The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 30, 1934 · Page 7
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 7

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 30, 1934
Page 7
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THE PARIS NEWS* .PAGE SEVER Sell It Or Trade It With A Pans News Classified Ad CLASSIFIED AD Information , , to*' i» tit* orftc* of tb* P*ri» .N«w» not l»z»r tfeitja « p, m. ta* djiy pr«c*<!iax pub K-iTES for coc»dCttM v * iaa 1 Tim* Sc p«r worcL 1 Time* &o tn« word. ( Timn:* .fto c*t word. U T»t«M» l&c iwi "ord. 2* TITOS* SOc iwai «ror<S_ RD civarstx 30c- m oumi>»± of « ***• ««t U> ot •«i to cloubiv «J or U *a oa tb« U l«»ter» • '«»» S« —III »• «»»•» ca-i r*.t*« at on* cent jxer «ora **eh tn»*rtloa. Ont-ol-*« w o ord*r» tor ettt««l- O»d ads ar* j>ayab!« Is »<! i rane«. Krrow: Tfae N*»« «Ui oot tx r*Si>ooi':blfc for mor» th»o <>«• Incorrect tnsarsion- «"* re««r<r* tfa* rlsbt to afltt *t-<5 C*n»or *11 copy *oz til* be»l lot*re»i* of both *rt*-*rti»*r »«*<! c*a.a*r Sox cam£j*r» c»re Ne»« will t>« given a«JwerxJ3*r» desirio* Oiiad »rtrtre«»*M. iioae your «.<!» to our e**»classified A.<J Taker* »*o •ill £>bua* J«i OS !•*. Financial 5loney To Loan AUTOMOBILE LOANS Not«* ftefloa****!. Ca»l» A«lvMHr«Mi GENERAL INSURANCE Premium* l**.v»ble on Monthly PtaJi Russell, Oliver £ Yancey Lamar Stat* B»»k Bitty. T«i. 42* Livestock Feed Plant* an«* Seed 72 Announcements AH Sot-jeUes and _^ OF EASTSH.N STAR PARIS ChapFe? No. SO E- S. =ae«t» *T*H tn<* ajcd 4th Thursday niseis *t »:90 * cj. Visiting- rserr.bers we!cors«<l. Mrs VVittte CairiTi^w. VS.*. 3i. Mrs, Dona Martin. Sec. ___ PARIS L-ODOii NO 2t A. F. ana -*-^- SLst*<3 comrrur-ica'U'tis !r,<3 acd 4tjj .Friday event as* ascit cjonib 7:SC p. ra V&iuas brethren cordia.lJy tavitea I- J Blgohy W. M.. H, G. Breuerrjaa. Sec- UFA^S^TS CHAPTER NO. 45 R. A M- • Stated co=vocation 3rd Thursday «v*slsg eAci r;.ocli. 7:30 p.^=a. Vta4«ue "liairn^-aL. 'E. H~'Vr " H, G Brsa*rT-.arL. TTS COCrcCIl- NO. 34 R. Sta.t*-£ nMjersbly 4tb Tu< :Bt!i ~-.ia p. m. Visiting com- H. G Br«s«s»an. S«c_ fe COMMASDSRT NO. 9 S2CIGHTS p7 .A « Scaled coacia.Ye 1st a.n<! C.. H. . r*ccr<ler. GF-OTTO XL O. V. P- >«-fftt;ar n;e«rit=s ' 1st 22? month 7:« ^^- retally ;rv;:.'(! - w. H C. Persons, S-^ o^ THE EASTERX STAR chawt*r «53 meets tse 1st Queen of Dixie Poultry Feeds Sure Nuff Stock Feed Field Seed — Garden Seed Poultry remedies. Bulk Bird Seed. Bird Remedies and Supplies. IX>Sf and Puppy Food Cnaser. Guaranteed to Kfrep the Chissers Otf HARRY BOOK 37 Grand TcL 604 Feed Plants and Seed 72 BTTRR CLOVER SEED—50c per bushel. Oscar Sullivan, Caviness, Texas. tlon. two lots on Korth High street! In Paris. $1.000. P. G. Spain and wife Pearl Spain by trustee to Farm and Home Savings and Loan Association lot in Marysville addition to Paris $1.200. M. C. Bozeman and vrife, Lida Bozeman by trustee to the San Antonio Joint Stock Land Bank, 315 acres in J. C. Sadler and Doss surveys. SS.OOO. Ed H. HcC^istion and others to H. M. McCuistlon and wife. 251.4 acres in John T. Harmon and Caleb surx-eys, $10.599. Ed H. McCufstion and others to BL M. McCuistion, 305 acres in Caleb Wood survey. $11.570. H. U. Parsons and others to Delilah Johnson. 