a depth of over six miles. Don't Want Close Fighting. It is said the defense of the Teutonic-Allied. powers wea vary strong nt first- but that as the Entente Allied armies hayd smashed their way for- AMERICANS NOW HEADY TO HIT AT BRIEY AND MET2 J 1 Less than two (toys' gains of Amcr-Icans In the St. Mlhiel jtallenl are shown, in black on tho map. Pershing's men ore, now consolidating their gains, strengthening their fltw positions and: preparing a coming attack on tho German* either In the Metz region or in the Brley Ironregidp less than twenty miles to the north. STATE DAY BEING OBSERVED AT FAIR Governor Arthur Capper Addressed the Visitors This Afternoon. TOMORROW LIBERTY DAY AND WICHITA DAY FRIDAY'S PROGRAM. Largest Crowd of Week in At. tendance on Big Thursday. Parade of Grand Championship Cattle and Prize Winners in front ot Grandstand. The Italian Government Won't Listen to Austrian Plaiisi;- NO POSSIBILITY OF PEACE the northward, On tho front, attack- _ _ _. ... ed Wednesday the British tiro pushing ward the cngmytinsappeared to lose aiiead against bitter resistance toward- his taste • for. clbs^ ?tigh|Jrig,',Tlie;,prb- the St. Quentln-Cambral.hlgh: 'road, gross of the AUfrs rf ; ho^'eyej, :woj(ild . railway and - canal—three .Important not appear to IndimtoAmy:^ general enemy defense Unesi ,.'*,, ~ r | giving way'of Bulgarian forces, A Good Advance;. •' , . I which' nre? beliia;\tll«Biiit^i;'Dy^$ilBUJK Vfohi Lempti o : to Ponlruot, which units, according \{b.W' , 'BetlIn'' , diai!AtchV the Britlan'now'hold, tho Oermahs The fighting has b>pn going on since havo booh hurled from the forward' lines at'ttie HJude -nbii 'rg position. Tho British at Lemplro are four miles from Le datelat; an Important town, while on a front of nearly Blx miles they are wttliln ono mile of the high road and the canal. On a short front west of St Quentin tho French aro working hsteadily toward tho town and are on llllio outskirts of Dallon, two miles from St. Queutln. a Hard Fighting. German counter attacks at Trescault and Moouvros southwest and 'west of Cnmbral, were preceded by an Intense artillery bombardment which severed the British communication lines. At' bdtli points the Oermahs wereh uried - buck with heavy losses, Tho enemy entered the • BrltlBh. trenches at aome points but was lm- medhrtoly overwhelmed. Big Gains In Serbia. Tho Bulgarian retreat'frbm the Sor* 'bo-Greek border is reported to be in •the nature of a flight and the enemy is burning stores and villages in his path. Tlio Allies have captured additional prisoners and war material . which havo not been counted, so fast has beo'n their adYanco. A score or Mmoro of Serbian vllages have b'een re- conuuerod imd the Bulgarians have been driyen beyond Jtaslmbey on tha 'Cerna river, IB miles southwest of Prllep, the'Immediate objective. ' if- Bulgars In Danger.. •'It la not unlikely the Bulgarians : .-wlll continue their rotlVement at least to the JmproVed road rftnnln'g.. oast "and west through" Prllep.' Already - their losses of the Important.Sokol ridge endangers the line west toward - Monastlr and east of the Yarijar, Should the Allies mwoed in pressing thn Bulgarians'back to north of Vrl- lap a complete,, readjustment of the Teuton Hues in Macedonia and At hania from the Adriatic; to .Salonlkl virtually would be inevitable Through the Suggestions Made by the Vienna Government in Its Recent Note. Italian governWen^ha*;norTin?wledge'ed .wTlSrstubbs, of Ku ot the Austrian note Inviting tho bcl- C '•——- Allied labor conferences, today made a report recommending that the conference "subscribe tbMhe'fourtoen points formulated by. President Wilson, thua adopting 'a policy of cleafiiesa and moderation as opposed to a policy dictated by changes on the war map." The committee reports say 'ho United States -has already been able to reject the Austria-Hungarian proposal tor a conference tit tho belligerents- and that the ollleA should make Clear the identity p£ their views by public and collective declarations of their aims and Intontli GOVERNMENT apNTROL. Thls Is What the livestock Men Want for the Chleagof Stock Yards. • Chicago, Sept. 19.