Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 14, 1965 · Page 16
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 16

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, May 14, 1965
Page 16
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|May 14, 1905 SCS Aids Watershed Work In 4 Counties SAffPA FE (UP1) — The U.S. the State Welfare Dept. has Soil Conservation Service is sehettaled to help four New Mexico counties with the preparation o{ watershed work plans for certain projects. Sddy, Chaves, Sierra and Dona Ana are the counties which will receive assistance, Oov. •Jack M. Campbell's office said Wednesday. The SCS has been directed by the U.S. Agriculture Dept. to assist In preparing the plans under authority of the National Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act. The projects to be assisted are the Eagle - Tumbleweed Draw Watershed in Eddy and Chaves counties and the Trujillo, Montoya, Tierra Blanca and Rlncon Arroyos Watershed in Sierra and Dona Ana Counties. The Eagle - Tumbleweed Draw project is sponsored bv the Central Valley Soil and Water Conservation District, Chairman James A. Funk, Lake Arthur"; Penasco Soil and Water Conservation District, Chairman Lewis Weddige Hope, *nd the city of Artesia, Mayor Creighton C. Gilchrist. Cavern 35 Years Old CARLSBAD—Carlsbad Govern, literally as "old as the hills," will have its 35th birthday Friday. The world-renowned cavp r was placed under federal administration in 1923 when President Coolidge established Carlsbad Cave National Monument. Exploration of the cavern was accomplished for the most part been changed from May 13 to June 2. ISO Homes Completedj SANTA WJ-the Federal Housing and Home Finance Agency in Santa Fe has announced the completion of the first of 150 low-income housing units being built in Santa Fe. | State Pair Gets Benches ALBUQUERQUE — The Stair Fair is coming to the aid of the footsore and weary. ; A total of 150 benches is being placed at points on the 216-acre j fairgrounds. Most will go on shaded lawns along the fair's Main Ave., which runs ijju.tront of the exhibit buildings and carries the bulk of foot traffic. family Gets Diplomas HOBBS, N. M, - Carol Ann Ratliff will receive her Hobbs High School diploma May 25. This isn't unusual, except that her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Ratliff, also are graduating from high school. Killed Fish Debt Paid SANTA FE _ The city of Las MOTMAL mow NORMAL WJCH •ELOW Tmptnism wflt t* »*.*•» norm*) ta die M the anally, btlow m-mul ta the weS Cruces has paid out 350 claims for 500 fish. State Game Director L a d d Gordon said Wednesday his department received a check for $350 from the city of Las Cruces in payment for game fish killed as a result of sewage pollution. Farmer Files Land Suit TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES bllcation LEGAL Hi April 23, 80, May 7,14, 19B8 ftwrrB or s,tt.fc Nflticft D hereby Riven that the undersigned Special Master has been appointed to sell at public auction to the highest hidder for cash the following described real estate, to-wlt: Lot 3 Rldgerrest Subdivision of Tracts 4. 9 and 10 of the Katrvlew Park Addition to the City of Clovls, Curry County, New Mexico lo satisfy a .liuiament in the amount of entered February 15, 1SI65. In May 7, 14, 1965 sotttE nr nnsn . *B*K;O MtjNKtru, scm.ot, r*« *-* '"STRICT NO. it ny * Jane is, ma Legal Publication (MMMin^^ LfcOAL 31 May 7, 14, 21, 48, 5965 STATE <n# NRW MEXICO . IN THE ntSTRrPT COVRf . „ _ fcllt/Mf OP CtlRRtr SOCIETY FOR SAVINGS, ) HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT. ) a corporation, Plaintiff, ) V. ) No, 16441 HEREBY GIVEN 'I??S"l *•' °PP" .u . .,""• ""'"-a IB MKKEBY GIVEN •"."'