The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah on April 11, 1975 · Page 18
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The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah · Page 18

Provo, Utah
Issue Date:
Friday, April 11, 1975
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

Page 18-THK HERALD, Provo, Utah, Friday, April 11. 1975 ^^^ iimmmil ^^^g^fumiiimmmiammm THE S^ CARPIT^ MART A Cash-ond-Carry CARPET WAREHOUSE ROOM SIZE REMNANTS AND f 99 ROLL ENDS ];, ...I.. All O.; f *A Ralnu/ Renulnr Whnlpcnlp MM ™ • Neorly All Priced Below Reguldr Wholesale . SHAGS • SPLUSHES • KITCHEN NEW HOME BUYERS «!• YOU BUY THE CARPIT MART WAY. Tell Me Why NANCY By Ernie Bushmiller Why Do Evergreens Sfay Green? ByA.LEOKUM Win the New Book of Knowledge (20 volumes). Send your questions, name, age, address to "TELL ME WHY!" care of this paper. Include Zip Code. In case of duplicate questions the author will decide the winner. Today's winner is: MARYANN VINCENT, 12 Worcester, Mass. The trees that don't stay green because they lose their leaves in winter, do so for a very good reason. During the summer leaves give off enormous quantities of water. Some of the water that flows up a tree from the roots is used for making food. Most of the rest evaporates through millions of tiny holes on the surface of the leaves. In the winter (in much of North America) a tree's water supply is cut off in winter to a great extent. Then the trees can't release gallons of water into the air. They would need more water than they could get from the frozen ground. So they "lock up the pipes" by shedding their leaves. But suppose the leaves didn't evaporate water easily? Then there would be no problem about water, and the leaves could stay on the trees. That's exactly what happens with "evergreen" trees. Pines and firs and hemlocks have narrow, needlelike leaves with a thick, waxy outer covering. This prevents evaporation of water. So — their leaves remain on the trees for several years. When the leaves fall, new ones grow at the same time, and the branches never look bare. That's why these trees are called "evergreens." There are also trees with broad THE CARPET MART S.» 171 €«T 900 SOUTH MOVO «ltn.J7M«» CARPET OEPN FROM 10 to 8 P.M. (ACROSS FROM RROWN MOTHERS IURNITUREI LI'L ABNER By Al Capp / YES •'.'- I AM GOING TO f HOLLYWOOD ff- HOP IN •'.'WE'LL MAKE HEAVENLY, MU5IC ON THE WAV .'.' PONT BE SHY, BAB^- PUT YOUR HFAP CW MV SHOULDER• BUGS BUNNY By Heimdahl & Stoffel I DROPPED EV '. TO TELL YOU I " HAVEN'T 6UNAPED INTO ANYTHING FOR THREE WHOLE WEEKS/ EHH, WHAT'S UP PETUNIA ? SOODBY, NOW. STARTED STRING SHORT RIBS By Frank Hill THE RESULTS 'Of THE NATIONAL THAT MAKES 12 YEARS WON THE LOTTERY. 'THATS _ .._ BUMP LUCK/ WINTHROP WINTHRORS NOTHIN© SPECIAL/ BUT AT LEAST IF I MARRIED HIM... By Dick Cavalli I WOULDN'T HAVE TO BE A GOOD COOK. / AUL I'D HAVE TO PO IS ( LEARN HOW TO MAKE \PFPPERONI PIZZA. MARY WORTH By Sounders & Ernst YOU SAIP NOT TO STAY LONG, SO I PIPfJ'T WILMA.' WELL.' YOU'RE BACK, ARE YOU? BUT HOW ABOUT THIS?ROSE SAW IT AT THE BOM AIR ANP THOUGHT IT WOULP SO WELL WITH MY TWEEP SUIT.' /> ^ IT'S JUST ABOUT THE PRETTIEST TIE I EVEROWNEP.' YOU SEEM TO FORSET THE LOVELY ONES MAMA USEP TO MAKE FOR YOU.'--THEY WERE NEVER SAUPV LIKE THAT CHEAP THING.' BUT IT IS TYPICAL OF THAT WOMAN'S TASTE/ STEVE ROPER & MIKE NOMAD By Sounders & Overgard ^Sp T A A u P A Y vl r in M r°/ E y KEEP TALKIN; , OF A HEAVY FOS// inKep/.