The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 18, 1918 · Page 11
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 11

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 18, 1918
Page 11
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t 'AG-fc ALEVE**. RANQE OF tjpttoNS AT CHlCAod. ^, Wheit" f Ho t>ric« quoted.' Sen.. Oct.. Huv. flop... Oct... Nov.. Oct.. Open l.tfi 1.63 1*914, •V3<i 40.15 High, Low Corn.„ l.WVi l.SS 1.63 1.6HI , 1.49U l.«'A oat* .72M, ,n« .?3i* '.7a ,7<(* .7314 ,Meu pork. 40.15 —Cloiwil— Today rday 1.6SV1 1.63% 1.48y» .7SV4 :,.73V4 .74V4 1.B5V4 1.48* .74«4 .73.'* .73 *4 4.0.M 30.90 RANQE OF OPTIONS AT KANSAS OITV —Cloned— Open Hl&liv Low Today 1'dajr Corn. Rep... l.Mfc l.wtfc i..i8»i l.M«4 l.ssK Del.. 1.57«4 11.58k 1.5(114 1.6liJ4 1.54% 1.53)4 otts. 73% .71W .72% .73% Nov.. 1.54% Bep Out... .73% Nov.. M% KANSAS CITY RECEIPTS. Today Yoar Wheat >. i 66 lit Corn ; 73, SI Onls 41 41 Kaffir 1 0 GRAIN AN*D PRODUCE. Chicago. '. Chicago, Sept. 18.—Renewal ' ol Peace gossip sent tho corn iiiarael down grade toilny after" n- little Show of strength at tiie outset,' Inltlnl gnlnB were ascribed to reports of frost lu Iowa. It was estimated, however that more than SO percent of the whole United'States eroii Is now Rare fromTrosl and that within a week ten percent mure will be out "of danger. Opening prices, which varied from unchanged figures to %e higher, with October JL.VJVi to $1.58 nnd November 'fl .4t> to 51.10% were followed by a sharp general break. The close was unsettled, vnrylng from ViV. net decline, to %c; advance with October.»1.52!& to $1.52% and November Jl.'lUVi to $1,111%. Oats fluctuated with corn. Changes, though, were narrow. After opening %c to %<: higher, with October 7Ii%c to 73V!>o the market receded to slightly below yesterday's finish. Trade In 'provisions was light with values tending upward. Hlbs gained most. ISvldetice of nn improved cash demand h.'id a bullish Influence later. Chicago Closing Prices. Chicago, Sept. 18.—CORN-^Septpm- her $1.65'/..; October ? 1.5:.'Mi®•'ft; November $1.M'4©%. OATS—September 7216; October 73\4c; Novoinber 74^c. PORK—September *40,S5; October ?10 .f .5; November J40.65. LARD—September $27 02; October 126.57; November,$26.60. SHORT RIBS-Septcmber $23.70; October $23.70; November $23.ti0. TtihKBY HfcNB-i tbi mi oft 23c. --. • \ No. 2 sad SMs.ll torke>», kalt prlet, OEfiSB—rull feathered, 1**• ... OLD TOMa-40c. GulNfiAS—tie. tBOOS— Candle loss rtfl, 111.60. " BUTTKR FAT—AUmitd, 80c, dellv- Mcd lb Hutchinson. Kansas City. Kansas City, Sept. 18—HOGS—Receipts 12,000; Btfong; bulk, $19.50© 20.50; heavy $20.00020.651 packers and butchers $1D.75#20.G0; lights $10.25@20.e0; pigs $17.00@>10.2&. CATTLE—Receipts 20,000; . no Bouthernsi steady! prime fed steers ?t7.IJO@19.10; dressed beef steers $11.00@17.2B; western steers $10.00© 14.50; southern steers $7.00@14.00j cows $tl.2B@12.26; heifers $7.50® 13.60; Blockers ' and feeders $7.50@ 15.75; bulls |7.00@9.60; calves, $6.00 lfj'12.60,,' 8HEBP-— RecclplB 10,000; strong; lambs $ir»00@l7.50; yearlings $10.50 (ffi'U.00; wethers JlO.OOtlilli.OO; owes J8.00@H1.RO; Blockers and ' feeders $7.0Q(&>17.50. Chicago. ' Chicago, Sept. 18.—(II. S. Bureau of Markets).—H0US--RecRlpts ' 10,000; market fully steady with yesterday's average; top $20.85; butchers $20.16® 20.75; light $20.40®20 85; packing $19.50(6!20;00; rough $18.60@19.26; pigs good to choice $10.00®)!9.B0. OATTL.H—Receipts 16,000; westefn and best native steers steady; others slow to lower; butchers stock and calves steady. SHEEP—Iteccipls 21,000; 10 to' 25c higher; no prime lambs here; top western $18.25; top natives'$17.50. St. Joseph. St. Joe, Mo., Sept. 18.—HOGS— Receipts 7,000; market pteady to strong; top $20.55; bulk $13.50® 20.40. CATTLE—Receipts, 3,000; market steady; steers $8.000118.25;• cows and heifers $6.00@10.00; calves $0.00® 13.50. • . SHEEP—Receipts 1,500; market Strang; lambs $11.00017.25; ewes H50@11.00T Wichita Wichita, Kans., Sept. 18.—HOGS— Receipts 1,000; steady; top $20.30; bulk *10.76@20.26. CATTLE—Receipts 1.250; steady; native.steers $10,000)16.50; cows aud heifers $6.50@10.00; Btockors and feeders $7.00@13.00; stock cows and bolfers $6.00@7.00; bulls $7.00@ 8.50; calves J7i00 @12 .O0. Kansas City Cash Prices. KartBas City, Sept. IS.