Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 14, 1965 · Page 17
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 17

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, May 14, 1965
Page 17
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Page 17 article text (OCR)

votm „, JXSL Seek Prom The Dead! -f —----• » — whvw i vuiu j - - « «»•£».•( v • K X'KVIIV V/1 V OH I .. - hV^rT «' aASSS SJVtetg! -*, By M ^ RV , BROVWJ5 *.- IT r —-control, no more, no W • The socialist claims he is ere?™l a ^*,.*?.. r ?«P 0 iwibliJty. tree mw> to tft« best of ftelr at'"g a "heaven on earth" - thl 8 ^ ***«»>«*] i where man's material needs will . the Golden Rule afcdjbe satisfied. The anti-socialist to our'claims there are more impor- WD ' dted lo fr^rTnm a ° n ^ lhey canube "er promote and irwerve mtr, n^Tol e . nco " ra *e others to see It. blessing*, For man understands Freedom and is free »o m^ol TtfflMlf .„„ aij ,„ to ^vmony arilh t , . .Freedom, lhan m " erla? vides the to obtain abun- Deficit Figures Eyed CLOVIS ^fcWS»JOUR3VAI,. Prirfot/ 1W«,, I/I ioaK »_„. i-j •' — and potency. Let's review" the benV- fits of freedom: Employment: Since there are a limitless number of human de- We noted with interest the same day Lyle Lilsonn Unit- s | res to be satisf 'ecl. there will oiher day that President John- ed Press International writer ays be Work avail aWe for son announced that the budget reported that as of March 3l' anyonc who Wanls H - Unemploy- cieficit for this fiscal year 1965, the federal government ment is caused b * Arcing an •which end* June 30>' will be had spent $72 billion m o r e u , nrealistic Wage rate otl em ' at least a billion dollars below than it had taken in during the p yer and em P Iove e- making H Ihe $6.. r ! billion deficit which he first nine months of this fiscal un P rofitabl e to hire a man. predicted last January. year. Prosperity: All large dips in Mr said federal revenues" He also noted that since fis- th f " business cycle" are the re- (taxesi will be increased about cal 1961 "the Kennedv - John- of mass "^'Calculations of $500 million over what was ex- son administrations combined 4c . onsumer demands. Only infla- pecli'd and that e.xpendit » r p s have spent the U. S. Treasury caused by government, will be lower than estimated by into the red by the colossal sum can hring aboul thcsp mass mis " about the same amount. " of $28 billion/ 1 That is three ca!cuIaUons S,» the new estimate is that years and nine months of spend- ,. INSURANT!-: the deficit will be "only" about intf. security: In a free economy. $5.3 billion That would mean anyone can purchase insurance that each man. woman and child Wf> ^'^ hoard Mr Johnson's security with his labor. Volun- in the country will be s o rn c- l ' st 'mates. We will await the tarily - purchased insurance is Uimj; like $27 further in debt at final figures to see if they turn 8 ea ''ed to the consumer's actual I IK- end of the fiscal year out to be anywhere close to be neods: and it hns in h*» rinam-ini. However, we noted on the ing accurate" Government Problem fiovernment is the peoples' they look to the government problem and yet to solve all lesser ones Everybody's