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The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah · Page 20

Provo, Utah
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Friday, April 11, 1975
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Page 20-THE HERALD. Provo, Utah, Friday April 11. 1975 Try Trip to Ceylon For Travel Change By MURRAY J. BROWN UPI Travel Editor COLOMBO, SRI LANKA (UPD _ Americans looking to change their travel diet may find this Indian Ocean island republic of Sri Lanka, still more commonly known as Ceylon, is just their cup of tea. For although it lies only about 20 miles off India's southern coast, and was in olden times a major crossroads on trade routes and the scene of repeated invasions and occupations, the tide of modern mass tourism is just reaching its shores. In the official langauge of Sinhala, Sri Lanka means Resplendent Island. It more than lived up to its name for this first- time visitor during a weeklong tour with other American travel writers as guests of the Ceylon Tourist Board. We found the people warm and friendly and anxious to make us feel welcome. In addition, the prices are more than right -particularly in these days of soaring inflation and dollar devaluation. Tourists get a 65 per cent premium above the official rate of exchange, which meant that the U.S. dollar bought 10.64 Ceylonese rupees at this writing. Would you believe, for instance, about $30 tops a day double for accommodations and three meals in the best hotels, or $10 for a dinner for two with entertainment? Or how about 20 U.S. cents for a shave and a haircut? I got the shave and fellow writer Joel Steed, the haircut in the "Wellcome Saloon" run by Velu Vellu in the hill country town of Elkaduwa, north of Kandy. Tourists apparently are still somewhat of a curiosity and scores of smiling townspeople, young and old, massed inside and outside the shop to watch. The smiles seemed to grow bigger and warmer when our guide identified us as Americans. . There was little doubt about how the barber felt —there were two pictures on the otherwise bare wooden walls — one of a younger Velu Vellu and the other of the late President Kennedy. I sat upright in a straight- backed wooden chair while Velu Vellu scraped a two-day growth off my face with a straight razor. There was no hot towel, or aftershave lotion or powder —only a surprise spray of cold water from a big beer bottle and a patting with a rough cloth. Driver-guide Basil Dalpatadu, NOTICE OF APPEAL The Provo City Board of Adjustment will hold a public hearing on Thursday, April 24, 1975 at 8:00 p.m. in the City Commission Chambers of the Provo City Center, located at351 West Center Street, to hear arguments for and against granting the appeals of the following: Mr. Paul Rasmussen requests a ., . ,, n •! „„-,! variance in side yard requirements No tip? "No sair, Basil said, )0aronstruct a dw eii in g at 2102 North want to spoil BO East It is requested that the side yards be ten (10) feet on one side (6) feet on the other. The Legal Notices Legal Notices Bill Introduced to Cut Paperwork Inefficiency who handled the negotiations, then handed Velu Vellu two rupees _one for the haircut, the other for the shave. "we wouldn't them." It wasn't until I glanced in the mirror the next morning that I realized I got more for my 10 cents than I had expected —Velu Vellu had shaved off the sideburns I have worn for some 20 years! A tour of the spectacularly scenic hill country, with countless acres of tea plantations, was one highlight on our itinerary which covered 750 miles on this 270-mile-long by 140-mile-wide Island. Others, in addition to Colombo with its exciting Oriental pettah (bazaar) and Dehiwela Zoo with its dancing elephants, included: The former capital of Kandy, site of the Dalada Maligawa, the Buddhist Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. About 67 per cent of the more than 12 million population are Buddhists. The ruins of the llth century capital of Polonnaruwa, with its huge statues of Buddha sitting, standing and reclining, carved from the living rock. Sigiruya, the remains of a palace-fortress built by a fifth century king atop a 600-foot- high rock in the