The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 31, 1934 · Page 1
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 1

Paris, Texas
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Tuesday, July 31, 1934
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TODAY'S NEWS WHILE ITS FRESH FOR NORTHEAST TEXAS and SOUTHEAST OKLAHOMA If Horn f«rit New. U Not On Yo* Porch Bj 5:15 o'docfc, C*I1 TK« New* Office Befor* • o'Clock For Prompt Delivery. Pfcaoe 1*4 or 165. Full Associated Pres* Leaned Wire Service (AND THE DINNER HORN) Complete Regional and Local News Coverage HOME EDITION VOL LXV NO. 239 EIGHT PAGES ESTABLISHED 1 BOOTH HAS VACANCY APPOINTMENT Report To County Chairman Gives AllredLead Mrs. Dunagan Lead Of Eight Votes Parisgrafs USES AXE ON WRECKED GONDOLA MO ONE has been heard to say that sewer improvements are not needed in Paris. There is no opposition to the STO.OOO bond issue on this score. The one objection of the tax payer is that it •will raise taxes. And true it is. Taxes will be raised slightly to take care of the cost of the improvements. But prospects for ait increase in taxes in the city are srood anyway. It is a knovrn fact that the opinion prevails at the rity hail that a hike in the tax T'it-e is going: to b« necessary to take care of the city's already incurred obligations. The sewer bond issue \vould add only 4c on the 5100 tax valuation for the first two ye-ars and not to exceed 7c in years- Th-a schedule of payments on the 30 year -4 per cent serial bonds proposed for sewerage improvements would never exceed more than S4.&SO in any one yca.r. And 1« * us bear in mind that while we ci voting: S70.000 in bonds, the lederat government is giving u<. a,-, an outright grant $±8.000. While most that is said oa the t^jc Qtiestion is on the rate, it is of equal importance that -we con- •:»ljj*r-.ilte . failure of the peopit *.o pay their taxtrs, T*""* «n.ny .*>sp0- r»Ie have bten usable to p*y tiiem. but the probleru is one thstt is grains 1.0 have to be solved stKrat-r or later. If the delinquent tax problem continues to increase in the future as it has durins th-; past £«•»- years vce may expect <_x».ntinijous raises in the tax ra;^ •"•ith nothics to show for it. rhe natural reply to this wiU be that we shoa;d Joiver taxes to tr.a r-oint whert people can pay them and that we do nol fc-eit-d-r our situation by voting more t-£-n«lij. This is true, but the peo- }j!-j Lave, by their vote in pa^st j*N*rs- alireatly obli^ited the ci*> *»«d tJ3«i tax must be Jevied for this purpoa^. And as for voimi; taxes. The X^ws hvartil.v that i:se people should t»c careful, but si" the same t:rut' se-ver situattc-n in I*aris is in such & d«plora.i.>5<; siiate of affjs.!r>. that urjjess soniethinfc is c^r.e th«? city stands so T»«>" wore than tbv cost of the i.»or»d sssuc. First Bale Of Cotton Is Sold Here For 20 Cents r county's first bale of 1934 cotton \vas ginned and brought in to Paris for sale on Monday evening. twelve days earlier than last season's first bale. S. C. Roberts of .Minier. who raised the cotton on John Woodard's farm at Minter received 20 cents a pound for the bale of 505 pounds, fifteen cents being paid by Edwin V.'ar- dell, representative of J, Kaha. and five cents premium by the Paris and Lamar County Chamber of Commerce. Actual sale of the cotton is pending issuance of a tax exemption certificate from the government, under the acreage reduction