The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 3, 1948 · Page 3
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 3

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 3, 1948
Page 3
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THE DAILY RKG1STEB, IIARRISBUKG, ^-, TUESDAY. FEBRUARY 3. 1948 PAGE THRBR Art- Many coinpanv. which (urns out eiil , baseball bals used In DIP ,,,, Stale*, » uldc a b o u t lwo '""' of then, between 1»«4 and the lore than live mi»- of ash every year The averujjo mod- on ar. H ,,,, board Giant Juice Extractor A giant juice extractor has been developed which is capable of u 480 oranges per minute. . or more Hum 2.000 oranges in the lime required to prepare your breakfast orange juice. It is believed Hint the machine will step up production of citrus juices nnd at the same time reduce '·osls. , 0 ;« inches Ions. YOU WOMEN WHO SUFFER B ^*^ M ^ .^^kw iM MM ^m ^tf^h then Social and Personal Items Miss Sadie Lou I'earcy Weds James M. Stricklin At First Methodist Church Miss Sudie Lou I'earcy, ter of James M. StrickTin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Everett Stricklin. 107 North Calendar of Meetings Surprise Dinner For Mrs. Lucicn Colvcrt While Mrs. Lucicn Colvcrt of Masonic hall. Victoria Temple No. 093 will Housing Authority Asks Water Lines (Continued from page one) authority, suggested a four-inch e ,,.._ ..,, Creek community was dp- t:s ked to be present. Suciie LOU I'earcy, uaugn- Eagle' (jrceK commuim.v «** -Mr. and Mrs. Howard Tear- taincd at church for a short wniie 15 South Lcdford street, and after services Sunday, relatives All alter services sunuay, ivw~-\ The Bona Fide Federated club and friends 'quickly gathered at will meet tonight at 7:30 at the home for the purpose o l , home of Mrs. Ora Portce. 508 East Here's Good News! ! of :tB aiul , , * t»irou»:U thi»i j2 iiiiu t. .^. ldcl ],..,ii ? f 1 period uu ctlom.l . K K £ i n 10 nenoui. irritable. try K. PmSttium-8 r . ompound to r,!icv, · uch or thl; rinUmn.-s Compound rcKUlur- o t u I P t)\illA u| ' "" Kl '" 11; Itrlpi nature (you know wlwt. we i i i t - . i t ' ) . Tnts i;, jncdlclni- l t i v.liut Doctor:, cull it .siomuclilc tu:il' M i l l : Or n u iiuy \\rrtrr I.VIIIA K. (·· TAIII.ri »ul. M.I.I.-.I Iror in^t triis uiM.M.^» L.J.JI- ( . . I * * . ** 'j (rolllpoillld C O I t U l i r . !lf N l l l l : Or y o u nuy i\rr(fr I . Y D I A K. ' i.,,.,.. forllllll't (IrUK**- 1^ IM N K I I \M**» "I'Alll.l"! *»nli aililr.l Iron. Lydia E. Pinkharn's VEGETABLE COMPOUND Mrs. Everett Stricklin. 107 North her home for the purpose u ,jiome ol Mrs. Or:intM- stroci, were married Sun- spreading a delicious surprise can- Locust street, day afternoon at the First Metho-;iier which they had prepared ana t . i mi i * i i * i ^ · j i _ j t, ,.^^. ^.i ^ t / i 1 / ^ i i v * f l i l O l l I li /i Tri»'i M (list church. The two o'clock double-ring ceremony was per- lormcd by the Kcv. N. C. Henderson, church pastor. A huge basket of calla lillics and |'"·-»·«;"* ^.v,.--. ··--.· ,, - - - - . (baskets of white chrysanthemums |Kev- Ilenry larger and Kcv. LU and pink snap dragons were i n - 1 ward hwell. 