The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 27, 1924 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
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Thursday, November 27, 1924
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P.VGF. TEN. THE HUTCHINSON NEW^, CLUB WINNERS C "Win Ktibns, of Arlington, "Represents Reno County. TO TAKE 59 IN AL ? That Many Boys and Gir' Club Members Guests of Sonta Fe On Trip. . HURSDAY, NOVEMBER 27. 1924 ITS ii Virgil Davis. Vlrglis < lull nc- th ien lirivo not boon so c.u, nslve liui In addition to «'ixrln M fur n l -Hsp winning heifer, tho fact Hint iw gets up nl 1 o'clock In tin- mnrn- iri/r, i/til];s niii'* cows twice a flay :iinl keeps ii)i lila work as :i lilgn s-t-1 ; o. -1 Sllldell', Virgil has r.iien the avcra"o hoy or girl something to slloill III. Fifty-nine In All. Besides tin" d.-izen rnini Kansas. Hie .'until K« will take to Chicago ihlrti 'i 'ii boys mill girls from Okla- lioiint, ninelenit from To\;ifour 'mm .Missem I; thrc boys ami girls ol the American farms that such organizations aro Interested In their work and to try lo encourage them „to put forth greater uffort In the future. To International Show also one of the cluh members on the stock Judging team. Jon wiiR (ho second highest ranking cluh member In the county thla yenr with nearly 4im points to his credit. The highest scorer hail , previously won a prlzo anil coui'l Arriving In Chicago the delcga-. not ,; 0 t«|ieto. Joe'a record tor the, Hun will find 11 busy week and the! y ,,„ R S |„,WH that ho produced u high thrill of ti llfo time awaiting them. ;. c | ntlR puree Jersey gilt, worth 3-10,' The two big attractions will bo the,; nt a r0?t 0 f $U.BS; alio that from! Tliinl Nallonal Hoys and Girls 30 ),„ raised 14 chickens! Club Congress and tho Internation-: worth $20, at a cost of (8.35. j ••' Livestock show, the latter to | From Finney County 1 Lorena Klndachl became club LEADERS IN THE HUTCHINSON HOME VISITATION MOVEMENT Hi run tho mitiro week. In addition' thorn will bo olhcr events, ln.*lml-i Tvi'Ko Kansas boy* ' :n.h oin.' i t-otirify rhamphm ivo lh*' lust of lln. trip to fhiran". i-anta J-V railwn; A iti n-:\ will ]•• ivf.'l! for a P. n f :ut-y-is i>;' I h" t-ompnny. S'jlvla Kulwi.". <>:' Arlini.;ii'i). cu<' : i IttMio ((unity's representative, rtii'.I .In-- Kn.[iM"'tiltfr r - , « i r of Poitn- 1., ^-'I't's from Kinsman count, v. Tlw ol h'T;-- in l In* Ka nsas tb'leea- ;inn M;tyic,*ml Smith, oi Hut- l"r eoumy; Loui^<- I.umh, of (May • iiiinty; Kiluav Webster, of Coney '.'Otjr.ty; H< hit iVntphtier, of Hu-iv :ii'-on comity; l.yl.- Stover, of Lin- wln county; i'auUne \Wi L U< r, n! •vj-(.it county; Virgil !>nvi« o.f Montgomery eounly; I-Y^h-rick llrri- *1 loin of Morris county; '/.of* l*nr- Key, of Nwi^lio county, ami Lorena KindVcbf, of Kini)'\v comity. TlKr .Uiylnr.vlifr «t*-l»'^.;i t jirobnbly •»Ul b" lo'cojnpunif't to (,'lilcaKo by \\, W- Morrish. of M;i:ih;ittim, *,tatu Th« Oldest t1r>lr-mitt' in tho proup :f, KrC'ilt-ncn Flcrir-;mm, IS niut the Tnnn^/'sc in Luvnn Kin^.-chJ, who !^ only lit yc;t)s old. Tln> ;.'.Mtiit -'eyi. i-i ,fu«- KriMf'pctiherpof. 11. w]),> i-* a cliainpioii pis; rttiscr; « * i TI * of iiu< reii! sf ar pcrtoriii- jjch tmm , inf; n hfK bwnquffj TIiMrsrfay nl^M, f champion nt Kinney county during December when tho hoys and pirlp will ho tho (piosts of tho Santa K«» and sevornl othnr railroads. Tln> Santa Ko IK paying the trav- pHim"..xppnso 8 of iho fifty-nine \ * /™« trip to th county Huh cliampluiiH from thulr i J ,0 . y " ni,d 0irIs "oumlup Joo Knappenbcrger, winner oT Kinaman county club prize, and his champion hog. Illinois, Colorado and N«w Mexico, and one each from Iowa and Arizona. The plan to giro tho Chicago trip to hoy and girl luadors, those making tho best showing In club work In their homo communities, wag worked out by the National tVunroitti't; on Boys and Girla Club Work and