jungles and the famed frescoes of the sensual bare-breasted "Heavenly Maidens." The beach resort of Bentota, with miles of white sand beaches fringed by towering palm trees (where the birds still outnumber the bathers), and its modern hotels. For shoppers, there are good buys in precious and semiprecious gems, silver and brass ware, batiks and native handicrafts. But, bargain! bargain! We flew here via KLM —747 from New York to Amsterdam and DCS the rest of the way, with stops at Athens, Cairo and Karachi. It is a long flight, but service and food in both first- class and economy were outstanding. Stopovers can be arranged. Other international airlines also service Sri Lanka from East and West. Americans need only a valid passport. Ceylon has tight currency controls and all conversion transactions must be entered on an official form which must be surrended on departure. Save 10 rupees for your departure tax. Andrus Opposes Another Dam on the Snake River WASHINGTON (UPI) - Gov. Cecil D. Andrus told a Congressional committee even one more dam on the Middle Snake River would be detrimental and urged that the remaining free-flowing stretch of the stream be untouched. Andrus testified before the House Interior Committee Subcommittee on National Parks and Recreation on behalf of himself and Govs. Robert W. Straub of Oregon and Daniel J. Evans of Washington in support of a bill designating the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area. "...we want to reaffirm as strongly as we can the complete support each of us and our administrations give to protecting the free-flowing Middle Snake River and Hells Canyon's wilderness environment as a great new Hells Canyon National Recreation Area," the Idaho governor said. He said the "prompt passage of this oustanding and well- balance legislation is of the utmost priority to us in the Pacific Northwest." Andrus said that every argument pro and con had been heard on the issue and that there was no sense in delaying the issue any longer. "The Hells Canyon issues have been fully aired at public hearings repeatedly in the Pacific Northwest, both at Congressaional field hearings and before various state proceedings," Andrus said. "Further hearings would be an not of the instrument of delay, enlightenment." The governor said that people of the Northwest were fully aware of the benefits and advantages of hydroelectric energy generation but also know "the value of protecting the diversity of our natural environment and its scenic and recreational opportunities." But, he added, northwestern- ers also recognize the remaining free-flowing 101-miles of the river in "its mangificent wild Hells Canyon setting as a natural wonder of enormous national significance." "And we know the very great and tangible value of the Snake River salmon and steelhead runs to downstream and ocean commercial fisheries and to our sports fishing-tourism industry," he said. "Today those fish runs are at a point of crisis," Andrus said. "Even one more dam would very likely destroy this multimillion dollar resource." Andrus said the three governors supported de-authorization of tne Asotin Dam proposal. They said "the destructive impact such a dam would pose to economically vital Snake Salmon River fish runs is flatly unacceptable to us." "The real issue boils down to a single water-land use choice —do we maintain the free-flowing Middle Snake River as a Wild and Scenic River, or do we allow hydroelectric dams on the Snake River within Hells Canyon?" Andrus said. and six Ordinance requires ten (10 feet In. each side. This property Is located in an R-1-6 zone. Mr Stuart Dunn requests a variance in the side yard requirements to construct a dwelling at 1229 North Locust Lane. The combined sldeyards would be sixteen (16) feet where a total of twenty-four (24) feet would be required in an R-l-8 (S) Zone. Mr. Paul Eves requests a variance In the sldeyard requirements abutting a street for an apartment development at 1600 North State Street. This Is In a C-G (General Commercial) Zone. The Planning Commission has reviewed these plans for Conditional Use within this zone. Mr. Stephen Stewart, agent for Flying Diamond Ranches, requests a variance to allow