— If he marketing commttteo ot the Anicrlcan national livestock association endorsed the're­ port of the federal trade commission on tlio meat packing [Industry, a,report which advocates government coulrol of the Chlcagbjtoukyarda and. government'ralIroad oflhtrol over the /£a%l$SivrefrlEeratorjlfj(es. Tho-edm-: UHu 'BZitlx&t t.^.. i>.»£aw.| om here ton ••>» --»-:• .. .... - Jrfembars of the. qooiOittee inolu,^ i -ar n-.!'o,..l-t._ ••J.f 'w.. n sai; i •'*"«' Sunday nnd the progress is such that (hero-is now a real threat toward tho city of Prelep, jvhlch is said to be one of tbp principal -bases of the Teutonic Allies tn this sector of the Macedonian front. V .', ; On American 1 Front. '••••• Amcrloan troops are engaged in' consolidating their new lines across the bases of the St. Mlhiel salient which wss wiped out by them last week. Tho Germans are reported to be fcverislily working to strengthen their lines In this sector, hut It seema Improbable that a now American assault will be made at once In this region. • -To Wipe Out Sallnet It now appours that the successful drive of the Americans was for the purpose of wiping out the St. Mihlol Kallont which stood as a menace to tlio flank ot the Americans in Lorraine and the French In Champagne in'caso either should attack. It may be considered therefore as a local attack carried out with terrific force, and now that its objectives have' been reached, the storm conjer in eastern France may bo shifted suddenly. Bolshevlkl Back Up, Reports from..Moscow are to the effect that the Bolshevik forces are retreating on both the northern and southern i fronts. . On the north they the being forced back by the Hntenle Allied : units; while ' Czeclio-Slovak armies along the. Volga are' also -advancing., U Is olsp reported that'the Czocho-Slovttkij have'taken the city of Perm. If this la'true, UiBy seem to be on tho verge ot uniting tho forces .which have been fighting in western Siberia with those which hare been esgjigad In Ibe valley of the Volga river In Russia. • ^ $ • • • • * iflflLif ISH PAPTUR6D 1,000,. i> 4> * 4> * ^ 4>. Q ^ 9 ^ <$ ^ ^ ^ .<£ ^ ^ (By 1 he Awoclatod Pren I With the - British fpreea In France, Sopt 19.—Field Marshal Halg's forces up to midnight last . night had captured a total of more than 8,000 Germans «< the result of their drive of yesterday on the Cambral front. ' Several thPHsund yards of tho Hlndenburg out pest line was In British hands this morning In the,. Vllleret sector, southweit qf L« . Cat«l«t. Forty guna were captured by tho British yoaterday. In tho 8,000 prisoners taken, twenty. ' three Gorman reglmenU In eleyon divisions wor« represented ' v» * 4> i»> * 'i> * # <J> ^ <^ (J. •> * BRITISH STATEMENT. * * * l.9l\d«n, 6ep», 19mTh« BrUlih last ight m«da further prggre»i . In thelf driv* .into th,»-HJndjp, b vr« tlnt'iotiie a*, o^,pt|n riaion, aimed ?t the encltxlement of that town, according to the official statement In a continued advance, north of Pontruetj thpy reached the outpost positions of the Hlndenburg:(l^'o.';>.\' • Ttfa-'AWlraJiads' reww&l thilr »t- tucks nnd carried the Htndauburg outposts. Many prisoners and a. number of machine gunsi-wero tuk»n by them, •'•; The town pf Lemplve was captured as VM Gauche wood.' (Laniplrj- Is four miles directly: west pf La Oatu- let.) ''••-. -.' , 'flip Qermaha lat6-yp,srtrday start ed a betivy bombardment • on t)»e nartbera: part<rf U>e battle front ^gut^weet of Cawbralf-between Gpu- -xeau-Court 'and' the A CTUS Cambral rpada, The fire wa« pt extrenie'in- tensity. '• '..'