The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 18, 1918 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 18, 1918
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

THE HtJtCHtNSOK NEWS. WttDNESDAV, BEPTKMBKM18,3918. O nffn<B<al Adl; • CLAftPlr-TED AlWEtlTIKIt'C} "ATE • • (INK CKNT A WOlll.l KACU INMhll- ' • TluN Abbreviations and series of In • • main or numerals count HS one word, • r rider (ln» plan clMSlfliil advertisers • • cult lell In iwivAlice (he exact cost or . • their ml. News classified ads are • • luki-n by jili.nil! rur your nccuminoda- • tun, mid nil lulls ore dm- and payable • tint day following the d;i<0 or Inner- • • lion. You can assist ua material.y ir • you pay (ho collator promptly oa pro- j • feenUUoii or statement. B • < • • • A si. i M ir, i K w ; II s:i • 'i J i': I MiHir.'.i I M si 1 l> SI 1 It f." SSI T rt i WANT IID—MALI H«LP. •WANTT.I AUTOMOftlLIS. HECOND-HAND Hutchinaon is the logical maHc*t for *Pcon<!-hanrt itutnmobtlfti. i'roip«ctlv« l>uyera should watch this column for com* pl«U of btufRlni. AuBtonaa©lbnll@ 110 Sherman Hast I'hoiic 457 Cheapest place in town to buy your parts. Cash paid for old cars. 17-tf KOU SALK 2 good trullor oultits with good tires; blackHiults's r<>ic,e and blower; good wti.d shield; :', speed Lnins- w ho i mlfrslon and Inctiv-'esd clutch; a passenger , ! ;'"'• \* * bologna ' bo " y; l ' r, ' sl " "< nk »i coleuwn gasoline m„l, islands tin- f .."L,,, (lighting outfit; ford motur u,. a riy c"m- «U-.I VI«Ml»». 7, M JL,' monimltv ll' u> ^' Ii utchihsou UhuksmlUl en, ,,,,,., ; ,,,e.,t and » S K'** 29 ,™?;&\; I Shop. res. phono HSU. 17-1H Andre--* n * 1S-11 I ' ' ' " ><•'••-'• ________, — | FOIt KALE. , , ,„„„,,„„, tor 0no 't 00 Truck Ch'jala, In flrat-cloaa W ANTI-ID Main or•female operators. lor ( coni , llllln . flJur p rai . Ucl „ ljr „ ew ciu ,ing» Auierl'iin or H»ffinnl> >' n ;»" "J- ,„',, ,, r . a»d lubes. Anyone wan tins a nuck chasla did plue.s lor I"" 0 '' 1 '': , J „ 2. .L ln ran save monoj by looking this up. Thrco- doii al our .Muln office. American »™M yl ,arter ton sue. 1\ W, GC.NNI.NU, Ijimi.liy. ; 3 -H Sterling, Kan. CMUTNTKIIS WANTKM—At Morton sail V.lanl. n- »• construction work., Jong Job; musl base complete >V I ih er-spoon - F.rigU-r Co. sol flo.ila. lU-:it BI.\CKSMlTll~<-.ood all arcur.d inan at once; 111 lo »1 per day. !•. I'. MahL Looks and itins like new lie-half actual \iuue; phone offered at ai). 7-U WI-; Wll.t. BK I'l.KASrcn TO SHOW AMY PATITIKS CONTF.MI'I.ATINO MOV- INtl TO IIUTCIIINMON our eoniplelo list of HulchlnnOn homes for sale. We aluo have a good list of flBNO COI'NTY KAHMS at reaiorinlile prloes. At thll time we are (ifferlnir one of the VKItVDI'WT W11HAT ohcl STOCK KANCHKH IN HOWARDS COUNTV. well Improved and a, good buy and Investment. 1100 acres, 7ao In wheat. Price $R5 per aci-e.wlth liberal terms. In the shallow water district. 001) acres' of good AIJ'AbPA li.VNO. Ko 3 Eaat Sherman. lALtY CO* 1500 North Main F®ir B®l<B 4 lots, nice lawn, garage, modern in every respect, one o f the nicest homes in the city. Dip.Ja EL F®ute Phone 235R 2f@w SS ihoss® M®gndl(giai(s@ S sq Four-bed rooms, enclosed sleeping porch and a delightful breakfast room, ruakeS'this a most attractive home. Priced for quick sale. Phone 15. —ash M(gm<SHTEM Tto Tm® Boforo starting: your fumncn «r 8tf>ve« for the winter chpek up your Insttriiiicft Ootidand bo mire you are 'fully prepared In ciiee of loss. Insnrnnco of nil kthdf. Thohe 15. . The very desirable buslno^s r^ at No. 4 N. Mtln for lease. Inquire 01 Masonic Templo. POIl SAI.K—2 Mivlel 'it Hudson taurine car, lully e,pii(ip,o; l new Kelly hprlng- fled cu-*ilnK« una lubes; I extra set eaJi* niKfi. Taylor Aiolor «..'o. It'-lUt W*KTK1> •fhlfken plekei-s. Apply Fred _ _ . Ilinves I'roduco Department. - No »^.'