Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on March 20, 1942 · Page 3
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 3

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 20, 1942
Page 3
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a.T5f:;/rv' . --v> + ~i'*s* v " • teS^v^-- : lte^M%" : ^ •••• •'= : SIX--THE MORNING AVALANCHL Lubbock, Texas, Friday, March 20, 1942 Dial 4343 For The Avalanche-Jo tirhol dministration Leaders Seek To Suspend Sunday Double-Time Pay Dun •y family Has No Truck With I. S.: To Go To Paraguay -'.LANCASTER, Pa., Mar. 19 (U.R) ( —For the first time in 200 years, ,.the Martin family will not plow the \ rich soil of Lancaster county this . spring. :..'Seventh generation descendants of Swiss Mennonite immigrants, the Martins "don't hold" with sanitary ' regulations for dairies, school for children over 14 or "kinin 1 " in wars. So they are selling their 108-acre farm near Brownsville 'and leaving for Paraguay. -The only thing Elmer Martin, 52-year-old leader of the clan, is withholding from the sals of his farm equipment is a shiny new "riding cultivator " He will need it to work the land in the new promised land of the cnnonites. *- No Bossln' In Paraguay * Application has been made at »the Paraguayan consulate in Phil* adelphia for 38 families to enter Paraguay Consul Henry P. Pil- ?gert has" asked the State Depart- 'ment to lift war-time restrictions 'so the families can leave. * Asked what he would do if, af- ,ter he has sold his land and farm ^equipment, the government re- rfuses permission for him to leave, Turner Martin said: v. "I guess we'll just go to Para:*F YOU ARE CALLED -^bc prepared to serve in z VITAL capacity. '•'Acute need for men stenographers in military**defense offices. New Condensed Course prepare* quickly for this needed service. Box M. * i ' C3'N_J-i&''£VZxft<Xl BUSINESS—'COLLEGE tubbock. Abilene. Oall«. VVLcblli Forbes is Appointed Roil Representative For Army In Area R. K. Forbes, division passenger agent of the Santa Fe here, has been designated as a rrailroad representative of the transportation office to handle the transfer of army recruits from Lubbock to reception centers, Major Joseph R. Peller, commander of the West Texas Recruiting and Induction office, announced this morning. Appointment was made by the Association of American RaiUoads, military transport section, in order to facilitate movement of soldiers, especially in groups of 50 or more, from induction centers to reception centers, it was explained. A schedule of trains for movement of these men has been prepared. Ontario is the source of 62 per cent of the hosiery and knitted goods produced in Canada. guay. He said the Paraguayan government has guaranteed to give the Mennonites complete freedom ol religion, allow them to conduct their own schools as.they see fit and to exempt them from military service. Five or six thousand American and Canadian Mennonites have emigrated to Paraguay since 1925 and the pledges have been kept, he said. "There's no bossin'," he added. Easier Favorites 7 C 11 00 Styles with Individuality Voluntary Codes May Be Invoked IB'.-Tht Asjoci.tteJ Prtssl WASHINGTON, March 19. — Administration leaders worked today to have Sunday double-time pay suspended for the war's duration by mutual consent of management and labor in arms industries. The effort was still in its preliminary stages, but presumably the plan \\ould call for substituting time and a half pay for the present double-time rate prevailing on Sunday. Sunday double-time has been one phase of the labor-war production problem which has evoked sharp public criticism lately, specifically in those cases where inability of labor and management to agree on the question has halted military industries for the day. These shutdowns have caused such bitter comments as "There are no double pay Sundays on Bataan." Agreement Being Sought • While some voluntary agreement on the Sunday pay question was being sought, the House naval committee convened to open hearings on drastic wartime leg-' islation which would eliminate higher wages for overtime and' recapture all war industry profits' in excess of six per cent. On the Senate side of the capital, Senator Pepper (D-Fla) came forward with the suggestion that voluntary war industry codes be established to govern wages, hours, working conditions and profits. Pepper told reporters he believed that codes similar to those employed in NRA days could be evolved which would stanrardize labor relations by industries. Should Limil Profits If labor, in-accepting such codes, agreed to make sacrifices to further the war effort, then management probably would be willing to limit its profits drastically, he predicted. Pepper and other administration supporters in Congress made it plain, however, that strenuous efforts were being made to work out agreements between management and labor by which Sunda> double-time pay could be waived in all essential war industries. Chairman Thomas (D-Utah) o the Senate labor committee