The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 3, 1948 · Page 6
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 6

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 3, 1948
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

PAGE SIX THE DAILY REGISTER, HARWSBURG, ILK. TUESl'AY. FKF.Rf AP.Y K. hy Go West, By Williams X X I X I was only -- there were · t » l * » ^ T w * ·.- n raps, of course, in the pattern as I saw it then. Only thc police could check and question and find the w'holc trutli. But 1 was sure I was right. I had to be right! , If 1 wasn't, this .weapon which i 1 had found would only be one! more link in'the chain of ghastly evidence linking me to thc crimes i "lances at my tacc and .saying | curtly. "Vc. it could have been that \ \ a . Vv - vi - il could le. \Ve'll check. Ami then 1 said. "But. even if all t h i s proves to be true, you'll Register "Special" Tries end Fails; He V/ill Try Again Editor's Note: .lay 11. By num. son of Mr. and Mrs. t i l l l l i ' T J . - A V · · * . - · - ~ - - - , . - ,, ,, . " I 1 1 1 I I I . i*\Jll \-'l · · · · - have no real proof. Do you see? j _ v Ryiuun ol Stonctort. is .. -\Ve hau- ways and moans." he journalism student at Cantor- said c o n f i d e n t l y . "We'll make- her ,,,., colle-.o. Richmond. As a talk." . nart of his journalism studies 1 shook my head. "I don't lliink ,o. A n y o n e v o mad with ambition --for she really must be mad-con- real W(jm- part of his journalism studies he has determined to write some articles of interest to S-line countv folks. Herewith. he tells how he DIDN'T get his story. By J A Y ~ n Y X U M His met .. 'U was o n l v " w h c n I had ex-, slowly. -.Maybe t h a t is true, Holly hausled rnv own powers of think- I've never known any woman wry ing that 7 went outside and called ] wel!. f And there K only o;.c v.o::, a » the policeman in. ; In any other predicament. I d i have enjoyed the explosion on , cycs . "Den';--don't sry a, nov Patrol:na:i'Kai!cr's face as he stood |! P ] ca( jed. there looking down at the body -\vhv m»:. H o l l y : Lo'u oi us of Marie Mafoney. There was high had l o r g o t t v i thi- h-ue ;.t -.lake. co'iicdv in his horror: in the belief Both of t's were aware only ot this and unbelief that chased each other j p^ing, leaping emotion between like a dog after its own tail across us . He was contrite. He v..i tics- his bioad phlegmatic face. ' peratc for my forgiveness: ne w a n t How lk in Saline Couii- problem. It r ? allv big story . t o prove lha t I could write a story Tear.; tne cd^cy of '». . Ur ,\ wou i,; ] )0 - \ \ o r t h a darn. At ' j^ l n e v v . ou i ( !irt be able to say fh'adn't «iu-n it a college try. c x c iusi\e interview with · ; Wam . n concerning Ins J; , mical as pirations would be jeai i u ^ ^^ appcar in thc ' .... aml A ·" ' ,iie press service What Help From Secretary's Secretary 1 waited and somehow AT TILL HE DON'T STIC^VERV WELL AT THEM FALSE TEETH; BIFOCAL AM* ARCH 3ET U SEP TO 'EM/ THE LOAFER COPR IMS BY sr/k SCRVICC. isc. T. M sec u s PAT orr. Bird Slow WulltU-r The hammerhead, an A f r i c a n bird, builds a nest wmch r«iuiu-b six months to construct. Aliens Muy Teach Aliens, even enemy aliens. ur«,t lowed by law ly teach in Kcntuiky- public schools. y i Better Living with Better Heating PLAN NOW KOK A LIFETIME OF INDOOR COMKOKT 9 Cool Furnaces e Stokers · Oil Furnaces © Air Conditioning STAIN'S TIN SHOP 17 W. Church Phone 923W "Judas he said, and t h e n , OP j- x And finally. "Of i if i', n course, vo'll have to have it.ans- Ivzed before \.e can be sure. · " n odded. And then I toid him not arrest irn\" The looking for the Russian Consul- : out ate." even "But this is the Russian Con-' _.,,_. and stihitc." Just like thai. Perfect: secretary--or what- English, no red suit, no caviar spols on his tie. He was polite !Jr; r Scfcr" ? x£: sS'Ssr si S"-^ 0 sss 121 Enrolled in , that the other five Baptist churches of thc Association will have mem- i.