The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 30, 1934 · Page 5
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 5

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 30, 1934
Page 5
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MONDAY, JULY 30, 1*34 OCI Churches Club s Purl* Saddle Club Dinner Monday Evening The Paris Saddle club will have a. dianer at the Fari» Golf club Monday evening at 1 o'clock. It is hoped that all members* will be present as important business is to be discussed. Large Crowd At Revival The Rev. Springer brought * message on "Kow Shall We Escape If We Neglect So Great Salvation" Sunday night «.t the Springer-Jones revival- Long before the services began the huge- tabernacle was packed, and it was conservatively estimated there were at least 1000 people- outside the tabernacle. Every denomination in the city was well represented. The evangelist said the salvation was great in its suffering: great in its eonswmation. great in its ultimate victory. He th«n painted a picture of Jesus Christ being judged, then as h» went into tin* Garden of prayer, then bearing the huge rugged cross. So many people today wear the little crucifix or wooden beam around their necks as an ornament, but your Saviour and my Saviour bore a rugged tree. He was weak from the burden and the wasting of blood. He was not a weakling as sorts© of you have perhaps pictured Hirsx but a strong, vigorous man. We can see Hirn as he made His was' 'G>> Golgotha, we can see the men driving the nails in his hands, the spikes in his feet, now they are Hftins" him up and all his weight is brought to bear upon and this was your Saviour. The evangelist continued to paint a dramatic picture of the crucifixion of the Son of God. He who made the heavens. He who roads the' water was refused water. He who wag the Son of God was forsaken by His father, why? He bore oar sins lit- His QWS body on the tree that we being dead to sins should five unto righteousness. That was your Saviour and that was my Saviour. Some of you do not believe in a hell when there are at least 54 direct references to hell In the Ke-Kr Testament alone. If you jro to hell you can not Main* the Son of God. but you wiJI go Users* of yaer own deliberate choice- No Monday nlghi service will be held. The evangelist announced aw? his subject for Tuesday evening. "Wn-sre D-d Cahi Get His TVife/' •Tuesday morning- at 3:30 a. xa. in the tabernacle there. will b« a service. Make This Model At Home Paris News Daily Pattern Simple Rites ENHANCE YOUR HOME WITH CROCHET SUGGESTS LAURA WHEELER BEVERLY HTTJ.S. CaliU, <*3 — Only a few of the millions who knew Marie Dressier, as a, famous actress will attend her funeral on Tuesday at Glendale. The actress who died Saturday at Santa Barbara after a Ions illness vrill be buried in Forest IAVITO Memorial Park following services at the Wee Kirk o'the Heather church. Only intimate acquaintances of the 62-year-old actresa will attend the simple, private services. Some i of Hollywood's notables will - be j there, but the majority will be! folk from the rank and file of the | film Industry, in which Miss Dressier attained her spectacular prominence long after what generally is considered the prime of life, Jeanette MaeDonald, soprano, who has achieved fame on the screen and on the concert stage, will sing Mis? Dressler's favorite hymn. "Abide, "With Me." BRIEFS About Town Flashes Of Life |!MORE COWITES ft PUT ON RELIEF 61 Counties In Texas. Okfatboma* Added to Drouth By The Associated Press HE FOOUESD *EM ADAMS, Ind. — Back in 1903 physicians told Thomas J. Shields he had not !ons to live. So he built a. casker and took up gardening 10 await the end. He died Friday — at the age of 100. TAKE HEED CASTL.E. Pa_ — Frank Pilzy was arraigned before Mayor Mayne on disorderly conduct charges brought by his -wife, who said he objected over-em'phatically to her having dinner late. "Do your orrn sentencing.