—Cask; W1110AT—Unchanged to He higher; No 1 hard $2.18; No. 2, $2.15{8 ',4c; No. 1 red $2.18; No. 2, $2.1fi@i^"c. CORN—Unchanged to 4c higher; No. 2 mixed $J.<S9@1.71; No. 3, nominal; No. 2 white $1.88®J.91; No. 8 nominal; No. 2 yellow $1.72®1.71; No. 3 nominal. ~ \ Outa'higher; No. -2 white 72 >/6c; No. 2, rulsfd 72'/4c. Rye—$1.59(^1.61. KAFFIR AND M1LO MAIZE!—$3.83@3.40. Hay, timothy 50c higher; choice timothy $2!).00@30.0U; choice prairie $27.60®28.0«; choice alfalfa $32.50SP '13.00. SHORTS—$1.4601.49. BRAN—$1.36®1.39. Receipts, wheat 06 cars, Kansas City Closing Prices. Kansaa City Sept.-38.—Close Corn, September ?1.58->i; October, $1.57'^ ip% split; November $1.54>£. New York Produce. New York, Sept. 18.—BUTTER— Firm; creamery higher than extras 57 J ,ife)58c; extras, 92 score, 57e. EGGS—Irregular; fresh firsts 48® 60c. CHEESE—Strong; state whole milk flats fresh specials 28Vic. POULTRY—Alivo weak; dressed quiet. Kansas City Produce. Kansas City, Sept, 18.—BUTTER— Creamery 54c; firsts 52e; seconds, 51c; packing 3dc. EGGS—Firsts 41c; seconds 36c. POULTRY—-liens 23026c; roosters lS'/ac; broilers 28c. Chicago Produce. Chicago, Sept. 18.—BUTT15R— Higher; creamery 4S 1/ 2 'u , 57'^o. BOOS—Higher; firsts, 43V&®4-1 Vic; ordinary firsts 40@42V4c; at mark cases Included 40?i®43c. POTATOES—Lower; Vflnnesota early Ohio's bulk $2.40®2.45; ditto sacks $2.55(R:'2.«0i Wlscon bulk, $2.36 fa'J.UO; ditto sacks $2.50®2.0O. • • « LOCAL MAl.KET PRICES. 4> • • LOCAL GRAIN MARKET. (Purulabed uy tna Huiclilnjioa Flour Wills Co., and are wholesale yrlous.) WHEAT -Cash, No*. 1 hard, $2.05. CORN— Cosh, $1.50. FEED. BRAN-r-$1.47Vi par 100. CHOP—$3.7° por 100- FLOUR—$6.60 Por 100. HAY • (Prices BITMI by 'tio HMS »"«e«l Company.) Alfalfa hay— $20 a ton, HIDES. (Furnished by J. V. llohledei, hldea and furs.)" GREEN SALT HIDES— No. 1, 19c GHHEN SALT 1UDES— No. i 18c, HORSE HIPES—$300 to $5.00. SHEEP PiULTS—26t» ip $2.00. UltEEN iilL/Ulb—ic teas than cured. HALF CUHEl>— 1V40 lees* than UhbliJN SALT GLUE—iOo. UHalEN SAL'i' BULL HIDES— No- 1, 16c. UKEEN SALT BULL IIlLltib— No. 2, 16c. rlUTCHINCON CROPWCE. (Whulcbuio prices (uvojsbeU 6y o »Ji Nelson.) HENS—3V4 poirnds arid ^er, 22c, llENS-r-Uuder 3V4 pouutjB, 20c. BROILJSJtS—1918 tetoh,' 22o. OL1J ROOSTERS—16c. DUCK$— Full feathered.-iKi • YOPNQ TOM 'i 'URKSYe-^l! t|». aad over, 4% ... . FIELD MARSHAL HAIG IN AM OFFENSIVE (Continued from Pago 1.) lied thrusts near Ypres and partial attacks on both sides of the La Bas- Ece canal yesterday were repulsed, says the official statement from German general headquarters today. German troops are aiding the Bulgarians In th'elrdefense.against Allied attacks In Macedonia, according to an official statement from the war offlco today. The Bulgarians are fighting Against the French, Serbians and Greeks. i> • * # «• WITH AMERICAN ARMY. By The Associated Press). With the American army in Lor raluo, Sept. IS.—(2:30 P. M.)—German Infantry attempted to attack the American lines west of the Mo­ selle'Tuesday evening, but the enemy troops wero driven back by the firo of the American artillery. When observers reported that a light lino of Gorman Infantrymen was approaching, the American big guns thr^w a terrific barrage into tnat area. N There wore, no further movements by the enemy Observers reported this morning that there were no living Germans in the region wlieru they wero sighted last night. Quite a number of dead, however, wero scon. FRENCH STATEMENT. •This raornin* our troops attacked ttotthwesi of St. Quentln/ ' "Yesterday evening the enemy attacked at Moeuvres tinder covet of •.heavy artillery' ba+ragfe and press- 68 ottr troops back' to tie western Outskirts of the village. { 'By a successful local operation ! carried out during the night we ad- i Vnttced our line slightly immediately i south of the La BasseB canal." I ^ _ I • • * • 4> • • <$• <t> • * • <V * I * «' • IN MACEDONIA. * • , * •Washington, Sept. 18.