Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on March 20, 1942 · Page 2
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 2

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 20, 1942
Page 2
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pSiS;&-^- ; ; -. m " FOUR—THE MORNING AVALANCHE Lubboek, Texos, Friday, March 20, 1942 Dial 4343 For Thi Avalanche-Journal Offle«i J- '•'; •••m ww&dnale hofh tfuhMffh is W ASHINGTON'S attitude to. ward the national crisis reminds us of the inscription on that .sun-dial; "It's Later Than. You Think." 7 « * » REMEMBER BILL? "DEMEMBER BILL? -Cy Somewhere in Bataaii he is lighting for you. •Remember? He's the boy who Uyed down the block-from you. • He ran around with your boy who is"; graduating from college this spring. He used to come in for a Sunday night snack last summer and he escorted your Mary to the dance when her steady boy friend . failed to show up one time. Remember? When he was smaller he played baseball in the backyard with the other neighborhood kids. Remember? Do you recall how grateful he was when you did him a little turn one time; how he Slid with honest eyes, "I want to repay you some day?" Well Bill is doing that today and more. He and his buddies are fighting as their fathers and their grandfathers fought, for. liberty. WThat are you doing at home to help them? Are you riving some type of work to defense welfare? Are you buying defense stamps and bonds? Are you fighting for Bill? * • * THE TIN CANS O you have a tinge of conscience every time you toss an empty tin can in the garbage? Well you needn't bother. A friend has discovered that tin cans which may be reclaimed are not destroyed at the city dump heap but are stacked. They will be available if heeded. * * * i SUGGESTION Mrs. H. C. Powell says she •believes a patriotic feeling ,.would be stimulated if moth- •"" ers of boys in the service wore •white stars as done in World ;. L War No. 1. * * * CMA PROGRAM O FFICERS of the South Plains Civic Music association are overjoyed at the excellent response that has met their soliciting for renewals and new members. -Jovial . Sain Harrington who comes each spring to help conduct the campaign says he is not too. surprised since Lubboek has always supported the association and he felt such would be the case this year, war or no war. : "I knew that • those -who could possibly afford to'.- place their name on the member ship roll this year would do so..and insure "their town once" "m'bre^fof ""outstanding talent. They know as well as I that we must keep our living standards high,"-he said Thursday. If memberships continue to pour into headquarters in room 307 of the Hilton hotel, Mr. H. has promised a "big surprise" for next season. OUT OF RUTS D Reel 'Cross Work Placed First Among Activities By Clubs O NE may offer thanks to the war for one thing, a lot of people have been jolted out of living ruts. And we aren't referring to Lindbergh or Wheeler. We mean the ordinary run of people; those good folk who pay taxes, go to church, see a movie once or twice a week and are busy now with their Victory gardens. We know a young boy who was stuck with a filling station job. He couldn't move up because he was not trained for any thing better. But today he is studying airplane mechanics and if he comes through the war okay he will not have to go bsck to wiping windshields or filling gas tanks. « • « # rpHERE was a young fellow who •*• could never quite make up his mind as to what he wanted to do. Along came Uncle Sam and helped him and now he has been rescued from a rut that was threatenting to lower his morale. We are thinking of another young man who worked with his father because his father made him feel he couldn't get along without him. Well the father hired somebody else when his son left and chances are he will never come back to that job he disliked so thoroughly. We know of women who' borrowed all of their ideas from their husbands until " these husbands left for camp. Now they are be- alert, using- their own coming' minds. The ruts we sink in may become so deep it takes a terrible jolt to free us. For such as that, the war is that terrible jolt. Presbyterian Leaders To Direct Recreation Recreation at the Community Center, Sixth street and Avenue B, will be directed tonight by Rev. W. Jack Lewis, assistant pastor of the First Presbyterian church, and recreational leaders of the church. They will be assisted by City WPA recreation leaders, J. H. Bamett, Mrs. Fairy Holt and Mrs. H. A. Beaty. Children between the ages of 5 and 12 are invited to