** was the mayor's invitation to Mrs. Pilzy. "Ten days in jail," she told her husband. He -went. CROCHETED SQUARE PATTERN 772. Every \voiiiiui longs to Jiave lovely accessories to enrich her home—a choice bedsoread — a. Ray Jenkins, district of the J. C. Penney company, vis- j beauty. ited the local store Saturday. !>y using a stitch that £ives the ] effect of a popcorn, -while remain- J , ins fl a t and being easier to do, | ] stunning tablecloth, or luncheon : The squares are joined just by "[set. With these as a, backsrround. | being^ sev-ed together. It is a de- manager | her other possessions take on new j sign that lends itself to such a the clever house- I variety of articles that the cro- SOCIETY SXIFFS XEWPORT. R. I.—Socializes, going down to exclusive Bailey's beach to swim, put their noses a little higher In the air when th o v found the shore covered with refuse. It was apparently washed in from navy, vessels anchored in the harbor. Civil and naval authorities were notified. wife uses string crochet, for it has i cheter, quickly having learned the a mellow softness that gives charm j design by heart, will enjoy using Miss Maye Wood of the staff of\~°' Us surroundings. This heauti- j it for a variety of accessories. Baylor Hospital, Dallas, is in j f al s< l Gar «—**• measures s% inch- j pattern 772 comes to you with Paris for a two weeks' vacation, j es * ^ the thin » to us - for a oed - j complete directions for making - spread, scarfs and tablecloth, j t j le SGUare an £ joining it to form Contrast is gotten into the design • a variety of articles; material re- = | quirements: and illustrations of all Constable Sam Garland arrested j a Paris negro Monday morning 1 and placed him in the- jail in { lieu of payment of an old fine. • Ten negroes, nine charged with disturbing the peace and one with assault were committed to I^a- tnar county jail over the weekend. PERSONALS Miss Annie Fiedle, of Roxton, a patient at the Lamar hospital. stitches tised. ] Send 10 cents in stamps or coin j (coin preferred) for this pattern I to The Paris News. i Dept., 82 Eighth Avenue. Xew ' Tork. X. T. The r.iamar county board of school trustees will meet on-Tues-j day, August 7 in the office of the county superintendent, 3Irs. Mary Jones Lindsay. superintendent. Monday. j C. Clyde Crockett of the C. C. C. ! EARTHQUAKE FEUT 1 in Bonham spent the week end in ) J^T CUDDLE "VTEST 1 Paris. i A CUTTER. VTO3IA3T CAX WOKSL WOXDKHS wrre THIS JDESIGN Scout News i Troop 5 under the leadership of Assistant Scoutmaster Carter Anderson, Jr.. have spent tho lost few- days reworking •*their aie-etins: heads*u£j-ters in the basement of the Belford Apart- rfiests. The walls are b-eing palat- *4 white and the floors hare been washed making the place lighter ano sn'ort sanitary. Scouts asslst- ms in th!s «rork were 1-eoij Gilmore, Koben Gsas^. Silly Gibson, Jenkins. aster Walter J. WSUiam- ! 