several ol tha railroads two y».:ars af;o. Tho trips comprise a f-tro; ('durational and sightseeing featurtj intended to show the i! and Gas New LOST BAILER BEING DRILLED UP IN THE EVERLEIGH WELL A lost bailer in the No. 1 Everleigh, ne. 22-18-13, In the Cheyenne Bottoms has slowed up progress in that test. -The bit was down to 3670 in a hard lime formation when it was decided to pull the five inch casing and straight ream the hole dow|| about 200 feet to 3660, then run the pipe again to that depth. But in bailing out the bailer broke away and the caving condl- n an prevented its teing fished out. This baiter is now being drilled up and It Is hoped to have part of the work done in a few days when straight-reaming .11 be resumed. What About Jinx? I —-===^:.-=: 1 ili.i-.' a jinx In the Cheyenne; lo rompl«t* thnt well and with the Uottmns? H lh'To souiiitliing pre-' new bull wheel and other work i.'iiiina a real tt in that low. I dime nmg progress will be mmla ..wuiiipy liuiilT For morn t ban j there during the next fow weeks. «.•*•<•» \i-ars t.ttempt have l«-"ii j _— tnaili' i" brine In an oil well there] READY TO START UP willmni HHtw, Tin Hooy wi-ll j AT THE SALLEE WELL, su-incl to be an oiler hut the hule! The (!r ,, w3 , lre rea(]y ,„ s(art ^ iiboui the sl7 .i. of au a»'"-''' r (again at the Sallee wtdl. northwest I'"'" lv)l "" Ib ' 3 ,' ,v f .J'!, I " f «>wn. Oeorge Farrah and Frank .neI 11 was . M > ..mall it filled UP; Harris aro to be the drillers uml uiili mud ami it Is Handing there, | i|,.. y w ni be on the job tomorrow iuroiiii'leie. 'rim Kierhigb lias | u,,, funilH having been raised to lieeii m any throe years drilling < sent) (bis hole 0 n down « few hun- atnl though ii is down to a great j dred f»et farther. Tho bit has (I'l'ili, thei'- i« always trmiMv J l , w n down to S815 Teet and there ahead. .Mayl.t it will all be over- bnv ),„,,„ „„ ,, ll0w i ng of oil at „„ come and ih,- "iiiu oil well." oil K0 far. men lirli .ivtt will In- bnui;-"lit in, in | ihe bolt urn ill finally be found, j SHORT WILL START Tie- lloisiiiglon Dispatch says. UP IN A FEW DAYS ".nterest has h«ei. cun,lderahly 1 u la hop ^, to hnve th „ short ", '"'•' ' st ' A V \ "well start up again in a few days ,,r, lav,, able tonnaiions drilled, rt|f , mon ey | 3 c 0m ," ff V for th>« Uiri,u(! "- I work and It la hoped to drill it TWO MORE WELLS IN TONKAWA SLICK SAND. ! fui instrument man of Hoislngton Tiiero are two more wells, Just i told about in advance, of its being brought iu, in the Slick deep sand i completed, after making a survey at Tonkawa, ninUini; a loial of 4<i i of the well nud the field. He said "veils getting oil out of this deep ! a few days ago It should be "good field" The total daily production I for about 100 to 800 barrels." He iroin'Uieso wells I wo or three day. homes to Chieago and return, at a cost of approximately $6,000, and : Is one of iho railroads which is j making plans to givo the entire congress a big feed. All other i plans regarding their work and the trip to Chicago are handled by the : National Committee on Hoys and j Cirls Cluh Work, stale agricultural j colleges, state club leaders, county ; agents and local club leaders. The Santa Ko has nothing to do In tie- I'termiblng who shall mako the trips, simply providing Iho money for (tickets when the winners have been determined by tho club authorities. Who It Eligible ' In adopting plans this year, the club managers decided that only counties traversed by the Santa Fo and having tho benefit of a full time extension agent could compete, that the trips would bo awarded to Ihe boys and girls making tho best showing with the vartoiis 'l club projects, that the trips must bo taken ovef the Santa Fo and that previous winners were not eligible to compete again. In the event any winner is umiblo to make the trip, an alternate may be chosen. The Reno Repre»ent»tiv« Sylvia Kuhns, the Reno county winner, lias confined her club activities to poultry work. She entered the Arlington poultry club ID January, 1924, and started out by buying eggs and raising a bunch of chickens. At the Arlington fair, In October, she took second prize on cockerel. 