The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on July 2, 1956 · Page 17
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 17

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 2, 1956
Page 17
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Page 17 article text (OCR)

Sport$ iwttt Classified VOL 36, NO. 244 Monday, July 2, 1956 Page 23 "' % A *• MUTI ay-Go-Round By TOM MURRAY games a rears and the games off the pace. prese impotent Cards were 19' - 2 Yanks Still Rule American THF: SITUATION is a iiuic w- ferent, in the American League. \vlictv ihe -\"cu- York Yankees have been geuinjr belter pitching. •if spread over a bigger network. Herr Stengel's mishties lead the pack by ."'.;! games and seem to (Sc«« MTRRAY— Pa K e 'Ml I Florsheim O S/IO«S for men all discontinued '^ ttyles- regularly '18.95 to *23.95 REDUCED now Now more Uian ever, it will pay you 10 sec our selection of famous-quality Florshcim .Slioc.^ — til discontinued styles priced for quick clearance — belter come in right away! FREEMAN DISCONTINUED STYLES Regular Regular Regular 13.95 12.95 11.95 New New Now 10.95 9.95 8.95 KA TRIBE'S 3-321 Diof 4385 Win Double Victory Teen Stars Pound Texas Bums Cause Close NL Race- VVITH THE MAJOR league baseball races Hearing the half-way mark and next week's All-Star game at Washington, how do things look? First it may have been lack of strength by the Dodgers and not such tremendous development of others which ha? made the National League a much closer race. The Dodgers are taking their poundings regularly but who wouldn't with a pitching staff as riddled as that one? Before Brooklyn can approach its 1955 performance. Walt Alston's old men must come up with an additional 27 victories . . . the amount won last summer by Johnny Podres (In the. Navy), Karl Spooner (through with a sore-arm I, and Billy Loes, another sore-armer sold to Baltimore. Add to the woes of the big. silent Alston an in- h effective Carl Erskine, a less effective Don Bessent, jiji in-and-out Don Newcombe and it adds up to a two- j|j| man pitching staff . . . ^-J'-Mer Clem Labine and "•^ soph right-hander Roger Craig. "*? Pee Wee Reese's bad I...U.-K IHL, . jndered him completely useless at times. Gil Hodges is not hitting. Neither is Carl Furillo and Roy Campanella. the National League's Most Valuable Player, is hurt again. Take those home runs uie Cincy's are slamming out of sight. Remove the astronomical .number they've conked off ineffective. Brooklyn pitching and Birdie Tcbbet's' boys wouldn't approximate any four-bag records. Don Zimmer's injury, though it seemed harmful to nobody but him at the time, the straw that .,; breaks the camel's back and summons a new National . League champion. "VVjfn i.he mighty-mouse oui. of action, and it looks like he'll be gone for awhile, the Dodgers must play Reese at shortstop when the old man should be getting rest. What's gonna' happen when the. going gets rough? In spite of their myri«,d troubles Alston's dandies are but 1 ! •_• games behind pace-setting Milwaukee. Where won III they be if everything were right with them? When things were more than a little all right this time last year. Brooklyn naci a 12' 2 game bulge on top of the standings. Guess who was in second? None other than>, now grappling with New York for last place. The Milwaukee Braves, present, leaders, were third ,14' L . games back. Cincinnati wss K.v TOM. Ml IJKA .•»iiii Sport* Kditor TC.VH.S City, j>r-renially n hard Manager Cab C.-.iiuivay'N Bay- tmvn phi'her. wns Ihe .liinior town Junior Leaguers erupteii for l.i'iiKiie winner. Kpperson had iKia.s i ny, ix-remain n tmrii , Ko'ierm'ti In,I r-,'i.