5Ot2 and members of Troop 3 have i J'*e«:n busy the last two weeks! balidinsc a 9cr*ene<-| sleeping porch '• oa their troop cabin at Lake S Crook, With this addition troop S has aa idea; year arouad campInj: hut. Thoy plan to h*ve an; op*n house .-» soon as it Is a i it tie \ •cooler. ^ Pnttern IS 19 It takt.^ a number of smart frocks t<? make a summer outfit. but this design wrill take care ol a goodly share of them. Make it in white lirs«»n. and embroider your initials on the end of the scarf in black or navy blue or red, . . . if you are the Jcir.d of a xvo— mars -n.-ho embroiders. Make it again in apricot crepe de cliiric. Wear this version with a big broTn hat and you are dead certain to rr.ake a hit. Then be^Is •with the patterned stuffs , . . . ginghart:. a neat English print, or even & dotted s^iss . - - d&rk blue, for instance, with Trhite dots! Th^re is slrnp^y no end to the things a clever woman can do with a pattern like this ... - and it will Sook so different !ri the different fabrics- But any way you make Jt, the lon^ front p&r.el will fa" flatteringly over the arms, anu the lirtle scarf provides exactly the last touch of chic. If you have never made a frock before you couldn't find a better pattern with to begin. It Is an easy-to- dress, anrl so smart it is | bound to be an incentive to fur- J ther efforts. | Paztcrn 2SIS is available ia sizes I 12. 14, IS. IS. 2?. SO. 32, 34, 36, j \ ZS am! 40. Size IS takes '3 1-4} > varas 36 inch fabric. Illustrated 1 ''• t- . ~I.n •-, •—. 5 * iincluded. j I Send FIFTEEN' CE.'-'TS t'tSc} ii« " i colas or stamps i coins preferred) | for this Anue Acams pattern. \ Write plainly name address aa<1 1 style mixnfcer, HE SURH TO STATE I The sinartesi warm weather ; fashions, the newest fabrics, and ; the Suinrncr season's outstanding < accessories fire illustrated and de\ scribed in the 2wE\V AXXEI AD! AMS PATTERN BOOK FOR SUil- 5- irER- ORBER VOC-R COPT OF I THIS HELPF17L. NEW SUM ME I? \ I BOOK. PillCS OF BOOK FIF-I jTEEX CENTS. BOOK AN"D PAT-I I TERN TOGETHER. TTrTHXTr- ! FIVS CEXTS- 1 Address orders so The Part? Pattern Department, 243 57: ! t <=:reoi. Now York Citv. The Paris and Tama/i- Ooanty Chamber of Commerce called a. meeting Monday morningr on th.e August Farmers Sales Day ia con- t family spent Sunday at Devil's Den junction -with the retailers* d ion- Committees -were- appoi IK Mr- and Mrs- Robert Ei. Joiner, 1 Slight Temblor IX>es Uttle Jr.. spent the \veek end in Jackson- ! Reports Indicate ville. - • ! CKAJ3ROX. Xeb. {JP? —The en- Mr, and Mrs. William Finney i tire breadth of the Xebraska Pan- left Saturday for their borne in j handle soutnTrard to Sterling, Fort Worth. j Colo., felt a light earthquake | shortly after r-aldiilghi Sunday Air. and ilrs. Seary Ayres and i sight, but there •were no reports injuries or serious damage. ted? and plans for the event ciscussed. Firemen were called about midnigiit to the Corner Drug U-tore -where an electric motor v.-as afire. Xo water was used in extinguishing t } i.> blaz* 5 but a door v.