—H has been hinted in military circleB for some months that Ibis autumn would see a ihajor operation on the Macedonian front and from newspaper despatches of the past few days It appears (hat the operation has begun. While it Is not passible for military reasons to give the number of men Intended to participate In this movement ILs object is clear; to cut. off Turkey from the other Central Powers, to cniBh Bulgaria and to free Serbia. Rumania and the .Itiga-SIara of Southern Austria. Serbs Near Home. * It Is no Burprfse to the. Allies to { Snow that the Serbs are fighting gallantly for they ,are at lost -near their homes and are fighting for the fetoratlon or their native land. The Bulgarians have killed many thousands of Serbs and Rumanians, hut tho forces of the Entente are assured of the ardent support of the people who have survived the massacres. Moreover, tbo .Jugo-SlavB in southern Austria are only waiting an opportunity to Join the- Allies "upd free their homes from the-yoke of Austria, ' . -X '•' O FRENCH STATEMENT. ' <J> 4» . «• Paris, Sept. 18.—Oeramn troopsrjast night launched violent counter attacks against the French positions on the piatoiTtt northeast of Saucy, seven miles northeast of Solssons. The French war office Blalement Issued today says that the German attacks wero unsuccessful ajid that tho-French troops maintained their gains. Didn't Find Targets. •• (By The Associated Press.) With the American army In Lorraine, Sept. 18.—German aviation gunners and bombers attacked what they supposed to be the American po. slllons In the region of the west of Vandleres lust night. Tho mist and low clouds, however prevented the Germans from finding their targets. The Germans themselves wero located and driven back by anti-aircraft fire. Aviator Burned to Death. Toronto, Out., Sept. 18.—When his machine caught fire "While flying moro than ten thousand feet in Urn air. near I^easlde Camp late yesterday. Cadet Henry C. Saunders was burned to death. American Air Fighters. "With the American army in Lorraine, Sept. 18.—American aviators report that on Tuesday American gunnors scored a direct hit on a big German gun in -the region of La Chaussee destroying tho gun. Other hits nearby destroyed a number of gun emplacements and one shell Btruck the dugouts where the. German gunners had taken cover. - Kansas State Fair Gleanings Biff and Little Items of the Exhibits and Happenings, of the Eighteenth Annual /Exhibition. Many requests havo come to Mrs. Carr Taylor at the Red Cross for application blanks to be filled out for application to entrance into tho Students Nurse's Reserve. Mrs. 11. O. Hagen of Independence Miss Margaret Baerand Miss Nira Webster of Wichita were here yesterday. '* —— W. T. Clark, under sheriff of Reno county was the four-mtnute speaker yesterday afternoon at the special entertainment given at the government exhibit. The "four-minute men arc speaking at each program, under the auspices of City Commissionei 1 T, (3* Armour. "The pollco arc having very little trouble with the State Fair crowd," was tho statement by the policemen who are looking after the Interests of tho crowd at the grounds this week. "Fewer arrests than ever before have been made and very little trouble has been experienced with pickpockets or other thieves," was tho announcement. > Girls and women are working this week In unaccustomed places at the State Fairgrounds, taking the places of men. "At tho entrance of the. grounds, where street .car tickets are sold and collected Ihe work is being done entirely by young girls and women. Die Impression that is current here that the government pictures are not free?" asked It- L. Peterson In charge of the government ,exhibition here. The pictures nfe shown by the government, which Is the people and for the people and the crowds are uri;ed to attend. The shows are given <ach day at 10:30 n. m., 1:30 p. m. and at 4 .30 p. m. One of the Interesting reels which was shown today was Hurt Of army surgeons performing operations. Cookies aro being baked each afternoon and morning lu the booth maintained by tho Home Furniture Co., and tbo cookies are'very good, too. Henry S. Thompson, president of the Kansas State Fair lias been made chairman of tho committee, which will entertain Hon. Scott Ferris, the speaker on Friday, Liberty Bay. Other