•,': Repuleed the Hun. The enemy followed his bombard', ment by a strong Infantry attack on A wtdo fropt northward from tub vicinity oC'TreBcftult. He was completely repulsed at ajl pplnts with great loss. was - likewise . driven off with heqYy cwuoJties ahorUy afterword' Wljep. lsunolied a. -Strong a,Uack nprth ot Moetiyres. Some German UgercnU to a conference except for, the text of the document carried by the tolegraphle agencies, the acml. official Stefanl News Agency announces.-"The government, however, is indicated by the agency to be in ho mood for opedlug such negotiations aa are suggested by the unofficial text. No Chance. If the text Is correct, says the agency statement, tho Italian government poljiuc out that Austria's proposals Seek to crcato a semblance ot peace negotiations without 'any real consistency or the possibility of a practical outcome. The Agency adds that recent declor- atlons by the men at the head of the Auslro-Hungarlan and German ' gov- errn and German governments, which mar any territorial concession by the Central Powers and Beek to make binding and definite "the Iniquitous treaties of Brest-Lltovsk and Buch- rest" make the opening of any useful negotiations Impossible, Terms Are Known. . "Tho Entente nations and the Unit ed States," the'statement continues, "have made known their terms for the essential bash) ot a just peace. On these points, tho Austrian note says not a word. The same remark applies to the Italian aspirations, "Until the Austrian government shows itself disposed "to recognize tha special aims, as .well as the other gonefal and particular objectives, for which the Allies ure Jointly fighting, Italy will continue-to Btruggla for a lasting peace founded on liberty and Justice." Slap In the Face, The Clornals D'liaJJw says: "President Wilson has given • Aiuv trla a proper slap In the face. Ameri ca-shows us how war"" diplomacy should be.;.oopducted,. going '...briefly right to the point. .. ' -j . "The president has interpreted tl»» feelings of Italy." , ACCIDENT IN VIENNA. Amsterdam, Sept. 19,—Many per. persons have, been killed or Injured In a fire In tho Woellersdorf ammu. nitlon factory In Vienna, according to an official report received here. After the fire there was a panic among the workers In the Aiell making section of the factory. Chance to Be Officers. Washington, Sopt. 19.—Civilians from 18 to iS years may now apply for admission to cemral officers training scboolB, Tho war department announced today that such applications must bo made to army officers at various educational institutions. Men In Class One-A of thn draft and thoso given deferred classification on other than occupational grounds may apply for commissions. 'BE MORE EXPLICIT' This is What the Vatican Says of Austria's Peace Plans. LIBERTY OAV AND WICHITA DAY. . 10:00 o. m.—Grand I'arad,; of Trim winning UWc Stock. Thla parnun U one ot the most inttfri'Rtlng rra .(.ur *n of UH'. State Vatr. Urn.nU Stand tree. Musk by IlcrU'a Official Hand. Address toy lion. Scott Frrrln ar Oklahoma, reUtivo to Liberty i*>iui and Patriotism. 111:00 m.—Actlvltloa will CPUBO at Bound of whittle tor ono minutn Sllrnt Prayer for .success ur out Cauae nnd safe return of our 13oya. . 1:00 p. ni.—Opening number In Breakers Tent by llerb'.n Official Hand. Addrciia oy lAiilr MJrrUtn Man 2:00 p. ni.—Mtlaic at the (.irtuid Stand . by llrib'H Official lland. !,,,.„ c , u ,„ Kree.for-all Troliliuf, purae J00O.00. ."'Jf 'rost, Friday ^^t'onsolatiwi purtHj for n,>n-wlnneni, temperature. At ooncluBlon of horon raeea the Rreat race betwi-un Gl^n Dreed anrl Hugdahl, a profcMsinnal driver, will occur. .Tohn llonlnHon 's Trnlnoil Klephonta. Tin- Ili'li-m: Trio of The Military Knnck-aliouUi. 