-as slightly damaged " is forcias it op* n. j -: £.utner Xewberry. of Liake Ciiar- street. les, L.?.., formerly connected, "vrith the Paris Xe«rs» visi-frd here Sa.t-1 ilrs, J. M. Comett returned urday from -Honey Grove Chadron felt th<» first temblor at _ 12:14 a. rn. <MST) and a second ; Dennis Rhodes, of Brookston, | half a minute later. Bach lasted route 2, is a patieni at the La.mar j about 10 seconds. Scottsbluff re- hospital, i porzed feeling one quake at 12:12 ] a- m. (MST). Mrs. Car! Oliver and small j j port feeling the shock -were Gordon, Hushville. Hay Springs, Cra-w- " ; ford and Alliance. Sterling. Colo., -•- -xliss Beimane Crokett is im- | also reported experiencing zhe vib- proving alter a ten day illness at rations. her home, SS Other cities of Xebraska to re- aaughter. Pau^a. are leaving Tues- j r)0 — cay for Fayetteville, Ark. East 'Washington ere.lier home in Clarksvi-le Sunday i T he had been visiting: relarix-es. Mr. I after having been at the St. Jos .sevrberry formerly -was associated hospital for a minor operation- department of Residents of the Xebraska Panhandle "were aroused from their sleep, and kept telephone operators i busy frith queries as zo ~hs.c "was vrith the editorial The Xetv-s, I XT Antlers Woman Active In Numerous Civic Affairs AXTL*ER3» Ok2a, — Mrs. Paul cart, whos* customary coni- 5 *.v5ii Iftave tire Chamber of Cornmercs Tuesday morning at 6:45_ o'clock for a STrini and wjll hav* a me-fftinar Tu^s-lay r.isrht at : pcsure and conHdenc* 5n her hus- ; th« troop h^aaquariers. 1 Bend's political abi'ity apparently | ' wer« unshaken by the fact h<& ran • The cai^ndar for Scout activities \ socOI3d ^ ^e first primary for the j for the -A'»>ck »;n--i wSU b* announ- • , , •• ,^.5 , 1 office of corporation commission- ? j «r. continues h*r aaual acavJtl«s, ( dividing her time between her Kefliril rrOIH TrainilUI ; home *nd her work In the oiJtce School At Greenville! * £ ?. € *™ 1 ™ *?*"**"' her " us ~ ; OflllQ Si II^»VypiI.^?C* . TS><? if'»i<lcrfhi|! ;•:#>.. art w«»lc near Paris M«thodi«: ttendj-inr^ banner for st. n;:nitver present .%n<i points *n work, i ^ ^~- att^ndi.nR from trie local i social thisrcl. wcr«* . the foJSowinjj: ih* '; wivps R*-v. \V. C. M;tlhe«, \V>sI«y Thomp- j twr*. s**c, Ch^.ttfr Ma'hc-s. D B. Chanoo. j A;ways aciix-e in the inicr^s* o school i ber huy^a^^v political career, rhwrch j ^jr-s; siewArt h»s stood by his »Jde • <l-rins th* pasi 16 year* as he ;*erv«uJ in both hoiis«a of the state iturr. Popularity of Mrs, rt ha* been shown by h^sr >n tviric* to the vlc<e-pre*-.- of the Ohoyohorrsa club, n organisation compose-4 ot of members of the "eelsla.- | sjroup «: tne :ir«*ent time, and ; hats b««Ts active in the affairs of *-. AngTist 1 is tbe last dr.te for making: transfers of school students from one school to another, Mrs. ila.ry Jones LincL- s*vy- county superintendent, wam- o<l -»Icnday- Parents ar« ,urg:ed to n:aJce their transfers •?- P.., Tates, -who has been a patient at the St. Joseph hospital, returned to his horne in Goree day. To The Voters of Precinct No. 3 T^aT date as none can be r^ade ; A "srant to thanjc my friends in . j the precinct -who so loyally asp- 'vT. E. Huddle ancE srranS- '• P^^t^S nie in the first primary &a<i datsg:hter. 3Iar>- Frances Eanna, o; ! IO assure those xrho voted against Earlingen. arrived Sunday for a ! rr - e that I bear them no ill trilL I visit -with friends and relatives 1 sincerely hop-e that each and eve—r c.cre the | jjgj.