The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 27, 1924 · Page 9
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 9

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 27, 1924
Page 9
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1924 THE H U T CHTNSON N 15 W S PAGE NTN'E MAILING OUT HEALTH SEALS School Children Will Not Sell the Seals This Year. TO SELL THROUGH MAIL Proceeds from the Sale of Seals to Maintain Free Clinics. Tho Christmas seals the aula of Which goes to tho benefit or the Kansas Anti-Tuberculosis, association will no' bo sold tiy the school children of the'city thlx your-lull direct through the mull. It wag rlecldtrt by the. Miniiiilttoe not to have the SHUI through the medium ot the siiliitols IUHMIIISH of the confusion cHtrr-:! InM yci»r by VISITORS WILL MEET TONIGHT Conference Meets at 7:30 at] the Sherman School Auditorium. The visitors who aru lo make the Hutchinson Home Visitation tomorrow afternoon, will assemble at tho Slie.nnun Junior high school auditorium »t 7:30 tonight, Tho meeting .will be nrldressert | briefly by J. Shrove Durham, International superintendent of Home -Visitation, who Is In charge of tho work here, anil Br. Majslll •and Dr. l.nuile:), lender of the International Council of Rclltilnus I I'Mwntiim who happen to be hero [ for an in.-ititut.'. Tho public.. Is invited In hour | these world leaders on vllul subjects. Kvory home In Hutchinson I Is In he visited tomorrow afternoon | between 2: on anil 4:0(1 o'clock. ' No offerings or pledges will ho taken In this niecllns:. us It is sole- Iv in Inform nil IIIHIITS concerning tli>ii' work, iind Hie iiimcnil imlilli: j of Ibl.i valuable phi'i to help make | Hiitcliinson a still better and still | Hrealer clt>. Cheerful j-u i, ..:iy sell,iii'.. i IH- I .1 bo sold directly tliriinuli the i mil and tho nuuies of stores will be announced latur where the seals may bo purdiusM down town. Mall Them Tomorrow Tha seals will bo mnjleil from the Hutchinson nunt office tomorrow. Various kinds ot posters nun window Tarda will bo 'distributed through the stores In be displayed ns reminders. The Mulono poster service hue also donated Beveral ' billboards on which large 12-shcet lister and will bo displayed. The sale- ot the seals lu the county outside of Hu.tahln.son will ' bo through the schools Instead of by mail. Tho money raised b'y the *>ale of these seals pay for the froe.rlln leg which are held during the year for the people of the county »s well as for those who reside In Hutchinson. PICKED UP AROUND TOWN GOB AT SERVICE Union Thanksgiving Service Was Well Attended. Father M. L. Kain Spoke. Veil Comes Into Vogue After Several Years In the Discard ru;ii*ivsnmau .Nicltolaa Long- wnrth, HepMbllnnn loader, muy woll amlle now Unit lie Is fioiiMtl- orRtl a probabie winner of tho llciifn' fiiinftknrrthlp nml arrange- monts nre heinf? miulo to roceivo tin: stork nt his home. Insulted? - BY HORTEN8E SAUNDERS NEA Service Writer In the modern scheme of home decoration, fancy boxes and baskets have many jilacen and they naturally suggest themselves as ideal Christmas gifts. Soma of the most attractive boxes seen at the smartest shops have an Inverted lampshade tor a foundation. The sewing basket Illustrated le of this origin. To make It you take a wire lamp shade and cover It with seam binding ns you would if your were going to make a lamp shade. Then put in a cardboard bottom and line the basket with red satin and cover the outside with theatrical gauze. It may be sewed or glued into place. Cardboard Top Cut a cardboard top to fit over the top and form a cover and cover It llko the shade fnslenlng it at the back with (Bred ribbon how, using another rlboon bow on the top tor a handle. Then catch strips of black velvet on tho Inside of the cover for inserting sewing articles such as sclssorB, thimble, and thread. Cover all the seams and edges with galoon. » Another typn of basket, begins with an Inverted lamp shade, covered as tho first with yeiiin binding. Then a tarfeta lining Is pleated to the frame, each pleat being caught at tho top and the