The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 8, 1970 · Page 18
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 18

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, June 8, 1970
Page 18
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Pag«B-4 THE NEWS, Frederick, Maryland Jme 9, On retirement, MUM older folk* decide that their dreams would come true if they could set up their own little burines* end become their own bosses. Many try to realize this dream by investing some or all of their life savings in a franchise. A franchise is an agreement between a suoolier and » re- 1I1E4 I^IEITTO, «-l«WW»V»M *··»· J ······· Meadey. Jane t. lf» Is A Franchise Operation Right For Retiree? I *«»^^i»A^ t t, some older teller or wholesaler dlstrlbu- chicken take-out shops), in mo» misunderstanding of wbit is in- expand your business. You will the, products thut you sell, but really °Mrt for Ite butlMM, JJ^rtsj a profl it their dreams tor under which the supplier tels. dry cleaning shops, and volred in operating a franchise, also receive aid in ftuging your includes equipment, sales pro- You need the ability to ace fMm ^ to » if they could gives the latter the right to other services. fa addition to the important market and your potential. You motion material and other form* risk, k«g ***** JJJJSlS you *·*· bom ll s hal hi roducts or service a made s c h a l far f owni must realize that our Income advertisin. TM * °* * " " teller or wholesaler distributor under which the supplier gives the latter the right to handle his products or service under certain mutually agreed upon conditions, tt is under this franchise system that we have had the mushrooming of operations in the fast food field (donut shoos, hamburger stands, and chicken take-out shops), in tels, dry cleaning shops, other services. While franchises have made sixable profits for many persons, one public accounting firm estimates franchise failure rate as high as 40 per cent Host of these failures have been due to improper investigation and a of what is in- ing a franchise, to the important psychological factor of owning your own business* toe number of benefits from franchising can be reduced to two major ones. The first is the training you receive from the parent company which will help you operate and expand your business. You will also receive aid in ftuging your market and your potential. You must realise that your income really depends basically upon the efficiency of your operation. The second major benefit is the lower cost of supplies due to cooperative buying power. This is not always restricted to the products that you sell, bui includes equipment* sales promotion material and other forms advertising. Any businessman, whether he plans to go into a franchised or independent business, should seriously analyze his own personality. This will help you decide whether or not ^ou jure period. First you mutt decide whether or not you are mentally able to handle a business thenyou should examine your finances in order to see if you have enough capital to start a busfe operate tt until tt begins a profit, and to support your family In the interim. V you pass bom the personality mnd financial tests, then you may begin to investigate a franchise. The first place you should look is your newspaper's business! opportunities section. This Is* (Continued io fage B-5) IMS VAUIMU ^0000000000000(3 NKVMMMI , 6 OFF UM.K«. ·un CHEESE SINGlfS I 10'OFF VELVEETA CHEESE You Pay Only M" Pkg. HSCOUNT FOODS , irOOOQOOOOOUUU IIWSVUMMi COWMItt 50* OFF ANY3lb CAN MOVE! COOKED fMSVMUMU COWONNM HMSVMIMMi conn? KM UoToifoooodooooK IIMtVMftUU 15 CASH ||15'CASH! 3*. lei. DETERGENT You Pay Oflly 70 !*.»