The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 19, 1948 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, July 19, 1948
Page 10
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rr***rlek. 51*.. M»M4ar, July II, 1941 Thurmond And Wright Named Three Hurt In Accidents Designers Present American Silhouette ,' Ala., July 18 f)-- i Thr*« persons were seriously Dixie Democrats hope to j hurt in two accidents Sunday in party machinery to de- this area. A truckload of beer up- femt Mr. Tiumaa in the solid South | set Saturday evening and was i* November because of his stand almost totally demchshexj. on racial issuer. Citv police reported the heaviest ·That w« tee method used in , Saturday night traffic in history before h i s aoou^uon in t * , n.- B r l d l e t o « n . » nonal party convention m Phite- · n fair condUiOR 3 . Frederlek aelpaia. Memorial Hospital \s:th a frsc- The two Southerners comtnated ' ture1 ; eft , cg ar _ d grm and a 5CV . -- Gov. J. Strom Thurmond of ; ere j y lacerated foot that «a\ h a \ c South Carolina for President and ; ·,, j^ amputated. Mississippi Gov. Fielding Wright , Caf Hiu C u , l c r t for Vice President-- made no eon- ' crete promises of any direct cam- Their acceptance speeches yes- : teroay did not hint at campaign strategy. Opposes Civil Rifhls In jnany Southern States electors are named at State conventions. Backers of the Thurrnond-Wnght ticket say they wi!! make determined bids in these States for the regular party electors. Whatever strategy is used. Southern nominees will run on a platform which :-pec:fically op- pases a civil rights program. Speeches attacking anti-segregation proposals drew the greatest cheers as the meeting. Former Gov Frank M Dixon John V. Murphy and Bums, both of Ba:t.zr:ore, arc a at the hosp::aS with icr.ous ran off Alternate Koute 40 bout t o clock Suivas} mor::rjg h.t a cu xert and turned oxer 1:1 Rock Creek Murphy suffeicc a probable skul: fracture, bead lacejatior.^ and a punctured exe His condition was termed fair at noon Burns has a badly lacerated Jsp and :urnerou« cuts and bruise; about the face and body. His condition v. ji '.ermed satisfactory Howard J Jennings 16 Burkittsville. who x\ as i:dmg sander-i on Burtner's motorcvcle. escaped serious iniurv v.hen thi» "i-irhin. a truck head-on ubout two miles of Alabama devoted major attention i aonh o{ Burkl5 , sv ., |e on , he , io the segregation issue ,n his key- y ,, roa(J ^ 3Q . , . note aodress Nearly every other speaker of the day brought the overflow crowd to its feet yelling and waving fiags. with attacks on segregation proposals } One ..icmber of the States rights command, who would not permit use of his name, said the Thurmond-Wright ticket would have the backing of Democratic electors in Alabama. Mis^i^sipp.. Fiorida. and South Carolina. These States this informant said. could be won by the insurgent Southerners without z test by bal- . lot against the Truman-Barkley regular party slate. This could be done through State party conven- k Sunday afternoon Jennings was thrown off the machine before hit the true!:. He wa-. treated at the hospital for knee abraMons and discharged Drix-er Anparenllr Aslern State Troopers Melr:» Snyder and J. H. Rouiee. xvho are continuing their investigation of the motorcycle-truck co!!: i«,n. said ;ne motorcycle hit n truik uunvd , operated by C!