?{ oh«ip:. In K ood W\NTi:D- Cooper; Fteady work; apply Harbin Salt Co. plaJit ur down town oltkc. . ilaliUoll with I this week only, i after 6 p. in. • hock absorber. iliiiiUre at S 1- Kaat 1S-H WAXTKH—*J0 ffiiarantei'd, I Oiav. KUtfford. Kans.. Ilnx i 17-l!|l I'OIt SA1.10—1"J11 Kurd louring car wlllrj Jtrlsco truck attachiuetil; abo I''onl grocery delnc-i.i' ciu 1 . lyi,. address C-8a cate of News. 1T-K ~~~~Z .. „,,„,., i Colt H.U.K-191; I''oid ro.idsler with ex- -Itoy between 10 and Ik. apply „. u bodJ . U1W lK .inounlabi,- rims; Bie- i. Model Meant ^u" u, >- ,, ucr tiist .pnorie IJIiW. Call al noon or alter li p.m. ii-tf WANT HI i Apply I. I • Ml, 11 boy. ^^""' 1I , 0 5~ ,,, 'iF01t .--Al-i:-ID'S lluiek blB six. almost cal MauaBcr. lUrtil 11 VT Jot! " uw VJ '- t > Mitchell good IUS new betroll ; Kleciric Car Co., IS -.So. WaJnut . J'bony 13-lt WANTKIi— Walti work at liver %V.SITI:K--< I.ui.oll No. t WANTKI i- Man 0-0 Wc.-I Till. or waitress for n'Blil it Cafe. 16-'f. Anderson'* >,t. I;ADI.\TOU.S services on repair work. O. K. Auio lliullalor Co., 15 South Washington. 1'hunu 93U. 2-tt WKST .SUKKMAX— A rooms, Ughls. pas pump all'in tfood shape with firty f«-ft frontuK*?. Pr'trc 11<>50.00. JL'OO.OO cash, balance at 7 por cent cm payments . ft 2!) C 15 AST—4 mums, lights, if as, pump,-well built and brick lined between WJIIIS, $\m fret. Price $«50.0O. JlOtf.OO cash, balunco pnymenLi at 7 per cent. 423 NOIITH MONKOK—6 rooms, lights, gaa, w«H, CO fet^t. a bargain at J1200.00. HJO.OO citsh, balance payments at 7 per cent. (i ROOM MVOKHLV coitng-e Kast Cth, u -i *H built -and modern, cxmpt furnace, 50 fe.r^t . An excellent buy at 000.00. J5U0.OO cuah and balance cm payments to KUK al* 7 l>er t-eni, IntcrcHi. J-XiU—1 <Jan*j(y rental properties far live stocfe. Jispociaily good and always rented. .some plowing 18-iO * WANTED— F EM Ai-t HELP. WANT12P—To trade Ford touring body ror Ford .Sedan or Ford Coupe body. Address A .A. It., Ca-stteton, Kans. 1I-IS-2I-31 FOR SALE—MISCELLANEOUS. FOIl SAI.H-llolsteln heifers. 23 purebred and registered. aO very high grade, beautifully murked . Many will (re-snen I soon. Will sell choice, aa many us you waul. KliiB o fine routine* and King Segis pontlac breeding. Nono better. F. I, .Martin. 10-10t Civil. fnuviCK '^' AN V', N WiTw,wn VOt'll ehaneo lo buy at a bargain, ir Kv..iywhere nclob-r 6th , ^ h J n, ^ u, „ n I t„lin« soon, ueo or Ford, 1.0 model. Sear- SSI U UZ W v£XLS m~Jy.\>> Kood as new. Plione HI. 10 -U ' „ „ deairliiB itovermnenl positions for lree parucularB. It. K. Terry ton SAUv—New Auto Tire tubes, 20 per Civil Service Kxainlnr-r; »«j cent oil. Mayfleld [tadlator dliop. 11 1 ' llinldiliK, Wiuihii.Blon. 10-2U ;Souin Walnut. 2u -tl wrili lion Colu tilan WANTKO- .Housekeeper; middle aired ; DAUliAIN—Slodebaker light lour, S pa»- woriuin wllhoiit incuiiihranee. Call on! senger. good .uiidilion. Call mornings, me for full particulars. 1.. A. Ueebe.. ! 733 liast i-ouith. Jed L*t il.uL IS-lt la-ti \V\NTi:U— flood .-.IroiiB woman, colored or while, lo do hand wiuhlng. Apply al Marsh Uiundry, leO West 12(li. Hi-1" SKCONO HANIi Cai-s for aale or trade, cash or payments at L. & P. UaraBe. » Wont 2nd . 12-2U W.vN'l'l-;] i—Clrl or woman for wurtt, .small family; phone 2lib-' v , —- i FOIt SA1-.F—7 ptessenger house I will trade lor loadsler. lli-tf I 211S 3 t\'i!S(. ar; like new Call nni'iw WANTKD-'Ilria over 16. Apply In per- von Model .siea m i^iundo'. WANTKI .