front setbacks in the Sherwood Hills Subdivision to be twenty (20) feet where necessary, due to topography of the terrain, (he ordinance would require thirty (30) feet This Is In an R-1-10 zone. Mr. Von Carter requests a variance In the Highland Meadows Subdivision to allow side yards of six (6) feet and ten (10) feet on lots 1-21, and 34-46. Action on this request would permit this variance on all lots In the Highland Meadows Subdivision. This Is In an R-1-8 zone. Mr. J.S. Brady Dlrker, requests a variance In the number of baching singles allowed In the R-2 zone at 772 and 771 East 200 North. The Ordinance will allow a maximum of four (4) singles per unit Mr. Dlrker would like to have six (6) singles per unit. Mr. Ray A. Crosby requests a variance In the required lot width (eight-nine feet where ninety feet Is required) and a rear yard variance of ten (10) feet where thirty (30) feet Is required on an existing dwelling to split a parcel of property located at 1750 West 1337 North. This Is In an R-l-8 zone. Dr. Illff C. Jeffery requests a variance In the number of parking spaces required for a medical office. Dr. Jeffery would provide eleven (11) spaces where fourteen (14) would be required In the P-0 (Professional Office) Zone. Mr. Charles J. Bledsoe requests a variance In lot width and square footage to split a parcel of property at 469 East 400 North. The lots would have a square foot area of 5,000 square feet where 6,000 square feet Is required, and widths of 49.5 feet where 60 feet would be required. This in an R-3 zone. Mr. Wayne W. Wilson of 360 North 600 East requests a variance In the front yard setback to construct a porch. The setback would be twenty- three (23) feet where thirty (30) feet Is required. This Is In an R-3 zone. Mr. Roger E. Billings of 865 North 1250 West requests a variance In the side yard requirements to construct an addition to his dwelling. The requested setback would be four (4) feet where ten (10) feet Is required. This Is In an R-l-8 zone, Mr. Oscal W. Walch requests a variance In the front setback to construct an addition to a dwelling located at 1238 Briar Avenue. The setback requested Is twenty-three (23) feet where thirty (30) feet Is required by Ordinance. This Is In an R-l-8 zone. Mr. Sherman L. Cloward of 1477 East 1575 North requests a variance in the rear yard requirements to construct an enclosed swimming pool, with the wall abutting the dwelling. The rear yard would be approximately ten (10) feet where thirty (30) feet are required. This Is in an R-l-10 zone. Mr. Wllford Roberts of 1190 East 700 North requests a variance In the side yard to construct a building with a set back of three (3) feet where ten (10) feet would be required. This is In an R-2 zone. Mr. C.E. Tucker of 880 South 500 West requests a variance In side yard requirements to construct a carport. The setback would be three (3) feet where ten (10) feet Is required. This Is In an R-2 zone. Mr. Robert Burnener requests a variance in the sldeyard requirements abutting a street for an apartment complex to be constructed at 1701 North State Street. This Is In a C-G (General Commercial) Zone, and has been presented to the Planning Commission for Conditional Use approval. Mr. H.B. Payne of 1850 West 1320 North requests a sldeyard variance of six (6) feet and ten (10) feet where ten (10) and fourteen (14) feet would be required to construct a dwelling at this address. This Is In an R-l-8 zone. Mr. R.J. Joyner requests a front yard variance on lot No. 38, of Highland Meadows Subdivision to construct a dwelling. The request Is for a setback of twenty (20) feet on this cul-de-sac lot where a set back of thirty (30) feet would be required. This is In an R-l-8 zone. Nathan Chappell requests a variance In the side yard setbacks on a parcel of property located at approximately 1480 N. 2040 W. The Side yards would be 6' and 10' where 10' and 14' are required. This Is an R-l-10 zone. OLD BUSINESS - From March 27, 1975 meeting Mry. Clyde Davis requests a variance in the average widths of. three (3) lots at 650 East 2550 North. This Is In an R-l-10 zone. All persons Interested are Invited to attend this meeting. By order of the Board of Adjustment Sally M. Harding, Secretary