provisions. Roberts said he picked about 25 acres for the first bale which was ginned by Jack B^li of Minter. The excessive heat and drouth of the vas£ month is sriven as the reason for the early maturity of the cotton this season. Minter has for several years past had the distinction of bringing la the first bale, and for the past four years there, two men, J. A. Pace and Roy Stewrari alternated for ihe honors, and this is the fifth successive year \VardelI has bought the first bale. Xot since 1925 has I-amar county had a bale of cotton ginned in July and since that time until this year, the earliest date on a. first bale -*vas August 4. in 1930. Check On Box 46 Gives Woman Candidate Nine More Votes Killers Of Dollfuss Are Hanged High ..Treason Charges! Bring About Execution Of IVazi Leaders i SaleOfMore Relief Bonds To Be Sought VIENNA.—Twu Nazis accused of hijrb treason in the killing of Chancellor Englebtrt Oollfuss. were hanged Tuesday artemoon. They had. been oonvictoej by a court rna.rtL:iI The two men—Otto Planetta. former soldzt-r. and Franz Hois- ^veber—were harvcexi after a, plea of their coivisel for clemency was JPlanftia --vag accusc-d of firin:,- *he fatal shots and Kolz-.v^ber of TcadJRK the Nazi putsch into the federati cha.r,cel!cry lart Wednesday. fla-nottu sa-S.j in the course \>f the trisl that he fired the fatal -hot. aii<5ir.5j: "I did rvt i«'.--an to kilJ the chan- ceHor. ! am sorry." of IT the sewer situation creates ,>. b*-altlj hasa.:-«l thai nia> take the Itves of people, it should be rern- t.di'sd. Jf the c:?y stands :T^ aaujrer Itse*. from the sJatc health :c".t. thn-n t}j«- !*itunti*.»n &* ruuie-ineti. If the city tivavy !l,iMi:ty l"o>m citizens wJit* nay jisk for damages. then it •would seem j;ot>d business to buiM disposal plants and put an -nd to all lhe*e hazards. t>nc tJtin.c 3? ?urr: The re>;»<>n- »-bi5*ty for « Jiaitjver condition prevailing: tn th^ future wil! b<r on th* tajc-ixjy^rs. If w« suffer dsrc consequences brcaus^ of our fai!- ur« to correct « deplorable and d,inscrous «t;uati<>:?. th« people cannot *-v^ij,><p the r«*?;»:>r.!5ibslitj. Th« Js»«e i!« d**!»•*« T vin.i:r of th« careful conaidoratSon of every taxpuj - cr. BOfND ABOARD THE CPUISER ORL.KANS frtf route \vith Pre;*:- dffiit Hoosw?x-*«U to Portland Oregon., iff*' — l*r*»»ident. Roosevelt strvred * coun*** across the Pacific Tuesday f«>r the United Stat** to mak*» » »n»p«K'Tion of th WAIMKA. Hawn». — This 1* nrltten out here on the world's famous Parker ranch. Thrre ar« »r>*l tlKwup native cowbvy* „, JJ-e plenty sfwlly with thos»#- ri»w- ,* l>idie riata-*. Thirty thousnnd hea*J j&f hlflh Kr;id«i Herofords on this * r ^"arVt*'r r:«r;rh. Ov<«r half nii!5Jon aTvH, The bf!*l horses I «vcr »*w on any ntnch anywhere, NothlnK uiul^r «cvr>n-«i«hJh» ihorout^hbr^il. Over «tx hundred You fly to th**' Jn amphlV'ian r>Ian«> on o well man- asred »n?l cqi!.pp<*<1 Ilnr. They nre r "aH rrtnn*TtM hy \vir«}e?n« tele- "• Phone. Thtw la phoned ?o th,c Honolulu inland. Vours, WIJU* Oddly euoush. the death sen- trnce* ^<'-rc the first nmde by an Austrian court ajrainst N' l .~:s despite thv fact ihat DoHfuss decree'* Jeath ti:vr.t!-.E aso ajra^nst person* found jcuilty of seditious activities a Xaz.: while Doiifuss tvas alive. r'lattetta way actuai!> ct'rt- sien^n'*. s <| to de^t?