--C.irl for Bcneral li« no u-awhliiB . Phone li?.l work, 17-31 WANTP.P' -I1"< , '1 gill or woman; general houseuoik • Phone 37. lu-tf FOIt SAI.F-— Hayniiii (oujre; your chance (o buy at bargain if taken al once. f>02 First F2ud, li-5l l-'OK SA ]JE —11*17 six cylinder car; perfect mechanical combination. A U-irgaiu. Call H -&2. 17-tf WANTIOI l Fxiierieli. ed sales W.'Olworlh Co. WANTKU- C.irls; Swlfl *<f Co. lady. F. 18-11 good pay. 10-121 Fid: riALl-:—Saxon roadster in good con- i dlllou. Apply 10"!S liust 7lh. 1S-21 Foil SAM;-t;oo.l Ford . condition. Call al 32^ F ai'; first cla.Hn 8th. li-lll W ANT 1-:IJ—lCxi.ent: need Hotel. WANTKI' liist. Ilenn ' you riAWJ— lalti Ford car. No. 5 South I"., I W'uiliul. Phone 2317. 17-21 -A l.oiiM'ke. per. Call at ni-ti I i'l'l'liI'irtAKFll Truck for sale or trade, cheap. 213 'J li. 10-01 TABl.K A. & A. lirug C' I FOU HA I.K—Ford 12-lil phone 3207W. •oadster judt like new; 17-f.t ' W ANTlvl* • ' lii Is at Can.i> land. POSITION WANTED—MALE. i-.ll ' Poll KALI' yoi'N't.' v.. •l-A. .Ics! H.AV Or. •!••• I.i n-'i' i.n.l I"' I,i J.-.T Call al 1.1 d-T .li;u,| l.'ll! I.i "'T l-'ord with delivery l-'oll—Ford delivery body ril.-.tli. ! Aiih dcfc/Jc-1 H.i.' ; sm, allon 1 : posiiiuu with reliable ttrlii: I 1 „ ., .. rrr",~ » KCcral oil!..- e-Mienenec. | l'OIl BAL.k.--K0fda. ,1 bill ile^lrc Chang...'. Ad- llo\ ;M;. 10- If body. 13-n 312 I-:. 17-21 LOST. " black and two pair ecu Arnold Pale Finder ielurn to 17 MeVey Livery. 8 U FOR RENT— FURNISHED ROOMS. Full KKNT— First class room In modern home close in; home prlvieges and icaaoiiable rent lo right party; lady pre- lel'lvd. Phone Oiiu. 10-tl • hot. ,. •••want. .Sanl.i I- ladl.-s gold wrist watel i. lor lull ile-icription. IS-lt ei.clbouli i eiuamlni: .11,-,.. Keturll lu Sill K ... ' l-'oll UF.ST~\iny desiiuhle rooms Willi •_ \ hoard; single or cn suile; 21 liilol .Sixth; depot and | 1 " u '"> 37 ' _ 3 " u \'I-:ilV l.ieshable furnished room tlemuii al M liust Cth. Phon for gen ... Hail. 12-tf l-'l'ltNlSHKIi IIOOM -Modern home, close in; nl.-o Barage; phone liOliW. It*-41 vriM Wlllell oin to :,-s ai lair grounds, Pa.-.l. I7-3I PKST ruoms, slrielly mcnlein, heal. 22,1 Kasl bill. lurn.'ic. H -'i STi;'. i I l,'^. Mil Fmd.-i . >.TI1A Kl l,n. l.t. It.ane ;, :l I.ill. had halle llghl Two \ •N.uily K .I 51.11. ^hrolishlr. 11 HI. hiicmn H-l MllilKltN 10.0111S. Phone 21.[iS. MUUKllN — Koom.1. i\b Khermuu east. 11 -11 Kims, 1X8 l-'irst Kitst, 4-tl WANTED—TO RENT \\.i:n To i:i:.\'l IOO.C le.ll-e tl\ • ill (inn Call :'.ll-.l. W A.VlTI' :; in,fur amly. II LIOHT HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS. : Foil UKNT - '-' light holl-iel:eel»!n|r looms, i mil Htm.- lied; one sicciiing room, lur- |nl,dicd; luinaee heal, phone e2(*i'W. Oil | l-'ol: UKNT Sleeping and lighthouse.- I liecpii g roomy. al2 ath ll'esl. Pi-31 T\\ u lull Olll Ph.. W A N T I: I i , otl.ine l.f \. » - WANTKU llio.U in 111 si b. lied llghthoUM'lii inodciu and de 111 a i .M W. 181. collage nicely furnislied. il-ll a or li room modem Aildic.'S 1J Sa. care 10-1K T'i 1IKNT -lly ..nag- cloM' in. WANTKI i Ti" house. Addi..- HKNT- A. .al adgltii. lie IUS 1S-31 A 3 or I loom of Nc'lts. 1(1 -21 NOTICE—MISCELLANEOUS. Phone SJIW. II. li Du.Me.rrlU. lticn SOU. I-'Oll J.AWNri-lllcli soil free for ImiilitiB, ^outb end of ib/alhUBc uuual Bee CHy HtlB/lllMii.. 17-tit C 11. JAMKS, eontraclur und builder. Plans and specification furnished. Phone JK-FD. U-W. Hi:\l) horse «nd cuttle rviriovM freo of chin gc Phoiia IWi. W. A. ltuw. UVKltV—t'taJUt Fi.ill HKNT—Modern housekeeping rooms BJO 2nd wesl. 17-U. sriTi:--or light phone 3g(l>. liousekel'lJing rooms. 