50 cents; and third prlzo on pullet which was a ticket to tho picture show. Sylvia was also a members of the Heno County Girls' Poultry Judging team which won honorable mention at the Kansas State Fair at Hutchinson. Tho girls studied classes and breeds most of the summer and Judged on a number of farms before^ going to the state fair. Summing things up, Sylvia says: "I can say that we have had a good time, working, earning, playing and learning." ! From Kingman Joo Knappengerger, of Penalosa, the Kingman coui.ty representative, ' has been inclub work three years. The first two years he was in pig club work and this year in pig and poultry demonstrations, entering the breeding gilt and egg hatching projects. He secured his pig, a Duroc Jersey gilt, from Ed Hoover, at Wichita, whlla hia chickens were hatched from eggs bought from MTB. C. H. Lowder, of Waverly, Kans. At tho state fair at Hutchinson, Joo won fourth prtea in tho pig showing contest, and again won fourth prize with his pig at the Kingman county fair. Exhibiting bis Rose Comb Red chickens at the Free Fair at Topeka, he won first on cockerel, first, and second on pullet and first on pen. At a number of community fairs he was again successful, winning a nice bunch of blue ribbons and finished up the year with more than $30 ot premium money on his club projects. As a club members, Joe also made a creditable record. He was president ot the Everready Club, of Penalosa. for two years, anil had a record of attending every her second year's work. In 11)23 ,1 l^irena confined her effortB to poultry work and stood second in the county for which she win the annual at Manhattan. In the spring of 1021, Lorena ar.deil clothing club work to her activities. This year the competition was very spirited, ami according to F. W. Caldwell, county agent, It was extremely difficult to determine tho winner, (lladys 111 anil and Kllen Divine divided honors wilh lairena very closely, tho latter finally winning first place because of the grade she made on her club story. Lorena started her club work with Illiodo Island Reds, but as her mother had a flock of Anconas she switched to thla hreed and grew :14 chickens. In her clothing work Lorena made five articles of n value of nlno dollars. Sho exhlblie,; her work at the Free Fair at Ti peka, the Stats Fair at. Hutchlnso and the Holcomb ^Community Fai nt Holcomb. On these she w, five awards. Spread For Needy By Salvation Army There la to ho a big spread for tho needy folks of Ihe city at tho Salvation Army citadel at 2 this afternoon, according to Ensign W. V. Nevltt of the army. Evoryono who I thinks ha might miss his Thanks-' giving day dinner and l« needy is Invited to attend and partake. TURON Nerves Gone ltnV. W. C. DAVIDSON, President, Protestant Ministerial Association. tieneral 1 . ;.URC;A.\, annum. Protestant Leader. Film Touched the Heart of a Girl One Hutchinson young girl who bad mado up her mind to run away from home'has changed and will give up this adventure. Mrs. Opal 'Mettlln, city police matron, kuew of this ami talked to the girl, but Bhe wouldn't give up. But Hutchinson movie theatres have good films, many telling a story that touches the heart, and the young girl saw one of these. The story told of another girl who had ran away from home and the re- suite and afterwards .ihe told Mrs. Mettlln she would stay at home. Sho was under the care ot the police matron and she asked to be taken to her home. Roast Pork at the Reformatory There is a roast pork dinner today for the 500 or more inmates at , .10S. P. O'SULI.IVAN, GeneVal Vice Chairman, Catholic Leader. A. J. JACKSON*. General Vice Chairman, Jewish Leader. ! down to the