The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 30, 1932 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, May 30, 1932
Page 5
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THE DAILY NEWS, FREDERICK, MD . MONDAY. MAY 30. 1932. FIVE DEATHS Mis. John M. Cook. Arma M. Oook, «ife of John M. Cook, died at her home in Kagers- tovn Kiday .oight rroai coffipiicatioiit. aged 50 j^ans. Sise was a mesnber oi Among County : AMONG THE SICK j TOW.IHDCOIVICTEO . P ^1 - I r.nill m -tnantt With DeadlY \\VatM Women's Clubs Meeting At Point of Bocks. The Point o! Rocks Woman's Club ' Mrs. Ghars Mefarlins, West South i .street, vho suSered a heart attack Fri- ! cay a^ht. is improving. ;. Carrie Webb. West Third street, to the house since last Thursday. i Guilt Of Assault With Deadly Weapon . On Filling Station Proprietor. Convicted by the Carroll count; Cir- c'iit Court alter a 'e»' aunutes i?liberation. of making, an assaui* with a . capon oa Zoland Z£e in s -up of file's park and S11...1E ^ta- tion Taylorsv le Febr^an .;:. Ix---.-:' N.'.uu-U To School Board. The coiuruisslon to be member of the board of education of Carroll county i by Governor Albert C Houell Davis, of Wool- Mr 0avis who is active »«*:-· and is a prorn- Thoimi. L. S'..:islutt. New Wir.dsor. who has «ned en the board for ;»o teru^ n p**rKxi of t\\i*l\e yoars Ritchie to J lory's District in LOCAL MENTIONS Qprnltu Uauce. Hill Top House. HARPERS FERRY EK-.vri'.lo:: Day May 30 Finr W ito!-. Krpairinc. SAM VIZ, I- TYUiS. LOCAL MENTIONS POTTS GRIFFIN. Chicken Supper and Strawberry festival in Ml. Pleasant' you 3.,,,. Kail. Thursday. June 2 From 5 to 10 j»c.*ro fie . p :n Benefit Reformed Church. Price -^ "/"".I , Wr *'V *f : 's'-V" TONIGHT .oct b-.c« I n t o the i NOTICES. ., - ^ · _n^-^jr j--w v.---- .- -- -- . _»i_^ Mary Neighbours, North Market -.^^d-r $10.000 bond Friday as his a.'.Karry ThOinas. Hagc^totrat a-rs. yres- j _ ...,;...,,._ Tie :rcll call vas responded 3.^, who "underwent an operation for -omeys filed a nation asking for a too Favoriie. Tisursacnt; MIS. Aiie. ^ by .. The .^^ ..^^ j ^^ r . ead .j,^ . appe ,, dici .,. ; at ^ Frederick City Hos- : --«· sr-.ii. A number oJ w-,;* Cook. Beil. and Mrs. losses O*.-.-K:. . v ·,, ^^ L £ S^aJoose gave an - p..^ several days ago. B improving ' ^rmsed To'iiiie.ud as the man »!w FUBistown: brothers. Rooert ^^f^T ^ acco;in: o ; a meetirs of the Back**- ,,,«.,.,. mrt Martin, Tturtaoct. and Harry ar.c _^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ o . . he Josepfa Martis. Hagerstovcn. ^ ^.^ ^ George ssiitfc. Waikersville. Pnneral Sunday afternoon s~ · « , - M^. T p. SCAIIY. c^rmar. of Rue wbo ^, C p*ra«d upxi at me Fred- o'ctock at Chris'. Reformed ^hvircs · ^^ ^ ; o 0 Tr-5 program. ; e , ic5: c , :v hospital recrctly, is anprov- *i£h services by Use pastor. Her. H. A., g^..^ .j^^'s O M S*e« Sons," Miss ..^ .j^;. Ftepeman. Interment ia Rose Ht_, ^^ ^. r ^. ;i . ^^ 3., ^wrestps ac; "" cesaeiery. ' count of her recent visit :o the DU- cuvid C. Winbreiaaer. HI. this city. Mar:--land Training School fcr Girls at ! oont Gardens near Philadelphia; one sevn?Mrv of State, is convalescing at Montrose, iss re-committed to a:l Jc-r John W . Pryor. - . . . . - John W. Pryor. aged 84 years, Higharid. died as his home ai Friday after a six months' i".ifss the park that night and the night precectr-S Tonr-xi-nci a- suipvpd -.. prove that he was in Baltimore court- **· i* »n? ti_ui?. Margaret GreenwcKxi. wlio pleaded daughter and was commi'.Ufd to the LOCAL MENTIONS Kwr Sale--Polami-l'hina ri-s.. 10 Wcetj. O'.d S* Your ,h.»