bottom. .All ihe eduos are bound and silk pockets are added for hiililluit sew- lnjf accessories. This ts very attractive lu rose colored silk and gold braid. Powder Container. A glass bowl with n flat top may be covered with fancy rlbhim on the outside to mako a powder container that would grac any dressing table Plain and figured ribbons are used, the plain ribbon being put on wilb overlapping edges and the. fnucy used to mako tho cover design. If you like you can make the top of cardboard covered like the bowl. Instead ot tho glass cover. This can he made easier with paste than with I bread. A cigaret box foV the library table may be evolved from an emply wood or pasteboard, or even a tin box. Heavy tan linen ts glued over tho foundation and the edges are bound with ribbon A design for the center can be cut. from a piece of cretonne and applied with izhte. A monogram would be etmtilly effective. Lamp shades can be used to make the sewing baskets, above, while a glass bowl can bo utilized for mnklng an attractive powder container, Bhown below. SLAYS CHILD TO SAVE HIM FROM LIFE OF SORROW Arvln Dowell ot 111* l'ourlh Ave. east, was operated oh at tho Urace hospital yesterday, and Is reported . to be dolr. t nicely. A number of tha boys on tin; Manhattan team visited Ihe reformatory this morning and were taken through the institution. A marriage license lias been issued at Newton to John It. Cochrane, of Wichita Kails, Tex., and Ellen C. .lohnaon, of Hutchinson. Mrs. Alden Pell left yesterday for Snnta Barbara, Calif.. where she wus called by the serious Illness of her aunt. Mrs. C Case. The Ladles' Aid of the Calvary United Hrethern church will meet tomorrow afternoon nt. 2:30 lu the basement of the .hurch to worl.. I.eland I'erdiv,- Is home for a Thanksgiving holiday visit with bis father, Ed lVrdew. l.eliind Is attending the Missouri Military academy M. A. lllrdler has sold his home at -'101 Kleventh Ave. oust and expects to leave soon with Mrs. lllrd­ ler for California ,where they will Join their dnughW. Mrs. It. T. Campbell, formerly, of this city. Miss Kthei ilrabets, Miss Margaret. Hnmer and Miss lloiinie Daye will motor to Wichita Ibis evening to attend the dunco at. the Broadview hotel. They will visit with friends while there. ,11m Davis and Lacy Hosier left yesterday afternoon on a motor trip to Columbia, Mo., to attend the K. U.-Mlssourl football game. Mr. Hosier Is a graduate of the Missouri University. ' Mrs. John Weaver of lil.l North Monroe street has received word of the critical Illness of Mrs. John Jllasler at a hospital in l.os Angeles, California. Mrs. Mlas'er formerly llvod at lWJ Kourtlt Ave. east. Koy A. Coonrield, Hoy Scout executive, wus at Wichita today to make bin annual appearance at the Falrniup;.t versus ; Frlends football game. Mr. Coonfleld Is a graduate of Friends college and bo never fails to boost for his alma mater on Thanksgiving day. The colleges stand at this time, 8 games to 7 games In favor of Kairmount. Mrs. J. J. Koelsch went to Arlington to make an inspection of the Eastern Slar chapter , there. She was accompanied bv Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Searl, Mrs? Ida Uoff, Mrs. Ousta Newman, Mrs. C. M. • Fahenatack, Mrs. A. E. Noouun, Walter B. Hoagland and J. J. Koelsch, His Privilege. Liverpool.—A man who was taking pot shots with a revolver at the picture of a former sweetheart on bis bureau was arrested for Intoxication. When ho told In court the story of bow mercilessly the girl had betrayed liliu, hn was released without punishment. Women 'in the audience look up a collection -to buy biin a bouquet of flowers before he left the court. The Kii 'M Mclhiidist .