15-Ot FOR RENT—RESIDENCES. Foil HKNT-My elegant ten ruoin liomo eoniiJlclcy [urn'shod; den, breakfawt loom, sun room, etc., hoi waler heat; garage . I'lbe location, J75 a month. Mis. I'iuus, (j'allo, (y? Sherman Kadi. Phone ls'i.'i-J. ^ |C-3t Pol! lt|.;NT~l room house at D0H Weal llth, JK.iu. Call ul ll'J West 8th or 314 IVwl Ulh. Amblers. 11-U I UOOM COTTAIIK Nicely lurnlshe.l al 313 lib 1-liKl. Ktniuire 012, 2 Kant. 18-H FOIt KKNT•• Out. 1, lo adulla, 7 room house. 122 Kasl II. KOU HKNT- Wont A. Three room liuiuw at Ilk) 111-if FOIt HKN.T-Throe looin liuuso at 100 liast A. . JO-tr FOR RENT-MISCELLANEOUS. eoS BlSNT—llulwuu «u,tiubl«.|ur ittDur Hutchinson Typewriter Co. ROYAI. TYPKWUITKRS Bargains In Itebullt Machines. 807 P.orabaugh-W iley llldg. Phono 3CS0. SKCONI'i-IlAN'D tires and lubes, all sizes. We buy old casings. For guaranteed repair work see us. Mid-State Motor Tiro Co., opposite Missouri Pncirlc depot. U-tf STEAM BOIJJSR. We have a low pressure boiler for steam healing plant, will be told at a very low llgure. dee it at News Ottice. FOR SALE—CITY PROPERTY. BOM(SAL©W I&uU j^th St., 6 rnom-s, sleeping porch, furnace, basement under entire house, nice lawn, back yard fenced. Price $3iW0. Owner leaving ctty. Call li. U. Woodard, Phone HJ7I. TWO BAKGAINS. 7 room houso cioso in, modern excepi furnace, $'J700.QO. 5 room modern except furnace, good location on 6Ui liait, for quick sale ?2J50,OO, Make our wants known 10 the SHIN 13V REALTY CO. 127Vj N. Main Phone 130 FOR .SAUK—One roll top desk and side board cabinet, pailmplique, leather MurriH clialr, one twin coffee urn. Phono | _ r:2 or ti^^ 4ih Ka-st. 17-U , pitlCKD For FOU BY OW5<Bli—5 room completely modern house; st«mt garage ,at a barffiiJn, \V"t*>t 3i!tli street. If not sold lids week it wll) be off the market and will be for rem. Call Dr. Johnson '2306. 18-at Foil KAI.F.—About 0500 ftet of haM maple l'louruit;. nasi been uacd in skal- Ing rink, in good condition- Address C'-rtti caru of News. l"-tf iUick sale cash or terms, 1513 K 5th, 5 room house and two lota, windmill, gxtrage, cement walks, giood chicken pen and oave. Inquire of P. M, Shaffer. 500 West C. 14-tr NEW mod urn 7 room home, well built, fire place, oak finish, sleeping porch, two baths . W. J, Towii8end,l,i)b 9ih W, Phone 3W-W. 14-7t FOi; SAl.F.—My Poland China herd boar at.-o Ucilsteln bull calf 10 months old. Clio». Clocxlenouffh. l^artrldge. Ivans., Arlington phone. _Zi31S west llth, St, new nve room house, — ~ ~ " ' J330 cosh, balance monthly. FOU £>AT,E—Business office fixtures at — Ask McN'aghten. Phono 15. . 26-tX. Homo Btnptoyment Agency.- Call at office H'/i South MaJn between p. m. Friday. and & lS-2t FOJt SALK—One almost new hay bailer; also about 125. 5x6x9 feet timbers. Call phone U+0 or aeo Judge Martin, 401 W. FOH SALE— 2houses, one six room, one 12 room. Call 201 B weal or Phone 2972. ll-U KOFI SAl*K—6 ttoom modern house, nearly new, Eaat Seventh. Telephone 15G1. &-tf FOU SALE— Fine red heifer calf, One- fourhl mile east from northeast corner fair ground.- A. L. Holderman. 16-1S Full SALE—Cheap, 5 h. p. li phase electric motor almost now; also leather belting. Smith Junk Vard. 17-5t I-'i'JU SAi;i2—Fancy pigeons, several varieties, lunuiie 200 Carpenter... East. Phono 2113, afier 6 P. W. l--»Jt FOtt SAL15—-20 hea*l Holstoln cows; some fresh and some corning fresh. Phone 537-J. u ' u FOH SALE—lvUght-room rood&rn house, $2,500; ISO Filth West. 6-tf FOR SAUK OR TRADE. FOH SALE Olt TRADE. LAND BARGAIN. 331 acres good wheat land of sale at $10 per acre under -tho market pr would trad• and talie in stock of merchandise tn good location, located 3 njles north and 1 mile west or Kpearvllle, Ford Co., Kans. Call or wrte owner U. H. joimson Spear wile .Kansas. 