Welch sand depth. This. ' Is Ihe well Trumbull, the success-! me etlng and was twice oh the club program. Due to his efforts three boys enrolled In the club. Joe was a member of ono of the two dem- IIKO Mas ST.aSo barrels ot high i.raviiy erii'l''. It is sawl there are a seore of wells rignt on the sand, ivady lo KO on down if oil should iHinii up n little bit ill price. also said thero were better locations in that vicinity near the Short and it Is understood he has acquired some lenses there which he is holding for the future. STORAGE YARD AT WERNET LOCATION onstration teams which represented this club at the state fair, and was There is great Interest in the Hutchinson General Betterment Home Visitation, to be held Friday afternoon. The first call was for 600 volunteers—a total of 736 have responded to dato. All will be needed and others can be used to complete the work in one hour. A meeting will be held in the Sherman Junior hiirh school auditorium this evening. All are invited. Religious education Is being given much emphasis in Kansas at' thls_ time. International and the Reformatory, Chef Holla Bean' world leaders are in Hutchinson today and tomorrow. The State saying the turkeys for the dinner i Council of Religious Education Is promoting tho home visitation, came too lata to be prepared for today's meal. But thero will be many other things to eat along with the piece do resistance. In the afternoon Rev. J. Christian will hold religious service in the chapel. Despite Iron bars there will be feasting at tho state Institution. Gave Benefit Dance. The members ot the Yeomen lodge gave a benefit dance last evening In their hall on N'ortn Main street. The public was invited to attend the dance. A local orchestra furnished the music. Had Thanksgiving Program. A Thanksgiving program and banquet was given last evening for members of the Security .Benefit Association. Preceding the banquet a short program of readings- and musical numbers was given. Games and contests followed the program. The ladles in charge of the banquet are: Mrs. Nell Carr, chairman; Mrs. Walter Doyle, and Mrs. A! Beck. Mrs. Martha Scott was chairman ot the program committee. CONFERENCE CAME TO END .,1 - the ground there. still there, a landmark lo tell of a test. use In any other development the i Prairie may make In that field. DID BROKEN BIT iND OIL TEST? Did ihe lo-i. bit In ihe Deed-Day "II. nw. 1!'-(!« , near Windorn, ;iip the npportinity to ;ret a rea e = t ill thai, well? Work was slop- a. il below I'.oTO'i feet when the crew limped ;i ;,iu on the bit and a had fi.-liim; Job, wilh possibly much ex .H -n.e In sight .loomed up..Was_ It •• NQ CHANGE |N TH6 ii .o soon to quit work there? home pRlcE 0F 0|L NQW binl; eo. Anyway its too late now | • .,r ihe casing is pulled and Iho well. „, „„ ,„ TH( , M Itl-Coutinetit field, -HiggciJ. ; according to Ihe report of the ~'~i American Petroleum Institute. Hero INTERESTED IN ; are prices in the Mid-Continent and .1IAMI COUNTY. I other districts: .1. M. shepherd and oilier Hutch- j Mid-continent 75c lo $1.25 a bar- asou men are liiteiested in u sec-; according to the gravity of the ion oil lease on which a test is ! 0 ii; Pennsylvania crude, Bradford •pin* drilled In llie west edge of : district, Ji'.SS a barrel, all other '.'liiinil county, eastern Kaunas, j grades Si.75; Gulf const oil, grade hallow wens have been drilled all ; "A." $1.50; grade "II," $1.25; and 'round Ibis seeiion hut the owner California crude ranging from if the land had never given Ills to $1.45 a barrel, according land for lease. The 1 lulchinsoii j to the gravity of the oil. men are drilling down to 2,000 feel j and if there in no oil at that depth j BIG INCREASE IN will plug back and pump from a ! OIL PRODUCTION. shallow vi In passed through a good j New York, Nov. 27—The dally many feet hiuiier. There aro worlds 1 average gross crude oil production of shallow wells in thru county and of the l'nited Slates increased 22,- iu Franklin, where Hutchinson men ,",;.u barrels for the week ended Nov. have Investments. i 22, totalling 1,90;!,0110 barrels, ac! cording to the weekly summary ot PULLING CASING I the Amerlcau Petroleum Institute. AT MOHR WELL. I The daily average production east The fi -nn are pulliiu'. tin, casing | of California, was 1,.'175,(100 barrels ai Hi" Molu- well, the Auer casing I an Increase of 24,050 barrels. Call- crew doing the work. The decision '• lornia production was 5KS,0n0 bar- iv.