61 acres in Sadler and Tolbert surveys. 51 and other consideration. A. R- Wilson and others to Homer U. Parsons, 61.77 acres in Henry Meyers, Henry Brumley and S. J. Worsham surveys. SI and other consideration. H. U- Parsons and others to Woody McCormick. 121.03 acres in Sadler and Tolbert surveys, 51 and other consideration. H, U. Parsons a_nd others to Mrs. FoydeH Hamilton and Juanita. Callicoatte. 223.42 acres in Henry Brumley, Henry ileyers and S- J. Worsham surveys, SI and other consideration. Uvesioclt tor Sale FOR SALE—Good young Jersey co-w. Givins milk. Ernest Johnson, Route 2. Paris. Merchandise For Sale Wanted 10 Buy PAY CASH for a. good used car. Nothing older tban '23 model considered, and prefer light car. Must be a bargain. Ray Morse. Morse Bee Line Station, corner iSth and Gra.nd Ave. Real Estate for Rent Furnished Rooms Reasonable. Phone S6S. room Ne^ comfor:able. Hotel. TO GHNTLSMEN bedroom close in. Phone 1223. Apartments for Kent tx>st Found LOST: Ladles* black patent lea- tber slipper. Re—aril. Phone 714-J- ; FOUR-ROOM " furnished apart | ment. all conveniences. Reason- iable. Bills paid. 1SS South 25th.. THREE room furnished apartment. Bills paid. 101 Clarksville ! street. Phone 223S. Business Property—Rent 0 LOST—Week--end bag: T contal vivfi-rrr^n's wear, between Baris^aaj v!>epvrt Saturday nicht. Return to To<w2 Surrus. FiUbrisrbz- Reward. J PVRT of store space near Plaza, I S srreet. lake 2 or 3 passsr.g-crs to 'Atisti-Ti. Tex**., on or aboui August • 5. Share expenses. If interested, -address Box 5-A. care N Will the r •tb#» sralvsrJxvn Henry Sniith. Goanty Fair, k Rm. Fam. Hm_ and Dup.—S6SJ FIVE room furaisbed house, close is. Phone 704 •ty w ho borrowed r j rinkier tank from j-or-sed by Lataar indlv return tt_ COURTS CHARLES PRICE Phci;e S"S S V."<?ST Houston General In N 0 McCTTRTAJX COT7XTY COURTS (IdabeL Okla.) Real Estate TrmtUfter» T. E. O*X«*1 to CLamd Folfcbm. Jots » asd € block S, Garner Addition. IdabeL $3: Claud Folsom »nd Maude Folsom to Ruthel Carter. lots 5 and 6 block S, Garner Addition. Idabel. $75; Asaie Ew«ll and Floyd Ewell to Mary Hubbard nee Gibson, a pan ot Section 1S-9-24. $1; F- D. Waldie to Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank, a part of Section 22-9-26. fl; O. S. Parker to B. Mason, lots 6. Block 11. town Valliant *1. Xe\v Automobiles Registered Rode Denard, Ford pickup. Henderson, Texas: T. E. Bennett. Ford Tudor, Valliant; O. F. Stewart 4- door Ford sedan; C. H. Purtell, Ford coupe. Locksburg. Ark. PUSH3IATAHA COURTS (Antlers, Okla.) Marriage Licenses Issued. I>r, O. E. Alexander and Mrs. Mary L. B. Alexander, Antiers. ship. composed of J. W. Allen, j Ella Allen and Lon Callihan; Nora j Chaney vs. Elsie Ma*? Si$ton et al, ; abstract of judgment; Pauline Adkins vs. Houston