said it was his opinion that some com- \ promise could be found for this particular problem without resorting to legislation. Thomas has opposed repeal o£ the 40-hour week law, which specifies time and a half payments for extra hours worked over that quota. Officials Oppose Repeal Four production officials, headed by Lieut. Gen. William S. Knudsen o! the War department, opposed repeal o£ the 40-hour work week law in testimony before the Senate appropriations subcommittee yesterday. Chairman Thomas .fD-Okla) said, however, that they agreed something must be done about Sunday double-time pay, particularly instances where employes "laid off" during the week in order to work Sunday and collect Injunction Asked On Use Of Noted Statue In Travel Folders OKLAHOMA CITY, March 19 (U.pj — Bryant Baker, prominent New York seuiptor, went into federal court here today to prevent commercialization of reproductions of the Pioneer \Voman, statute the lato Gov. E. V/ Marland had erected on his Ponca City estate and presented to Okla- Battered Body Is Discovered ATLANTA, March 19.—A coroner's jury planned an inquiry today in the death of Mrs.- Mildred Williams, 22-year-old shoe store clerk, whose battered, rope-bound body was found yesterday in a - small metal automobile trunk in " oma - the basement of a southside rcsi- Baker aHeged that the Con tin- cience. She had been missing since No- BABY TAHZAN TAKES WORKOUT — Only six months old, Little Frederick Trapp, jr., of Chicago, already is building the muscles and reputation of a strong man. (L) He hangs by one hand and braces himself against the side of the trapeze. Center: He swings. Right; Ooops. He slipped. But the mat is soft and he'll try again. As An Expert Sees It— Behind War News By KIRKE L. SIMPSON Wide World War Analyst V Hard knocks rained by growing Allied air powers in Australia on Japanese sea supply lines, and weather certainties in Burma, arc forcing the Tokyo war management to show its hand soon as to which way, if either, it intends to.strike next .in the Pacific. The alternative is to halt for consolidation and let Herr Hitler .take over the offensive for the Axis. It is still uncertain whether Japanese invasion thrusts at New Guinea are KIRKE SIMPSON a prelude to a full fledged incursion .into Australia. Footholds the enemy- has seized there and that he is seeking to expand would be equally useful as base from which to carry American-Australian supply lines. Those lines constitute the greatest threat to the conquest pattern Tokyo is trying to work out. Japs Must Act Quickly There are very urgent reasons for a Japanese concentration immediately in Burma, however. The campaign must come to a halt in lower Burma within a few weeks for weather reasons. Once the vast winds of the Indian ocean make their annual Survivors Tell Of Sea Tragedy ental Oil Co., which absorbed the majority of the philanthropist- governor's Marland Oil Co., in the earl years of the drpression, had used reproriuctior.s of the historical statute on advertising literature. Baker asked the court to enjoin the company from using the reproduction further and asked that the court set damages against the coypright. He said the reproductions were used on a travel folder. Baker was commissioned by Marland to create the rugged statute for $300,000. Maryland gave it to the state and Baker asserted the donor had requested that its reproductions or name never be used for commercial purposes. Twills! Shetlands! Hert ringbone! Plaids! Stripes! Pastels! ,9 =><> double. BLOOD-GROUP IS RECORDED Each soldier of the Australian expeditionary force has his blood- group recorded in his paybook and on the reverse of his identification disc. World fur trade became important only after the discovery of North America. turnabout beginning in late April to pur the April-to-October "wet monsoon" across the delta o£ the Irrawaddy, the war on the Burma front must subside. To maintain adequate supply lines in lower Burma in that period of tremendous thunderstorms and continuous tropical downpours appears as much an- impossibility as mass troop movements or effective air work. the Japanese thrust against his British forces and Chinese armies, now under American command, rests heavily upon the time and weather elements. Old Gen. Mud has been the master of many a battle field and lower Burma is likely to prove no exception. His entry date there has been fixed by centuries of observation of the monsoon phenomena. There seems, too, little doubl that a tremendous shifting of British empire forces all the way from England to India has been gathering momentum ever since Japan struck in the Pacific to change the whole nature o£ the war. From that movement, the mission of the British desert army in North Africa changed. It became a defensive instead of an offensive force. Would AHow Time It seems likely, also, that the composition of that empire force has been undergoing a change. With Australia and .India menaced, withdrawal from Libya of veteran Australian, New Zealand