~y Rid-:ird Ah;ilt. 25. Middle'oxxn xvho had purchased the truck new on Satuidav No charges had been preferred Sunday night pending outcome of Burzner's injuries tions or bv direction in some States ; ?TM* i rooper W l!liain M«««*ner of toe Democratic executive com- sa ' d B " rns w f* »?Pa«ntly as eep mittee. He said several others i **en hi, car h,t tne culvert along -probablv can be carried the am* *»«"·»' Routc 40 '. Both *"TM ^." ,,,» KA nof ^ a rr^ thrm : and Murphy were not in condition ivay'* but did not name them. Mav Go On Ballot In the border States, he said, the I them | for questioning, he said. The car badly xx-rccked Southern ticket probably will be j "***£* * « h « accident at Brad- placed in a test of voting strength. douc . kuHc ' gh ;f Sat « rda ' exenmg :n In these States, this leader de- | which l . hc , becr $ruck upset _ were clared. the States righters xvil! be j n o t available. An investigation ss trving to win for themselves. ' *"** continued by State Trooper K thev can't ^vin. thev xvon't be Arthur Ru ^v Hundreds of hot- · unhappy if they get enough votes | ««* of ocer were .scattered along , away from Mr. Truman to give }"»«, highxvay and most of these States to the Republican ' nominee. Gov. Thomas E Dewey of Is"exx- York . Arkansas Gov. Ben T. Laney. « 1 T» r "l xvho had been rumored as the pos- J Approved By Board s:ble Presidential choice of t h e ' j Southern Democrats, said the entire i J civil rights campaign henceforth ' should be handled "through Demo- 1 cratic organizations in each I broken. Architect's Appro%faJ to architect's drawings , of the anticipated new ' in Carroll county was K' ven at the Jul - v meeting of the ' | Boar{i o£ Education Westminste- i lse ' ' Heavy Rain Falls Here ] east of Liberty town x\ as reported stunned by a bolt of lightning but] : ] the report was unconfirmed. I j | Residents along the western and; i eastern fringes of the county re-i 1 ported no storm and little rain. Thej ' An electrical storm bwept through weather observer here measureoj . the center of Frederick county 90 of an inch, moit of xxhich fell] from north to iouth shortly after " about fifteen minutes. J ; - o'clock Saturday evening bring- T^ b«avy rainfall broughtf temporary relief from the 90-cegre ^.t, cear'x an inch of rainfall. ! Most iectjons reported heavy temperature and high humidity rainfall xvith little damage Po- Saturday. The mercury raced oac-- to 89 degrees on Sunday toraac Edison Company mainten- ' aace crexx s reported several trarts- - formers out but serx-ice xvas quickly restored Corn fields \vere \xaihed ccn- siderably through the center of the county and several ^inall humidity tiiga agsln. AWARDED CEETIF CATE Sgt James L. Hopxvood. son Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Wright and husband of Mrs. Agaes C Hop ^ wood, xvho reside at Doubs. has! 1 streams xxent out of bank quickly, beea awarded the Joint Task Force-* flooding roads at sex-era! points. 'Cattle Stunned Seven Certificate of Achievement! for his outstanding performance^ I No fires v.ere reported except O f duty in connection xvith the test-f in Frederick, xvhere lightning burn- ng of atomic xveapons at i-ni\\etok| ed a motor irj a refrigerator at 602 proving ground !t v.-as ar.-ounce^*" Magnolia avenue. A herd of cattle by the Army Air Force. Do you suffer distress from ! FEMALE WEAKN With Its Nervous, Htghstrung Feelings? Are "JOTJ. troubled br distress ol ie- inaSe tuncilosa! mentis!;.