The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 30, 1934 · Page 8
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 8

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 30, 1934
Page 8
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MCE EIGHT (MONDAY* JULY 30, 1934 Fannin Votes Are Totaled For Primary Veteran Postmaster At Deport Retires Tuesday Rayburn Leads Opponent: Tie In Race For County Clerk Shown BOXHA1I". — Perhap< the largest crowd ev€-r a*sen:>->'3 at the county s«sa.t to hear the olectioa returns was here Saturday riisrht. Deets ?.X>rou£:h. cha:rrr,?-: ! of *- u -e !F*S32nin county democratic executive committal?. hsd ar-o-t Th:rty assistants a.1 Ho:-! A^xar.cer •where voting r-oxes \\~r~ received jLti<2 tiie ballots counted tab- •alated from :"he 3;- vc-tir.c places in the county. A Iocs.: amplifier Ra.yi.urn, of B-Mihan: .candidate for re-e'eciior; to congress- from the 4th district, ".vu^ leading by a mrjority of about 5.00-,' over Jus opponent. Jess Morris of Greenville. the total vote of the district estimated at i> C . <V- -.: , According to unc-:f:.-:a! r^ures ceiving 2.7i-S v~tes. They ar-? Olvin Gross and Charles R Jv~~>. bo:;: of Bonnam. Buster Co:-?. leadir.s: 4 ": t'r.e un- •officis.1 count for county attorney, is not yet 2 T- years o". i. lie \vc-r_ •over A. !?. BcOci-s:. ferrr.-r ccur.ty j-udge and A;'.e:: Re- =. f-r-rrter;:- assistant county attorney. The. iota! county \ct~ reached searly *.0 r -0. cc-";r "*'..•=• cour.ty returns sli o '-v : nc : State serriv.'r. <-:h district — Cecil Murr>~":- . Ua:ne>v:;;e. 3. 451: Olzni H, Bar: Z_::ct, Tiosra, 4.002. County rep rvt-~n :;=: : v~ : .-. lim-r^ E. R"s?-". ":.'•'•":: ~-s. C. Turner. 1.I3S; O. I~ "?: V/. \V. Fii^nvater. ":.*":- 4: K. B, Barrett. 1.35-:; J. E. Pe^r-so::. C,~: : Tt>s. Special to The Kews DSPOKT.—W. I. Lawler. master ar JDeport under six pre^i- der.ts. retires on J^Iy* 31. after 36 year^ in the postal service. His re;:reinen: conges under provision 01 Secilou S o: ;he ~cr of Jt:ne IS. li-SS, affecting service pos:masters : with more Than 34 years of a!?o*.v- ; able service. T^is permits of his rtt:re::;cnt be-: ore Jul> 3. 1935. -.houih his appointinent does not ac:i:i:iy expire ar.til January, 1935. Mr. La\vler entered the postal . service on May '. 1S9S as pos-t- rrias-ter a: Deport, ur.-der appoint- r;,en: of President McKinley. He ^Iso served uncer Theodore Koose- ; .; - ws - ~F"-i *"* On November i.,1514. he was transferred by Postmaster Genero.; B- rle^or. to the rural service as a o:-rrier but -.^ as promoted to post- ::::ister ^a;:. L>y President Kardir.« ar.d received rea.ypointnie"ts under the adn::n'.strations of Presi- cer.:? Coolicge an-5 Koover. He :s retired or. the custorz-ary •.<•::= ".".I ar.nuity. and v.-il! receive the r:-;:ix:n:u~~ allowance froni this j-r-;:roe en reaching the a^e Of TO. Mr, I^a-v'er •^.•il] be succeeded i.-\ Clarer.oe Nobles, who has re- .-i.-vj.f r.otirication of his appoint- Youth Taken 'To Chickasha Assassin <Continued from Pa*e Great Strike Is Called Off L ihe dearest thins sne had oa i earth." she said. "1 want to Iiu-! | piore her to receive me: not to _,. Arrested* Wounded at i ^>k mere?- for my husband. t>usj»-est HuiM» ^aturdav to Face I 10 ie!5 her h °Y ! sympathize withj Vote to Return to Work nU£O c?