^-e H COli^i-'lOWKK. PHONE IS04-F-JJ -He I'oUo" ThrtxS a K**l Time. CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK O:'.OEK NISI ON SM-Zs IN flit OKS'KANS I'OVK : O! Frele::cl£ Cfuo'.y. Mi--. :-.r.s «»r;. T'---.. :93 Ju ;^e M»f.*r o! the Site o! '.be R«: JOHN N. CLAEY. ·rs displaNifd a frseudshiy locgei to her gra^d- :, pieces of old china *ere '·; _ _ - history given; the tra- i " ;. He »-as for .nsny y«^{^"^ 3 ^fthe pir'.sres on the old Chin- ' E fairoer in that s^cuon.. e ^ ^_: :o7r pauem plates »as read. Rec- Baltimore. n^ in operation tlier- 30 ·*xs by Jucs room for . enlargtM Jiall a: O F^- I ·_,, c harge of '-he hostess. : closed by the club PERSONALS s veil known Surviving are these children: -John; H, Hasniltoa; W-y-t-. D.. and C!ar-; SUXIVIK. .« ^--- -· ,. TM ence. of HighSrid; Anna Belle. HMM- ^^^ LO^ Ago." Miss Pear- , Miss Dorothy Gale, Clarke Place,, burg. Pa.; Harvey. Lantz: Walter. Bal- = ^f-^, ^ p^at en j-..-e 8. at the ' *Pea*- ^ week-end in Baltimore. Urnce*. Two brothers, C. C. Pryor, j h f ^j^ ^ L Blessing. ! , ~~ . SabOiwrae, and Luther Pryor, Baeas ! o=:e °" ' Mrs- Charles H. RejEsberj and young Vista also stirvive. i Funeral at 10 a. m.. Tuesday in; \ * / U ' l II I I Ml ^.V i P«r.?ceric._t Citr Hospital, reuiraed 10 Bechel church, w^th biirial in the ad . . ^ T SIMMONS. 1 school. ^ ; ^if^yv" ^^^^ ! «e MU, Ue Are SeUin, A, Oar Kara, | cashier of trho was sentenced w three years in · the Ho.ise of Correction. The petition ! Pleasant Valley B^ni- '·* P'-^^^ ox-:uii-.^:v iron: our o»r ;_^rsi We dre Furnlililng Container*. C1JAR1-ES \VEHTKEIMSR jr a ce ^ .^ Cro .. se by :be ol :! * joining cemetery. ]rrec«ic* «--- .^^x_...^.^^ TM ( hearins TMesGav or. .the-r borne on Wilson avenue on Sun- ^^ to s . rli ^ ^ l, e ,, dsn:e::t r*A\~ ! _ _ Play Golf. The C:ty Miniature Golf Course. Ur.cor ne»" miriageree:it. His r.o-A opened for the season Con-.e o:;e--Come all. i day. LeKoy M. Virts. LeHoy M. V:rts, a laborer on the Bal- Railroad, died sud- -Borkbolder. Miss Charlotte Prances Bvirkholder. i : Mrs. Charles j ,,, | testiraoay and verdic:. Charles and Mr. daughter of Mr. and Burkhalder. of FredsncS, uras married ] siree!i hitap Wer'Jieuser. West Third have moved to the:r cottage. Ladiesburg j Attention PuUrfholden! · On and after June 1st jny office w:!' i be lc^atsi at H'o West Pa' street, | D-.xrr Blue and Grey Bnauty Parlor ! GEO. L ROTHEXHOETSR. Last and Best Danre ) at Doubs S-A-ttrh. Monday Night. Ma | "day ; 33 - Music by Jolly S'.ring Band So ; bus. Special fcatiire, cake walk Ad- , mission. 3oc. lie. ! THE N A T I O N A L BANK OF J K K i r K , MO CAPITAL $100,000.00 SUKPLUS $800,000.00 OfflCKKS JOSEPH D. BAKER. Ck-nrtnan of Board. :j' Kr;vr: C XEWTIJS THOMAS. JOHN HERi=!!Sij;KviEK. L.OVIS c ETX-H:SON. iifTi o! - h e Or;- ·!· »' CALTON V HJ-LN- JOHN X CLAP.Y. .: !.:»* O: i L - _ - i r N P SfHEPLEY. t:j:*r c: tt :.:i, Fr Q ·Phor.e 36 9 S C-r.rt St v!?rFK NISI ON KM.EK the O--;i:»-J3 Court o; Frricr.cit Co-jr.: M»rj:i:ii A;ir-.l Tun. 1M3 NOAH E. CRAMER SON. }t,' .if. v.r oi h : -.;*...£ C - . - - : v . ^nj- rr^:or r* 'avr.rxi -i::J conrirrr:'-^. ur. !:·' p::or to I --Mr. and Mrs- T. C. Peterson ol 1 Virginia. Albert Smith anl Etanie! Axtei: V 5 -^ and fou- sisters. Mrs. I^aks Dix- i ing Sowers carryir^ out the color on. Mrs. Harry Dei'-rich. Mcs Harry j scheme of pink and whKe. Preceding , Miss Mary Louise Lochner enter--,,- , spf ^ n _ g a vacation of a weoi with . ^ Snoots a'' o' Brj=swiek. and Mrs. Mary ' the ceremony tne grooms sister, its ; ed .i, e Volunrtas class of ihe Evange.