- disturbances' Does iz maie von iff I so rterioM. cranky, restless, weak, a bit rcocdy--ai sues times' Tisers zo iry LydiA H. P:n^i2i="s Vegetable Compound to rpl'.eve suca syn:p- toKs: Y/cffica by the thoixsands iais reported reElartable benefits. Plnkha.Tj's Compound Is wha; Doctors cai! jMrrlce scd^Uve. I- Ii,,x,s 2 grand £QGi«i£^£ e~sc* 02 o--' o£ "A Oman's SIGS* i^iport^ni pousd helps build up re; ccensirrs* I^'SALSO ; ionic: * Monthly Female Pains Plnfcharr-'s CocsDui.d Is rtry -.if io relieve crarsios. htadacbe. -- -arhea rtue to icmale Itisc- liilr eS!s;urSarices. VEGETABLE COMPOUND' !' ---------Ar Xcwsfeatures THE L - s LOOK . .., Fall style-; previewed in New York prom- 3oy '« American \\omen. The exaggerated lines of the "nev. _ . . . . . . , i 1 f o ' *-' v * i " vt - *--«ui_«w**ni. * * vaktMiii^bt.., - - - - - - · - - - - n~ ~ -He also said. it is not too late recen j v President Clvde Hesson ! look" have disappeared, and instead top designers are showing io ax-oid permanent division of j pres ; dci Dr Thomas G Pu'.Ien. ' slim skirts for daytime and con ervatsve. wearable garments plan- our people. _ ^ j Jr.. State Superintendent o f ' ned by and for Americans. Txpsco! of the new mode are- Jo Cope- Tne statement indicated disagree- schools, was a guest. j land's Scotch tweed suit in red and gray, with red velveteen col- mer.t with some of the policies .j^ f o n o w £ n g resignations were lar: Claire McCardell's quilted xvoii plaid after-ski pants. Maurice adopted at the States rights gather-i rece j ve( j and acce p ;e } f r O m mem-i Rentner'.s iomant:c exenuig g r o » » n of sheer green lame veiled in ing. Governor Laney did not a t p bers of t h e teaching force- Mrs. i ; black chifTon; Clare Potter's country outfit of green sweater and worsted jersey skirt with natch: ng collar and beret: Brownie's tanager red costume suit with saal peplum and slim skirt, Adele Simpson's " Swashbuckler" buit in smooth gray velours: Tina Leser's coachman coat in green and rust indescsnt \\ea\e v. ool. Anthony Blotta's fabulous evening suit in sray satin embroidered all over in rhmestones: Ben Reig's gray v.-ool greatcoat \\ith black Persian collar, buttons and slash pockets. Xettie Kosenstein's cocoa v.-ool suit with mink trim tend the sessions at the auditorium i p au j{ ne Jensen. Sx-kcsville: Elmer t Morgan. Queen Anne, Hood Col- [ kuo\\ n landmark there since short- j ears they have been unused and i ing and filling operations. Mr. Ke- but was in several committee meet-| j ensen _ Svkesville: Mrs Mary ' e S e - !y after the turn of the century. | only a breeding place for ir.osqui- I fauver is having a-swimming pool | ings. iJane Fogelsanger Martin. Xew , The secretary was authori/ed to The ponds, built by the late Mar-! toes. In connection v.\lh the level-1 constructed in the :ear of his home.. 4-H FAIR AT TANEYTOWX The 480 4-H boys and girls of Carroll county are looking forward to the second annual 4-H Club Fair ·which -will be held on Wednesday. July 28. at the County Fair Grounds j near Taneytown. *· ogelsanger _ _ j Windsor: Miss Mildred Pittenger. "advertise for bids for the construe- tin j Unioatown: Miss Norma Bretall. t:on of a consolidated colored HOT Kefauver. when he e there, vere the had his , breeding [ places for hundreds of thousands cf goldiish shipped by Mr. Kefaux'er. j via tne old Fiedeuck-Middletov. n ; ! Westminster. and Mrs. Aileen school at Westminster Barnhart. Winfield. i ------ --·--- The appointment of a number of j BUILDING S.WIMM1XC POOL teachers for the coming \ear was! J^oah Echtard Kefauxc-r. .1: . x\ho . ro llry line, to points all over t h e ' .approved. Placement of these | resides at "The Fountain." about a c o u n trv and ex en abroad Of late : j teachers xvill be made later alone ; mile cast of Miadletoxxn. on V. S i xvith the regular list of teachers, Route 40. hss had bulldozers at .