Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on March 20, 1942 · Page 4
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 4

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 20, 1942
Page 4
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THE MORNING AYAUNCHE 1942 Dial 4343 For The Avo(onche-Journ*t Offico [Great Britain Appoints Australian To Be Minister Of State In Middle East lirst Dominion Statesman Ever lafeh Into Inner Fold Is Named . -LONDON, March 19. (ff>—Brit-y ain's government took a dominion statesman into its inner fold today, for the first time in history, appointing Australia's Richard G. Casey to be minister of state in the Middle-East for the war cabinet. The handsome and vigorous Son Of Local Chinese Cafe Man Said Safe "Safe in Macao." That terse communication brought welcome news to Tom Shek Nom, Chinese operator of Casey now is Australia minister the S ji ver Grill cafe, Thursday. The news was contained in a telegram from his 12-year-old son, Tom Kuo Cau, and left the impres-* sion that the boy presumably is with his mother at Macao, a Portuguese pert. They formerly were at Hongkong. Macao is about 60 miles from the fallen British bas- to Washington. The appointment, announced in the House of Commons by Prime Minister Churchill, was interpreted in some quarters as an effort to re-tie the bonds between Australia and the motherland at a moment when the dominion seems to be pulling away towards the United States. Authorized British quarters said full concurrence of Australian Prime Minister John Curtin had been received before the appointment was suggested to Casey. Personal Proposal However, a Reuter dispatch from Canberra quoted Curtin as saying he had first told Casey that "having regard for all circumstances, it was the wish of the commowealth government not to make any change in the Australian representation in Washington as matters stand. Curtain added: "It was made clear that this was our wish and not our instruction," that it was "initimated to me that the proposal was entirely personal" and that he had therefore cabled Casey "The decision was one entirely between Mr. Churchill and himself." Casey replaces Oliver Lyttelton and will have headquarters at Cairo. Lyttelton recently was made minister of war production. Henry Methvin Paroled By Oklahoma Governor OKLAHOMA CITY, March 19. (#>)—Henry Methvin, dapper gunman who betrayed the notorious outlaw duo of Clyde Barrow and cigar-smoking Bonnie Parker to their deaths in Louisiana for a Texas pardon, was paroled today by Governor Leon C. Phillips. .Methvin, once condemned to die in Oklahoma_'s electric chair, •was serving a life term for the murder of Cal Campbell, a Commerce, Okla., police officer. Campbell was slain when he attempted to question Methvin, Barrow and Bonnie Parker as the trio sat in a parked automobile near Commerce April 6, 1934. He was lion. The Lubbock man, who expressed the opinion that his family was safe as long as the Portuguese remain out of the war, was informed that he might communicate with his son in care o Hipwoh Middleschool at Macao in care of Mokkink,. the schoo principal. Evacuation Of Japs To Start (By The Associated Prcssl SAN FRANCISCO, March 19— Mass evacuation of all Japanese from military zone No. 1 starts early next week with a contingent of 1,000 volunteers from Los Angeles area, and the Army made t clear today that it wants the 2.00-mile-long strategic strip o£ oastline cleared with the least iossible delay. Lieut.-General J. L. De Witt, lead of the western ^defense command, urged other Japanese to fol- ow the example of the Los Angles volunteers, saying: Cooperation Is Urged "I desire to make it unmistake- ably clear that evacuation will be continued with or without such cooperation. With such cooperation, those affected will find their situation much less difficult" The Los Angeles volunteers are ;he first evacuation group announced by the Army," although voluntary exodus has been reported gaining momentum. They will help establish homes, agricultural work, schools, churches, a 150- bed hospital, recreational facilities and generally pioneer a reception center at Manzanar, 40 miles south of Bishop in the Owens valley .of London Paper Gets Warning i By The Cnitcd Pie ss> LONDON, March 19— An official spokesman said today that the government had warned thu London Daily Mirror that it would be suppressed "if it continued to publish irresponsible matter calculated to foment opposition to the successful prosecution of the war." He said the newspaper, a -tabloid morning .paper, had received its warning in connection with a cartoon showin it published recently, a group of seamen and Royal Air .Force men under the caption: "The price of petrol (gasoline) has been raised one penny." Refers To Editorial Referring to an editorial in the same issue, he said: "Reasonable criticism is one th: g but general violent denunciation, tending to undermine the Army and depress the whole popu- Dr. Kramer Speaker At Kiwanis Luncheon Dr. James W, Kramer, Denver, Colo., Baptist evangelist and who was present at the organization of Rotary International, spoke Thursday noon at a Kiwanis club lunch- f:bn in Lubbock hotel. Dr. Carl E. Hereford, in whose church the minister is holding a pre-Easter revival, was program chairman.. President O. J. Sexton presided and following the meeting, directors met and voted on two applications for membership. Jesse James o£ Austin, state treasurer, a former Lubbock school student in l9'21-25, spoke briefly. Dr. Kramer discussed the function of service clubs in the civic life of a community. He said he had been present at the formation of Rotary International and was the first chaplain of that body. Service clubs spread the gospel of friendship and the gospel of service, he said, illustrating his points with stories ot incidents the speaker and by Chairman Hereford, to attend a patriotic mass meeting Sunday afternoon in First Baptist church, at 2:30 o'clock. Diamond