members of tho committee will be Kansas newspaper men. He is coming here from Washington, D. C. and Is a member of'congress from Oklahoma. Over two thousand pounds of literature was received this morning at tho government exhibit from the government exhibit from the government and Is being given out by Hoy Scouts. Tho "middles" each:need a social secretary to attend to their affairs while in Hutchinson, uttending tho State Fair, declared one of the band- men today. "It's sure nice for us that all the regular men are away in the service for I believe most of the boys are all ready to step Into the place as regulars here if we could only stay long enough. The girls here have sure treated us fine and we all want to come back. The only thing wrong is that most of.the men havo so many engagements with the girls it's hard for them to attend to their regular work such as eating and sleeping and playing the concerts. I'm married," he added. The government exhibition will not be taken back,to Washington till In December, remarked B. I* Perkins who has charge of the show here. "From here wo take the show to Muskogee, Okla.. for the Oklahoma State Fair and from there to the Kansas City Stock show and from there into tho southern states." "When will the war end?" was asked of Col. Scott Smith us that seems to be tho first and most approved question to put to every army officer. "Ask me five years from now nnd 1 can come pretty near lo the answer, I think," he said. One of the interesting exhibits at tho government exhibit is that of market baskets, showing the different sizes which are often used lu short measure the housewives and by the sldo of the fraudulent measures aro tho true legal sizes, showing how easy it is to be mistaken. It Is interesting and also very educational to watch the fine champion cattlo receiving their dally shampoo and manicure and curl, etc. and the preparing of the stock for exhibition Is as complicated, an affair ns the toilet of a girl for her first dance. Tho attendants first carefully clean, then give all of the careful pats ami twists which make them so inurh admired by ibe visitors. The jails arc as curly and fluffy as :i gill's hair and receive about as much intention. Welcome State Fair Visitors See our large line of Watches, Diamonds, Clocks, Jewelry, Cut Glass, Silverware, Rings, Wrist Watches, Khaki Sets, Novelties, Etc. WE SAVE YOU MONEY. The Most Complete Jewelry Store In Hutchinson A. L. WILSON Leading Jeweler 108 North Main St. AGRICULTURE DAY AT KANSAS STATE FAIR (Continued from Page 1.) WAWTl For United States Government work at Baltimore, Maryland, 100 carpenters, 50 mason tenders, 500 laborers. Good lime and the food Is then fresh and | in just its original condition. Kansas visitors at the Fair ^iave j heretofore known llttlo of the dehydrating of food and listened eagerly I to the method as explained by Col.l Smith, lie declared that it was just a Uvagfes and irood boardintj ac- matter of time till It would bo unlver- ° . " , . , . sally used as a method of saving food,COlUOdatlOllS. TOI lllll llllor- and that the government had now • . • , m ,,|,, 11„;t.-.,1 qi ntP c completed •the experiment and it was; " KlU011 a PP'J l'"»t<-U States ready to he adopted by the people. | Government Employment Of- E. W. Peterson, trap drummer with tho Great Lakes Navy band and who has won a warm place as a soloist with all of the. State Faif visitors is a professional singer and his homo Is In Chicago, His'.wife: is traveling 'with Mm. WALL STREET Paris, Tuesday, Sept. 17—Allied forces on the Mucedonlau front have penetrated fo a depth of nearly four and a half miles on a front of fifteen and one half miles-arid have captured four thousand prisoners, according to an official statement Issued tonight by the war office. . . Tho text of .the statement reads: "Operations' on the Macedonian froDt continued ..very successfully Tho front through Sokol, Dobropolje and Vetreplk has been widened lo twenty-five kilometers and tho Allied forces havo penetrated to' a depth of seven kilometers. i "Brlsoners to the number of jt;<)00 including a staff colonel, have been captured. Thirty guns, numerous mine'throwers and machine guns and consldorublo booty havo been taken. "The Serbian frees are Vlelng with .the French In courage and spirit." BRITISH STATEMENT Loudon, Sept. 18.