The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 3, 1948 · Page 4
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 4

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 3, 1948
Page 4
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?AGE FOUB CLASSIFIED ADS Charge Accounts: 15 Cents Per Line for Each Insertion. Special Discount for Cash-with-Ordcr Minimum Advertisement Accepted--TWO Lii THE DAILY REGISTER, HARKISBURG. ILL., TUESDAY. K K P . U U A U Y 8. ,., **,*^^ma^^~~--**^^~~** i ~^~~* u* e r Ifmo Lines (1) Notices (1) Notices (continued) (4) For Sale (Continued) 11947 NASH NOTICE OF LETTING 1940 Nash 4-door sedan o£ fifty years, two months eighteen 'days. The family came to Illinois when Laura, Jean was a small child. "' * ; . On June 3, 1914, she was united in marriage to Charlie Hartley of Carrier Mills, Illinois. (5) Wanted Sdiork Tells of n i f l I M Wedding in African Sudan John Schork, HTHS vocal music Funeral Services Wednesday for Mrs. J. H. Basinger The funeral of Mr* )Ua Iid *»- who dic'.l Monday at TO BUY: BABY CALF. ABOUT 4-wecks old, beef type preferred. Godard's Farm Market. 1824 in the construction of Section 2 Galatia Twp. County Saline and at that time publicly opened and read. (2) Proposals shall be submitted on forms furnished by the County which may be obtained at f \ \j\J\\i\^^ » l l » S r * » *"« w " ~r** ». -- ·--'--- · To this union was born lour j {hc 0 ££j cc O f County Supt. of High children. Janet of Washington. D. j an(1 shall bc enclosed in an C.; Harold of Siloam Springs, Ark- cn v e j ope endorsed "Material Pro- ansas; George Edward, who prc- j possli Scct i 0 n 2 Galatia- Twp." ceded her in death, and Charles,, Th(J ri ht is reserve d to re- Jr., of Oakland, California. !. ^ ' and all pr 0 p OSa ls and to She professed hope in Christ at I waivc " technicalities. Proposal the age of 24 and later united | g uara ntee will be required. A sure- with the Dorrisville Baptist church. !£ v bond for the full amount of She lived a faithful, consistent j tne aw ard will be required. Christian life taking an active part, or(Jer o£ Board of Supervis- jn church work until her heallli ,,,, * nf Sn i; no Co. C*NARIES--PUREBRED GREEN Gvpsy Rollers. Closed bands, registration papers on all birds. Pearl Finnic, Equality. 18 -'^ VIOLIN. 27 1-2 WEST POPLAR. TO BUY 50 SINGLE ACTION discs, 12, 15, 18, or 21-ft. John Deere, I. H. C.. Roderick Lean, new type David Bradley, Masscy Harris" or Minneapolis ^ Molinc. Write G.- R. Borg, B."__ Pho. 38F4. . -,*170-24 K J. EDWARD MURK I'nitnl 1'rcss Staff Corves and. The city, of considerable size. uv:i; Darnell will officiate service and burial will bc m S '· ·set Lawn. The body was taken trim the Gaskins funeral home to the family residence t«dj where it will rc"ia.n u n t i l the IA'IKI Series. On Nov. i',i;. | ( ..., she was married to J. 11. U.Mn'u' v, |io survives. ' ' ' Additional survivor:; isuhi'U- W Mcp-niol!u.'r, Mrs. Minuii* SYiK of Tlumipsonville; two sou;, \\ H zil and Steve- Uasincer, at h,,,,,,' two daughters, Dorothy aiul Sji.,1, Hasiiuicr. lit homo; five MsUts Mrs. Ruby Vauj'.hn, Mrs. No r: , () ^ teen, Mrs. Dorothy Fli-ldicr. MI", va Hodgson. Tliontpbon\)llc. Il]( j Mrs. Hertlia East ol West ! u t l ^ ] rt; two brothers, llam Si-ii- West Frankfort, ami Uev. u ar " uey Scries of Thompsoiwilli-. ;il) ,| ;: half brother and three half Mv U i s , Jim Series of Tl Mrs. Josie Morris, luneral hour. Mrs. Kasinscr had been seiious. lv ill since October 1. Shi w.s born in Franklin county ami «·«· 1ZW II1Illlw liter of the late Jim ami . Mrs. Nell Hover. Galbtin. and a step-sister. Mrs. Gl;uhs H 0 ;'. ford, Johnston City. Cholera Loss Hog cholera causes a loss of about ! million dollars each vcnr (5a) Help Wanted AMBITIOUS OPERATOR «««!- .. ,.,.., hcd ed to service Candy Bar Machines j ' ^ ;,, i became poor. She was always concerned about the soul welfare of her relatives and friends. The following poem was written by her twenty years ago. i "The Spirit of Contentment"' I was standing in the-breeze On a balmy day in Spring ors *of Saline Co. January 27, 1948. Don B. Garrison, County Clerk. 177-(2) Business Services U Y ,,. _. 0 i EXPERT RADIATOR REPAIR- When I saw flitting toward meting. New radiators are really·high a most Holy Thing. !You can save the old one byjiay ,· Ken Reynolds'vending Hersheys and otlier well ,. known bars. $345.00 cash requir- uo " ed. Every applicant will terviewed." Write, give number to Box GL, in care Daily Register. 'cist commercial 1 ;practices. . s . - !_,, *^.c,Ai. ,.r 41 An important r :p"art of the trcaiy, . T h e The condition is con · residents are largely black · ··'- he tahHd in article 24, clause 1, sec- said, and' one of the high lights .,-,, ; h »! ilics and the bride and bridegroom j ' ne 'do not see each other until after 1 . WOMAN FOR GENERAL HOUSE- j to A.MBITIOUS WOMAN WITH CAR ', Ivan Matteo Lombardo, foreign; say farew cll and make arrangc- i can earn S35 per week by devot- j office official who earned on most i ,, ltn{s t o start her new home, i in" three evenings to the'Newton l o t the negotiations for Italy, said. Bridegrooms make cash payment 'program. State age and make of ; the reference to fissionable m a i f o r a wifc he sa i ( i. no t actually i car to Box CR-3, in care of Thetterial did not necessarily m e a n , t o buy hen b ut to assure her Dailv Register. *183-1 ; that Italy has any. j £ al hcr that the bridegroom has j ei- Barham-L ly amazed j j t d · - m for a free estimate, And I wondered if it could to me i j u s i 18: bring That which I wanted more than a n '! w R E C K E R SERVICE earthly thing. j phone 69, nite phone 214R. Salim ! Motor Co., "TM»TMiot s^os »TM "Oh Spirit'of Contentment," I j "service." cried! i ---"Let me fold you closely to m y ! W A L L P A P E R CLEANING. prompt service. Phone 1029U. breas t And there let me hold you O'Spint. i Thru' this trying dav of unrest, j * (6) Employment Wanted "The more Register Want Ads Women attendants and the bride last visit with her home folks.) rute . as an uuyui i«m. *..-w. » « - - - - . - - rion ctratin2 tlieu prowess au«i *182-2j peace" after he and U. S Am bas- ; ^ n TMt nfluen ce the veiled la- 1 e sador James C. Dunn signed On t h e Opening of Your New KG HOUSE ORTH SIDE OF SQUARE 183-5 LONG OR SHORT GOOD LUMP COAL, $6 TON DE- (reward. J. I. Black. "~ i r ---livered. Tel. 1168W2. 