Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on November 5, 1969 · Page 70
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 70

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 5, 1969
Page 70
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l\LT UUU.ltA> CITY 14 the Arizona Republic Bl MAIL , Wed., u». 5,1969 THE FAMILY CIRCUS by Bit Keane Bear Abb> Two stubborn men upset the family By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN DEAR ABBY: My problem is between my husband (I'll call him Eugene) and my father. Eugene is 25 and my father is 65. Several months ago they had an argument during which a lot of angry words were spoken. It ended when my father told Eugene never to set foot in his house again! (I'm sure my father didn't really mean it because he keeps asking me how Eugene is). I keep telling Eugene that my father didn't mean what he said, and my husband says, "Well, if he didn't, let him call me and say SO." My father is a very stubborn man, and I can't see him calling my husband arid telling him he didn't "mean" it. Eugene is also Abby very stubborn, and he won't make the first move either. What do you suggest be done? My mother and I are very much upset over this, and we can't seem to get the two of them together. UPSET IN UTAH DEAR UPSET:, Keep working on Eugene. Tell him that .out of respect to your father's age, the younger man should give in. i And ask your mother to keep working on your father, . telling him that since HE told his son-in-law never to set loot in his house again, it's up to him to tell him that he IS welcome, if indeed he is. And let the bigger man extend his hand first. (I'm betting on your husband. Youth Is usually quicker to forgive). P.S. My husband is betting : on the old man. He says your mother will have more ) influence on her husband than you have on yours. ^: DEAR ABBY: Please don't think I am stupid, but do you '•know of anyone who&ah conjact the dead? ?*I recently lost my'beloved husband and I sometimes leel His "presence" near me so strongly that I know I could communicate with him if I knew how. I have- heard that there are "mediums" who can put the living in touch with the dead. Do you know any such person? I am willing'to paySbhave this done. I'm signing my name for you alone. Please don't publish it. Thank you.' FROM KENTUCKY DEAR FRCMr-Many^have claimed that they can communicate with-'the • dead,*bu'fso far no one has been able to prove it. Me? Fm from Missouri. DEAR ABBY: In June I met a real cool guy I'll call "Mac" who said he was on leave from the army, then my father pointed out that Mac had an awfully long "leave." Well, it turned out that Mac was AWOL. We -were pretty serious about,each other by this time so I told him if he didn't go back and turn himself in I wouldn't ever see him again. ; , Mac turned himself in and; took his punishment which wasn't as bad as we thought it'd be as it was his first offense. Two weeks ago Mac came home and confessed that he went AWOL again. We had a big fight and I made him go back. This time they put him in the stockade for a good lone time. We planned on getting married when he gets out of the Service, but now I'm not sure! If it weren't for these black marks against him in the service he would be a wonderful guy. What do you think? THINKING IT OVER DEAR THINKING: First, you'd better wait until your "real cool guy" gets out of the cooler — out of the service, and into civilian life. Then take a good hard second look at him. And I think you're going to have plenty of time to think it over. DEAR ABBY: What is all this nonsense about gentlemen preferring blondes? I consider myself a gentleman, and I have never dated — or had the desire to date — anything but a brunette. I have spent 58 months out of the last six years in bru- unette-land. That is, Vietnam, Korea, Central and South America, and I can't wait to get back to Korea. I wouldn't walk across the street to