Adkias, divorce. IN STRATOSPHERE FLIGHT Transfer of Warranty Deeds B. »'. Hughes, et us, to C- Sut ton; i .iarles L. Steekwr, et tix to Ruby l>udley; John T. Thoanpson to Jennie Belle Thompson: I>ina F. E. JLankford. et ux. to J. \W. Anderson; K. K. Hadley, et aU «> Joe Fronterhouse; Joe Fronter- house. et ux, to J. B. Hivers. et al. CivU Suits Filed District Court City Xational bank, Ft. Smith. Ark., vt. J. J. Helm and M. D. Jordan, suit on promissory note: City Xational bank. . Ftl Smith, Ark., vs. M. D. Jordan, suit on promissory note; J. M. Baker vs. the Asbestos & Roofing Co.. Inc.. s-ait for damages; A. W. Steely vs. Xicey Bond nee Bohanon et al, suit to quiet title a.nd determine death heirship; G- E. Glendenins wife, Allen & Callihan. a. partner- Notice NOTICE: Parsuaat TO a ReaoJatlon passed by th(? Cit> CoueciJ c? ibe City of Paris on the 6th day o; July 132* I hereby giv*. aottcs tisat an election by (!&«• qsialiried voters of th* City of Paris who own taxaaie proj^erty ic said City as<* who hav« aii!y rendered prcp*r:y ;or taxation. wiH be t*Jd i>e- iwe-en the hoars or s:OO o'clock. A. M^ and 5:00 o'cJock. P. M^ on live 7lh day o? A'-jffast, IS3*. ror tie purpos* of <!e- "^Vhether or not tJae city of Paris \ sna!! be authorized 10 issue Bosia of | ;b* City is ih* snm of Sefenty Tfcor- J a?.=c! (STQ 000 00> dollars. a.c<3 levy aj tax safflc:er:t to pay the interest on } sa.:a ioods. acdl create a sinking *p«3 sv?f:citnt to refleeir: thi*ir> at rratarity; the said bcatis to t>ear Interest from date at A rate set eset»!iirg •? p«r c*T:t a.==UTri. Interest payab'e S5~.i-33nna!ly Sa!<3 boads matsrir.g s*i-ia!!r ar tha re- ss-tctivre times anrt In ts* respective arttcu^ta. as tnay be f:;.fd by the City CoaDcil: ao bosd to b* issued for a ] period exceeding thirty years from Its f date and a.1! bonds to be issued for I ih* purpose of intild'as Se'wer Dis- j posit Plants. cosEtnictzon of Tnan-bolea j the present S^vrer Systsrr; ard to b« I siiTjO'^'2 as S^-'w*? 1 Const ruction Scrs^s. 'Co«- . WAP.I> 4: Fars» H!ffb SeJiooS. »aii ei«eiioa for thos* votits» of tli«» fssuaaca of follows"for tts» i»«yaac« sircction Sosds. Series -Z334-* Tb* forra of baHot ta b* a»ed Sm sa!»J ejection for those issuance of bonis sJiaH be •Agra:i;st tis« isssanee oJ S»'»«r uryctioii Bonds. Series *"1$34-*' Tha *!««ton to b* nel<I In «.ccor<*a.3C» with th* General E!*ct;on &aws of tb* S:a-rr. :s so i'<t r ».-•* tb»* &r« Applies b:* ars<» cot in conflict witJk ti» provisions of cia City Cliart*r. • Ev*ry owricr of taiab!a pr*i»«rty is t=i= City of Paris, who ~aaj» daly rend- «r«<; said v'^P^rtv for taxaUoti. o.n<l of ti* tcsislat^re of the staz* and •who fca» re*:d-sd ta tie li=sit» of tb* O]ty Jor* six i 1 ?) T^iontt£9t a^^i ~js C3&9 Ward is waicb h* offers to -rot* for tb:rty <"(» -isj-s, seit preeeCSas t!v« *:ee:io3 is «Et:::i?d to vote. G:v^s asder my haat! wiili tfc« StaJ o? tho City or Paris *ftls«<i this ztt» ^tb dsy of J'_!y. A_ D., 1S34 J JL. CROOK Mayor. City of Attest: Mrs. Odo--s Park. City secretary. ei:y of Parta \ Funeral Sunday For j Clarksville Youth Major William E. Kepner (left) and Cap*. Albert W. Stevens (right) are acting as pilot and scientific observer, respectively, in the stratosphere flight from a point near Rspid City. S. D. The Sight is sponsored by the United States army air corps and the National Geographic. society. {Associated Press Photos) Series -1S24-" Tbs po!"