«tiu™«*j it* * «vc j he> , A ^ 0 \- e an, i do not want her { Major Charges j t > hat* me." . j Tuesday Morning j Forty Nazis early Monday raid-1 • HUGO, okla,—Gerald Spencer, j e j the. general liosj.Ua! in an un-j SAX FRANCISCO, (/P) — The /sty attorney, and Hor- j i^vcessiui effort to amluet JDr. An-1 strike that has tied up Facific rolling up S32,SSS votes t» 2»*.832 for th* other tbr«* candidat**. George H. Sheppard, state comptroller, also was assured of renom- ination with a total of 390.6SO. Hal S. Lattimore of Fort Worth had 250.S9? for election to the State Supreme court. compared with 197.246 for John HL Sharp of ', \Yaxahachte and 167,762 for James t j "VV, McClendon. of Grady ace C: ins? took Oliver Craighead. FI>R'S DAUGHTER »1A T ORCE1> M INDEX. Xev. UP)-— Mrs. Anna Roosevelt Dail obtained a. divorce sheriff. Monday morn-I t,»t ; Rintelen. former Austrian min- J coast shipping for more than two to Rome, .ho was found to I months is ended. ! year-old Du r ant youth, from the ' i,. v jyini; there seriously wounded, j jaii tu Chiokasha. to face | t > t . ;> ,, ;; .e tj-e report last j three charges of robbery with fire- ; T^ursuay iliar he had committed i arms and one of assault with in- ; : tent 10 kill. Craighead was "'• wounded here Saturday when ! Choctaw county officers \v«re at\ templing *o stop him and •'Rusty" '• Morgan for Questioning. Morgan - escaped aft*-r forcing two woiueti I to drive him in their auionjobile i about four miles south of Hugo. i The I--*- youths with a third : held In jail at Sherman weie : sousrht for robberies at Denison as well as at Chickasha. Two girls with whom Crai^head. Morgan and "Red" VToolard had struck ; up an acquaintance at a tourist ? camp had become frightened when ! they found the youths were en I traced in the hold-ups and went 'i TO officers with the matter. Spen- i cer said. Woolarc had left ths ! party before the others headed for i Hugo. Hugo officers as .-ouths be turned o 1<>a " '• arraignment here Their trial begrar, as the new ; Chicka? ha. Austrian government. beaded by | . li'.nte'en. known to have pro- Nazi leanings. \vas announced as - !se\v chancellor" by the Xazis v. Mrn they assassinated Chancellor] Twelve thousand longshoremen in ports from Bellingham. Wash.. to San Diego. Calif., have voted to return to work at S o'clock Tuesday morning. Marine workers, who also have been on strike, have not announc- LJOP-— ':i«: Wednesdav. Rimel-! * d their *> !aRS - but the belief pre ~ e- w->« ; immediately arrested and i vails that the >"- IO °- ^' l!1 be back rf- .Jniouncenieiu "was given out | on the job Tuesday. •' he had shot himself fatally in; The announcement that the V. "T "" ~ . ! dock workers will end their strike :-en ih* raidins party entered 1 Tuesday removed the threat that *" notified the ^ national guardsmen would enter Portland. Ore.. Monday to open I small brick court house where her brother Elliott was divorced little more than a year ago from Elizabeth Donner Roosevelt, -w^ Jbases MXL 3 JVllHH 1^8 abo neuxal0b» mutcubor ad and pains, toothache* earache, periodical and other pain* due to inorganic causes. No cotica. lOc and 25c W. I- Note (.Contir. - .