11 V; i Y 111 \, 11 \ J » \ * . » »t*-v- i'- -- i . brought with them, in celebration of Mrs. Colvert's 52nd birthday. After dinner the afternoon was The Franklin County Rural Youth is sponsoring a pic and box supper which will be held at the pleting a loop in the vicinity of Holland street, at a cost of $0,000, VFW f Auxiliary Disl Ming Held Af Fairfield Sunday A eharloml bus and several Cosncr. La Grange. MM. fetlii- belli Kellcms, president ol, the Tenth district VF\V Auxiliary of East St. Louis, presented the state officers. Mrs. Marie Bartclt of Klmwood Park, president; Mrs.;, Marie Conner. La Grange, secretary; jitid Mrs. Carl Reese of Au- jrora, flan bearer. was .served at noon 1101IHI1U SUeCl, ill il twai "i -yv,j\jj, i . - - · - | I^UI'.-JJIUUII Was SCTVCU Ul 1IOUI1 and a 1,500-foot 12-inch sewer line P"vate cars took a number of i n ,,,., Kairficld High school gym u-hirh wnnlfl rnsl about S3.900. 'ncinwis ol llic local v l - W and i n n e j l i m . . i t o r which iho ninn hi»li which would cost about 83.900. He said that a dead-end water line- could be put in for less. Hill then explained the situation and other obligations of I o v - ' V i I ' . i v . · , , . , , . , l I" '" · I « U I U V I U I I I lout 83.900. 'ncmbcis ol llic local VI- \V a n d , n a s j u m alter whic \ water l i n c ' t h c L:i'lM-s Airili..rv to a meeting thoil . /.fien^,, ,, s in tan-field b u n d a y of thc Veterans! j Q y ^ j i a l j v he f i n a n c i a l ' °f V°TM* n w "'* « f »«·' Tenlh j remained at the K; , · . , 1 " . I 1 tl 1 111 I C l . \ 1 » « l « \f . » l t . . . . . . . fc. alter which the men held meeting in the while the ladies ,, ... the gymnasium. Mrs. Kellems presided at the Alter oinner me uiti;iiiv/v» ··--·- ^uj^j/vi w i u m »ni w\. i*v*v. *»%- *··*- .spent in singing and prayer. An Community hall in Bcnton Thurs- iny;vring devotional was given by day. starting at 7:30 p. m. The all day meeting was held at · * ·as held at i afternoon meeting of thc Auxiliary · rning sos- 1 d u r u m which time interesting dis-' bnskffof white cSS, SmuTs oTl'l^nryBafSr and Kcv. Ed-f" ° IL-T £ring and olheV fees are included. 'ffl^sWcii ^ ^^ ° l ""' nasKtis 01 wnitc cnisaiunemums , i.-wpll The Executive Board of thc Wo- n would Hive water and sewer fa- ' i" L M U L "- tmperscd^v-Uh Scs of'grecll- i /'resent to extend their good'men's Guild of the Presbyterian j ci H tics to 10 families in thc near ^ ^^S rM ^ n '^ ] ^ ground for thc candlelight serv- casion wcic. A C S . I . riav- !hnrMi AH nfficorc oro IM-PTM! lo | 0 "' . . , · * , · was an educational discussion of ci'inics lyfll liis oirii IGV» vitii juiiu A***/ tiiuiLii. * Yi i uiiiLvi o tii v wi £3*-u w T i l t mop i nt-oncclcd tno rcinurK i i 1*«C · -. f C * J " l t A « » T J 1 1 tl^V^I t*fl i 4 t ^ \ r ^ / l *Jt* * 1 X . A J · I · | * * i C i O O t l l I 111 t l M \ \ 0 1 ~ K . L) 1*1(1 l i l O C t l i O O i The bride was eivcn in niarriane mel '- "cmT Stillcy, B l3" c " a ^" attcnd. tha , there was the possibility ol i , ; ' , , , 1 I I L IJl l\.»\r i » « 4 D ^ i v v j l l I I I i l l d i l l u j-)V . . . _ « · » » * \ 4 4 (^llVnOI^n ^^_____^^_ ! /· · i · 1 ' J I I ^ i l t J l ' i i L l v l t l l l " ' . ±, 11C !; ^% n Sf to ±,«S SS1S toatfi?