Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 25, 1962 · Page 9
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 9

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 25, 1962
Page 9
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Rainmaker Claims Downpour Credit B f &E(ffiG15 ?. BARTSCH ROCK, Ark. <AP)- flomer" 1 8«rry, convinced that he produced the drought-breaking downpour that deluged Little Rflck Friday,- turns his efforts today toward, ,east central Arkansas. Perry is to attend a press eon- fprence thfs afternoon at which he expect* to collect $500 from Little flock's Radio Station KLRA. Station officials signed a contract! with Berry agreeing to pay him the money if he could produce one inch" of rain at Little Rock or * general rain over an area 25 miles in radius. The retired Air Force major jpent Friday night attempting to provide farmers in the McCrory area wittr some of the overflow from the Little Rock rain. The ta'rmers have deposited $600 hi the bank at McCrory and say Berry' •WUl get it if he provide* them with an Inch of rain by Monday. Berry , "is more optimistic. He said they would have their rain by 2 today, Clouds burst over Little Rock Friday . afternoon, filling gutters and air Conditioning the parched city. Less than three hours later the U.8/-Weather Bureau at Little Rock Haft .recorded 1.4 inches, the first rainfall here in 44 days. Radio station officials began gathering samples which were to be examined by the Slate Health Department today. The health department agreed to analyze the rain for particles of silver nitrate, which Berry says is one means of leilihg' hid rain from nature's. The weather tartan remained doubtful of Berry's self-acknotv- ledged abilities The bureau said it believes the rata was caused by a cool front which began Wednesday in Sotrth Dakota and moved through Arkansas just as it had through neighboring states. Berry said the weather bureau was correct. What the bureau! didn't know, Berry said, was that it was he that created the low pressure area which enticed the cold front into Arkansas. Berry uses a fire brick-lined oil drum to burn pieces of coke soaked in silver Iodide and acetone. A fan from an old car air conditioner raises temperatures in the oil drum to as high as 3,000 degrees, vaporizing the silver iodide and sending particles streaming 80,000 feet into the air. The particles collect moisture, freeze, then melt and fall to the earth as rain, Berry explained. Berry, in his 50s, has worked on rahimaking gadgets as a hobby for about 15 years. He says his hobby is purely a non-profit J undertaking and that his chemi- i cals use up any money he may : make from his rainmaking pro; jects. j Berry, from North Little Rock, | said he began his rainmaking hob; by when he was in the Air Force, i stationed at various points in the 1 Southwest. After servicing his McCrory customers, Berry plans to take his truck-mounted rig to the! Craighead County area, where Lloyd Rcbsamen, president of i Ihe First National Bank at .Tones- i boro, has promised him $1,200 for I * county-wide rain. Freed Gl's Get Joyous Welcome WASHINGTON (AP) - Two America^ : Army men—smiling but gaunt after 18 months of brutality as prisoners of Communist forces in Laos—are back among loving hands..... . The pair—Sgt. Orville R. Ballen- gcr, 28, of Columbus, Ohio, and Maj. Lawrence R. Bailey, 39, of Laurel, "Md.—were carried in litters front an ambulance plane Friday at "Andrews Air Force Base —and had a joyous reunion with their families on the spot. The major's wife, Betty Rose 2 New Schools To Open Doors In Beauregard j Bailey, 34, leaned over her husband. "You look just fine," she said. Also on hand to greet the major were his 16-year-old son, Law* ; rence 111 and daughters Barbara, ;18, and Elaine, 14. 1 The Army said Bailey had been jkept in a pitch black cell lor |more than a year, and he put on 'sunglasses to shield his eyes from ! the dazzling sun. Sgt. Ballenger's .Japanese wife doesn't speak much English, but I she showered her husband with kisses. After the greetings, Lt. Gen. Russell L. Vittrup, Army chief of personnel, knelt between the two ^-___- ^^.^.