-t.s made yi-sierday to abandon : rels. a deereiise of 1,500. i he lest where it is Instead of di ill- I Oklahoma showed a dally aver- 'ii 1 : dm per an once planned, l.ole went down to 357!' feet • .alt water, It is reported that the prevailing I bushels of wheat In the last 30 When the Prairie company pulled , , reporieu inai me prevailing ousueig of wheat In 1 the pipe iu the Wernct well some | l r J^,}°I ^°I?„ ^l" 8 ^ 0 "?^ }t y : I ??. 5 ' s .'„. a . na 1 aVB P al " out about l.s ago the pipe was stored on p? 8 ,, 1 , 8 8 c . e "; B ^ T ? u , ah , el - In U, t' i ? 60 ' 000 f °r wheat during that time. Tho derrick Is i £ Ia ""!„"f^^ 00 ,' 1 V 8 , rep ° nt V thero is a demand for buskers and This Pipe is being held for | 1*^'"™^ f B j'»«,i; The ami age production ot 5211,250 barrels, Increase of 14,050; Kansas 87,750 barrels, u decrease of 250; north Texas SO.700, increase of 7.150; central Texas UsI.lOO, decrease of 550; north I.oulsana 5S,70u, decrease of 1,450; Arkai.siiH 1 17,500, increase OIL .MAY BE BUSY IN FEW DAYS MORE There will bo busy times at the lot' 200; gulf coast and southwetit ii'llalloran test, southwest of Cn.8;j Texas 131,050, decrease ot 3,200; ileaon, when the Thanksgiving hbl-. eastern 100,500, increase BOO;, imhs are over. Glen Gaberdiel Wyoming, .Molilalia and Colorado, and Wade Douglass, drillers, arc 91,130, Increases 0 f 1>,70U. cents per bushel. It is a peculiar situation but the men are coming from Nebraska to husk corn In Rico county. In moBt years Rice county men go to Nebraska for the corn husking. County yarm Agent Gllkison of Rice county is urging all farmers to burn weeds along the roadsides at the present time. "Tho weather is Ideal for the work now," he stated. "Weeds and brush are dry as tinder. These places are refuges for grasshoppers, chinch bugs and other Insect pests and millions of them can be eradicated by fire. Road conditions this winter will also bo made better for the rural mall carriers. Snow drifts In the brush and wed patches along Uie highways and It they are bur/ed out It Is one way ot keeping the thoroughfares free from drifts." Wheat In the Wright neighborhood Is iu excellent condition and not iu need of moisture, said Henry Kliesen of Ford county. Mr. Kilos- en said the halt Inch of ralu which fell about a week ago came Just nt the right time and WBB sufficient to be of great benefit to the growing crop. P. \V. Martin, a town man who went out to a farm near Mitchell about u year ago, expects to sell $700 worth of hogs beforo the year Is over. This week he sold five red hogs out of u litter of seven. Thny averaged 230 pounds each and will not ho Ix months old until next Friday. Mr. Martin's kafflr corn averaged 50 bushels to the acre this 5 ear. The Farmers Co-operallve Union at Sterling has bought about 50,000 "Everybody up In the Frederick neighborhood is worrying about Hessian fly In the wheat," remarked County Commissioner Noel Hays of Hice county. "I am not letting it worry me any ior I realize tho wheat crop has to be killed at least five times before harvest and this is only the first kSlllng." That of Sunday School Workers Had Been in Session Two Days. The conference ot the Sunday school workers, held here for two days, has come to an end with the meeting held last night at the First Christian church. The .members of the party, connected with the