^ . Notice Knig^r^plar: IlamJ-eral mo^amilics ijcar the ,, The bride was given in marriage mcr. . Henry Stillcy Blancharo at tend. Sire' 1 " s[?cef r ienSh ha dress S1 of !KKiSiSrvTn OsmJn ' E.ra^Ew- Noticc Knights Templar: Harris-1^TM , w o i c j sheet length dress ol ^ iiaymer. Bert Patton, burg Commandery No. 89, K n i g h t s | P A , t V H m r o n l i n u e d brides blue and in her hand she 5^ a n I1C ^,-ign. Edward Ewell; Templar, will confer the Order of A nd Hill continued carried a white prayer book which JS m 's I Booten, Martha the Temple Wednesday at 7 p. m. was adorned with gardenias and Mcsnum*,:* r\.im. jv«.v, , ^ ^^-- ^ ^ i _ _ ^ , 1 while satin streamers. A ban- W I I H V ^ U L l l l oil U U I I 1 V I 3. / \ tjtllt- ' ^ .. ,,^ dcau of white gardenias was worn |{ ia y '-'· vcl1 - Cc in her hair. J .f.r, crnc ' 0L » ^ . I X i l L l V J V * J t ^ l * j i f * v » » H I V , J ^ I J I | / I \ J » I ^ V * l l V O V l M j r M V · J'. - " · · rl Shewmaker; and Don ]{cfreshments. Members are urged Caroline Sue Ewell, t 0 · Leon, and Loretta uu ,v,. Beatrice and Bil _a Mae Booten, Millard Jimmy Milligan, Danny . The bride was attended by her '£H!i cy ' sister. Miss Dorothy Pcarcy. Miss I?}' 1 . 1 ? 3 '' ' | Pcarcy was dressed in pink and l- ! If 1 "' "", 1 ^, ".Vnd°Terrv Ew"- KiV c Lshe wore a corsage of yellow mums ! J |»'gan. ^enden and ^erry Jb j .Mc ^-^ and a matching flower bandeau. , e l l - I G ^" c ' ; , ' /'tm ' Tnnior Rav- T C. B. Walker served the bride- cad. T ^» «»^. J un.or Rg f al f 'Gaskins Citv a P l ol as " · py day. a day set aside for the"? ~ ' ~ ol poppies which are made', disabled veterans, the pro-" which are used for thcir^- o f ' benefit. care of The next meeting is to be held i n Carbondalc in May. and a meeting - Uistik-l Commander Floyd J o h n - - o f - tlicr . V? u n c i l ,. wi11 - b c , I h c l d i l l r inlro'luced the lollowing offic- Springfield sometime in March. Viet' Commander Hen- be-iln- fir w7ter a n d U ere "are , ry L. Warner of Ch,ca S o: Adjutant Mwraf places in otSer parts of j Quartci master William M. Boiling, thc city wanting extensions. Right j Chicago: and Inspector Harry P.. Volume of JUIack Pepper The average American uses ounces of black pepper a vear. p. m. at the home of Mrs. George i c r s .Mcrs. CLOTHING HOUSE On the Opening of Your New Store. / / A * The W. M. U. of the North Willi~. ,,. ....,..,,. .~. ·-- -- i,nor lohnnie Mitclicll, Lowell Col-'ford Baptist church will hold .... groom as best man and serving as ,m". '^ , u Colbe rt, Valeta Mac all day meeting Wednesday at the ushers were: Roger Johnson. Roger i f, ca ^ n " a 7, d0 n a Qsman and Lucien , home of Mrs. Bob Humphrey in Davis and George Pucker. J,atwn, .«ona u \j) 0rr i s Heights. All members are requested to be present and visi- Preccding the ceremony, Mrs. Covert Robert Norman, organist, played a ; ,, , . , - ,, . , chowcr For quarter-hour of wedding music and Wjddmfi ^oueij^r ^^ A wedding shower honoring Mr i Company it mi piuns LU tuuuum; ·····' · ,"" c '. , 4 4 i. . n ,^na with her work for thc present. | Rifts and good wishes to the oun,, Thc bride groom had two years' couple: MesdamcsVera McDowell, service in the U. S. Naw during Ruby Wilson, Celia Yocum and - . . . . - - - -- - . . · -- T_I--:,,. jack Lands ana World War II. At present he is 'son, Johnnie: a student in the College of Pen- Daughter. Mary 'tistry. at Southern Illinois Univcr- jllowell, Kathleen j s i t y ' i n Carbondalc where he e n - 1 York and son, ! rolled following his