The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 29, 1968 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 29, 1968
Page 13
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4-Algona (la.) Upper Dej MoinM Thursday, Feb. 29, 1968 iiiinfflHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiininniiiiiituniiiiiiiimiiiiiiH this being so close to Washington's birthday, I cannot tell a lie. 1 have a "code id by dose" and I don't feel like working but this is the day I do my column and "the show must go on." Thank goodness 1 don't have to phone anyone and let them guess what I am trying to say between sessions with Kleenex I So much for the state of my health. - o* Feb. 22 - We had a very nice - dinner — dessert was cherry pie! • Very appropriate to carry out I the Washington-cherry tree * episode — fact or fancy. «. o - I had a caller yesterday and we spoke of the various ailments some of our friends have. We wound up by being thankful that we are in as good shape as we are, but a doctor wouldn't pronounce us 100%. If suchaperson could be found, the fortunate person should be put in a glass cage and admission charges made to view the "animal." - o - But on to more interesting things. I think romance has left me completely and a good thing it has, being on crutches as I am, but when I read of an 83-year old man and a seventy-plus woman being married, I thought, "The old fools." The man had been married four times so he must be the Romeo type. And I was floored when I heard of a man having been married five times and few people knew it. He isn't from Hollywood either, and you needn't inquire who it is for I am not telling and very few people know it. It all goes to show Cupid is an active little fellow. - o- How many of you have read "Peyton Place" ? Well, I have and I think it is one of the most disgusting books I ever read. It went the gamut of every vile thing I ever heard of, and the TV show goes on and on — adding stuff that wasn't in the book. I looked at;a part of one episode just to see what it was like. A newcomer said, "Algona is a regular "Peyton Place" and all things considered which I have heard, it is far too true. Fond as I am of Algona and its citizens for the most part, I'll admit we have situations here that are comparable to "Peyton Place." - o - By the way - a certain TV announcer advertising his wares says "compareable". He is NOT right. It is pronounced "KOM- parabel" ... no choice is given- just KOMparable. I wonder what "Ivy League" he represents? - o - I wish I could tell the Smothers Brothers that they can sing, play their instruments well, but I get so everlastingly tired of the interruptions they think are humorous - and are NOT. Why not go through their music and songs routine and let someone else take care of the humor if they MUST have it, which I think is utterly superfluous. They put 'on their best program last Sunday evening, their Valentine r outine. The Julliard quartet was marvelous and I enjoyed the songs of my youth - Down by the Old Mill Stream; Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey; I Had A Dream; Baby Bumble Bee; Silvery Moon; Come With Me On My Flying Machine: I Love You; Bicycle Built For Two; Moonlight and Roses. What a flood of memories they bring. - o - I have always admired Hanford MacNider and was sorry to read of his death. I am in complete agreement with him and his remark, "Keep our noses out of •other countries' business." It seems to me we want to show off and be big brother to every country in the world and all we get is, to put it rather vulgarly, Is a "kick in the pants." I do feel we owed France a debt for their aid in our struggle against England, but we paid that debt in World War I. - o Esther Barton got out of just in time. I told her sure stirred up the state with her visit there last week.She was at Miami where her sister lives, but fortunately her area Wftfi not involved. »• Q* i Mrs, Jolia Aitman, Jr. called jp recently to tell me her mother, Mrs. Pat Doerning was home from Mercy hospital, Ft. Dodge, where she had a bunion removed. Now if you want instructions on use of crutches, I'll be glad to pass on my information. I know your surgery is very painful, for a woman who lived in our apartment years ago had undergone the same thing and she said she suffered agonies long after hospital dismissal. I had an operation on a big toe years ago. Dr. Cretzmeyer called it an osteo-something or other, I said a "bone whosis 1" He removed the nail bed, scraped the bone, sewed it with four or five stitches and when I looked at it I exclaimed, "Is it always going to be that shape ?" He