^ for t^vo ressonsr Governor Is Asked To Special Session During August GALVESTOX. Tex.. tVP)— Relief officials frijm ten of the largest counties of the state Tuesday- adopted a resolution calling- on Governor Miriam A- Ferguson to call a special session of the legislature not later than Ausrast 13 to authorize sale of the rem state relief bones. Thft move ivas advocated **in view of the. crirical situation which will exist when current funds are possibly exhauste-d by the end of this month." Mayor Oscar Holcombc of Houston. Mayor Tom Miller of Austin and William Strauss. Houston civic worker. wc r e named to co to Austin Wednesday and per- sonoJIy rfreserit the resolution to the chief executive. A rj other re<so*ution enipo-^vered the three to ask the srovernor to call a conference of ntayors. coumy judpes and relief officials l*efore ;t special session to assemble fa-.-ts of the sj-.uation. MrDONALD SAYS HE CA> 5WEVG ELECTION Mrs. *Ro>- Danagan, candidate for tlie commissioner's position in Precinct £ held by her late husband. Tuesday assumed the lea.d over Frank Jones, her opponent, according to Information given the chairman of the Lamar I>em- ocratic executive committee ajran's vote tota.1 Tuesday stood at 92S and Mr- Jones* at »1S following the reix>rt to tlie chairman on the vote in Box 46. In Box 46 the report Driven to The News following Saturday's balloting save Mrs. Dun- ajran S8 votes and Mr. Jones 34. The repon to the chairman showed Mrs. Buna^an had received 97 votes to 34 for Mr. Jones. This chaiu^ed the standing of the candidates. Mrs. Buna^an a lead of votes where she liad trailed by one ballot in the first returns. Mrs. Dunagan received her votes after an intensive cam- pat^m to have her name written on the ballots had been wajred by her friends -and supporters following: the death of her husband, who was seeking his second term. Results of this campaign now appear to have placed her in the position of nominee commissioner Tor 3E*recmct 2. This race has been the keenest in the field and, the interest in the election seem5 to have centered. Following: the count of the ballots Saturday nigrht by The News uncertainty as to which of the candidates would be declared the nominee ~rew. There was mnch speculation as to what course would be taken. as only one vote appeared to separate the contestants. Later Count Hunter Maintains Safe Margin For Second Place In Runoff DEFEATED GROUP SAYS BUT LITTLE Most of Them Have Little Interest In Governor's I Race Now DALLAS, Texas, £P) — Tabu- £.tion of votes cast in Saturday's rirst Democratic primary swung: 21 to its last stages Tuesday ivitn James V. Ailred. attorney general steadily adding to SL leaci established over Tom F. Hunger, Wichita Falls attorney, and his likely opponent in the August 25 runoff for the governorship. As Allred's plurality increased with each compilation of tores **-*" the Texas Election Bureau, de- zeated candidates hopelessly out of the running "straddled rhe fence" and shied a-way from definitely announcing \—ho they-would support in the run-off. C. C. McDonald, the Ferguson choice who ran a weak third, said he had "a. personal interest in the runoff, but I will surrender it if those who voted for me choose to advise/' Clint C. Small, fourth place candidate, said he -would '•'take no interest whatsoever in the run-off primary." 