release from i Hull Vivian G ,, 'dolph. Dewcy Licvers, normal expense is $4,500. The $4,500 is the routine expense and ' does not include any improvements or repairs. Committee to Study Proposal "We paid the E. J. Fischer Co. $3,040 tonight as a part of the contract price on laying the a u x i l - 1 iary pipeline from the reservoir to the city. We owe them more than $10,000 more. The Dixie Thc Loval Women's class of the Tank Co. is doing some preliminary repair work- on thc big water l a n k ; this will cost us $1,400. And , have to spend several thous- dollars more on thc water ..k, we know. ! "Is it \visdom to spend money faster than we make it? I ,tors are welcome. The oraver service for the First,thc housing project is a fine thing Christian church will be held Wed-,and want to sec it developed. But t uwi.!·**·· *^» ·-*.»' r . -- - r j The Stricklins have taken an 'Crank. Nancy Blue: Mr and Mrs. apartment located at the corner of jGeorge Butler and daughte.L. ircnce · r.esdav av 7 p. m. Mrs. Laura lit will take some time to get it Harry Rice will have charge of thc de- into the city. Maybe we can work e I \otional a:id Rev. Oakes will be I it out later. «».i-'the speaker for the evening. The| "If we agree to make this ] ex Carmen ' Public is invited. Gaskins and Mill streets. ima .lean; | Christman. Mr. and George The Executive Board of thc Saline county chapter, American Red will meet Wednesday at 12 NOW AVAILABLE ON OUR EASY several anKie injury yesieruay autjiiiuuii |lie *!«·., ~-"-- ~"7.Y"i'i ~r^.o«i- i w h c n she fell on some sidewalk ; Dunn, Bculah Lievei^SteUaCranK ! stops at North Main and Logan, Jessie Crank Inez Dunn. Shirley streets. X-ray pictures revealed no I Barker; Cliai u broken bones. She is now at thc I Butler Lowell home of her daughter. Mrs. W. K.|ler. and Buddy I Tim Turner, 827 West Parish; G i f t s were sent [street. i f r " i Mrs. Lillie S~hlrw~o"f West Frank- j Wedding Shower for Mr. fort, is at the home of her daugh- 'And Mrs. George Elliott ter Mrs. Betty Triplett. of Gala- A wedding -shower was given , tia where she "is recuperating from ! Saturday night at the home of Mr.! ' - · ' at land Mrs. Clyde Gibbons m honor 6. of Mr. and Mrs. George Elliott, of I Clinton. Ind. Games were played ! J B Gaul of the O'Keefe Dis- , and prizes won by Mrs. Ruby Co-; 'tributing company. Carrier Mills, |zart. Mrs. Allen Priest. Mr. and i 1 left Saturday for Rochester, N. Y.. Mrs. Ralph Roark and Miss Ivalenc to attend a Delco service school. Bowen. 1 . · · · · -- Many beautiful giffs were re- Ilarker Milcy, chairman. tension, we must agree to adding water and sewers in the recently- annexed West Harrisburg, Gaskins City and other places in the city. We've gone on record as approving some of these extensions and 1 think it has been my duty to explain all these angles to you." At this point Mayor Raley asked , Circle F of the First Baptist | about the possibility of including !church, will meet at the church ' ? - -- ~ 1 "~ u " K "~ 1 " '" 'Wednesday at noon for pot luck. At 1:15 p. m. Mrs. Wallis will review the book, "Christus Emptor," " " other circles the book are invited to meet with this group at 1:15. i i a n d refreshments were I 'served to the following: Mr. and Mrs. Allen Priest. Mr. land Mrs. Ralph Roark and daugh- Accuses U. S. Planes of Violating Navigation Freedom ; i i i r » o i l I N - ^ T / ~ - \ - T^^ti 'J t\\P'l ...