Business Why Not Devise A Tax Subsidy? needs; and it has lo be financial ly solvent in order to obtain the customer's business. Such things as "social Security" or "Medicare" are inherently devoid of these protections, and hence insecure. Prices: Prices will always be as low as possible in a free economy — to encourage purchases. But when prices are artificially lowered — by political intervention — the product or service in question quickly disappears. When those who provide the re- Pieret Marine Sfttel A S*f»l<>« A MtCalimMi Mntort Tern* Jir. 15 GOO!) USED Boats. Motnrt A Trailer P'?Pj«f. » HP up to 100 HP Motnrn L traded for during iJoat Show. Bargain 'PrtMS. Ba*y f'tnantfnff A S#* B*rti l t>rtc«s. Ea«y Financing ft si* Kef.< RED'S BOAT SHOP • 1T"~" ** m"*» * nc inneifi* ai high vitamin !«*»!• m pflzef' CrumMn »t»ft building up e»tti ened mutenoe ttrnneflliitriy.- .. A A D levels rhfrv w* uw«t6»-i extra <y»t.t Call How for qulcfc «J«l 1 "' UWMoefc 8tiwlJ, "' \ PONIBS" FOR SALE . Mare« I * Stallion* •""' , t <A«tt tnt t. PO 3*0443 GMSS Boat with 15 Han* A " for MISCELLAKEOUS 53 House ot color U0 5 Main F( ??. ?£H? M "y |a R . , 15 Chest Type Freewr, Room sl/p rc- frigcraled air conditioner. 763-7771. Clothes Dryer, FOR SALE: 3 HP Submersible Pump A Switch Box. 763-95*1 -.. SALE Houttm HeittH .,,„.. . *™* fresh now. R. A. HutchwoB, LIVESTOCK WANTED HI»« eo. . Sam Moor* buyer. w« buy all CJOT «l« days a ot SLEEPING ROOMS* .74 COMFORTABLE SLEEPING rooww, for working man or ladv. Private bath And outa'de entrance. Inquire IflJS 4I»ikl» EXTRA LAROE bcdnxwn wit»lde 1 '«ntr»nee-. •OnOtTL MUQV WASHINGTON — The THE ALLEN- SCOTT REPORT PAUL SCOTT Also pointed out is that under WILL DO baby sitting In my home. 762-1643, »m-n muse wno provide me re- WASHINGTON — The in- Also pointed out is that under sources to supply things are re- crcas , ng tr oop demands ol Com- the military budget submitted warded, there is incentive to munlsl . periled §0 th Viel Narn DV President Johnson for the nrOniIPP Kilt anfi.trnct la\ir<- . ' . . -. ... ,' , ...... P,v SAM CAMI'ltKLL one concerned So perhaps produce. But anti-trust laws and the Dominican R epub iic are f i s c a I year starting July 1, -' .^ ' ,. ""'• »-'"n-.-n.e<i *» perhaps a and price controls produce scar- ser j ous i v deoletin" the U S Army strength is to be pared many (l f us have any fi- suggestion from the grassroots cities by making it unprofitable 'X r ?"P de P letln « llie L - *--? Tm j. n ™r n f in ™" -™ r,f u nancial probl-m that a 1 i t 1 1 e is in order at this time W h v to be in business wli, ,w , :,, more money wouldn't solve not a tax stibsidV ' th s cruclal Availability: In a free econo- force, consisting of i *ie big question is how to Ml P'IV l'ives ••-...••«..,I».>..T . ,,i «» ,1,:-^ ^-\_uu\i- -"•*.•«, — ~<~ —c? "- ^--- tvt thai little more Your politi N'e- a tax subsidy' Tliat is to my - when a man wants an ilem and two Marine divisions, • t.-al friends at the state and na- siy we all pav taxes We would and is willin . e to P av for i{ - il nominal! y intact at home ...c,-, —, -•• ; dona! capitals are sitting up all have more to spend" if we wi " bp P rofi{abl<> for someone tions in the t'.S.. actually it is!less than fiscal 1964. ^niiihu living to figure some- did not p .v »-,v f .