The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 19, 1948 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, July 19, 1948
Page 9
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Newt. Fr*4tr*ck. Mi.. MM**?. Jaly It. 1H* 1 " 10,000,000 Get 3d Round Wagefioosts Wastdntfon. July IK VP---More than 10.000.000 members of labor iminn^ have won a third round of postwar ^va«e increases, government officials estimated privately today. These officials said about three- fowrtbs of the approximately 15.000.000 American workers who belong to labor unions have received third round pay boosts. That figures to about 10.000.000 to 12,000.000. MlUieas of non-union workers have received third round hike*, too But the experts say these are scattered and the figures are too incomplete to make an estimate. The third round exceptions include railroad workers numbering 1.250.000 who only recently completed their second round, calling for a !5 ! r-cent hourly increase. The third, round hasn't spread, either, to vast numbers of white- collar workers. Also, in a number of industries the wage problem was postponed temporarily to see what happened in other industries. The telephone industry is one of these. The biggest current thir-rf rr.und -.\ age argurnent is between the Ford Motor Company and the CIO Auto Workers with a strike threatening Married /n Jefferson Church Arabs Bow To Truce Order Cairo. Ju'.y 18 .VPi -- The Arab States bowed today :o the United Nations" new truce order in Palestine. joining the Israeli Gox'ern- ment in ordering a cease-lire on aii fronts. The Security Council ordered ihe foes to carry on she truce indefinitely, until a peaceful solution to the Palestine problem can be founC. Egypt accepted the truce in a message to Count Bernadotte's ' headquarters on Rhodes. King Abdullah, announcing the cease- fire almost simultaneously in Trans-Jordan, said ai! the Arab States wilt comply. He said "the way 10 settle the PalcEtinean problem is :o negotiate -- a negotiation which need not be unduly hurried but which should be carried out carefully and thoughtfully." Israel previously ordered its troops to cease fire at tonight's United Nations deadline f l O a. m.. Eastern Standard Time*, and not to resume fighting unless the Arabs did so. Accused of Truce- Violation A cease-fire _ had been effected earlier in Jerusalem, but both Jews and Arabs accused each other today of breaking Ihe truce there. Bernadotie. the U. X. mediator ·was flying back to Rhodes after reporting on Palestine to the Security Council last week The previous U. X. truce in the Holy Land lasted from June 1 1 to July 9. At its expiration Bcxna- do:te asked for a 10-day extension. It was accepted by the Jews, but rejected by the Arabs, who said it ·would work against them Arab representatives met ail last nicht in Lebanon and reconvened at noon. Abaci Rahman A:zsm Pasha of Egypt, ^errelary- general the Arab League, remained throughout the sessions. Before the cease fire e-d^rs were i~?ucd brisk fiahting was in several ·-cctors in bi i tit:. A dispatch from Jerusalem said the new Jerusalem cease fire was shattered during its first 30 hours bv both Jewish and Arab shooting. Many \\ere reported to have died in the Jewish sector of the city in a neevy Arab barrage. The Jews ar.s-vered with mortar fjre at the Arpb-held old city. Consolidate Lines An I~rae:: army spokesman. ^a:d the Arao Legion had made two vain attempts to penetrate the Je'vish held area. Snipers or the old wa:i. which the Jews tried and failed to penetrate lust before the original truce deadline yesterday b!?-sd sway at Jewish nositions Outside the Jerusalem truce nrea the Jews consolidated their line- :o the southwest by captur- inz the village of Johr. the Baptist E'n Kareni ' and hiHtoos overlooking :t. Xsrvsmen visiting the scene after .Tev.