•itiil. a nurse no: :-O::---T~ who arrived in time to cap-j :ur«- several of the raiders. The | L-tst escaped. j Because of the extraordinary i measures of defense aa^jinst. a| iLrea.ter.ed Nazi putsch taken | :h:oui;hout the city Sunday night.' ihr- general hosyitas temporarily \\ii> left \\:thout its strong guard v. h;Ie police and Heimwehr mem- port. County (Continued From Page On*) Pluneed Austria into civil r ~ isk?d that the ' bers were ^:scentrated around such j er .j,7 ,^ "^ e , ?ver to them for ;-strategic public buildings as the j .>-""^r* " * r •_ after trial at ) xv^ rr~;r.:s:ry and police headquart- | ^ * , d _ "L * From Page One) beaded by j Dr. Kurt Schtischnigg. tie new l chancellor, moved to suppress nazi { i revolutionists still operating in j ( •-•arious sectiotis of the country. j also uncppos- ! Both the accused men held their j R. I*. LiS-tti- I heads high and turned calm faces j i_-:?rk: J- E. ' to their judges when they were led j ^^^3 B ABred (Continued From Fa*:e One) 7S7 and Tom Hunter of "Wichita Falls, in second place and appar- j second man in the Aug. j had 193.575. C. C, Me-j Donald, the choice of Gov. Miriam ] ] ers - } A- Ferguson and her husband, i i Restoration rumors flared i -parmer Jim" Ferguson, reduced j ) through :he city again with tjie ar- ,»j e lead by which he trailed Hun- | \ r:\-al of unverified reports from i ter bu - wa ^ sX jll 24,413 behind. Me- i Lxs.cer.burs:. near Vienna, that the j Uonald had 159,162. | Eapsburg summer palace was be- j Clint Small of Amarillo remained { ing renovated prior to its reoccu-j ; :1 fourth place with 101.937. Edgar ation. It is recalled that the late jr Witt, lieutenant-governor, was in the race for E :nperor Charles and -he Empress 51.SSS and Matrry •-.>.j?-.:eberry. county treasurer ar.c : to tne court. | _ he civil appea i s court position. i z^is., mother of the Archduke Otto, i Hughes was last with 46.035.'. VC. counry surveyor, also j PIanetta. a former staff sergeant } T}ie , complete vote for Lamar! SDent some time there after the { •-ere -"opposed cancicates in the j ,..f -h e army, ^vho is supposed to j colint y on the state races follows: ] revolution of ISIS, | Torn Connally of Marlin. Texas' Thor-.ias. who : have said he killed because he had 1 dismissed from e army for •.velrher at Place -. i*ar-s; "\^. K. ; najri symr>athies. showed his emo- ; Sailey .. :' A-^rrrsc-r- -a.-'~o won the r.omina- I tic- slightly, ho-a-ever. by twisting j Connally t:-:-r. -for chairman v.f the Democra-• j,f s hands nervously. i Fisher County Judire: Sani E. Neiisoti. .2,515; J. i;. >:-irs. li.J-T:, A. S, Broad fo wt, -.774. 3.SS4; A. P, Bo-dins'. C.:"2: Alle" Seed, 1.755. County cirrK: Oivin Grovy. -,~:-Z: P. H. Lavtrcll :,337; Charles R. Jones r.7?G; J-~r,~: C. Bis-srs. I.C-S". ^.~ < clothing but Planetia SENATOR GOVERNOR A world war field* marshal was i j un } 0 r senator. also drew away .aced under arrest for Xazi activ- i from Joe \V. Bailey. Jr.. with a y. Ke is Karl Bardolff. one-time 1 tot al of 40?.505. Bailey, one of sr= and iroy Kusseli- n for :.: nstabl-e in precincts six and ^0^-4,,^^=; ! prisoners hac been beaten was cir- i v.'itt tec, "eitn-ET of the fw*o sto'wed ! ? of ill-treatment. Both w ,f ] sunburned anc healthy-looking. ! ^"^"t"". ; The prosecutor said Pianetta had i • riC - ns:? i Jonnson LIEUT. GOV. of :he military cabinet of j Texas' three congressmen-at-large ~ AJ ithe Granaduke Franz Ferdinand, t - In -Washington the past session. i Usuaiiy. when the possibility of a-i^, a( j ^59.125. 