« TLr.,fnr« .„ to provide it. The consumer has far below combat strength. | However. Marine strength is to 953,094 from 963,273 this milit a r y .year, which in turn was cut Army i more than 11.000 from last is ; year: and the Air Force 809,134 which was 27,000 5 an iiem aj| u i>^^ i>jtiiujtr uivi^jud.^. i.^ j^-ut . MHV.* ^t>^ and is willing to pav for it, it nominally intact at home sta-! fr °m 828,551, more to snend if U-P wi " bp P rofi{ahl < > s °f someone tions in the t'.S.. actually it is;less than fiscui i nv tixf-K Therefore to P rovide if Thp consumer has far below combat strength. | However. Mari subMduinc us in iiro the talent ' Ind lahor of lh<> en * ' Vlore lhan half of thc battle j increased slightly I'vi.scd a farm (Kirtmn to that or the 0 | hr .' r tlrc worlcl at his disposal. In our effectives of these divis i o n s; 193.000: the Navy from 674,000 farmers thins whv not have the Feder !JrPSf ' nt wol ^re state, his access are either in South Viet Nam'to 684.000. vented mail «ub- a! Authority compensate each '° ' iroducts is h '°cked bv tariffs, or the Dominican Republic, or Over-all, under the Johnson- airliner's, rail of us for the exact amount' of confi - scator V taxes, and a multi- enroute to them. McNamara budget, total mili- „.. k «.i n — ., ^ ^ ,. ... » tlldf* nf nAlitip!il r*>ctrir»tinnc n», lur*,, 1 ,-n^^n to AAn i« n ;» t-irv ttrf»nci1h in fi<ral IQfifi will stead of t'iinc ?I JM>I j.i! nut tor The;, iiave devised Mib-.;<!', for thf They have invented ."idics for thc airlmer«c. rail of us for the exact subsidies for the railers. and taxes- he pays now rent subMcJiPs for rentfrs. A ma^iftctrnt rrcnrri of arcom- p!whrn«*n! On»- Third Poorer Still one third of tht from 190,000 to Navy from 674,000 LICENSED BABY SHTER Hour • Day or Week 7S2-U45 CLOSE IN, reliable, fenced yard, good dJ*t, by day or hour. »^95i^ y BOOK NURSERY UCE.N-.E1) It coit no more to have the best Modeled oaiwolally for oh'idren. Come by and see Ml the nxfa*. 1»12 Rnjj St Anytime. INUE'S CHILD OARE OENTKR Transportation Available Day.Week-Even- >"g» & Week Ends. »ua Hondo 7«iWi377 HELP WAHTED-FEMALE 37 "TELEPHONE SOLTCTTORS NEEDED CLOVIS ARE\, REPLY BOX 994 c/o Oovls News-Journal" NURSE'S AID 11-7 shift. Prefer lady without family obligation. Must make a nice personal appearance. Also Housekeeper- must make a nice appearance. Inquire Retirement Ranch. HOL'SEWIFES - earn extra money. Car necessary. Full or part time. Robert Humphrey 762-4576 or 762-1138. TAKING applications for general laundry help, -hlrt presses and other departments. Apply in person—Clovis Steam Laundry 4 Dry Cleaners 101 Main. WANTED: Car Hop. Apply In Knig . person to Mr. Keith Dog -N Suds. night. hoti5e* than others. The lower IKijfl fwoplr t.ikr> bom*- less lakr-hoiiip than the higher paid Something more is required Th boiled it to meet (1 o w n it how to •ndin^ power in the demand 4 of t h i ( ompany. thc dentist company , . . bt-causf look at tha- is working $m""piy"*i\*£ Sid furnish 'eparate livlnz quarton free. Write Box 992 t-/o Qovla NewiJournal WA ^F.?A EXPERIENCEU. ^U* tude of political restrictions, ; By June 1, some 53.000 train- tary strength in fiscal 1966 will uog -N suds. , -\ITFRN\TrVTS ed Army and Marine officers' 1 ^ chopped some 16,000 - 2,-| WANTED: s , ngl . Ia(ly to hel lth hovzse H.T* t a program that has all p r() , P ' ( ;,in n inHiv H, li • , v and men drained from these di-jW0.266 as against 2,656 008 and k«P";? <?