3 Illumine Hncea. FRIDAY EVENING. T:S<1 p. m.—Concert hy Herb's Official Band. >i::'0 p. in —fjuil appearunce of lli« Itilssiaii Uull^t iJancerH. Comedy and VandoWllft Aela. 8:4.'! p. ni.—Txiat performana[> or "Tho WorUl nt War"—special fealurea. STATE FAIR WEATHER. Fair and cooler tonight, with prob- falr with rising NO ... [SEED FOR SECRETS Believed the Pope, Himself, is ; . Interested in the Proposed '.Action. WEATHER REPORT. Flnt National Bank Building; Tempera ture for Last 24 Hours . Temperature at'noon, 52 4 P, M. 5 P. M 1P.M 10 P. M 18 MldllUjlU 8 A. il > Maximum, SO, 7SI .SO .78 .72 .60 .51 mln 4 A. M... 6 P. M 8 A. M 10 A. M 13 NOon 2 P. M...'... mum, 46. ...60 ...41 ...-111 ...60 ...62 .. .Hi Kansas—(Fair and pooler tonight with probably frost; Friday fair with rising temperature. • • • «> SECINQ THE -\ CldHT. • • ' .'. .., * • 4i> • • • 4> 9 ^ • 4> 4> Amsterdam, Wednesday, Sept. 18. ^Couut. Michael Karolyl, the Hun. garian opposltluu leader, has reiterated bis declaration that the Central Powers should accept President Wilson's fourteen peace points as the basis for peace negotiations,'according to a Budapest dispatch to tho Frankfgrt Gazette. Another tsren- tlal, he says, Is {or . ''serious democratic govornmentfi," In Auatria- Hungary and. Qfrmany to take tile holm. Tho reactionaries, he Insists, must be sent to the rear. The situation, he adds, also calls for the abrogation of tho Prest-Litovak • and BucbarHt peace Irofttles. •<T^us only oan peace coma," the Count declared, THE "FOURTEEN POINTS." PrltUh Uabor h) for sticking to Them In FMture Peace Plana. I«adop, Sept,' JS.-r-'jrho lnt6rnatJo«- sl Relations Committee , 0 ( «io Jater- Ilomc, Wednesday,;Sspt. 18—In a •.long .article rwhlch: IB t^pa oetreBect-' tag the views ofVa 'tloanofElclala, if not tho pope himself, the Corlero D'ltalia, the semiofficial organ of the Vatican, declares that Austria should be more explicit la her peace declarations. "The old subterfuges that the nolo undoubtedly carries, shows tho despor- oto need of peace," the article says. 'Thero Is no need for Bocrot con- forences when President Wilson and others already havo set forth tho allied conditions. There is doubt that tho note was Inspired by Berlin. With the cannon of Hlndonburg unsuccessful, we now will see a return to the subtleties of diplomacy. The note |s equivalent to .a confession of mtlliary weakness. It Is a sign that tho fatal hour has begun for them when thoy must submit to the allies pence. "If In the year 1910 they offered peace now thoy ask it," the articles conthrura. "But In what spirit do thoy ask peace?'' Pope Not Quite Certain. Homo, Tuesday, Sept. 17.—It was stated at the Vatican today, with reference to the subject of peace proposals that the pretcreuce or tho pope is to act in such matters only when asked so to do by bath parties. However, It was added, if a diplomatic representation were received from one of tho parties, Inquiries would be made of tho party if It desired to receive such a representation. TONIGHT'S PROGRAM. 7:30 p. m.—Concert In Grand Stand by Herb's Official Band and Great Bend Band. 8:30 p. m.—Russian Ballet Dancers, John Robinson's Trained Elephants and Vaudeville Acts. B:4S p. m.