14 9. t £i " ' Impulsively my hands were out- j MOVING - stretched -- j distance. Also coal tauling. No. | COAL AT B Y. r 31INE NO. 2 i And into-my arms jt^flew. ^ 15 ve } n i um p said, stoker coal, ^oil j (formerly Knickerbocker M i n ^ e ) j GOLD CHAIN_ .AND ^_G_ OLD i document yesterday in the foreign j "R. j office at Chigi Pab.ce. 181-3 i . visit - ng Rotarians at the: 127-tf CAR WASHING. SEE ORVAL Durfee at Saline Motor Co. 132-tl Give Contentment, O'Spirit, I sighed, · , , ,. TeL 87. The kind that our fore-fathers . knew. , There was such a yearning in my heart, On that balmy Spring day Such a longing for Contentment -in the Old Fashioned Way, When I heard a soft whisper -: and th'is is what it seemed to say. I will leave you a portion -- then BEU ^ BLE PE RSON. " OPERATE flitted away. new j c candy ba r machines vend- On Friend, I am writing this for ^He That you may catch this Spirit too. e siai .. s lluIJIWiaiclJ . For you may seek for riches -- | requ ired. Every appl ' that they might be your share, ^ bg | nterviewed . write, ____ Harrisburg Transfer - C o [,« located north edge of Carrier Mills j- BLACK - , ~ 9 T o i JDI^V^ ^i u WHITE FEMALE i [hound. Notify Wiley Fulkerson, { Inillfl I"« IU -. FlSt · «vsa, ston Herrin. (8) Found (2A) Bus. Opportunities ot icant - -, - ... . But a link will still be 3941 CHEVROLET 2-DOOR SE-j 2 KEYS IN LEATHER CASE. IN-1 Woman on Charge Of Counterfeiting meeting '.vere Otis Carter of El-t dorado. Hubert Keasler of bikes-: ton Mo., and Pat Johnson of Newton Fred Wunderlich was a guest. of D. H. Hiller. j Wm. Hopkins, local manager o f : the C. I. P. S. Co.. former presi-, dent of the Marion Rotary club, \vas introduced as a new member: ·»v ^resident Everett Stncklm. ] dan; 1939 Deluxe Ford coupe: 1939 uire at Da ilv Register. Deluxe Ford fordor: 1941 Special ^ deluxe Plymouth 4-door; 1940 Chevrolet Vi-ton panel. Saline Motor Co. 183-1 (9) Miscellaneous | EXPERT BODY AND FENDER C04L QUICK DELIVERY. TED ! work and painting. Keep that new Price ' Coal Yard. Tel. 1143R2. ilook! For free estimate contact 182 9 ! CHICAGO. Feb. 3--CE'--Seven; Q · Seek 3 182-2 men and a woman, charged by fcd-'beCSfCherS 366K D eral agents with operating the bl .S-; Yonf-hf ul BoV ScOlltS gest U. S. counterfeiting ring "». ' w w *_ 1 * 1 " _ ' . the past 14 years were indicted j Q fi Trek tO Canada by a federal grand jury today. Indictments against them charg-' TERRE HAUTE, Ind./ Feb. 3-ed that they handled a total oi-^-p, searches combed through ion* E Your new store is u boost for Harrisburg. *177-12 1 your Ford Dealer, Barham-Green. i $374.290 in counterfeit _tiills. most- 1 %v jij ow an d sycamore trees alon ," TT -- :_i ----- tu« i -- ,-t ~.««««^ 1 1.. nn'~ i n'^. -,nri ^'^ , ii FULL LINE MAYTAG AND OTH .., § 1V ? er v/asher pans. Service on alii phone and address to Box CDv. ma kes. Williams Appliance Co.,' * _ m l . . r \ -- * 1 _ « T *.r*l r-t n-r- I _mu_ v*. » ~~*1 _ · ·* M r»T tT t 1O 4-C -fin Harrisburg. the best manned |ly 20's. 10's, and 5's. At the Urnes :-!body shop in Southern Illinois. ;of their arrest, federal agents said' b -jnks of the Wabash river to- Boy Scouts W ho ran , 183-1 i the ring had played a part in dis- : av from home "to start a trek to itributing about S600.000 in phony, c ada A^M b «* «.