±,™°u*s..tor family ot two the earmarks of universal popu- fe ^^' C ;;' 0 . n ( . 1 " dl ^"f ls ;, * h .°.visions will be in South Vict'2,685.161 in fiscal 1964. bnty The Liberals should love nurrh-iln Liw nrnttnfinn. Nam - This is equivalent to three 1 Yet despite these slashes, it bpcause It goes to prove that {h n » „-,.•,;' , "" .V™^; ff ' s 'full-strength divisions - t w o : .Secretary McNamara is saying the m a /c U r h ure t aH in for eC l d **** ba ^ k ^RuS^ prevent: Arm >'' one Marine - In the Do-1that 350.000 U. S- troops will be The Conserva- d J5" K ** thTmomTv prevent h dSS" P lans cal1 for a buildup to 16,- in South Viet Nam. '.UTS should lovp ii because it honest inflation" No - But tin- 000 Arm - v and - v ' ari!1 £' troops -i The Pentagon chief express- takos the Contra! Power off der the present system the in- e< l u i va l en t to one division. ied this view at a White House their backs, at least in a finan- di\ idual is forcibly prevented A " this fi » htin -" personnel has briefing for a group of mayors, matter w h <• n < u! w a v The neutral and im- from seeking any" alternative comt> from tho strategic re- McNamara told them the esti- throutih am! !ia r ti ,i Bureaucrats should love Portion ' serve. mate ol 350.000 fighting men was ..i-.i.i. nurtautrats .should lo\e ^u,, i.,;.,, r-.,;.,,. .,.- ct .. tt ,..., «iven bun by the Joint Chiefs of waltrMs. Apply to R»y or Reed. Bobi Cafe. WAKTED-MALE 38 NEED EXTRA $ HELP WANTED-MALE FEMALE 3Y R.E. REFRIGERATOR - FROST-FREE. freezer top. _ 575. PH. 763-6703. "RENT ELECTRIC CAKPET SHAMPOOER FOR $1.00 WITH PURCHASE OF LUSTRE FOAM. GUARANTEED BiflST BUY." CHOICE Bedroom. Air emrauae. close In. 91S Wte. TRAILER SPACES HICKS Trailer Kstates Sit W. Mlh, TV I-IIAII.BR Park, MoJtew. 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EXTRA NICE 2-BR. unf drapi^s. refngfrator, oven nonriltioned. 763-110} or «pt.. »ir NEW LARGE 2-bedroom unfurnlshe4.»p«n- ment. drapes, carpet, elec. range, air cond., fas, water, and TV cable, naid | «10 mo. Call 7»r J ,r, davsTan<t 7» 1J56 evenings. ' • •••-. ! HOUSEHOLD GOODS SALE 54 AVAILABLE NOW-l bedroom, furnish.* apartment, sir conditioned. b,-»i paid. Cail - eroom, urnish.* apartment, sir conditioned. .y»sher fur- 7il.T-7044. Staff are « UK *t ^f 11' i v. i> n i .1 - .it o I i a I T ^' ' ' the red Cooperation To make a profit. Bravely concerned b> . ...s bark- Staff f' ;, 0!*U(*r , ' "",">• ** ' *- '.' v v/.jv. v . i m. \j u t . . .."j i,JUV fv- , h r t.t(«> that is thereby created to >' ou have tu satisfy someone's stage situation. In private talks • adnunist.Mfd desire — because that's the only W ith congressional leaders thev „ „ reason h(> coul<1 h;tve flir huying have made it clear thev fee'l Hea!!