The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 30, 1934 · Page 6
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 6

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 30, 1934
Page 6
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m ^T ._ TM>»MSmwy . ^ ""' • -«»«rrarMM. DETROIT TIGERS BACK AT TOP IN AMERICAN Full Game Margin Held Over Yanks Weird First Game On Sunday to Earn Split With Chicago By HCGB S. FUULERTON. JK. Associated Pres*. Sports Writer The Tigers regained the American league lead over past week-end ar.d picked i Yankees. -goofiest" son of a-> a*?i first half of Sunday bill IV hit e Sox. L-eadins 5-0 =c:rg into they fell behind when scored sis runs. The stunt ^as repeated in th-: seventh. '- r.-ca-o treorinc: seven '.ir.ies to caui a 1S- 11 lead and finally i->r,^>>oa (Schoolboy; Roxve, ^vho had retched a three-hit game the day :>^fore. TVSS called ir* to check th-? Sox' eighth innir.^ rally sr,^ vi or^ another decision :cr Tnmsv.i ^-:belting a home- run to r-v: th-- J. •- ' at the right tim« to help Tony j 1 Freitas out. j | The third-place Cardinals bump- | 1 ed Pittsburgh around 9 to 5 with | I a lS-h!i attack featured by Jim j i Collins* L'Srd circuit swat. That ; ; decision, coupled with Boston's | brilliantly pitched double victory j over Brooklyn, put The Brtc* in : fifth place behind the Braves. At the same time the Dodgers drop- red back of the Phils into seventh, f After Binning the- opener S-t j -bit hur" Yank Davis Cup Players Are Trailing i one-hit game by Flint Rehtn | •won, 1 to 0 •when Pin*cy "Whit- i v.ev drove homo "Randy Moore | •»vi;h the onlv run young Johnny ; Is Outstanding Feature of Week-End Sports Review He Predicts End ^ Of Austrian Nazis i Second Half City League Race Starts , First Half Champs, to Oppose Creamery Monday r-ions of i By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ' "WXMBX.'E'DON" — United Spates 1 stands two olo^vn TO Hngland in { Davis Cup challenge round as Fred j perry beats Sidney B. 'STood. 6-1. 4-6. 5-7. 6-0. 6-S. and Henry W. t Bunny) Austin defeats Frank Shields. §-4. 5-4, 6-1. SEABRIGKT. X. J. — Helen Jacobs, national champion, upset by Carolin Babcock, of I^os Au- greles, 6-4. 6-2. women's singles final. Berkeley Bell TV-on men's single? from Bryan CBitsy> Grant, VVilmer Allison and John Van "Ryn took doubles from Gregory 5. Man- jrin and BeU. Allison and Elizabeth Ryan beat Mr. and Mr?. Kyn for rnixed doubles title. TORONTO — Ha! Surface, of Kansas Citv. beaten by Marcel Rainville in Canadian singles fina?. oairs -with score, Th€ seeonc arame ^'£s a. auf-erer 5/her. I>e> Tsetje eutp:tC;~e Marberry ;o :riv« Chieaec* G-4 victory. The Athletic- ca:r.-_- aid by smash in c the Tanks into 5-3 defe-2.! s.' -v..-— -n,.. ti> open ^I_T^-^i Inriiijs: behind "Alters Ben-i schedule Ars'Ss-MT'rJcsine. __ | July SI Twice defeated St. Lou-is 1 and 6 to S- and rtlacei the 5^. games behind tine lea- cobble defeat dropped St. ! -Wade team, ccant- firsT naif, and the irv r,; ne are schefi- I championship the "second "half ol j Phil Castlen, U. of California, to e baseball schedule i tvin doubles. Mondav. The teams orisrinally 1 BUF'F'ALiO — Paul -a co 3 ; planned to open the second naif i white Plains, N. T,. beat? Craic • Sunday but instead relayed only an i \Vood. Kei;y-?