meet the most beautiful blonde or redhead in the world. The only women who are ALL WOMEN are brunettes. A GENTLEMAN WHO PREFERS BRUNETTES DEAR GENTLEMAN: You have made the day for many brunettes. (Including this one). MEMBERS SOUGHT Woman's Club of Phoenix will meet at 10 a.m. Tuesday in the clubhouse, 302 W. Earll Drive, for membership coffee Mrs. Ben D. Rhodes will welcome prospects. EYEWASH NEEDED IN TOWN TODAY! Gentle LAVOPTIK Medicinal Eye Wash floats out dirt and irritants. Relieves burning and itching eyelids. Eyes look younger. Get LAVOPTIK with eye cup included now at DISCOUNT STORES ,v..ver!isement- Lady, Put Those Tweezers Away! By Dorothy Gregory Director, Gregory System Certainly you should do something about those unfeminine facial hairs. They are conspicuously un-pretty on even the fairest face. But please don't tweeze. Tweezing is worse than merely painful, time-wasting, and temporary. It actually aggravates your problem of unwanted hair For medical authorities say that tweezing has two unhappy side effects: 1, Tends to stimulate growth of surrounding hair, 2. Tends to came the next hair erowing from the same follicle to lie thicker, longer, blacker, The other old-fashioned methods —shaving, bleaching, de- jpilatories, etc.— are no better. They're all stop-gap measures, temporary and often irritating. You have a problem. But thanks to 20th Century science, we have the answer. Permanent Removal. You walk into our Gregory System clinic . . . and walk out again with so many of the unwanted hairs (gone fojeyer. |®ur'Gregory ineihod is the vena's fayteat. Our technicians have the extra speed and skill that come from specialization and constant practice. Because of this, Gregory treatment costs the least. any worn* cao afford this one-time lui- ury now. Gregory's specialization in equipment and personnel has brought the cost down to a fraction of what it used to be. Of course, it's completely safe. There's no pitting or scarring whatever. In fact, this same method of "electrocoagulation" is recommended to women by physicians the world over. Comfortable. Gregory hair removal is so easy to take that some women sleep right through it. There's a tiny feeling ol warmth as each hair is removed. Actually, tweezing is more painful than Gregory removal. To satisfy yourself that Gregory treatment is what you've been looking for, come in today or tomorrow for a ... Free Demonstration, We will be happy to remove a few of your most troublesome hairs without any charge or obligation . . . because we know you won't be happy till they're all removed pei'manently. Don't put this off another day. Relieve yourself now of the constant; awareness that something un-pretty about you ia on display. Come in and see what a Gregory reatment is like, iregory is in the First Federal Savings Bldg., suite 607, 3003 No. Central. Hours 10 to 7:30 daily; 9 to 3 Saturday. The p hone is 279-3315. "We better not fight 'cause there might be something on TV tonight we want to watch!" Presidential task force meets on women's rights G Washington Post Service Members of the task force, who heard speakers and held discussions recently, were told not to divulge the topics they are covering; that any publicity must come from the White House. WASHINGTON - A task force has been meeting in secrecy here to draw up recommendations for President Nixon on what the government can do to assure women their rights. The presidential task force on women's rights and re- sonsibilities has a December deadline for its report. The report may never be made public but could serve as a basis anyway for executive decisions. Johnsons tell engagement Mr. and Mrs. Harold Johnson, 2212 W. State, have announced the engagement of their daughter, Norma, to Kenneth Delp. The prospective bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Delp of Prescott: An August wedding in Phoenix is planned. The couple attends . Northern Arizona University. BEDELL—ROSS