The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 10, 1970 · Page 8
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May 10, 1970

A Publisher Extra Newspaper

The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 8

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 10, 1970
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

V--. Mary travcrs Singing Groups To KRNT Theater -Two-rock singing groups wllf present a concert Monday n'ight at KRNT Theater—Chicago and the Illinois Speed [Press. Booked in for May 23 at the theater is the well known trio of Peter, Paul and Mary (Peter Yarrow, Paul Stookey, Mary Travers). The singers have given concerts all over the world to an estimated five million people. fTIHE Paramount Friday witf J- have an old south melodrama' called "Last of the Mobile Hot-Shots," basedhm a feiK hessee Williams plays "The iveiT Descents of .Myttle." Starred in it are James Cobufn, n Redgrave and Robert flooks. . . Coburn is the dying, arid dissolute scion of a ,proud family. Me does not want the rotting plantation to go to his half- brother (Hooks) and so he finds himself a bride, one to provide him_ with^ajL. Jteir.-^Jtis r= ,bride__ (Lynn Redgrave) is an ex- member of a musical group called "Mobile Hot-Shots." Sidney Lumet produced and directed the technicolor film in and around Baton Jlpuge^ La., amLin-New York City. "Funny Girl 11 Wilt-Return The Plaza, which now has a return engagement of the funny triangle plot, "Cactus Flower," Wins Award In France PARIS, FRANCE - "Hoa- Binh," Raoul Coutard's film about Vietnam, has won Le Prix Jean VJgo, bestowed an nuany Dy a committee of crit ics and film personalities. The prize was named for the director "of the film, "Zero de Conduite." Coutard, French cameraman of "Z" and other films, wrote and directed "Hoa-Binh," the story of a little Vietnamese boy whose life is uprooted by the war in his country. The film's title is Vietnamese for "peace.-" "Hoa-Binh," based on a book by Francoise Eorrain, was filmed in color on location in. Vietnam. To England For Filming NEW YORK, N.Y, - International film-maker Stanley Kubrick will write, produce and direct "A Clockwork Orange" for Warner Bros, release. Based on the novel by Anthony Burgess, "A Clockwork Orange" is a black comedy treatment of teen-age violence in a futuristic welfare society- It will commence filming in London late this summer. SHELLEY WINTERS Mo Barker EVA MARIE SAINT Neglected loije JAMES COBURN At Paramount .*>-- & JEAN SEBERG "Wagon" star ALLEN FUNT Produces, comedy IN PERSON ONE PERFORMANCE ONLY TUES.EVE., JULY 21,8:00 PM VETERANS MEMORIAL AUDITORIUM All Seats Reserved $15.00, $12.50, $10.00, $8.50 Special Golden Circle $20.00 MR. JONES WILL PERFORM IN THE ROUND EVERY SEAT IS PERFECT _ ^EATJHNOW_ON_SALI_ 1_...„._ MAIL ORDERS ENCLOSE STAMPED ENVELOPE Enjoy Onr Sunday LUNCHEON SPECIAL A ctnbiMtiw fitVnf tt fi»li, Jhrimp, tytttrt, fish btllt, fr«M* MM. col* itax, and hmhpuppitt OYSTER BAR AND SEAFOOD RESTAURANT L 61st and Douglas 276-3444" NOW OPEN X - RAT6D "LADY NO - ONi MWPHR SEE THE BARE BAC ANTICS OF LADY nil ,S-?HE IWI EASTOATE CINEMA " PH. 266-9100 LOVE . GOOIVA A REALLY WAS I IN COLQIf Shown Dally at 2-4-6-i-ia ; STUDIO III Locate W Blk. f, Ph. ut-nji el javery Hotel DES MOINES 1 NEWEST ALL THE YQUNO BEAUTY OP . EUROPE ENSLAVED FOB THE PyiASURE of the Jr« REICHI WRW 2ND BIG WEEK IN CONCERT *• / / / H»ilUJNOJ5SPil0 PRESS MONDAY, 8:00 P.M. KRNT THEATER NRNT c &ji&£ ^ \fffJL