—"The World at War" with special features depicting Army Night Signals and scenic effects of that the report that Americans kill night battles. Ocrntan prisoners Is untrue. He said I that many Germans were sick of! Today Is State Day at tho Kansas fighting and would nurrender If tliey State Fair and thu guest ot honor Is wore assured that Americans do not Governor Arthur Capper, who spent kill their pri.ionoTB as tho Oermans'thc day visiting tho Fair and apoko have been led to bollevo by their ot- tills afternoon to a lnrgc audience fleers. (which gathered In tha grand stand. "An appeal written In English call- Ho arrived litis morning on un early ing upon Americans of Gennnn nnccs- train and viewed each of tho dirfer- try to Join the forces of Germany eal exhibits, showing keen Inlurest has boon dropped bohlnd tho Amcr- in tho different departments, espe- Icaii lines by enemy aviators. It has clnlly In the agriculture and atock also, been sent Into tlio American shows. UneH by means of email balloons. \ ills talk this-afternoon was entirely ThlB appeal asserts that In Germany along patriotic lines and especially in the Americoiis would find greoter ih«, interest of the Fourth Liberty .liberty'and moro opportunity for ad- Loan, urging tlio liberal purchase fit vanepment than in the United States, bonds in the sumo loyal fashion that It- attockB President Wilson, assort- bus characterized Kansas in all of the ihg that he Is moro English titan different lino of war lime activity. American. Germany is pictured as, "Patriotism Is the keynote of tho ono poor Ilttlo nation defending herself against the vicious attacks of the', armies of the whole world. Washington Editor Announces This—Paper Haa Been Violently Anti-Prohibition. STILL TIED UP. No Trains Being Operated on the Missouri and North Arkansas Road. JoplUi, Mo., Sept. 19.—The Missouri and North Arkansas railroad Is mill tied up and no trains aro being operated at any point ot lis three hundred miles of track. Yeaterduy the striking shopman numbering 120, at Harrison. Ark., agreed to return to work and abide by the decision of tho war board as to increased wages. It was understood at that tlmu this would bo agreed to by tho railroad officials, but' tho agreement has not beeu signed by tho officials of the road, and the strikers have not returned to work. No train has been operated over tbo road sluco Monday and cieat quantities of freight aro held In the yards in Jopltn billed to merchants In the various towns along tho lino. A car of seed wheal Intended for tb» farmers of Arkansas haa been held here since Monday evening. No mall has boon delivered to towns along tbo Missouri and North Arkansas since Monday. DIFFERENT VIEWS- German* and American* Are Both Doing • Little Propaganda Now. (By Tha Associated 1'rese 1 With the American Array on the Veflle Wednesday Sept. U.—A Gorman prisoner capturvd. recently suggested to hi* captors tbar they send » note fvoni hiw to German soldiers by Hrpima or otherwise, explaining Kansas character and 1 um certain bo- fore tho drive starts that It will bo the. .biggest that was ever put on in (he state," he said. The talk gftvo In RDKDAIUP RMIfirlT "TIHFS" fdoliill the part of Kansas in thu war DnlODAllL DUUUIll 1IITILJ |andSvas often interrupted with bursts WITH MONEY OF A BREWERi ot rrSo — «. spent by the big crowds in seeing thu Fair, there having been no special prugrum arranged, with the exception of musical numbers. Today wafl Great Bend Day at tlin Fair and the bond accompanied by big crowds of boosters reached the grounds early. Tlio Fife and l >rum corpH was also on hand early |hbi morning and with thn Herb's, otfinlnl hand played numbers whlch'kept tho crowd Interested all morning. Desldo Governor Arthur Capper tho members of tbo board of uurlculUu'a wore present and others of the stats orrlcers were expected to arrive by noon. Tho chairman of tho progrun Uits afternoon wiut Sonator Will S. Thompson of Hutchinson, who Introduced tho speakers. Ool. Scott Smith who gave KUC I I an interenUi -.g talk yes. tcrday afternoon, again spoke Ibis afternoon very briefly and Howard Yowoll, who has been beard In Hutchinson before, Kpoko along patriotic