-trs present tonight. The C. Cliff Griiulle Studios in Carhondale and Harrisburjr, will continue to operate under the supervision of Mrs. Krindlc. assisted by the very efficiently trained help of the late C. Cliff Grimlle. The standards of quality work and courteous treatment will be maintained by both studios. We in- .vite you to visit us. Mrs. C. Ciitt GrJndlc oo Hatching Baby Chicks About 92 per cent of all the chicks hatched in the United States come Ir'om commercial hatcheries. L ZiUUUl.". . ..." all Uiat I had guessed and put to- j }e gether. Of course, he , r l f d to ° He rcpt nodding his head as he lt ... r . ; ^.. (ll . ^. r ,., listened as:d darting b r i g h u k e c n , p o n l t s c ;f could be U ~~ Against :r.e. endirr - but ft uncic:t.i.T.l. way. i was irom me jjic-». ^.« * VT7,«v.-~r.nnfVrpnrp5 *t. I Mowed,have a card? Well. no-o-I had to at nev.^ Lonfe ences n -o'-rs. " v i d ' « e t a o.orv to prove my anility.' But I needed a story. That was t uc-e ju-Pbfcd. that fo sct'a press card. Well, if a easy: HE could help me too. He 'o-Kher !ov. t-e vca- storv was all 1 needed HE could gave ma an armful of l °" C ' '-v ticnco helu me. lie did-he gave me an Booklets (printed i n [ E n .,, ,, ,,,' j - r ,^fiii O t .tale booklets: "Cahfor- "The iJignest Bell in tne \\oriu :-nrr n-r-i f V-.".^"''t nia M o p n ' t h e Immigration Prob- (it's in RGssia;. "The Russian Mor'".;'", :,.'..' '.:. -:,, s " ( ---c"- io-ns" -California's Social Service tality Rate." "' u "" '" ,,/nce Program." "Growing Cabbage on i Tne Swiss Consulate was just _ f ,lhe Coast." etc. -down the street a couple of blocks n ,.,j a f j l m C0 r.cernmg the Uf ·t ··-c' So back to San Francisco and ! but w ho the heck is interested m i« out mv problem. . 'a peaceful country. I haven't giy- "\Vhat's thc counti-y most pronu- cn up yet. California is a big wv nent in the news now? Why, Rus- , sta te with over a million people. How about a story from the j «inst mo I'll \ Wednesday Nite: i you see'. · evidence you have . ." He said viplc-miy. . truth out of her. I'll c ol" her." ··Xt--no. Bob. X.n You have to light fir cunning will 1 , tnekciy liien 1 toid him'of the [ -it- f ^, Rev. George B. Leathers, missionary of Saline Baptist Associa tion "announced today that 3'_. ci.ic.lled last night in the Sunday- school training school being hud tlm week at thc First baptiol church, and urged that other interested persons enroll tonight. Classes will be-held from 7 to .0 p. m. through Friday; evening. ar.d a film concerning the life ol Paul is shown at the close of each se-'on. "The Way of Salvation is tne title of the film for tonichi. ^L- Mil .n «.-. ~ --- r---«r-- Twenty-four of thc 23 Baptist Two of those million people are churches' in Saline Association were blu. Jiuv. u t j v w t ti ^t.v*.i *^«».. - i 1\VO Ol IJlUoc Jliii**"** ptuf*v* *.»*.*- c.liuciit.^ ii» *-«*·*»»- f *.*--«j«*,.«...-.. Russian Consulate. Good! I hied i Dr$ Kirk anc j seaborg of the represented in the enrollment irst myself down to 576 Market street I U ni vcrs j t y of California who have , u .ju. and people from tv.o other .. , ,, '·/'·"YVTMU-T* whore the Russian Consulate is I,,,,,,,,,,- c .,, r ^r^,r. ^ ctnrv fnr noxtweek, ^roinmirsntions also enrolled, ine \v'orkc-d out. ine p.a'i -! i... : /pi.i,. , _ _ , _ _ _ . DEACON WATHEN and His Band Join the crowds and dance to your favorite tunes. j C! Spectacle Repairing has. I. Bokourf Optometrist HO N. Vine Harrisbur Phone 459-R the real murderer and for ck-arin: myself. Ke came close to me t.icn. __ :! put IMS arms around me ana _he he'd me v.arm and close i"-./-is ..._i;s until I stopped trembling. Bui he didn't kiss mo. II..