International Council ot Religious Education, were the spoakers at the church last night. The head of the work* planned for the future In the county Is L. R. Waglcr. The men In charge ot the conference, and who aided In the discussion last night, are Dr. Hugh S. Maglll. Dr. H. Shelton Smith, Dr. P. R. Hayward, A. M. Locker, J. S. Durham, and Dr. TV. G. Landis. week, the members of tho Wichita club aro to be here aud will have charge of the meeting. Officers nominated were: For president. Rev. D. a. MacLennan and Dr. C. U McKlttrick; for vice- president, Frank Neal and T. G. Belford; treasurer, G. C. Pells and C. M. Lockman. Election of offi- cars will be held ou the night ot December 18. Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Geesllng attended the telephone convention nt . , Pratt Wednesday. \\ Mrs. Otto Hinds of Pratt was I '; here Friday visiting relatives and 1 ' friends. Mr. und Mrs. S. H. Walker spent Sunday with relatives in Wichita. Mr. and Mrs. A. 11. Geesllng and daughter Helen, visited Thursday with relatives at Nlckevson. The Art club met Krldny with Mrs. Jessie Evans. Miss Edith Deardoi -r slopped Monday In Wichita.' Word has bc'.-n received hero ot the serious illness ot Mrs. Lena Wolf, with blood poison In her finger. Will Zlnk was quite .seriously hurt Sunday evening by being run over by Harrison Elliott. Mrs. Guy Geesllng and son Doni aid. Beryl Watson, Florence Grieve ' and Ruth Jones have been lidded to the mump list. The Infant child ot Mr. and Mrs Cocll Reynolds died Satnrdaj. Mrs. E. A. Snedecor returned Thursday for ii two months' visit with her son Jim and wife at Galatea, Colorado. Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Boucher of Oklahoma visited Sunday with tho F. A. Devlin family. Rev. T»nd Mrs. Y. H. Pooro of Kiowa arrived Tuesday for a weeks visit with Mr. and Mrs. K. M. Rowell. Mrs. M. S. Thachor loft Sunday for Los Angeles for a months visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Patter. ; Mrs. Florence Lowe returned' home. Monday from an extended • visit with her sons. Floyd and Stacy and families at Bartlesvllle, Oklahoma. ! Tho W. C. T. V. met Thursday j with Mrs, 1. W. Zlnk. j Mrs. F. C. ftrown was a Hutch- Inson visitor Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Russel went I to Topeka Saturday evening to visit tholr son, Claude. Messrs. Yust and Nelson of Svl- vla were business visitors hero Friday. John King returnod Monday from a business visit out west. What's It About. Berlin.—Mere than 3,700 books have been written on the Eiustein theory ot relativity, it is said. Germany holda the record with 1,435 pubtcaHons, followed by France, Italy, Holland and Americu. the last numbering 12S. *. /- ™ v *J ft v « i S KfmMSrMJ -iSSSKlSait" <J!X&?XXM Dr. Percy Slickney. Grant, bri> Haul clergyman who was rector of the Church of the Ascension, Now York, for a quarter of a century, has gone to a hospllcl for treatment, physicians pronouncing him, a "nervous wreck." llrATIIS AMI I UN Died While on Visit. Dodge City. Nov. 27—J. A. Wll- hlte. 70, of Carthage, Mo., who was here on a visit -with his dnughtor, .Mrs. Ezetu Carpenter, was stricken with fatal illness, dying nl a local hospital. The funeral will bo licl4 hero tomorrow. Caruso's Tomb % Did Radio Fans Hear Spain or Old Mexico? Meet This Evening For Home Visitation ' There Is to he a final meeting this evening at 7:30 at the Sherman Junior high school auditorium ot tho people who are to work tomorrow In the home visitation plan of many churches to Invite people to go to church and Sunday school. J. S. Durham of Chicago is in charge of tho work and will be present to direct tho plans for Ihe work tomorrow. Nominations For Kiwanis Officers Verne Smith, a young cattle feeder In tho Little River vlclnly. is fast becoming the cattle king of that.section. A few weeks ago he shipped in 100 head of «tockers from the Kansas City market. Since