•rn it. uu>UM and ) that thr- Board of Education of the Tmvni MAXINE E. ODOM, his wlfn; ) of Toxlco, New Mexico, constitullne the GEORiJE J. KRA.INIK and ) Bovernln B h^ r ,i „. ., lU board of •t'.^, . i»..*,. ciiicii-u rciiiuni.v u, i:mj, in fi"»^iiunK Doaro nr T«vl^v, Hfn^t i the District Court of Curry County, New School Distrld No. 2, In the"cb"nt"L, ' SUSe No. IKWJ wherpln First Curry and Roosevelt, and Slat" S > ' «••». .-lo.u, in v.n u»c i^u. jwooi %v i mi 1*111 r 11 si Federal Savlnes A \jnan Assoclntlon of Clovls (» plaintiff and W. A. Moore. Alton Moore, Gladys L. Moore, Donald Hc/lln. also known as Don Heflln, Pauline Heflln. Dean Eldrldge, Mexico, May, ue.da aw „ lhe ,„„;• nrai S(fln <lai-d Time, at E. KRA.INIK, his , MARTIN F. CLOSE ) MY ft A I). CLOSK. ) DOROTHY M. Me- ) a single woman, ) Defendants. ) Legal Publication iMMMinimn^^ May 7, 14, 21, SS, 1985 NcmcR Of MM5 Notice is hereby jflwn that the under. ?i* n<? 1, SP" 1 "' Master hm boon u to roll at public nu-tlon to the I.,ol 14 of ihs R1(ij?prr««» Subdivision of the Falrvlnw Hark Atlriltlnn to |hp nty of Clnvls. Now Mcxlrn llcll 1 - 1 ^' s .t»'li?m<"il In the amount of Jif>.!»7i.J7, cntcrctl April 12, I'm:,, in the J'i.ilrirt Orm-f of Curry f.nitily, Now Moxlro, In Cause No. 1fi521. whrn-ln First H'rtr'ral SfivlnRx A r/, n n A«s.vinllnn of Uovia. Clovls. New Mfviro. f« plaintiff flnrt 'invFh r" rl !i /' rl " r " 1 W ' l>nrk nnd ° K I smith arc rti»fpn.1ants. I NOW THKUKKOUK. notfre I? hofchy Klvpn that I, Hiifm Frwmnn, p\jr«;innt lo Coellta Eldrldgc, recplvc sealed bid, and NOTICE OF SALE , , e , and Tomasl, also known ns John H. Tn last, same for the nurrha« • nt ° r '** c "' Lilly D. Tumasi. Clnrenre B. Prince. ... ________ „, NOW THKREh'ORE, .., auction to the highest bidder for caxhipayabl" , r.t the front door of the Curry County i nually then-after on hr. mi,. ,V ? m ' (in : Court House In Clovls. New Mexico, all of Uje,-,4b,.r ami Juw in 'ac'h vc"r and wli the above described real estate and will mature ,<.ri«iiv |" nVu?ar ' Blllltv Iho nrA^,,oHo nf tho .oln In Iho n««,. .!„- ..,., ..... . ' . "»,UI«r apply the proceeds of the tale to the pay- . • ••• '>-*iwl«( It dor. wilhuut, upllun <if i.rlor •• ., , ""'I Mtlsfartlnn of xaM I .ulgment. Interest AUDITION to the City" of " nc1 r ' 1st ' "' 511il - unit otliorwue us may Me\lrn : "' ? diwtM by (hi- Court. ,"| DATED May 3rd, IWtV lot numhenM 3 In lilock numhered 9. I.IK UK LI" Mnlv i)f Currv. Ni> will lie ment «nd satisfaction of sn.d sw:«»wiiir o "n the'rlneemh 'd.v'nnKn.Kr •""'"* "''^'^nf VemleYe;! hv theTi^e"' interest anil rusts of suit, and other wise jin lhi> yours 1%8 to 1970 n i'iu.1 l n <:llurt ln ""' « h " v « > entitled ami numbered' * S |)?fvt! K An'li !l 9i ed i 1 S« the C " Urt ' Principal ' and 'interest 'being ' pBynblc" In ™" so " n Ma "' h •"'• 1%5 llcl "« "" nrtlnnj _ UAibL) April il, 1%5. lawful irviney of the l nm>d suites 'if l " ''"'<•'' llls '' » m<irtKnne nn lhe nlwvp <le«-' "~ lAniencn at ihe office of the Slate Tien- i:rih> '' 1 I'r'iperty. The lutal Ju.lKment. in T.f.OAt. « Riifus Freeman Special Master S/ Riifus Freeman Special Master •Those '' ' iliewen wffi 1» T«y imiA t& ertdenM. Heavy precjpttoHoa wfll cover moth •£ tt« tomtrj^ [ Temperature Table The highest temperature in!f t f okuane c New Mexico Thursday was 86 Washi ngtori c degrees at Roswell. The over-!Wichita cy night low was 36 degrees at ! Raton. 