- ' g., ub . St Moo-e Knoirrille. survive. Funeral | H. O. Fleetnrood, Waihisirton. sa.og . :ca ; Reformed Sunday school at her; ^^ Lu''-er B'essing vls-ed he--1 'Phor.e 567-J Tuesday afternoon at 1 o'clock from his | '-Because," accompan^d by Mrs. Rich- ; hO!SC O n Dill avenue Friday evening. , ' I ^ ^.^ Grabill. on Mo.-.- 1 late home, with services by Rev. James j ard Gay, who also played u*e wed- . . ; , « ,, . " ' ! Daniel, pastor of the Baptist church-: ding music. : Intenrent in Point of R-scks cemetery. The bride was given in marriage by 1 Son. funeral directors, s her father. She wore a becoming gown . Speak's Beauty Shoppe. | Holmes, nvina^cr. Special t:._is j manth Marcel or Fia;cr Wave anti { hanipoo. S2 00. Permanent Wave. $4 00 · 217 S Market St. President. JOHN H. BAKER. i:« cov-ir ^ri^sn PHONE C. H. Feete and T' 1 on£iTr-|-rkt»7-n Idlltiy LUWI1 Taneytown. May 30.--5 --Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Smith spent i Thursday evening in the home of C. E i · Staub. ! Gamer who spentthe week-end among, -Those who visited the home of i Frederick His'a School. '.933 C'.ass Rings. Heavy Weight, S4S5. McCLERRY S JEWELRY STORE A!be - BMffinger remained and JOSEPH McDiviT, Viee.rresideat. WILLIAM G. ZIMMERMAN. Cathter. SAML'EL G. DUVALL. Assistant Cashier. J. TRAVERS THOMAS, c NEWTON THOV.AS JOUN HEIvSHlSEHGER. LOUIS C ETCHS9OS. J :;Jsr5 of thr Orr-*iar: * Co'^ ! T L J N K . CARROLL I'tEUCE. E\-»-::ors ' S'.^ J: S:orm. A::orr.ry^ ' Tr-^ Copv -- T^^t · MEtVIS F S!IEJ'LEY. : K ff !« f T of \V::u ior rrrdT!clc Courj-.y. j MISCELLANEOUS. T'JNV.NG A ..,,- , · · ; i ~ \v. s Wei: 13'.'! AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE. d dsy _a-30 Jc «-!S reception was held. Mr. and Mrs. Wat- - -- " - - - . - · - - . ! ers teJt on a trip South. The bride ^ s ^~ a » me t:nle wuh iL ' an ° i Mrs. Laura Cline ^'ore s, blue suit -scith a blue ha; and Mrs. Laura Cline, widow of Wesley , accessories ta match. Upon their re- ilr£ ' S. Carolina first ·Reek in June will taice load o! | ·1 of Tharmont. ' furniture at reasonable price Phone I N. Market St. i _ Zit" 3 ^" M-- John Baker and I * spVnding'a'Yex daVs with her sister.! 89I-M. or Write 828-A. in^nwr a-ri Yoccrim Younkoskie. Lottie TroxeU. j Frederics Md. st home: John. Church Ffll. and Frarti; Frederick and Washington. DIRECTORS JOSEPH D. BAKER. TBUMAS H. HAI.LEI:. CHARLES H. CON LEY. M D., JOHN S. N E W M A N . JAMES H GAMBRILL, JR., HOLMES L BAKER, DANIEL BAK^K JR., JOHN H B \ K E R . EI.IAS K KAVSKI-RRH. ARCHIBALD E- FISHER. ORDER .NISI OS AUDIT NO i:3«« EQUITY. !-. :h* Circa.-. Co-ar: For Prcdirlek Coun-.y. Si-..i:jg !n Equi!)- : May Trr3. 1333. I In '..!« n-._i::rr o: :ht AuJ::or's Report . r.__. :^* 3lsr dsv o! May. 1S3Z ' O-dTf-1. I h i l on ;he 6ii: ciav of June. . !ijr. ti:r Court Will pror-'-.! to ac* ujxin tne i ":r a^Qir C3US* 1 . to ft::ally ra::fv and con- ; iir::i the ^3n:.-. unless cause :c l?.* contr-ir^ ;__-recf ·* sliat- J n 5f-tor? sai-i day; provi^et! | . coT-y of ordfr bf p-jbiishcrt ;a ssmf ! _: rt vr^par^r D^b'." t h*d in ?r-"!rr!c'-c County, a* i ·-.-: s^-.-r. ri-ivs prior ;o saiJ (iay i Datrd :lsl day ot llav. i93I ; ELI G I'.AUGH. ] Ork or the Circuit Court for Fredfr:.:.; i I LATE ESSEX 5EPAX FINS C ^:: A re.'.: £·-; A;-:-.v S \ \ - - ; 1. ·.: £· CHICKS FOR SALE. BABY cmcKS --«i::ssr AVU V.'KITE K.X-;:. s c :·."!,. ····' ·-·· '.v ·-.-.- ·-·-« iri B-Jtr Orr:::^:'j::". S-T.'O J-- .- B! ».