1-tf. AVe are offering for a short time a very pretty 7 room modern home newly decoj-at wl and In splendid condition, situated on Avenue A. The home I.i well bull, being Iwxed and papered, double foor and a convenient cellar . Owuera ore leaving and wll g-lvo immediate possession. Some splendid furniture can be bought nt a very modest price with the home. Price $3300. Uberal terms at 7%. $1,000 down SKEmM REAJLTT CO., No. 3 East Sherman. 16-31 FINANCIAL. MOHO TO LOAM on city homes. Long terms on monthly pay ment plan. Farm loans. THE KINKLE AGENCY. Phono 2055. Slate Exchange llauk Bldff. DO YOU NEED JB07 Private loans on furniture, piano,-etj. Easy payments. 1 Sherman west. l*tf FARM LOANS? CITY LOANS? -ask McN'aghten! First National Bldg. 10-tf FOR SALE—REAL ESTATE. 7000 ACRE RANCH—Eastern Colorado— 1G00 <le«Jed, balance leased, great opportunity; improved. S2y Acre 1'Ino Improved farm, Sumner county; sons in army; don't want to rem too old to farm Hlmsulf; sell at sacrifice; a fine home [or some one. 320 Acres South Reno County—Fair improvements—200 acres In euHlv.11.l-7n; goes lo wheat this fn'1; ohe. third lease contract; produced over 20 bushels per acre this year; only J65 per acre for >iu;ck sale on bargain counter. Vacant and Improved city property, always bargains at right prices. Standard royalties; dividend payers; Enyart-Harmon Surety on any of above propositions. Details given by asking 17-tf A. M. JEWELL. 2 MEAM TOO! A snap for your lifetime. 10 or 12 acres of tho very best land with an irrigating punt Installed on the land. Within one block of land that Is selling for 12000 an acre . These 60 lots going for the paltry sum of fSii per lot or a total of JDiilO. All must go together. Owner is sick and going " away and has cut the price one-half, or more. It. F. McDermed 15 1-2 South Main street. l(j-tt FOIt SALE—My 5 ncrc homo place, 2 miles wost of Hutchinson oil Fourth street. Dr. Mark McAlllly. 10-tf WANTED—MISCELLANEOUS. WANTKD—Place to room and board in by couple with 3-year old boy. Parents both work and would want to leave child with parties at house during <lay. Address D-&5 caro News. 1S-21 WANTKD—100 cars, any kind, any condition, burnt, wrecked or ' rumung. Automobile Wrecking Co., no East tiher- man, phone 457. 17-6t WANTKI)—You lo know that you had better base that old chimney and foundation repaired before could weather. Phone 3eiiw, 13-61 WANTKD—You to know that you had better have that old chimney and foundation repaired before cold * weather. Phone 3603. 13-St WANTED TO BUY—Car load of good hedge or mulberry fence posls. Address John Britain, N'icliersoli, Kans. 18-20 WANTED—Baled alfalfa and oralrlo hay in car lots. L*et mo know what you have to sell. K M. AlcOreery, Lyuns, Kansas )2-lH POP SAI.H—Three Belgian hares; also 2 children velvet uunoahanters. Phone _ r 727. I S --' dretis il. 1J, 211 West- Itttti tilreet. FOIt SAI.K Oil TK.VDK—Olio of the best runfeclionaries lu Hutchinson. Karab- llsh&d under tho samu management for the past Id years. KJasy payments, Will pay to investigate . Phone, 1W15W or ad- ll-3t Foil SA1.I.J—aood prairie hay. 4 miles 1 FOll SALE, UBNT or Trade—7-room ca.t purlting house, phone 40KU, 18-ly j house, No. 15 Twelfth west; newly ' painted, papered and revarnlshed; mod- FOIt SAl.l'V-Tbree cows and three hetfera iieiuirt S19 North WaJnul. 10-6t Foil riA I.F. -Fine furniture. West 10th. Phone 2W8. - limulro 2H 16-tt Foil SAI.K—Hinge stove and other furniture, llil Wost ltlggcr. 18-1M Foil itAl.K -Horse, harness and wagon. Knquiro 13<H) K. Itll. 18-41 l-'olt HAI.