«.«-- - I J l i L J l H J tlll^A «\A\»* w»j*j »»' -- -- I UldlVtO* · ' * * *" * H « ? »·*£· t«"«--*-·--·--· -- ~- -T i ^^ I I \w'«»* t **^ fc *" _ · ·« , t If Contentment is not there. ». f Thc Da ily Register. 615 E p op lar. Fho. 1146W. 123-tf LEAVING FOR M I C H I G A Nj money. . ; Friends of the boys said they , So lav aside your lust for gam, i m Lt - lc »ifl2-3°" P Thursday. Tel. 480. *182-3 -They were seized after one of had been p i ann i n g the trip lor ! " "· "·-·-'-·- ' - ' ! 'them gave a farmer a counte^eit, months a t Bov Scout meetings but , U 'tl f -- _ -. T"l-,«M'l-c'rtii-i«rt ^llT*«rOV ! _ · · · " 1 » _ 1 J --'*- r.* o*-f . and" invite this Spirit in. For it is waiting now to enter, and , rQR PRIVATE PARTIES OR - ' into your life Contentment bring banquets phone · County 54F11. ^ j ^ v,n The.Country Club. ' Besides her husband and cnil- dren, she is survived by her Moth- ... er Mrs. Charles McKee, Brother UH Eric and Sister Miss Anna Lee, McKee, all of West Framcfort, and 2 two grandchildren. Pamela Jean from s and Janis Kay Hartley of Siloam, ---Springs, Arkansas. "183-1 SLEEPING 103-tf BOOKKEEPING SYSTEMS, COL- umnar pads, ledger sheets, filing I COAL AT B W MINE NO. 2 bill for a equipment, filing cases, indexes, j (formerly Knickerbocker M i n e ) ' c "~-" f tU . r , 5 · , j alwavs said they Secret Service agents disclosed lhc j ournev unti i about 1950. PaUlDmeni. lUiiiK Cdaea, iijuc.-wi-j, vj.yiiiicijj iva»i^-^«-»KV-^-"V. » . » » . . » . / ~ -- - · - - --- ~- .. · im; juuint^ *"·." -- « - « - SteVraid! HirisW Printers, i located north edge oi Carrier Mills.. that Charles Hinzc farmer hvir.g .^g^j, ttlc v 1(0r ij c d thcnisclvcs , S^'vtai st. Phone H80W.J ^^;rch?cSo p 'S;e ?='d X?S£\'s£'jgSSTiSryS?^: . _^!/^*»\ i i M.I · -terfeit bill. . _ !«-,,-i,." cairi Shnriff Ira Hall. . !(10) Instruction l - . . .- . T , ,, r learlv," said Sheriff Ira Hall. C. Aretos. 4o. Jonn _G.. ^ boys all inseparable com- COAL AT B fc W 3-RM. HOUSE, N^VLY PAINT- Stoan and Webster. , vour "oxm ll the time needed. I trance named. Klikas. and Stelios Parents = ,,.-. Ralston, ,the run-aways tbld other boys they (formerly Knickerbocker M i n e ) , ROOM IN A10DERN r"6-rm"."semi-modern house, College ,every"year "demand more trained · V\?TMT' Tu "o^tiiio* 32 located north edge of Carrier MillsL,| SLEEPING ROOM a ^ MU Vi^ 2 St.. bargain, $4750.00. . mechanics. 'Our training is G. I. S^s ' . . . . . . . . . 172-12,home. -24 ^. Fopiar M. AO ^ m ^^ ^^ living room · approved and assistance given in ^^^ Kanakes 33, and Philo- would stay along the Uabash bet. nice grate, nice high obtaining part time work and liv-' ^ r ^ CC arlello 22 were charg: cause they knew highways would S7.000.QO. lint* fflfilitifts. Non-vets accented. 1, ...-.^L ^^^r, TM* watched. ^nnrr OF LETTING j PORTABLE ELECTRIC SEWING NOTICE OF LETl K'.u _ machines , b y the month. Phone Center. 