=s jslace* presliins officers of said election sh3.ll be respec- ti-rely as fo!!o»a. : Centra! Fire Station D- ? Godbold. pr^sidtss offirer; 2: Ma*oa!c Bids.. Grand H. "Wrfffht. jresidlngr officer; TASD 3t Cocrt Sous*. A. W rere conducted by Hev. ; l->. B. Tooley, Sunday aJ— i ternoon for Rex Jordan, 20. -B-'Jio j died ?aijjrd'i\- at his home near ! here. Burial was a: New Sliam- | rock cemeter:--. lie is survived by his -wire, nis parents. Mr. ar»d ilrs. T. H. Jordan, and several brothers and sisters. Thimble Theatre, starring POPEYE To Go North Is To Go West By E. C. SEGAR © v rrs rtARD TO V S A 6OOD -FRI ^^ UKE VOO, * V-- \ /W\ VOU 5cEM TO ) ( 'VIA THIMK. use u_ ^ > SURfe } ALL GET KSLLEp/ V OF IT! / IF W€ G>0 ,.—-^ V_^ Kr^rmX^i^^^ LOOKVHG UTTIS. - IT OirsS FCONt) NEAR UJHSRE THE CUrUTE SAVAGES UUE A MftH PRC3ASLV OtcO SHOT! I'M NOT (S I UJON'T <3Qi OJrt SHOULD / THc S-^Vt^CiES^SHOaT T^£N AT VCU "PROM 3U^X5-6Ul>JS ^ BREAKS VDOR SHir4 ^ g '- ^?34. .<;ac Faajg Syr!C : C3rt. Isc, G.-ctt 5.-^*^ ftghz /^ ,^//^ \(^^^ Anti-Lodge Talk By HARRY J. TUtHDLL 1 Estate H- V. Parsons and others to AR, Wilson. €".2S acres in Henry Beyers, Henry Bromley, 3. o. Wor- sliars and George Bason stiveys, $1 ar.d other consideration. Farm and Horr^e Savings and I^oa.n AssociatJon of Missouri to J. N. V.'ilson and x«-ife Addie \Vil*on. one acre in Hiram. Williaias survey. SI and other consideration. R. j. \\>stfcrook and others by BUY TOUR MINNOWS AT i| tru!1 ; € e to J. il, Cavises*. trustee, l^Mvli. CROOK ff!.j:*5 acres in 1^. Hoberts survey. I5c and :i3c Per Dozen l\$~i 250. \v e hsvc al; kind* of feait and '} r> r . F. M. L-<?no:r to Mrs, Corra. give prtrs ^f 100 minnows each j { i^e-cir KeUon and others, 41.7S ' mbn'h for iAr-srfst f!«h caught j I acres *n 1^ K. Holar.d and H. E. Ij i*^yne survey. SI and other consld- , - I __ ^ Ha^vke* and v.'1'e Add-e Thl.* for Tliat U i ».«_,. a . '^-i^"^"' ^_—*" A.^ Tf^^t^^ rp'y''5 W& 5OKETKIN5. TK£ FUKES .1 DO SO1NS TO HO!_C SC-ME SORT ^/ I v pU M^AK TH OF A L.CDGE MEETiNC A^S j / SITUATION Y/IL W^ --T %i?^% JA1_ 1M THAT SKA TH'. WEZK- ?HPOi IT IS sj_R£ADY? T S.S i E--^JJAT Al I THE SID=1 WINDOW / , THE: FAT ONE LAST NIGH WEN! TO WARNS ABOU THHY ~~i HIM INTTD AND MRS. 3UMGLE ON A HISH- T!VEI I PASS THAT 5UN6L£ DOOR !T J S OP£?«!I CAN SEE TVVO GF^ S^OFCTY KEN TKEPvE SJFFO- ATiNS. / OHi CHI GET IN HOW CAN WE OUCH. WITH KRS. WE1JUST 22 / /'^ H^^AiiSi | I LDDGE: ^-'1 q i f HAI_!