attend the social at the center from 7:30 to 9:30 o'clock. Groups Planning For ° Future Meetings Red Cross sewing was a feature i'f club meetings Thursday with Fellowship hours being held for the discussion of future club meetings and social activities. Klever Kraft Klub Plans Luncheon Plans for a luncheon to be held April 2 at 1 o'clock in the Mexican Inn were made at the Klever Kraft Klub meeting with Mrs. E. A. Tipton, 1909 Fifteenth street. Following the luncheon, members will meet in the A. L, Scoggin home for Red Cross cawing. Those attending the Thursday meeting were Mesdames C. N. Wood, C, M. Chandler, A. S. Meinecke, A. N. Gamble, W. E. Humphries, F. G. Campbell, C. R. Hurmence and J. C. Reynolds. Mrs. Arthur Dean Is Amiga Club Hostess As guests of Mrs. Arthur Dean, members of the Amiga club met in the home of Mrs. W. A. Terrell. Sewing for the Red Cross was done. Refreshments of spiced tea and sandwiches were served to Mesdames A. C. Sanders, J. A.- Bar ton, R. D. Cole, George W. Fos ter, John-L. Vaughan and L. P. Jeffreys. Mrs. Georgia Knight '.vaj a guest. Mrs. Foster will be hostess April 2. Red Cross Sewing Is Feature Of Meeting Red Cross sewing was done at the Double Six Forty-two club meeting with Mrs. C. O. Pendley, 102 Uvalde. Special guests were Mesdames W. L. Joosten, D. L. Cass " and B. G. ' Chaney. Mrs. Florence Sanderson was a new member. Members present were Mesdames Reuben Loftis, Willie Lockwood, L. Walthall, Ralph Moore, J.. A. Goodwin, Mark Day, C. O. Pendley and Roscoe Webster. Mrs. Walthall will entertain for the club at her home, 2304 Twenty-sixth street, April 2. Dr, Irvin Speaks To Roscoe Wilson P-TA. "Education at the Crossroads" •was subject of an address given by Dr. W. B. Irvin, superintendent o£ schools, at the Roscoe Wilson Parent-Teacher association meeting held at the school Thursday. Under the direction of .Misses Maud Kesse and Desdemcna Hale, a saCety program was presented by pupils from the second grade. Girl Scouts were honor guests. The association presented troops 1 and 2 with money to purchase flags. The program chairman reported that 19 certificates had been issued after the completion of the parent study course. Another Red Cross First Aid course will be begun March 25 with Mrs. Ivy Savage as instructor, t Programs arc being given each Monday morning at the school from 9-to 9:15 o'clock to urge the sale o£ National Defense stamps among school children. The "Keep 'Em Buying" program was begun March 16 and will continue for four consecutive Mondays. Mrs. Clarence Whitesicle was appointed chairman of delegates to attend the P-TA convention to be held in Anson. . Seventy-seven members were present for the meeting. Miss Keese won the room contest. SPRING BERET—Typical of the milliners' search for new materials are the decorations on this new spring beret and its matching handbag. The little squares are of giass, much used on this season's bonnets. The ensemble, created by Ann^, is of green felt. '-. Wear Your Own Service Stripes! . A young 3-piece outfit in naw sheer silk crepe. :;The Vogue Broadway at Ave. J Dial 6001 ...Buy Your Defense Stamps Here Today! Betty Ann Gilbert Is Selected" For Club •ABILENE, RIarch 39 — Miss Betty Ann Giifa'ert, daughter of Col. Thomas L. Gilbert of the Lubboek Army Flying schopl, and Mrs. Gilbert, has. been selected for membership in the Ellen H. Richards club, home economics group of Abilene Christian college. Frequent social affairs, ranging from fcrmal teas to picnics, are given.'by.the club. Mrs. N. S. McBride Honored At Shower Mrs. N. S. McBride, the former Mrs. Melba Bearden of this city, was honored Wednesday night when several of her friends surprised her with a gift shower in her home, 2406 Avenue T. Hostesses were Mesdames L. F. Bookman, M. E. Pickel. H. O. Waters and Misses Maud Dee Skeen and Irene Terriil. • Miss Terriil registered the guests. Refreshments carrying out the St. Patrick's day motif were served to Mesdames Dcwey Fleming, Catherine Skeen, Virgie Hall, M. G. Bowles, Bessie Pendergrass, W. A. Terrell, J. A. Barton and Lena McCarroll. Misses Lena Marie Skeen. Paula Bookman and Peggy McLendon. Gifts were sent by Mesdames Buna Loiland and Willette -Merrell. Buy A Defense Bond TODAY! .Buy A Defense Bond TODAY1 Children Should Not Have Food Prejudice "Has it ever occured to you that it may be your patriotic duty to learn to eat food that you may not like, and to help your children grow up without food prejudices," Mrs. J. R. Kemp asked members' of the Arnett Benson Home Demonstration club Thursday