> H it a n\ more absurd from you. Human bt-infi-s always i\, fen se Secret-iry McX-innr-i ><>u for the taxes Cooperate to satisfy each other should Ix-'lakinq Mepi to bolsVr - in order o sa.isfv their own the drasllL . alIv unlde ,, n { „ (> ( , desires But covornnu-nta! re- , lrale , lL , rest>rvi . .ipjM'iir-, I.hj f of .ill t.'ifir noble t".c f\;icr'.«. in Washington havt 1 \H cumc up with a stih.sidv •\Pna- , r , , m S m " Officers & Men Cannon Air Force Base ARMED FORCES NEW-JOURNAL CLASSIFIED SECTION EMPLOYMENT CTX>VIS PI-ACK.ME.NT BUREAU 7M AxtoU 163-SlMa WOMEN . full chg.. 30-35 .. OPEN "-••• OFFICE, ihorthand GOOD SECRETARY, »ht./dictaphone .... TOPS -MKV BOOKKEEPER . . l^-as OPEN CHEF ... exp.. reliable GOOD CEDAR CHESTS Ideal Gift for thc Graduate or Bride • Early American • Maple • Modern FURNISHED I-BEDROOM APARTMEVr" hills paid, svv.mmlnp pi>ol, — '' __ _ _ Zl» Lixls?, 762-2966 ' NEWTON AVarrmt-ntr'i~RTOi^r^o h ~7;; 1 vait- entra.-id", Adits only. No pefs. TS.''~ ;*;15K or 501 I' ;ir. '_T~ P'J! ' Koo Ga'llun of World's Creamiest Ht*er I>ig N Suris. '"' Tu., Saf.'«Hi vttiT, Si.iH for i: *v»> (or l.-:i(!i X. DR Bias 13«i dts- Girdles. 3U' ! unpro/itable ,„ tho opinion of the j u { „ , nor ' Chiefs no time should be lost in calling National Guard a n d SPECIAL NOTICES 8 Hes-erve units active duty, or wAVrKnlHSTj^ win r*y 3s c w h ; n aiertint; them for such possible ••rr\ ice. (ient-rai ll.irold ,Iotin.> o n Anm Ch.i'1 (.! stall', is stn-s-,- nii; that tile 16 division limit,t- tion inipoM-d im Hie Army by Secretary McN.imara is creating !t,^ bij^^esi manpower problem The Arm\ u finding it Mituai;\ !inj)os>!ble to meet the mounting requirements for troop- tu deal with "guerrilla brushtire-," anil at the same t i m e maintain an effect i v e Mral.-ic n-si-iAt; for possible BUSINESS SERVICES iT major conii'ontations with "• • ' FULLER BRUSH CO. ha» estahltshed route opening in For- ta'.cs and Clovli. Full or part time. Man or Lady. Income averaging $3 to •H per hour. 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KH.Kc. i-I.AS<K> Mnn i Thurs. 9 A.W. to '• H M.^Everviue welcome. r'ACKI'- v.TIH ^ DRINKINO PROBLEM' . ,V' r '•'''* AU-n..!irs Ar.otvmi-iu* can r.elo WILL CARE *«• K MX-'«v, <l. or PO Box 244 M**':r'ffs -:3ii--M,w(lav and Friday Al- Anon . 3f| "1 u**t -i v -.^TK5i — Don't waste your summer — Enroll 'n Curry Ct,ii:>ty B.wtv College and have a «ecurr it lure tomorrow 1423 Main. Clevis. Ncu Mevicj. TO K E K P up wttb tii0 fiHHitf m tivnd to •uUimWI.m. th* S«erct»rlaJ Court* uflrr oil hy Bitnxia Srh.nil ol Cummrrc* mm inrludei IBM c»rd Pum-b and ilil» pr... omalBf. PboB* 7«-UU4 (vr »D totorrl*** BENSON School ot Commerce Sprin* T*rm itartt April 31 to .May a incisive. SITUATIOTWXNTID « UUNAdAN'S Nt\V * U8KU FlKM'll KK Headquarter! (or re-uphul .ermt chair* * tHifai M I.HW PUU KS. t'WHl furnl- turn * Appllanwt BiirilHY A SHU). WITH PURCHASE of Blue Lustre rei Electric C»rpet Shampooer tor only j per day. Gambles J(H Mitchell APPLIANCES 54A DON'T BCV an aulonmil,- uittlicr uuUI you »e« Uo< ( onovf r'» Ail Suu. mid Windu» UUplmy M«s IHIh. FOR 1 elderly people my home. .'