-lnm-h »i« • filled with people who attended tho union Thanksgiving service this morning. The service was opened Willi a prayer in Guy A. Wtmiuer, pastor of tho Kirst. Avenue llaptist church. This was followed by a special anthem by the Melbo.list choir and a collection for die Associated Chat'lll".". Father M. L. Kain of the Craco Episcopal church gave a wonderful expression of the true spiritual side ot Thanksgiving. We brought forth the fact that the people today instead of filling tho chiiri'hej! and temples to give thanks lo Cod for his many kindnesses, are crowding the football fields and theatres. Likened Unto Christmas. "Let us hop.' that our heavenly rather will excuse our Ingratitude because of our Immaturity," explained Father Kain. "We are 1! KO children, who express their thanks to their parents by their liJlarioUH actions. "If the past year ha.H brought up material and spiritual jle.--f ings, we should express our ^ratltudo by helping nomeone else. This Is the time when Christian people should te-ai'flrui their faith in t.od. The people oT this country ba\o much to lie thankful for. The nations around us are having trouble with their millions of un-employed and In some of the far off countries people are actually starving, while wo are living In a 'milk anil honey' nae. "Cod looking down upon us will give thanks If ho sees that our mo- lives are better and our thoughts and actions are purer than they were a year aso. May find show us the necessity of expressing our gratitude for his great mercy in our manner of living." At Other Services. Miss Inez Cayue sang the special Thanksgiving FOURS this morning at the Thanksgiving services held lu the Christian Science church. I'rnyers and readings concluded the services. Special services were held nt the Pilgrim Holiness church with rtev. .1. Paul Roper preaching a sermon on Thanksgiving. Other churches where Thanksgiving services were held were the Emanuel Lutheran. Ihe Second Xaziircne church and the First Xazarene church. Three ways the Parisian wears her veil. Upper left, on smart tooled leather hat, graceful veil falling- off the back and over face. Upper right, on a coy little geranium brimmed tint, veil falls over shoulders. Uelow, on a new straw satin shaped lint the veil falls over right side and Is carelessly thrown over left shoulder. Paris. Nov. 27—.Several seasons have passed by and the veil hnq had no vogue. Kobte-'d bale and .sports baV; iinportani as determining factors in bringing this about, but. feminine wiles have made it impossible t" wholly abandon such an Important accomplice of charm. So the veil will be frequently seen this winter. Large circular veils will he worn on llitlo tooled lenther and other sport hats \n! soft drooping ones on little up turned brims or scarf-like one falling off one side of the hat. ai, thrown gracefully over tho opp site shoulder. Small face veils have no .vogu The expensive, finely but bean' fully embroidered veils are il. ones chosen by the Parisian, Ot times the veils attain the price a hat. HOME SAFETY HINTS Here'6 Swift Justice. London.—Henry Carter married five women with hi six months. When eath of the women discovered the existence of the other wives Ihey held a cnniu'll of wur nnd determined that the one who tio\\Ui fry the most. pnneaUes Jnjjiilu of an hour would keep thq husbnml. The Citso ivufi settled In this way and never was drought to tlio attention *v2 the court*. Use the Shop-o-Kcope—line your head, not your feet and make this , tho merriest XJUIIH ever. tf. Pedestrians' Friend - Mumdiesler. KiiRlaml— Pedestrians or Manchester lmvo found ii chumpkm in their warfnro against careless motorists. A mysterious, hlaek-capped man liaa appeared at intervals on the Hide streets ot the city at nieht, firing a revolver i»t ihe headlights of uncoiling automobiles. His aeeuracy is said to ho uncanny. Pickles Popular. Herlln—Pickles In compact, ornamental boxet are enjoyiiiR it huge .sale throughout Berlin, instead of bringing boxes of candy to their sweetheart. Herlin younjr men are 1 carrying these hoxett of pickles. '. Spcc-liil pickle shops have sprung I ill) lu all parts of the city. Parsnips should l>e cooked boiling water for 30 or 40 mhiu; then fried in butter. Hhop-o-Scopo will take the l.