183-tf ... * n ciciiiiic.3, *j* *.»i*- *»*v«»v-*» (1) Scaled proposals will oe re-1 wrUc g f n?cr Sewing ceivcd in the office of tne County , b pho 45W Clerk of Saline County until 10 [ o'clock A. M., February 9. i 3 - 18 -'^.-^ F _ _ c a | e for furnishing materials required |W ror 5OI6 Sone?orrT^ C . ti0 Count? Cl S°aline j^Tss VIOLIN. GROVE NITE and at that time publicly opened club, and read. 5-rm. modern casement, $7,000.00. ling faciHties. Non-vets accepted, ^'wit'h^nossessina"' 105-acre farm, store, stock and .Details may be had by writing to rolinte rfeit S°0 bills'in the th ' rr * fixtures, with lining quarters. | "Department Manager" Box MM, indictment (2) Proposals shall bc submit- ' - * _ e If.l^.f.A K^» * Ho 180-tf '37 WILLYS. $165: NEW TABLE- ted on forms furnished by ,the top gas stove. 1331 S. Granger /-,,..,,*,. whioh mav be obtamca at *ll»- County which may be obta the office of County Supt. of High- Close to new mine 120-acre farm 2 miles Harris- 1 burg, good ground, water and j lights, $85 per acre. | 100-acre farm. 16 miles south i Harrisburg. 2 barns, 5-rm. house,' basement, $7,000.00. , Hauptmann Real Estate 323 W. -in care of The Daily Register. the time of Moschianos ar-i Use Portable Utilities Portable utilities, as well as an ] MARKETS - 183-1, rc g t Secret Service agents said , automatic electric water system, a that they" found $350.000 in cour.-, g 00( i septic system, water heaters. terfeit bills stuffed between the i bo ui ec i ga s or electric ranges, wa- terfeit walls of his garage. gas or ^electric i ter heaters, and the refrigerator 1 can make country life as conven- Church. 182-2 I . . The Daily Register, 20c a WCCK. i . cnt ^ d comfortable as city life. by carrier boy. _ __ __ j ___ _ _: . "aTandshaUbe enclosed in an| 2 REGISTERED 1-YEAR-OLD 'nveiope endorsed "Material Pro : j Guernsey bulls: 2 registered Snot'" . v ^ ^- o C4«T,nfnr Tvvn !_,: r«l-.nrf Phinn boars. Jonn Yeieran's Friends Money for no^al Section 2 Stonefort Twp.' j (eci Po lar.d China boars. (3) Thc right is reserved lo re-j ER( jsley, near Harrisburg jcct any and all proposals and toj x r y club. , Defense l/vl»Vl A.V* * · · % * » " · " · " « . * ~ . . - ^ ^ m m *~ ** fmt* \\ f\f\f\C --4. · » · » » p* ****** »···*· ^...-w-.^.*. « i » v -^- --.-j.*, _ - - . . . . award will be required. . i company is receiving a ?*\V°W INDIANAPOLIS. Feb. 3--'«..!:·-, S26 35 to $26.75: top S26.75: 250 «*»««» . ,, _., . r c- ^.-, r .._ .. , «.^t-nr- c *o. 1 _ . . . . lianannlis Vrt- «,, -inn IK,- co^ =.n ,1. coc ·=;. -l\n LIVESTOCK ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. Feb. 3-- «.'.?.-- (USDA)-Livestock: i Hogs 12.000: salable 10.500: mar- ·ket uneven: weights 180 Ibs. up. 25c to 50c lower than average Mon!day: lighter weights 50c to $1 lowicr: sows. 50c to 75c lower. Bulk good and choice 130 to 250 Ibs.. ors . s -- fall, better act now: this fall will be scarce .and higher. . hinl aga i n st charges of mur- p j 2 , 515.50 « lO $20: sows, 450 lbs. , j n England. down $23 to $23.75: over 450 lb. will DC scarce juu S u S ^-,,. c , m tns i an a. down S23 to S23.75: over 450 lb. 1 Oscar \Villiams in Harrisburg. J ho.; And an Indianapolis attorney S 22.25 to S23: sUsg* S17 lo S19.50. thcr. '456R or TcJ. 100. 