-i li.i.its. s::oo. I-:-M\V a - o r . .:. t s " - A ' o ^·.-..-tra j'r.'d e'sRs. "-Prop.- 4-i'.'. -ti c:::e-: H;--.'.-ry. tlS Eai'. PiT.c'v '".ri- : ;-;7-d3: F o R SU.E p .. ;cc , 0 , j., -BAR" CHICKS, SfECIAU Chlct Kaicssrv. Wi. -tf:..v .!'"!) RohrbacV. So'.icitor True Copy -- Test. G KAUGH. C'.erll d :r.aT 23-31 NOTICES. Cline, at home; also two sisters. Mrs.. Amanda Smith, Frederick, and Mrs. I Helen Keller, near Myersvine.-Funeral Tuesday afternoon at, 2.15 o'clock from j An Infant : W. Fisher, pastor of the bride. They --Mrs. Margarette Roatzahn, of Wesi- i aiinster. spent Saturday with Miss Lot--Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shanebrook. ! "- TraxeU. r Gettysburg, were rtsltors Sunday | - Jts - ^^ ^ le - ° r Frederick, is ORDER "IS! ON SALES In Th- 1 ORPHANS' COURT or Frederic* Couritv. Maryland. i April Term. i_)3I I I~ the Matter of the Sale oC Hie Real i K t.i:c of E!:_:abeth Nichols, deceased j ;.i tne Matter of t!:e Report of Sales. ! r -.: tr.c 9:h day of May 1D32 | Ords-rrf. by the Orphan's' Court ot Pred- th;s 9ih day of May. 193:. , EXECUTOP. o N?~r E ; TilU i? to Ki'.e "-*- c* ti-^'- '.'-.f- s-;.:_.crloer^ j have ebtair.rc! lro.r: '.-v 0.711-:-." Ccur;^ of Frrceriri Ccur.'.y. in v.^.-".i:id. :;;:or« j.cs- HANSAH HO'JSS. i3te of Frrti.-ici C o u n t x . .Ma-Jl-.nd. deceased AU prrori5 .-.i'..::.: cl-i :"s 2-±inst The d'-ceas^d ire ^ir;:".- '" r*~ :..i tn? ^.ir^c. with the voa;l:-rs trs-.-.--ir .:· ;·.:· -i-jthcnt:- cated, to t n e ^j.;-cr.Ucr, oi: or _ j _ r l . re :he 9tri day of Dwensbjr. If-'2. :·..-·;:. :.-.?:·- --..^7 otherwise ty la" be »-i:c..:d.": fr..-.: al. c?^?- .-ivr j . :o t h e i ^rere - attended by Charles MiUer. of ;--; ~^''~?\:'S'^*~~v~ £££Z, I soeaidi.3g some time with her daughter. Louise Crampton. colored, in- j state Sanatorium and Miss Lillian Ciiip- at the hoaje Oi ^^^ ano Mrs ' "UUam | , v _ ^^^ .n Mrf ^ ra .. fant daughter of Clayman and Dorothy j :ey. sisttr of '£.: bride. The bride was ; Stover, near to^u. ^ -«.«.., AteiA oh r*n.a VlOTTlfi of her 1 ^r- ; -(xH i^i TT---^._I v-rtst /*aj--=1^ ^ncp« THp ^T- and ^£TS. Crampton, died at the home of her I attired in -- hit parents near New Market Saturday a.'- | ceremony was l temoon at 5.30 o'clock, months. Funeral this morn o'clock, with services at chapeL Interment in adjo: tery. W. E. Falconer, funeral :e and carried roses. The William Ohler and i Xotice. Tbe Board of Managers of Mount , Mrs. Chas. Biddinger. Olivet Cemetery riereby oSer a reward , --ilr. and Mrs. Paul Saylor. Mrs o: S25 for information leading to the j Emory Saylor and Paul Baker, spent arrest and conviction ot anybody steal- , P. LUTHER RICE. I ih-it the ^ale of Rest E-i:atr rri | N.rho.s late of Fredericlc County, drceased. i f_- o f i.iid eitatr r!:--" ; tii.-; day repor'.'d to t h U Coart by her El- ! decease.! are desired Vo in^ie i.r.:r._r.lii;e ·"-·::.,- be ratiHed and confirmed, tinless cau.-.c ' pavmen; ii the contrary be shown on or before t h r i Given uuder Ely ha-.d thi^ 3*-i day or I 3'st day t,' May. 1932. provided a Co;./ o! i May, 11)32; t V * Order be pubiisheil In ?orr.e newspaper j D T. LINt-t. ; - ') .-..-.ed in Frederick C j u n t y for three vjc- CA^.KOLI, PISP.CS. FUNERALS Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Ha' a soers-t Sun- Toorhees--Starrey. I New Windsor Mrs Vernon " Lee J. Voorhses, of Long Island City, i ! N. T.. ani Martin. A. S-tarvey. oi Ath- ! eris. Pa., were married at the Evangel- New Windsor. May 30.