|.;— Fretflt Cluernsey cow and calf. Phunc !i2iiP3. 18-21 FOH SAI.I'.—(food sewlliB machino cheap. 212 liuil U. n-tr 'trn excepi "furnace- See or phono Carl NeUun, 027 Huulli Main. 9-tf FOH SAL.K or l'^cchange^—li loom bungalow on llth St. Sell on easy terms or wi(f eoiiHide-r attto.lots, or small property as lirst payment, Kasy ternu?, on balance. Phone 1671, 13-tf FOH SAI.K Oil TRADE— 8-room semi- niodern cottage, double garago blue Brass lawn, shade tree 60 ft. front, wl» cousldcr smaller nropea-ty and difference. Phono 1612. 6-if. FOH SAf.K OH TUADB—Uulck five passenger In first-class condition; will consider diamonds us part or all; call phono FOH BALIS—New iSeulana red rabbits, 1 1632W or 11 South Walnut. 7-tt 123 1st eust. 14-tf. J-'OK .SAl-lC—Household lurnllurc. Phone 3207W. n-&t 1120 KL'HTZMANN piano al ,300 .Plume SMS, It'-t. FOH A. .|.K -louiig rod heifer, 1106 liast 16-18 Foil SAIJK—Wlute rabbit, 300 Kant 4UL MOTORCYCLES ^j^JJ^XSi^?^ MOT01tCYCI.ES J0O.00 ajtd up. Wo have several splendid bargains In used mutorcjeles: all aro in good running order. It Is well ivortlj you Umo to call and In. spect these machines . We liave new and used parts ,tiros an daecessorlos of all kinds for uioturcyclaj . Uarley-Davidsou Cylco Co., 20 West 2nd Street. 12-U HAUI.K DAVIDSON Bicycles—A broHior to-tUo ftuiious motorcycle of the same name . Ciel a llarley Davidson bicycle be- fure our price goes up as most uil bicycles iuu-e ral«od from 10 per cent to. 16 per cent. Harley Davidson Cyolo Co. lif-tt FOli SALE—PraotlcaJly now Wcycle. In- iiu'ro 116 North Severance. 1T-S4 POULTRY. TWN UlUClfSNtJ-KusUsh and Rose Comb Wldle Leghunt. cuckrols from 280 egg record block. 10 youpg laying, miff Oni. hen*. tjiulley, % wiles K«vst< ' II-J0' FOU SA1.K OK THADB—Three lots on Second avenue east of l'lum street ror equity In house or for good aulo. Ask McNughten. Phone IB 4-tx FOU SALU Olt TBADJJ—On lot in north end, & passenger car; phone 1386. 16tr l-'Oll SALE Olt TBAD 13—Team of horses and luck. Inquire 024 K.ast D. 16-21 TO TRAPS. TO TllADlil—For KutoWnsou residence property ,a % interest in SO acre, oil and gas case In slialow field Joining production 4 miles west of Klk City. Address Z.84 In caj-s of Jiows. 16-21 TO trade Five room house In Pai-tridgo 160 acres western laud for Hutcnlnsos property. —Ask McNaghtcn, pbpne J6. 26-lf. FOH THADK—Color»ilo potato lan4 for stock of groceries or good auto. See O. W. Alford; plione mi "~ 8-« TO TRADE—Valuablo lots near Miami. Florida, for Junk car« T (any klai). Call at ill » ""l St. , ll-4t BUSINESS ppppBTUNITY, FOU gALE—Two chair barber shop cheap: doting good business , Call at North lU^ln.; t J6-(f von ,SAr.B~n ? ,rber shot, ,ioi„« ^ business, Mala. Cfjiw^. H'AMBD-To figure your plastering and patchwork. Stucco work a specialty Phone J. L. Green, 350s. 13-Ut WANTKD—Clean, bright straw; wilt pay ,4.00 per ton delivered to the Hutchinson Box Board and Paper Co. itt-tf WANTKD TO BUY—Modern 5 or 6 room house In north part of town. Call 1064 W. 10-21 LADIES' Fall Suits Small Payment Down, Balance $1,00 A WEEK Ladies' Dresses Ladies' Coatfl Ladies' Suits , Misses' Coats Men's Suits Ladies' Skirt, Ladies' Waists Ladies' Shoe* Boys' Suits Boys' Shoes Men's .Shoes Men's Pants Ladies' Skirts $3.50, $4.50, $4.98, $5.50, $6.50, $7.50, $8.50, (o $10.50. Small payment down, balance 50c a Week Ladies' Shoes $3.50, $4.50, $4.98, $5.50, $6.50, $7.50. ment down, balance 50c a week. Boys' Shoes 50c A Week COMER COMMERCE CO. 17-19 North Walnut St. Small pay- Men'8 Shoes 50c> A Week •T'V THE Mil RESCUE CAR IS OF PARTICULAR INTEREST To People Who Have No Idea How Mine