that time he has added 76 more head to his herd. The latter animals he has picked up In the neighborhood and has purchased them at prices that should make a good profit. Ho will rough these cattle through the wlntc." and put them on full feed this spring. A farmer named Dundee, living a mile east and a half mile north of Noble, lost three head of cattle recently and has several horses Buffering with the corn stalk disease. Mr. Dtindeo turned his animals loose In his stalk field the foro part of last week. Thursday night when he went to drive them in ho found the three head of cattle dead and the horses with decided symptoms ot illness. Malllck Watson of Turon has had a peculiar experience with his flock of chlckeusof late. For some Unknown reason the whole bunch formed the ibablt of eating eggs, robbing every nest, and even leaving grain feed when there was an egg they could feed on. Malllck soon tired of such performance, so Saturday he loaded up the entire flock aud took them In to tho produce roan, and he will buy another bunch of poultry. Nominations were made for officers for the Kiwanis cluh at the session held last night at the Chamber of Commerce rooms. Next R. W. iBarnhurst ot the Curtls- Barnhurst Radio Co. believes that the Hutchinson radio fans, who thought that they heard Spanish broadcasting stations Tuesday night, were listening to Spanish music broadcasted from Mexico City and Chlhauhua. Mr. Barn hurst has studied Spanish for three years and he states that both last night and Tuesday night he heard the Mexican stations. J. C. Robinson, 2220 North Monroe, reports that ho heard Aberdeen, Scotland Tuesday- night on his three-tube Cratford radio set. He distinctly understood the announcements which -were made. LOCAL MARKETS Luf-gett Cotton Crop. New Orleans.—The cotton cro' of 1914 was the largest ever pro-1 duced In the United States. It amounted to 16,134,930 bales. Tho world crop for that year was nlso the lar^sst recorded, amounting to 28,637,000 bales. I au remains soon will bp In rico ( .'liil J 0 • '««! to (heir permuneni resting pine". Tins tomb is being prepared now in Ilia great tenors homo clui',^1 in tno cimetcro ;iei pianto in Naples. Exhibit A! Camera Doesn't Lie Sunflower Produce. Heavy hens, 10c; light hens, 13c; springs 16c; Btags 12c; Leghorns and blacks, all weights 13c; old roosters 7c; turKeys, No. 1 lSc; No. 2 8c; old toms 13c; ducks 10c geese Sc. EGGS—Fresh, per doJ. 40c. Local Grain. WHEAT—(Quoted by Wm. Ksll) Mill) wheat $1.32. SHORTS—$1.66. BR/Of—$1.35. Swift A Co. BUTTERFAT—No. 1 39c; No. 2 36c. BUTTER—Creamery 42@43c. EGGS—Fresh, 40c. M Heres photographic proof ot the fish stories Captain Nathan Pierce (left) and Robert Hundley may be expected to tell The three giant tarpons were caught off Florida and weigh 97, 137 and 160 pounds respectively (left to risht). Three hours of argument with Ihe "big boyB" prefaced the landing of the fish. FIRST SESSION OF EXPERTS STUDYING FARM PROBLEMS i-arni experts called by President Coolidgo to study problems ot American fanners and to propose legislation t„ improvT^r],.,.,..,.... ,„,,„ lions are shown lere la tholr first session at Washington. Left to right, they are Howard M. Gore, acting secret rv ,,' ,, r /i governor-e ect of West Virginia; H. W. Thatcher, director of the New York experiment station; W. c. Coffey dirccto of | station of the University ot Minnesota; Louis .1. Tabor, master of the national grange at Columbus O.; li.D. • re • tm-,, , prominent livestock grower 0 Wyoming; O. E. Bradfute. president of the America,, Farm lui.cau Federation, oi Chicago' KVO , , 0 „w"h» president of American National Livo Stock Association, of California; (standing) W. M. Jurdlue president of Kansas si t,,',.,i lege, and Ralph P. Men-lit, president of the ralslu growers/of Fresno. CaL Jaiuint, piebiuent of Kansas Statu AgUcultural Col-

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