--Miss Harriet j o f Union Bridge, visited his sister. Miss I Sunday. ! --Mrs. H. F. Staraer spent Taescaj J in Frederick. -Mr. and Airs. Stewart Brandenburg. faaeml d "j-^^j," p "^-giV j i^l Heforrced parsonage by Dr. Henri : Grave has returned to her home after i Emory Savior," last Sundav. .t her home at Eminitsbtsrg ^G - *-i*£e~- °~ Sataraay, May 2S, at I having spent the past several weeks ^vith . _MT S . Peterson and Carr-1 as coac-acted Friday at St.! 3 P- m MIA CatbcOe czmrch ^^-.^| McXair-Baker. J - ( ?T 0 ' ' iP ^ S - "e-^e^ at Tan»y-! William Geiwicks McN'air and Gladys ; --Miss Mable Han.nan. Taneyiowr.. is : rainiunity Wednesday evening Caiiiolic cnurcn - -.r v -. , Q^J*.^^ 332=,- tj.^-., o ; Taneytown, | visiting at the home o; her sister. Mrs. plenty of hail not large enough to do ; ; were married by Dr. Henri L. G. KieSer ; diaries Bachmai!. | any damage. The storm blew over the ; --Miss Dorothy SouiseU. Baltimore, is ' Tis;t!=2 Miss Elizabeth Miller. ·, a business trip to Woodsboro Sat- ' jallon. .y evening. --A very severe rainstorm visited our i with Drink More MUk. j Maintain your youthful complexion by j sriri :ing three elas: :s of milk evtry day j Your cheapest in:" best food. 2C: z' CHARLES WERTHEIMER town- T 'imeral o' Mrs Emma J ^ee" a ' the 3vartgelical Reformed parsonage | --^Dr. and Mrs. H. C. Bixler enter- large silo of Mr. Roy Dem anti fl-»i- | took place from" her" late home" near or - Saturday. .May 23. at 9 p. m. j taiced_the members of the graduating : ed and washed cornfields. Modern Apartment For Rent Apply Weil Bros. 410 North Market St. Sew Market Friday morning at o'clock, -with services at Union chapel.; conducted by Hev. Mr. Phillips, assisted ; Sam's Creek ; Creek. May 30.- amer. Miss Carri ler" 3 Willis Boyer, Stale? Fl-ook, David i Mr. and ^.trs. George J Bnsnner. Tobias Martin, Roy Delauter. i cent caTars at the hen ' cl-iss of the Blue Ridge college at dinner ' a t Sam's Creek. May 30.--Mr. and Mis. | -= a;i ? ~ l z ~- the Maryland University by Elder J. M. Bttrall and Rev. r,. H. Sa --.. ... . , _ , , . Wasner Th» ija^bearers- Harry Mil- ! Earl XVamer. Miss Carrie MoXally and Hospital. Baltimore, j^ice Tinaergosn? an "·^ " ^~ ~ - - · - - - -- - %£Ze- Tv*-e re- appsncicfcis operation. Sunday, in adjoinins; cemetery. E. falconer, funeral director. ome of Mr. and W.: Mrs. 'Ezra Miller and family, near here, j City Cleanup Days --Chas. Biddinger spent one day rec- Tuesda". Wednesday. Thursday and their home Tuesday. · ently with his daughter. Mrs. George : Friday, May 31 ar.d June 1. 2 and 3.! -El-arood Snader. -srho has been crit- James, of Washington, D. C. . nave beer designated as the annual City j " u ' " '' · i Cleanup Days. Residents are requested j _______ · to iet out all refuse for collection. Cle^n- j TlPirmY* ' J -° d - £ w ] ^ o'^se"^ in varicrtis AVCI/WU.J. ,.,,,,.. ^ fo - 10TS . Tues[j2 3-. s y! f : :f*cr- oa Part S3.500 w'.th any other property higher price. T%-o ;hird' ieft in proper".- 1s desired A re»l opportunity for th' cariy bird -'" . A JOB AWAITTSG VOO 8 room T.odern brie* ciielhr.g for sourist , business. w::__ ce^cr.t olocic .r.odern Oiling station including one acre for camp'.nz p-Jr- , 27 acres on Risiriway near FredericK. duell- ing iKi'-h electricity, bath and srav:ta--:or- sys'.e-n A r-a: opportua:-.y for -.ouris- and filling station Dusint-ss F\P.MS POrt jALE of any sire, price and .ocatlon For lnformatl.n. opporliini'.ic-. satisfactory service and con5Citntio;n adrice. -ten t ia. -.0 consult P-.ce P LCTIIER P-ICE. iiSAL ESTATE 23 EAST f:?IRD d l FO3 REST --3RD Ft OOi:. FHQNT AFAET- rr.cnt. Min'r. B-J::i.r.:- C''-s V.'cr:'.:---.