Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on September 9, 1998 · Page 7
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 7

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 9, 1998
Page 7
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THE DAILY GLOBE. Ironwood. Ml — Wednesday. Sept. 9.1998 Page 14 Write that will today FOR BETTER OR WORSE Dear Aaa Landers: I just read the koer from "Wisconsin Reader,' the poor soul who said her parents have not written a win. Wuh 10 children ia the family, she felt this was a powder keg ready to Mow up. I agree wholeheartedly. Whea mj widowed mother soffered a severe heart attack: in 1982. her lawyer wisely advised her to auke aa itemized list of all her person*! possessions, including furniture and jewelry. Mother acted on his suggestion and decided that her four daughters should take tarns signing op for one item at a time, sorting with the eldest. It took a coupfe of years to get through the entire tkt since we live 300 miles apart and did k ftrough the mail When Mother died « 1986, after a long baok with caocer. each of QS had chosen exactly ne items we wanted and were happy with oar chokes. There were ao hard feelings because we were all given an equal opportunity to ask for what we wanted. My sisters and I are thankful that we had aoch a caring and wise mother. - MINOT. NJX DEAR MINOT: You were indeed fortunate. Meanwhile, the responses to that letter were overwhelming. Apparendy, it is a subject that a great many people care about. Keep reading for more: Dear Aaa Landers: I'm writing about "Wisconsin Reader.' whose parents told their 10 children to write their names on any items they wanted after the parents died. "Wisconsin" was afraid that this was a "time Ann Landers bomb" in the making. I disagree. I took photographs of all the items of value I own, juch as t grandfather clock, my good jewelry and some collectible items that were real treasures. The photos were passed around to my children and their spouses. If any of them were interested in an item, they were to write their name on the back of the photograph. If more than one person selected the same item, I circled the name of the individual I wanted to have it. based on how many items that person had asked for and what else he or she was getting. I did (his because I love my family and wanted to avoid the possibility of squabbles over material things. Why should anyone Tight over someone else's belongings? Would it be better to sell it all at auction? I don'i think so. The photographs I took are with my win, so there will be no questions. I think the parents of "Wisconsin Reader" are trying to prevent problems by asking the kids what they want. In my opinion, "Wisconsin" is the one creating the trouble. -- A NEBRASKAN IN NORFOLK DEAR NORFOLK: Thanks for your inpuL Here's another on the subject: Dear Ann Landers: I believe I have a fair solution to the problem of how to leave your belongings to your children. My son-in-law and his brother did this when their father passed on, and both boys seem satis fied. The boys met in their father's home and drew straws. The longer straw had first choice of what item he wanted, and the other boy made the next choice and so on. I wouid, however, suggest that children (or parents) decide beforehand to consider certain items as single units. For example, all the bedroom furniture would be one item, likewise the antique desk and matching chair, the good set of china and other matching pieces, to avoid having the selection process take forever. I ptan to do this with my own children, even though I am - NOT READY TO GO YET IN GLENDALE, CALIF. DEAR GLEND ALE; My thanks to you and all the others who wrote. You signed yourself "Not Ready to Go Yet" Unfortunately, in a good many instances, you "go" whether you are ready or not. ANN LANDERS® ©10818, Creators Syndicate FRANK & ERNEST GARF1ELD EVERV CAT HAS TWO SIPE3. 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Today you'll be able to talk openly about your expectations 01998 by NEA, Inc. HOW ARE YOU, BEETLE SSSt ? r I it Crossword THE GRIZZWELLS OH.WM..I UAP T£fefelH£ THE BORN LOSER r -, TO TRlrAt O-MTft QVX£ YOU 1 UiTEKD WILL YOO STOP WITH TVUVTHC ^O4£ TKKT IGOTP^W!''' TK6 DULY THIHGTW £V£K GOT Length over strength By Phillip Alder How strong does a suit need to be for you to suggest it as a possible trump suit? I well remember a deal in which I had the 5-4-3-2' of spades. I opened one club, partner responded one heart, and I rebid one no-trump, in principle denying four spades. Partner, with A-K-Q-J of spades, raised to six no-trump, "knowing" we couldn't have a spade fit. Well, as trumps were 3-2, six spades was lay- down, and six no-trump was — in theory, at least — no play. So don't be nervous about bidding a weak suit if it couid be the right denomination. On this deal, North did well to use Stayman to uncover the heart fit. Many players would just jump to three no-trump, reaching a contract that should be defeated. Still, South has to back up North's excellent bidding decision with good card-play. What would you do after West leads the diamond jack? Check your losers. Assuming a 3-2 trump split, you can see three: two hearts and one diamond. So, you mustn't lose a black-suit trick. Alternatively, you start with seven top tricks: two spades, one heart, two diamonds and two clubs. So, you need to score three more trump tricks. After winning trick one, duck a trump. Win the return, cash the heart ace, and play on crossruff lines. Trump two spades in the dummy and two clubs in your hand. It doesn't matter if East overruffs, because you were counting that loser anyway. You will concede just two trumps and one diamond. If you carelessly start with the ace and another trump, East will draw a third round, leaving you a trick ahort. ACROSS 1 Du«t —(bed decoration) 7 Dried coconut me*t 12 Unconcerned, ethicaJry. 13 Corroded 14 Dew 15 LMerary work* 10 Nervous twitch 17 Haifa dance? 18 Unit of energy 21 Japane*e American 23 important time 26 Prepare the water (or p**ta 28 Fu*a 29 New »ocl«Ute 30 Swollen gland 31 Sub*criptlon- department'a daltght 33 On the kx>e« (2wd«.) 36 Dr. Zhrvago'* lov« 37 Wedding-page word 38 And 40 Worry 41 Insecticide (abbe.) 42 Streak of color (on • bird) 44 White House Inlt*. 45 Down In the dumpe 46 Boxing-victory abbr. 48 Barbaric 51 Wore away 55 Tolerated 56 President Reagan 57 Utes a VCR 58 Malr tangle* DOWN 1 Uncocked 2 Actr»«» Thunman 3 Dandy 4 Parity (used Answer to Previous Puzzle M L O B O E L 1 A S E E N A F A R D O N O E Y O T L E D A T U A N E S S I R E S T R U E Y A P S O E R S A G S 1 D L E D E E R E R S T alas* 5 Language of ancient Rome 6 Draw out 7 Pad 8 Greek peak STUMP "HO CaJ] for Answers • Touch- ton. cv Rotary PTWM -U . fct pw me*** 1-900-660-4500 exl. code 100 9 School org. 10 Bridge of San Lul* — 11 They're often classified 13 Draw back 18 flow 19 Won by a large margin 20 Gravy tidbit 22 Most painful 23 — G. Robinson 24 Brought up 25 Remove by evaporation 27 Mauna — 32 North Pole worker 34 Wrecks 35 Moved In an effortless way 39 Aquatic mammal* 43 Ohio city 45 Marqul* de — 47 Mrs. Charle* Chaplin 48 Used a bench 49 Arty.'* org. 50 Llmo user 52 Women'* patriotic *oc. 53 Building wing 54 Orthodontist'* deg. ALLEY OOP WELL. NOW, I HATE TSEE GOOO-LOOKJN' CROWN MEN STARVE.' WHY DON'T YOU FELLAS COME ON OVER. TO TH' tCETTLE AN' G«AB A PLATTER.? IS. NONE ...BUT LOOKJN'.' KIT'N'CARLYLE HERMAN C 1996 by NEA, Inc "Why take a week off? You've got time to get married and have a honeymoon on one of your coffee break*."

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