(Ms La Lux 763-5uM Ma or Red China. As a ^r;i|)hir illustration of this alarming dilemma Genera! ('ivightiin Ah:ams Vice (,'hiet ot Stall' is citing the following significant I a c t: In South Vii-t N a m alone, t I: e Army has more majors cap tains lit'iiU'iiant- and ma<t e i Ilian required for lour h divisions WHAT'S HKII1.VI) IT - This iiicreasingiv toretiodmg backstage situation is important! 1 , at launched into the Dominic a n crisis by Senatur John S'ennis M-Miss . actim; head oi t h e Armed Service* ('ommiUee He determined on that at tiie urging of Senator.- Margaret Chase Smith. R Me . and Strom Thurmond. R S (' Thc\ cited the following little-known man power factors Currently the I' S ha> 10 Army divisions abroad - six in Kurope. two in Korea one in liawan one in Japan-Okinawa In addition, the equivalent of one Marine and three A ; m y divisions is either in South Viet \am and the Dominican Republic or enroute there This leaves the vita! strate gic reserve with the equivalent of three Army and two .skele Ionised Marine divisions ap proxiraaMy ball ut the minimum reswve strength. fl. IUh Tool sharpening Srrvic* tUno — Muurri — Tu«l» — I nut E. Uth — YARD PLOWING with Rolo-Tiller Reasonable. 7S2-0330 MAN WUX UO Repatn. A 783 . Ptlntln? A Light Hauimj -2S15 BEilT mudM Weatlncrhoute 4u" oven, alec, range demun»trnt<>r — •t a. tutr«aln. (iiwd fMd UM K»n|e ...... .. »4S.i»5 >iMid UMd lUBtJilne y^ltuyr W El«wtrlc Ktnfn at » Mrfftln. O»od UHMJ Swvd Buten* R«lrls«r«tiir AcruM J'ul' Xrnenv ............ 1K.IO Uuo4 U**d Klwlrte K«lrl(*r»tur ., »N».'j.1 lUbulll, reowoditiunixl, (uarutMd U p«rt» «nd lkbu> uo Hr»l AulunuWlo Mkitbcn .. I14.N MVUTHV-ECUUUi W MITCHULL FO LARf7L' 4.ROOM furn: s |-ed peled wall ro ami .share (m: ••:!;:it*, ai: u-c .- C<i'i Ha'"f>a' u iinwn Ri-al K s -,KU. 7i>L'-4>- :n. K r..;-et ol home. Town >i Cou-itry Kl'HMiHED 1-BEOKi.KJM apartment. mirol weeds In your pi ,}i42]ne. >"cj ruslom 7,i.'-!o'.ii, Charlet Hukill.' ™ USED FURNITURE 54B CALL 7(kV4.'M for top quality c»hi in A iep«ir work T. XL Simpson 121 a Maple. FKEU rAMSHIll.Ti — ,. Plmtinr — L*»'a « Ww4 Hvwtni. — 101 "*• "^ ""** 1<3 - |>M4 WE PAY TOP PRICKS FOB ga • H l-BEDHmi\i I NKL KMriHi St-iv* A; :t-,'i 'IV (..'BK.C. ; ii duplex. KH apartmtnt. Wallace. or i BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES 43 ! TH1S IS A GREAT OPPORTl'MTY lui MAYTAG SALES & SERVICE Gombles. 504 Mitchell NH.I.V1N PAV1XJN It SONS i;cn»i'«) Yardwork All Work i FUBNJTUUB * APPLIANCES 768.7311 M. Ei.V .. •11 K Grand «,!>:> 1<C-(H47 TEEYISION 54D We n«,l » fr»n, hi»»d doaliT for CJi>vl» , THIS IS ENTIRELY \EW' i KI,TV homt' :. a pn.spi'.i MAKE THE K/GCJEST INCOME Oi-' VOt'R UKE . .i WITH fS. Aulom»tu- Hygropumr O»rdei).' WILLIS W HUfMtt >iSO Service <» inj from the SPECIALTY PRODrCTS i UMd TV'M tor ill. ,,i- v rff -n-,. i'O Writ.' ,ir rr«jjii ' Ph —' "~ ' I.AI« iiiiii «l«o f.»t .i!, [>ji.-i b*fln*>tn ; 4'n ;t,.j.ii »he<l J routn j l; hJM no S. Pen. .\.M (I * I.H. iN Sinn <HUI<1. | U II> Dli 0>vlJin| M *36;> MO'^JTHLY Income on I hew nice apartinemt. inrluripd u a me* homi- on iailini; t'sptain tianttcrrrd. a real uai in. Call Vsrumia William*. 7bi-ilil»J oi Reel E«l«t« C'o 1m 783.4441 i MAJOR OIL Co. S*r\'icc Station for Good location Good gallon***- Sma' Invettment fnr ttork. 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