3-Iaury Hughes, Dallas attorney, who trailed the field, said he ha.3 not decided who "would get his vote- Edgar \Viii, z_he lieutenant governor, said "I may reach a decision In the next few days, but it is also possible that 1 will no stand." The io.t,es.t count izi the race See Al ,R.ED, Page S. Col. Insull Ready I Fleeing Cons To Tell All' Are Captured Aged Former Utilities Czar i Trio of Escaped Prisoners Asks Separate Trial On ; From Harlem Farm Are Fraud Charges Taken Capt_ A. W. Stevens, one cf the crew of three of the Hl-fatcd stratosphere balloon which crashed after attaining an altitude of 60,000 fftet is shown using an axt to chop a hole in the wrecked gondola to rescue Some of the valuable scientific equipment after it had fallen in a Nebraska fseid. ( Associated Press Photo) Political Observers Won't Guess On Second Primary Nominee In Precinct2 To Get Post Judge Martin IVam«s Booth To FU1 Out Russell's Term MRS. DUNAGAN NOW HOLDS VOTE LEAD Official Count Saturday Determine Appointee For Precinct 2 Allred-Hunter Race May Go Either ^a>\ Veterans Say After Recalling U psets of Years Gone Bv In Election History I~ SujijHnters Hold Balance of Power. He Aver> KILI-EKS. T>ace S. Cot. ~ Hindenburg Near Death Siiikinsr Spell During the IVurhl Sets Germany to Worrvinsr Aeain AUSTIN. i..-7>« — C, C. McDonald. third place csr.didate for the I>em- ocrn'ic griibernatorial nomination, T;-.-s«iay called upon his supporter* to decide whom they xvould .avor in thr rxjnoff. "I have a persona' choice in the render it if necessary to vote with r-'.y supporters Jn order that we m;iy Rl5 stand together, for ive lv-K! the balance of power, and i"! iet th^ni BERLIN. (3>> — t**utschln.r.ti ; «titi?d «rj<I xvi>rr;<ed T^r?day for i ivs of th» vn^ral'I*: Prt'^sdorst Physicians' bulletins from Nei:- S6-y*J*r-ol<J sol- y 111. were anx- by street corner Word pajtscd quickly about th»! ;h« il'nesw mijcrht be his las:. In the last several months h« has. ai!m*nlK j»n<3 hjs f«*ei have TTSf. V". A "'red a:i«i Ton-> F. Kuntor. first ar.d second place cundid.-itfs is»v;;>ectivel>. "Mny the be«st i;» •svin," he stated, "I have nt-ve,- Known for certain whether to send a «ro\rrrvor a message of con.rrr.t- u3::tj«-»n «>r condolence. CHICAGO. t-Ps — Samuel Ins-oil professed Tuesday to l>e ready to make ''full and frank disclosure" of ail the details of his business operations and asked the Cnlted States district court to grant him 2. trial separate from the 1-3 others accused of. mail frauds :n the marketing: of Corporation Securities company stock. In the petition for a severance presented by his attorney, Floyd £, Thompson, the elder Irssull said he would be hindered in presenting- his full statement arid h:s defense if the record vierc clut:ered with the evidence relatinc: to his son and the other directors of Corporation Securities who \\ert indicted with him. Naming: eight co-defvacants. I~sul said that they had sperit most. of their business careers ir. the service of corporations of \vhich he was the active head and "ivht:e they were men of-indeper.cler.: ration and judgment." they r.atur- sJly looked It- him for sru;ca:-.cs in ntatters of treneral policy. These eijsrht were Samuel Tnsu:L Jr.. Kdward J. Doyle. Phillip J. Krsroe. John F. O'rCeefe. Fred H. Scheel. Robert \V. \\aue. Fra;ik R. Evers and Georsre A. Kerr.p. \ '"The other eight." he sa:d. | "were e^g-asced in various orofe-s* INSUI*U Pasre S. Col. S < HOUSTON, • „•?