-ish occupation said Franciscan rnor,'-:^ ana run^ in 'he liilage were unharmed and well fed. Demonstrate Against Red I Land Blockade Berim. July 18 .j»,--Five ihou- ' sand defiant Western Berliners dem- j onstrated today against the Rus-» sjan land blockade while Uie world ' waited for the Western powers to · snake the next move in the month- old crisis. Massed In a square in the V. S .sector, the thiong roared approval, as speakers denounced the ' cold · cynicism of Communism that blockades innocent women and . children." " k Overhead the U S -British aerial ] supply fleet rounded out a busy . 24-hours which saw 493 planes lazi.l · w ith food and fuel for tne 2 400 W)0 ! Western Berliner!. ' At Helmstedt. 12U mi!c« to the . west. American travelers reported ' a Soviet commissar had arrived i-t the scene :o take over the job o! turning back v.eft-bound c?r* lacking Ru«*ian travel orders Special Meeting Today Meanwhile, the shree Western i military governors called a special ; meeting for tomorrow to discu--· the crisis v.hich broke exae'.lv iw · month ago today ;n s w i f t Sovirt reaction to Western Gen-sanyV currency reform. The scheduled conference of ihe 3 commander.- renewed speculation that the Western power-, might , be thinking of forceful mean* to j test the blockade Gen. Pierre ; Koenig. the French military governor, who rarely comes to Berlin. j will leave his Baden-Baden head 'quarters to participate in the tal'r- at the office of Gen. Lucius D i Clay. L". S commander There were reports the French. British and American goveinmcnl. , were planning new, suffer notes to . Russia Unhke the first, which the I Russians turned down. the-e might embody threats of reprisal "' sanctions unless the blockade i.« : lifted at a set time Might Pinch Soviets Such mcaMires might include de- j ··riving Russian ships of the use ' ." waterways under British a:ie» ' American control in other parts of the world. Or Russian yhippin.- ' might be frozen in far-away har- i bors for ' technical difficulties. · . She reason the Russians gave foi closing down the lone rail line from · the-west to Berlin. | The rally in the American sector was sponsored by West Berlin cultural and student organizations' and was addressed by various an- i thors. actors, editors and studei-i ! leaders. · ; The crowd cheered as speaker af- · ter speaker denounced the ' cold cynicism of Communism blockades innocent women and children." Frail, gray Mrs. Louis Schroetir. Berlin's Socialist Lord -Mayoress! was cheered wildly as she" made ner way to the speakers" stand. She .concluded a short speech: "Thank you for raising "your , voices in this hour of our need which is singular in the history of the world. Berlin fights for Ger many. Germany will not descr: Berlin. Berlin fights for tiie world." in a statement issued through the Military Government. Maj.- Gen. William J. Donovan, who headed the Office of Strategic ,-,,,,.»-. tsei vices during the war. suggested i L K B A - N A inat sanctions be applied " promptly and decisively not only against i She Soviet Union, but against her satellites as well." Davis Studio St P..;:l .-, Lutheran chuu-h. Jff:«_-ron wa~- :he '-ttnc of the v/edchu-i on July '·'· of Mi^s Alice Kiiei-s Stvj.-ici daugntC! 0 ; ;\; : .-,.,j *.: iv L«-o Steiuer. Jeffcis-o::. to Marion D. Car:r.ack. J r . so:! of Sir. aid M i s Marum Cjrmaik Krvdei ick The doubly rsni; ceremony w a s performed by the bride's former pa-tor IU-v Gi'orjjc* II Soilei :i- :-!ed by Re\ .Moni-. G Xumbruii !;i the front iov.'. left to right" Loo::a M^ter »( tin- biidt- b:icics:::ai(i Pa'.-y Kellci. "iiml of honor: the bride aid gro«j:n; George Oeviloi - best :na;i' Jjck Ha: ri» u^ii'-: Si-co:id row. l i f t t-j right V.'m'fred Sti-:iser. sister of the U!ide-;ii!i:d. ul buck- H", Virjjr.ia Mi ZiiJ C.irri ibi tin (»:. f i l t e r tt the sroom. bridesmaid Rev Mr Seller Lev Steiner. Sttrv. a:'. B i u b a k e r usher i!ov.