and Indian troops for home defense duty would be a logical procedure. The assumption is that they have been or are being replaced by troops from England that could be spared'from home defense garrisons with the arrival in the British Isles of fresh Canadian contingents and an American expeditionary force. That process would take time The outside route from England around the Gape of Good Hope is terribly long but reasonably safe. AN EASTERN PORT, March 19. CANADIAN Thirty-eight survivors told today how they had clung to a pitching Allied merchantman after it had run aground on a reef, and watched it breaking in two under their feet. First public normal schools to train teachers were opened the same year, in Lexington, Mass., and in Barre, Mass.. vember 21 when she left for work in a downtown shoestore. Police recalled that her husband, P. M. Williams, reported her disappearance later that day. Four Are Questioned • City detective C. L. Taylor said last night that four persons,.members of the family where the body was discovered, had been taken into custody 'for questioning. Mrs. Paul Donehoo, Fulton county coroner, said the young woman's head had been "beaten all to pieces," and that the body had been trussed tightly with a rope and stuffed into the trunk. Clothing on the badly decomposed body. Detective Taylor said, led to identification by the woman's husband and by her mother, Mrs. J. J. Allen. Buy A Defense Bond TODAY1 Nevertheless, a' British-Chinese stand in central' Burma until the "wet monsoon" season opens would afford additional months to complete a regrouping of empire forces for defense of Indian and China's life lines. The ship struck the reef at night during a snow squall. They felt it shudder, but the master, thinking no damage was done, ordered the engines reversed. The ship backed off the reef and steamed ahead for almost two hours. Deck Like Accordian Then the heavy sweil opened a crack across its deck amidships, and the ship started to break. The deck opened and closed like an accordion, as it dropped from wave crest to through, and the master ordered all hands aft. The steward fell and one leg slipped into the gaping crack. Then the ship dropped into a trough, the.hole closed like a vice, crushing his -leg. Two seamen pulled him to safety when the hole opened again. Line Rocketed Ashore The starboard lifeboat was ordered away, but smashed against the ship's side and those in it were pitched into the water. Some grasped ropes thrown from the merchantman's deck. Some were too numb, and drowned. The port boat was launched and look about 20 men to shore. Some of the others rocketed a line to shore, and guided by it, ferried themselves to the breakers on a life raft snd pulled themselves the rest of the way hand-overhand. New Zealand's gasoline shortage Gen. Wavell's hopes of stalling may stop all private motoring; BEAUTIFUL BRIDAL ENSEMBLE Sparkling diamond engagement ring matched •wiih a 2-diaraond -wedding band Exceptional qual- liy . . . sensationally low priced. 3 diamonds In • a c h of thex* charming yellow gold Tings. 75c A Week 8 iid* diamonds add to the splendor of Ihe large center diamond. S1.50 A Week Handsome slyl* diamond ring for men. Yellow gold. 75c A Week ^ewJuAll CREDIT'S GOOD IH3G BRQRDWRV SOAP SUPERSTITIOUS? PUEBLO, Colo., (.<P) — It was quite appropriate for Edward Kusmeroski, 1714 Spruce (whose name and address contain 26 letters anc numerals or twice 13J to ,be as signed number 1313' as a selectee And he was sent to an Army Corp numbered 13 in a company desig nated as "M", the 13th letter o the alphabet. The name of th Army post and state contain 2 letters. $100 AMONTH FDR LIFE 6 WEEKLY CONTESTS IVORY SOAP 15c «Six* OV ~\tt Soap ef iittutlfal V/caitn CAMAY 5c *<•! t~ 4^ eres you r o../ L/ &£? EASTER BONNET t'f Select yours from our hundreds . of new styles and colors. A new sailor bonnet, off-face in the new shades of mission rose, navy, sunni- blue, turf-tan, beige and many others. ALL KEADSIZES IN PRICES , . SWEETBRIAR MILLINERY Take Elevator To Second Floor WEST TEXAS LARGEST Coid Fur Storage ANNOUNCES THE ADDED PROTECTION OF LETHOL GAS . . . It Siops All Bacteria Decay 2436 19th St. BRAY'S MONTGOMERY WARD —"I !»%. % P881 For face A«rf HanJ* 'Stretch Your' Dollars CHERRY They Are Worth - lOc TO 20c EACH ASK YOUR MERCHANT FOR CHERRY VOUCHERS MARKS IT DOWN BECAUSE HE WANTS TO SELL IT! THEY GO WITH EVERYTHING! 1 GOT THEM AT WARDS FOR ONLY Everyone's excited about them! They're in that wonderfully warm beige that goes , with every color I own I They have such gay little details— like flirtatious bows and peek- a-boo toes! What's more, they're , clasticized for better fit, and they make my feet look just as tiny as their tiny Ward price I No wonder I always buy my shoes at Wards! Controlling oec«nU CATALOG ORDER SERVICE JOYS* ye 1 -' msn- •y en thauiand* of tlemi vr» huven'l room la stack In our ttor«. USE WARDS MONTH' IY PAYMENT PtAN. Bwy now and pay l=1«r.

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