Gases are Combat. ted in Disasters. The .Mine Rescue Car which is on exhibit at-the Fair grounds this your elves one who lives In a section of the country where the only, mines nrc snlt mines, an idea of how the government la prepared to send relict to any mine disaster. The purpose of the car is to instruct the luiners-nnd their families how to care for men who have been entombed, in a mine nnd hnve been overcome by the poisonous gases, among which the most deadly is black damp. The car is particularly Interesting in tho fact that it is equipped'to take care of any emergency which might result from a mine disaster. Theso disusters are not as frequent us they were a few years ago but more preventative methods are being taken. Small, birds are used to detect the poison gases which arise immediately because it has been learned that they cannot exist in air that contains a small percentage of oxygen. Explosions in mines axe always followed by fires which can only be extinguished by sealing tho mine hence the oxygen Is all burned up, Various kinds of breathing apparatus filmillar to tho gas mask which the soldier wears in the trenches are also to be seen. The difference between the soldier's mask and the breathing apparatus is that the mask Is used only to purify the oxygen .while tho breathing apparatus must contain a certain amount ot oxygen which has been takeu from tho air. The government does not advocate the nse ot the pulmotor or the lung motor but uses I lie oxygen Inhalator instead, as a method of inducing respiration. HAS NOW LAID HIS CRUTCHES ASIDE Orgatone Relieves Bad Case ol Rheumatism for Well Known Kansan. Done So Much Good Hardly Knows flow to Praise It. Feet Were So Swollen Thai He Could Not Get on His Shoes. See that man Heaps about Republic Trucks. Rerio-Duick Co. 16-flt. "DAREDEVIL" - CHEVROLET He Is One of the Great Race Drivers At the Kansas State Fair. WANTED—To contract your cement work, sidewalks a specialty, Call t77. 7-tf. -Hauling lo and from Pair Phone 10. Brill & Kuu. 12-21 WANTKD- grounds. WANTKD—AH kinds of |-dgB, absolutely highest price paid, phone 3419J. 17-Bt WASIUNO WANTED—Family or by the doi'.en. 225 Eust 3rd. 10-tf WANTKD—To buy new und second hand clothing. Call 1818. 18-Oct, S WANTED—Second hand furniture. Itauh Fumlturo Co. 26-tl NEED CLOTHING Associated Charities Board Ask for Help for Other*. The Hoard of Associated Charities aro muking a plea that anyone having any clothing which, they can spare to give it to the Board and OY- en if it can not be used in its original form they will make it over This*clotbing is especially to be used whero there is sickness in the families and hard times make it necessary for the fainllloa to be aided. Also any one having any old sheets to give away they would also be greatly appreciated. Phone to Mrs. J. H. SclioQloy, 3206 Of Mrs. W. D, Stiawhan, 1510. ' Try keeping a little lard in ft clean; bottle, with, a clean, swab, attached to tho cork. Just as it Is in tbe case of a bottle of sltoe .polish. - •» Renew the. -worn chemise by cutting oft tbe upper part at tb,e bust or waistline and add a new top, Tjh ,1 .,,,.,1 l4w«r }i.aiilij>g.CQ»t by using aHe* "Dayedovtl" Chevrolet, One ot tho greatest of the school of American speedway and road racing stars and now giving all his time to circular dirt track racing. He will be one of the ten entrants in Saturday's big program of auto speed contests at tho Kansas Stutu fair, when the Suntlower sweepstakes the first world's championship long distance race evor staged on the track will be run off. Among the other drivers entered In Saturday's program of events will be