71 82 73 41 49 ... April 30. May 7. 14. 21. 19fi5 NOTlrK OF HM.K Notice is hereby given that the under- ,,| lhe rlmllng interest «nd costs lo the '(I'll-- Iherenf. 1.1 JI4.751.19 and the same t.enrs Mirer • ,,r th,. sinte ,,i M, ;w M... x ,r,,. he. New Mexiru. i )r ,,t the nlfiee Oiunty rr(.fl.H UI ,. r ,,f furry Cuunu. , jvi'W .McMri). m [dp .,(,((„„ „, ,;.,,, holitcr • ""' nm "» nl "' »ur) 1 .Said bonds will nmsiltule a i.ciimn l ih ' ' cl " lf ' "' " nle Ul11 '"' '!"'!'HI. Tin"-' ' boml., ,j| ! i,', x ic,, Al,,,,,! April 2,1. :«). May 7. 11 .xorir'E OF 'i-itricl .V, 2 volwl al „ "'"' l " * >' "" "•'Inn helil In 5 ,,i,I Dijtn,t '"' m Ul !»"«*» .v ' ol March, lln.'i. ||K!I|ITS i " «'bnut a blil «|>i.( living •'.. _ al*'^ ° f l " tr ! L ' sl ''""' I'"'' I.MiAI. (II . r ' Kht p«7t 'of Lot 12 In Block 6 of Ihr Marshall! „",'„„, "i. ','"' Heights Addition to the City of Clo-' huhler win >i ri-t'- "- ''"> " to satisfy a juilBm«.it In the amount of'["I,.,!''* 1 '* 1 .,,'''"'' ,'''""'•"•" ' $7.204.5«, entered March 25. 19W. In the' , ,„,."'. "' " h ," s " """« '"""'- "' *••'"•• „ hull-let Court of Curry County. New Mex- ,,,.,',,„,„, u li \\i i ""''""" " !""'>'i'li-il s uu, ,t S|...,-ial Mn»:ei has l Iro. in Cniise No. I(>I5« wherein Kirst Ke- ,.„>.,.„' ._" . , ' tJ " '""' '•' " «"ii'''l tn M II ;il imtihr- n;i.'!i..n ! dcral Savings ft I/ian A.wnntlon of Cl.i- ! ,' . V,. '"" "I'" t.i. k» »i.. i«tirr n«.t iJ,. >.».„. i i t-1,.,. „ Kt,..- ' * * ' u H i id SPECIAL MASIKH r r.v Mm n. of n , n ,'" i" V °J* 1 1 «.Mment of O. L. IVxld. Per C,TSI*,| Nn. 31 )«, TO WHOM IT \fAV ro v 'KI!V Nut ire M herein- iri\<"' thit an tnstni- men'. p:irtmrtlnK t" he the I..i»! will nr <l Ti^tiirt-ent of O I» r>.«t<! t>r-ii>*>p-i. hn* '•••<••< rtlrd fnr profiate 11 thi- Prv.t.n'e • '"iirt iif furry rnu-,n. New MCMI n. nnrl 49 by Jim White, an employe of — A Sierra County farmer has each of the successive compan-|f ile d suit against the New Mex- ies mining guano from a por- ico Highway Commission seek*=„_ ~* .... ,.„_,._._ i n g to b uy back unused p0rt j ons of his ranch in the southern part of the country. The suit by Billy Joe Clark- was filed in Sier-a County Court Tuesday and seeks a writ of mandamus to force sale and return to him of some 125 acres tion of the cave. White's explorations and enthusiasm prompted surveys by the General Land Office and the National Geographic Society. Woman Appeals Firing SANTA FE-The State Personnel Board will hear the ap peal May 20 of Mrs. Rby Keller who was fired March 22 as a lodge in Roswell of the Corn- mission on Alcoholism. Judge To Address Class ALAMOGORDO—District Jud- Hi Low lAlamogordo 76 'Albuquerque 62 Carlsbad 85 Clayton 65 Clovis 70 Deming 75 Farmington 60 Grants 59 Hobbs 79 Las Vegas 60 Raton 64 Roswell 86 Santa Fe 59 Silver City 69 Socorro 75 NMIMT Sets Classes vis Is plaintiff anil Hertierl I. Slaughter and Helen Slaughter, his wife, an? dofen- danlil ' NOW THEREFORE, notice l< hereby i;i -„ _ . i Vcn that I. Rufu« Fret-man, pimmnt t» 60 2.64 isaid appointment contained 'n said j.idg- ment and the order of sale thi-Toin. will on May 28. !%!>. at the h-.ur ^r ten <>'• elork A.M.. offer for sale and .-,1 nt public inictinn to the hlKu-c'St ImliL-r for i-ash at lhe front door of the Curn Couniv Court llou^e In Clovls. New McM'-i, all of the atiove. desr:iibed rea! ei!nt,- nml l ,,, Hi| ' M I I'M llf (, MITICK OF SAl.t: h.'lHr' K'^.'n l:.;it cn.*h the following il-*i r ;i»-<l ilf ,, , , ( . ; " .,.., .;,,.'.' ', '' . ,', , , *' '"*'"' t lfiT"l. If a: I;.' Ill !'i HI.K-I. A'l.l,.i->n In Ihe 49! SOCORRO (UPD- An urgenti^ mth . e ppir, e he „.