The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 3, 1951 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
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Monday, December 3, 1951
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TWELV* The News, Frederick, Md.. Monday. December 3, 188 A«Weapons Know-How Is Doubled By BALL BECKER LAS VEGAS, Nev.. Dec. 2--fl» --America's atomic weapons know- how has virtually doubled this year. And its stockpile of nuclear weapons has kept pace. The statements come from the man probably most responsible for this spectacular advance--Dr. Alvin C Graves, scientific director of all Atomic Energy Commission tests. Mild-mannered and thought- absorbed, Dr. Graves weighed his words slowly as he summed up the AEC's epochal 1951 test series in an exclusive interview with this reporter. "Our knowledge of atomic weapons has been increased in the past year at a much greater rate than in any similar period," he said. "Our advance almost equals all previous developments since the first nuclear detonation at Alamagordo, N. M., in 1945" Dr. Graves--wrapping up a formidable two-month job on the fall series of seven explosions. no two alike--indicated that the stockpile of A-weapons has increased in just about the same proportion. In short, the nation probably has twice as many A- weapons as it had a year ago. In From The Start ''It is reasonable to assume that we have more weapons similar to the ones tested here." Di. Graves said. "We wouldn't be shooting off the only models we have" The soft-spoken physicist who has been in on the U S. atomic program from its inception in 1942 made it plain that he was not saber-rattling. "I am not in the atomic business because I like to manufacture things that kill teople," he said. "I am thoroughly convinced that the reason we are not in a third world war now is because of the work the United States has done in atomic energy. "Increasing our stockpile is our best safeguard for the future. Production Gains, Wilson Tells Truman KEY .WEST. Fla.. Dec. 2. m-- Defense Mobilizatton Director Wil son concluded a two-day confer ence with President Truman today with the disclosure that mllitar production is increasing "at th rate of a billion dollars a month." In the waKe of complaints by Senate Preparedness subcomrnitte that arms production is Jagging dangerously behind schedule, Wil son told reporters: "Every month, now production is coming up--I hope you will quote me correctly---we have nol lei civilian production interfere with military production " Wilson talked with White House correspondents shortly before fly- ng back to Washington with Genera] Walter Bedell Smith, director of the Central Intelligence Agency. The General also had been here o fill the PresHent in on developments since he stalled on vaca- lon. There was a tense period at the Boca Chica Naval Air Station. The wo top Presidential aides boarded a military Constellation which taxed for a take-off at 2-35 p. m. ESTJ. 'rash Alarm Sounded Then a crash alarm came to the tower from a single-engmed fighter. Fiie trucks and rescue trucks with snens screaming sped down the runway. The big ship carrying Wilson and Smith had to await an emergency landing by the fighter, whose pilot reported a rough engine. About the time the fighter came in. the Constellation developed trouble in one of its four engines. The big ship taxied back and it was repaired before it took oft about 3 18 p m (EST). Mai caret Truman, who accompanied Rear Admiral Robert L. Dcnmson, Piesidential naval aide, to Boca Chica for the farewell, remarked ' I don't like this kind of excitement " Drnmson obseivod they uere lucky to find out about the "What we have done is well, bad engine before the take-off worthwhile. "Our steadily increasing stockpile and continuing tests for more effective weapons have given us the time necessary to produce a more peaceful atmosphere than we have now--if we don't blunder into another war Has Seen 20 Explosions ' I'm dcing what 1 am doing because I beheve it is the biggest contribution to the cause of peace "' He has seen 20 nuclear explosions--most of which he supci vis- ed. Only one man, R C Smith, Los Alamos administrative assistant, has «een more--22. There is no doubt that Graves work reached an apex this fall The sei'es just concluded pioduccd a variety of explosions and effects without previous parallel Giaves merely nodded when this observer said: "I guess we vc had nothing but firsts k this series" These apparently included (1) the first baby A-bomb. Oct. 22. (2) a delayed-reaction burst. Ocl 30: (3) perhaps the best-con! rolled big bomb pver detonated. Nov 5. and (4) perhaps the f u s t underground blast. Nov. 29 Say you saw it in The News. BAGS WANTED MILLS FARMERS STORES Attractive prices paid for Bnrlap and cotton bag's. Good one* and bad. Deliver them yourself or phone 383 Frederick and we will have our apenl call. THE FREDERICK JUNK CO. (TWO 1'ARDS) 310 Chapel St, or East 4th Street Ext. Phone 383 Had Made Complaints The Senate Prcpaiodne.s.s subcommittee bended by Senatoi Johnson ID-Texas! had made more than one complaint on the rearmament projjrar?^ piior to Wilson's flight here One was that m i l i i n i y pio- duction was lagging dangerously because RIIIT; had not been given priority over butter. Wikon said his t r i p here was not l e l a f e d to t h a i cntiti.Mn but told leporteiv, at the airport: ' We have not this venr allotted a n v appieciablc q u a n t i f i e s of mat e r i a l 01 tooK to c i v i l i a n production t h n t \vo needed or could have advantageously used for military piodiiction " HP said p t o d u c t i o n was Ihiee times--300 per cfnt--ovei a yeai ago And suficesled that when complete figures are in the .scoie will he .still bettci (·.