^ j one of yo; ., __, ai rnr- -V, Mrs. Only Real Oil Test Is In Woodbine COMMERCE. — A real "dry hole" fa-as nex-er been encountered in Hunt county's search for oil, Mr. Jerome coissected -with the com- pasy which :s drillirtg at Love No. I test sotjth of Commerce says. The appar was Q until the lower "Woodbine sand has been reached. <2r:I!ers have "no more made an oil test than if they had been drilling post "holes." Ekjttipjrten: at the. Ixive >"o. 1 test -was njox-?d io a spot about a. miie north ot Campbell, considered a more suitable locatior,. fol- lowlnsr plusr^S in o' the original note" last tveek at a depth of SOS 5 feet- ^ive my record ! your earnest consideration in mak- L.. A. Balentine and IltTle i ll! ? ^ y°^" mind -K-honi you will dat^-hter, Betty, left for San An- s^ g-elo Monday after spending: three 1 *-* weeks here wizh Mrs. Balentine's ' ^ sister, Mrs, Willie Croketr. yot: see "° ~ett:rr: me to the office I xdii ad level best to make yot; s. srocd ccn-.mlssic-ner. and Mr. and Mrs. L, B. Kinebretv- i have returned from a trip 10 Chicago -prhere they visited th^ 3 TVo-ld"* Fair. Sincerely. I.- R. (Rov> ently paradoxical statement LIMIT O>" SCHOOL ualified by his assertior. that ^_^ TRANSFERS SHORT EAST PARIS STORY HOUR PICNIC TTKSOAT ! The East Paris P. T. A. xvill en- | tertain for the children of the East |, Paris story hour group with a pic- l nic Tuesday afternoon from 4 un- \ iil 6 o'clock *t TVade Park. I A. H. Chamness, superintendent I of Paris schools, calls attention to i the necessity for transfer beirxgr ! Jiiad*" animally by non-resident I pxspils from orse schc-c* district to '' another, and als-^ that a7! such | transfers mil-si be rr-.sde by Wed- i aesday. Au^rust i. ! School officials srjre that trans- : fers be made v,-i:hin the prescribed ; in ord^r to avoid confusion I loss later. i FREE DELIVERY S.4XD1FICHES BEER Prompt service to any part , of the City PHONTE 646 LOV-MAR SAXmVlCH SHOP S7 No. KEWARJO? AL.—John B. Willed re-wrard for obeying traffic regulations and bringlne: his car to a halt at a "stop" sign was to be cos- fronted by three robb-ers. They forced, him to drive to a deserted spot -where they left him bot:nd and g-agged and drova off •^-Ith the car. HopeweH WHD dub Plans Demonstratioii The "R'omen's Horns Demonstration club of Hopewell met last Tuesday -wzta seven members and five visitors present. iliss Vera. T»Iae Jacksoa reported the annual county enca.mp32ieat of WHD clubs, and plans -were tnade for giving a demonstration in can- nmg- r bread making or the making of a foundation pattern in some community which does not have a. club. Xext regular meeting of the club will be Aiisrust 10 and Mrs. Sum- arc Jackson plans to give the community party ne^t moain. WASHINGTON, gpy — Th« fiurm credit adzalaistratioa Monday made emergency crop mnd feed loans available to farmer* ia «l additional secondary drouth counties in eight states. The loans, which are made ftom. a $40.000,000 appropriation, may be used to purchase livestock feed. for general purposes, for summer fallowing, or for purchase of seed for winter wheat. lye, or barley. They are secured by liens oa crops and livestock. Counties designated Monday, Ia-, ciud^d: " ' Oklahoma.: Adair^ Atoka, Bryan. Che-rokee. Coal. Garvia. McClain. Hughes, iluskogee, Okfns- kee, Okmulgee. Pontotoe. Semizi- oie. "Wagoner. . Texas: Baylor. Camp, Collin, Coliingsworth, Cooke. Delta. Bon.- ley. Franklin. Grayson, Hardeman, Hopkins. Kaufman. Raias, Rock-!!. Titus. Van Zandt. TVilbarger. Wood. Brunson Thanks Voters I want to thank the voters of Lamar county for the splendid vote they ga.~e me ia "my race- for county school superintendent." While this is the first time I have ever asked for public office, the- fact that ray record of IS years teaching in the public schools of JLa.