„,„, „, „-, ,., r ,. 46 need is present in American' ^r^n^.^nd'^ro?':"' J '^ 55 business and industry for out- r) ! hl ' rwl! ' ' ' 44 standing college students who it<H ' r ' desire to- seek a career in man- tiy the DATED April 27. 1%5. . . s/ RUFTS FUEEMAN j | S[M-I litt Mn«;< i ', 11! .Hill 1 itr.Hi:mni: I I' Kl-'l ! I'll--: i .r-tii'-,. .I !%.">. at ten ,,'rlM of the F'-olmV .1 N'nw MeMrn :i is thn <!,lv. tin-.i. <tt v.TI,l I.i«l Wi'i (KKOIU-. n- v pi". ; To enter /ililerti-.f,* ni.ljfl.'d to fur •!••<• 'Ire "f Ihr C..;'.". N.'\. \Te\i! -i •' f..- «.v.-t M.--II-.-.:: ••KsS HTY hnrift -A- t ;. ..f AI-.I. A !' I". S \': C'our.'v I"..". • 111,«,:. hi . Ma» 7. ) > ;•: > )'•;. M>TI( r TO ( nr i •• ,•-<•• ', <;•<. e M:r « B. ! . k A.M «' •fl h-Teh VVH -'!.: ,!, April »'i. May 7, 1\. 21. W."> NOTIfF. OK lll-.AIUSO Will nnfl Teslnment of (."Hester II. detra.UMi. No. .1151. TO WHOM TT MAY CON'T.!" Notke is herehy (;iv«*n J.N'I! an purportlnn to he the 1 . T or C 75 Tucumcari ............. 68 Zuni 55 agement engineering students irr , M ,., *° at New Mexico Institute of Min- f4 ing and Technologyswere told! m the IT,,.,,,.,. <•.,.,* ,,t < 39 Wednesday night. N " w M"^- m in- Matter 52 F. G. Woodruff, general man- 41 ager of the Chino Mines Divi- 36 sion of Kennecott Copper Corp.. 47 spoke at the annual Engineer's 40 i Banquet at the school 43; Woodruff said it has been es-'<;. 54 timated 200.000 new top execu 48 lives will be needed in this eg country in the next day or so and said while there is a short- 37 „„„ O f ou t s tanding talent in all and Testament of (>i(Mier H reused. |IH» been fU«'d I'T JT I'l'.rmte Court of Curry Count; and May X. l!*™i. at ten C \V !l '. .Il!• t!lf Mi > . k A M «l the ufftri" at the Probate Jud».- "' ;-: Cjrn Ciwnty. New Mrxlm. a! (.1ovp». %<•-> M.-vlrn. is the day, time and plan- (•••• I-' hearing of snld Last Will a.-l Ti-»ui'.-' c THKIlK|.'Oi?K. any per«<i,i nr j»-r<-m» wlnhine to enter oblertior-.i !.•> l!.e ni-'i.a' to enter ohlK-tm the mi.i u»t wi,. r .|iv no'lfl«..| tn file of Charleston S. C. c ...^ AMU a\_i c.3 that weren't used for highway! ( , , right of wav i Atlanta < vho was fired March 22 4"*% £.• , Rnctnn cook at the Pecos Valley i!J 4mt If^. ?'! ' m P B ° St ° n ° iTax Chief Backs Store SANTA FE — The Director Des Moine s cy of the Tax Payers Association': El Paso c of New Mexico, who has some-; Indianapolis pc past been an High Low Pcp'nerds"\heVe T; are''siBnrihat' the N.-w Mexi ! ' >r " 8ld "" ge George Zimmerman of Third Judicial District will ad- the New Mexico School for the Visually Handicapped next Wednesday. Bid Date Changed SANTA FE—The date for the Los Angeles cy Miami Beach pc New Orleans pc Albert K. Nohl of Santa Fe New York c took exception to the general i Raleigh c concisions reached in a recent San Francisco pc national news magazine article.' The article appearing in News 80 69 g 9 86 81 80 66 88 88 80 82 56 55 field of industrial and business 45 .09 management is not gaining its g^ _ proportionate share." | ISEAI.I W1TNKSS my ham ,;» '.".<;.". ilav i>f AIT. ofl or t»>f,iri! A II I!*-- ' .;.NK S;AM.KY Counts 64 60 55 55 69 66 51 51 51 Governr's Residence Remodeling Proposed f ~" " ~"- "f'i-"- «•*•* ***ft til I VC vv Jj- opening bids on construction of,week was entitled "The Sick a Santa Fe County building for j State of State Legislates." -'.^^^^•••v I •*&g£ li ,^i i ppi&&i* ?