-yer Foul, i^her Married .it l.ocnst C,rttvt' (Cooler \\"eallirr In .North Central Area Chicago. July 13 · v--Cool air over a v. ide north central area of tiie nation and large rainy spots from Texas to Pennsylvania were today's weather features. Temperatures remained below the high 70s over much of the Northern Plains region and the Upper Great Lakci area. Rainfall of last night and today included more than t,ne fourth inch reported in the Kansas and central Nebraska wheat Selds. Dayton. O . reported 1 5 inches curing a 24-hour period. Brownsville, Tex., had 1.24 inches- Rains were general in the Southern Plains, the Centra! Mi-sissippi- | Ohio Valleys and in the Upper Lakes region. Clear weather \\as reported over the Pacific. Mountain and Northern Plains regions and over much of the East. I No Obligation ! By GOP Under '1948 Platform Washington. July 13 Ji--Rep. Clarence J. Brown of Ohio, a lead' ing Republican, said today he does not think the 80th Congress is " under any particular obligation" to eittjer of the 1943 platforms. "It seems to me." Brown told a reporter, -that when Truman says we ought either to accept the Republican platform or give him what ne calls for in the Democratic plat' for!;;, he is asking it of a Congress ' elected two years ago without v. ait- ing for the people to say 111 a referendum 'A hat program they v.aat." Brown, discussing the session of Congress Sir Truman has called to ' start a week from Monday, said that tiie President ' stepped way beyond tiis right or privilege " He said that two ears ago the Republicans "pledged we could get rid of controls. Communi:*i. confusion arid corruption" and promised tax relief and labor law reform. Brown added that the Republicans aie making good on these pledges and should continue to "carry forward the program we enunciated then " Brown. a_- a hish ranking member of the House Rules Committee. :i in a particularly important spot. Tiiis committee decides which bills can get to the House floor, when and under what debate limitations. Meanv.h-ie. a ranking House Democrat said that adequate housing legislation can clear Consress in two days ' if the Republican leders'-.ip will permit it." The Democrat. Rep. Spence of Kentucky, told a reporter that the Taft-EHender-Wagiicr long range housing program is "pigeonholed" in the House Rules Committee. All that is needed is to bring it out of committee to a vote in the House, he said. It has passed the Senate. Spenee is senior Democrat on the House Banking Committee through which the bill squeezed. Housing was made a jnajor cam- oaign issue by President Truman in his slashing attack on the Republican-led Congress when he accented the Democratic nomination for President. Ke specificallv noted the sidetracking of the T-E-W bill. Soviet Air Show Is Cancelled By Weather Moscow, July 18 (f^--The fiant Soviet air show .scheduled for today was called off one hour before tho scheduled time because of bad weather. It will be heM next Sunday. Most of the Moscow diplomatic corps, including air attaches, were on the way to Tushino Field before this announcement. Sk^ were rainy and overcast. Marshal of Aviation Konstantiii A. Yershinin, commander-in-chief of the Soviet Air Forces, says the show will be the greatest ever he'd in the Soviet Union. The military section will be commanded by Maj~or General V. J. Stalin, son of the Prune Minister. Meanwhile, in an unprecedented action, a Russian designer credited with the development of a new engine, was given the Stalin prize. first clats and a cash award of 200.000 rubles (MO.OOOt tax ire*. The designer. Arkadi ShveUov. j was called "chiem designer of a j factory of the Ministry of Aviation j 1 Industry." | The decree said the prize was \ granted for "creation- of an avia- j tion power plant of great power." i CA3tF~6rEXS TUESDAY ; College Park. July 18 tJPt--A conservation camp for nearly 100 Mary land-4-H Club boys opens at tenger. on Tuesday. University of Maryland Extension Service officials announced today. i The three-day camp is the 12th '· in an annual series and will be the | largest yet held in Maryland, of- gficials said. · Lecturers and program leaders include Elias Cohen of Johns Hopkins University, William Mice, district