DATELAND — Mr. and Mrs. Doyle L. Bedell announce the engagement of .their daughter, Nicki, to Douglas G. Ross, son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert V. Ross, Cranford, N.J. The couple plans a June wedding. Dr. Robert Clapp, special assistant to the President who is White House liaison officer for the project, defined the task force's general mission as a review of the present status of women, adding. "I think they would probably look at the effectiveness of present federal programs." It is safe to speculate, on the basis of economic data the Labor Department has already collected, that some of the recommendations will concern job and training opportunities to upgrade women in federal service and in the employ of federal contractors. Women comprise one third of the nation's labor force but are in the lowest paying brackets. Even those with college degrees are hired as clerks, secretaries and sales personnel. TYPING $30 per month SHORTHAND $45 per month (Both $65.) ADDITIONAL SUBJECTS Only $10 per mo. more MAXIMUM $75 per month No Enrollment Fees GREGG COLLEGE 840 N. Central 252-2331 -Advertisement- To Beaiifify Your Complexion For sheer loveliness in complexion beauty, and to check the natural tendency for the skin to develop dry wrinkles, you must replenish oil and moisture which drain away from the surface skin. The loss of natural protective oils should be replaced by the regular use of your moist tropical oil of Olay.Itwill keep your skin blooming with milky loveliness, and will help to smooth away past damage. Use the Olay oil daily as a skin beautifying powder ... Margaret Merrfl. INVITES YOU TO HEDDY WIG PREVUES 1970 COME SEE THE LATEST 1970 STYLES AT ANY NEDDY'S HOUSE OF WIGS SALONS ALL THIS WEEK If you've the temperament and coloring of a redhead, why not be one, Or try "having more fun" being a blonde. Or be chic all day in a brunette coiffure. Cater to your whimt. Wear a wig. lt'» a necessity for the career qirl ... a boon to the sportswoman. You'll love it.. Prices start from FINEST QUALITY 100% HUMAN HAIR YOUR SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! Open Mondays and Thursdays till 9 Now 5 Convenient Locations 3501 East Thomas Road 754-2100 333 West Camelback Road 27»-88M Wf North 7«h Av«nii| M6-27W Sun City Shopping Canter 933-M84 134 W. Main Street, M«si W-3121 . where yev buy the fin«t duality v/lss In ill of Arizona Here's what Valley clubwomen planned ALTRUSA Club of Phoenix; 7 p.m., Hoel Westward Ho; plans for Arizona Altrusa Club convention. BETA Sigma Phi, Alpha Kappa Chapter; 7 p.m., home of Mrs. Bob Kager, 2043 W. Joan de Arc; Mrs. Ernie Kendon is speaker; pledge ritual and salad supper. BETA Sigma Phi, Alpha Lambda Chapter; 8 p.m., home of Mrs. Bill Vaughn, 3530 W. Morten Ave.; program on conversation by hostess. BUSINESS AND Professional Woman's Club, Midtowners Branch; noon, Beef Eaters Restaurant, 300 W. Camelback; John Driggs-Milton Graham discussion. BETA Sigma Phi, Beta Nu Chapter; 8 p.m., Paul Johnson Jewelers, 1940 E. Camelback; program on jewelry. BETA Sigma Phi, Upsilon Chapter; 8 p.m. home of Mrs. James Harkins, 1333 W. Lawrence Lane. BETA Sigma Phi, Xi Alpha Beta Chapter; 8 p.m., home of Mrs. Sal Americo, 4016 N. 14th Ave.; Mrs. John Shannon will present program on good lives. BETA Sigma Phi, Xi Iota Chapter; 8 p.m., home of Jo- Quotables of the week "I feel I'm acting for 100 million people .'. ."—Vivien Kellems, 73-year-old Connecticut industrialist, explaining her refusal to hand over her income records for the past three years to the Internal Revenue Service. "I know it will be a beautiful baby, because I know Mia and Andre will raise it to be one."