afternoon. Mrs. L. Vannoy was hostess for the meeting. "Being healthy and keeping that way is your patriotic duty in time of war and in time of peace, and to be healthy you and your family must eat the right food," the speaker said. Miss Clara Pratt, county home demonstration agent, spoke ' on "Chickens, Young-and Old." As a demonstration, several chickens were vaccinated for .fowlpox. Mrs. Glenn Thrush became a new member. Others attending were Mesdames Leon Rasco, B. Walker, C. O. White, Leo Saffell, H. B. Moreland, Kemp, Roy Wells, C. C. Heatley, G. W. Monk and Horace Gore. Mrs. Rasco will entprtain for the club April 2 at her home 2518 Walnut. Today's Events ... YFUOW IN ITS VARIOUS FORMS FOR FEMININE USE MARK HALSEV DRUG La Docena. Bridg* club. 2:30 p. m.. Mrs. W. L. McArce, 2627 20th St. Intermediate Girls auxiliary o( Cilvsry Baptist \V. M. S., 3:15 p. ra., church. Woman's auxiliary at Locust street chapel, 2 p. m., chapel, Bible study. First Baptist W. M. B.. 1 to S p. m.. Singer Sewing Machine company; Red Cross fewir.f. East Side Bible Study class. 1 p. m.. Mrs. J. G. Hufsledler, 1609 Ave. E. Homemsken class of First Baptist church, 12:45 p. m., activities center. Ace-Trey forty-two club. 3:15 p. m.. Mrs. Lewis Taium, 163* nth St. MARILYN Big ?rlisses' white onen toe pump, sizes 4 to 7, widths AAA to B, a.Poll Parrot shoe . . . $3.95 GILDA Country Cream with Turf Tan trim, sizes 12 to 3, a POLL PARROT shoe . . . $3.45 HEDY A new child's white or black patent leather sandal by POLL PARROT. 8 !/2 to 111/2 . . $2.95 12 to 3 . . . . $3.45 PILOT Bors, here is a shoe for you like real Pilots wear, all leather by POLL PARROT. Sizes 12 to 3 ... $3.45 MAIL ORDERS FILLED PROMPTLY: We have a permanent size record of every person who has purchased shoes"from xhis store. Make use of this service. Buy Defense Stamps SKoe Stor« 1205 BDWY. Mrs. Paul Williams Is Hostess To Club .Mrs. Paul Williams, 2004 Twenty-sixth street, was hostess to the L'Aiquillee club Wednesday afternoon. Attending were Mesdames V. O. Jennings, T. L. 'Biggs, Earl Ellison, G. H. Ball, John Nugent, Guy Kennedy, Eugene Wilson, J. P. Elms and H. T. Wilkins, A Mrs Lubboek Garden club, 3 p. m.. Hotel Lubboek. .... Jolly Eight forty-tin club, 2:30 p. m., Sirs. T. J. Georse, 2221 15th St. Merry Bidders club. 3 p. m., Mesdames Jlaude Bradley and S. C. Younj to entertain in home of Mrs, Lora. Tuck:r, 1506 Ave. R. Loyalty club, 2 p. m., Mrs. I. E. Banks, 406 4th St. First Aid course, sponsored DT K. Carter P-TA. 3:15 p. m.. room 110. school; Milton Greer, instructor. Home Nursinp course. 1 to 3 p. m., Foursquare Gospel church; sponsored by K. Carter P-TA and taujht by Mrs. C. L. Adams. First Methodist Fidelis class, 1 p m, Fellowship hall, luncheon. Recrsation Bridge club. 3:30 p m. Mrs. Fred Youree, 2411 20th St. Merry Sixteen Needle club, I p. m.. Mrs. J. H. Barnett. ihree miles east of Mon- j roe; luncheon. Junior League WiSI Sponsor Benefit Production Tickets to the amateur production to be presented by the Lub- boek Junior Welfare league, "Helz- Dun-Popped" are being solicited this week. The play will be pre sented April 17. Mrs. R. A. Mills is chairman of the patrons com mittee. Reserved seats are to go on sale soon, ranging from $1 to $3 in price. Mrs. M. T. Hill is ticket chairman. : The production will be a benefit to the Well Baby clinic, maintained by the League at the Community Center. Mrs. Elliott Taylor is chairman of the show. Rehearsals are to get under way next Wednesday with the arrival of Director Larry DoyJe. Doyle is not unknown to Lubboek audiences, having been here when the Coronado Entrada was presented at the Panhandle- South Plains fair two years ago. The show will be staged at Senior high school and on the following nighf a performance will be given with the Lubboek Army Flying school personnel as guests. Dietering Home Scene For ]941 Club Social Following .churbh at the First Baptist' church, members of the 1941 Needle club and their husbands met for a fellowship hour in the A. E. Dietering home, 2205 Twenty-first street, Wednesday night Mesdames Dietering and Thelton. Hamilton were co- hostesses. Those attending were Dr. and Mrs. W. A. Pettey and Messrs. and .Mesdames J. O. Pope, Wesley Smith, Hamilton, Gordon Douglas Bill Davis and C. F. Henry anc Mesdames Meritt Clark and'Pal- mer Sime. Mrs. C. E. Hereford was a special guest. Refreshments of pie, cheese anc coffee were served. Vitamin 'A' Is Guard Against Common Cold Home Demonstration club mem- >eis of Slaton met for a covered dish luncheon with Mrs. C. E. ,iilie this week. Knitting