-i'M THAT FREEZES ^ ^KER/- IM WHV WOULD YOU MAKE \ NATURE ISN'T PHONY SNOW, CHRISTIE ? AIWAYS~KIK/D TO ••WHEW YOU'RE KWEE- 2 SKIERS, NOMAD/ DEEP IKI THE REAL THINS 7 SETTIN' A WILD IDEA/ WHEN IT HITS THE COLD AIR/ IN THE SPRIW0 AND FALl WE PUMP WATER COMES AND AIR INTO THE "GUNS"/) OUT? DR. SMOCK By George Lemont S PIP WHAT VOU ASK£P» N.r TO PO, POCTOR / , "i OOlT/ ,/ HOURS WITHOUT HAVINJS A uer's WAIT A HOURS CAU- rne Of WORUP leaves that stay green all year round. The live oak and the California laurel have leathery leaves that help the trees keep their moisture during the cold months. Palms stay green too, but they grow only in places where the winters are warm. FUN TIME The Chuckle Box Harry: Wish I had enough money to buy an elephant. Joe: What would you do with an elephant? Harry: Nothing. I just want the money! Here are three things you will find in a supermarket. To learn what they are, rearrange the letters in each word. See tomorrow's paper for the answer. Mr. Smith (at dinner): Will you pass the nuts, Professor? Professor: Yes, but I should flunk them. THE PUZZLE BOX Answer to yesterday's Puzzle Box: When you go from 11 A.M. to 1P.M. Win the New Book of Knowledge Yearbook. Send your riddles, jokes, to: "RIDDLES, JOKES; TELL ME WHY!" Include Zip Code. I CAN'T MAKE IT TONIGHT I HAVE A NEW BIG- TV SET-COME OVER TO MY HOUSE AND WATCH IT TONIGHT HOW ABOUT TOMORROW NIGHT ? THAT'LL BE TOO ) LATE—THE FREE / TRIAL OFFER \ ENDS TOMORROW ) MORNING- —— / THE BORN LOSER By Art Sansom I'W HOU>!Mb TH PMOM0T1UL FIWr5HB5 aWMER. \HW6HIMfcfORTWEMW AND HAVEN'T A WORD! THE JACKSON TWINS By Dick Brooks I FEEL \ HEAT SOT \ ITS NOT FODMTHE / SUN^ IF THEY • L —^J BE AT THE \ CDULP DIVE > AlCPQZT <l ON DIFFERENT ) AT ONE 1 [ AND JILL AND OABLENEIN DIVING .' FEEL THAT HOT SUN ALBEAPY' SUPS TAYLOR THINK WE HAVE ANY CHANCE AT ALL IN THIS BIG INVITATIONAL BUTTERFLY AND REDEYE LOOK, HANDSOME, tME CHIEF IS MY SON, AND IF I WERE TO t6LU HIM THAT YOU'P TAKEN A SHINE TO ME. MI6MT SET V0LJ By Gordon Bess THINK IT OVER/ 50V BtTTER CHECK THAT KNOT IN BACK — I THINK IT'S A LITTLE LOOSE/ FRANK AND ERNEST By Bob Thaves FRANK & ERNEST • INSURANCE. HOME FOB THEFT, ... WA* IT STOLEN * H-ll KERRY DRAKE By Alfred Andriola WHEW.' THAT'S A TOUCHING BARONESS-BUT IT WAS AN ACCIDENT- NOT A WITCH'S CURSE THAT ANP NONE OF THESE TALES YOU'VE TOLD ME WILL CHANGE W/MINP. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE, I WANT TO SET MARRIED.' THEN GO ANP FINP YOURSELF SOME SIMPLE AND UN- COMRICATEPSIRL.' THERE ARE MILLIONS IN THIS WORLD' BUT ONLY ONE RORIE/ ANDIT'SSOTTOBERORIE- EVEN WITH SOME UN8EUEV- ABLE FAMILY FABLE HANGING OVER HER HEAP.' Rorie's grandmother has told Lefty how, one year af rer her marriage, her husband pushed her to safety, but he died in the. crash of their carriage.. PR SCILLA'S POP By Al Vermeer YOU SHOULD PUT YOUR SAVINGS IN A REAL BANK, MONEY IN A PIGGY F3ANK DOESN'T DRAW INTEREST./ SHAKE IT EVERY DAY/ PRISCILLA ARE YOU KIDDING •st ALLEY OOP By Dave Graue OUR 'CASUALTY 1 LOOKS SOOR UNNETT/ YOU'RE/" THANK. COINS A NICE JOB 1 YOU/ ON MM.' WHATCHA (SOT THERE,. CUBR.E? TYPE IS WORN ONi BY THE KINGfe PORDER GUARDS AMD ISN'T SEEN INSIPE THE , CASTiE VERY OFTEN/ I FIGURE IF THINGS GET STICKY, IT'LL BE A GOOD WAY TO TELL THE GOOD . GUYS FROM THE BADDIES!

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