^- glitters to welcome the two men UDGn uoors h ° me - f'* IrWVI J The g enera i said ne was keeping his remarks short because they probably weren't interested! in long speeches. Ballenger, driven with his wife DERIDDER (Spl.) - Two new | to the Andrews base hospital, schools-have been accepted as; was to be transferred today to completed by the Beauregard par-: the Ft. Bragg, N.C. hospital, ish school board from contractor Bailey was accompanied by his S. J. Lemoine. wife to Walter Reed Hospital. Final approval has been given j The Army said the two could to the East Beauregard school and I not be interviewed until their con- the George Washington Carver school by the school board at its regular.. monthly meeting. The Offering of vocational agriculture in all parish schools was ditions improve. Bailey is suffering from malnutrition, intestinal parasites and malaria. Ballenger is suffering from malaria, parasites and bone disease induced by authorised and two handbooks of malnutrition, policy and procedures, prepared: Both were captured in March of| jointly by the parish school prin- ' asl vear - cipals, were also approved by the Bailey, who was the assistan , board. •--• " military attache at the U.S. Em- In other 'business, the board can- bassy at Vientiane, was grabbed relied a contract previously let to'by Palhet Lao rabel forces afler Standard,'.Typewriter company for j parachuting Irom a transport cleaning and repairing of typewrit-: P lane shot down b ? Bi'ound fire. «rs and. awarded a new contract i Ballenger was captured while lo Reed Office Supply of Lafay- serving as a military adviser to etle. The invoices for the month were approved for payment and the sub- Royal Laotian troops. The two servicemen were freed by the Communists Aug. 17 with stitute'.teacher list for the 1962-63 three American civilians. Eleven session was approved. other Americans who disappeared Resignations were accepted! during the civil war are still from 0, J. Cooley Jr., bus opera- missing tor, and" Grace Lanier, Gerome L. Kinfji ; and Lorraine Ihle, teachers. ': The existing policy of the board with reference to ownership of passenger vehicles was rescinded and a monthly depreciation allowance plan of private ownership r ... _. was adopted. The passenger vehi- j s j on ers of the Old River Fish and clcs owned by the board are to i Game Preserve appointed by Gov. be disposed of to employees on aj jjtnmie Davis and sworn in by Fish and Game Commission In Ooeration DERIDDER (Spl.) — Commis fair and. reasonable basis. Automatic Safety Device Destroys Nike Zeus Rocket POINT'MUGU, Calif. (Af»)-A Nike Zeus antimissile rocket was destroyed-by an automatic safety device 'Friday after its critical third stage veered off course. The ,4Wrd stage, capable of propelling v a nuclear warhead, did not carry' any explosive in Friday's test of the-48-foot, solid-fuel rocket. ";; The Army termed the operation "partially successful" because the rocket maneuvered spectacularly on command during its first two •tages high over the Pacific. Speeds *8hd altitudes were not disclosed. The funned while Nike Zeus most advanced of this nation's Beauregard parish clerk of court, Robert B. Nichols, are now functioning. Rep. Margaret Lewis, who has been working for the activation of this commission, stated that the commission was created by Act 266. in 1958, which was submitted to the legislature by the late Rep. John Lewis. Mrs. Lewis said the purpose of the commission is to regulate and develop the game and fish preserve and create a better recreational area for sportsmen on Old River. She added that the commission is unaporopriated and will work with the Wildlife and Fisheries Department and the parish police 1ury. Members of the commission are Bill Gill, DeRidder, president; Jewel Shaw, DeRidder, secretary; L. H. Haroer Sr . DeRidder, treasurer and Jimmy Smith and T. E. Chocran, both of Merrvville. Future meetings with fish and •ntimlSsite - systems, is designed, i game wardens and other interest- when 'perfected, to intercept 18,- j ed parlies are planned to inaugu- OflO-mlle an, hour warheads at heights af400 miles or more rate a re-stocking program and other developmental activities. SO*, HOW MUCH CO IT 15 PEAR, 0UTW6 *iosreo 16 THE VtUA NOW. UNWISE ID TAX H3UR STRENGTH, YOU* UPS AT ORPHANA66 . PKTURB U50PS SfiWeTHINfi tlKE A 8USTEO 1HBfH. SAO AIL .. DAY. WHY? WHAT'S M KEEPS BEETLE BAILEY OH?HOW COME? OF NO FURTHER USE TO CRISPIN/ 1 WHERE DOVOU THINK YOtt'Re GOING? TO THE AIRPORT... SAY GOOD-ere TO GERALD. I AM SORT Of RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM... CRISPIN SAID HE'PTRy TO (SET TO THE AIRPORT ay,.. ALL RIGHT, SET IN/..; BUT DON'T SAY OHt WOHO ON THE WAY/ ON STAGE OKAV-LETS WIND THIS CASE UP. STOREKEEPERS NEPHEW IS ON A SLAB IN THE MORGUE." AUNTIE AND HONEST JOHN, THE STOREKEEPER, ARE IN THE EXAMINING ROOM THE CUSTODIAN'S MEN ARE COUNTING AND SORTING THE BRUSH'S MONEY. DICK TRACY AFTER THAT BROMX CHEER, I'LL GREAT , SCOTT! HE'S ALIVE, BUT HE'LL BE MIQHTY SORE! IT'S ELWOOD TRYING TO WALK THE H1QH WIRE/ COME DOWMf NOW HE LL MAKE UP WITH ORPHAN ANNIE PYOQ'LLHAVETOPLACE THE DOCTOR ELSEWHERE/ WE'LL NEED 7HI5 TABLE FOR MISS POOLE'S PARTY/ WHEN I PHONED FOR THE RESERVATION, I ASKED FOR THIS TA6CE/ WE'VE MADE A MISTAKE. DOCTOR/DO YOU MIND IF WE MOVE YOU TO ANOTHER TABLE? THI5 15 RESERVED FOR ANOTHER PARTY/ JUST FINE, LOUIS/ WILL.THIS BE ALL RIGHT, DR. MORGAN? REX MORGAN, M.D. F.IANP vou HAVE NOT MUCH TIME/ 5ERSEANT.' ANY CONTACT WITH THOSE MILITIA KEENFCRCE MENTS? ...