- r'JE Copy Test- Exec-utor and Attorney si.-r. MELVTS P SHEPLEY. Register of Wills Tor Frederick County. Md ·i may 3-1S-I3-30 FOR RENT -- -URN'tSKSD AT.-.r:T"=.::' second J'.oor. :05 Z.-.-- Scror.d .-.--"1 FOP. RENT -- APARTT.tEVT. kitchenette, fcv.h. el;: r h«!. yard r-.nd sjrS;r.. P.- Moderate price. J. :.:. C ORDER NISI O" SALES NO 124S7 EQUITY. In the Circuit court: Ior Frederick County milling !n Equity i May Term. S933 i W!".-:ani P. Kintl. Surriror u.' iu» A Xintz . POR RENT -- PUTIN" a n d W.I.lam "?. Kintz. Mortcagces or j n-.ent Cenir.-.l'y Harvey H Marsh and Ella L Marsh, hi.' j 2708 care :."cTi-?;;: F O f H P.OO--S. SHSa S-KOO'.f FOR REKT.-- 6-HOO:t em c3nTe..r.c?^ ?. ses-.ion J'-^c Is: Arr Detour, May 30.--Mr. and Mrs. Vic- · Wednesday. northwest: Thursday. lay 30--The Conference of the Reformed Churches _ cauehter. Jeans of Carroll county vili be held a; Batist, : Ha. -ey Burgess, same. --Dr. and Mrs. P. Wilson, Carlisle. ·j --JITS. Grace SnaSer. Baltimore, ^ j ?a -- «pe=t Sunday -srlth Rev. and Mrs tor Weybrignt of Bronxrille. Jfe^ York. =3uth?--st: Friday, northeast. | spending ?. fe-3- days ·wrSi her niece and i Carlos Dunagan. spent several days vciih the farmer's . operation of the -iblic is urged ar.d I nephea-, Mr. and "its. Barl Warner.! --^ 3is - «-2aabeth Scker attended the parents, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Wey- -jrii: be appreciated, i this place, i! --Mr. and STAR FURNITURE CO. * ^==^1 of her brother John D. West, bright. -rn--- i -rsburg ind Wav_aesixro Pa o-e =«- ; " -Mr. and ilk Clvde Warne oJ K. Of P. Visit Made. _ _ _ _ _ and A di^-c 1 meeting of Knights 'a- 530 'daughter. Catfcertae~T«re Sunday call-. ?T^2S -aras held at Charity Lodge. ' guests at the home of Mr. ana Mrs ;s of this feature, ! ers at the home of Mr. ar.d Mrs. James' "^cstrrunster. on Tuesday evening Luther Reesler. Blu fol- iCrabbs. Roc.p's Mill. lowsi Commtini-- sinr-?- -e= =y Rev. | --Mrs. Prink Stitely. 3 Dr. Harry N. Bassler, Westminster; call- . King. Xeyc^ Windsor: Mr. ar.a The co- ELMER F. MUNSHOWEH. Mayor. Baby Chicks. SS.50 one hundred. Barred R:k=. . ner. Union Bridge, and Mr. and Mr* ; White Wyar.dottes. R. I. Reds. s Erb, Rockville, -were Sunday : aie of Mr. ana Mrs · ue Ridge Summit. Pa i visitors were Deputy Su- --Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pitz and chil- ! Charles ] ? reln e Chancellor Reno S. Harp. Grand , dren. Emmitsburg: Mr. and Mrs Jarnes , ·^, t Outer Guard Edward Akers. J. Clarke ; Warren and Mr. and Mrs. Guy Warrrr. · Ready Tuesday. May 31. K M. SHAFF. "Ph^e I8I5-F-22 JeSersc-r.. Md. Rent-A-Car. Drire-It-yotir;lf. Ne^sr Lo-- Rates Gas ar.d O.'. Included PR.ASCIS SCOTT KEY GAHAGE. BAHGAINS IN FURNITURE. SO s::ss:'.7 -asei refrigerators. »'u siiei. S4 03 to S1200 !00 '.!'.'· bas. ---51 mewl S2 . :5 " P ... -~, e._tect: cf ercrjr t.nd an.! description. ne" ar.i -Cl^h'.lv ;:-~i. at unheard c! prices Co_T.e in r n d 5e'd "..-.a- TC-J can ^3Te n-.-jre th-sn Sjlf "A'e ».l: tr»iie ycjr o'.i :.:rr..-..;ri in Vo-r credit is K^scil here STAR FURNITURE CO . 313-323 North Market Sircel. Frcicr:.:£. :.tiry'.3r.i ^rif-. ;.rortJ?a5ors On Petition. In the Matter or tno iiepcrr oi S*Je.« Siea the 2nd tlar of May. 1922 Ordered. That on the 31*! dnv of Mav. 1932. tiie Court ir»:i proceed to act i -^r-33 the Report 01 Saie-s o: Rea» Esti-.e 1 repori-d ts sai.! Ctsarl by William P Klntl. | FOR RENT -?AKT?.:EN" I S-j.--.-.vine MortssK's in the abovj cause, ana j r.c.t stre»:. 