Published in The Dally Herald April 11, 1975 LEGAL NOTICE In the Fourth Judicial District Court of the state of Utah In and for Utah County, Boshard Electric, Inc , a Utah Corporation, Plaintiff, vs Albertson's, Inc.; R. Bliss Allred and Alta B. Allred, his wife; Empire West; Jakes Glass Company; Rio Grande Building Products, Inc.; Holbrook Co.; G. Ray Hale and Elias Morris and Sons Co.; Dunn Construction Company, Inc.; Security Construction Corporation; Bankers Life Company and Does 1 through 10, Defendants. Notice Is hereby given that an action has been commenced and Is now pending In the Fourth Judicial District Court in and for Utah County, State of Utah by the above named Plaintiff against the above named Defendants, that the ob|ect of said action Is to foreclose a Mechanics and Material Men's Lien recorded by the Plaintiff as entry number 3645 In book 1407 page 181 and 182 in the office of the Recorder of Utah County, Utah on the 7th day of March, 1975, on which said Mechanics and Material Men's Lien there Is presently due and owing to Plaintiff the sum of S27,321.68, plus Interest, attorney's fees, and costs. That the Mechanics and Material Men's Men covers the following described real property situate In Utah County, State of Utah, to wit: Com. at pt N 858.29 ft & E 24.25 ft fr SE cor Sec 25, T 6 S, R 2 E, SLM; S 89 degree 54' 13" E 170.24 ft; S 29' W along W bndy of Canyon road 107.66 ft; N 88 degree 57' W along a fence line 169.73 ft; N 12' E along a fence line 104.84 ft to beg. Being In the SW/SW Sec 30, T 6 S, R 3 E SLM. . Com 100 ft E & 7.95 chs N of SW cor Sec 30, T6S, R3E, SLM; N 110 ft; E 92.15 ft N 136.25ft; N 89 degree 26'W 174.20ft; N 2 degreeE 104.70ft; N 89 degree 54' 13" W439.79 ft; S 105.22 ft m or 1; SI degree W 141.52 ft; E 439 57 ft; N 55 degree 24-Va E 35.23 ft; E 56 ft S 130 ft; E 20 ft m or 1 to beg. Com N 632.74 ft W 418.73 ft SE Cor Sec 25, NO degree 10' 30" E 137.87 ft; N 2 degree 04'45" E 75.19 ft. S 89 degree 54'13" E 439.79 ft; S 0 degree 12' W 104.84 ft; S 88 degree 57' E 169.73 ft; S 0 degree 29' W 117.60 ft; W 611.32 ft to beg. All persons holding and claiming liens upon the premises above described pursuant to the provisions of title 38, chapter 1, Utah Code •A-mV5T5ted, 1953, with amendements, should be and appear before the above entitled court on Friday the 23 day of May, 1975, at the hour of 10 a.m. to then and there exhibit proof of their Hen. Dated this 8th day of April, 1975 Richard R. Harrington, Attorney for Plaintiff, 60 East 100 South, Provo. Utah 84601. Published In The Dally Herald April 11, 18 and 25, 1975. WASHINGTON (UPI) - Sen. Frank E. Moss, D-Utah, has introduced a bill aimed at reducing costly waste and inefficiency in government paperwork. Moss said his proposed records management act would tighten controls on the creation, use and disposition of federal agency records. He said current costs are clearly out of hand, citing a 1973 report estimating at least $15 million a year is spent on government paperwork. "Essential to cost savings, for example, are controls over the proliferation of records," Moss said Wednesday. "But many agencies have been reluctant to accept this notion because it is nowhere specified in current law." Virus May Cause Some Cases of Hepatitis WASHINGTON (UPI) -Some cases of hepatitis following blood transfusions may be caused by an unknown virus unrelated to the two known forms of the disease, the National Institute of Health says. This finding may explain why some cases of the serious liver disease still occur after the the incidence of heptatis among patients who receive donor blood. But some cases still occur and half cannot be related to hepatitis by the most sensitive test methods of hepatitis B virus. It often has been assumed, the institute said, that at least some of these non-hepatitis B cases were caused by hepatitis virus A. careful testing of donor blood for But new laboratory techniques signs of the two known hepatitis ruled out the presence of hepatitis virus A as well. Institute scientists said other tests also seemed to rule out two other viruses known to affect the liver. The scientists said it was possible the post-transfusion the virus or viruses