ba n,'i&vm IN PERSON and cflfary KOWOMSALE PRICES $5-50, $4.50. |3.50." Phone 244-7162 for r««rv«tioo». will have as its next attraction; who trained her sons into another return trip._r^that_oLLflfjcrim.e. '. "Funny Girl" (Barbra Strei-LJ5tars also in the picture sand as comedienne Fanny Brice). "Cactus Flower" has Walter Matthau as a bachelor dentist, Goldie Hawn as his girl friend who thinks he is mar- lives jhusband and Eva is—despair-ing- ried, and Ingrid the office nurse. Bergman as Pat Hingle, Diane Varsi, Stroud and Bruce Dern. are Don "Bloody Mama" For 2 Screens Wednesday the' melodrama called "Bloody = Mama" opens on two screens °— at the Varsity and~at S.E. 14th St. Drive- in. Starring Shelley Winters in the title role, the story is of the Ma Barker gang that terrorized sections of early 1930'i the midwest in the II Was JVItj Bdiktil Newly Opened At Theaters "A Walk in the Spring Rain" is at the Capri, with Ingrid Bergman and Anthony Quinn in the top- portrayals, that of a city woman and a mountain farmer in the Great Smokies and of their bittersweet and impossible romance. .It nas"been called "a study of suburban despair," this film, "Loving," now at Eastgate Cinema II and the Plantation Drive-In, bored, George Segal is a Marie Saint -wiler—Segal- plays a free-lance artist. Fea- ANTH6NV QUINN Mountain.farmer Sebefg, Lee Marvin and Clint Sastwood). The Galaxy screen lias the Allen Funt comedy, "What Do You Say to a Naked Lady?" Doctors on the Korean war tured in the cast are Sterling Hayden and Keenan Wynn. The movie is based on a novel called "Brooks Wilson, Ltd.," by J. M. Ryan. And These Continue At the Eastown is the Swedish import, "I Am Curious (Yellow)," which stars Lena Nyman. The Holiday lias "Without a Stitch," a foreign film that spoofs Swedish sex movies. The musicals go on — "Hello, Dolly!" at River Hills (Barbra Streisand) and "Paint Your restless ana straying | Wagon at the Riviera (Jean (VETERANS MEMORIAL AUDITORIUM' 3 SHOWS ONLY! COMING June 5-6-71 FRIDAY - SATURDAY • SUNDAY . A" A* Tke Wwterfrl World o£ Aot $ 3°° Tickets $ 5°° s ALL SEATS RESERVED MAIL ORDERS NOW: NAME .. ADDRESS CITY STATE .... ZIP .... SEND ME TICKETS at J EACH FOR D Fri.—8:30 D Sat.—8:30 Q Sun.—2:30 SEND TO: VETS MEMORIAL AUD. 833 5th AVE., DES MOINES, IOWA Enclose Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope! SEE ONE OF THE WORLD'S MOST SPECTACULAR PAGEANTS OF ... ret & As fh» Great Whits Stallfbni bring to you th* Classic Beauty of All the Famed ManeuvtTs of the Spanish Riding Academy! • PRECISION DRESSAGE ~7 • SPECTACULAR PRUSSAGE ON THE LONG LINES Unbelievable Feats 9! Llplzzan Tradition iGreatesI Horsemin, Smah.. Ostermilr*. .1 Th* Roy»r Llpitun Stallion Show, See, FREE PARKItl GALA WEDNESDAY, MAY 13, 5:30 P.M. • * NEW/ • * NEW; • GIANT, SUPER-SOfT ABigg.r ADf»Af>cZ "PILLOW* ~ Expanded AKVAUlJ 5 BOUNCE" IT'S DIFFERENT! • .^^M Plus ALL YOUR FAVORITCSI WILD MOUSE ^^^^A r-IUJ ALL TOUR FAVOKITESI A 2 *NEVV* • ^ a^^Hiitf H&..M a ^^ SOUVENIR GIFT SH( THEY'RE THE CRAZIESTI NEWLY REMODELEO CT-UB PRIVATE PARTIES *IOWA'l _ FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT VAl V4l°ST 4Ud«f Start OPEN SUNDAYS, HOLIDAYS AT NOON Ride* »! 