The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 3, 1951 · Page 6
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 6

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, December 3, 1951
Page 6
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r unitions Board Should Be leplaced By Single Off icuil By DOUGLAS LARSEtf fJEA Staff Correspondent ^WASHINGTON, Dec. 3--(NEA) -One of the big weaknesses of the Jiilitary unification, set-up which las been exposed by the Korean fmergency is the Munitions Board. . The report of Sen. Lyndon John- Ion's Senate preparedness subcommittee, which lashes out at the slow- _iess of the'build-up of the services, lays this about the board: "One of the fundamental failures effective procurement coordina- ,,on has been the lack of an official, liher than the Secretary of Defense, the Department of Defense with ,^e authority and responsibility, Ind the sole job of overseeing and ixpeditog procurement for all the nilitary services, and resolving conflicts between them. It appears that the Munitions Board was in|ended by statute to perform that unction. "However, three of the four mem- Jjers of the board are under secretaries from each of the three mili- ary departments. They cannot be Kpected to have the objective per- pective required for unified pro- burement." Each succeeding Secretary of Defense has tried to do something pbout bolstering the board's authority and activities, but with not much ticcess. No matter what has been lone, the board has succeeded in re- -naining a kind of nebulous, upper atmosphere organization which nev- Er seemed to do anything more Eoncrete than turn out dull reports [about what had been purchased ne time back. The board was not J W . up to do any purchasing itself, but sort of supervise and coordinate (Multi-Personnel Changes New chairmen came and went. Staffs were shifted. No matter how much personnel of the board was changed to get it a going concern, the result was always more of the same. The most recent and drastic effort |to improve the board was attempted |last summer by Secretary of De- "knse Lovett. It aimed at provid- Bing a maximum centralization of {control over military supply. | Lovett ordered the services to ·furnish-the board detailed production schedules. He gave the board ·authority to monitor and police all [delivery times. He gave the board ·authority to change any orders of. Ithe individual services to avoid {(overstocking or duplication of Borders. He instructed the board to set up feipecial task forces to see that special ·procurement programs were going [smoothly. He gave the board power Ito allocate the scarce machine tools I arnomg the three services. On top of that, Lovett wrote a regulation forcing the services to report to the Munitions Board any important deficiencies' or bottlenecks which the board might not know about otherwise. All this, however, apparently has not done the trick, at least, not to the satisfaction of Senator Johnson's preparedness committee. The main target of the report, of course, is the White House for not ordering a tougher policy of cutting back civilian production to permit the military to meet its needs. Wants Complete Reform Nevertheless, the members of the committee make a major point of asking for a reform of the whole setup: "We believe that what is needed is an Under Secretary of Defense with complete responsibility for the supervision of procurement of all three military departments, or a broader delegation by the Secretary of Defense to the chairman Of the Munitions Board of such powers held by the secretary as are necessary to permit him_to act as a 'procurement czar.' "Such'an official could make his decisions more quickly, could, with finality, resolve ' conflicts between the services, and could scissor through the red tape which normally surrounds a conference type of operation." In other words, what the Senate subcommittee demands is a man instead of a board to do the job. And that is probably what Lovett is. going to have to end up providing. The surprising thing is that it hasn't been done before. The lesson of World War II was forgotten quickly when the Munitions Board was set up originally in the National Military Establishment. After trying several ways of getting military procurement properly controlled during the last war. they ended up with a "czar" in the form of General Somervell, who got the job done. There is some talk of getting him back. Say you saw it in The News. FLYING TRIANGLE--This is an in-flight view of the Avro 707A Delta, Britain's newest nigh-speed jet research plane. Air intakes visible at Ibe wing roots are a new feature of the singte-enfitne jet. Performance details are secret - Doctor Says: IMPROPER SANITATION HOLDS DANGKR OF TVI'HOID l-'KVKK By KIWI!? I 1 . J O R D A N , M. 1). Written lor NKA Service "There are reports of several cases of typhoid fever in this community. Is there any now treatment "for this disease? If cistern water is contaminated. Is there any way to p u r i f y it?" writes Mrs. T. P. It is interesting and disturbing to hear reports of typhoid fever in this "day and age. Typhoid is a disease which formerly attacked and killed many people, but which has been largely conquered in the last forty years in those countries which have good sanitation. So far as treatment is concerned, there has been much improvement because some of the new antibiotic relatives of penicillin have proved quite effective. · Mrs. P's letter implies that the typhoid in her community is caused by contaminated cistern water. This water should not be drunk at all. or if necessary, it should be boiled. The important thing is to find out what Is contaminating the water, and probably It will be necessary to dig a new well. Typhoid Is caused by * tseriri commonly known as the typhoid bacillus. This Kerm is carried in water which lias been contaminated by improper disposal of sewage. It is also spread from an infected person to a healthy one by tinners, food, and flies. Conquest of the disease has been brought about not by better methods of treatment, but by striking at the source of the infection through improved sanitary measures. Health officials are constantly on the alert, lo see that sewage is properly carried off and treated and cannot seep into the drinking water supply. Public d r i n k i n g water is also examined often and treated with chlorine if there is any sign of pollution. Vaccination Helps While proper disposal of sewage and care of the water supply is responsible for most of the decrease in this highly fatal and disabling disease.-some cases have been prevented by vaccination. Vaccination does not give complete Twenty-mile-long icebergs were sighted in 1948 by Australian air reconnaissance in the Antarctic. ^flKM; JKjn'lTZUj UTZID «w GAS · FASTER · COOLER Kitchen · CLEANER ~m CHEAPER IS FREDERICK BOTTLED GAS CO. 410 N. 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