Wild Bill Endlcott, 'SIg Haugdanl, Ju|es BUIng'boe, Fred Jlorey, Harry Coopor, Leon Duray, and Art Shockley. In addition to automobile day Saturday the state fair nianugement-has arranged to stage a match, race: aa the closing feature of Friday's program of horse races, in wblcb Glen Breed and probably S!g l-iaugdab! will be the competitors. Fr»»h Vf B*fe!?». ' Order your fresh vegobles frpm }. Smith's grocery and market. Celery,' beets, green beam carrots, radishes, egg plant, mangoes, peppers ttirnjpe, pweet pptstoeti, cabbage. tofliatp_e§, onion*, spja^sb jug potflow. yhORe KM. • r *~ ... <• , "Yes, sir, it's a fact, this time last month I was one of the sickest men you over saw," said Mr. A, C. Dozer, a well known oil rig and drill man living at 2230 Anderson Ave., Wichita in telling of his remarkable relief from serious rheumatic troubles tho other day, "I have been suffering from kidney troubles for tho past two years, and the pains lu my back at limes would almost kill nve. 1 also commenced to surfer with rheumatism. About '• eight weeks ago 1 had it so bad I couldn't walk without crutches. My feet were so swollen 1 could hardly put on my shoes. My suffering was terrible and it got so bad It seemed like I hardly could sland it. "Tho doctors seemed to bo unable to give me any relief, and their medicine didn't seem to touch my case at all. You do not have to take my word for what 1 am lolling you. There are twenty other people who know ot my condition who will tell you tho same thing. My caso has been the talk of the neighborhood, and everybody is praising this Orgatone treatment. "Orgatone b»s done mo so much good I hardly know how to praise it. Only one week after I began taking tho treatment I was able to lay my crutches aside, nnd I am now walking as good as anybody. It bus not only cured my back nnd rheumatism, but 1 am feeling much bettor in every way. I simply can't get enough to eat, and everything Beems to agree with me. My strength in returning also and I am gaining- right along. When I go to bed at night I sleep like a healthy boy, something I havon't dono for months. "If anyono doubts what you tell thetn about my case just toll there lo ask me and I will be more than glad to tell them about-the wonderful benefit I have received from it. The- first treatment of Orgatono was worth more than one hundred dollars to me and I will always fuel grntoful toward this meritorious treatment." Orgatone is not a so-oailed patent or secrot remedy but is a new scientific treatment containing no alcohol or othor stimulating drugs and is sold In Hutchinson exclusively by the A. & A. Drug Co. Out of town people are being supplied all charges prepaid upon receipt of price, $1,26 per bottle or six bottles for $6.25. (Advertisement.) • Fills Stomach With New Energy Weak, Worn Out, Gassy, Som Stomach Revived and Made to Enjoy Food With Stanrfs Dyspepsia Tablets, Most of us eat three times a day and often forget that each meal should be disposed p{ lu the stomach to.make roonj'for'the nexl. The failure pf the stonjach to do this is called indigestion or dyspepsia, with it sour risings, gas, runibHoBs, pnih, depression and ihe feellpg of sluffi ; nesn when breathing is difficult. The most.effective remedy and the most reliable one, because you can get H at soy drug, store in the United States or Canada, is Stuuvt's Dyspepsia Tablets, at 50 cents * box. Instead Pf depriving yourself pf food or going PA a starvation diet ainiply keep opus you have agd jet these tablets Btrajgtben., jMjt your. .StowftCh. (Mfcpst-tbe. fp^tajMj^es^ ypy, tp the

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