—British forces attacked this morning northwest of St. Quentin, according to an official report from Field Marshal Haig received at tho war office this forenoon. Tho village of llolnon, three miles northwest of St. Quentin has been captuvod by Hie British, the Field Marshal reported. A Qcrmun attack last evening at Moeuvres, under heavy artillery production, resulted in the British being pushed back to- the western outskirts of the village. London. Sept. 18.—The text of the statement reads: , "As a result of our operations yesterday on the southern portion of the battle front wo gained possession, of llolnon village with several pris- New York, .' September 18.— Bullish efforts were refiiimed in the stock market today. Absence of the roccnt disquieting liquidation of Individual stocks and the favorable war news Influencing concentrated buying in Various quarters, causing many advanccc of one to 4 points. Sales Approximated 250,000 shares. New York, Sept. 18.—(Wall Street) —After momentary hesitation tho more important shares opening with prices fractionally lower than last night's close, especially United States steel, Canadian Pacific, Reading, Baldwin locomotive and tic oils, tho stock market today showed some improvement atlhe end of the first, half hour. Oils led the upturn, Mexican petroleum rallying from 103% to 104 and Texas Company from 159% to 161. Other oil stocks also were actively bought, Royal Dutch advancing 3% points and California petroleum preferred and Sinclair each about a point. Persistent accumulation of tho oil stocks, which were absorbed on the lator trades, attracted a big professional following and this had a tonic effect on tho general list. Pronounced strength was shown in Marino preferred, Pullman, the Tobaccos, American smelling and Uie distillery group. Advances ranging from one to throe points. Increased Inquiry for southern and southwestern railroad shares was traceable - to the exceiliml earnings being reported on the large diversified tonnage being handled by these roads. Tho scope of tho buying movement broadened considerably In the final hour, attributed to moro general realization that tile recent short selling had been heavily overdone, investment purchases were plainly evident again. The closing was strong. New York Money. New York, Sept. IS.—Mercantile paper four and six mouths 0 percent. Sierllng: 60 day bills J4.73; com- meroial 60 day bills on banks $4.72%; commercial 00 day bills $1.72^; demand »4.7D 7-16; cables (4.76.65. ^mand ?5.47. Francs, unnd $5.16; cables Mexican dollars, "Sc. Government bonds firm; railroad bonds steady. a Tiine loans strong: 60 days, 90 days and 6 months 6 percent bid. Call money strong; high 6 percent; low 6 percent; ruling rate C percent; closing, bid 5% percent; offered at 6 percent; last loan U percent. Bank acceptances 4vi percent. New York Sugar. New York, Sept. 18.—Raw sugar steady centrifugal 7.35; fine granylat. ed 9.00. Trlcole.tte, com Wood with either wool or jersey, broadcloth or serge is a faecluatlug combination. When you meet a soldier, can you tell at a glance his rank and his trench service? At the Fair In the government exhibit are complete sots of chevron Indicating the rank of noncommissioned officers, and include also the coveted and honored symbols that indicate service aud wounds. There aro also all kinds of collar ornaments and Army campaign hadgos, the latest to be added to the latter list is the badge for service on the Mexican border. One of the interesting pictures to be seen In tho Government movie exhibit is the construction of roadways by Uncle Sam or as is known in the army, the arteries of war. Roads are called upon to do their bit for the war whether for hauling ammunition supplies to these soldiers or wheat and other food supplies in this country. Every step in road building is seen on tho screen. "War is sure all Sherman said it was" complained a Girl at the St_ie Fair today. "There are crowds of | men and boys here nnd women and ' girls galore but from the