- released me and he sum. ·'Yci--we'll try it. It v on'l do any harm--and it uij vorK. There were a lot oi de'a: : .s to be worked out. The phm ;:s 1 had presented il to B u o . \ . ; . s httle more than a bare outline. Verification of v.lnt 1 had gae.-^ed invented and surmised r-a;l to tc made first, and then--if i was ri«ht--a lot o'i pucsle \.ouid have- to" be coached in wha' they wore · to do without knowing v.hy they ··ere { o do it. A:id there was the- timing of the trap. That had to he worked out to the spi 1 '- second. Otherwise e\eryt'.;ir.g would fall . ,. . V»"e discu^cti =t excHoMiy tor an hour--sitting there in the room thai had been Marie's for o short a while--and then Bob stood up and said cieciMv-J.y: "I've £Qt to be going--there arc a hunclreu , annlos to U» iheeVi-ii . . ." _ ^ lir started to uo ".;ut .-uc.acr..y h" stopped tnrr.od hack t j me. "Get your hat and cout. h e ' ·taid abrupt!. . , ··\Vhv?" "You c.n't t.iy hero :.!on.-. If we're rig'.', in v.-hf. V.O'IL thir-.r.- iiis. "ilie's ^oi-.vj l(. he ck-.-.perate . A-hen she loams ;hr-: ;.:ore r.r.^ ,bccn nnolhvr death--:.! one. Dcspcralo eivj'.^h/.o try ai.y- ' t h i n i i cither to ao' the \ver.pon back and de.troy it. or to cet rui 0 - you--thc one '.:er.-o:i w h o c::n 'connect her v.ilh theso (.nn-.r--. ' G e t j«"r thnr-s. Yo;;'ix- v^ to stav'al my place." (To '.'c i.V.ilir.uc«» urnture 'Luxury for Your Home at Economy Prices Walk up a flight and Save where the Russian Consulate u i prom j S(K i mc a story for next week, denominations also enroucu. t n.i lodged in thc shadow of the world-1 ^- othina starlling they insisted but ij OS t church led the enrollment famed Ferry Building. ,* s { or vlrom two big men. (They're - vV ith 81 present, and thc MciMnley No Exclusive Storj- ,t)rominent in news dispatches Avenue Baptist church was secor.c.. j I w as stopped by a neatly dress-, ^ bo ^ t the nt0 mic bomb and its ; Y .ith 51 representatives. j cd. pleasant-faced young man who j Dandling.) See you next v/eck. . Rcv Leathers sialed that 1h · ! inquired politely if he could help, ; S chcol had started in a splendid | me. i ,, ., « . _ · » . _ or, ,..,,,,»- :,.-·" iriHi:irt fh.ii it is anticipated J 'Over Woolworth Store ^Sorry. Mac. my mistake. I'm I TheJDaily_Register L 20c_a_we dc.U^^: ! ^h^J L is J! nt^ate EXP?;RT CABINET MAKERS Lutherans Observe 75 Years cf Stare Child We Ho re \Vork The 7."i1h ;:r.nivornry of child welfare work in Syr.o'lica: Conference churches of liii- nois will be « « W j \ - d 'bis year throughout t h e - ;itc. r. \v;is a'i- no:!".ccd lo'J.iy 1'v t':^ ':-v. A. \\:K:- r.or. pns'.or of Ro'lrci.vr I/jincr.m clmrcii in Hnriisiiur.:. -J' o:-^.-,'..!-'.": 1 '·'"·'' T - i ' c - ? \(3*3ison or- .'u.-.e Z~. '"."-'. v.n^r H " tr-r.s..^:-'.'"» '" " ' ' ··'-'- ;h '·' 1o form 'ho j/.or.c'i'.'.'· Li^-io 1 ./! Orphnns r.r-mc A--«ni.-Vj_:i."_ ^ Rev. '·ran Pcoria :md 1b(-_ 1 ion of Adsli nK'V^C'J v.]