6 rc'.ir.- s..; f.led there.n as aforesaid to finally ratify and Garage and Ir,---; ^'r-it" ' cDr.^rm the *.!-ne. ur;i"ss cat:se to the con- ' 1 t r a r r thereof -32 nho=»n before sa.d day. ; . provided a copy of '.!-.:« order 5e inserted .1 some ncT.spiper piiSlithei in Frederic!: i CT.:ntv for tSree rjcreMi--!! Treet-s prisr to ;·.:·; da- Trie report states the amount of sale* tc r - SI.47; (X) Dittrd this 91h dav of Mav. 1332 EL: G BAcaa. CMeri o: the Circuit Court for Freder-.ct County Jicss P.chrbac.:. v..c:tor. Tri;e CDPJ--Test: 2IJ G. HACGH. Clc.-l 3:37 3-1S-23-30 | SECOND 5T.OOH. ; ;.-, r rer.t t03 \V " p-QR ( 231 RENT -- FtT.3STSH~n JC- s»^-r:d S: '?r _ _ --? ^T.T" ._;. -SIX-HOC TOR REXT ?.:g sc.-.i. WANTED. ·^st Kiotise: C-orsistonal ' charn. vras a. recent visitor in the home discussions -- general theme, "pe - of Mr. and Mrs. Ira Smith, near here. Church." Rev. Felix 3. Pecst a--"ilie Church and The Nation." Thsod-e F. ' to*n. ETsnt Monday evening ir" Char'es R Fyjt;. Jr_ and Irvin home of the latter's da-jghtcr and soniiger: b.--"The Cr.tircr. and the · in-!a-. Mr. gr.d Mrs. Clyde VTamsr. iiirrs-.- o:hn B. Baer. William R --M-. C. L. Alexander and srar.d- Cnger att-d'william J. I_ Hu??: c.--"Tl-.e : iiurl-ter. Miriatr. Scfcneicer. s-d Mrs Church and the Membership or jC-eo--e M-i:sr c_Cl-55 on Mr. and ifrs ·ridnal." FranS S. LeTi D. Maus ' WUIisrr. Green and family, Sattccay asd Oliver M. Cru5e: c.--Summary of ^Sscassions and concluiicr.. Dr. Ba-55'.eri closing service. President Kr.ouse Tae program as arranged Is designec 1-tsrr..; «f 'n-r parer.'.s. 1 *3 bring b»*o-» the co-fsrence the irr.- : E. pace. porta=i problems of the cl-.ur-:h ar.c :a : --Mrs. Waller Er.?cl sper.t Fr.ciy ana disross them islorstslly. 'Sararcay --::h dau;r.ter. Mr.= - · Harrsy H:;ick. near SvkcsvUle. .i ne meeting tras in charge of District Grand Chancellor A. "L. Loy jj- a _.j its ?a;l3 gj.-.-.rg.- xjnior.- ' plans ~ ere discussed about the Pythian Shorb attended a tea Mor.cay giver, by ; """ " . » -- -- " p^gyinja-e at Brad-Sock Heights --hioh trie H^me -Econc-mico Department of the i ·s^ll be held Mcnday. July 4. Waliersv.C« High -scliool. · --Miss Katlierine Roberts. Waliers- CarroH Clerics Meet, The last meeting of the CarroJl Best Focn'ain Service In The C.ty. --Mrs. E. Lee Srb and Mas Va'.Lc ' PSOPl^HTS SERVICE DRUG STOH3S. , PR\CTTC-.'.. NVP.S5 -- ".VANTa CONGENTM j-Hcsctrrosvs NOTICE. r - , ^ is to ;.ve notice that the s-JS^criiier ; - fiilainr-. fron; the Orphan-' Coi;rt of ' ~'.r:.-i Cvj-ly. in Mirj-land. letters ADHI.VN C McCASOSti. -e r.t F.-edrr.c,: Cc^nt;,-. MirjlanS. ile- r--.-ed All per-ons Mav.ns cla.n.- :r.e d"r*a^e.! are -yarned ta ei.::._.-t the c ^ n e . Tt.-.h the T3-jrn'"^ 'hereof, .ecall;. sj- irer.'.flie-i. to the ^-..-^riier. en or before Garber's Slier? FOR RE!iT--SE FOR r.SNT._-,;o:Dr.?.N ". --XTSD --rOitTTOX '.S COOK OR v.Ile. *?et;t the TeeS-eiid -R-ith Mr. ar.i Mrs. E. L«e Ero. Mr. ar.d Mrs Errc.-t For Sale. Good Va'.-jes In Used Cars 3 -- Dodge S-_.d ar^. --Miss Ruth ?.S. Carlisle. Baltimore. spHiding a v;eek"s vacation at the 1-tsrr.e '-f her paren's. Mr. and i:rs. G IN MEMORIAM. Market Prices ^ . Gr3in Wheat. bu ....................................... Corn, bbl _ ...... ----- ...... ------------ S"' tire Stock and Produce. County;r._ai Union for this sea- r:a--er ar.d I-inSa L«-. Balt.