•SO YOU SEC, MAJOR KOPE, YOUR SIPE HAS AN EVEN 5IG5EK 5TAKE IN THE 6O\H6 ON IN THAT MWE SHAFT HAN. THE SOVIET COMING, PUT IT'S 5LOW GO\U6 THESE FORSAKEN POONTOCK5.' i/ISHOUtPN'TBE60NE / IONS, MINPY.'... I h MISHT EVEN Be HOAE / FOR DINNER 1O- MOKROW.' (SOOP.'SOEASYON OOMEV, B HI/A BACK.' ..SO I'Vt BOOKED A SFATONTHESAME FLIGHT 1O PORTO UNDO TODAY, CHIEF.' A RUNAWAY OFTEN USES I'M POSITIVE, SGT. DRAKE.' \ PART OF HIS THE MAN YOU DESCRIBE TOOK jRfAL" NAME. 1 NO. 152 TO PORTO LINDO, , YESTERDAY/ BUT HE CALLED HIMSELF MR. 7IPTON, MAYBE.../ KERRY DRAKE AFT/WIST* favgcr. SHAPE fi» V< TECHNICIANS YOUR. HA BM0 TRAINING SAT., AUGUST 2? f T962, lafct Orcrte Afttffea*Nit Reds Give Castro Defense Supplies §y LEWIS CttlCK j available on the dollar »aJw> of WASHINGTON (AP) -U.S. of- ;thc *«**»> assistance. 0- ft ficiafs are watching the r,;w the new deliveries to Coba «era Soviet arms shipments to Cuba described as worth only a fra^.on with interest but something less O f tn ^ more than $500 million than alarm. . h f Rd arms sent to |n . Chief reason for their attitude: The Russian aid appears aimed dotiesia. at building up Prime Minister Fi- A State Department whitr .»• del Castro's defenses. .»t his per last January calculated .ted ability to strike out at his neigh- mi ijt ary a j<j to Castro at $»> ul- ,?'„ „. . , , j v -j li°n to $100 million, including U.S. officials reported Friday that eight Russian cargo vessels 'major weapons ranging trom recently docked at Cuban ports tanks to & aircraft and madron with military equipment and a ; guns. The number of bloc military dozen more Soviet freighters are I technicians then in Cuba was en route. An tmspecified number' ' iste d as 300. of additional Soviet ships were Why is the Kremlin now send- said to have brought an estimated! in 8 an °ther flood of military as- 3,000 to 5,000 Communist bloc' ^stance to Cuba? technicians. American officials speculate the The military cargoes reportedly; renewed help stems from a Krem- included communications vans,; 1 '" decision that the Castro e- radar vans, trucks, mobile gen- gime can be trusted to pursue erator units and perhaps antiair- Communist aims, that Russia can craft 'surface to air) missile of "°w become more fully involved the Nike type, which Moscow has' with Cuba and that, large sca'e furnished to Indonesia and Iraq, assistance is needed to prop up More than half the technicians the Havana government, whi K appeared to be military special- has severe economic and other ists, said the officials, but they problems at home, i estimated the number would he From Castro's standpoint, it •reasonable for as5embling the was theorized that the Rus?'-n weapons and training the Cubans aid is welcome as a strengthening how to use them. of his force at home and a dem- They also reported no evidence onstration to the hemisphere of of Soviet or other Communist bloc the might of his Communist allv. combat troops, surface to surface U.S. officials do not regard (offensive) rockets, atomic war- Castro's problems at home as heads or Communist C h i n e i e severe enough to topple him now. technicians. * Nor do they seem particularly For these and other reasons, worried about the prospect of his the U.S. authorities concluded strengthened defenses, that much of the Soviet arms aid There is some Washington con- will go into beefing up Castro's; cern. however, over the possibil* coastal and air defenses but his ; ity that trigger-happy Castro limited offensive capability will i forces might unleash missile* at not be significantly improved, j a U.S. plane straying over Cuban No estimate was immediately j territory. Space Race Panic Said Uncalled For By GEOFFREY GOULD leading, and that European scientists he has talked to tell him the WASHINGTON (AP) — The same thjng chairman of the House Space He ^^^1 to the broad diver- Committee today measured Rus-: sily of American space experi- I sia's orbiting of twin cosmonauts ments in [ields the R uss j ans have against U.S. space achievements ; not toucned sucn as t he Tiros : and concluded there is no reason weatner satellite that sends back panic. i photos of hurricanes, the Telstar "I don't think they showed a;communications satellite and lot