{-Million Employed ' We still have" fi3 million employed--we are c u t t i n g up moir material t h a n e v e i -- c u t t i n g civilian hard Roods by 50 per cent at least and it doesn't take a magician to figuie out t h a t the military pipelin* la RetUnjj v«ry, very Wilson continued. "Military production to irwreas ing. I would guess, at the rate o $1,000.000.000 a month, but often final production doesn't show up for three or four months" Wilson said he had given the President "a picture of what we arc doing, giving him the tempo of it" in his conferences herf "Generally speaking," Wilson said before his departure, "we are on the right track in the dual job of getting current production while substantially widening the base for future military production--to be ready, in case of em erg ency, jf we have to go all out." One Fireman Killed And Another Hurt MARYLAND LINE, Dec. 2W)~ Police said one volunteer fireman was killed and another hurt last night after coming from New Freedom, Pa to help fight a barn fire near here. The dead man was identified as :iyde C. Hednck. 60, a volunteer ireman from New Freedom, Pa. 'atrplman Walter Smith, of the Baltimore County Police, said Hedrick was directing traffic when he vas hit by a car driven by Robert H. Gunther. of New Freedom The policeman -said that after Hedrick was struck, Gunther backed up and hit another New Freedom ·olunteer. Warren Rehmeyer, who uffered leg and knee cuts. Smith and Fire Chief Ed Thompson of the local volunteer firemen aid the barn on the York Hoad, was set ablaze by two boys, 7 and 0. Maj. Bowers Pilots B-36 Non-Stop Texas To Morocco FOH'F WORTH, Tex., Dec. 2, --Eighth Air Force Headquarters here said a flight of six B-36 bombers landed today at an American Air Force base at Sidl Slimane French Morocco, North Africa after a non-stop flight from Carswell Air Force base here. The sky giants from the Strategic Air Command took off from Carswell at 6 a. m. (CST) yesterday for the training mission, their first to the Mediterranean area. Headquarters here said the trip was according to schedule. . The distance from Carswell to the western end of the Mediterranean is, about 5,000 nautical miles, an easy flight for the intercontinental bombers, which often fly non-stop for 10.000 miles or more. 85 MOKE CASUALTIES WASHINGTON, Dec. 2--/P}--The Defense Department today identified 85 more U. S. battle casual- ies in Korea. A new lisj; (No. 452; reported 22 killed, 51 wounded, one missing in action and 11 njured It also listed as killed n action five men previously reported missing. TVE PERISH IN FIRE HUNTINGTON. W. Va., Dec. J P)--Five persons were burned ti eath tonight in a fire that destroy d a two-story residence in the usir.ess district Police Lt Azel T. Biyant said wo persons were booked at the ity jail for questioning about the rigin of the bla/e Fire Chie 'loyd L. Grouse said it starlet rom a kerosene cooking stove ccupants of the house were at- empting to light. 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Oppenheimer refused to tell re porters the purpose pf his tri] stating: "I am not allowed to " His companions, not otherwis dentified, were Lee Dubndge Charles Lauristen and Walter Whit manr Opportunity Prominent 83-year-old life insurance company wishes to appoint local representative full or part-time. Will train proper party. WRITE BOX 1712 FREDERICK NEWS-POST FOR INTERVIEW Say§ Council Tried T* Prevent Tax Oil BALTIMORE. Dec. 2, (/P--Governor McKeldin contends members pf a Legislative Council committee tried to block a tax cut in Maryland through a move to conduct State Police operations with general funds. In a statement Issued yesterday he charged a majority of the budget and finance committee with a "deliberate attempt to prevent the reduction of Maryland tax rates." He said he saw such an attempt in a move by the committee's majority to charge the operating costs of the police to general funds. The Governor said the State Police department now is operated from "a comparatively small part" of the motor vehicle revenue funds And he said this has always been the case, except from 1947 to 1951 when general funds were used. He said that at the 1951 General Assembly he "moved successfully Maytag Makes Your Dollar Go Further! low Cottt L«w Upkcap! T H I M A Y T A G CHIEFTAIN. Easy terms -- liberal trado-ia. fame m today. $129.95 BETTER HOMES EQUIP. CO. 15 E. Patrick St. Phone 700 for the correction of this misuse of general funds" and added "there is no excuse x x x for again diverting general funds to pay for the maintenance of this highway patrol organization." McKeldin's charge was aimed at five Democrats: Senators Layman J. Redden and Louis L. Goldstein, and Delegates Jerome Robinson. A. Gordon Boone and John C. Luber. He contended the only desire of the majority was to "embarrass the present State administration." The Governor said "it is still my aim and purpose to bring about tax reduction." LOCAL ENTRY THIRD HAGERSTOWN, Dec. 2--#)-Edwin Lee, 13-year-old son of a naval commander, hr tht ehoU.,,. to represent Maryland in the na-l tional Voict of Democracy eon- test. Winner over nine other State finalists, Le« is sponsored by the Junior Chamber of Commerce. In second pface in State competition was Roger Penn, Bethe«da- Chevy Chase High School Bar-l bara Anr Salyers. of Frederick] High School, was third. ANSWER ALARM The Independents answered an alarm for a stove fire in Rocky Springs at 7:30 p. m. on Sunday. The fire was out before the engine arrived at the scene. Little damage was done. ARMSTRONG'S ASPHALT TILE . . the practical, colorful resilient flooring that can be Installed above grade, on grndp level, and below grade with complete satisfaction. It's dtu- able and easy to clean-Call UK for free estimate inVour own homp. 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