- son ·sras he'.d laK Morxiay at the West- more, --ere -sees-enc -T-iests . mir-ster Theolcgtcal Seminary, ·xlth an Hamer's mother, ?vlrs. Bertha attendance of -2 members. Rev. Miles S. r? ReifiTiyder. paster of Baust Reforased ', _______________________ church, read a paper on "An Interpretation of the Book of Revelations." Of particular interest 'S'ss the re-election of the M.-istena! Ur.ic.ri ofScers. as fol- !_-3f=i President. R«v. Dr. Harry X. Bassler. Westminster; vice president. Rev Avery Donovan. Finksburg; secretary. ' Rev. ?. K. Williams. Union Bridge; treasurer. Rev. F. B. Baifey, Small-Rxxxi. ' Tbe union Tnll resume its meetings or. September 30. SE'.VING. t"-9 EAST 4TH 5-:4-i5l- E3GAS S McCAR-DEti. FOR RENT -- 5-KOD" :-.CrT?r. =:: V'C-.TH S* ».r- r *rt S It .-·:'- - ..... ~ ioevrolet Co-jpe. 1 -- Packard 7 Pzss-fzz" S-:dan. :-- Plyrao-Jth SedAS. I : i Tor. Po-- Tr_i;i- Ea57 '«IT:..V STALEY MOTOR CO. FTeder::.=:. Me. FOR SALE. FOB S \ J - F -- " t ~ K -· . _ o . Heifers -- OVBS Baas Cai Exhibit of Rabbits. Mu:h intores: in tie rabbit exhibit _.. of tlte All-Star Babbit Breeders -- ss ^ ihi'^n by Saturday ni;lit cro-ds. many 50 persons v-.e-*ir:g the di=plsy at 231 North Mar'set street. The feature of t'r.e exhtb- , itier. Tas trie JR^x rabbits, a ne~ breed. _ .. 4-: to 5 : -c ikr.'-.AT. to the industry frr only the 2c -o 4'"c'-ast three vears. Manv p^rwr-s tlirc-tszh- '--, f-1 deliver the bacjala,tsrea'« ser- j _.".r.'.~Z Jc to S - I c i o u : the»prectotere of the ex- rron .v. Au-osta Military Academy, Fort j 2c to 3c' stated, are bt-r-tmir.; rabbit far.- DeS-ir.;-?. r You shall always be remm:red, To Deliver Baccalaureate Sermon. j 2 j-^ -^-eary 7ror_c; of strife; Rev. Dr. H-:sri L. G. Kie3er. this · yo- s ha.-.; never be forgotv-n. As Ion; as Goci ..ha.ll ei-. e rr.e lift. For Sale. All £ir.ds of socor.c iiani Pipe fr3r: 1 x 3 tnthesi l-Eeaxs. an3 Angle Iron for Bjilding ouroofrS .rT.EDSRICK JUNK COMPANY. Prar.S Prop Thctt-e 383 OfEce -r.c War^ho-ise--Chapel Alley 3s'-eer: Third ar.d Fourth Sts. Hcsiiente--2:5 E Third St. ?OR SAt-E is-.'cr- NO t:43T EQUITT Ir. tl-e C re- t; f -- Freierici CtJur-ty s.t".n£ In £c I~ G :~ 51 M""'- ^.3= -r"* 1 * ^' S5-- '*' ^ S*TT- TjC2. :..-·- C'n-t ·s.l. r-3ce*-d to *;i -.-n ·--.·· H'pcrt of S--.c« of 3ei". Si-i:.-, r-po-trf FOR RENT --^-.SG2 ~ t M S FOR RE?rr -- DA Vt t A;r,..v L - - i C C-. ;r FOR RENT - * tODERN 3D3 ?2ri 3T;-.s f : -- rot'R-rtECF LF.STKER PAR' "' " "" Va . Ca'-vesT __ 3o :o oc ' :.=r= c-e t, the l-r- d^ar.a f:r f u r K.-cr. ? on .,f He- Dr X:-5er. ; La-n^ 4- -o 6c'T.-." R«x lioo.t ~-r.ed bv Lacv Lay- cadet at f.i.; A;?.ci?m;-. as is Joar Lambs reacts")"" - 2; :a fe S ^r.d-S .-?tt of Sng^ad. they stated, . of Washiugtor.. a graa Hogs ' "" 3c to 3 : -c'is vala. ' at $3,504. 'of Dr. T. S. Eader. tois city. cr. Sunday Spang'.er ; Pripr.ds may think that I f'-r;et I'ou. ^--- Dr X;"ffer. 1= a When they see me £ir.i'.o: is John B. s But little co they kno» tr.e sorrow. raaclsOTi | Wmcb that sm;l hides a".", t.-.e hils --HEB SON J. N. STAUB. Lower Prices On Scratch Pads.". liblets T.e^spr^r.t paper) No* 6 Cents a lb Bond ar.d BXJ'S Paper Tablets. Noi 9 Cents a !b. THE NEWS-POST. 5-^7 o HVJOH, Clcrj cr Ihe Circs.: C:-rt t;r FOR RENT ».TT~ ».CTTTi: ».?\P.T-:rNT FO-v S \~-'£. -- C - ' S H RKC-TSTr..K B^ 'xr..** fi^.^'n p-" ~ r t m e r.*^ tTiTM *'^'« "ho"^ r * r , *r.rf^-^". ^ ; -.L-V-- j ·r.,- c-rtes urn. Birbara' r ..,--.ate' StorK. a-:}-iiflf A T U S Copy -- ACS'! ^ j ·? t t i EI^I G HAUG Orlt. j d aay :S-23-30-Je. S ' POH P.ENT -, JJl.-S't St i 714 S Mirii STX ROO?-T ~O7SS CN Air.-.- tc c p -;-.-. OLD ···E'aSP^Pr.RS FOR Tz? NEWS OFFICS.

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