*£; *•»»•«« »n5»gj fc f For the welfare \ of America'* disabled veterans *~ond for the widows and orphans of the potion'* honored dead-* buy o V. F. W. BUDDY POPPY May 15th Woman Pleads Guilty TO D nOlTl IfC PlOt .37 .31 ~ SANTA FE — Members of thechitcct Willard Krugf-r made an ~, Capirtol Buildings Improvement on-site inspection of a proposed ;i.""',, ; ,1. •'!,.» — Commission and Santa Fe Ar- remodeling project at the cover- •••••> • . ~ inor's residence and considered .-'»-.•,. ...' '....,. : plans. ,.",.',, •"' ,',". .,' '.''" f j..' i-'.'•-..'.:'.'.,• ," "•' j Paul Rutedge, Santa Fe. a :•:•-.•• •••• ..- ,.,,.« C1UC member, said a decision , ;: ': , . ,!,*', ^ • ; »"»Y Jon construction to be performed ;•''•*» •• *• « i will be made after bids are op- r.. >.'., •..',* . ', "^ * * )t.-ned by Stat<> Purch.jsmg Agent ; • ' "' NEW YORK (UPD—A beau- She has been scheduled to go L)ante Vaio May 19. Bidders will ,j v ', 1 ,;; • ^ • -> tiful Canadian blonde Thursday on trial Monday with her three submit proposed prices on sep-"" unexpectedly pleaded guilty to co-defendants. arate items in lots. ' f> . , ... , , plotting with three Negro ex- Specifically, she was charged Th . , )t - •- •' ; tremists to blow up the Statue with transporting 30 sticks of _ r , J ^ ,. , p :•• •-.1 :.•-,•: of Liberty, the Liberty Bell dynamite from Montreal into P remoaeun^. '/',;'I.- w'.^ ' and the Washington Monument. New York City as part of the —Construction of a family '••••. Michele Duclos, 27, a former plot Jo destroy three historic room, measuring about 20 by television personality from Mon- American shrines as a violent 16 feet, by enclosing an area be- ^.j \ssiFIFU treal, seemed almost relieved protest to racial discrimination, tween bedrooms in the eastern as she stood before federal The plot was broken up by a part of the residence. Judge William B. Herlands and rookie New York Citv police- — Enlargement of the state said: ; man. Raymond Wood, who dining room from 10 by 40 feel "I am guilty." ; risked his life to infiltrate the to 18 by 40 feet by extending A~C i Kroup ~ banded together as the room southward into tin- IVI66T *>0T tne Black Liberation Front—as present patio area a distance of an undercover agent. 8 feet. The floor will remain StiIJ awaiting charges are brick material. Capacity of tin- Best Wishes To The Officers & Men on Armed Forces Day Roy S. Walker OIL CO. Your "Gulf" Jobber SKLL ("HKCK AUH I).\1I.V SANTA FE - The legislative Finance Committee will meet : here May 20 and 21 to hear preliminary reports on progress on Walter Augustus Bowe, 32, a state dining room will b'e raised Khaleel Sultarn from about 12 persons to 35 to college student 40 diners. j judo Sayyed. 2, a from Brooklyn, and Robert —Enlargement and remodel- committee studies. , The committee decided at its . - - „ : organization meeting in April to SUl(j! f Collier, 28, of Manhat-. ing of the kitchen conduct studies of the State Wc-1- t;in dumbed 35 the ringleader, —Enlargement of the recep- fare and Highway Departments of the P !ot ; lion-living and to follow directives in a House memorial The memorial calls for studies of school transportation, state radio communication networks, public bond- ,ing procedures and motor transportation fees. WE EXPRESS ONLY THE BEST TO ALL ARMED FORCES PERSONNEL MMMMMMMH^^^*^*^*^*^M =*«il'."JJ '.l'l'ii''.*^B*M*™*^*^*^*^» U/A Aro we are „ y se Q U| . Drive Up Window For Your Convenience MABRY DRIVE LOUNGE "JUST KE(F MIVING {AST ON MABRY" 743*9943 OUR SINCERE BEST WISHES TO THE MEN AND WOMEN OF CANNON AIR FORCE BASE THIS ARMED FORCES DAY Lucille's HUJtop Plaza ^ CANNON 416 MITCHELL

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