*'. — Three of the i nine Texas convicts xviio escaped \ from the Har;en: sti.te prison farns ; Monday \vere recaptured Tuesday [ and the body cf a fourth was re| covered fro:73 a creek he, had tried j to s'-vini. I Th-^ d-^wno- 1 —•'•• \va-e I^ew" j Carter. sen:e;ii-e<I tu ',-$ years from i Dallas county for robbery. He • was ttu 4 uii'y liftr termer among | the njeu wist- sawea their way j from a bti:Id:r.t: on the farm. • Those ur-ev; were Paul Ja' cob I>eator.. serein:; IS yean*. J from. Harris county for burglary. ; J. I» Fr;irr.t. 3S. two years, : bursrktry, Dickens county, and G. ; E. Huston., two years, burglary. E; I Faso, ,' Tht: C'-T.-V ;ci.- separated after : they left the far:*.'.. Carter, Franiv I and Huston ran towards | creek near Sugr-sriand. | "When we got tt> lh:s tvie* creek | said Frame. "I: was pitch dark.. : "'When we sot about half wa\ • across. Carter called for he'.p. Bui « it, -sx-as a ?! Huston arid I could do \ to keep sroing ourselves. He caileu ? as ^£: i. July 31 (.-?> —Politicians. avra_re of the fickleness of Tejcas voters. looked back over the years Tuesday and refused to hazard sru*=sses ° n tiie outcome of the apparent!;.- to be contested by Janies V. Allred and Tom F. Hunter. Wichita. Kalis neighbors, On the face of present incomplete returns. Allred is pacing the field with Hunter safely in the Veteran observers recalled upsets of other cai^s when "I-.-ns shots" slipped in to nose out a favorite. History reveals tha.j ins public favorite iu rhe first primary has lost in almost, 3£ many instances as those in which he the finish. line. In the 19-S contest for Cnitec Earle B. Mayfield, polled I'O'C'.^L'; field of six candidates, Tom Con- naJly received IT^.-.'i-l votes. The "'long shot" Conna:"y thundered :n by several lengths in the run-off. receiving 320.071 *-,» Mayfi eld's Giiberziaterial contest-'- in the and o-urslti^rs dividing the wir.ninszs equally. The iat- Senator Joe Bailey i>aced rhe i;rst primar> i~ IS^y. conifo^tably leading i^at it. Neil. But in the run-off. N-sf£ was elected. Two years later Net: clinched the pest acain in the first primary- A field of nine can- Cotton Tax Is to Stand didazes In" the first primary of 1324 failed to produce a winner. Judge Felice £>. Robertson cf TDallas zed. the field '.vieh 133.000 and Miriam A. Fergruson trailed in second placr: \vith 245,000. The \vife of former Governor James HI. I-'ersruson vron the run-of:, however, with 413,000 votes to Kobenson's SI-5.- uniph in 133'.'. Mrs. ferguson v,-as far ahec^d of ihe field. of :vn car ; dii5a.:es wlt.h her 24i,o'jO vores. his second place posiuon. But. the oil man ivasred a strenuous cain- See POI-ITICAi-. Pace S. Col. 5 Wliat The DROUTH Is Doing NO. 1—NORTH DAKOTA BISMARCK, N. D., •..•?:. —The drouth has hit North Dakota, hard. Virtually one-t^ird of tl'ir? state's !:ti" roils-- M.WC» nuncirtif ^•ersc-T's in O':-? section s.r<s to b-- -moved by frd- ^rr?? aut!ror:tv fr-^"" unt^nsble '>»a >~*o-V, ,,.«, .- „-.„.,.„. x,- . Processing Cent* ^"ill Remain In Effect "V.'her. >> e got to the other bank. we •w.-aited about five or 10 minutes for Carter to show up. Tlitr; we- 1^-ft. \\"e had to keep sroini:." Frame arid Huston were arn?st- e<* by Karris county deputies and Bend county officers. Thr; n«»\v!» of The s**ri*>u* turn most German*. Cau?.«s for a'artv; was rfi>ort*d Sunday. b«i ci-s Mon- Huey Long Brings Soldiers To New Orleans Vote Fight TV'ASKINGTON. (.-? -—Th-r farm continuation of ;he processir-g t.ii. for the I934-S5 niarket^r-.^ year. The announcement was rnade. the administration said, tt part vf the ^-'orld's bread basket. North t?»nrtota fact's a ?pi:; as;r:- c',i2t - j;ra*:y. •n.