laughed and said, "No, it will reshape itself." It did, but I thought it would never heal. He said bone is the lowest form of organism and takes long to repair itself. And believe it or not, the surgery was done on a bed in the exact location my desk is. Little did I dream I'd ever be making the room my home. The best of luck ta you, Mrs. Doerning. I know your friends will rally round and call on you often. - o - I am going to quote from a note I had recently from Marie Grover. "Just a line to tell you of the beautiful Valentine I received from my nephew, Maj. Robert Fairbanks, sent me from Hawaii. They are very brilliant and so different from any I have ever seen. They were packed over there. Each blossom had its own little sac which was tightly sealed and every stem was covered with a wad of very wet cotton held in place by a rubber band, and of course, air mailed." Maj. Fairbanks is stationed at Oklahoma City, Okla. and was on a mission in Hawaii. Miss Grover added her nephew was here in January and New Year's Day took her for a first plane ride. She enjoyed it very much and considered it a good way to start 1968. I know how much she loves flowers for I have seen her garden and she has kinds I never heard of- all lovely and -so well cared for. And by the way, her ride was also her 83rd birthday present. What a nice one. - o - * Meow! "She's built like a record player - 33 1/2-45-78." And - "Look at her I If she isn't wearing a wig I'll eat mine !" - o - Feb. 22 - Another talk with Mrs. Altman and she said her mother still has a very sore foot but doesn't need crutches. I am cheated out of my instructions, but I am glad. - o - Thanks to the anonymous friend who saw to it that I had the Bean Supper and it was delicious. Blessings on our ancestors who made Boston brown bread and Boston baked beans years ago, and tossed in ham, too, plus a cherry dessert. The snow white cake with its covering of bright red cherries was so pretty and tasty. I enjoyed the meal very much, and again thanks to the kind friend. Feed Parents A meeting of the Irvington Ideals 4-H Club was held Feb. 17 at St. Benedict hall with 16mem- bers and two leaders present. Roll call was "what I discovered about my food habits." New business was the choosing of a queen candidate for Fun Night. Sandy Hilbert was selected. Illustrated talks were given by Jill Wederquist, Denise Jenkinson, Barbara Mayer, Mary Harig and Rachel Jenkinson. A demonstration was given by Kathy Bernhard. Preparations for the evening's banquet were continued. The girls prepared chicken casserole, peas, chips and dip, homemade rolls and bread, a fruit plate of oranges, cherries, grapes and grapefruit, a vegetable plate with celery and cheese and carrots, cocoa and custard. The club was rewarded with a great turnout of parents who enjoyed the meal. Arrives Home Dan Rentz, son ofMr.andMrs. Milo Rentz, Algona, arrived home last Tuesday night from a military hospital at Denver, Colo, where he had received treatment for burns he suffered while with the U. S. Army in Vietnam. He will return to the hospital later for a check-up and discharge from the service. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY 1st RACE-$2.00 2nd RACE - $5.00 3rd RACE - $10.00 4th RACE - $25.00 5th RACE-$100.00 GET A FREE CARD EACH TIME YOU VISIT SWANSON'S! f *r Vt-i Exciting Big Prizes... WATCH FOR DETAILS ON TV's THRILLING-EST NEW SPORTS SHOW JOIN THE FUN, ANYBODY CAN WIN . . . Hero's n brand now type- of show MONDAYS — 5 P.M. tbtu' TV CHANNEL 12 (Mai e'^cta* WINNERS POSTED AT SWANSON'S plus'a chance to win BIG prizes! AFTER EACH RACE — STOP IN I Partial List Of Winners At Swanson's: Daniel Menke Larry Gisch Ardyth Thomason Charles Steil Mrs. Durwood Rutledge Mrs. Lou Reilly Mrs. Glen Rike Merwin Jentz James John Cecil Kaepbe Mrs. Harold Angus Mrs. Jim Tharland Bernice Scott Mrs. A. Weydert Mrs. Chas. Dacken Louis Loubenthal Mrs. Russ Byers Mrs. Earl Osborn Mrs. John Goecke Mrs. Lloyd Funk Mrs. Delores Besch Mrs. Dick Post Mrs. Ray Cook Mrs. Grace Adams Mrs. Gary Mergen Norma Johnson Tom Kenefick Hilda Wegner Theresa Arndorfer John R. Dutton Mrs. Don Prieskorn Mrs. Orville Thill - Mrs. Marvin D. Kramer Scott DeSart Ted Charles Mrs. Duane Webb Mrs. Robert Maahs Abraham Habege G. F. Towne Ralph Fandel Mrs. Wlilis Bellinger Mrs. Howard Busch Mrs. Elmer Hellman John Leutsch Mrs. Cleo Black Mrs. Gene Zender Earl Elbert Jerry Parsons Wayne Pedersen Mrs. Robt. 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Lassies Met Lotts Creek Lassies met Feb. 19 at St. Michael's Church basement. President Janet Origer presided. 