The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on July 2, 1956 · Page 13
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 13

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 2, 1956
Page 13
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Monday, July 2, 3956 STAR ON Rise - - - By Alan Mover ** XIGH7- HA/I PER 0/1LY OriE Trie BREWER, OF r+/~ OFF To FA'yT <~>T fi£ t/AWr #AP MUC.4 'LIVELY 5ALL" TROUBLE, £/TH£ff. GAl ! £ cLL A/ID f/ELPSR. Cle i-ir FUJI Pag* !3 m Hy FKKJ) DOW.V United Press S|H»rts Writer The New York Yankees arc in an old familiar position today for an old f;imili;i.r reason: They'll occupy first, place on thy July 4 milestone because they're walloping"the bums" without mercy. The Yankees demonstrated anew that they know this ancient formula for- winning pennanls Sunday when they downed the seventh- plane Washington Senators 3-2 and S-6, to <c° four games ahead of the second-place Chicago \\*hite Sox. The sweep gave the Yankees an IS-'l record against the Senators and eighth-place Kansas City Athletics compared to a 2S-21 pace against the rest of the league-. In other words, the Y:in!\w.s :<:v The C'!.-vc!' Tl: . . f'i'.V Athletics scored a tee points of first place in the Na- I'rave-; soiit with ihc Ohir"ion playing .SIS bait against the two White, &x a -;t .,.;>.,,-.; i-i ,,y ,Y ; V ;; thiv runs in the. sixth inning to (ion . , T ,.,.,„. wh ... ..., ,,,,„.,,„ ,. ' Chicago bottom warns and only .571 ball they hi at lh> -.-,-. ;-<; :,IK! !.;-!. !>> ivat the IVtroit TU:ers. -I,'!, ami '^'!.L, I ^'': ! ! k :.^ h ''''..:! u i., Ahluauk '''i., ( :: U) "; against the live other rubs, lake the !;vv-;;:"su> xe::e-:, 3 ;:, T>:.- cm! iheir s:x-sa::u! skein in |[ ' " : '' ' ' ~~'-'~~-™ ~- - — ^ — The Yankees won the opener Indiana wiin '.'!.• eneaer with ; ihe ot!v>r Al, fjaniP Tom when Joe Collins walloped a "wron.-: way" lwu-ni» houier in the eighth iiinins;' and copped the nightcap on. the win^s of Mickey Maine's -Sth and '.'Siili hunu'r.s. Mantle's blows — the seventh and ninth innings — put hii:i The Ci:iciiinati Kodloas crushed WHKKE TO BUY - • !;, S'. l.tnijs Cardinals, I'M 5 and '' ' ',' ',. lo move within five- iviv.-n'.- | | 'I!].' i'-.'!Ul!li-i c- finOle'; SI':. pfV'l !l J« frames ahead oi Rabe Kmh's rec- live :;,;:;;e l.i-'i-i; 1 :-;:r-ii; w!:o:i iarv ^ ord 1!)27 p.'ipe. Ho hit one r;,:;'n; handed and (he other l,'ll-h:i!!.i.'d. i'i,/;^ v ::i:-:n';' iv/ivMitt hi.:r,, :-. g B¥i (X HfJ|J!jaiItC3 I' Holier pitchers won bull] Dailies for the VanKees — Tom Mori/an picked up his third win in :iie optMier and To:n St;u\liv,iut hi-: s'Xlh ir the nightcap. DIRTY CAR ON YOUR HIND? You Need A nl "v,!;^ ; i;;-;,;: ! r i;;L';^ I TVs & Appliances U'<!::i'e .l,:!in-:. ••'. \ ;•.•!•:.•.! a n.•!-!.-•;• yi If ;• 3- « i ::,.?';; l , u1 : ll ';;- ! :. i ^:; V :-?'. M \' ; ':' I R0var Appnance Co, "\W iiciiliy Service \Vlnit \Ve S.-ll" MINUTE CAR WASH AT . . . j <KK K. Jiimrx (llivy. Ilfi) WASH I'll. 51l'i Parade t!v .iACK (JUDJ)i' NIC'.V YORK i'!'Pi — M'.'iiiliK'.'V Marly Marion o:' the \\1iite Sox. a fellow who rccou-ssixes a first cla.s;j short.stoM \c)it:'a }'<>' sees *>ne. is heartily < l Midursin<r his own little Luis Aparicio today as the American League's .\o. 1 candidate lor the rookie of the year Marion, who wenl by the tille "Mr. Shovistop" diu-iiifc his play- iiis; days v.-ilh the St. Louis Car- •|inals. doesn't ordinarily ."'<-t ex- s-iled over .shortstipjis but he pulls out .'ill the stops when he starts disciissint;' the 22-year old. 150- "xtund Aparieio. "For a youiifrstnr with only two years pxporiencc 'n professional ;>all." Marion says, "Aftaraeio is pullinf: off plays in Ihr: fi^ld that nthor shortstops don't make when Ihey'ro up here '.10 years. '•\Vhen h" ivnorled lo us this ?priii!;. m'eryone told me ho wouldn't, hit major league pitch- inf,*. All 1 said was 'let's wait and see.' The way he fielded T would have been satisfied if be hit only .250. But he's shown me he's a better hitter than that and 1 see no reason why he can't wind up 20 or 2." points better than lhal." Aparicio, .born in V.arncnibo, Venezuela, started slowly Ibis season but Marion wasn't alarmed. "H'' was a little, nervous at first but, that wore off in a. hurry." says the White Sox skipper. "Don't forgot he onrne up to us from Memphis of tin- Southern Association and 1 e.o'iM whether he had ever seen ;i bi£ league; ^rtme, before." The experts said the White Sox p\\c up too much last winter wlv-n they turned shortstop Chic.o Cnrrasi-juel and outfielder .Tim Hov Much Money Die! You Save . . . /or Jn.MirflTicc Cottn.