of this flight," Rep. George navigational satellites. P. Miller, D-Calif., said in an in-; i n the military field, there are terview. Russia's big accomplish- the Polaris submarines. "We ment was putting the two men in, haven't been lulled too much," he orbit and brinping them close to- said. igether, he said. He mentioned boasts of Soviet "They're well ahead in that re- Premier Khrushchev about mis- spect. But we can meet that in a siles and superbombs. "The old couple of years. We'll be ahead! guy can rattle swords," Miller when Titan III is ready," he said, "but we have a few tricks added. : in the box." Miller disclaims any special; He said that when Russia does knowledge of astronautics. But something spectacular in space his committee authorizes the' the American public tends to for- money each year for the National get the major breakthroughs in Aeronautics and Space Adminis- weather forecasting, communica- tration, which runs the U.S. space tions and other fields "that make program. j a real contribution to the world. As chairman, he is kept well in-! "it's like the politician's night- formed by the men in government mare," he said. "The fellow who who know most about the U.S.-; comes to you and says, 'I know Russian space race, and sees no-you got me a job last month and need for any radical change in the, you got my brother-in-law a job U.S. space program. ' last year, but what have you done The prime contract for the $500- for me lately'?" million Titan III, a combination solid and liquid fueled booster,' was awarded just the other day. It is slated to go into operation in late 1964 or early 19fi5. Of Russia's double orbit, Miller; said, "It was pretty tricky, and they did it," But he added: "They did not show that they had a bigger booster than before, orado Southern Baptist Execeutiva The vehicles were about the same has written Sen. Wayne Mia-ae, size as their earlier ships. The D-Ore., objecting to pub! -rt orbits weren't any higher than photographs of President a i d previous ones." j Mrs. Kennedy in swim attiiv "There's no place for compla-'; "From the pictures appearing cency," he said, "but we haven't! in the daily press," the Rev. panicked." ! Willis J. Ray wrote, "it appears If a crash program were nee- j that all decorum, dignity and <le- essary to catch up, he said, it. cency has been thrown overboard would have been started, "But I by our President and the First don't see what we would gain. It Lady." takes time to develop these! Dr. Ray, executive secretary- things. You can't go in and buy treasurer of the Colorado Baptist this hardware off a shelf." General Convention, referred n In purely scientific aspects of his letter dated Thursday, to space exploration, Miller said he photographs of Mrs. Kennedy n is convinced the United States is a bathing suit on the beach at • Conca Dei M'lrini, Italy, and t'ne • President in swimming trunks in the ocean off Santa Monica, Calif. "The garb Mrs. Kennedy has on does not reveal that of a ""'rst : Lady of our great U.S.," Dr. Ray i added. "We believe she slw'd honor the position to which .he public has elected her husband.!*. Dr. Ray's letter was published today in the Rocky Mountain News. Denver morning news- First Family Sw/m Suits Draw Protest DENVER, Colo. <APi-A Col- Texas Retail Sales Decline During July Senator Morse, Dr. wrote "that "I don't know whether you, the U.S. Senate, the Court, or anyone anything about it." AUSTIN 'AP' - The Bureau of Business Research at the University of Texas said • Saturday that retail sales dropped 3.8 per cent in Texas during July. R . The bureau said decreases were ^ recorded in both durable and nondurable goods. The decline in durable goods sales was the first S1 The bureau predicted that to ' MOtiey MeOSUfe tal retail sales this year will be $110 billion, of which $4.4 billion are sales of durable goods. Reversing the trend, the bureau i Senate was expected to act said retail sales increased six on an Agriculture Departnv per cent in Abilene, 17 in Browns- propriations bill providing ville, four at Waco and two >er $6 billion of new funds, cent in the Rio Grande Valley. Democratic Leader Mik< lans* Dallas retail sales dropped four field of Montana said he ,voi44 per cent. Fort Worth two, Hous- ask the Senate to get the ,<r co- ton four, San Antonio four and priation measure out of the .ay Port Arthur, one per cent, today before beginning debaU u\ Nationally, retail sales increased President Kennedy's controversial two per cent in July. ilax revision bill. Goes to Senate WASHINGTON (AP) - The '••y 'P* .i-ly

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