lines, especially on the Fourth I.lbwty lyoan. Ills talk heru was given undfr llin nusplceB ot the Women's Liberty Loan committee and of tlio campaign which will open In Kansas oil ttepteiu- ber 28. . Tomorrow Live Stock Day. Tomorrow will be Liberty Day, Wichita Day and tlio parade of tho grand chaiiiplon.tliip rattle and as many prize winners In front of the grand stand as po»r.lblo In the morning at 10 o'clock. Tim entire program ot the afternoon will he aloim patriotic lines, and to celebrate WlrhlUi Day a large crowd of people Irani that city will be lieru spending the day visiting thu Fair, The order ot the parade 0 t this llva slock has been fixed with tin- borcna and mules first, followed by bvef luid dairy cattle. This event is one of the features of the full' for the best in the Btute in Ibe way of live stuck will pusd In review In I'ruitt of the grand stand. The judging In oil lines has bet 11 completed and the ribbon winner* will bo seen with much interest by a largo audienco. DoMduM tho speeches of the afternoon the racing program is u vt.iy Interesting one, tho free-for-ull (rot bo- lug given, thu conaolatlon pumo for lug given, the consolatlun pui:;e tor non winners nod three running races will bo staged, ahuwlug sumt.-uf the beat liorseo In tho L'nlted State*. Jaho Bobltioon will show his trulued ule plmuiM and tbu Helene trio ot aerialists, who have been cntertalar-g the crowds at uueh performance with their (lover xtunts will appear, Saturday Automobile Day. All of the war time aelivliieh will bo featured at the cloelng day of the Fair, Saturday, and they will give special exhibitions In tho lied Cru«s. V. W. C. A., and kindred organlxa Washington, Sept. 19.—Investigation of political una propaganda activities of the brewing interests was ordered today by thu senate. It will be directed-particularly at churges Ihst the brewers havo bought a Washington newspaper, contributed unprecedont sums to campaign funds, Influenced nowspupcrs through ud- zens and even governmeul officials vertlzlng contracts, paid money to cltlssung and even government officials and obtained pledges from members of congress. It Was Brisbane. Washington, Sept. ID.—Investigation of tho recent charges of Alien Property Custodian Palmer, that a group of brewers bought a Washington newspaper to further the publicity interests of bruwera was authorized today by the senato. Arthur Brisbane owner and editor ot tho Washington Times, announced yee- torday that bo bought the Times with money loaned by a brewer. To Rebuild Forestry. Headquarters Amerlcun Forestry Corps, Englund, Sopt. G-—Ouo of the great disks of reconstruction In Great Britain will bo forestry, according to American foresters who havo beeu at work In lumber camps In England and Scotland for tho past year. Tho American lumberjacks aru now being assisted by detachments of young women, who use heavy two-handed auws and whu clear away all the brushwood. Tho reforestation program In Hie British loleii, American experts say, should be mapped out wllb particular regard to making Great Britain scir- supporting In regard to limber for aircraft requirements, and largo areas should bu planted with trees suitable for airplanes. Schumann-Helnk III. Chicago, Sept. 19.—Madame Ernestine Scbumunn-Ilclnk, concert singer, in confined In a hospital bore. Phygiulais said today tb,o singer was exhausted and suffering from,exposure in singing at various cantonments and that a complete rest would probably restore her lo health. Why are snakes de -Bplsed? Bvfry snako we ever saw was attending to Its own business.—-Atchison Globe. An Atchison man thinks ho Is brotherly, because he doesn't bate hiinseir.—Alcbiaou Globe. tUQUlluueiJ ou Cue 13.)

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