--oo3, N. J.. one up eirou's t exhibition game. tne Creamery j , n 3S holes for P. G. A. champion- ean.i -^ in runs:, S--*. { ship. After Monday's lid-blaster, the j CHICAGO. — Toro Xancy. filly. ^« : ' -i-rns 1" u-T>««t Vc™ry In $5<?.000 ate Factory ITS. Faris \ V^,"/ ."^ 4 .;,'1^,1 |TV " New?. AUS. "j. —Souther'and Supply vs. . N. K. — Roustabout rt O -losiTi? day feature ai La. mar Cream- [ _ •The Xati The ] Factor;.-. behind i ery. i- i t h i: Aug. 5—Scutherland vs. Crearrs- AUS. ?— C-'&~ ;TROIT. — Lenore "Kig-ht. Katherlne Kavt'Is. Dorothy Poyn- Ril! star as Carnesrie ]Libi-ary club, rSoniestead. Pa., -wins team A, U. sTvirnrninj: meet- I Edgar I— Prochnlk (above) r the j Austrian minister to Washington, J predicted - ruthless stamping out j of the n; movement in Austria I by the nz-.v. Starhemberg govern| ment. (Associated Press Photo) T Exporters Win Couple From Tribe Big Crowd Expected At Mat. Jousts Demonstration of Wrestling Holds to Be Added Feature Tuesday SU?TDAT*S RESULTS Major / Leaden City TEXAS UEAGUE Beaumont 2-2, Oklahoma 0-0. San Antonio 5. Dallas 5. night Teana— San Antonio th-e- stand:us: but r bore upon the N"e- battle for the J^^_ : biHs." The Giarsts c opener t.o the Phillies X>olph Ca^nilH's homer as tne ce- cidias bio- but ca:r- bac> to ^IT; 2- to- 0 T.-"ne- Car' rT-jr-c-?:; r-ro^ 1 :his Three-garnc_ !c-5 r '' Tfee Cub« re-er*ec ___ t They al-most ruined ; ~r:t sen's debct aj Cinr^! a free mrnri? contest ^ Pa-t IvTasose ss a -p-rore flis^er ibar. ? ; - .Tc-hns<>r. nati sa.-red t!b«* s.'t a rr''-e r ' ft-s Chick TTaf 1 '"•" ^•^'r\'.~.-:--- - "evade -; - Trade vs. Auc. 10 — Rockers ,,.„ -,-, Sc'Utherlantl vs. Ne-^'s. A us. 1"—Xe-^s T?. Creamery. .^-ji:. 14 Roarers - "^"ade ~s- " 4_ir__* ^-, So-Jt:-er:and vs. Rcd- Factory Rimy an Wins PGA Title Beaumont After First Division Berth Vic Frasier Wins Second By BILI^ PAKKEK Associated Pres=- Sport* Writer Skipper Dutch. Lorbeer's hustl- ,n.g Beaumont Exporters have/ '. started a desperate drive for u. _. „ -r.- j ^^ ', rirst; division berth in th-". Texas LotiquerS Craig >\ OOO. <Jne : ieagrue f] a? marathon --hlch has Up. Ill 38-Hole Match i -"« ^-^ re P?ayin ? days scheduled, *" ' The Kxporters furnished fc-od for ihouarht, Sunday ivhen they flashed a brilliant defense and strong offense to take Oklahonia City, : to 0 an-i " to 0. Joe Hare, jacked by sparkling support, ~on Sundav CL.UB. BUFFALO. X. T. I ?r;d vs Crearn- : coif consisted or cnas- iur bal;s for four bits an hour, j &, mound due: from Charley Mon- ruied the American ; crief in the initial contest._,?• hen riin*k~ !Mon.'3av. 'i ne stopped the Indians -n-Itb seven •vay. the "5- 1 hits. r-T T -.r:.T- \-i-;insas cadd*" '•. A trio of speedy double t>'i=v$ One of the largest cro-wds of the season is expected to b© present I Tuesday night at Paris Athletic club -when Manager Fredl Greger offers his three-match -wrestling program with a demonstration of •wrestling holds as an added feature. Both performer* in the main event Tuesday ni^ht. which pits Billy Burns against George Ear ben. have performed here and local fans believe they -will put on a classy exhibition once* they gel j into the ring together. j Where Burns formerly was kno^'n as the roughster the Denver grappler seems to have