^/ Representing AMERICAN GENERAL LIFK WI ffi. Texas Phone 23.1T Busby over to Cleveland in o.x- rhanjfe for outfielder Lnrry Doby. They felt (hut the inexperienced Aparieio couldn't begin to fill Car- ra.sciuel'.s shoes. Mow. however, there arc some who are convinced ttet Aparicio is superior all-around to Carras- (|uel although Marion refuses to be drawn into any comparison of the two. Oddly. Aparicio and Camisqnel are neighbors now in Caracas, Venezuela, and Chieo even g~ave Luis tips on how to nlay shortstop. "We arc good friends." Aparicio declares. "He loach me a lot of thing's and sometimes we. play together in Venezuela." Back in Caracas. Aparicio's father was known as "the Babe Ruth of Venezuela." for his slugging: exploits but Luis is not much of a fence-busier himself. In his first year in organised baseball with Waterloo of the Three-! League in 1P.T4. Aparicio hit only four homers and last year he hit six with Memphis; so far he has hit one four-bagger with the Sox. 'He doesn't have to be a long ball hitter to help us," Marion points out. "He takes a good cut at the ball and before the season is over I'm sure he'll collect his share of extra base hits, "I was always a great admirer of Phil Rizzuto." Marion adds, "and Aparicio reminds me of him in a lot of ways. He's a real dandy and sure has made a tremendous difference to our ball club." Standings ... Hy I'.MTKI) T'KKSS .\iiiericitn League W. I.. I'd. .(MS .600 .574 .522 New York Chicago (Tie vela nd Hoston l-Ialtimorc 35 32 9 .12 38 .4" 13'i 1 37 .4-18 14 .3J*'-' IS'.. .371. 19'" NOW AVAILABLE THE YEAR 'ROUND AIR COOLED COMDmONER Also Available in 3 and 5-Ton Units Room Unifs Thru 2-Ton STRAIT RF.FRIGERAT50N CO. "A STRAIT GUARANTEE ON EVERYTHING" 3309 Minnesota Phone 8276 Washington -!) 45 Kansas City 26 44 Sunday's Ki'Milts New York ;i Washington u NL.'W York S' Wnshinjjton C (2nd) Cleveland 7 Chicago C Tlst) Cleveland (5 Chicago 1 f2ncl) Baltimore H Boston 3 Kansas City 4 Detroit 3 National Cincinnati F.rooklvu St. Loiils Pittsburj;h Philadelphia Now York Chicago Sunday's HoMilts Philadelphia 7' Brooklyn 4. (.1st) Brooklyn 4 Philadelphia 1 (2ndi Xrw York- .", Pittsburgh 2 Hst.'i New York 7 Pittsburgh 6 '2nd. suspended Sm inning, curfew) Chicago 7 Milwaukee 0 (1stI Milwaukee 4 Chicago 3 12nd) Cinci 1!) St. Louis 1,5 (1st, 10 inns i Cincinnati 7 St. Louis 1 (2nd) LKAGUF, ^'a^iif \'. L. 3 1 2fi 39 2S ?.R 2'i 36 33 32 33 28 3!> 27 IS 2G 37 ivt. Gn .r.S7 .. .5S2 . . .567 1 .522 4 .492 G .41.8 11 .415 11 .113 11 TKXAS Ti-iiili Dallas Houston Fort Worth Snn Antonio Austin \V I. IT Shreveport Oklahoma aty . r )0 •is 38 38 36 34 26 ft 30 32 •12 •IR 46 46 r>6 r<-(. on .671 ... .625 4 .600 6 .475 10 .4S2 IS .439 19 .•m 20 .317 29 Sunday's Results Houston 15. Oklahoma City 2. Dallas 7. San Antonio 2. Fort Worth 5. Austin 1. Shreveport 10, Tclsa 0. Monday'* Schedule San Antonio at Dallas. Austin at Fort Worth. Ho-.iston at Oklahoma City. Zupke Is 77 OrK'AGO —t'!'— A ono-timc stni^xlin^ nrlist. who IK-CIIIIU- si fim(ti;dl couch 50 .xuirx affo lo lii-t'i'i from slur\-iii)f. c<>lrbrflf<'s Ids 77th hirthdyy ttnlit.v. lie is Kohorf. 7,<i|>ki\ the limn whfi ciKtchoil Illinois' foothnll for '.'S ,M-nrs. Hoh still follow* th' spor! «'li)s<-lv—Imf li(>' ( | rrttlt^r puint. "I IHIJIO (o I* nUU> (A "Hurt When it's time for a beei cold, flavorful, clear THIS IS THE AMERICA'S I'REMIUM QUALITY HEKR v T jr" 1 ? &-( y Fa/staff. . . smooth, mellow, the pcricd dm;;* :-iinic relreshinent. \\hen you c:iU.Ti;.iin, wliiit couid i-,c better than frosty bottles of this famous bi-cr: J'"verywliere and always the dioia>,t JJKK brewers' art. It takes threat talent to brin:.; you for three generations, the men of l-'aistalf li.ive ; at one brand of beer, KalstalV . . . one kind of in-i-r, \\ hen you're the host, serve the beer so ;j.<<'i<i i;' St. Louis fame to coast to coast favor. I'lcniiii;;! Ou.;;[,•,.• I :; ! vi • i|. .Vi,nt $r) 920 NORTH PHONE 6521

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