—Actress Maureen O'Sullivan on the news that her actress daughter Mia Farrow and musician Andre Previn are expecting a child in late spring. hann Love, 4053 W. Mission Lane; hostess presents program, demonstrating baked Alaska. BETA Sigma Phi, Xi Mu Chapter; 8 p.m., Towne- House, 100 W. Clarendon; speaker is Mrs. John Drach on public speaking. CATHOLIC Daughters of America, Court of St. Cecelia; 8 p.m., Osborn Woman's Club, 17 E. Osborn Road; bring donations for the Thanksgiving baskets. DAUGHTERS of the British Empire, Overseas Chapter; 8 p.m., home of Mrs. Libby Maguire, 49 E. Roeser Road. EARLY Morning Garden Club; 9:30 a.m. Valley Garden Center, 18.09 N. 15th Ave.; speaker is Mrs. Jack Emerson on planting bulbs. EPSILON Sigma Alpha, Alpha Omicron Chapter; 8 p.m., home of Mrs. Robert Ranck, 4602 E. Mulberry Drive; speaker is John Hoopingarner, director of Lucky Thirteen Educational Center, a school for children with learning disabilities or emotional problems. GRANDMOTHER'S Club, Starliters, No. 703; 7 p.m., Topper's Steakhouse, 3425 N. Seventh Ave.; installation of officers. NEWFOUNDLAND PICNIC SCOTTSDALE - A potluck picnic for all former citizens of Newfoundland and their families will begin at 2 p.m. Sunday in Scottsdale Community Park, Second Street and George. HARMONY Club of Phoenix; noon, Women's Club House, 302 W. Earll; luncheon honoring Mrs. Harold Davis, central district AFWC president; afternoon of bridge and canasta. NORTH Phoenix Woman's Club; 8 p.m., Community Room, Arizona Bank, 9108 N. Third St.; members bring donations for Thanksgiving baskets. PI BETA Phi, Camelback Alumnae Club; 7:30 p.m., home of Mrs. Verde Dickey, 2214 E. Bethany Home Road; play will be presented by Phoenix League of Women vVoters. SUNNYSLOPE W o m a n >s Club; 12:30 p.m., Monfort Park Club House, 831 E, Purdue; pot luck luncheon honoring past presidents. Y-WIVES, Glenda'e; 9:45 a.m., Y Building, 7119 N. 59th Ave., Glend ale: business meeting, lunch at noon and afternoort speaker is Dick Helm, health program consultant with'state health department. Y-WIVES, YWCA: 9:30 a.m., Y Building, 230 E. Earll Drive; classes in beginning and knitting; afternoon for crafts. Christmas Decor LARGEST DISPLAY USA Crown Florist Supply 5813 Ni 7th St. Open Nites & Sun. The SPANISH FORGE 76 West Fifth Avenue Scottsdale* 946-0177 WroughMron bench in gold, red or green stain-resistant velvet is 42". long, only $59. Also made to your order. BY •" CERTIFIED TEACHER BY "INDRA DEVI" 8501 E. EDSEMONT AVE. SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA 85257 946-9656 Foot-So-Port STEPETTES FRANK'S ORTHOPEDIC SERVICE 1016 E. McDowell AL 8-7096 ACROSS THE STREET FROM GOOD SAMARITAN HOSPITAL Easy Parking In Back Embarrassed by facial hair? : CREME BLEACH • Simple to use.apply like a facial «nam • Safe -non-irritating-medically jpprovad • Effective * easy to use it home • 'Works equally well on arms or legs Fabulous new cosmetic discovery eliminates the problem of unsightly facial or body hair. Femme Falre, a delicate creme bleach, works wonders in minutes, leaves skin soft, hair invisible and blends with natural skin tones. Economical. One application lasts week*. 4 months supply S3. Available at: ALWAYS FIRST to give a 3(hadine*'J-{arem ChesL* means 3 cherish you above all others A Padishah could own all the women he wanted. The one he wanted most was the Khadine. •f KJiadine is a unique scent, recreated by "Xardley,. for the kind of woman she was, Cherish your favored woman with fragrant oils, luxurious soaps, bath powders, unforgettable perfumes and spray mists, Give her a Harem Chest filed with Khadine opulence to tell her: I cherish you above all others. KHADINE HABEM CHEST $18.00 Cologne Mist, 2 os. Perfumed Powder, 7 ox. 2 cakes of soap, 8% oz. each KHADINE HAREM CHEST $15.00 Cologne Mist, 2 ox. Perfumed Powder, 7 oz, Perfume Oil for Bath and Body, tioz, Also available: KHADINE HAHEM CHEST $12.50 Cologne Concentre, 33 ox. Perfumed Powder, 7 ox, KHADINE HAREM CHEST ^ $11.60 Cologne Mist, 2 oz, Perfumed Powder, 7 oz. PARK CINTHAt t TOWfR PLAZA « CHRIS-TOWN t TRKCITY SHOP WIEKPAY3 'Til 9:30 .,. SATURDAY 'TIL 6

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