changed his Tactics. XOTT he •wrestles fairly smooth, using a fist but rarely and then usually to g^t out of a particularly bothersome "hold. Karben. on the other hand, showed last -week that he ha<3 no scruples against roughing: it with the best of theni and may- give Burns a sample of his o'd medicine. If he does start roughing Bums, the fans may see Burns snap back into his old form. And if this happens the going likely will get tough, for Billy can rough it with the besi of them -when he takes a notion -unless he has forgotten hovi- since he appeared here previously as a light heavyweight. Tlarben "wil! take into the ring T\!th him Tuesday night the record of 50- having been defeated since corning to Texas. Against Burns this record probably will ] "^^^7"^."^ be in the- most serious jeopardy of i ^,-,,-nC, any time since he hit the state. for the Denver linear is tough handling for any grappler, In the semi-final Tuesday night Frank Graham and Jack O'Brien, will clash in a lime limit match of f.vo out of three falls. Graham Team— v. restlea here last week against >;ew York Karben and has announce-3 he ex- j Chicaco peers to take O'Brien to a clean- } cjj_ Louis i ing to shotv local fandom his abil- | B ost on . . i iry. O'Brien is another roughster. ' b=ir:=r known in wrestling circles a? Tiough House Jack O'Brlen. so it -^oulc seem that Graham xvjl? ha~e a busy evenir;" facing him. If I ho expects *^> emer~c •winner. ' -.vrest'er. w??! be presented Tues- J pj-.^ 1 cay Tiight to demonstrate -rrrest- j Q-^f, i Hng holds, ho?r they are secured , E , "£, orado j and how they can be blocked- He | Greenwood 1 *vtn show any hold fans ask for , Houston 4. Tulsa. 3, night game. Galveston 3. Fort Worth 1. night game- AMERICAN UEAGUE Detroit 16-4. Cir.caso 15-S.^ Philadelphia G. New York 3. Cleveland 11-5. St. Louis 5-S. Boston at Washington, postponed, rain. NATlOXAlj UELAGUE Philadelphia 4-0. New York 2-2. Boston 5-1, Brooklyn 2-0. Chicago 7-2. Cincinnati 5-4. St. Louis S. Pittsburgh i. EAST TEXAS IdSAGUE Pine. Bluff 6. Clarksdale 5. Jackson 4." El l>orado 1. Greenville 5, Greenwood 2 <s< ond game postponed, darkness). WEST DIXIE Tyler 4-5. Palestine 2-C. Jacksonville 5-10, L-ufkin " 4. Henderson STA2TDIXGS TEXAS IxEAGCE Tulsa. Dallas Beaumont Houston Fort Worth ...--Oklahoma City . . AMERICAN Team— \V. 61 60 .54 $0 4? I,. Per. 50 55 5S .509 Bogata Wins From Paris Sunday, 9-3 »-. * . * *-k » •»» * *• 1 rvuos — .xi^a-wi Errors Aid Downfall Of JLo--| Terry. Giants, 77. eal Pitcher; Visitors Show Strength /Battihy — P. "Waner, Piratea, ; and Terry, -Giants, each ,361. The Paris Battlers ran into a Huns Batted In — Ott, Giants, 104: Collins. Cardinals, SO. Hits — P. TVaner. Pirates, 134; Allen. Phillies, Moore" and Terry. Giants. 133. s>nag Sunday afternoon when Jim- j Doubles— F. Herroalt. Cubs. 30; mie Underwood and his Bogata Allen. Phillies and Vau^han, Pir- to 3 xeam took, tbe locals , to «. * cleaning in a raggedly flayed game ates. IS. Triples Suhr. Pirates. 10: P. on the part oC the home club. I 'Waner and Vaushan. Pirates. Med- Leader. on the mound for the Bat- j Trick and Collins* Cardinals, 9. tiers, pitched a good game in spite] Home Runs — Olt. Giants. 