appearance I of Uie crowds nearly all of the youiig'l Kansas men have gone lo war. 1 1 simply can't find a one to flirt with and I've made two rounds of ihe pike. Tho girl was right, and In the thousands of Stale Fair visitors the absence of young men is noticable. For the first time since the Slate Fair was organized, eighteen years ago Senator J. K. Couklin, superintendent of admissions was off duty for a few hours. He was taken suddenly very 111 yesterday afternoon and was removed to—his home. Today he was back on the job, a very efficient and valued member or the State Fair board of superintendents. He was made, superintendent of admissions 18 years ago and has never been off his job a single year yet. Cash prizes are being offered again this year In the Better liaby Show, anuouueed Mrs. It. C. Layman, superintendent. For the past two years other awards were made in this department, In compliance with a request by William A. McKeever, of the State Child Welfare board, who felt that children should nut be given cash prizes and placed In tho class with live stock. However the Interest remained aa high when casli was not offered so this year the original plan of offering cash prizes was gone back to. The Mother's club Is maintaining a. booth, advertising tho entertainment which they will give the last of October at the Convention Hall tho show will bo tho Pavley-Oukrolnsky Bullet and the Little Symphony orchestra and the affair will be given as a benefit for the Day Nursery building fund. Tho work is under the direction of Mrs. C. D. Woodford and her assistants this week are Tuesday, Miss Alvena Nussbatun; Wednesday. Mrs. J. S. Campbell; Thursday, Miss Vera tiano and Friday, Mrs. J. S. Slfers. Tho concert tonight by tho navy hand of the Great'Lakes Navy Training school will be the final concert by the band at tho State Fair. Thoy havivbeon very much enjoyed, their music being just the necessary touch of pep which has been needed to make the Fair the success that It has been. The "middles" havo been treated royally / by Hutchinson and they all expressed a desire lo come back here whenever possible. Tomorrow will be Great Bend Day at the i'uir, the band from there arriving on on early train accompanied by a big, crowd of visitors to the Fair. The Fife and Drum coi*ps of men of Grand Army men is attracting much Interest at tho Fair, marching aa Uiey do often sldo by side with soldiers of the present war. They aro given warm applause where every they play on the grounds. George Burmlngham, who is the Jockey who rode Sorrel Al in Ihe running races yesterday afternoon is past 70 years of age and Raff been a jockey for over half a century, Mrs. A. H. Kirk, Mrs. J. B. Foltz and Mrs. J. C\ Rumple are In charge of the Thrift Stamp Booth today at tho Fair and aro having very good BUOCCSS In the sale of the little victory tickets. From the Indications at noon today will be the biggest days sales of the week. "WIU the newspapers please correct All members of the Boys' and Girls clubs' may secure tickets to go to the Fulr free, all day Friday, by applying for them at the gate. This is just for the members of these clubs. R. II. liazlott of FJDorado who took the grand championships on his Hereford cattle In every ciasu with tho exception of Junior championship eow has named his residence llaz- ford, combining a part of his name and the name of the cattle which ho has developed for many years. Of his Junior and grand champion bull ho is very proud as he has breeded tho ancestors of the animal for many years and tho father of liocntdo 11th was undefeated lu 101U. "Myra of Topeka" the winner of Ihe senior and gr^nd champion female 1 B the property of J. C. Simpson of Eufaulu, Okla., and the cow is irow celebrating her blrlhday as she was born In September 1915, while at the Topeka fair. Her dam was Myra Rosemere, whoso entire llfo was spent lu the show circuit and who was shown all over North America and was amny times grand champion. Col. Smith told that just before the breaking out of the war Germany finished the building of 1,350 plants, making 2,000 within the German empire while the United States has at the present but. ten plants. Germany