miner, in South Africa were opened in 1C36. They produce about 95 per cent of the world's total output. Old army buses will be used for public transport in Britain. CUHVESOME CATCH—Izaak Walton probably would have done more fishing and less writing about it had he drawn in his net with this lovely haul. Delightful Donna Reed, pride of Denison, la., now makes movie lots lots more interesting. sentenced to death but was granted a commutation by the late Gov. E. W. Marland. Methvin was serving a 10-year sentence for theft and assault in Texas 'when he was freed by Bar row during a break that cost th life of a prison guard. Later he aided officers in set ting a trap for his outlaw friend and for that was granted a pardon by then Gov. Miriam "Ma" Fergu son of Texas. Corsicana Firm Loses Heavily From Fire CORSICANA, March 19. Damage running into thousands of dollars resulted this afternoon from a fire that raged through the pattern warehouse of the Oil City Iron Works. The blaze was believed to have started from sparks from other units of the plant. William Clarkson, president of | the firm, said the warehouse conj tained an accumulation from the -..„ group were among 13 men P ast 40 or j° yf a « and the exact in all, making the trip. Three men ;' alue could not be figured, since Fourteen Leave To Take Examinations For Navy Regiment Fourteen men who seek rated positions in the U. S. naval reserve construction regiment, left Thursday night for Dallas to take a fin- 'al physical examination today, J. E. Galloway, recruiting officer, lation, is quite another thing. "The cartoon in question was a particularly evil example of the newspaper's policy, intent on exploiting an appetite for sensation. "With reckless indifference to the national interest it has repeatedly published scurrilous misrepresentations and distorted, exaggerated statements." If the newspaper were suppressed, it would be the first since the Communist London Daily Worker, was closed down - 13 months ago. that came under his personal observation. ' Kiwanians were invited, both by Federal hall in New York where the first congress -assembled, was built in 1699. It was torn down in 1836 and a sub-treasury building was -erected on the site. EVERY BOTTLE OF Flash "O CONTAINS FULL 100 LBS. OF PURE PROPANE southeastern California, east of the rugged Sierra Nevada. There the Japanese will live in prefabricated houses with community kitchens and community baths and probably engage chiefly in agricultural work. The camp eventually will accommodate 10,000 evacuees. Daily average rate of petroleum production for November 1941 amounted to 4,336,850 barrels, an all-time high record. COULDN'T EAT OR SLEEP WAS RUN DOWN AND AN AWFUL CONDITION were from Lubbock, three from Amherst and two from Brownfield, seeking places in the construction work. They will engage in building of navy yards and structures for war service. Two apprentice seaman candidates were, Lum Odas and Earl W. Hardin, of Bro\vnfield. Elvis Leo Roberts, Brownfield, seeks a post as apprentice seaman for storekeeper and Gerald Kermit Coiier, Arnherst, as an apprentice seaman for aviation, in the naval reserve. Construction men were: Claude Thomas Pierce, Monahans, chief carpenter's mate; Joseph Monroe Brandstatt, Amherst, carpenter's mate, first class; Edgar Britt, Amherst; Gordon "Elmer Bright', 2431 ELmwood, Lubbock; Johnny Benjamin Scheffel, route 2, Lubbock; all for carpenter's mate, second class; Jack Neely Clayton, Amherst, carpenter's • mate, third class; Julius Wesley Patterson, Sweetwater and Leo Melvin Kennedy, Muleshoe, machinist's mate, first class; Leonard Gill McCluskey, Plainview, machinist's mate, second class; Ollie Frazier, O'Don- the principal damage' would be in loss of business and delays caused by having to remake the patterns. He asserted $50,000 would be only an estimate. II nell and Slater Downing Browne, shipfitter, second class; Pinkney High Dobkins, Brownfield, electrician's mate, second class; Wiley Hubert Brown, Brownfield, first class; William Alfred Williams, 1008 Avenue N, Lubbock, ship's cook, second class. AIRPLANE SERVICE . We do sll kinds ol repair service on all types of Aircraft Our staff consists of 6 mechanics, and 10 Commercial pilots to teach you to fly We have New and Used Airplanes for sale CLENTBREEDLOVE AERIAL SERVICE Govl Approved Advanced School Municipal Airport. Dial 2-9980 • In NR (Nature's Remedy) Tablets, there are no chemicals. <io minerals, no phenol derivatives. NR Tablets are different— act different Purely tegetable-^a combi- nation of 10 vegetable ingredients formulated over 50 years ago. Uncoated or candy coated, their action is dependable,.thorough, yet gentle, as millions of NR's have proved. Get a 1W Convincer Box. Larger economy sizes, too. Tbur... Baker-Fleming 3206 AVENUE H. LUBBOCK, TEXAS Hoyt's Compound Gave Me More Relief Than All Other Kinds of Medicine, Says This Well-Known Lubbock Lady. ' . . Among the most recent to praise Hoyt's 'Compound is Mrs. J. W. j Brury, Route No. 6, Lubbock, | Texas, who states: "I have been bothered with gas pains arid indigestion for the past 15 years and really, I got into an awful condition. I could not eat sweets of any kind and would get so tired of not being able to eat as I wished. These gas pains and indigestion, broke my sleep to such an extent that I became run-down. . "I have taken two bottles of Hoyt's Compound and find that those gas pains and indigestion have gone. I am more able to sleep due to a relaxed condition, and relief from nervous indigestion. I have taken many different kinds of medicine for a great many years and find that Hoyt's Com- DR. E. D. THOMPSON OSTEOP.VTHIC PHYSICIAN-SURGEON ANNOUNCES THE OPENING OF DR. R. P. REEDS OFFICES SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO HECTAL AND PROSTATE DISEASES — COLONIC IRRIGATIONS Phone 7391 301 & 309 Myrict Bldg. MHS. J. W. DRURY than pound gives me more relief all others." 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