24; of the fact that he was given mis- | Berber. Braves. Collins, Cardinals arable support, his mates making | 2S. ' -seven actual errors, not counting j Stolen Bases—-Martin. Cardinals, the many mental lapses. j 15: Bartell, Phillies. 12. It looked bad for the visitors' "Pitching — JLDean. Cardinals, v.-hen the home team scored two} ls - 4: Schumacher. Giants. 15-5. runs in the opening Inning, but T AMERICAN afier that Paul Griffin, on the slab | Batting — Manush. Senators, for Bogata, held the Battlers Tvell j 394; Gehringer. Tigers, .371. in hand and was never in serious danger. On the other ha.nd the visitors nicked Leader at opportune timre. or rather after his support had bogged doivn. runs corn- 93; Runs — Gehringer, Tigers, Werber. Red Sox, S3. Runs Batted In — G eh rig:. Yankees. Ill: Bonura. "White Sox. £5. Kits — Manush. Senators. 147s Gehringer. Timers. 135. Troubles, Greenbersr. Tigers, 37: ing in after opportunities had been presented to retire the side. Bogata really outplayed and out- I Gehringer, Tiger?. 35. hit the local club. True they -were Triples — Chapman, Tankee-s. playing with a make shift lineup. 1 11: ^ar.ush. Senators, 10. but that did not detract from the Home Runs — Foxx. Athletics. fact that Bogata played good ball. 34: ^n^ig. Yankees. 30. "Red . 57 , 33 ,51 Si- Ix>uis . . . Philadelphia. Chicago - .-- . L,. 36 4S mi. i three fast double plays featuring Stolen Bases — "Werner, the defense, while the'visiting: bats 1 So3 - 23: Fox - Tigers. ±9. rang a, merry turse. Komer Tem- | Pitching — Gomes. Tank«es. pleton led the Bogata attack with p 5 ~ 3: Ro-we, Tigers. 14-4. three hit5=. one of which was swat- i ^** ^~ -mm 7«" t f » ~m t*3. over the left field fence. Jiws- ] 1 FeilCn IVlOUth rlcalcd mie ndervrood. just to show the j Tour friends dare not say so bat >oys how it ivas done, cracked {your sore pnms and fonl breath >ne over the right field wall for a j don't make folks like you any bet- home run. Spears and Burke also j ter . i> tO ' s pyoryjjea. Remedy hit over the left field barrier for j beals worst ^^ K ^ ed M afc^t. the home- cltsb. -which -w-as about all } ^ jj. the local rooters had to cheer .531 them. j; \V. §1 ..... _ . . . .5 Pittsburgh Brooklyn 4S 44 41 .40 35 GS S3 4D 47 £1 .535 .500 . C> S o Plaxln.g the third of a three j erame series Sunday afternoon j Reno defeated Sylvan by a score of j S to T. Each team had won a game I each the Sunday game -was the ' rubber event of the series. Tate. on j the mound for the Reno club. 1 pitched a good game, holding Sy!- | van to seven hits. A large erow<j 1 witnessed the game. Proffit -was j Tate's battery rnate in the contest. ' isot a mouth trash or paste- anil is sold on a money back Palace T>nj£ Stor*.— Adr. Hollywood B«anty Shop CroquIgruoJe Fetrnancnt ,.. #1 Beautiful Oil Wave .... *±-»5 Wave Set I5c CaD Mr*. V. C. Stroop 9S Soutls J5th Street EAST I>IXTK Team— Bluff L,. 10 ?ct. ! .705 I ,5SS| .514 * Pimply skin relieved and improved by the special medication '/*Sm WEST 1>TXTK LEAGUE I.. e Tuesday night. n.,as announced. "Employ^s of Perkins Bro^. store be admitted fre-e to ijrbt's sho-w. Mr. Gresrer ba Each treek emC'loye? of s Tocal firm -will be admitte.rj a= .gr'jest of the- rr:ana~ement and this xveek 3ov Scotitp in UTslform -^-ill be admitted f~ec. Tn additior, all kifi-s ^otere te -7-->h D-rrjv Sbute. Atoka, aoti BBS Line —TIME TABLE- SUE Leav £5 Ha^o For Antlers and Atoka at 9:00 A. Mand 6^0 P. M. G'-xxJ cocnertious at Atoks for M<^4fester. Mu=kogee acd TaL=3. AJSo Good Oo*ir»ecnon«. at A*O"KS» for Ada. SemiTJO 1 ?. e nnd OklahoiTta O?'Fares from Hu?o tc the foiiowiiigs to'+-ns and cities: Hugo to A-rxtler* . . 