_ QN i K "'•-" i V E>id You Ever See A Dream—?t H. C. V.'estbrook. WIL.L >. for V..,5V. ISI3--VV. Du^K-^or:. Phone 1 heifer ' - o:5; ' I C. C. West brook and wife. Catherine Majcvr^Ji Weevil-rook to J. T. Hold ins. two lots in Koxton. EVK.V tur-e R- C, A. Radio to ji.0-00. iradV- ;.;-r r-c-1?: T For«i Roadster-! ijursar State Ba^k an<5 Trust Or m.'.k c^vv. i'r.or:^ JS02. j company to W. G. Freese, 34.2 — [acres in M. Click survey. $10 and 1 other cons! £ era ti on. I Henry P. Ms^er to C. I. Broad. j one-hair Intere*t in SS-t acres In • = A?ysv 51 and other cor.sideratiors. NOW IS THE TIME TO j! >»«->• s. sia« to H. G. sturgeon •«s Jn I. IX-ivis Fur->-'ey, *>. -FAIMT YOUR CAR! 1^ p»an or. ( ' ? " \Ve uinl»f »"a«>.h autn Mcrse Bee Line Station ? jrth sj. TVJ. sos I Mrs. F.T.V Tedd to K. I. C>.en- j nauit, ihr«e 5o:s in Clements FsJr- I view addition to Paris. ?I and oth- j ?r oonsideration. j C. J. Jeffu* ar,«J wtf* Flora J>f- I fus to KcT^<?y Motor company. LIc.yd B. Kurt and wife, Hattle Hur: to G. W. RAT. II? Jicrtrs in „_ ., . |«? \V. Burton survey. $1,500 and N*O\\ V<>! CAN RAVK VOVH || otSior consideration. MATTRESS RENOVATED ij *:»*>-» E4w*rd» and wife M*ry .-, , ,,, , !! HH-.vards tv> J. C, S:ow-»rs lot en Ojj !!*<•' I• ;i.-y !*.:yuwm {*!;»»«: •; .->„, ." . h !*sn<> M;:!s road. 5?P*>. t?!^ I>;iy Nt-rvux- I _, . , , ^-. . _ H. G. Sturseor, a->-'. wsfo. G:«dy» ur: 5 M^ttrcis & Awning Co HO XV, Shrrman Phone 3TO ! | t- w * n -i . n jc North ^ FAN f»niS * 'i • " Sis i va sr >"t. Co . Employment Mrt!c or Female 4J» '>n TO Ralph Jlaynes. 3 acres h l>avts -"\jrvey. $200. I U T\-!wns<*nd and wlf« "Eva ; T«v. n«<rn<l to C. R. A)»k*»vc two lets , 27": An*t« Park addition to Paris. ;$T:> »r>«! ottser cor.Kitieration. i .7. K. Brr<-h€^n an<J xvjf* it, L, I Bv«*e-ch*<*n to Paul Crawford. U^t on N^rth Ht^hterrith streret in I'aris. S2?4 *n<I oth^r consideration. Charles H. "Levwrott and xrif*-. Mynl* L«v«sr*tt by tras:c« to IIom*land Realty company, lot or. Thtrty-seopn<l sttre+^t In Paris. Box "3>" rare Financial «* H. DHWERSE PKOCK f- ^"*sh Und<»rxvo»>d by trustc* to John Hancock Mutual Uf« ln- wurancf! company. l&O ncres In Andrew Ward »urv«j\ $4,200. J. R. Hlckman »nd vc-ifw. Mary A. HicJcms-n to J. F. Hlckman, t-wo lot* in Vftrner addition to Part*. $SOO. W. H, Tlovuw *nd vvjf*. Louise Hou*« by trust** to Farm and Home Savins* and Loan ***ocla- /%£i ^\v} r ^ :^-H onsiTOr ft* iiivjL b«^ «= -u <ys> ^ r \ ,, I ; < r~-O—T-" : ^— O \—"^ l-^j XT" • 1 \ vt-CXiHf?^ 1 v^^—C—f^j ^J|iCi y\ ^trt^^w fw?^ \\ _^:^>\ -\e i; :;^ xXilir--^ U^^*/! : ) Srl-H-H- NOT SD LOUD! ••'•vr>.^ Vo DO^4•T NWAMMA " ^ /*** — v: :.-/ /7/~r ?^y^v ^arrf : ' ; -\\ fc ^VO HOMER HOOPEE fC^v? ^ «= CAM = i •t-'O, t . .' «_»T- !_I \r^. MI t HH_HAD AM ^TORTAUt _ j \Tr\£?^ ftVA. AFTJR54OOM '^^^^T-^^l L/ HAvSr'fiCSr AUYMOSTEY } RHVi HH PiiUED A R^33\T OUTJ | | E\,^M ASK ws\ \vfWST HE r\ * 1 *' S ^I ~ 1 |^~ MAM^.H^VOiiR ^ / >" tttt MKT AHD S^T "^^X-J V^^j^ T ^> . S ^= j^ f' V ^r^vfl ^^•fc^-""%U.SlSi&SS 1.; Not Up To Par , / m ^ />»t»\ ./o VI 'is 1 .*.'VC : W i H< 7-3/ fciW^! SCORCHY SMITH OnTheQnief

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