responsible hepatitis cases may have been for unexplained hepatitis cases, caused by non-viral causes such The institute said careful as drug reactions or anesthesia, screening of blood for transfu- but the incubation time of the viruses. Scientists at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said additional studies are necessary to confirm this new theory and then efforts will begin to try to isolate Carbon County Rest Home Patients Routed by Fire By United Press International PRICE (UPI) - The 50 residents of the Carbon County Nursing Home were briefly evacuated Wednesday when a fire broke out in a dining room addition now under construction. Director Herman Beckman said he ordered the patients out when workmen sawing a beam in the addition touched off a fire in roof insulation. But the volunteer fire department controlled the blaze immediately after it arrived, he said. Damage was minor. NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Notice is hereby given that the Provo City Commission will hold n Public Hearing In the City Commission Chambers, City Center, on Monday, April 14, 1975 at 10:00 a.m. to determine If the service road, which Is recorded as part of Hillcrest Subdivision Plat A, on 1050 North Jordan Avenue, shouio be vacated. It is the recommendation of the Planning Commission that this road should be vacated In front of Mr. Ewell's Mr. Coffey's and Mr, Madsen's property, and between Mr. Coffey's and Mr. Madsen's property. Anyone wishing to speak for or against the possible vacation of this service road will be given an opportunity to be heard. BY AND FOR THE BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS OF PROVO CITY, ON THIS 17th DAY OF MARCH, 1975. R. Glenn Olsen City Recorder Published in the Daily Herald, March 21, 28, and April 4, and 11, 1975. NOTICE TO LIEN CLAIMANTS CIVII No. 43,186 In the District Court of the Fourth Judicial District In and for Utah County, State of Utah. Dunn Construction Company, Inc., a Utah corporation, Plaintiff, vs. Security Construction Corporation, Albertson's Inc., R. Bliss Allred and Alta B. Allred, his wife, Empire West, Western States Title Company, a corporation, Bankers Life Company, a corporation, Jake's Glass Company, Rio Grande Building Products, Holbrook Company, Ellas Morris & Sons Co., and Boshard Electric Company, Defendants. notice Is hereby given that an action has been commenced and Is now pending In the Fourth Judicial District Court In and for Utah County, State of Utah, by the above named plaintiff, against the above named defendants; that the ob|ect of said action Is to foreclose a Mechanics and Material Men's Lien recorded by the plaintiff as Entry No. 3588 in Book 1407 at pages 86-7, in the Office of the Recorder of Utah County, Utah, on the 6th day of March, 1975, on which said Mechanics and Material Men's Lien there Is presently due" an9"owlng to the plaintiff the sum of $12,662.59, plus interest, attorney's fees and costs. That the Mechanics and Material Men's Lien covers the following described real property situate In Utah County, State of Utah, to-wlt: Commencing at a point North 858.29 feet and East 24.25 feet from Southeast corner of Section 25, Township 6 South, Range 2 East, Salt LaRe Meridian; thence South 89 •degrees 54' 13" East 170.24 feet; South 29' West along West boundary of Canyon Road 107.66 feet; North 88 degrees 57' West along a fence line 169.73 feet; North 12' Bast along a fence line 104.84 feet to beginning. Being In the SW/SW Section 30, Township 6 South, Range 3 East, Salt Lake Meridian. Area .42 of an acre. Commencing 100 feet East and 7.95 chains North of Southwest Corner Section 30, Township 6 South, Range 3 East, Salt Lake Meridian; North 110 feet; East 92.15 feet North 136.25 feet; North 89 degrees 26' West 174.20 feet; North 2 degrees East 104.70 foet; North 89 degrees 54' 13" West 439.79 feet; South 105.22 feet more or less; South 1 degree West 141.52 feet; East 439.57 feet; North 55 degrees 24'/j' East 35.23 feet, East 56 feet South 130 feet; East 20 feet more or less to beginning. Area 2.87 acres. Commencing at pont on North side of 2120 North Street, North 521 feet and East 100 feet from Southwest Corner Section 30, Township 