is saving every particle of her food by this method nnd (t is now up to the United Stales to apply this method and save food for our Allies. He declared that for years more food has been watted Hum cunsumed In Ihe United Stales. The Crowd Today. At noon In.lay at the Fair Ihe Kale- men declared tiiat the crowd far surpassed that or yesterday anil Ihm It was up and above the usual Wednesday crowd". No estimate was given by tho Fair officials on today's attendance but yesterday it was said there was 17..',00 visitors. Anyway thr>. Fair Is a success and all Kansas 10 day was proud or the wonderful agriculture display which was made aad paid tribute lo the Industry and patriotism of the producers". Yesterday Afternoon's Program. The main speaker of yesterday, Cattlemen's day at the Kansas Slate Fair, Hon John A. Edwards, who Is tho first vice, president of the Kansas cattleman's association and hia address was very interesting. He gave a,graphic description o£ the difference between the oldlime cattlemen, with their largo ranges and herdH and the present day farmers, who cultivate the soil and are also tho cattle raisers of today. His address was Interspersed with many humorous Incidents and h" closed with an ehxiuenl appeal for tho farmers and cattlemen to produce every particle of meat possible as this will be an important feature in the. winning of the war. At tho close of tho address the cattlemen and fanners In too audience endorsed and answered tho appeal will) bursts of applause. Mr. Kdwards was introduced by Goorge A. Donaldson of Greensburg one of Kansas' leading cattlemen and ho spoke briefly on the condition of cotton seed feeds aud told ot how the slate association of cattlemen, of which he In president, had succeeded in fixing the price ot cotton seed feeds to be tin; same as last year, $57 it Ion, at. the manufacturer's. Hi-; paid u compliment to the honesty of. Hoover In his dealings with the cut-1 {.lumen and predicted that at the clusc I of the war the price of meat would j be stabilized. Sylvester Long Snoke. Sylvester Long of Wichita, a prominent figure us a Chautauqua lectin-. IT spoke ut-llie afternoon program lu the Intents! of the Fourth Liberty loan, appealing here under ihe auspices of thn woman's Liberty Loan committee, lie appealed Tor the folks who remain at homy to be as loyal lu supporting the war and lu the purpose of Liberty Bunds as the soldiers are today on the W' ' * ' Three Bands on Program. i •I'lin .i : . ; m Three bands played yesterday af -'jiw Troiilnu" tenuxm in the grand etaiid, the Great. I , ....,..! I ..'...I 1J .-.,.|,'U [ Wlllll' I'hlllH' fice, Number 5 Ave. A, Hutchinson, Kansas. Real estate and insurance business, established 10-years; worth invest ifjathiti;. Address, box 337. TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY. AI'I'I.KS. Jonathan, Grimes Unld»n, Staymnn wlncHupu. Ktul nr 11th Street, west uf te,vn. Call uiul hrini; >'»ur sacks, firm Llu :u apples, IMwue L '!i()T-.l. J. V. fLOl.'UII i-;. I.' i; All kinds tit SUJVC I ip;i'ii liii; l'linno JH7. FOll 8.\ 1.15—Office cheap. Ilill dv .'i't*!. InwMlMl,'. Form T'; r .\n VIC. Apply ul ii'tl \V WILL lie; lady wh'i In front uf /.fun'.-* return to Culoa Kle >l t 1.1 e HALi'I -TiMirm:; « Hallery Htnllon. hah':- itlid tahlu eotrl rhi.-r Emitter ii tjiilek sale. -Ireel. IS - It nnd diamond 1 'lllK rt-elry stwre pli^u^e le I'll. IS-lf ar. Kunulre KN- lB -ir Full HA I.I ;-• A t'.iod typewriter In pci- ree.t eulldltlon. Call evenlim^, 318 Kieil 11 struct. 1S-2U KOI! ItK.VT—Two liKhl .-i \ii hloek I'rem e m .-all -t i:t w ii. FIIYKS HJM IliiiUcrv. raw. STKNIXlll.M'IIKH - Uimlil enc.-d, chisel, disiri-s fio'*.l i.-huiii n fur ialvac.eein S.">, ear... News. Full SALK-- Itmmilnir eain If taken at imce. U .-Inlllh .Main. WANTKI) -To llildi; gnnd llif )n C11 .C for lot In north end. i'hoiit: -'I;J 7 after i; p. nr.. FUU HALF,- (lend & jiasHeiup-r ear )»<; or 1MI37 afte:- C p. in. t'ousekecpiHB lllle. Phone lS-Jt Ml fatlenul. IS- II kkceper. experl- s peylll.,n willl inelll. Address F.