conservationist in Garrett county; Harry W. Dengler, , versity extension forester, and Har- ,ry Morgan, of the Frostburfc- RifSe i Club. SEE NORGE BEFORE YOU BUY Gas and electric stoves, washing machines, hot water heaters, water coolers, oil room heaters, frozen food boxes and the amazing Xorge refrigerator that automatically defrosts each night. FREDERIC K WELDING CO. PATRICK AT BEXTZ ST. PHONE Open Sat. TTITTOiOO P. M. Easy Payment* MARK ANNIVERSARY Mr. and Mrs. Marvin H. Eb=ugh. Westminster, were given a surprise party Sunday. July 11 on the occasion of their sixth wedding anniversary at the home of Mrs. Ebauah's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Allen M. Ecker. Union Bridge. Davis Studio The marriage of Miss Annie Parepa Moxley. daughter of Ernest \V. Moxley. near Libertytown. to Harvey Layton Stoner. son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Stoner. New Windsor, took place recently at the Locut Grove Church of the Brethren, in the iron: row are pictured Mr. and Mrs. Stoner and m the back row left to right are Charles Loveil. Union Bridge, best man: Fi ed and Ralph Moxiey. brothers of the bride. Libcrtytoxvn timers. Mrs. Floyd S:ul!. sister of the bride. Lcwito\xn. matron o; honor. ; ATOMIC ENERGY TOY Haserstown. July 18 .3--Well. " it had to come sometime. A local toy manufacturer announces that this Christmas it will market an atomic eneray outfit for children, complete with detailed instructions and samples of uranium ore. The company said it has n license s from the Atomic Energy Commis' bion. which permits it to include uranium ore samples in the tov ' sets. ANT 6 OR S ROLL. FILM 35 D E V E L O P E D PRINTED 30 HOUR SERVICE ALLEN'S MARKET 2nd ST. The nation's shortest river is the "D."' It flows 400 feet from Devils Lake into the Pacific Ocean along the Oregon coast. s. r. s. The monthly meeting of the Urbana W. S. C. S met a', the home of Mr. and Mr.-.. Leon Locb. at Hymn read by Mr?. Virgic Reed and Mrs. Merhle Gie!er. The date of August 11 was set r the annual Urbana pic:iic. The Plan To Halt Black .Market In New Cars w h i c h time a delightful-yard party B rownit»tsvil!e band w i l l furnish v. as ., lc n , us ; c -phe next meeting w:U The worship w a given by Mrs. be A u e u 5 t 2 . at the home of Mrs. Uerry. who uave a I.)!K on foreign p a u i j{; Ce countries. " - - and · Xo. STRONG PEACH MARKET Kartinsburs. TV. Va.. July IS T" -A s'rorss peach market is being predicted for the srea this year with an F O. B. price of 55 ;o S5 $n for o;Tenngs. One marketing agency reported harp inquiry for prirne stock at Ihe good range. First movement of peaches :n commercial quantities is expected to begin late this month. The spple market was reported is only fair to good -.viih orices ranging from SI.75 up. F O B.. the agency said. Baltimore. July 18 ;p--A which Maryland automobile dealer* hope u i l l k i l l off the ncv. car blac market sets underway !n the State tomorrow. The plan will icquirc a bu\ cr to lign an agreement t h a t I. He will not sell a new car or transfer its title for a; ! C as; ?ix rrionths after he buys i; - If he t-as to -ell it w i t i s t n j-ix months it w i l l be sold to the dealer from whom he bought \\ ·I C Darraii genera! manager of the Automobile Trade Association said shat more than one-half of the 400 dealer members of the association have approved the plan He said he expects other- to notify the association of ;hc:r ao- ccotance soon The association believes that the plan w i l l put to ri end in Marv- iand the practice of scilinc · used" new automobile^ at prices far above list prices The plan has the s-upport of W Ie Elgin. State Commissioner of Motor Vehicles A record of the purchase agreement is to be mad*on the certificate of title and othc: records of the Department of Motor Vehicles. If a buyer violate? the asrcemcn' The dealer is entitled to liquidated damages of 20 per cer.t of the original price Hymns "Rook of Aces." 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