-ith ;he -.vest revertins: Acting' under authority vested ra liim oy the revised sta. r U"tfP o* Tesas, County Jndsre C. A. llartin Tuesday appointed T- H. (Tony) Booth, the nominee. 10 fill the u.n- expired zerni of T. V»*. RusseB. resigned, as commissioner in Precinct 4. Judsre Martin tv-iH s.?- poini a contm'ssioTir-r to fin—tti^ unexpired verm of the late Roy Dunasran !n Precinct * n? . SO<>TI as the is determined by the official countinsr of ballots cast in the election. The restiil of the election TviH be decfenr-c! Saturday •^•hen the Democratic executive corrirnittee meeis to canvass the ballots. On the basis of ficnires stipplie-fi fr-orrj Bore 4-^ Tuesday it app?arr5 that Mrs. Roy Dunacan. wigow of ihe late commissioner tvbo wa^i seekins: reelecrion. Tsad won tfc-a nomination of ^r Frank Jones=. TT'sis. ho'-rever. i? unofflciaL Hetativ? to ::io appointment 6t Jater of a commissioner tr» fill Mr. Martin Tuesday issned the follow- statement to The iCe^vst Th* Revised Statutes of Texas, Art. ±347. r>rovid' :i <= as follows: : "In CHS? of vacancy in the- office of the count" Jnf7.ce shall ar; point poinf suitaMc person Iivin~ in the precinct wb-ore si'ch vacancv 'incurs, to serve' as eo mm ISP Sorter f.^r such precinct In Cor-m:s?if>ner"s Preciriet ICo. 4. th-?re '.verc 14 applicants for the po5:*ion made va.cs.riL by trie res- isrnation of ron-:n-.:ss:oner Flusselt to ap'io:-: a'T of 'heni. anS this f rejrret. T na~. ? -'Hmc to the conc!"s:"T that thf fn:r ^vay to h'an- "ho r>?"-='-»cmti>.' noniine-?. Dels— .iraTion.^ fr-Tr; the •>r< v c:~c* have r«*- «'j";=trv! that this r>-^ •Tone. 7 rea- fact'^r:,- to ?on-r?. hut T know of n^ fair=r -^-ay to handle f-he sifii- ap r>«s5:h"r -rvhorri the oeople xvsr.t I ,±-J ~ot ;-><?!:-?ve th-: 4 re is any oth?t* \vny fairer to the people than to appoint the rr->rrlnee. I have, tn^rrfor*?, appointed T. Th-rrs arc no porsotiai nor written applications? for the vacancy :n Precinct No. 2. although dclc- srat:c*rts havt- <J;s-. - ussecJ the matter rr-.y purpose to rnak^ an eiir]y a.;-;- after \Tn=. D^nairan became a can- oicate. T decided to wait and Appoint the Democratic nominee of the precinct. I hoped, however. that sorr.T understar-dins: could b* Trr^jrht br? mad** for th^ Jinex- p:revi t-err.i satisfactory to both ^:<l-?s_ It -no 1 .*." seeros that no un- '.Irrsta.ri'.Ijj'ist car. :">•? reacii-?<J an<i T am driven back to m? This me:hoJ of procedure to meet the approval of a :rsa.r!v friends c: both c-o ORPHANS. Senator fk.i«*nt1y to take hts daily outlns »n<l r-^c^i\-fi A state official To ob- ir. in eiVKerly a\va»tr-J rt»r«or;» on •Jj« Austrian **ttuntion. His condition beoani^ bstd A^Airt :« rhe night. Wirfs b*t\voen N«u- b*-ck. F*r*y?«t»dl i»nd Berlin jioon c-hot:«?d tviih mc»»ajr<"!H asking in- tration ed a city aJminis- his naiionat the New Orice under par- NEU.DECK. G*rn\any. (.•?*> - — President Pa til Von Hlndenh-iirir's ! .-. ILJL, Pa«« i, CoL NRW Hucy F .n the T'j«'s«!ay. Suardstncn holding Jr-sns rcsistration wf tjfti martial iaw. Mori* thHn a score of guards.