-,i n,,,, r nnt for Gander haseha.lers .» l ""' c ^ ™'" '« "" *»'* '"'»»«• .o^;/;',",'s";,,,- 1', ^...rl^V.';. (•rueU, nuiy h»ve had ils jin.v llf)a lhl '"' ''" a <! »'''''- '° a >.'! tie in ,, u ,. i] in (h| , [j,.^ fo ,, „'"i,,,„,,,.,-,,., liver llii.Yfnwn shuttered at Oiler l h'- /otirlh <'<!ul then eame on with a t 0 (i,-. vhe RUIW, t-1. Texas'City hii.'i 'y. SMrte.l ;, m l won !!le Senior ,l;i,-kie TVisnivej: paced Texas City c -' l< ' 1 iiiltiiiR (in two hits in three trijig. Alter tlie Texas City seniors \\enl iiln-ail I-I) in Ilic first nn I'ark Wednesday night. Baytou'n Optimist Teen-Af;e , . H'luvlt"^ .1111'., 1-1. Il.\,lev \ll\n,111 run in the same frame to win u. taken n 1-0 !e : ul on a pair of ..' -. - -. Jimmy Steed, pineh-iiittinp- for It wns ;i };,-;nie of leiiics a;: H;iy- Leasue All-Star learn."; pounded John (.'ombs, irinled down tiie ti)-,vn slaricr, Poni; Bell, an,i !un out rx double-victory over a pair of right-field line and scored the win. Texas City reliefers threw from Texas City nines, the Junior Lea- iiin<j tally on Jinunv Kpperson's ihn nort-sulc. suers winning-. 4-3. and the Senior donhle alonj; the left-fipid chalk. To add little variety. Si,",.- Mc- LeHguera. 9-1. -lerry \VRlter*, jM>cond Buy- Williams, firo-imllin 1 Raytown lef- l!|i|<cisini and Shiirlsln|) \ er- itnii Olricy slammed l\\-o hi(s in four trips to pace the virlnrimiv Hn.vlinvn .Iiminr All-Slur liittiiiK'. lw " ^"'""R"'^ crrurs and no hits. Jerry r.'iMwell. Texas I'lly start- Slart.-r ,Ierry I'mvell seemed cr. uns lifted in the second after ready In K - o nil Ihe way for the Caylnwn t;uoocd his ol feriniis. shutout. l>:,vid Smith, sec,.i-.I left-handed Bui *,, did .MeWi!li;ini.s, who ;eliefrr. \\'a:-. the l.'."er. Se.-oud- s'niek "ill jive men ill the three I'^cman Pii'U I'ickey. Shortstop inning he worked, giving up nary Adrian VJnnuugvies and (,'al.chcr a "nil From Goshen To Cairo Fans Pulling For Mantle To Top Babe Ruth's Record By OSC AK KUA1.KV NEW YORK il.:P) — Looking- hack on a few. 1 days away from ihe sports beat. tht» ihing' thai strikes you hardnst is the almost general interest in whether Mickey Mantle will break Babe Ruth's Home run record. It's the first question you hear playing ^olf with an airlines i-ap- tain on the Cairo nip.: .silting beside an elderly schoolinar'ni on a sunny beach, or chev/hicr ihe fat with a farmer in 'a rustic little hamlet nr-ar Goshen. N.V. And pven more startling" to on" ine'ined to be jealous of the g-|or- ies of Ihe past is the almost unanimous hope thai the kid from Oklahoma will make the magic u-,. -,{.* j;i rt (M . Ruth, it seems. ha.« become n whispy IcgiMid. a x':,s ;ll 'l>' remem- berr-d phantom whose awesome hailing- aeeoniplishm^iiis have merely become lines in the rec- ori'l 'nook. But to the people living- for today and tomorrow, master .Mickey is "my hoy." Others have approached the Bribe's great mark of (in home runs in one season, which he established m lf-'~. Yei somehow ih»y failed, in one was' or anotlior. In rapture tin- i-om i)lele sympathy and .support of Iho Irian on the street. r'ossihly Kutli's memory still was too bright when Hack Wilson blasted Ids threatening 1 i>t; in i;'i;',(l and Hank Creenlierg w;:IIo[u>d his :"iS in !9oS. 'Hie Kabe w,is a living symbol then. ;> man high in ilic hearts of the tans. Rut whelher Mantle makes it or not. in one w.'iy at least he nn douhledly has replaced i;mh by being' taken into the hearts of the fan.':. And, a= yon wonder whelher tie will xurnass tn.'it record fin. il be- comes fairly apparent Dial July pair. The all star break is going- :ini| August will be hLs nionlhs n( to help .xlow him a bit but it lie decision. ,. ;U i surpass that nine total for Mantle- up until .