2550 I Nazi-controlled Austrian cabinet { A nip an< i tuc i; race for attor- 31S|has been discussed, the name of« ney g ene ral continued between 2317 i Bardolff has cropped up as the i vs*alter "Woodward, stat* senator. 1910 i possible minister of war. land William McCraw. former Dal$2 j Under the leadership of Dr. Kurt t i^ district attorney. The election SIS i Schuschnigg. newly - appointed I bureau tabulation showed McCraw 607 ! chanceiior. the fourth cabinet j having 254.OS4 and Wnodwarc j within a week began its work, j 250.303. Clyde Smith of Houston County superintend-?::-.: H. Burkett, I.?? 4: Ja. incumbent. ".r, S7: R. 3 •wood. 1.0 07, p r •=• c:. n •: t - P. M. 'ilcBroom. '-*--'•<• ridge, 273: G- "C. r«lcF£r J, B. Fink. 22;-: Mark 637; 2v. J. Barnes. 107; L-uther . ri.-rp^--;-c •-*?.;;. i.r. =.i^- • >-> :._.i _._.__ ._ .. _ . " . ._ » _ . ) ^-loore T- ^ that he cTaime-ci it hac been ; e unintentionally. He said the. ! f ~ ,,L- ,_,.- .- ^,. 3 ^ rr.en -rvhc> had taken part in that 5 ^^-, eefes.ttd'^V. "s^'^Ve^ for ! T-u^ch in Tvhich Dotlfuss wa^ "kilted j -v,!" 1 !" r?i:n=.tion for justice of the | - n the chancelle—- had a^rr^ec that \ McCraw 'I'^l ^' f .' ^1"^ ; r , r . r ec:nci five G. "VT. '^h--re -would be "no «laug-hter.~ i Smith ' trial ^ras he?d in the same - ; T\"-' er state was - ^^ s ^|in turr. yielded to Prince Ernst : , ahead in. the six-man race for lieu, 3135; \on Starhemberg- as the acting j ; eTia Rt governor, with 13S.030. but •ers 3 ^5 i chancellor. Now Schuschnigg is | g^te Senator Joe Moore of Green- xJul 1565 i )-..>.ck in power. | vilie puiled a bit closer w!th a ATTTlUNT'Y fXFNFRAT • - Ie ard hi3 fellow niitiisters ap- ;, tota i or I24.S45. ATTUKIStl tJuINl^KAL ^ l ^^ a _ d before presiden: wilhelm | ^n A . Sini . h> chairman of the .- = Miklas in the earVy morning hours ] SLa j e railroad commission, the pol- MUininE- in TV men <iay before the COMPTROLLER arc took tha oath of office, i Starheniberj as-ii I chancellor. Convicts i Patterson Sheppard Tillison Srent. 4S4; 3=rt Char. •Verson C- Kenesrer. ~^~ liopper. ^:.-: ^"barley 3SO; Pink S-C'-cdarc. :: "T^-i *VI.D f~f» f^Cr - f.*- "*•«;"• • Jt«i *_^4*; iiL--w^ .-•_ _^--- cers. In the t :~. -:i=:. ;-'.- r ciiief of pc-::•"••; r.-:-=-. -.-y. -c-bbery by assault and \ :Iary. Ncnie Dobbs. Kaufman ; *.~y. sir: years, arson; Horace ' Conley TREASURER AG. COM'R. -nrhich in dealing: -with oil serving a_s vice | resulatory matters in the state had j been attacked, had srathered 1S3.- S55 -- J S93 votes in his campaign for re- 1 S03 . DORCAS CLASS PARTTC ! election. Joh» Pundt of Dallas | ?50 - : The Dorcas class cf the First j teas second -with 155.142 and | 2J7 Baptist church, will meet -svith ; Gr«s:or3' Hatcher of I>al!as -oras . Mrs. Gregory a: her home. 71 j th%-d Jn the five-man race with Sc-uth, Eleventh street for a ia-^'Ti I 135,S35- ; 4 ^ pcrij- Tuesday evenins: at 7:30 j Charlej- Ix?ckh£rt, !ong:-time ',j; o'clock. Groups 3 and 4 -nrill be ; treasurer, spread -eagrled the f!e!d :;jj " i ;n charse- -in his campaign for re-election, SALE ish Suits FINAL CLEARANCE PRICES 39c 49c SIZES 2 to 5 Perfectly tailored, fast color wash suits „„, mada of fine seersuckers aisd broad cloths in solid white colors with contrasting- color trims, featuring- white, green, blue and red. Choose from, regular sleeveless and snnstdt styles. Real bargains see them. Perkins Brok V^ d: Q A*A F=> ^< r*+} "v ^s 2424—The I>cpartment Store of Parts. Texas DAVGHTEK j_ii^TS- i^r^C* n ^T - T ^ .. t'h eir home. 3 £ 3 BORN Women Prefer This Laxative COUNTY JUDGE: COUNTY ATTORNEY: ASSESSOR-COLLECTOR: COUNTY SUPT.: PUBLIC WEIGHER: ••«rs. r-;ibb-e~-: G- r - TTouston. ; McDonald .............. - - 3rerrc cc-jr-ty. four y-?sr=. bur- 1 Terre-I . . . rlary: J. N. Frarn?. Dickens c^>un- LAND COM'R. .-o one "'at ':he~ firm *wo'u'.d ^\ RAILCOM^R, tns rTiTzn. \ ^IcNees -.-- Tno L-re<tk c-rcurrec about 2 a. ', Johnson -- :r... anc ^,'s.s discover*-!-; about a.n i pnndt the trusty bu;Minsr. The convicts T " SUPREME COURT p^ci c — r s. 2^0--^' *^isz IH.'"^^' *^ousr 1 *"! ' — «-; CIVIL APPEALS Solons Local CALL 401— We -or!!! buy or t.ra-1*- :or yoar Old Garniture- Ccr-.-r :r. to see us for the best vsl'jes *3 hc~. €• *ur- rv; : 5 - r" *~"s. 0. H. Baker Fum. Co. "The House Tea- S'.-l:t Fr- I>-ss" BUY THE DELCO BATTERY TEXA.S COUNTY COUNTY COM'R : COUNTY COM'R: p-«.r-. r -7t '.. MS-;-. :-: -^ p^ • p;^.i: ; f,"ar:?".»•«•!». JUSTICE: JUSTICE: JUSTICE: JUSTICE: JUSTICE: JUSTICE: _ _ j fCcntlr.uecS rrom Paze On «£ Fry::. r"a.s* On*; i that it is sometimes d;ff:c-j ^ "^'-'^"^^'^^ >^2.^n ->• Sale of a. snaa!' amount of i-. ;-:r,:-.a *• a.!rs. Mcrar-. --,.^,1^ ^^-1(155 0" PvVA some rr v.-r=.s li,4'l £.na Spenct: asro brouarht s. premium OVA ; price paid- This sarency now- Biar.ton's. '.inA :n the ; a number of s!m!;ar »*ci :-jn bureau's I p. m. - -?,-h.ich arc especfsd to flncJ a • r,-'jn ' ^,!*r7-e rfeported • On tn^ otJj*r nancl. >*>ar;* ; 7»ar. Ir; n-saay rases -wh^rc i r C-> TT. 7j., Ti ^.. .^05-- ' •'*-'• •'• ^- -^ '^..-^. . (^ ' loans E»;xsr county tot';;- UNSTABLE: CONSTABLE: CONSTABLE: p re ,- :nc t i; . .<. B Cow;ir<5. 1 S ; ; PUBLIC WEIGHER: F*rfdr.C; r. H'>.v*-;r. J M. < Marvin) Clyde Humphrey Thanks Voter? Prices We Cou/t/n'f Eyi/a/ 7oe/au / Millions BOUGHT FOR OUR BIG SUMMER Blanket EVENT hat heiny to Thank You ar.ri h'artfeJt 1 ' v * J ?A.5i*r t ?Itff 3*^! 271 <£V*/3^' n ,-->^ / r f ; your beliftf an/j faith in rn«5 ar?- 1 ! i rsty ability to conduct tb< n«w *>f- j TOKYO. (.&:• — Tiit fir»t pr*!liTJ- i inary pha»<» of Japan'* «..nno«-I r'j.-i' fir.' for -"r.<Ji<1 t 7. . x..H« ! to ; oar Hkmg;. an<! I h-fc'-k rr'v mar.-.' frj^j^s- ; th ' at ir is r " y in *^^*- r '" * rj r+nter ' "''oont/ for" the j ? ^ ^ 1 Cf "^ Rt *"* f *™*^'>™' ; r P r,^ a rv^/'^in X *«bmlr I J ^»h to thank yo« p«.»onaiJ> ; your c«'n*i4*T*u«T> my record j ^"> tim ^ to t!Tne ** ^^'^ f? u ' I ] bet tak« this means of thanktntf j now. Cen*« tn to »*« TUC ! can to*? of *.ny «*r%"i*"<"; i to you, Klnear<-!y, j HUMPHHJSI man and a* a i Sinc<?r^!y. '/ Frank D. Wear Penney Bought Blankets — Lots Of Them — And We Own Them — Worth The Money. Starting today we are passing this Big Saving on to our many millions of customers. 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