^ extensions when the bonds to construct the long pipeline from proposed Lake Harrisburg to the city are issued. Hill said he thought this would be a fine thing to do. The suggestion was made to lay over the matter for further investigation and Hill named a committee of Water Board Members Claude Gibbons, Gus Syers. Roy JHudnell and P. J. Herron to look j into the matter. J a( ' KSOn §0 Dies at Eldorado WASHINGTON, Feb. 3.--(U.P.)-- Russia has accused American, planes of 10 specific acts violating "freedom of commercial naviga- _ lion" in thc Yellow Sea and t h e ) James Richaia jackson. 90. re- Sea of Japan, the State Department I tired farmer, died at noon Mon- disclosed today. {day. at the home of his .son.^Ado , in Eldorador Mr. Jack( son had lived in Saline county for the greater part of his life. ] He is survived by a daughter.' Unquestionable Beferenw* Elmer Ammon Phone 877, P. O. Box 129 Harrlsbnrf . , !ter, Mr. and Mrs. Andy Bryant Text of the Soviet note of pro!Mr and Mrs. Loren Harris. Mrs. | test was received at the State Dei Marven Smith, Mrs. Jack Barges. ( p a rtment today and is being stud:Irs. lone Thomas, Mrs Ruby Co- . ied The note was delivered to j -- - ~ "6sborne,"PaducahrKy.:. izart. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Ledford. the American embassy at Moscow , - "|- ^ Jra ' and Rov Jack . , Mrs. Ethel Hancock, Mrs. Juamta on Saturday and the substance o f ! L .· and A(]o Jackson . | i Booten, Mrs. Ivan Anderson. Mrs. j lt %vas broadcast by Moscow radio ^ Eldor a do wi ' th whom i,c made I j Mabel Dowdy, Mrs. Roscoc Bum- 1 vcstcrda y. | his home Numerous grandchild-, hter, of universal. ' state Department spokesman All-New , AI4«A»./lM · A-' S^ "*·-,, J ! garner and daughter, of Universal. st a t e Department spoiiusmau Ind.: Mrs. Millard Oxford. Clinton., Michael j McDermott said the note I n d - Miss Naomi Hancock. M i s s j " . -- - - ·-- A..- ^A Miss Ivalcne Hbls 1 Colleen Kassner. ren and great-grandchildren also survive. i The body was removed today j HSIS iu instances from Aug. _30 ine uuuv u«io i ^ m u t ^ u ««v..... | v,v,.. w . to Oct. 27 last "year in which!f rom the Eldorado funeral home. Bowen. Herman Kassner and tne , Amcrican p i an es allegedly circled'to the residence on North Stale; honored guests, and host and .lost- ^ r ^ cvf J QW ovcr s ov j e t vessels i street where funeral services will t ! css. . i in the Far East. ibe held on Wednesday at 2 p. m. j Gifts were also received from . | Burial will be in Wolf Creek cem-' guests who were unable to be present. Thc Daily Register. 20c a week. ! clcry. i Candy Party FOP Pride You're making a wise investment when you let us install this new OldsmobJlc engine in your car. It's surprisingly loxv in cost--less than a major overhaul! And it's available now, on our easy Budget Plan! In addition, this factory-guaranteed er.gir.c--precision-tooled with new materials throughout assures you of increased operating economy and lower mainte- expense. Call today for a'n early installation appointment. A V A I L A B L E F O R ' 3 7 -- ' 4 7 M O D E L S HUMM MOTOR CO. Harrishuri;. 