| u | v ; |, : , ( | July and as m.'iny more ui Aiigusl sirti; 1 !; L'9 lionu' runs- in 71 games. '' will ( ul down Ilia 1 , massive Sep- 'I'lial put him eight gumos up on lemlvr load l\ulh. who hi! hi-; i:sth and "Ji'lh One school of lhoi:"ld is lint u, his 7-..II. *.!.„• V.-l !l,c mouth ,„,,,,„,„ „„ js ., ^.^ t '^ by month |,, ( ..,Udown t.s stg- ,,, H .,„ ,, i|i|( , J ,,, |; . ( , ,.,,„, h , ((| |(| n '""• go all Ilic way as a iott h-inded !-;iilh hit four in April. I'.' in May hitler again.-;! both right and lefl nme in Jim,-. Jnlv nini August-- h;in.iod piMieis. v,.|. ;ls |,,. M , O ves "nd a mii-uin; 17 i n Seplemin'r. down ti;e stretch. M;intle wilt see Mantle matched his four in April more Hum Ins share of walks No siiip.-issed liulh m May u-nh Hi. piU-hcr will wanl In be r.-mcinl),'!-- dropped off (he pace with M.VOM r-.| as one who iic'lpcd put liim m Juno and be:;;i.ii .lulv \\\(\\ a MVIM- Ihe lup. But. in bot.Iom of the third the roof i.-;mii- down around rowell s ears as his defense I'ell apart for ihree errors. The right-hander s aim went awry with six basfs-on- bulls resulting as Bnyto'.vn scored four runs for a -1-1 lead. Bill Mearon. I.^IOMS Vegas and .lames l.nusuird followed McWilliams to the mound a.s Manager AI Simmons used all his pitchers. They combined to simf mil (ho little Sling-arees rest (if Iho way with hut one hit. '.'enter-fielder Joe Kscmivel a:id Catcher Joe Renteria led Bay- iown hitting with two-t'or-lwo. I.r-ft-fieider J. \\'. .Rain hail f.vo- lor-threc. l?;iy(oM'ii will go (n Texas Cil.V for aim!her« pair of All-Klnr games -Inly II. The neores: Texas City Juniors 111) 100 0 3 S I I'caytown Juniors "no I no x -t p o C'aldivi'll, Sosnovy 'II. Smith '-I', and 1'asrA.vej:; Bell. Walters (•!>, Alford ifii. and \\'olf, H-'Ul Acosta I <!'. TCMIS Ciiv Seniors 100 iHiil 0 I. ] T Kaylown Seniors iiO-t i2l x 0 H 2 l- % ow"II, l-'ortner i-llh!, and Tuck. er; Mi-Williams, Heron 'llh'-, \'e^H-" < Slh i. hnnsforil (liih 1 , nnd Odoni. Renterin ifil.h!. happy vacations begin in a Chevy America's largest selling car 2 million more owners than any other make! You'll love to travel in it, because il. loves to travel! When you get this Chevrolet out on /lie road, you'll ivant lo keep a and so will the whole janiily. Of course, ovon in a Olievrolct ihe happiest vacations may involve; one or two minor problems. Like lidK'.'ty small fry who want gallons of water and keep asking if you're almost there. The hi^ things, though, are beautifully laken care of by this roomy Chevrolet's smoot h and easy way of going. The fact is, few ears at any price hold the road with a Chevy's grace. Thai, idea about the best rifling ears being crrea.t ovcrsixed aiTairs went out u it.h the introduction of Chevrolet's on I rigger rear springing and low, precisely balanced chassis design. With horsepower up to 'J2">, the .Chevrolet moves out like a whiplash, for safer passing. And witli it you've always got that solid feeling of stability. It's no wonder that, many people, who used to buy higher priced cars are changing to Chevrolet! Stop by soon for u ride in your favorite model. AH CONDITIONING-TfMPEPATURFS MADE TO OPDER-M NEW lO'-V COST. ItT US DEMONSTRATE I Only franchised Chevrolet dealers fjIBS. display thi* famous trademark 115 N. MAIN

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