13:30 IT'S AT RIVERYIEW!: QN THE LAKE AT 8th « CORNING, OES MOINES f 25 SENSATIONAL ACTS LAST DAY of the 20th Annual Za-Go'Zig SHRINE CIRCUSi Tferf//i aa<f fiio ga/ort Veterans Memorial Auditorium TOOAY 1:30 P.M. AN06 P.M. General Adm. 1.50 Children .7$ Reserved Seats 2,50 Buy Reserved Seats Veterans Auditorium or Shrine Office DRIVE-IN THEATRE TONIGHT! FIRST DRIVE-IN RUN! AT IMS Jamot "007"' Bond is Back! IAN FLEMING'S "HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE" CO-HIT AT »:JO "HALLS OF ANGER 1 " OLORI RATED! S.E. 14th. DRIVE IN THEATRE i UV^».M. SH'OWINS -—iffSfffffm "— ' '"-•-'^^^^^^^^^'^^•^'^'•'••PBWPI^.l TERRORMD TORTUIERUI BARBRA STREISAND "Funny Girl" front in the satire, "M-A-S-H" at the Ingersoll, fight a separate war of their own on Army red tape. Donald Sutherland, Elliott Gould and Sally Keller* man star ; DESAAOINES SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Page—Conductor . - PRESENTS: ! . - • *The First Des Moines Performance of THE MONUMENTAL NINTH SYMPHONY BY BEETHOVEN • Soloists: Margaret Hauptmann, Soprano Carolyn Stanford, Mezzo-Soprano Jerry Jennings,—Tenor Charles Nelson. Bass Drake-Community Chorus —- Allan Lehl, Director Bruclcnar Te Deum " ' Beethoven Symphony # 9 in D Minor * Commemorating the 200th Anniversary of Beethoven's Birth Do Not Allow Yourself to Miss this Event - SUNDAY- MAY-T7- . KRNT THEATRE 8 P.M. Adults $2.50-Children $1,25 Ff'*^ DOWNTOWN *M I 9 Phone 244-OK7C4 * THETROPI... WAI IT HUMANT...ANIMUT ..OKTHI IIVINO OttCINMNT OF TMI MIIIINO IINKI OPEN 1^45 FEATURES 2-4-6-8.10 2»I.WEBC , ACADEMY AWARD WINNER IBT sopraniNG nans (coioit HAWN) . The prickly ilage success " that convulsed audiences^ •round th< world... with all its barbed wit' and the sharpest comedy cast of the year) !RLt MAY SHOPPING CENTER iCAtrOS-FUMR-, WALTER MATTMAU INORID BERGMAN 60UHE4(AWN TecHMcomrmiuisini OPEN 1:45 FEATURES 2-4-6-8-10 PADtJA, IfALV - f< Ws ttfiest'S Wife," n satlfical tpm* «dy sUftfftg.'SdpW* LofiifJAftd Marcelld Maslroianni, will hava ftiteg h«te.,Mlss Ufen w tfays a singer with a pop gfo\ip ifi Itely/whtt-fifls iifi love trtth a priest, played by Mastroianni. THF FUNNIFST !o i) Niikrd l.adv'.' 1 ' CINERAMA RIVER HILLS TODAY 2, 5.8P.M. BRING THE WHOLE FAMILY Child Undif 14 J1.00 All Jlmn Birbra Strtisind Wtltir Maltha* In Color-4 CMnml Start* found RIVIERA TODAY 2, 5,8 p.m. CHILD $1.25 ALL TIMES ADULTS $2.50 TODAY Le« Marvin • Clint Eastwood "~ "Paint Your Wagon" IN COLOR-* CHANNEL STEREO CAPRI TODAY at 2 3:45, 5:30, 7:15, 9 P.M. c#*~ • m VMJH^PB. in the Springq&n VARSITY 2 TOP HITS DINNER AT Ii3(, 4 A 10:M CAMELOT AT liIO, 7i4S FOR-THE-F/RST-T/ME/ 2 GREAT HITS TOGETHER "Camelot" — PLUS A GREAT CO-HIT! — SIDNEY POWER Spencer Tracy Katherlne Hepburn t guess who's coming i to dinnsi 1 Both In Color ' ER5 37th 4 INCtRSOU Phone 274-2513 i srr W£€K i OPEN MASH jsfor LJOU! i \m Curious" I I \\\\ ( CINEMA I FINAL 3 TODAYI 2 & 7:30 DAYS! GONE WITH THE WIND" OARKGME § CINEMA II 2 TOP HITS In Colw - fi THl REIVERS" IN COLOR "OP" Ratin lunin SCREAM "I \m Curious" Tft» Evergreen Fun preiented |iy Orovt Pr»»» tlars ten* Nyman. A Sindrew* Production direcltij by Vilgpt Sjotnan. ADMISSION RESTRICTED TO ADULTS. TOPAY 1;lf, 4;M,. STAR LITE AT 1:41 .it Picture of Y.arl "MIDNIGHT a huuintaik WON. THRU SAT. EVES. 7:30, »:« ,;; refurbished EASTOWN THEATRE 1536 E. Or^nd JMH *H iut l«b Freeway Exit AU NiW CPNTININTAL . OUR PAT«PN5 TEU US HOW YfftY i\ FUN ARN.y- Sl BUT PLEASE « ^^1 WITHOUT A STITCH Burt BOTHTIN coSf'M— "CASTLE 'KEEP" PIONEER .PPM 7:« m* Fwid* ^fOft" CAPITOL ShotkugL. Provocatu/t Wf UU. H! IUII. WAKONDA ACAOEJWY AWARDS! NOW RE AD THE WANT ADS CONVENIENTLY HOLIDAY , u0 sw Show* T«d«y J:IO-I«I 7:30-9:30

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