4-H Day was discussed. The club will have a skating party March 15 at the Algona skating rink unless changed. Talks were given by the following: hand guide to good eating, Lisa Kollasch; safety tips with the electric mixer and at the stove, Barbara Arend; planning my diet around the guide to good eating, Susan Walker; a true life nutrition story, Bev Detrick; and tips for talks and demonstrations, Bette Eischen. Pledge of allegiance was led by Judy Walker and the 4-H pledge was led by Rochelle Arend. Hostesses were C. Mergen, C. Muller, L. Nurre" and girls. Early Resident Of Seneca Dies, Illinois SENECA - Funeral services for Anna Marie Jorgenson Anderson, 76, former Seneca resident, were held at Elgin, HI. last Thursday. Mrs. Anderson died Feb. 13 at the hospital at Elgin following an extended illness. Burial was at Bluff City cemetery. Ann Marie Jorgenson was born April 2, 1891, to Matthew and Anna Marie Skow Jorgenson of Estherville. The family lived north of Seneca for many years near where the Melvin Madsens reside, until the death of her father. She then moved with her mother to Elgin, HI. Mrs. Anderson had been a beauty operator at Forest City and Elgin until illness forced her retirement. Survivors include one daughter, one granddaughter, three great-grandchildren and one cousin, Mrs. Anna Willson, Fairmont. - o - SILVER WEDDING DANCE Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Krause were hosts at a silver wedding dance in observance of their 25th wedding anniversary Friday evening, Feb. 16, at Hand's Park, with 200 friends and relatives in attendance. Kay Cage and Herbert Krause were married Feb. 14, 1943, at , Fairmont. Mrs. Delpres Schulte of Bingham Lake, Minn., and Irvin Borchardt of Fenton were attendants, both of whom were present at the event. Mr. and Mrs. Krause have four children, Herbie, Mason City, Hollee, student at La Crosse, and Heidi and Helissa, at home. - o - Paul Hassel accompanied his mother, Mrs. Joe Hassel, and sister, Mrs. Frank Mammon of Ottawa, 111., to the Mayo Clinic at Rochester last Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Millen Jensen, Waltham, Minn., Willard Appelt, Swea City, and Mr. and Mrs. George Jensen, Ringsted, were Sunday dinner guests at the August Nelson home. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Maybon and family of Albion, Nebr., were weekend guests at the home of her parents, the Hans Duers. luVerne Girl Returns From Chicago Trip LENORA HILBERT Lenora Hilbert of LuVerne recently returned from a 4-H Home Improvement study trip to Chicago, which she attended with 21 other Iowa 4-H girls. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hilbert, LuVerne. While in Chicago, the girls had the opportunity to see displays of a varied nature on home improvement, and also visited some of the more famous landmarks there. The trip was sponsored by the Sears-Roebuck Foundation and came as an award for outstanding work in the field of home improvement. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. C. 0. Bailey and Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Petersen spent last Sunday evening at the 0. R. Patterson home, Ringsted. The occasion was Mrs. Patterson's birthday anniversary. Helen Patterson Gilchrist of St. Joseph, Mo., had also come for her mother's birthday and remained until Thursday. Audrey Bergum, who is employed at the Medical Arts Center, Mason City, spent the weekend at the parental Art Bergums. Mr. and Mrs. Iver Bergum have both been confined to their home with a seige of the flu. ROTC Award IOWA CITY - Wayne Stoeber, Fenton, student at the University of Iowa received a Battalion Staff Award at an Army ROTC ceremony Wednesday evening, Feb-. 21. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Stoeber, and received the award in recognition of his accomplishments and contributions to the U of I Army ROTC Brigade for the past semester. Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Nemitz and Jerry v/ere Sunday afternoon and evening guests in the home of Frank Thilges. Mr. and Mrs. CliffordBlighton, Cindy and Shelly, went to Rockwell City on Saturday. There they joined Mr. and Mrs. Richard Blighton and Scott for a trip to Omaha where they visited at the Fred Rienders home. Mr. Rie'n- ders is recuperating from surgery. LOW ON FUEL OIL? Play it safe — if you are low on fuel/ give Viking Oil a call for the finest quality fuel oil for less money ! COUNT ON FUEL OIL • DEPENDABLE • ECONOMICAL • CLEAN Bulk Wogon Delivery To Any Point In Town or Country. ORDER FUEL NOW ! 295-3149 VIKING OIL CO ROY STOFFEL, Owntr WIT NORTH QP-m'WAUKEE STATION IN

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