6 South, Range 3 East, Salt Lake Meridian; North 110 feet; East 92.15 feet to Canyon Road, aka as 150 East Street; South 29' West along 150 East Street 90.17 feet; on a curve to right having a radius of 20 feet, for a length of 31.25 feet and consuming a cen angle of 89 degrees 31' R, West along. North side of 2120 North Street a distance of 71.39 feet to beginning. Area .23 of an acre. Which property Is bounded on the south by a block wall, and on the North, east and west by public roads. All persons holding or claiming liens upon the premises above described pursuant to the provisions of S38-1-I2, Utah Code Annotated, 1953, with amendments, should be and appear before the above entitled Court on Friday, the 2nd day of May, 1975 at the hour of 10:00 o'clock a.m., to then and there exhibit proof of their liens. Dated this 4th day of April, 1975. S. REX LEWIS, for: HOWARD, LEWIS &PETERSEN Attorneys for Plaintiff 120 East 300 North Provo, Utah 846)0 Published in The Daily Herald April 11, 18 and 25, 1975. sions has substantially reduced Oil Firm Drops Prices on Fuel CHICAGO (UPI) — Bucking an industry trend, Standard Oil Co. of Indiana, announced today a 3.2 cent a gallon cut nationwide in the price of its home heating oil, diesel fuels and kerosene. A spokesman said the price cut was effective immediately nationwide and covered No. 1 and No. 2 heating oils and diesel fuels and kerosene marketed by Standard's American Oil Co., or Amoco. No drop in gasoline prices was announced. City Merchants Delay Meeting The merchant council of the Provo Chamber of Commerce has planned its monthly meeting a week late this month. The meeting will be held next Tuesday — the third Tuesday — rather than the second Tuesday. It will begin at 8:30 a.m. at the Provo City Center. The Center Street project is to be discussed as well as the creation of citywide promotion plans. The date for the annual July Sidewalk Bazzar is to be set at the meeting. All city merchants are invited to attend, chamber officials said. Aboard Carrier SAN DIEGO, Calif. - Navy Airman Aviation Electrician's Mate Donald M. Beckstead, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Beckstead of 145 E. 100 N. Santaquin, is embarked with Air Anti-Submarine Squadron 21 aboard the aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy off the coast of Norfolk, Va. The squadron is conducting training exercises with the S-3A "Viking," the Navy's newest and most sophisticated anti-submarine jet. cases was consistent with viral causes. CLASSIFICATION DIRECTORY Card of Thanks ' 'Transportation « Notices J Business Personals • Personals ? Tours ? Lost 8, Found { Help Wanted • 1 Sales Help Wanted ' I Job Training ]!j I Child Care \\ 1 Income Tax •! Work Wanted J Instruction Ji Business Opportunities 17 Wanted to Rent <» Rooms for Rent *"• Rooms & Board « Apartments Unfurnished « Apartments Furnished « Houses for Rent » Mobile Home Parks « Mobile Homes ™ Commercial Rentals « Moving & Storage *J Real Estate Wanted » Recreational Property 35 Real Estate for Sale •» Lots & Acreages 3 P»rmc A. 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HOUSEPLANS ********<***** *' The Arawak Museum in White Marl, Jamaica, houses an extensive collection of Arawak artifacts. It is constructed on the largest known village site occupied by the Arawak Indians, one of the earliest and possibly first inhabitants of the island. the unit at the Naval Air Station, San Diego Legal Notices NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN THE MATTE R OF THE ESTATE OF MORONI JENSEN, Deceased. Creditors will present claims with vouchers to the undersigned at the office of Elmer L. Terry, Attorney at Law, 192 South 100 East, Provo, Utah, on or before the 30th day of June, 1975. Claims must be presented in accordance with the provisions of 75-9-5, Utah Code Annotated, 1953, and with proper verification as required therein. WILLIAM MICHAEL JENSEN JAN PAUL JENSEN Co-Executors. Published in The Daily Herald March 28, April 4, II, 18, 1975. INVITATION TO BID METAL BUILDING Sealed bids will be received until 2:00 p.m. on Monday, April 14, 1975 in the office of Provo City Purchasing Agent for the following: One Free span metal warehouse