for the Red Cross was done. "Vitamin A, the vitamin that protects eyesight and guards igainst colds, is found in rich amounts in all green vegetables," Miss Clara Pratt, county home, demonstration agent, told the members. Mesdames Alton Meeks and Roy A. Meeks of Slaton and Mrs. H. S. Robertson of Shallowater were guests. Thirteen members attended. Excellent Response Given CMA Drive According to an announcement from the South Plains Civic Music association headquarters in room 307 oC the Hilton hotel, an excellent response has met an annual drive for memberships in the association. A check-up Wednesday afternoon showed , the membership enrollment as much as that of last years and several new members have been added. Dues are $5.50 for adults and $2.75 for students. The membership list will close Saturday night at 9 o'clock. PEG TOP—Pants and pegtop, two outstanding fashion points for spring 1942, appear together in this tunic coat costume for the beach: It's red. the front-flared tunic is shir- "red in back, just for more fulness, which means more emphasis on the narrowness of the slacks. Delta Kappa Gamma To Have Guests With out-of-town members of he sorority as their special guests, he Alpha Sigma chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma sorority will meet Saturday at 12:30 o'clock at he Mexican Inn for a regular session and luncheon. Out-nf-town members will be in Lubboek to attend the West Texas Teachers association. Lewis was a guest. Mrs. Ellison, 2304 Twentieth street, will entertain April 1. the RITZ CRACKERS • GcttoVnowRiti—IViihrayt fresh, alwayi delidouj. You'll find the?* important qualities in all cracker3 and oooTeiet Identified by th» red Nabisco t«al—so make it your guida to tha finest in 'bttlc«rf products. 81KE9 BY XABISCS • JUTiOKAL BISCUIT C3KPANT Mrs. J. T. Terrell is Club.Hostess Mrs. J. T. Terrell, 1502 Twenty-fourth street, was hostess for the As You Like It club meeting Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Ray Walden was a guest. Members present were Mes dames E. M. Copp, T. S. Cranford E. C. Earnest, R. A. Triggs, jr., J M. west and a Mrs. Davis. Mrs. West, 2104 Fourteenth street, will be hostess April 1 a 3 o'clock. • • Many families in England ari pooling their clothes ration cou pons. . . DISHWASHER An electric dishwasher, even though, in such frequent 'contact with water, needs occasional extra cleansing. Fill the washer with water to the required level, then pour two cups of vinegar through the filler opening and let the machine run for five minutes. Rinse twice with clear water one min- me each. This treatment is intended to remove any sediment from alkalin water that may have gathered on the inside of the machine. . .-. White Sands National Monument in southeastern New Mexico embraces 176,000 acres of nearly pure gypsum. HITS HEAD COLD MISERY FAST Put3-p«irpos«Va-tro-nolupeach nostril. It (1) shrinks swollen membranes, (2)soothcs irritation, (3) helps clear cold- .„-„_ clogged nose. Follow VICKS directions in folder. "i Ml DOLE-AGE WOMEN QS) 1 IEED THIS ADVICE!! t you're cross, restless, suffer bot lashes, nervous feelings, dizziness— aused by this period In a woman's ife—try Lydla E. Plnkham's Vege- able Compound. Made especially or icomcn. Thousands upon thou- ands helped. Follow label dlrec- lons. WORTH TRYING i WRAP AROUNDS In whites and all the -new • spring colors. -Sheer wools •. and rayon silks, shown in ' four different styles .,*•'.'. and [25 STYLE CEIHER FOR / . . Special Qroup SPRING DRESSES ANNE FORD'S Friday - Saturday Extra Special Pure Thread Silk STOCKINGS 109 I 3 pair for 1.15 Regular 1.35 and 1.50 pure thread silk stockings. Silk from top to toe. Priced EXTRA SPECIAL for Friday and Saturday only .., please no phone or mail orders . , . Sizes 8V2 to 101/2 About 45 dresses selected from our regular Spring stock. Beautiful sheer wool and silk crepes ... in almost any color one would want, including a few whites . . . we suggest early shopping f'-r these and too, please remember this is for Friday and Saturday only and positively no approvals cr exchanges . . . PRICE 14.95 DRESSES now .... 5 17.95 DRESSES now .... 8.98 19.95 DRESSES now .... 9.98 22.95 DRESSES now . . . . 11.48 24.95 DRESSES now .... 12.48 29.95 DRESSES now .... 14.98 PLEASE, All 5ALK FINAl, PLEASE Special Qroup SPRING BLOUSES A selected group of blouses that range in price from 3.50 to 5 95. Mostly crepc5. in whites and color?. Priced very ppecia! for Friday and Saturday only. Dial STVT.E KHTES FOR

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