^i^^IZ^^^^^l^^ZZzr^^^lL! The red-shafted woodpecker, or ! for the county schools The a p - , work during the pa.! week leveling icker. is considered a came bird i poinlments include: Miss 3' flicker, in some States. Martha ofl the land to the rear n'id cr.^t of sections of the United , Crum. Liberty. Frederick county. J his home and filling in the old cfici- I Peabody Conservatory; Miss Eloise |fish ponds x\-h:ch have been a x\cil- NEWLY ORGANIZED FXANKIE SHAUM AND HIS *PIECE DANCE ORCHESTRA Open for ill Social RATES REASONABLE For Reservations Call: FRANCIS E. SHAUM, Jr. 12 Middle Street TANEYTOWX, 19-W or 54-R 10DI ll\ PHARHIAfY Successor To Pcarre's Drug Store Drug Prescription Service TELEPHONE 208 E L E C T R I C A L W I R I N G Residential. Commercial and Industrial FIXTURES OF ALI, TYPES AND REPAIR ttORK HARRY TINNEY 12 Hamilton A\c. rhone 16D1 OAK or SUMAC Science has discovered an excellent new treatment for ivy, oak and sumac poisoning. It's gentle and safe, dries up the blisters in a surprisingly shorl time--often within 24 hours. At druggists. 59o. A-sk for IVY-DRY HOW! K N O W T H E R E S U L T S IEFORE YOUR PERMANENT THE DELUXE WAVE THATS Sprayed INTO YOUR HAIR! Mr. Thomas will srive an Ama7- Injc Off-the-Heafl Test Carl metkod that enablrs yon ;o "Try Before Ton Bny." This Test Cnrl pre-determines exactiy botr lone the Circlette Cnrline Lotion ihoald he sprayed your Kair, to prodnct the exact wave TOO want, and where von wart it. It is xhe fastest Waving Pro- rest, averaffinj five or six min- ates cnrling time. FOR APPOIN'TMEXT 1*HOXC S*9 BLUE GREY Beauty Shop 10« West Patrick Street AlR-CO.VDITIOXtD llS,WSi»APl!,RflRCHIVE®»-.. Why wonder where you can get the money to buy a new car. See us to arrange for a loan for two-thirds of the purchase price on an easy monthly payment plan. Low in-" terest rates. (-armgrs-Mocfianics National Bank vtcdex c su^'De^4ttDxAaA4#c£ FREDERICK, MD. Cool Cotton SLEEPWEAR from Bennett'; There's nothing prettier, or more practical for summer sleep\vare than cotton crepe-launders beautifully, requires no ironing-moderate in price, too! COTTON" CREPE GOWNS, .n neat f.oral deslgr.- o.. pink. b:ue cr v.h.:e bsc"-.;..^-cN v. .'.'r. either bread «"".o-j:er straps, or cap s'cex c-= .~ * cs ?-i to -0 at ?5 iD. Sohd colors a'^o. :r. lar^jr f.;c= 4J to ~5 at ?3.S?. COTTON CREPE PA.TAM \S n f.ornl patterns on p.nk or b'.ue grour.ds ar.d .-O..Q c^". )··? :rs a!' sires 34 to -0 at So 9S. FEATHERWEIGHT COTTON BATISTE .s the c-ole»t fab- r - c you can get for cc-.vr.s er pajamas--a"d o-j~ ba'i^tc pa;ar^as ?r.d co--.r. ·'..;! :r^rsre jou \\.th tnc.r oeautj. and iov." cc--t Tuo p:ece bat-s'e paj?~as v;ih p - ~' arc; b'ae fo'.ic-s on bacxcrr^»~u. .", ?:~es 34 to 40 *re S3.9S. Ba*i«: - c cov "^ :-. *"~r?I c\^ "r-^ t;;es 34 to 40 are SC.50-- extra sizes 1- to 46 a:c ?.7 ?s. \vnr.RE sHorriN'G is \LVTAYS ENJOYABLE--VLWAYS COMFORTABLY AIR-CONDITIONED WfMMM^W'MW^^^t^Mf^s^^/^ . · It's true prices aren't coming down -- but quality is going up -- Bennett's for Men -- and our custor.ier? -- know that Manhattan always has been a good shirt, bat ~«e have just received a shipment of Y. hires that far surpasses anything since before the \v^r. The IManhattanized collars always stay stiff v. ith- out starching: the pearl buttons are put in at exactly the right place: they are sized perfectly for perfect fit at neck, sleeve and body: and the Springrr.aid Broadcloth is the whitest white we've ever seen. M.95 Sizes 14H to IT'/, ervrvefrj 1 COMFORTABLY AIR-CONDITIONED E WSPAF£k

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