111. i Of :»l'i(iway Degree Staff I Miss Vclma Pankcy. degree cap-1 j t a i n of Pride of Midway Rebckah · i lodsc. No. 67.0. recently gave a | candy party for members of t h e ; .degree staff. ! ! After an enjoyable social evening, various kinds of homemade candy were served with coffee. ! Members present were: McM-rs. j wiili couslis fr«:» j and Mcsdamcs Clarence Dixon. | imiki'JS...M«ffy \R O y Hudncll. Earl Wilson. J o h n ' n - U o f - y u v f . . . Dunn. Albert Reynolds: Mcsdamcs i 'F;iinni«-.S}iiiilj 'Edna Robb. Lon Vaughn. Jane GetfAST VOWM Kelfef tv.i H r,n.!!..-r- iw.3i-n!»m U .T- JFuhr. Bcrnicc Sowcls. Blanche ^si.-Ur w««,i. JLaudcrdalc. Virginia Goodwin. ' Juanita Vaughn. Rcba Vaughn. .Nora Wavering. Geneva Azar. Ann Uenkins. Eunice Reynolds. Flor- icncc Noonan. Hazel York. Opal 'Dcmpscy. Margaret Schmitz: El- jlis Pankey. Jack and Dclbert Mitchell, and" thc hostess. m r,/ ! r. I /;m J .Iw,kf,.r"lr.n.l- am STIU ONIY SMITH BROTHERS ME COUGH DROPS 9 KtOICATCD C****** Your Beautiful New Store is An Asset to Our City G. F. Gidcumb Floor Covering Contractor for Palace Mr. and Mrs. Grovcr Hutson »f .Carrier Milb \\crc visited rccont- ) l y by Jheir son and dauyhter-in- 'law, "Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hu»i'n I of Chicago. \\ho stopped on their return trip ho:nc from Floilda where they had been vacationirc Thc ihitsons also stopped for a vi;jl with Mrs. IhiJson's parents in Farina hoforc rcJurning home. Mrs. Harry layman of For.'inc. Mich., who has recently «ndcrc"ne surgery n Pontiac General ho- is recovering nicely according to a report from her jnolhor. Mrs. William Boyctt of Carrier. Mills. Mr,. Ella Gaskins and Mrs. Anmo Pankcy left by plane from S1. Louis "today for Phoenix. A i i ' . \vhcre they \v.ll remain for a visit with Airs. "Gaskins' son and davah- tcr-in-law. Dr. and Mrs Duke G.T-- kins. AJrs. I'ankey will also visit her son. Frank Pankcx of Tucson. · before reluming home. Marrioge Licenses Everett Murry. 36. Alton. :sivi McDanicl. S5. Eldorado. special formula Here is }he sale you've waited for--5! comes buJ once a year, end how !ha ladies Jake advantage of is! Tho wonder; J Elmo Special Formula Cream ai just halt its regular price--for limited timo on!/l H you've never used this amazing crec-V you'll marvel a! She way iJ helps c'issipcfo worrisome lines ond wrinkles, how it helps !o tone and refresh your s'in. If yoy'fg wise, you'll 'oka cdvon'ogo of this big saving to stock up with a gcnoro'js stppl/ of this famous beauty preporoJion. Miles of Wire More thart five mi3es of wire up the Jnfln3mcnU: uhich col!cc: tosi dat;i on n new Uvin-cmjii.rr transport RAY'S DRUGS WO" S A t f S C O R f O R A T I O N · PHHADEtPHIA, fAi NEWSPAPER! Always o Sure Treat . . . . Delicious Tenderloin Steak . $1.25 Ser\cd \ \ i t h golden brown French fried potatoes, combination salad with ouc osvn 'specially prepared French dressing, hot roll and butter. B ""*" ' SIDE OP HARRISBURC. ILL. , Ed and John Towle ON THE HOUSE. enry $ lypewrrter iemte SPRING CAPTIVATOR Vicky Vaughn Jr. wall/cs ou into spring uith a hascjao-loppci! ballerina dress. You'll rate \\hrn the crowd spies those and vou'll love the ric rac trim an,l dam in; full ^irJ. A perfect dress for promenading - . . if* fine «««" 5n «"'· maizc - aqua - s;?r n to i". Ma5n Floor) 7 i'* ·! I J NEWSPAPER!

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