-n. ping nut of your Xmas shoppin. He Led Own Funeral Cortege Keei> pniriuns lucked up. Tho skull snid crottshuueH are not sufficient prut fiction. Kvery child has a natural curtoKlty to investigate. Adults, ton, need protection. Death from poison taken by mistake is a common coroner's verdict. A separate cabinet for poisons, kepr lucked, would prevent, fatalities. Family Washin? All Ironed, Partly li ctl, or Wet Wash Wo Uso IVORY so A; and SOFT WATEI Model Teamdr. DHY CLEANER! ( WWil Snral W«llrr b**m. M;. P110NC44 "Take those dern thing, off or I'll put you In Jail!" Th»t'« v»h»t Chief of Police J. M. Youngbloott of Hoik Hill, S. C, told Mlts Willie Trammell, 22-year-old stenographer, when she apptar* ed on the streets in a "blue knlckcr suit.'' At least that's the story she told the city council. And she announced she Intended filing $70,000 suit against the officer on the ground he Insulted her. By NEA SERVICE I 'Vuuslcr, 0„ Nov. 27—All her liit'i :.| s. Illiinflie Tobias lias niil'fi'ral. The yen™ have brought, her only Burrows, ihe sorrows that dlsul- patu llfi-''« atrenRth— the norrows tluit teor nt (h« haitrt. i Ami then,! sumn sorrown »«em«l (lostliuiU to follow' her baby sou from the rriullo on. The horror or that thought wan driving lu 'r mart. She lolled down Into ihe liny blue eyes of the I 'hlM -they reflerted tho cruelties' of lier own years—Il was too much for her mother love. rto, thinklni; only of siiuritig her chlM from tile tragedies she hint experienced, she strangled him to death, uti ho luy at her Hide, lu the Wayne county infirmary near here. Hil.AS , 'Hint U'IIR, so lier story goes, *IJ-| ter her husband, standing over the tiny irih, hail denied the child was | hia. The baby was but two weeks | old. { Anil now the little mother—shel Is Just a mite ot it girl wit more! than five feet tall and weighting no more, than 100 pounds- Is In Jail walling tor a Jury to deride whether she was Justified in her <u:t. She is held on first degree iiuir-; iler charge, pending action ot the grand Jury which cimveiies In Jim-, uary. j iP.nt she -will not. be withotil ' frii'tiiU-. People, fur the t'ir..i time lu her life, Hie iutereated MI , her. i Club women have nitmci an nt-! luruey to help her. Mike Alerlit, I'lf-i'iiht. of 1'ntone .Sicilian!! ; n<i ji H ji branches. h'il his own i MM i-il |irin i^:inii in I'iiiin.^ii Ai th, t i is Ihe way It. li|i|ioiiiiMl In tliuii.-umls uliuiir the streets of Mule Italy, through which the cortcm) moved. A life-like wus figure of tlio deceased srouil in ill.- Hrxt iiuioinoliile. Then dime 25 iiuuliines lomleit with *;tli,t»ii.i worth of flowers. BRINGS MAN BACK WHO WAS CAUGHT AT WINFIELD Deputy Shcrlft I'M Uurgess arrived homo from Wintleld yesterday evDUlng, where ho went to get Murrlel Adams, who was arrested on a charge of illegal cohabitation. The warrant was sworn to by Mrs. W. Bollinger, 600 North Main street, because Adams ami the woman who was supposed to be his wife lived there. Wearing Nicely. MlBtress—"Mary, did you change the Itueti on my husband's bod'."' New Maid—"Hell, no' mum, it •In't wore out yet."—American Legion Weekly If you send your washing out, why not safeguard yourself and family by calling on an organization like ours, which makes a business of sanitation, and which sterilizes while it washes? Phone 2255 * HUTCHINSON FAMILY WASH LAUNDRY Quality Gifts at & Saving DUCKWALL' See the Most Complete Line in Hutchinson Buy Wheel Toys Your Children will get the maximum of Fun at a Low Cast to you. Our Prices will positively Save You Money TRICYCLES—National advertised line steel and rubber tires All sizes, ffi) QO CIO OC reinforced rear forks, yLidD to yldiCi) KIDDIE KARS AND BIKES—A splendid lino to please the A big Special at ' $145 to $4.25 WAGONS—Express wagons, metal body CCn 90 QQ and wheels, 6 sizes.. DDL toyaCiUO COASTERS—Bin Red Flyer.. All metal. Guaranteed to hold a ton. Special Price <J7 JC *«) 7C OP OC <pf ii J— others from <?Cit J to f0iC3 By C. A. Voight ; - MABEL.TtoE ARTICLES ^_ RuuuiUG lu Tut: PAPER OM ' ! now To Rrouce ARC CETOU* \ Me iMTereesTeo v y THIS owe ABOUT BEUDIUC OVKR. AHO TOtiCHiMGTkeFLoora FIFTY Tltvies ) A DAV MUST GET S" 3 ^. I RESULTS. -— I'U I b-' *•'.» X_ -T-~ ~~ \ ~ .5AV- - Look AT THE V/AY MOD Twr?ow TMH 4 CS ^ 1 APOUWD' J • •

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