- IS-1'.I house at a lnu- .'lee (Avon- al lU 1 'hone 1S-U The State Fair board received word yesterday that the speaker to appear on lied Gross day with Father M. L- Kaln on Saturday at the State Fair grounds would be -Mrs. Ida McGlone Gibson. Mrs. Gibson has been at the j front in Belgium,-doing canteen work |and Is one ot the few women who have returned from the front. She has been making Red Cross and Liberty 1 *1111 speeches sluce tier return and is said to be one of the most instructive and entertaining women out In government work. With the two speakers both just from tho battle field the day will be one which no one can poaslbly afford to miss. lakes Naval training kind, Herb's official bund and the Fife and Drum corps, mode up of soldiers of 'lin anil as they appeared they were given an ovation by the crowd. THE RACES TOMORROW. was highest of thn entire Fair, racing results are as lollowa: j 2:11 P3ce, Mile Heal, J In 5—Purse $000. Illif liui-Hl. UciOKe KLi nation. Abilene, illalii.l Naiey Maud, lioy ' lai Ii, I 'lotl i J.nne.'U .Ii ^le Knislil, W. llnii'ls, .'lull'.e. (1 tenuis) t^.e. Koolc, I'liarles K. Alien, llllia-ul. Okla.. 11 '.t i'j -en 11- r), . " . . , Also rail, I'M ! ICeiers, i\ «. 'Il front ' I'-O'ali. T< ?:as. I JO), M:.!',M 1 an.! " I'M L. IP il.-r. i 1:re>.' K 1 •>i. s:ii*i. 2:ii>,. Mile 4 in ti—Puis* 5500. W. !•• Hauls Till' till J I J t 3 \i J I :i i I l.laj liel. Jap Viscount Dead. Washington. Sept. 18.—Viscount j Ichiro Motono, who resigned as minister of foreign affairs of Japan four monha ago, died at ToJslo yesterday from a Btomach trouble with which he bad suffered for a long time. The same fypo of dress—the soft dress—may be put on at noon and worn for all occasions, jven at the theatre. moll, I JaauM I 1 1 1 SwminoUi I'iiief, Ii H. Wlico-c, litithlic, Okta . itYawforiti 1 ^ Ada Allertoii, -Mis. J. St.-vn.i, I 'llv. Llauii... i ;j 2 IlllKhl Axwiiilliy, II. F Su unsaid, lCaiifcii.1 I'll.. Mo , 11 MI <.a I < 4 Time: 8:21 d; S :l «v -i; 2:lti'i. 2:2!i Pace. Mile Meat, i In &--Purse 5300. T'l-tlK-i: A..' Andy Ay-M. i>;in- vllle. Kansas, lltiiiiminl 112 2 1 Lr.ilvlll.'. W. II. K'-iie.-i. Kansas I'lty. Mo., lie liwiill Sill! fitly Chinas. W. lieiitns. Sail Luke, illenr.lsj 133 1 The Iii-Hlrc, l'. Vi-as' r, l-ampd, l I.a« 1. 1 i .1114 Time: 2:lilUl !:llfc: -:!7»i; Z.1SV.: Ing— Piir«e $100. Ili.lata, F. Kc"ssini;ei, Wleliila. iFlslierl. 1 7 Furloiias Runnlni -'-"ii-, W I'rieem. Vanuiuver, .'heyemie, Wyo., ""SiilV "Luke Horse Races for Tomorrow Will Be Very Interesting. Thursday will he one ot the most interesting days at Iho Kansas Slate Fair for. those attending the races as a very fine program has been prepared and some of the beat horses In the country will b« raced for prizes. The entries aro as follows: 2:20 Trot, 1'nrse tfuu—Lucy Huse, Oclnda, Hannah 13., Lexcl. 1:17 Pace, l'urse J500--Dr. Hal, Hal Regent, Magnet M.. Reserve Countess, Foxy Ann, f'lay Patch. Free for all Face. Purse ?500— titioeu Okla.. Nancy Maud C, Todd Echo, Josey Knight. Hutchlnsun Derby, Purse J100— Cork, Uulnlii, Swanson, Litllo Abe. Four Furlongs—Lizzie West, Gloss, Juno Dug, Ilarton, Toby Gray, l^tdy Me. SU Furlongs—Lady James, Maud Monty, Gen. Gicenleaf, Marcus aud Mineral Jim. YESTEROAY'8 RAClNC RESULTS. Much Interest by Big Crowd In Pro- Gram of Tuesday Afternoon. Much Interest was shown In Uie racing program which had been prepared | The heavy silk cord glidlo Is aa for yesterday afternoon and interest Interesting solution to Ibe waist Hue. Ijtily Jiurua, -I 11. C . (IJUKaii) ... Utile At*', F. Irwtn, (llrownj Swiuusou, S. J. I'oinwell. CUV, (Uusan) Time 1:27 >A. 5 Furlongs Runnlny—Purtie I10O. Mineral Jim, F. Irwin, niemuie. (Hrowul Marcus, Bd. Glover, L'ulUUge, llHarb- sunl 2 Ki'Ull.-itl Lady, A. Al. I.'i'ay. Krtcsas Olty, Mo., iFlsheri mid Jui.e lii.itj, V, H. WuMl-in. IKKIKC Hilly » Bully, J. It. Iilckurauff, San Frtuiclsou, I'ttl, (Iftitian) - 4 Time l:lrt l ,-(. 4 K prion us Bunnlno— Purtie »130. riiu-ton, W I'. Uitllu). Kivtssa.1 City, Kal:., lllUKUNl I I»uly Me , F. Irwin, t'tieyenne. Wyo , (iSrown) • i Jim Thorpi', Hud l.l-.nkum, l>odi[e City. K.lwkjwn) :. i Sorrell At. Peter Martin. Kylvlu. (lltjiiinuaim-l Monty. S. J. t'urnwi'II, Suit I,ake Ctly. Utah, (Planer) 'i'imi.—Sill SecuiaiU.

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