and sheltered workshop building, 80' x 150' x 14' to be constructed on Provo City property located at 350 East 1100 South. Bid forms and specifications are available at the office of the Provo City Parks and Recreation Department, P.O. Box 799 or phone 375-1822 ext. 141. A 125.00 deposit on each set of drawings and specifications is required. PROVO CITY CORPORATION A. Wm. Nelson Purchasing Agent Published in The Dally Herald April 9, 10, 11, 1975 ************** COMPUTER SERVICE **********************4 FAST PERSONAL Computer Service for your business or needs. Mailing lists, billings, Inventory & more. Cory 377-5921, Kar 1 177-9528 CUSTOM HOME Planning. Plan now for your new home. Expert, fast service. Reasonable Rates. Call 3759926 or 377-4090 John Anslow. HOUSEPLANS, custom 8. stock, blueprinting services. Work guaranteed. J8.S Designing, 489-4941 ¥**********************>**< REMODELING SPECIALISTS We do It all. Licensed..,. Free estimate, ph. 377-6177. QUALITY building & remodeling by licenses contractor. 224-1186 QUALITY carpentry 8, remodeling, bsmts, additions, roofing-new 8, repaired. Paul 377-2066. NEED HELP with kitchen cabinets! Free estimates. Call Clyde at Anderson's Lumber, J/J- 6682. . COMPLETE Remodel, New Home Const., Throughout Utah County, 225-8420. 433-6817 *******»****+ ' [ KITCHENS »•»**»»*»»****»***. ********** 1 W***44* CLEANING ************** DRAPES our specialty: Cleaned, pressed, pleated, same day service, »Aodern_Cleaners 44 S. 200 VI ********»»*************< t CONCRETE & MASONRY 3 ** **********»**f*t*********' HAVE BACKHOE - Will dig. Septic tanks, field, drains, root cellars. Custom backhoe & concrete work. Lie. dependable gurntd. 489-7567. RETAINING WALLS, porches, driveways, patios and foundations plastered. Free estimates 225-7094 SET UP, pour, finish slabs, driveways, sidewalks & patios Free est. 225-7650, 756-6394. COMPLETE KITCHEN Designing Remodeling services furnished by Crockery Kitchens. 489-9310 MARI-BOB. Kitchen cabinet sales. Single or multiple unit. Let us give you an estimate^ J-lndpg 785-4900 **************** ***** LANDSCAPING & SPRINKLERS ************ Tomplefe Landscap|njf service, eq'ulpment to handle most any |ob. Free estimate. Mltchel's American .Garden Center. 373-8251 _ _ Experienced landscaping, sprinkler system (automatic avail.), cement Ph. 375-6283 anytime. I CONSTRUCTION ; **************************4 GENERAL Contractor and licensed carpetner, Specialize In framing. Free bids. Work done to your satisfaction. Fred Tolbert 225-8729 SUNSET LANDSCAPE CO. A complete service. Free estimates. Residential or commercial. General landscaping Ideas, sprinkling systems, lawns (sod or seed). Fertilizing, maintenance. No job too small or large. 374-2879 INSTALL Sprinkling systems. Fre< estimate. Mitchel's American 'Garden Center. 373-8251 LAWN CARE H*t*********t******** HERALD WANT APS GEJ RESULTS SPRING CLEANUPS. Power rake, fertilize, trimming, weekly lawn care. Master Charge or Bank AmerlCard. Valley West Lawn Care 225-496*9 ******* * MOBILE HOMES ******* PROFESSIONAL Mobile home repair. Licensed Free est. Call 377-6177 !***********! REPAIR REPAIRS & Installation of glass for aluminum storm doors 8, window. Jones Paint & Glass, 170 N. 100 W. 373-3131 ' HAVE your mechanical repairs & service done on the spot. Auto, farm, const. Ph. 465-2495. '*«••*»********« ********** ROOFING >*******»/******»»*»*»* HOYAL Roofing Co. Reroof your home now - March & April special on Labor & Materials. For free estimates call now, 377-5404. QUALITY Roofing, shingles shakes 8, repairs. All work guaranteed. 373.-0343 *j»**************t*4 SEPTIC TANK CLEANING >***0**1*t**f**'**ft J & R Septic Tank cleaning service 375-1675 and 377-9960 f******** STUCCO & PLASTERING »»******»< FIREPLACES, STONEWORK stucco & plastering H.J. Trunn«ll, [24-3832 , *************************** TV REPAIR.' f t**************************** STOKES BROS. T.V. Sales & Service. Antennae Installations - flat rate labor Don't pay for the mistakes of others by the hour. 375-2000. 44 S. 200 E. Provo. **************************** WALL PAPERING EXPERIENCED PAPERHANGER & Painter. Small lobs. Bruce Skidmore 489-9524

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