50c Hugo to Muskogee S3.S5 Hugo to Atoka . . SI-50 Ht»go to Ada . $2.45 Hnr-o to McAlester S2.4O Hugo to Sermnoie S3.IB Hiio to ^ ' *" •* = I uisa $4-35 Sha-wnee $3-50 ucbT » urtrw Lus ~~* ^^ abosr the new bu~ atsd ,-. s^-»r Tim., and M r >n<?5 and Ride X? Bu*, B. A. MUNGLE Operator The fir?* match -win S:30 o'clock Tuesday mf O. .Flikc 3.x trif* r"?fercr. go ort at There's Comfort in Their Freshness It's like getting into NE\\ r clothes when you send all your laundry to us. They are fresh, su-eet and clean— and thai he-lps you to enjoy the hot weather. FAMILY WASH SERVICE All Clothe* Washed and Dried. All Flat TVork Ir 15 Lb. Bundle 85c CITY STEAM LAUNDRY TELEPHONE 21—22 NORTHEAST TEXAS MERCHANDISER Published By The Advertisixig Department of The P*ris Evening: New* lonham Is Easv Winner u ""*••• =ccr:~E: fr- e run? Tn *he s" pirkings for here on • - r - — :^ — :nc2,y s.f"er~-^;r, in a He-i fiivsr ' ^ <*&?&?*, r-*5~ * y-Tori D*?- : -.v'' 5 '!---" • v f- '.--?•?*"' ~ j O-i =i._ii* i ^.f ^f*&.^^r -i-'/'t^ 1 ' Interest Cut By Insurers DXLI-AS. — f iftv-fi"* rr,iiliOT:5 of doIlazY ir ?oar.s cntstandfr^ *?"n c!t ji* prop^rtv and fs-rrn* ^n T-^xss. 3i:d ^n interest rate rj:at Ira* d^- ;*| <£, COf; tri bi^t it>n *O T" *?'.'%J3.. < ' f^C-^'TlO- 1 ryr ;.« "{?*** r*-^V<*-J!L"-rt3 1>V t"^** T**^!!^!^ti ""SJT- 1 "TORTURE CAR" SHOWN HERE VACATION TIME B BUS TIME ' _ w , - ,,-"- « ''.ra —r- »— r,' * ^« ——;-—.-" V; i ' "•-, T - « <s. r *r "-*.....,' <&• *">•*- ,.._'—- s ^. • • c-, " _ *- «-v" .j.^^ Is tfce famous Tortt2re Car operated by the MajrnoK* Petrolecm Company T~itfcout radiator and without -water to *iemon«trat« the ' superior qnalrties of Hobilgas and MobiloIU Tn« car •snl! stop o-r<?r hers en route irons Hawaii to ti:e Atlantic Coast. .- » WJt-hout radiator—-without wat- i 'o 2 Sn fs.vrjr of ?.3i,r> A~to~''y. I But r?a! T5ro-t>? T "t" loans T-^pr*{«^?tit only a. part of fri" T*»5:5*5 rrfsr- | *»y that !r aaa»Tyj'hT?«1 ar;^I »c^l>t f w-rtrkinz witiJiT! th« bc.r^rrjB cf T«?-sr- £ OF f ARES TO VACATION POINTS: Round Trip $ 7.50 6.95 . 12.70 $13.45 . , 24.05 17.55 15.S5 Gill & Johnson p^^* o sr:. - *.",s,", < :i HandlingHOLC hCp-^r'^!;^^^ Title |;..•».«««=. Mr*. B*"' Parker of Oklahorra I; C%3 fee. Ii >'r^. "i". A, F'h•.*:/.p^ and <iaugrh- ;*•*•. "?£»?" •••. *-cV: t-',- *-'lzii r<eiaT.iv«i Irs • 'Jra-,ftTt. Ark *a»-* *:/* ; ^<'J;rig r f.hf, v. t*k ir> Hasro. I <"i f-vm a -..->.;* i.r. Dyrasit. liicsro ni 22.5O os A:^*iv^. Cii - 4005 THE DIXIE MOTOR COACH CORPORATION / IT K. I Tbiwcs r*yniTia?!!»s 3T"C- hos«5 ??,1 jOO.'JO 1 ? of th«> bond" 'sf !««n!r:fpa!f- ! -•„ .„ ^^ » r ,,,,,-» r\ *.\'?K 2t~-*5 <*O11T1*J* 1 '*: °* T r >'y,Zf. Thl" ; An --.n-^: ^<*'-v ] - •*•• -..--•*.•*• - . -^.rtr^w^ijt" r*J*i«5!"" «*?rr-?5Ta.TEr»cr ;.,-.!«. y 0 rk has b-^n flor;"; durir- s \ r - ^- «»«*'- . -,.i-. ^ of Tnor-> than c»«5 family 5rs th^ *tat*. This *x- «n » o ! ftr, a Magnolia Torture Tour car. t from tn* 1*certain Inter- • lands to th" Atlarsirir Coast •?