··. THRILL LIQUID You Pay Only 32 10 CASH PIZZA You Piy Only 67' 10* CASH! ; TWOeViei. i · PUSS'NIOOTS : :CAT FOOD \ ; Yw P«y Only 2/21' = 3 ^^ AFItt SAT., JWK \3m IWi. 'k^ffifll^ *S AFftt SAT-, MH1M IWt. Mft^fc^ m*-± ' SttQMMMWwro^ 3t f^^r ·'·- ^x' x *4 -.r*. FIERY RED RIPE ICEBERG Watermelons LETTUCE ea. VALENCIA ORANGES THINSKIN LEMONS«,,cr.. FRUIT DRINKS WINESAP APPLES WHOLE CRISP SOLID HEAD heads FRESH TENDER GREEN fANW.VM ^joooodoo'oooof?^ 25 OFF ANYPKC. CKEHDELL'S CRAVYW/SUCED MEAT KPT lUUTOHECOWONPfi SMTflKFAMIlT VOW FROZEN UMTOMCIWMIIPR swmiKrumT.v«m SOUND RIPE . SLICING TOMATOES RED RADISHES .S.... .1Q C · · carton wT l..3s£.»« LO-CALASST'D. NOCYCLAMATES , 2 - . M 95* CITRUS JUICERS lEM S- nd 2 *,49* GREEN PEPPERS ARTICHOKE HEARTS 2^.29* 2 fa ,29 STRAWBERRY RHUBARB G ^. MAINE POTATOES TEXAS ONIONS us N o ' bulk only . . SANDWICH ONIONS ^ E SUMMER SQUASH COWONfM 10° OFF CREST TOOTHPASTE 2,^49* tuuroMCMirairai COWONfM 35 OFF ANYWHOIE OR HALF HAM = APPETIZING DEPARTMENT - Everything Sliced Jo Order * BONUS S*1O*l3 k Only. IMPORTED BOILED HAM FANCY DOMESTIC SWISS CHEESE DOMESTIC PRESSED HAM HARD SALAMI PRESSED CORNED BEEF GOETZE'S BRAUNSCHWEIGER POUND $]49 Si 09 $109 $1 69 $1 09 89' HALF POUND 7» c 59' 59' 89 C 59 C 49 C SPICED LUNCHEON MEAT OLIVE LOAF COOKED SALAMI PICKLE PIMENTO LOAF AMERICAN CHEESE LEBANON BOLOGNA ONION DIP'N SPREAD IB 59 C SKINLESS FRANKS G -u T r .. . b 89 ITALIAN BREAD AVAILABLE AT MOST STORES... loaf 33 CHIPPED BEEF POUND HALF POUND All MEAT , PRIDE » b MUSSELMAN APPLESAUCE 1 5 02. STEMS and PIECES Quaker State MUSHROOMS DEL MONTE GOLDEN CREAM CORN QUICK-FIRE CHARCOAL BRIQUETS 20 Ib. BAG TOMATO HEINZ KETCHUP PET-RITE RATION DOG FOOD 1 5 ' ? ' o z CAMPBELL CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP 2 iov^z. 27c CAMPBELL VEGETABLE SOUP 2 ioy 2 -«. 25c CAMPBELL TOMATO SOUP 2 ioy a -oz. 19c MUELLER ELBOW MACARONI i«~z. 24c GRANULATED SUGAR--SNOWHITE s-ib. 51 c WESSONOIL 24^z. 59c MORTONSALT 2 26*z. 19c FYNESOFT PAPER NAPKINS PANTRY PRIDE GOLDEN CORN iOFT WEVE 2 ROIL COLORED TISSUE .................. 500/2 27c FYNEWRAPJUUMINUM ......................... 2 as-f. 39c APPLESAUCE VSS? ............................ 6 i-ib. 95c TOMATOES % H IOIE Y ............................... 5 Mb. $1 FABRIC SOFTENER P Y . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ga i. 5 9 c PINK LIQUID DETERGENT ? RN ,]£ Y ................... 3 32H,z. $1 WHITE FACIAL TISSUES "fiff .................... 4 200. 75c PANTRY PRIDE ASSORTED BEVERAGES P A N T R Y PRIDE FRUIT DRINKS HIRSHEY CHOCOLATE SYRUP 2 i6x». 37c NESTLES QUIK 2 ., b 83c MAXWELL HOUSE INST. COFFEE 10-01. 1.29 7 SEAS CREAMY RUSSIAN DRESSING 8 * z . 33c HARTZMT. PET LITTER ,.«,. 49 C KEN L RATION BURGERS 72+*. 1.65 ALPO CUBE BEEF DOG FOOD 2 i4V 2 ^ z . 49c SNOW CROP FROZEN O R A N G E JUICE CHEF'S CHOICE FROZEN F R E N C H F R I E S REALEMON LEMON JUICE qt FRUIT COCKTAIL "BBS? 3 i*. i PORK AND BEANS "AS^ 4 Mb. PANTRY PRIDE VEGETABLE OIL 24*z. BIG DOLLAR TEA BAGS 100 . s PINEAPPLE GRAPEFRUIT DRINK V RN ,« Y 4 qt. M-OZ. CONTADINA TOMATO PASTE 5 6«z. CHUNK LIGHT Breast 'Q Chicken TUNA K R A F T REGULAR BAR-B-Q SAUCE 49c $1 49c 45c 49c 95c 85c ALPO CUBE HORSEMEAT DOG FOOD 4 CADILLAC 5 INI PET FOOD 6 CLOROX BLEACH ga i. IVORY PERSONAL SIZE SOAP 4 bar. JOY LIQUID GIANT 22-**. CONDENSED 3B ALL giant ,iz. VIVA NAPKINS MO-. 85c 87c 45c 22c 55c 76c 36c PROGRESSO TOMATO PASTE NOMIS MIXED VEGETABLES Mb. LIBBY SLICED BEETS 2 i.p b KLEENEX ASSORTED TISSUE 3 P k.. 200 JELLO ALL FLAVORS 4 3*2. BLUE LABEL INST. POTATOES 3%-oz. MAXIM FREEZE DRIED COFFEE 12c 12c 49c 79c 39c lOc 99c DUNCAN MINES YELLOW WHITE CHOCOLATE CAKE MIXES 19 or. JUMBO SCOTT TOWELS SPAPFRf

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