-ms.s- county, together with -my other qualifications have brought? the support ot hundreds of I^tmar county voters, and I ant indeed: grateful for the response shown. in ir>y race. Should I be elected in the nest primary, I promise to carry o».t to the best of my ability my platform of giving every boy and girl in L»amar county equal educational advantages..': Gratefullv yours, . J. G. BRUNSON Candidate for Superintendent of r County Schools . We Bay Old Gold at HIGHEST PRICES Ucense Xo. 12-641 BONHAM STREET Jewelry-Music Store MRS. PACT, STEWART Mania Cooper. Ba*si« Ma« CarroH. ] th^ Oklahoma. Ho»pi;aUty club of \ F'orrnce C->oj>er, J^«n Knox. Bon- | Oklahoma City the f'.vc 5'ears. | JoncjUlI XrOOp to ni* Jean Knbank*. A 3ma Doolin, | At home. Mrs. S£«wart devotes-! Ima, The next b« h«ld FREE This W««k At Bomar'* Eat Shop Sooth 19th Street Formerly \Vh!tr*,i Eat Shop V\V will «iv« a drink FREE this w^k wiih each order of 10c or more. visrr trs CURB SERVICE ! herself to the cars of ber hern*. | s eiJucA'IoT* of her two tinusrhters. i I he'- work as m».i»Rer of the Ant- j I It-r* Am^riejtn, as pisblic r< I dtnfrcior of t?j* Parer ! assocfaUon. «n<J to the Interns: | Presbyter Jan church work. pend Nifijhl At Lodge Th<? Jorsrjuil troop of Girl Scouts H m<?*: *st Biu« Bonnet T«*s* | tlsy afrernoon for a swim and to ! spend rhe> night, Mrs> Justin ! Xeathery will be in charge. AU TO*mt)ers ar« notified to brings and supplies for wup- i their i 1 Final Story Hour j 4 * V» i. c i_ t ? cr * Rd breakfast. | At t>raham School; >_ I The fin*, story hour at th« [ CARD OF THAXKS Graham school was h#!d th«r& l«st j T wt « h to t«k^ ibi* method of Thursday. Mr*. E. EX Barbee «nd ! «xpr*««Jnp m,v sincor* thanks and Mr«. W*It«r FaurM were In chury* j appreciation for th* liberal vot* and rofrwhment* wer* »«n'<H3 to 1 *xt*nd«d ro« last Saiurvlay. I shall th* children. . ] s«ak« ev#ry effort to cx>Ti«3uct th* story hour* hnv* been h*ld j affairs* ot th* office in a manner June »nd July and by th* Parent T«»ch«r Awociatlovu \ CI«I,K£NC£ SECRBST Okla- — Miss Myrtle scott, daughter of Mr. ar:d ^rs. J. M. Scott, who gradustcd from the Parklarsd School of Xursir.,sr at T>«Uas this summer, is rsow a spec- i*l rurse. in charyo of two opera:- insr rooms th^re at the .Tor,?? ars-3 Jorjes clinic, for nose. «>?•«• ar-.*.'. t»ar treatment. For Quality Dry Cleaning Phone 198 ar« still paying NRA hoars &isd doing a type of dry cleaning for ... Cool Comfortable Beautiful Pleasant TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY-THURSDAY 'STAMBOUL QUEST She \V;is MYRftA LOY — GEORGE BRENT Most Beautiful Woman the Most Dan in EuroDe-~and 'THIRTY DAY PRINCESS" with 75' Southern Cleaning & Dye Works Ooker, Owver SYLVIA SIDNEY — GARY GRANT Fun From Start To Finish Tuesday - \\><in«sday "ROMAN SCANDALS 1 r\\TOK — Kl'TH Could B* Funnier MOXDAY TCESDAT IN THE PUBLIC FAVOR SINCE 19OI* TUESDAY THE LAST DAY OF THE MONTH THE GREATEST EVENT OF THE MONTH ! 1 TO 4 1-2 YARDS USABLE LENGTHS . SILKS ^ RAYONS CELENESE SWISS BATISTE ORGANDIES VOILES DIMITIES SHEETINGS DOMESTICS 1/2 PRICE WASH GOODS SALE ORGANDIES, VOILES, BATISTE AND RAYONS 49c and 59c Values 103 Patterns Taken from our better lines to make this a real value for your late summer s-ewin^ . . month* left to wear hot weather ma.ter3.ais which makes this a double attractive ucal*. A ctean-ur» price-—now }» time to save!

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