«•»« in \-<»r -^-ith ^*, A. h3 T th< t> ftb«tra<:t office, f'.---| »»*V-. — '^a->» *ro f n s '" <!>T5S? ruction. r>tirpos«**, -_-^,,,,, | i.i,'iM*.nsr. roa-ls, ^tre^r | \ AJLT,r.\NT HOME BTHFINS | ] VAL.I-TANT. Okla. — The h-srne ! i o* T'p My»rr*. norrb of Ya.nta.rst, j to "br-*d to , their 1<*ns | b«n«ftr-vot«« hv rh^ a.»n i a«n of Um*-, « «h J m«t<-h th«F«^r*i f« Tor the :i*I* *-'..r»f.-' MfT th* , "\v* ke^p on han4 at ail tirn^ f Th* -urv*y «hww m^ny Uw of'i-sa! apolicntJor- blanks an<J j fnwr*«lns ir*rr.« »bo«r th* f-v^ <^-^i « * . ,»•*--*»**' * . , * «r* ^.^ -. r 4 ** •*"_._., _— *« —.- i Z/TTJIK \V*tW inrltn M<tUS > * ».>,«r. /if'ii-ia! fe.pE>iifJJEdLJO^ fji«nn^ -s*j»j j »•**-. • -.->---™ ^ ^ ,.,*r^: ,1;, ^£? z%s,"%sz; 'zzrzrw 'z?*zpz. '„",."., * ' ",« „ ' f*',,.-•" " i xht» to ib" r«-on'vmif w-Sfar* 1 of vt»th K;I* »<ld a *!>• BOTH »h« offifr- of Judge E, l- is 'local atrofn^y for , the .Horn* Owners' I>oa.n Corpora- it hold — *« r>,s clearly <^*tn -who ha.v to r«p«al or smfirfd th*J*w ^^r^'th^, local ayent for th* Mag- r.tver b«Mru *bl* to an- j • _ — ?fby the peoo^ of T«»s «oTi« Pctrelcnm Company. Th* !o*? Invariably rri«*»t<»-d nueh at- fal visit is a. nars of a four throwarh Parisian Is Essay Victor of Mr»- L.<w* Butler of *n »nnot3nc<?<i ata th* pris* CartOT3 contest -which be- on Juno 3Sfh sui<S closed" July 2 1st. Prlz-sB Tr*re a-wrarded for th* best reatscns In no more tba.TJ 59 I buy Mrs. T«cie«r*j« In ASrtlsrht. Cartons." except those thf* rrsauafacttir<!( ar-.ij sal* of Mrs. Tucker's Shorten lr.^. The prtz*Mi nw*rd«d Friday, July CTth sir* us f<»l!o-ws; ttrst pria*, fC5.0<> CJtsb: second, prise J1S.CO thfrd UTiJw $10.00 ca»?r: fourth priT^ $5.00 cai«h; fifth prians $2.50 cash: tb« next 2tt priz«» one S- pound c*rton of Mrs. Tucker's Shortf:ntng: an<l Th« n<ntt 30 prizes on <s 4 -pound carton of Mrs. Tuc«c- The survey that ^jt>*-r!oi" n"*^'?'"'" **f - compani*** nave j ^ fc in !nv*n?m^nt tn homft offic» |'*'''"_ ' •se.o!>oT in n t^r J! r«r -^t^ of | op9K>rt«nfty to -'— nnd farrns ar?d had *n >«• mo«t .1 f<»r auromobisf rrjjriTsr sir** Car ».rrlv'«rj, th*» Masr Texan. !n of '' r "Ll Unfir*?y of it* cooling " 3 »A 1 •* * »T}| " ~* ~ {n part b^n by »t;n!?y To grow arid of y jruar- Jlf* eomp»nt«w« have 4>*«« Organis- rd sine*? the I**!*' T)«cain*< *-ff**?tiv*. th« I rnld«umm*r. Th^ car in * >»to<-k mo- I d^J of *?an«3ar<i mak^ a-nfl the nsdlator ar.<1 }ji«ta.lllnitr tew- ntiJcstor* «n»1 oth<*r i&ffr- r*Tordiojr instrurn^ntK. Th<s r«rrcnt Tort urn <~*nr {«» » r«- pllca of thn f»mou« tw*i cars ihut sfithftto^xl «. w-erJ** of 't**rt* Ia«t "ummer In <h» in- tfmperattirw* of Death Val* fr<vm ra<Ifo station Frt<3ny. -Tn?r 27th, and t«n more >* anrsotJTiced on *acto of the f'-'HowSHK fivr- >f!-«!i. Tueb«*r*»» ojrrHmw broadcast from XVfAA «vvry Monday. nd Friday at «:3<J p. m. • t#*»tji proved the ability of Mobltoll to retain tt» ItibricatlnsT o;«*!}ti«« unimpaired tn th« ««t ^mpTraturws, and Mot>il«raj« provid*-* under a,TT and other eHmalle condttJonir to »>*• *xp*rfon<*cd io th« *Jrlv« from K«wf \v>Kt aero** the continent the «ti*p«c"J« of th« Socony-Varu- um Con»«rafJo». th* Terturo CAT titvaiian Inlands and now r*turnjnfe E«*t. *{ it win tour throuith Mexico. OkUhom»» and

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