!h " r v Ihc Lulhcni'i . ·' coition v.h,(h no The best way we know to offset higher gasoline prices is to drive a Kaiser or a Frazer. Their lOO^g postwar engineering provides economy beyond your fondest expectations! This boon to the thrift-minded is especially astonishing to people who previously owned prewar cars. They report that Kaisers and Frazers are giving them many more miles per gallon than they ever got before! And today that means a saving of not just cents, but dollars! The reasons for such exceptional mileage are clear-cut. K-F chassis design is new. It takes every advantage of the accelerated technical advances made during the war years, tor example, the horsepower-to-weight ratio is notably higher than in prewar design. The same is true of the compression ratio --the highest in any car on the road! And this means the most efficient use of costly fuel! Vital and important as it is, greater economy is only one of the many advantages of fully postwar design you will find in the Kaiser and the Frazer. Come in and let us give you a demonstration. Discover all the exclusive new features you 'Should not be without in your next car! You'll be glad! S WHAT TYPICAL K-F OWNERS SAY ABOUT ECONOMY "Our new Kaiser has thc more-expcnsivci. car performance and stylinft and thc Icss- cxpensivc-car economy."--From o Hamilton, Ohio, Engineer. "I just finished a 4.000-milc trip in my Fra/,cr avcraJ*in£ above 20 miles per gallon at between 60 and 70 miles per hour."--From a Laurel, Md., St/wncisman. "Mv Kaiser has performed beautifully in thV mountains. On exact test it delivers over IS miics per jjallon on mountain dnv- in^."--from a Gecensbura, Pa., Manufatturer. "I now have U.024 miles on my Frazcr. I have the nicest ridinft car 1 ever owned and as for economy--well. I sict as liiah as 2o miles to ;hc gallon vith thc over-drivel -from on Ida Grove, Jc., K*o' BfoJc Men. "Just re;urncd from a 3.000-milc trip in my Kaiser and believe that for ease of operation, brilliant performance and ridinft comfort, it has no equal. I del 19 miles per gallon."--From o Hammond, Ind., Bi»;ne»mcn. "On a 4-day, 1212-mile trip around I-akc Michigan, we averaftcd IS'A miics to the gallon - - · our new Kaiser is economical to operate and performs beautifully."--from a Chicago Office Worker. "My Frazcr is the finest car I could have bought at any price. The easy, comfortable r ;d c -- a t any speed -- is in my opinion the outstanding" feature. Kconomy and performance are unbelievable. I jict 19 miles per gallon with speeds up to 70 m.p.h." -from a BrookviJ/e, Pa., Insurance Exccvfive. "Everybody knows the Kaiser is economical. No matter what speed you travel it stHl does 24 miles per gallon on thc highways."--From 0 Winnipeg, Mon., ."uncrof Director. "On s recent 2.7SO-mile trip through Canada 1 averaged 2(».6 miles to thc gallon. I have owned and operated many different makes of cars but never until I bought my Frazcr have 1 owned n car that was so economical." --From o Crantton, K. I., Physfeion. with Wendell Noble. 4 times weekly over Mu?ucl BUILT-IN KITCHEN CAKINKTS STORE FIXTl-RES TiirCK BEDS "\NYT!HNC; MAPE OF WOOD" WILSON'S CABINET SHOP sia Tel. Sfil 177 Aircsrs .'vico 1 ^ In So. Illinois for Gome Lav.' ViolGrrons IMVRPHYSr.r.r.O. lil . 1V "· ri _ l.ror,;:'.-. 1 ^ i . '.'' · . / · d.iof of 3h- c,,". 7''.''\' ' ' 177 in: . BOTH CARS ARE SERVICED WITH GENUJNE FAaORY PARTS, WHEREVER YOU GO, BY ONE OF THE 4 URGES* AUTOMOBILE DEALER ORGAMZAT7OKS IN THE WORLD. YOU PAY THE REGULAR PRICE · NO TRADE-IN NECESSARY · HIGHEST ALLOY;ANCE ON YOUR OLD CAR · IMMEDIATE DELIVERY! I l · ' NEWSPAPER! The T'nion comity lopj;rcJ i!.o 1 x, \\ith 15 arrows ; t »l S'i-M iM ; l :· fijios. Arrows v.-ro n.rnlc MI 2.^ of llic 34 cor.nlif*. in 1i.i- ^u;'.!iri 'i ,,/or.o, linntloy ,s:n]. Burroughs Motor Sales, Harrisburg, III. Jcrrcl's Motors KOSICLAUE, ILL. A. J. Brandt Co. CARML ILL. Sufton Garage SlIAWNEETOWN, ILL. Cox Motor Co. ELDORADO, I'LL. VSJPAPERI

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