18j ' 1 ;said he was "prepared to leave Cattle 4SOO: "salable -5.500: aw . ay . -- ,, _ _ ,,-PCT, ov T,Tr for Encland at any time" to dc- ^^5 1.500. ail salable. No «varly . ^ ^ ,.,,« TTITCT ox wT.| f c n j lhc cx . S oldier. msnus hss law. ^j^ and bids scn crally -oucr ^ior's fee. ;hnr. Monday. Heifers and mixc3 ·"-; The 24-year-old disabled veteran, ycarhnss also encountering nres ~ I r.illv Burke Edwards, is accused ; Mirc aithouuh son: . InMemoriam In loving memory of our mother Bettie Winston, who passed awa -- _ ^ _ 4 _,,_ ll .,. - ,,.. ,,.. February 3. 1937, 11 years ago to- p^ACE. 5 MILES WEST ON RT. | fcnd lhc cx . so ldier. minus his law. . c s and bids generally .'ouer day. ,13- Sec K. Fowler, above address. ; or - s fcc than Monday. Heifers af.d mixed She had a smile for everyone: | ^182-z. Thc 2 4-ycar-old disabled veteran, yearling als A heart as pure as gold: . - _ - ^ f t % ^» vF\v' r ' ni - v Burkc Eawards - is, accused ; Mirc a ithouuh SOHJC common and To tho^c who knew and loved her.' 3941 PLYMOUTH COACH. NE\\ of k ij U n ....... -- " ....... "-- c -~ »i-.n,TH.. . Congrefybti©ns OTKiNG HOUSE ELECTRIC CO. Phone 37 HARRISBURG, ILLINOIS MADE TO JOB S P E C I H C A T S O N S * PORK'S SPECIAL CANVAS WORK GLOVES . . . . Heaw Canvas Drill "Hardware ft* Hard 10* N. \Vc (live and Redeem Easlc Stamps :" j of killing his infant dawshtcr. mc( ]j uni kinds from $17 to S23. ap- . -.i:rcnda. A baby's body v.-as found J)c arcd about j-tcady. Cows steady lar.d Wallpaper Co. 103-ll j r( .] t -. t ; YCS v, crc to delay action until m ^dj um to soo d sausage bulls ?21 NOTICE OF LETTING i . , :counsel could bc provided. To $2250. with good beef bulls to 1 Scaled nrouosals vtill be re-;OIL TAINTING 'LH..^! ^^'j A group of Edwards friends. 503. goo d and choice vcalcr? 51' in the office of the County 1 va* 25.x 47 in.. $20. Tel. ^iu.,- neadcd bv Joc n 0 bbs. who dcs- , o 52 higher at $27 Jo «56: rom-' of-Saline County until 10 j Ask Ted. '_*·"·* | tnbcd himself as a "hor clown mon an ,3 medium, steady ;o :U ' -- ~ * - " '"" 01 -- ibucdy." organized a drive for cor.- hiqher at $16 to S27. ' tnbutions of scran paper toda i at^fha-'time pubiiciy opened and|^ read. ^ 1 ' C « on sale. Early « M. n a *«,n. «ho ·COAL. VA»KE. AND KINDLING.. ..\tJorncy-lames :-i. Ja\\J.on. wao - - . - ; - - - , - ,, . » , , " . Proposals shall to submit-1 Call City Cos! \aid. Ie. ^K'-j^d he wbald forpcl Jhp fee if h,s TM"~ " * i forms furnished by the t±2.J expenses were paid. he v.a ' " limited »o n cd at i through newspaper accounts. 1 LEFT MY CA.R WECOULD TAKE \ A U I T T U E -WHAT'S WRONG- WITH TH 1 TO HAVE SOME BODY AMD FENJDER WORK ^B^|» c\(~?K · --- tiir-SEBiiDl^BiteraiTinn' r ^ ;; -^«H^^M "-- ,-vrv r« FEBRUARY « of Salme Co. p $£%££County CWc-.S 182-2 , . . -^ . . , . . , and bis P.ntish \\\(c li\oil but returned to Kn,l,^l Jo Thc Daily Register, 20c a their home there. J by earner bey. NEWSPAPER! WSPAPLRl

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