- men appeared »t the city halt *n- n*.x Mc»r>day nis:hJ, battered In the door jin'l took possession of the H»ts of names of qualified voters for tho Sopten>b*r congT<cs»ional primary. Governor O, K, Allen, m l«o««r supporter. i«»u«<J * procl*mation estsbJjrahinjp 1 psrt*«l martial IAW and txi>laininir thmt th« action won taken ^o protect the r*i;:s»trar"s office from "insuit. and !r.t:ri:;*ia- tion." The j«artj»! law applied only to a rfstrteted area in th<? vicinity of the city hall. Mayor T. Sewnies \V»Jj«s'cy, bitter enemy of the Louisiana "Kirts^s^," swt in his c'.Jy hat! of- tJe« across the street st the time. Me saJd: "It is apparent that they want to scratch th* names from the registration books under the protection of th« miHtSa, They already control th« registration of- ffo* here through *tatw wppvini- ro«nt of th« local registrar," The night ra,id—"It's just a tea ssaiiJ one of ihs militiamen on s«ar<J at :he door—came suddenly. j A <!»»tachnjent of nxslitia. nrsdtrr | Adjutant General Kay mead H. | Fleming, moved up to the btiild- ' ins: q^irtSy. They forced an en- ; , trance and the soldiers scanned ! throughout the large unlighted j roon>, j The building lights | tui"ned on and the | moved about siivntly of them ustir.s; wrre not guardsmen all nighr, flashlights. crowds jjatneni-d outside, So® X.UNG, Ba«e S, Col. 4 teracts nstnors and;^i. that h,a<5 developed resrardiris the lax d-urijxs 1 the past several ir.otiths.. The prostranr! of rental and bene- paymerits to farmers for pro- control next year, officials said, has been develop*"} and is in operation, nt-ceivsariiy re-quirinj: continuation of the tax at the Prv^ertt rate. The agricultural adjustment ace provides that the tax rate shall be determined by the fcecretary of asrrrcuttur* accordins: to a for:nu.'-i prescribed as of the date the tax takes effect and shall b« adjustt-d r:ece7*sary. NL> adjustn:T«nt xras deemed itd- visabie at this time, the administration said. "Tne administration feels uar- ranted in assuring industry ihat no re-deternvination of the rate of the raw cotton processing: tax is HI prison t contemplated," the announcement eci by corrt:r:x:ed drouth, Ke;p!esj=. farmers- ^--j..-^ -v^tv-hed Se^ I>ROUTH. Pase >. C^'. Z ?e** BOOTH. . Cat. T RED CROSS GROUP TO MEET TUESDAY Thf* ^ * i"! ; :i n cv c^n^r^t ittt >o of the Larr.a 1 - County chapter of the ATr.erican R-d Cross :s to meet or. Tuesday a: •* o'clock in the office of S. B. M. Iwons: with the vievc to subsrnbirtst 5100 asked by the r;a- t'onal crcanizaiion for use in the sicrm swept area of south Taxas. T>r. J. K. Creed of Koxton. chairman of the disaster committee of the Lantar county chapter, w ill attend the se-^sion along with members of the finance committee. The I^aiYjar county char**?" has been advi^e-tt that four co-unties iire stricken artd preliminary Red C"rost,s reports show Tl dead, nvany hurt, 250 holrie* destroyed, and 450 others badly damaged. Many residents of this sector are on direct reli«f roll.* now and others are expected to b« added WEATHER Monday's tenrperatur* maxinrj l Jft •xvas 10.1, two hiirher t>»an that of Satur'ia^. and Sunday. The rtiinirsmm for each r-wen?:- four hour period rose one de*rre-* each d»>. tfa:ur'j;*.y"s lo»,v beinn T:j; Sanday's ~4 an<i Monday's 7"». and th^L-" 1 a as. eons*id«?rab!« eiec- trica. dtjsturt-ancr- during ttve »ar!T part of the niph*. <tccoTi>$>ani*<l by w:nd. but except for a f*""-" scattered drops, no rain f«H h<^re» Som<5 rain wa-s reported in a;!- joi;i:n^ sections, but not to br*'*tx tb-« n^orith*® <5rowtin OKf^\HOMA. P»rtJy to TrK-sday a%hc ar»<l 11KXAS — Vmtr to partly and conttewNl warm Taeadtey and \Vtxtrt*i«l«y. Modem erij wixkd» oa. the CORM.

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