The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on December 1, 1982 · Page 7
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 7

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 1, 1982
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

THE BAYTOWN SUN Wedae«d«y, December 1. 1903 Vacation Is Not Best Answer To Handling 'Job Burnout 9 7-A .By LINDA DUDLEY Copley Newsservice Feeling job burnout? Stress got you down? Nerves on edge? Sounds as if it might be time for a vacation, right? A trip to smooth out the rough edges. That's a remedy that won't work, according to Kate Rand Lloyd, editor of Working Woman Magazine, a 6-year- old periodical with a circulation of 550,000 women who have an average yearly income of $21 000. "Those worries and problems will still be there after a vacation so that a day or two after you get back, you feel as if you've never left," Lloyd said. Her prescription is to put something different in your life. Often the answer for job burnout is to add more — get more active instead of less. Do volunteer work or join a poker club, Lloyd suggested. "But if you choose to do volunteer work, make it something you enjoy and want to do, not something you think you should be doing," she advised. Another solution is to clean out your life, Lloyd said. "Most of us fall into Q's & A's On Aging Hypertension Controllable By CLAUDE PEPPER Chairman, House Select Committee on Aging Q. My father died of a stroke at the age ' of 57. I'm in my early 30s now, and the doctor said I am hypertensive. Doesn't hypertension lead directly to stroke? A. Hypertension — or high blood pressure — can lead to stroke or heart attack if it is uncontrolled. But according to medical .experts, most cases :of high blood ;pressure can be successfully controlled. It is primarily a matter of diagnosis and medication — and, most important, cooperation on the part of the patient. You are fortunate that your condition has been diagnosed. Most people with high blood pressure don't even know they have it, since there are no outward symptoms. That is the real insidious danger of high blood pressure. Doctors aren't cer tain why some people (about 15 percent of the adult population) develop the condition, though heredity is a major factor, and emotional stress, diet and general health are considered significant related factors as well. While there is no cure for hypertension, medications have been found to work beautifully to maintain a normal level of blood pressure in most individuals. 'Fortunately, there are several alternative medications, so that if an individual suffers pronounced side-effects with one, the doctor may prescribe another to achieve the best results with the fewest drawbacks. As a general rule, ':••• f ors suggest you . intain as low an •cake of salt as possible, since salt expands blood volume. And avoid obesity. Also, if your physician prescribes pills, take them. Once diagnosed, the responsibility for keeping blood pressure within normal limits rests with the individual. Q. My mother bad a harrowing e x- perience last week. She was victimized by a man who came right to her home and said he was a plain clothes policeman. She let him In,' and be convinced her that the had somehow broken the law. Before it was over, she had given him 1750 in cash. The real problem is, I can't get her to talk to the real police about it. A. Your mother is probably embarrassed about being "taken" and blames herslef for letting it happen. What she needs to know is that the kind of "con game" to which she fell victim is not uncommon. Almost any of us, unprepared, could be victimized in exactly the same way. There has been a rash of police impersonations here in Washington, for example. One point that law enforcement officials stress is that older people may be more vulnerable to such impostors than others. The reasons are: first, because of their trusting and respectful attitude toward the police, which has resulted in their reluctance to ask for proof of identity; and second, their susceptibility to the trumped-up charges which such impostors use to terrorize them into turning over their money. Older people are sometimes less trusting of themselves and believe they may have unwittingly passed the counterfeit bill or crossed over the law in some other way as the impostor suggests. A con man is one who plays with the mind and looks for just that kind of susceptibility to achieve his criminal goals. The police have made some suggestions to help people prevent this kind of crime. First and foremost, if an individual comes to the door and claims he is a policeman, demand identification. Require him to display the identification folder and badge of your town's officers. This will not be an insult to a real policeman. It is the police themselves who are asking citizens to take such precautions. Secondly, be aware that the police, except in hot pursuit of criminals, must have a warrant before they can enter your home to search or .confiscate money. If a person claims to be a policeman with authority to search your house, ask for his identification and warrant. And call the police. Ask an officer in uniform to come and identify this plainclothed officer. And lastly, encourage your mother again to go to the officials. Her experience may help others to avoid the same victimization. patterns of predictable behavior. We play the same game at the same club with the same partner every week. Every Sunday we have dinner at the in-laws'. We collect a whole bunch of obligations that aren't doing us any good," she said. Lloyd suggests taking a hard look at the patterns of life and eliminating things you do that are, nonproductive or self- defeating. "A few years ago, I realized I had some so-called friends who would use me for a sounding board, hang on the phone and tell me everything their husbands did wrong. It was never constructive talk. So I told them I wasn't helping, so I wouldn't do it anymore. Some got mad, but 1 eliminated something which wasn't productive for either ot us," Lloyd said. , • Bating lunch every day with the ^same people you work with is also self-defeating. "What do you, do when you're supposed to be taking a break? Talk about the same things that frustrate (you) the rest of the day." Lloyd is also firm about researching what is causing stress or job burnout. "You may find you have bad information and that the man at the next desk isn't making $10,000 more than you. Don't jump without looking." Lloyd's principles can be used by men as well as women, but it is the 44 million women in the U.S. job force who are her concern. These women will work an average 26 years, according to current surveys, most at 60 percent less wage than men. "Last year, 900,000 women entered the job market for the first time, compared to 200,000 men," Lloyd said. "Three women started their own businesses last year for every single man who opened his own business." That's also why businesses have begun wooing women. For example, both Chrysler and Ford now have programs training male sales personnel in how to relate to female customers. "One woman told me when she went car shopping with her husband, the salesman would tell her husband the answer to any question she would ask," Lloyd related. "She got angry and stormed out of the showroom. The salesman then tried to close the deal with the husband who simply replied: "Sorry, the treasurer of this family just '.eft." "WE MAKE GREAT PRICES FOR GREAT MAKESI BIG DISCOUNTS SALE! A SELECT GROUP OF FASHION RINGS 14K GOLD 18 DIAMOND HEART CLUSTER RJNG nttl Reg. 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